111 thoughts on “TERF Bingo

    1. I’m going to take a wild guess that it has something to do with their “right” to stick their penis somewhere unwanted.

      1. Well, without any context, this is right up there with “legitimate rape.” Some words just shouldn’t go together.

      2. I think you’re probably right, Gallus. From what I can gather from Google, it seems an old part of marital law was that a man had “irrevocable consent” to full, sexual access to his wife, whenever he wanted. The trans probably turn it from legal, marital rape to not accepting a “no” from a potential sexual partner who finds out by surprise, in the act, that things downstairs aren’t as they’d thought.
        That’s a guess, though. I could be wrong.

      3. I suspect it might be that the author of the bingo game doesn’t like the idea of revocable consent, and thinks that it should be irrevocable consent, so the TERFs that don’t agree with him have it wrong.
        I.e., feminists think that even if you consented to start with, you can revoke that as the situation changes and say “no more, we’re done, GTFO” (a no-brainer, I’d think, if you’re respecting human rights of any sort) and that pisses off MRA types who think that “once they get started you gotta let them finish!!” otherwise it’s “cock-teasing.”

      4. Yes, well, that’s because you’re a screaming single-issue-obsessed loon who processes all human experience through the same narrow reality tunnel. Thank god reality is more complicated than the petty little prison of your head.

        1. I’m considering making the concept of “irrevocable consent” my single issue for awhile. Because it sounds a lot like slavery.

      1. I mean, how is our viewpoint “radical”? Even the Religious Right agrees with our view on binary, biological sex. You gotta assume that when the Christian fundamentalists and “radical” feminists agree on something, it’s probably going to be an irrefutable scientific fact rather than an opinion!

    1. The religious right, and men in general, have totally hijacked a perfectly reasonable set of ideas about conserving that were most likely originally invented by women. But now, conservatives don’t conserve anything other than their own self-interest, and liberals are all about individual freedom, which still isn’t exactly about conserving.
      The point of conserving is not greed, it is not hoarding. It is about looking out for the greater interest. It is about not just taking something or someone simply because you can. I do hate how language gets hijacked by the selfish.

      1. Interesting. The point here for me is looking out for the greater interest means, to some extent, defining a GROUP whose interest you are focusing on. So, focusing on humans to the detriment of other species, for example, or focusing on living organisms to the detriment of geology (okay, I like rocks! 🙂 )……….
        BUT the prime crime of feminists, surely, is merely NAMING the group we are focused on — women. Men don’t like that, trans don’t like that, and keep telling us we have chosen the group wrongly. So, men and libfems say that we ought to think about ALL humans (what about the cuddly bunnies and the trees then, I hear someone else cry!), whilst the trans say we ought to worry about ALL people with the innate jenduh which is supposedly the same as the innate gender we (don’t) have.
        It’s trying to remove the power of naming, before we can even start arguing about WHAT it means or HOW it works.
        So, it’s a wider part of not just language, but meaning and experience being negated/ignored/suppressed. Women can’t talk about their experience as women if, before anyone mutters a word, someone jumps all over them and says we’ve got ‘woman’ wrong. Similarly, butch in the street, being butch will be similarly negated or misunderstood if our visual language is such that looking butch gets read as ‘male’.
        I think this is why this type of attack on women is so dangerous, because it is ‘radical’ in that it goes right to the root, and attacks our power to name OURSELVES first, as a suitable subject for discourse. It’s trans trying to graft themselves onto the root-stock of female, claiming that the twisted, deformed shoots it produces as just as good as the original plant…………..(and other horticultural metaphors, must be the final arrivel of spring!).

        1. BadDyke: Yes, that’s well put. The term “appropriative” jumped out at me recently and I find myself using it when describing the situation.
          I see the attack on women and the attack on the natural world as coming from the same place. And “appropriative” applies in both cases.

      2. “I see the attack on women and the attack on the natural world as coming from the same place. And “appropriative” applies in both cases.”
        Susan Griffin, “Woman and Nature”, but I admit it’s been a while since I read it.
        And Adam did, after all, get GIVEN the right to name everything by God, hence no wonder if now males are trying to take the right to name/define woman as well – except actually, they ALWAYS did, given male-constructed femininity.

    2. Seems to me that most conservative Christians I know are somewhat less misogynist than this current trans crowd and their supporters. Yes, they tend to take a patronizing view of women, but at least most are taught to be respectful- as opposed to ‘liberal’ men who think it’s completely appropriate to make sexual comments about women or use sexist language, supposedly in the interest of equality(despite the fact that I and most women don’t do the same to them).
      And at least the conservatives recognize the inherent bullshit in the idea that wearing a dress = woman. I’ll always consider myself part of the left(and Christian), but I find it difficult now to trust any male that claims to support female equality: I.E., the right for females to treat men the way they treat women. Fact is, I don’t WANT to objectify and demean or abuse men. I want them to stop doing those things to women. That’s what these “feminist” men often don’t get.
      If there’s one thing I’ve learned from this site, it’s that lesbians really do seem to love women. And… obviously, right? Except, straight/trans men also claim to love women, and I’ve seen very little evidence of that, ever. It’s not a happy thought.
      Sorry for the tangent. I don’t even understand half of those bingo squares, and I thought I was familiar with the trans-speak.

