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  1. Trying to indoctrinate children at a younger and younger age. What’s next, Trans Barney? *smh*

  2. Hasbro and Discovery Communications, eh? They’re selling it because they think it will be edgy and cool.
    My kids won’t be watching it. The Hub has now joined Disney Channel and Nickelodeon in the ban on certain unhealthy kid tv in my house.

      1. Wow. From the first comment on that article:
        “Guy does not turn into a girl. He’s “Tootsie as a superhero,” and that’s coming from the creator of the cartoon. Part of the humor is that he’s no good at being “ladylike,” has to pitch his voice high, and when he’s not doing his job, he’d rather be skateboarding, watching the equivalent of “Jackass,” and playing video games with his best guy pal, Maz. There is no sexuality in it at all.”

        Because heaven forbid a girl be into skateboarding and not have a properly high-pitched voice, amirite?

  3. If this was left in the realm of fantasy I would consider it a good development. But the last thing we need is more boys getting the notion from the media that they are the wrong sex and that they can be “magically” turned into the opposite one, and that then they get to be girl super-heros.
    I do not at all understand how medically transgendering adolescents isn’t a medical ethics violation. Oh, it works better, makes it easier for them to “pass.” But it’s not reversible. It’s supposed to be reversible. Even when it is reversible, of course it’s not, really. But with adolescents, it’s seriously not reversible. Immature gonadal structures hopelessly damaged, other body morphology irretrievably changed.

  4. I’ll add that this whole business of preparing children for transitioning when they come of age, reminds me most unpleasantly of how children are groomed for prostitution.

    1. Good point. It’s even creepier when you think about the very high numbers of fully transitioned males who become prostitutes. Be interesting to track the life trajectories of these young victims of crazy parents.

      1. Em: as far as I know, there is little information on what happens to kids with gender dysphoria, but what there is indicates that if left intact, most of them get over it.

      2. Em: also, it is of some significance to question whether SRS cures mental health problems, because if it doesn’t, it’s elective surgery, and that has health insurance ramifications. A lack of regret over SRS outcomes is not automatically equatable with resolved mental health issues.

      3. Mieprowan: No doubt. And no doubt it’s way out of fashion to say to your little darling, “Don’t be silly.”

      4. I’ll take that a little further. Say I want all my teeth capped. It’s not medically necessary, but I would feel so much better if they were all capped. I’d feel more like a real woman. I think about this every nanosecond of my life, and it’s driving me so crazy I’m considering suicide.
        I figure I could get this done for 30K or so, but my health insurance doesn’t cover it. I think they should and I expect everyone to support my efforts to get health insurance coverage for everyone for whom tooth-capping is psychologically medically necessary. And if you don’t agree with me you’re a bigot and I’m going to tell all your friends and they will all hate you.

      5. @mieprowan
        Yeah, I feel the same about hair removal.
        Many male to T prisoners campaign for the the state to pay for their hair removal.
        If being hairless is so essential to being a woman then how come mine doesn’t get covered? What about those poor women sick of dealing with their moustaches? It’s not their fault that being post-menopausal makes their facial hair more pronounced. What about Mediterranean women? They can naturally grow more hair than a pasty Caucasian like myself. Where is their tax payer funded hair removal?

        1. Bethany: oh yes indeed. I’ve had extensive facial hair since I was 19. Annoying. I don’t really care, I shave it, but it’s the principle of the thing.
          Also I have nasal dysphoria. I want a free nose job and if you disagree, you, too, are a bigot, and we transnasals will get you.
          I know I sound facile here, but I’m looking at precedents and how they affect medical ethics standards. “I’ll go crazy and kill myself if I can’t have this procedure to address something that is not physically threatening me” is well beyond shaky.

