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  1. and sorry gallus but responding with you’re a male isn’t working, go get a job.

  2. Most of the trans trying to silence women and especially the editor of this blog are men who never were part of the feminist popular culture movements. Nor do they seem to be aware that half the feminists out there adopted iconic female figures of aggression. I knew about 20 Galluses and 100’s of Xenas. Xena. Diana. Gallus Mag. Skadhi. Leeloo. etc. etc. Oh hell, it was half the female population adopting the meme. Just look around the next time you’re at your next Comic Con.
    There are several who used Gallus Mag. I don’t see them as much anymore, and this is probably why. Because these nitwits harass anyone who posts anything as gallusmag. Especially if it came out years before this blog.
    And obviously, they’ve tumbled to the old literary site on MySpace that has nothing to do with GenderTrender and everything to do with creative writing about women. And college writings during the height of the Xena phase.
    They’ve conflated a Seattle reporter, a happily married couple, and an old unused WordPress blog of Cathy Brennan’s. Because they are unbalanced head cases that get a kick out of stalking women. They hit a GallusMag on page one of a search and decided they were a master operator.
    And then you have the repulsive Autumn Sandeen that leads his pack of trolls. Autumn, that comment about “we’re harassing her and it’s YOUR fault” is classic abuser mentality. Hating us won’t make you any prettier, Autumn.
    To that married couple that was harassed, these homophobic trolls hate women. The pressure is pretty intense right now for anyone speaking up in defense of women’s spaces and in defense of gay children. And actually, Gallus IS working, which is why these trolls are so vicious. If her voice wasn’t effective, they wouldn’t be trying to silence it so aggressively. They’d just ignore it. There are very few who have bothered to really see and understand the trans movement for what it is.

    1. Reading over that last paragraph, I didn’t say that I am deeply horrified that they would go after that married couple. Or the Seattle reporter. Who have NOTHING to do with the trans community. This isn’t Gallus’ doing –they go after anyone who even rhymes with Gallus Mag. Or GM. Or RadFem. Or even Rad Grrl. Their sense of boundaries is non-existent.
      So, to thelesbianmafia, I really wish that these men would stop trying to frighten women. I think you two are awesome, and I love your partner’s artwork. It does deeply anger me that these trolls would hurt someone who is obviously not involved based on the thinnest tissue paper of coincidence.
      a, b=c does NOT mean a=c. But it’s clear from their bad science studies that they flunked statistics. It’s now clear they flunked even basic math.

    2. Agreed, the abuser mentality and language is right there, in plain sight, in broad daylight. We see you for exactly what you are, Stephen Mark Sandeen.

  3. Honestly I’m curious to know – what exact kind of harassment do you suspect these M2T “lesbian” will encounter? Exactly how does commentary such as happens on this blog lead to harassment and what kind?
    Is it just “someone will point out that the person in question is M2T” or is it more than that, and how does it happen?

    1. No. That’s not what he’s saying. Autumn is saying I have caused him and his “transwoman” friends to stalk, threaten and harass real lesbians in real life by blogging here.

      1. Ah. I see now, I had it flipped around (I do see so many posts on trans* sites about how blogs like this one cause THEM to be murdered, etc, never with any details on just how that’s supposed to work, though).
        But now I see what he’s saying, and wow, yeah, that’s some actual threat on his part. What a piece of work.

      2. Yeah, Adrian, I’ve seen that so many times too. Because the men who hurt or kill trans people are so busy reading radical feminist websites and listening to women. That’s where they get the idea from! Makes total sense! Alan Brain has been one of the biggest purveyors of this bullshit, with his “you have blood on your hands!” histrionics.

    2. “And then you have the repulsive Autumn Sandeen that leads his pack of trolls. Autumn, that comment about “we’re harassing her and it’s YOUR fault” is classic abuser mentality. ”

      1. Yeah it’s like ripping off every bad kidnapper/hostage taker’s line EVAR. “If I kill the hostage you’re to blame for the murder” – yeah right.