      1. I agree completely. And I’ve known a great many conservative Christians who generally support women’s rights for the most part — most of them seem just fine with women working outside the home and even being family breadwinners, things like that. They wouldn’t call themselves “radical feminists” but they aren’t blatant misogynists by any means. They’re on board with equality. It’s really only the most extreme ultra conservatives who are objectionable, usually.
        Anyway, yeah, I agree with you. 🙂 The transes and their supporters are far more sexist than conservative Christians.

      2. @LC: Christianity is a woman-hating religion, and there is absolutely nothing feminist about it.
        God is a man, the first woman came from some dude’s rib, and all females were created as “helpmates” and baby incubators? Um, no thanks.

        1. Christianity in its pure form isn’t woman-hating. It’s been corrupted into that by biased, patriarchal men.
          Jesus was not a misogynist by any means. Quite the contrary. A lot of the sexism in the Bible comes from Paul, who never interacted with Jesus directly except in a vision (in which it’s unlikely that Christ’s most pressing message was “women must submit to their husbands” — Paul just made that up).
          As for the whole rib thing, that seems to be due to an incorrect translation of the original text. The same word for “rib” also means “side,” as in, Adam was split into two sides, or two halves, presumably equal halves.

    3. Actually, trangenderism is gaining rapid acceptance among the religious right.
      The right would like men to be men and women to be women, but they’re pretty okay with men who aren’t men enough becoming women. Conservatives totally buy into the idea of brain sex. That’s one of the tools they’ve used to oppress women throughout civilization.
      Of the religious right that does hate transgenders, you’re going to find that they hate homosexuals and cross-dressers, too, and aren’t able to discern the difference between the terms. In many places, acceptance of transgenderism is outpacing acceptance of homosexuality despite the latter movement being bigger, older, and more visible. http://womenofthepatriarchy.wordpress.com/2013/02/09/trans-acceptance-where-you-would-least-expect-it/

      1. GM, it was almost humorous reading the way that twanz piled on the author of the story you linked to, even considering that the poll results sort of favored them. Certainly none of them bothered to read the methodology employed (which can be found at http://publicreligion.org/site/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/Aug-Sep-Combined-Topline-FINAL.pdf if anyone is so interested).
        It would seem that equal isn’t enough for them…it will HAVE to be speshul rights complete with definitions that cater to their speshul snowflake status.

      2. “Actually, trangenderism is gaining rapid acceptance among the religious right.
        The right would like men to be men and women to be women, but they’re pretty okay with men who aren’t men enough becoming women. Conservatives totally buy into the idea of brain sex. That’s one of the tools they’ve used to oppress women throughout civilization.”
        This. Just take a look at Iran, where they do sex-change-surgery, while homosexuality is a death sentence. Non-gender-conforming people are not ok, but if those are “really” the opossite gender, then the gender-roles are ok again, their body just needs to be “fixed” with a little surgery.

      3. ‘Fraid I couldn’t get through many of the comments, the first one (I find this offensive ‘cos I’m trans and can’t get a job) was enough. Personal experience tops external reality, but then that’s the trans line all along. Plus made-up trans statistics are always much more REAL than actual collected statistics……………..
        O, plus the signature — I’m OFFENDED (therefore you should shut the fuck up) knee-jerk response.

  1. So original.
    Guess they weren’t satisfied with mere parroting of womanhood, they had to steal the bingo card concept too.
    Oh, and ROTFL @ the “superior legs” crap. See? That’s all these freaks think about. The male mentality cannot see beyond the crude flesh.
    Got some news for ya, gals….nobody has “superior legs” at age 85. Check + mate.

    1. Oh wow, just noticed the “Trans people reinforce gender norms” square. Did the author write that one before or after the “superior legs” free space? Lulz.
      Again, checkmate.

    2. Men most certainly do NOT have superior legs. You can often tell by legs alone whether someone is a real woman. Men have knobby knees. Even those men who think they’re women.

      1. I’ve bee thinking about this some more.
        Assuming some of the more athletic trannies actually did have nice(r) legs, isn’t that pretty privilege? And, if a woman ever makes the claim of having better legs than a tranny, doesn’t that always get dubbed as “transphobia” or “bigotry”?
        Gotta love how they twist this shit to suit their agenda.