      6. @bethanyalexandertate – ah, but you’re behind. The latest “thing” is about how it’s so UNFAIR that some women get countercultural positive praise for being willing to admit to facial, chest or leg hair and leave it alone without being shamed into shaving it, being considered (in some feminist circles, supposedly) “brave” for that stance, but the poor, poor M2T, who can grow far more hair far more easily, oh, THEY never get any precious “look at me, I’m countercultural!” points for growing out their neckbeards and they “have to!!” spend all kinds of money on electrolysis just to get their “true gender recognized.” It’s just so unfair! Those women are so privileged, once again! *eyeroll*

  5. So does this character really into turn into a woman after putting on the Shezow ring? Or did they just decide to phrase it that way because being a woman = wearing a pink spandex dress outfit and driving a pink cabriolet?
    I think it’s not really clear.
    In the latter case, ugh. Sailor Moon did it better with three guys actually *transforming* into women (Sailor Stars) with no one giving a fuck about it.

    1. Actually in the manga the sailor stars were just women that took on male personas through cross-dressing They didn’t physically transform. Though in the Anime, they changed it. I heard rumors that the creator didn’t like this because she made it clear that only women could be sailor senshi. Ee! Sorry to butt in, I’m a huge sailor moon geek.

      1. I always thought they were female, period, in the Japanese version, and that the American version changed it because they thought a) they needed male characters and b) the women didn’t have the required E-cup or larger fake boobs.

      2. @ Brunhilda unfortunately they’re male-bodied in the japenese anime, only in their transformation are they female. :c I just got done watching sailor stars subbed not too long ago.

      3. Only saw the anime but it’s not surprising that Takeuchi would have protested given Sailor Moon’s strong emphasis on female friendship.
        The anime production company probably thought it would spice things up a bit, i.e. that whole men turning into women shtick. This might have actually been aimed at fangirls. The Sailor Star Lights (just looked it up again, it’s not Stars) are cute bandguys as men and strong women as sailor warriors. Could also be a fetish thing geared at fanboys, though.
        And yes, the Japanese version shows the male-to-female transformation, too. It’s a marketing gimmick.

      4. I heard that the Sailor Starlights were changed to male because Seiya woos Usagi, so that would be lesbian action with the protagonist and that would be “too much” compared to Haruka and Michiru, canon lesbians in both anime and manga. So they changed them all to male to make Seiya and Usagi a heterosexual pairing.
        But yes, only females can be Sailor Senshi. Naoko confirmed that.

      5. That censorship was supposed to be in their favor, because they’re not original characters, but supposed to be the Holy Trinity from religion of Hinduism. They are supposed to be cis gender men and they need to be male. It seems the author didn’t like that about them and wrote them as drag kings or transgender in the manga to be mean (she has made quite a few comments in interviews about men needing to be dominated, things like that), so she got censored a bit, to say that they do have the power to be physically male. They also gave them more time on the show and did not show them dying.

  6. I’m glad that I had a chance to view this before it was marked as private….
    Boys as the “hero” no matter how he’s dressed. Girls just keep becoming more and more invisible. And unless we can figure out how to use our cloaks of invisibility to our advantage and our benefit, it doesn’t bode well for us.

    1. The HUB Network set their OWN promo video to “private”.
      What the hell.
      I added an alternate video – the opening credits- to the post.

  7. This show is hideous. Not just in content, but the whole ‘shiny shaded Flash animation’ look is really horribly bad. Makes me long for the days when animation was too expensive to waste on stupid trans propaganda.

    1. I second this. Do we really need another cartoon centered around an obnoxious male character?

    2. They don’t really make anything for girls anymore. I remember, a couple of years ago, when Disney announced that they would be dropping the princess-themed stuff for more “gender neutral” movies. Admittedly, all of that Cinderella & Snow White business was very problematic, but this decision looked like they were giving little girls a great, big middle finger.
      For future reference: gender neutral = male oriented with one token female character.
      I hate men.

    3. As if it’s not bad enough that it’s a boy being a “girl” superhero, according to imdb (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2070443/synopsis?ref_=tt_ov_pl), he has a twin sister who almost became the superhero, until he took the ring away from her “as a joke”. Boy steals female persona from girl, and girl gets stuck on the sidelines. Sounds familiar.
      “Beautility belt”… gag.