  4. “Stop talking about us harassing lesbians or we’ll harass lesbians” is hardly a persuasive argument. And yes, this does have a strong element of “I wouldn’t have to hit you if you’d just behave.” Good catch.

  5. So Buffalo Sandeen shows his true colors…again. Wonder if he’s thrown hot liquids in anyone else’s face lately. Gee, you know the last MtT person I harassed IRL or online? No one. Because I’m sane and don’t do that kind of wacko shit. Stephen Mark Sandeen, you’re an abusive asshole whose dick gets hard from intimidating women. You have done irreparable damage and you’re too arrogant to even realize it.

  6. So, let me see if I’ve got this correct? We’ve gone from:
    I was so upset at what you said that I’ve hurt myself (i.e. the usual suicide threats) — hence it’s YOUR fault.
    I was so upset at what you said that I (mistakenly) hurt someone else ‘cos I thought it was YOU (hence it’s STILL your fault).
    Yep, VERY close to the typical excuses for male violence, uppity females, uppity lesbians, those males just can’t help letting themselves be provoked…………………….

    1. The book bullshit seems to be the fancy new way of saying “umm, yeah, so I retired from the military after 20+ years and want to claim I am a woman but nobody will hire me, so therefore I must write a book and claim to be an activist so I can raise awareness.”
      Oh yeah, and now they will also try and claim the “how dare you question me since, after all, I got a paper cut in defense of your freedoms blah blah blah.”

      1. Nah, unlike Autumn/Stephen Sandeen, Kristin/Chris Beck is well employed as an IT specialist by the military industrial market since he resigned his Seal commission in 2011. He does industry conferences promoting Irregular Warfare resources and technology:
        (PDF a powerpoint from one of his presentations. WARNING contains GRAPHIC PICTURES of decapitated murder victims)

      2. LOL this snippet from a USA Today article:
        “Beck’s co-author is Anne Speckhard, an adjunct associate professor of psychiatry at Georgetown University Medical School, whose has specialized in post-traumatic stress disorder and counterterrorism.
        What’s striking about Beck, Speckhard said in an interview with USA TODAY, is how normal she is. “She’s healthy, normal, a next-door-neighbor person.”
        Speckhard described Beck, who attended the Virginia Military Institute, as a highly competitive individual who played sports in school and always wanted to serve in the military.
        Speckhard said she does not see Beck’s decision to join the Navy SEALs as an act of overcompensation, rather as fitting a character as a high achiever.
        “As a woman, he would have joined the SEALs as well,” Speckhard said.
        The Navy SEALs currently do not take female candidates.”
        He says he wants to re-up and train “other female” SEALs. As in, other MALE “females”?
        A tranny SEAL contingent? Looks like. This guy claims he traveled among the Taliban passing successfully as one of them. Imagine the “irregular” tactical situations these guys could get into by “passing” as women.

      3. I especially like the map on page 4 of the PDF, and I assume that he will want to lead TRANSCOM… LOL.

    2. As far as I know, the US military currently does not allow trans* people to serve – for a fairly boring sensible reason, namely it’s considered a psychiatric disorder AND a disorder that requires the person to take meds for the rest of his life. They bar a bunch of other chronic illnesses too.
      FWIW I first heard about it reading the blogs of some women who wanted to become F2T but are currently in the military and they are upset that they can’t transition while they’re still in. So, they are waiting to discharge and then maybe start.
      As for IT – I’m a computer programmer myself, and in the place I work we have had TWO people transition on the job, one M2T and one F2T. Not on my team specifically but in related teams. It was awkward particularly at first, but people are professional and so do the polite thing, completely separate from any thoughts they might have on the matter. Interestingly enough there was (is? I don’t know, I don’t ask) angst about the F2T using the men’s room. It’s been years now and I’m not sure if new people know the history or not. It’s certainly never mentioned.

      1. Or other items, let alone threaten the life of the soldier or officer, based on the same delusion.
        This goes with the readiness, squdadron cohesion and other items. Here I thought that with the Manning case, others would have gotten the hint. Damn.

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