      2. @sugarpuss – Yep. If you point out the obvious fact that some individual M2T is not passing and that is at the root of most of the side-eye and resistance they’re getting (when they proclaim “I’m a woman, you MUST call me Ma’am!!” at the barista or deli clerk who just doesn’t care) that’s transphobia and it’s “triggering” (because it will bring on an episode of the dreaded gender dysphoria). If you say you have better legs, that’s triggering because it makes them worry inside if they’re passing or not.
        But supposedly the reverse situation is all okay.
        Personally I’m sick and tired of M2T insisting that because they pull of “feminine” looks better than I do, that they somehow “make a better woman” than I do, that they somehow “deserve it” more. Just… what? Not even in any same universe, bub. I’m a real woman even with hairy legs and short hair, thanks.

        1. Yeah, if they really want to one-up us in the womanliness department, they should try the markers of real women: double x chromosomes, menstruation, pregnancy, lactation. Can they outdo us in those very feminine conditions? No? Maybe because they are, um… not women?

      3. @Adrian: I think most trannies have a very masochistic streak. in order to actually enjoy mimicking “femininity”, which is nothing more than a set of behaviors & mannerisms that were designed, by men, to erase all visible traces of humanity in female-bodied people. It’s very amusing how they believe that the use of face paint & hair wax somehow magically makes them a woman, let alone more of a woman than real women.
        I don’t know about any other woman, but I was born with hair follicles on my body. Therefore, body hair is very female. The removal of this hair, for reasons other than comfort or surgery, is a signal to men that a woman accepts her role as slave, cunt & whore. It is an admission of defeat.
        Personally, I prefer to be a rebel, no matter the cost. 🙂

        1. I continue to suspect that this is partly about health insurance. If you can get your elective surgery reframed as medically necessary, then everybody else has to help pay for it. So you co-opt the gendered brain thing to legitimize your fetish, and anyone who doesn’t buy into it is a threat.
          Thus having SRS and attendant treatments covered by health insurance plans is actually discriminatory. Lots of people obsess about their bodies and would have plastic surgery if they could afford to. Do we want to absorb all elective plastic surgery costs whenever someone is unhappy with their body?

    3. Omg, this stuff about superior legs is really funny if you know that some men actually do have “superior” legs compared to some women. As I said over at my tumblr, they often take photos of male legs for stocking packaging since women seem to have difficulty developing the long lean form so desired by both sexes (anecdote of a German comedian whose make-up artist GF apparently had relevant business interaction).
      This shit is not surprising. Men’s dream woman is basically nothing more than a young man or boy with exaggerated female (primary & secondary) organs, including masculinized face shapes with high forehead and more or less pronounced cheekbones/jawline. The “moon face” found in males with low testosterone levels is considered totally undesireable in females.

      1. Everything you have said is pure truth. If so-called “het males” are so attracted ot women, why do we need props (eg. makeup, heels, fake body parts, pantyhose, etc.) in order to be found desirable?
        I have some theories about all of this. I believe that the most pathetic males are the most demanding because they are secretly gay but unwilling to come out of the closet.

      2. aside from needing a barf bag to view, I dare say that the video on GM’s link does away with the ‘superior legs’ claim. I didn’t see anything in that video but dude…
        At least he conceded that his increased level of strength could be an advantage…so few of them ever admit that and instead claim that hormones magically take away a lifetime of testosterone-based male musculature.

      3. Omg, that dude is really trying hard to achieve the (fake-)tanned, bleached-blonde porn star look. Feel kind of sorry for him since this is probably his way of validating his “womanhood” and chance to prove he can be “beautiful” – tragic that he’s got performance of submissive fuckbot behaviour confused with authentic self-defined sexuality.
        But then again, that’s the point, isn’t it? Woman = guy with tits behaving exactly like men want women to behave. Unfortunately, he’s too old and well past the boy/young guy phase in which at least some men come close to the male ideal of femininity.

    4. Must note for you, in christianity/the abrahamic religions, the first woman was Lilith, and she got tossed out for refusing to be Adam’s slave.. and THEN Eve was created as his incestuous-girl-clone (which, scientifically makes her a sort of transgender if you think about it, since she was created from a man…), and sex slave.

      1. Actually, Eve is a woman created by a male god (yahweh), for the use of male(s) (who do you think Cain and Abel screwed, since there were no women?), in the image of a male, so that’s really quite similar to trans….
        (of course, none of what the abrahamic religions said happened ever did, but philosophically….)

      2. Brunhilda – this poem about Lilith appears in Mysteries of the Dark Moon, a book I read years ago. I hope Gallus doesn’t mind the length of the poem.