  8. It seems to me that this cartoon is bound to be a big hit with the adult male “forced feminization” fetish crowd.

    1. Anon male: how often do newspapers pull op eds due to public outrage? If this is extremely rare, Greenwald is less to be faulted. But if he’s cherry-picking, then yeah, that’s misogynist. Good bet he isn’t familiar with trans politics, most people apparantly aren’t.
      To the extent that anybody plays up victimhood substantially beyond reality, they make things harder for all oppressed groups. Boy who cried wolf.

      1. Well, I’m not faulting him exactly, as why would he be familiar?
        OTOH, the assumption that the issue he’s covering is “complex” while another can be reduced to a throw-away one liner in which he CLEARLY takes a specific side as if there’s only one to be taken — well, that’s pretty sad for someone in his position.
        But I am disappointed with how it evidently takes something “personal” to happen for males to get involved in this shit. I mean, the assault on DGR has made some step up, but did it have to take that for someone like Jensen to notice what was going on? Greenwald (afaik) isn’t affected personally by the occupation of Palestine but it didn’t take THAT for him to start reading up on it, forming opinions, etc.
        So not only is trans a MORE career killing issue than religion (Benevuto got more in trouble over a marriage memoir than Shiksa), and mainstream press self-censors after the fact in both cases, there’s this additional forcefield that keeps people — especially liberal men — from even noticing what’s going on in the first place.

        1. Also, the attack on DGR was *because* Derrick Jensen fell out with the trans, stopped letting them in DGR when he realized they were bullying feminists. That goes back to last year some time. But as Rachel Ivey notes in her talk, the philosophical differences are huge and they don’t let people in unless they’re a good fit. This is not a civil rights violation. The trans apparantly have as murky a sense of civil rights definitions as they do boundaries.

  9. Always hilarious to see a pack of spoiled, entitled bitches fussing over something as trivial as a cartoon.

    1. You sound more angry than amused. Unless you’re usually this hostile towards women….either way creeeeeepy

    2. It’s always amusing to see a spoiled, entitled male accusing women of being spoiled & entitled because he’s been so spoiled & entitled for so long that he’s completely and utterly oblivious to his own fucking privilege. I always wonder how such men can say these things with a straight face. I always wonder how it is that such men are even able to look at themselves in the mirror. Do scumbags like Nyoo not see the irony in calling female people “bitches” (a misogynistic term that has been used to shame women and ‘put us in our place’) and then making the ludicrous claim that we are “privileged” in the same sentence? But then, a very big part of the tranny movement is for rich, white, heterosexual males to claim victimhood, and to escape responsibility for what they have done. If the oppressors can paint themselves as the oppressed, then they can erase the struggles of real minorities and maintain their ill-gotten power.

      1. Control your dick envy, darling. I don’t hate women, nor am I a tranny, I am merely bemused by the fat, pampered, constantly butthurt idiots on this site who pretend shitty cartoons are somehow a threat to their well-being. Your problems are made up and your “struggle” is nothing but a glorified roleplaying.

      2. Nah, Nyoo you definitely got some scary ass misogyny going on there, seeing how you’ve started this convo with petty, hateful, name calling ( calling women “bitches” is a huge indicator ) You probably can’t recognize it cuz yer a dude, but that’s okay, that’s what we’re here for, bro.
        -Good luck.