        Jonelle Maison
        Lilith was the first woman, made at the same time, from the same stuff as Adam. So, when Adam refused her equality and forced her to lie under him, Lilith spoke the forbidden name of god and flew from Eden. In mythology she became the Succubus, shown as a winged woman with taloned feet. The stories differ, and I have selected from among them. Sanvi, Sansanvi, Semangelaf are the angels sent by god to bring Lilith back to Adam.
        You gotta give it to Lilith, she was a hell of a woman.
        Said she’d rather fuck demons on the beach
        than lie under the belly of that whiner Adam
        and flew from paradise.
        Told god’s angels to shove it when they came to get her
        Listen to me now, while you still can.
        The original sin was rape and god has chosen Adam.
        From here we begin.
        This wound unhealed between man and woman
        draws out the world.
        I am the first woman.
        And the last.
        My children may be sterile as raisins,
        die each evening with the sun, but I continue.
        You will see me soon, looking with the eyes of
        sweet-faced Eve when Adam breaks another covenant
        as easily as teeth break the fruit’s skin.
        I am always here.
        Justice owed and justice withheld.
        I see my place in history: the forgotten metaphor
        living with the beasts in the desert.
        You’ll try to erase the sound of my name,
        call me Witch.
        Queen of Ghosts, Mother of Terror.
        Then you come here, wanting assurance
        that I will not harm Adam’s seed,
        will not steal from another woman’s cradle.
        Go ahead.
        Write your names over doorways
        if you think it will keep them safe.
        Sanvi. Sansanvi, Semangelaf.
        The syllables curl and fade,
        grow old as children.
        And what do you ask of me after
        the eight days have set?
        I am the Night Hag.
        Patient as memory, I wait at the crossroads,
        visit your men in the dark,
        they have reason to fear.
        I bring them a sleep restful as my own.
        Go back now.
        I’m through talking.
        Tell god for me, this fight goes on as long as it must.
        Let him make Eve, thinking to undo this treachery.
        Let him make laws declaring the mud’s mistake.
        In every generation there is a woman
        who belong to me.

  2. Every square here might as well just be labeled ‘HOW DARE THE QUESTION MY GLORIOUS LADINESS’.

    1. Well, it’s surely disjointed and lacking in any kind of internal consistency. When I see stuff like this I tend to think, obsessive that I am, that if properly inspired I could have done a much better job of this.
      But Bingo really isn’t my metier. I prefer satire, and haiku.
      This new grid of squares
      Full of insults, majorly
      Fails. Middle is Free.

      1. Point being that to properly spoof a Bingo square, you need to do something with the middle square that plays on it being the free square, not just randomly plug one of your memes into it. We envy your legs so you are more free than us? This is the best they could do?
        I’d suggest “Madness isn’t freedom.” That would actually be kind of funny.

      2. It’s too bad they do a pretty good job satirizing themselves.
        Also, yes! ‘Madness isn’t freedom’ would be funny in that bitter, sardonic kinda way.

    2. Heh. I just noticed now that “LADINESS” is just “LADNESS” with more “I” in it!! 🙂

  3. wow. offensive much?
    Also, since when are they prettier than any real women? Last time I checked, if someone wanted a plastic doll, they could just go and buy one. Furthermore, getting plastic surgery/etc., and then claiming to be ‘better’ as though it’s some virtue of yours is pathetic; first, you did nothing but lie there while a doctor did things, second, eventually you will get old and ugly too, and we still don’t know what all that surgery and hormones will do to your body.
    This also shows much more of their failure to get our arguments than it does our actual arguments.

  4. The whole TERF thing is kind of weird: I mean, it’s not just shitting on radical feminism, it’s almost placing it on a pedestal. The bingo card does attack via “instersectionality” but it’s clear that the real problem they see is “trans exclusionary” and as long as they lady-dudes are let in, I’m not sure they’d give a crap about all the other supposed faults they’re pointing out.
    The whole thing has got this freaky implication that radical feminism is important and thus best handled by males who are better at hating other males than females are at hating males. Which is true. It’s a scientific fact that males are better at hating people and trying to hurt them. And since that’s what they think radical feminism is about, it’s like their ultimate chance to “other” other males and prove their new identity.
    The “man is a bad word you call bad people who don’t deserve to have a feminine gender identity like all good people deserve to have” thing has been dialed back in the past decade (partly out of them needing the support of ftms), but it’s still a facet of the crazier trans, HBSrs and other dudes with a bigger quotient of denial. Like that guy here who was calling lesbians the “real men” the other day.
    *“Irrevocable consent,” I have no idea, but the first thing that came to mind was the BDSM dudes who believe that they know best for their “property” and as long as their property assents to their control, overlooking an individual “no” is fine since the master knows what she really wants and needs. Of course, that’s ALL of BDSM (and heterosexuality for that matter), but it’s usually only said out loud by guys who think that guys into BDSM are kind of wimps and they’ll stand out as more macho by talking crap.
    *stealing the idea of bingo cards: it’s like when twansies got addicted to the idea of zines 15 years after zines were a thing just because it was one more thing they could steal from women to pretend they were women even though it wasn’t something women were even really doing anymore.
    *I do wonder what Solanas’ take on trans would be if she were around today since in SCUM she implied that transitioning would be a good role for remaining males. (which is why it’s hilarious that they’re hating on her after fucking privileging them).

    1. They are irrelevant to a particular demographic *cough* TRANS *cough* that does not believe in medical science or simple things like, oh say…biology.

    2. Chromosomes are not yet available for purchase as a vanity commodity for autogynephillic men. Therefore: irrelevant to the trans-cult. Should chromosomes become a marketable medical cosmetic option they will become not only “relevant” but a medically necessary concern of critical importance.

      1. “Should chromosomes become a marketable medical cosmetic option they will become not only “relevant” but a medically necessary concern of critical importance.”
        The GMO people could get in on this, and market branded designer chromosomes. You don’t want to settle for just any off-brand chromosomes.

    3. What I am curious about in regards to changing sex markers on official documents is what happens if a trans commit a crime.
      Say DNA is found at a crime scene (semen, skin cells, sweat etc) and it comes up as XY. Say there was no hits in the database, maybe a first time offender or never been caught. They’d narrow the search looking for males. If the individual “passed” well, they might never be suspected.
      Even Intersex people can be differentiated by their chromosomes.

      1. And where does the fantasy end?
        The physiological differences between the sexes determine how medications are metabolised and if side effects are experienced, the severity of the side effects etc.
        If, during a drug trial, Sanofi-Aventis needed female candidates are MtT’s eligible? Is saying “No, we need to measure this on women, actual women, XX” now transphobic?
        I read a study the other day that anorexic people even manoeuvre themselves like they are bigger.
        Yet we don’t tell them that their perception is correct and that they are fat. We don’t encourage them to destroy their bodies but hey, feel free to cut your healthy breast tissue off and mutilate your genitals.
        “Feel” like you’re a woman even though you have a penis? Yep, that seems legit.

  5. “Conservative” is generally a euphemism for right wing/fascist. Nothing truly conservative about how the US “conservatives” are. They are right wing, but the media censors that. Just like the “middle classes” they refer to are actually poverty class or working class.
    Sadly, about “masochistic” trannies — the flip side of masochist is sadist. And they certainly are that.
    And yes, it certainly is more natural for men to be gay. So they demand women fit their bizarre female-hating fetishized porny rules of false femininity. And then men imitate it and think that makes them women.
    Trannies, like other men, just do not get Radical Feminism, or any feminism really. “Intersectionality” is academic crap that has nothing to do with the original Radical Feminist writings about how we must recognize and deal with all inequalities among us as women to have a truly diverse, welcoming Women’s Movement/community that does not continue oppression. It was very simple, common sense and clear, acknowledging the existence of racism, classism, heterosexism, ageism, ableism, etc. and trying to fight all oppressions among women. It was understood that men oppress women. Many of us were way past even discussing or thinking about men since our community was Lesbian. The entire trans cult is based on appropriation/theft of feminist politics, and female and Lesbian identity, and then they try to use it against us. They of course ignore their incredible privilege and sense of entitlement, but they reek of it. And the women they can’t con or guilt-trip can’t miss it.
    I really think that these men are further away from being anything like woman than even females of other species. Their demanding, narcissistic sense of entitlement and refusal to do anything but hate girls and women is so male and so glaring. And they look like hell. They caricature women and end up looking like caricatures.

    1. Intersectionality was originally (?) supposed to be about different kinds of WOMEN.
      So if someone wants to say, well, some of the framing of past struggles tended to focus on a (legitimate! but limited) segment of women who were a certain race or class, and maybe that should be expanded some (in that fight or parallel ones allied with it) then okay, I can see that.
      But using the banner cry of “intersectionality” to either (1) demand the inclusion of men who “realized (how??????) they have a supposed ‘laydee brain'” or (2) say that because women have varied experiences they cannot unite around their COMMON experiences of oppression, that is an abuse of the “intersectionality” concept to even start with.
      Just another reason I am tired of all the various “trans! most oppressed evar!” people using “intersectionality” as some sort of assumed “doomsday weapon” that will just make everyone shut up. Because it won’t, because they don’t even know what it’s about.
      Ah, feminists are excluding you M2T? Well, sorry about your feels but that’s because YOU ARE NOT WOMEN. Full stop. This is not your table.

    2. Vast majority of men are homocentric. No doubt. Women partners exist as an accessory (like a man-purse!) in relation to their “masculine” (female oppressing) power position among men.

      1. BINGO! LOL
        The phrase “trophy wife” is a perfect example of this. Men only seem to be interested in women based on the level of status that will be granted to them for being with them. It’s all about impressing other dudes.

      2. Of look at how a lot of video games, books, movies, etc. work, with the women not as actual characters, but rather as a prize. One feminist (who’s all over youtube) said something along the lines of ‘in the male game, women are not players, but the ball.’
        Which just goes along with the transwoman/male concept of women as a single, fetishized object, rather than actual people.
        (And yet when other women disagree with me, they don’t seem to get how by disagreeing with me that we are all different, they are in fact proving me correct, because if all women were the same, we’d all agree, which we don’t).