      3. Fat & pampered? This is a very amusing (albeit erroneous) projection. Kindly explain how a disabled female who owns no vehicle, walks everywhere (despite my physical challenge) and does her own yard work (with a reel mower no less!) qualifies as “pampered”? As for the charge of being “fat”…HAAAAHAHAHAAAAAAAAA!!11 OKAY.
        That’s every e-misogynist’s trump card. I wont kiss your smelly nerd ass, therefore, I must be a 600 pound shut-in with a motorized scooter…just because YOU are a 600 pound shut-in with a motorized scooter Yep, I’ve never heard that before. And it always comes from the least desirable males on the planet. Typically, the ones suffering from a most extreme case of vagina envy. This cartoon is about a boy who wants to be a girl, after all. I don’t see much penis envy going on. SRS stats suggest otherwise, you tragically confused smegmahead. 🙂

        1. I have a lot more miscellaneous vegetation than I do lawn, so I use an electric line trimmer. Otherwise, reel mower, yeah!
          And I have ankle problems so I don’t walk as much as I’d like to, though I don’t drive, I bicycle where I need to go. Plus I recycle every bit of water I can onto my garden, hauling it around by hand in buckets.
          I don’t have an hourglass figure, so I guess I should just go kill myself now. Also, where are these people who pamper women?

      4. Oh, I have plenty of weeds too, and other nasty vegetation that I trim with a battery powered weed eater.
        I don’t have an hourglass figure either. I’m pretty much straight up and down. I believe they call it a “ruler” figure. LMAO No waist over here. No boobs or butt either. Even if I gain weight, I just get wider all over, but still straight up and down.

        1. I tried a battery-powered line trimmer once, but it ran down too fast and took too long to recharge. This was during an exceptionally rainy monsoon season when stuff was growing about six inches a day, so I switched to a plug-in with a 100 foot cord.
          I’m shaped kind of like a fertility goddess. Woot!

      5. I had those last week.
        I’m counting the days till menopause. Probably gonna be a while. At least another decade.

        1. I’ve been done for three years now. April 1 2010 was my last act of menstruation, and was it a doozy. I had some kind of opiate pain pill a friend gave me for emergencies, that I’d had for years. That did the trick. I was lucky to have it. It was bad.
          If women were in charge of medicine, I could have just visited a local curandera. Otherwise I could have paid a bunch of money to an emergency room. And sat there writhing in pain meanwhile.
          And no, you don’t go crazy if you don’t take hormones. You go crazy because you live in a culture run by men.

        1. I’m sorry you have cramps.
          Strong is good. I’d prefer to be built like a ruler because of balance and back issues, but I have noted that carrying all this water around has built up my shoulders in a way that has really helped.
          Skinny kills more people than fat does. And the only way I’d be jealous of anyone’s legs would be if mine didn’t work anymore.

      6. This reminds me of the time FCM suggested that if Radical Feminists really wanted to drive off male/trans/troll readers they should start each post with extensive discussion of menstruation. Haha that was so funny.

      7. If men are sensitive to menstrual talk, I’ll bet they’d really twitch if I were to describe how my period gets really black & tarry on the last day.
        Tee + hee

        1. Sugarpuss: Yes, old blood turns dark. When I was in my twenties I had these weird menstrual periods for years, no fresh red blood, all kind of dark rust colored, and they’d drip on slowly for weeks. It took me awhile to work out that other women were having three-day periods. But the dramatic gushing ones seem to come with more likelihood of pain.
          What really sucks is that ovulation and fertility aren’t directly tied to menstruation, so you can go on for years without being fertile. What a ripoff.

      8. The SMELL of commercial menstrual pads makes me sick. What the fuck IS that awful smell? I’m not talking about the blood and gore but the pads themselves. UGH. What the fuck IS that?

      9. Gallus, I have no idea, I use tampons. IMHO, using a pad is a lot like putting a bucket under a leak in the roof. I’d rather plug up the leak at it’s source. Hence, tampons.

        1. Artificial fragrance, antibiotics, stuff to make it more absorbent, and all the stuff used to process rayon and bleach cotton and other chemicals they’re not required to tell you about. I see there are attractive reusable cloth options available online, including ones with replaceable reusable liners of varying thicknesses. One could wash them in a washing machine by tying them into a pillowcase. Like with socks.

        1. Maybe two safety pins. You could get those ones people use for diapers, with safety catches. And you could stuff the sock with other socks, as necessary.