  6. “Little girls go float upstream
    Some of them never comin’ back
    We are powerless to stop them
    As they vanish
    From our sight
    Little boys dig tunnels
    Into the ground they go
    Hundreds of them disappear
    Little soldiers
    On patrol
    Don’t want
    Don’t want
    Don’t want to be part of your world
    And we don’t want
    Don’t want
    Don’t want to be part of your world
    Underneath the floorboards
    In between the walls
    Everywhere there’s filled with children
    Say goodbye to
    Boys and girls
    “We promise to be better”
    Said the folks at home
    “But it really doesn’t matter”
    Said their daughters
    And their sons
    Don’t want
    Don’t want
    Don’t want to be part of your world
    And we don’t want
    Don’t want
    Don’t want to be part of your world
    And we don’t want
    Don’t want
    Don’t want to be part of your world
    And we don’t want
    Don’t want
    Don’t want to be part of your world
    Free from greed and hunger
    Free from hate and war
    Thousands of them altogether
    We are here and
    There they are
    Don’t want
    Don’t want
    Don’t want to be part of your world
    And we don’t want
    Don’t want
    Don’t want to be part of your world
    And we don’t want
    Don’t want
    Don’t want to be part of your world
    No, we don’t want
    Don’t want
    Don’t want to be part of your world
    No, we don’t want
    Don’t want
    Don’t want to be part of your world
    No, we don’t want
    Don’t want
    Don’t want to be part of your world
    No, we don’t”
    You people are abusive brutes.

  7. That reminds me, Monica “fishy” Roberts wrote a song about me this week to the tune of “Y.M.C.A.”
    T-E-R-F”s Hate
    (Sung to the tune of ‘Y.M.C.A.’ from the Village People)
    Young trans, there’s no need to feel down
    I said young trans, because she’s a transphobic clown
    I said young trans, let me break it on down
    There’s no need to be unhappy
    Young trans, TERF’s hate on you we know
    I said young trans to Gender Trender they go
    There’s hate speech there and I’m sure you will find
    They have hated trans women for a long time
    It’s girls like us T-E-R-F’s hate
    It’s girls like us T-E-R-F’s hate
    They hate everything cause their lives have no joy
    Since the 70s they called us boys.
    It’s girls like us T-E-R-F’s hate
    It’s girls like us T-E-R-F’s hate
    Yes they’re psychotically mean
    They have no sex appeal
    Being female to us is real.
    Young trans, are you listening to me
    I said, young trans, be the best you can be
    I said, young trans, you can make real your dreams,
    But you’ve got to know this one thing.
    No trans, the Bug’s not by herself
    I said, young trans, she and her TERF’s need some help
    They just go there, lying on us every day
    I’m sure they’ll get committed someday
    It’s girls like us T-E-R-F’s hate
    It’s girls like us T-E-R-F’s hate
    They hate everything cause their lives have no joy
    Since the 70’s they called us boys.
    It’s girls like us T-E-R-F’s hate
    It’s girls like us T-E-R-F’s hate
    Yes they’re psychotically mean
    They have no sex appeal
    Being female to us is real.
    Young trans, I was once in your shoes,
    TERF’s wrote hate speech that gave me the blues
    I felt no one cared if transfolks were alive
    I felt the whole world was so jive
    That’s when someone came up to me
    And said God made your trans self beautifully
    Trans people are on this big planet to stay
    So be proud of yourself today
    It’s girls like us T-E-R-F’s hate
    It’s girls like us T-E-R-F’s hate
    They hate everything cause their lives have no joy.
    Since the 70’s they called us boys.
    T-E-R-F’s Hate
    It’s girls like us T-E-R-F’s hate
    Young trans, Young trans, there’s no need to feel down
    Young trans, Young trans, pick yourself off the ground
    T-E-R-F’s hate
    You know T-E-R-F’s hate
    Young trans, Young trans, I was once in your shoes,
    Young trans, Young trans, I now give TERF’s the blues
    T-E-R-F’s hate
    T-E-R-F’s hate
    (fade to end)
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    1. Since we’re discussing whether being female is real and for whom, should we move the menstruation discussion over here? We could, like, compare clots ‘n’ stuff.

      1. You notice what both those “songs” have in common? Lots of repetition. And the way they’re typed out makes the reader have to scroll and scroll to get through the repetition. It comes across as a visual, almost subconscious reminder of their endless selfies and overbearing actions.
        But using a song by the Village People? I’m…I’m not sure that’s where you want to go, Roberts. Just sayin’.
        And Roberts, you’re right, God don’t make no junk. It’s your behavior that’s junk.

      2. Fuck yeah clots! Damn, I once had one that was almost as big as my fucking palm. Uterus just wasn’t havin’ it that day, and said, GTFO!