  10. Someone thinks there’s money to be made from families sucked in to the “born in the wrong body” craze.
    Marketers gone wild.

  11. Men think of themselves as gods. This is why they love all things artificial. Fake breasts, for instance, are man-made while real breasts are made by Nature. Men despise Nature because she is the only woman they can’t control; she is the original creator. Men create to destroy. Men create trannies to replace real women. Men think they have it all figured out, but their house of cards is about to fall.

    1. Men despise Nature because she is the only woman they can’t control; she is the original creator.

      And THAT is the Truth!

      1. It certainly is.
        I’m one of the few people who really enjoys extreme weather. I love to see men scattering like cockroaches (they call them “stormchasers”) when a tornado touches down. The poor, ignorant things try so very hard to understand a power that is beyond their comprehensions. LOL @ their stupid faces.

  12. I guess it’s not too surprising, since that channel carries My Little Ponies, and it seems a really alarming number of the twans crowd are obsessed with that show. It seems they know their audience. Pretend it’s kids, but know it’s middle-aged men in dresses.
    Makes my skin crawl.

  13. Agree with the criticism here. The genderism, my god the genderism. The definition of female as: person subjected to rigorous forced pornified body décor regimes. The boy’s theft from his “bossy twin” sister of the majik ring meant to be passed down each generation in his family from woman to woman “Because boys can choose to subject themselves to rigorous pornified body décor TOO! Because doing so confers female powers!”
    That’s the super hateful and nauseatingly conservative subtext. That femininity=female power. Further, that femininity=female. As commenters said above its not clear if he actually “transmogrifies” into a female. His body does not appear to change. He just wears tons of make-up, has big stylized laydee hair and a mole. And all that pink pink pink. And high heels of the sort that seem impractical for battling villains with his giant lipstick weapon (ewww). His laydee stick. Lol.
    No wonder trans love this shit. Plus it has the whole trans pedomorphic appeal: of an idealized (genderist version) of a childhood/past that never existed for anyone, ever, but that fantasists feel endlessly robbed of. Much in common with the mythical nostaligia of other conservative political movements there…
    The feminist reversal: male empowerment via choosing direct personal expression of the gender grooming inflicted non-consentually on females. “Hey- sexualized submissive beautification practices are empowering! Fun! Burkas are empowering! Tottering on platform go-go boots is wild, man!” Jesus. I mean really.
    FTM version: Mini-skirt wearing girl, “adorably” hobbled with go-go boots, heavily made up with big hair and lipstick weapon steals brothers ring, transforms into male superhero. Has same body but wears t-shirt and baseball cap and jeans and sensible shoes which give her superpowers. Has utilitarian haircut and clean skin. Uses regular weapon as weapon. LMAO. Let’s see THAT Hasbro. Says “But I’m REALLY a girl!” frequently. Transforms when she utters the phrase: “whatever, bro”. Can fly and has super powers which disappear when she puts all that pink make-up shit back on. I wanna see THAT version. Haha. Follow the hilarity as HeZow the superhero ditches the miniskirt bullshit but is still concerned with getting raped by men when she walks through the parking lot alone at night! Har deefucking har!
    From an interview with creator Obie Scott Wade cited on The Mary Sue, which uses the following as an example of the positive messages of the show (“there is a lot of stuff about empathy and respecting others” ):
    ““In [one] episode, [Guy] learns that one key to maintaining SheZow’s powers is ‘good grooming,’ and ‘his sister tries to give him a manicure, because that’s part of maintaining the power, and he doesn’t want to do it. And of course that has a drastic side-effect: part of his fingernail falls into some toxic goo and becomes an evil clone named SheZap,’ says Wade, who represents ‘his dark side.’”
    There’s your forced feminization. Also, your un-feminized, gender regime-noncomplaint female as “the dark side”. There’s your positive message! Thanks, HasBRO!