    2. Trans people really have to understand that some men would fuck a street lamp if it had a dress and wig on. It’s not about beauty, beauty is bullshit. It’s about becoming sexually desireable by performing submission.

  8. The two that concern me most is ‘Losing All the Butches’ and I’m seeing fewer and fewer and of course as a Butch loving Butch Dyke I want to see other Butches like myself who are proud to be Female and Butch, and Women Born Women.
    I guess I just don’t ‘get’ how the term Women Born Women is so retrograde, so outre, and so considered a ‘hate’ term, when they feel free to refer to us as ‘Cis'(even if we don’t consider ourselves so, or reject that term). IS WBW a ‘hate term’ and outre and we should be using something else? For me personally, I LOVE the term, it brings me to being in Solidarity with the Michfest community, and I’m very comfortable with it as that is what I came up with. Or is it just another demonization when WE self identify the way WE want to and NAME OURSELVES. To be ABSOLUTELY accurate, I also use the term ‘bio female’, but even that they object to!

    1. I love the term woman-born-woman because it ties me to all the wonderful women in my life, relatives and otherwise. It also emphasizes the focus on women that I practice in my daily life.

  9. The problem with this bingo card is the same as I see at many funfem sites: instead of reasoned critique (the word “reasoned” is important there), it just mocks. That’s it. Here at GT, we have written again and again why we’re upset at trans actions. With this card, as at the leading funfem sites, they simply resort to this style of adolescent sneering.
    It fails to convince me, to say the very least.

  10. Someone should create a bingo for them;
    1) refuses to acknowledge that biology matters…. except when they need it as an excuse to get plastic surgery.
    2) Demands that lesbians have sex with them and their ‘lady sticks,’
    3) Refuses sex with someone who actually likes their boobs ± penis body, as that is fetishizing.
    4) Reducing females to a single, fetishized and stereotyped gender role, which is defined by them.
    5) Denies having body dysmorphic disorder, yet hacks at their own genitals if denied plastic surgery.
    6) Thinks that the long-term effects of having grown up with testosterone can be eradicated by simply taking six months of estrogen, regardless of the science against it.
    7) Talk about brain sex, not realizing that it’s complete neurosexism, and without any knowledge of how brain scans work.
    8) Thinks that social roles matter more than biology,

    1. Trans women bingo
      – makes desperate, forced comparison between gender identity and racism.
      – only acknowledges biological differences when whining about CISSEXISM
      – uses misogynistic slurs and violent threats to call out “bigotry”
      – transplains female oppression
      – only seems to go after “cis” lesbians while ignoring other transwomen as possible partners but cries: “TRANSPHOBIA” when “cis”lesbians do the exact same thing
      – gross rapey comments
      – gross rapey comments
      – gross rapey comments

  11. 9) Uses the terms ‘cis’ and trans, and doesn’t realize that’s just creating another binary.
    10) Likes to reinforce outdated, sexist, gender roles, and claims that doing so makes them more of a woman.
    11) Thinks menstruation is ‘gross’ and a ‘bad thing’ and tells real women to shut up if they try and talk about it. They in fact, may lord it over real women that they don’t menstruate.
    12) If married with kids, they claim to have gestated their children…

  12. 13) Considers their gender identity totally true, but mocks trans-species and trans-disabled people.

    1. Brunhilda that’s a good list. I also made my own version of this the other day (& I’m mtf btw). All of these things were said to me by mtf’s over the last 20 years! http://snowflakeespecial.tumblr.com/post/51833990093/i-dont-have-time-to-do-it-right-now-but-does
      I knew since I was 3 – even though I got married to a woman and fathered children
      My neovagina smells and tastes just like my wife’s!
      My wife took me shopping for a bra
      I transitioned after my wife got pregnant
      This is the real me (especially popular with ex-military/cops)
      This is who I’ve always been (leaving out the part where they worked as a man in a men-only field)
      Why would a woman want to become a man? They already have the body I’ve always wanted!
      Fat women make me so mad! How could you let that happen to your body?
      I can’t tell if I want to fuck her, or be her
      Feminists hate transgirls because we look like ladies, but they look like lesbians
      Homosexuality is a choice, I have a medical condition
      I’m more feminine than my wife
      Man in a dress is a transphobic stereotype (especially popular with trans* who look like men in dresses)
      Men like transwomen better than ciswomen these days because we’re more feminine
      Disrespecting my gender identity before I transitioned is transphobic because I WAS ALWAYS FEMALE YOU F*#$ING C*@T

      1. Hilarious. Snowflake, do you have any insight into the whole “I transitioned after my wife got pregnant” thing? What’s that all about. There was even a guy on one of those reality TV shows who did it three times. He impregnated his wife, began transitioning during her pregnancy, they broke up, he de-transitioned, impregnated another woman and began transitioning during her pregnancy which caused them to break up, he detransitioned and impregnated another woman and did it again. All in the space of five years time. None of the women knew of his “issues” before they were pregnant then he sprung it on them. This guy posted a kickstarter to fund his sex change and the family of the last woman all posted on it saying that he beat her and not to donate. He goes by the name of “Brooke Addison” now.
        What the fuck is that whole thing about?

      2. Perhaps all of these “transitions” are a way for him to evade child support (eg. “I can’t be the dad, I’m a woman!”)?

      3. Marrying someone under false pretenses is one of the “secrets” at Post Secret today. That’s truly shitty behavior.

      4. Brooke Addison is proof positive that most MtT are just straight men – this is evidenced by the unanimously crappy decor of their homes as witnessed in the backgrounds of their incessant YouTube videos.
        P.S. to “Brooke”: the work of Bob Ross is considered declasse. You may wish to upgrade to a Thomas Kinkade. Now that’s classy.

      5. Here is another instance of a man transitioning during his wife’s pregnancy: http://www.xojane.com/it-happened-to-me/it-happened-to-me-contest-entry-my-partner-came-out-as-trans-while-i-was-pregnant
        tl;dr: Woman becomes pregnant, gets attention, man reasserts power over women by appropriating female identity.
        Pregnancy is one of those complicated things about female oppression. On the one hand, a pregnant woman is a symbol of submission to men, first sexually and then as an incubator/machine for his offspring. On the other hand, pregnancy suggests that women have autonomy and have some sort of power, because they can do something men can’t. The only way for the transgender male to demonstrate his total and inalienable right to control women is to control the definition of woman and appropriate it for himself.

      6. Yep he’s straight all right. Preying on one woman after another apparently. Seems his sister is minding all those kids he fathered, in order for him to live his solitary dream of “working” as a thirty year old “model”.

      7. @womenofthepatriarchy- YES! It’s totally “a thing”. Tom Gabel/Lara Jane Grace transified the same way.
        “The stress of a disillusioning experience with a major record label and Heather’s pregnancy sent Tommy into a tailspin of alcohol and drug abuse. “I was numb. I couldn’t write; I couldn’t function. The feelings were totally consuming. I couldn’t live the lie anymore.” Two years went by in a blur of secret research and reading blogs written by trans women. Things finally became clear. At 31, he decided to say good-bye to Tommy Gabel and live as Laura Jane Grace, thinking, I can do this. I’m going to do this.”

      8. I remember MRA’s were into “couvade’s syndrome” way back when. Anything to show that there’s nothing males can’t be a part of. I guess they were just ahead of the curve.

      9. Gallus I’m not sure I have any insight about this, beyond what womanofthepatriachy said. It’s SUPER common though. On the trans forum I got kicked off of, when there was a new member who wasn’t in high school/college, 75% of the time they were married and had either just had a baby, or were planning to with their wife.
        Some mtf’s do tell their wives in advance, and the couple plans the male’s transition together so that it happens after they have kids. But it’s also very common that mtf’s “suddenly realize” after the wife/girlfriend gets pregnant – Brooke and Tom/Laura are definitely not isolated or rare cases!
        Cycles of binging and purging are really popular with crossdressers. They decide to man up and throw out all their laydee clothes, then a few months later they start a new collection. Brooke is sort of an extreme and destructive example of this. I feel bad for people with that much inner turmoil, but I feel even worse for their friends, family, children, and ex-lovers left in the swath of chaos and irresponsibility.

      10. @snowflakespecial – the same cycle of “binging and purging” happens among the “transabled” also. They post of throwing away all their various collections of assistive devices on occasion, only to then start rebuying it all again on eBay not too long afterward when they just can’t give it up.

    2. The main thing from all Trans seems to be ‘if you don’t believe I’m the opposite sex, you’re denying my existence.’

  13. On the breastfeeding trans-person, do they not realize that the breast accumulates a lot of the body’s toxins, and that they are feeding their child all of their drugs too?! That is SERIOUSLY dangerous!
    (Also, both men and women can lactate anyway, as both have the structures, but most men lack the boost of prolactin, the hormone that makes you produce breastmilk, and normally/usually turns up after pregnancy).

  14. Like an idiot I read that entire article and the comments. First: EWWWWWW Second: I cannot believe some of the things people were saying, including talking about having a 4 year-old “trans child” Why did she say her kid was trans? Because he was devastated that, unlike his mother who was nursing his younger sibling, he would never breastfeed his child. WTF??? Kids don’t understand most things. That’s why the adults in their lives are supposed to teach them about life..real life that is, not some sort of fucked up fantasy world!! I weep for the future. (P.S. I am devastated I cannot be Inspector Gadget. I must be trans-animated. I must lobby the government to pay for my surgery to be like him.) P.P.S. The part about this dude temporarily stopping hormones in order to produce “baby making ingredients” (his words) were especially creepy and nauseating.

  15. They brag about superior legs but then they insult you when you say it’s unfair for women to let them in the female category of sports competitions.

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