    1. ““In [one] episode, [Guy] learns that one key to maintaining SheZow’s powers is ‘good grooming,’ and ‘his sister tries to give him a manicure, because that’s part of maintaining the power, and he doesn’t want to do it. And of course that has a drastic side-effect: part of his fingernail falls into some toxic goo and becomes an evil clone named SheZap,’ says Wade, who represents ‘his dark side.’”
      Jesus Christ…
      Conform to femininity little girls or else bad shit will happen!
      Also, powers from manicures? *headdesk*
      Manicures are cosmetic! It’s for aesthetic purposes. Why are children supposed to be worried about looking good?

    2. “his giant lipstick weapon (ewww). His laydee stick. Lol.”
      gdi you always manage to make me snicker. :’)

    1. Yeah, just a tad appropriative.
      I keep wondering about Trans Barbie, how Mattel is going to work that. But no, it has to be Trans Ken. Ken in a dress. They can use some of the same body molds even.

    2. Holy crap, Gallus!! I hit the floor with this – that’s freaking hilarious! And of course he’s straight. Now let’s count down ’til Trans Inc. forces them to take down the video.

  14. Dear Gender Trender,
    I didn’t know where to leave this comment but I needed to get it out. I am so happy you exist. You definitely saved me from so much confusion and heartbreak. I’m a university student and I’ve noticed an increasing glamorization of gender roles on campus. I got into a discussion with a formerly well respected professor who wanted to talk about how gender was merely performance. I felt worried that maybe I had been wrong, but everything in my gut was telling me that this was impossible, that it was nonsense. Gender is NOT performance. There is no female that fulfills gender sex stereotype roles because they are coercive, contradictory and harmful tools of oppression. I could not stomach what I knew to be a lie.
    I’m so thankful for radical feminism and so deeply troubled by it’s quick demonization. For fear of being called transphobic, platforms are disappearing for radical feminists. I worry about the future of radical feminism, and the women who need it so badly. I talk to many (cis! hah what a joke) women on a regular basis who are not comfortable with trans politics but can’t express it for fear of the rebuke, or are forcing themselves to accept it out of fear of being a bigot. They are talked over, silenced, their bodies are something to be appropriated for transwomen but shunned in all other contexts. Radical feminism could help empower women to reject gender but the entire discussion has been coopted and destroyed. To say gender is bad is now a hate crime. I really don’t understand but I’m happy your blog exists. I hope for the day that there is a blowback for against trans politics, but as more and more institutions become ‘educated’. time is running out for a generation of women being told to shut up and bow down to trans politics. Don’t talk about your vagina, it might offend a transwoman. Don’t talk about reproductive rights, it’s not a women’s issue. Don’t talk about how bad gender is, that’s TRANSPHOBIC! An entire generation of young women are being taught, once again, that everything they are is shameful, everything they believe is wrong– all of this damage so that >1% of the population, males who wish they were females, might not get their feelings hurt.
    Reading your blog and praying for the future,

    1. Yeah. If you’re anywhere on the “left” (not only in regard to gender issues either) and associated with movements that talk about inclusiveness and tolerance, you WILL run into people who try to hijack that with “oh yeah? Well you’re intolerant if you don’t tolerate our intolerance, haha, we have you in a bind don’t we!!! You have to let us in (because you’re tolerant) and then we will overrun you (because we’re not)!!!” crap.
      Thing is, intelligent people recognize that the only sustainable strategy is to say, we allow anyone to join who will also be inclusive, not people who are intolerant. So anyone with half a strategic bone in their body shuts these people out.
      But oh, the whining when you do.
      Be strong.

      1. Well put. “You’re mean for not inviting me to your birthday party. I know you say I ate all the cake and stole your presents that one time you did, but you’re just making it all up.
        They were lousy presents anyway, and the cake tasted like shit, and why do you keep dwelling on this? It’s so divisive.”

    2. I for one don’t worry because I know radical feminism since 2011. In two years I saw an big increasing of support. Even if they hate it – it’s often trans activists and their misogyny which draws women to radical feminism. Also a big disappointment in liberal feminism is another reason. So no I’m not worried I’m exited. Also Gallus I want to say that I found yet another woman who is interested in radical feminism. That means we are now 4. 🙂 I think we really can build a little (or big?) movement here and educate women. In know it takes time but I really believe it’s possible.

      1. That is so fantastic. I also see an explosion of interest and support. The threats, the McCarthyism, the censorship and silencing of discourse around gender is not working out too well long-term for the genderist movement in my view. The result of this is that a single voice in the wilderness saying “Um, I think the emperor has no clothes and stuff?” can be explosive. Because we are saying what every other woman is actually thinking, or knows to be true.
        “Queer” Event:
        RadFem: “Oh I don’t believe in the whole transgender thing”.
        Woman: “What?! That’s transphobic! Oh my god! Don’t you know people who have changed their gender? You don’t support them?”
        RadFem: “Of course I do. I support women getting through life however they have to do it. I support the right of trans people to be free from discrimination. I just don’t believe in the whole transgender concept.”
        Woman: “Oh my god. I have friends who are trans. Just- we should stop having this conversation.”
        RadFem: “Okay.”
        Woman: “Look at that woman over there who had her tits hacked off.”
        Radfem: “Sad.”
        Woman: “Would you like to go get a bite to eat?”

  15. One other thing;
    Trans state that all that matters with identity is how you feel, not biology. Therefore, any physiological female (XX, etc.) would be able to claim that she is a man (XY), and that she is then a transwoman, because of feelings. Nevermind biology! She (XX) is now a transwoman, despite being biologically female anyway! Why? Well, so as to gain the special rights that transwomen get!
    (But obviously this is a stupid concept, just as the concept of a man feeling like a woman is a stupid concept).

    1. There was a dust-up on Tumblr some time ago where “transwomen” objected to detransitioning females who were using the acronym “FTMTF” to describe themselves. The men said the women were “appropriating the M2T identity”. I KID YOU NOT! lololol

  16. I’m kind of amazed no one mentioned the promo video’s ‘disappearing cream’, whose application clearly resembles a massively exaggerated pornographic cum shot…
    In general, I don’t object to people doing their own thing, as degenerate as I may consider it, so long as they aren’t harming others, but with the transgender dealio it goes way too far: forcing everyone to say that a man dressed as a woman is a ‘she’ is similar to forcing us to agree that 2+2=5, or that our ‘Nobel peace prize’-winning president is anything but a monstrous war criminal. I TELL THE TRUTH. Shemale != woman.
    The whole transgender thing is a terrible scam that turns regular gay men into freaks: they don’t want to be ‘weird’ homosexuals, so they would rather take on the appearance of a woman and then (insanely) try to hook up with heterosexuals, which is where the forced lie comes in: everyone is supposed to play along, which basically means that some innocent heterosexual guys will be more likely to get tricked into falling for a guy whom they thought was a woman, and warning them about it is forbidden!
    I figure just about any non-bisexual person would HUGELY appreciate not being tricked in such a way by another individual, and quite frankly it is sad that transsexuals willingly decide to be life-long deceivers. They start by deceiving themselves, and then they get mad at everyone who won’t go along with their delusions! Relationship-wise, how can you ever hope to build anything healthy if you always start off on a HUGE lie?
    But saying the truth hurts feelings, so we all have to go along with the lies, says big brother…

  17. GallusMag, about your cramps: Have you tried fish oil? I use Carlson Labs liquid fish oil that is lemon-flavored and it has helped reduce the cramps.
    You might also be low in magnesium. Products like Natural Calm might help you as well. Good luck with your cramps.

  18. Well, Princess Zelda put on pants in a videogame 20 years ago and there are people arguing that it made her into a him. Even the people in favor of non idiocy have to couch their arguments in trans lingo, “she identifies as a she so she’s a woman!”
    http://www.polygon. com/2014/8/5/5948989/zelda-nintendo-sheik-gender-cosplay

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