39 thoughts on “Transgender 'T-String' for Men

  1. A few things jumped out at me here, and one was these people acting like “vagina” is a dirty word. Also the part about the duct tape.

  2. Hi Gallus,
    Just to let you know I exposed my breasts on my Facebook account to protest Facebook in response to the #fbrape situation where Facebook will take down photos of bare breasts, including breast feeding photos, but refused to take down photos of violence against women. So, it wasn’t a pervy thing. But that is okay. Hope you are well.

    1. Your whole fucking blog is about your “current number one priority”: growing sexay laydee breasts. You ingest toxic doses of non FDA approved “herbal remedies” which make your nipples weep. You use creepy-ass suction pumps to try to get them to swell. You post photo records of such. The SAME photos of your sad manboobs that you now claim you used on facebook to do WHAT? To help stop rape of FEMALES? Jesus Christ you disgusting fetishists will say anything, do anything, use a rape epidemic against females to justify your desire to inflict your gross man-boobs on an unsuspecting public. And you are either the worst sort of predatory lying pig or a woman-hating sexual narcissist so severe that you will stomp on the backs of raped women to get your freaky freak on. Puke puke and puke.

      1. Hey Dana how’s that dick removal going? *snicker.
        Dana was a strict HBS’er until he unexpectedly convinced the U of P where he works to cover free surgical sex changes a year ago. Oh no! He never intended to actually go through with it! Lolololol.

    2. .Don’t worry. We are NOT fooled. What adult female wants to show titties to random strangers???? Only a strange person. Good luck with that, and please keep your random “exposure” away from my children, you weirdo.

  3. Goddess these men are so ridiculous— what an imitation and a very bad one of who women really are. They look and act ridiculous!

  4. “every girl…” well grown women aren’t girls, and these ugly ass men certainly aren’t either. The horror of the ugliness. lesbians are horrified that these idiots invade our locker rooms, spaces and culture.

  5. not all women want to be beautiful though. Some of us frankly don’t care what we look like (other than ‘have had a shower today’). I hate how they reduce all women to a single fetishized stereotype.

  6. “Venis”?????????? SRSLY??
    Meanwhile never really cared about feeling beautiful, here, but then I’ve never taken duct tape to my bits, either…

  7. “…they reduce all women to a single fetishized stereotype.” — What Brunhilde said.

  8. I had to watch this again. They think about their pre-op genitals every nanosecond of their lives. This must take great discipline. I can barely remember to take out the trash.
    I am a woman with a substantial beard and moustache. It’s irritating, it itches, I shave it every day. But I don’t think about it (or my vagina) every nanosecond of my life. I think if I had six fingers on each hand, I wouldn’t think about it every nanosecond of my life.

  9. And yet another thing that struck me about this video was “Look! Money to be made here!” And in a way that’s much of what it’s about. Money to be made by the surgeons, by the shrinks, by the fashion business, all because boys are supposed to play with trucks and not get involved with the rainbow and unicorn cohort.
    Lady brain my hind foot. Sure, brain mapping is kind of fascinating, but news flash TG rights advocates…it’s fascinating because neural circuitry is plastic, brains change with experience. Not because humans are born with rigidly gender-roled brains. That’s a reactionary crock, it works as a meme to keep women down like it has for time immemorial. This is a classic case of cherry-picking science to serve special interests, assuming causality from associations, and based on weak science at best.

    1. Going through some confusion myself, I can say that for me I do not think I was born with lady brain. I think it is something that develops over time as a consequence of each brain’s unique way of coping with its lack of true control in its environment. It was never about something so minor as playing with unicorns and liking rainbows (I played in the mud with the best of them). I want to know what it feels like to be female, feelings, thoughts, and the like…. People should not talk about or put down what they cannot understand or have no experience with.

      1. there is nothing to know
        we don’t have special female feelings and thoughts
        and I’m pretty sure people should be able to talk about whatever they want

      2. “I want to know what it feels like to be female, feelings, thoughts, and the like…. People should not talk about or put down what they cannot understand or have no experience with.”
        Are you male?
        Are you a male saying you “want to know what it feels like” to be something you will never be and can never know (female) attached to the thought that “people should not talk about what they cannot understand or have no experience with”?
        Because that would be soooo dang kooky if that is what you are saying.
        It would be the height of unselfconscious arrogant male-privilege and entitlement for a dood WHO CANNOT UNDERSTAND AND WILL NEVER HAVE ANY EXPERIENCE WITH being female to then LECTURE said females NOT TO SPEAK about asshole arrogant presumptuous men who WANT what they WANNNNTTTT (Whaaaah!) which is to OCCUPY what they imagine the experience of WOMEN to be.
        That would be just kooky wouldn’t it.

      3. If that IS what you are saying, why don’t you take your own advice and stop talking about what you cannot understand and have no experience with: being female. Kthx.

    1. Holy crap. HOLY CRAP. Everything on that site, EVERYTHING, is made of misogyny and female fethishization.
      And that “natural, realistic female scent”…

    2. FUUUUUUCK!1!!11! You aren’t kidding.
      I wasn’t gonna click that link till I read your comment. Got curious and paid for it. Ugh! That video of the fat dude pulling that thing up between his buttcheeks almost made me lose my ice cream dinner.

      1. Thank goodness I didn’t have quicktime installed. I did the mistake of checking their various products, including the “virgin string”… Which allows you to “lose your virginity to vaginal penetration over and over again, due to the repairable latex hymen”…

      2. Ugh! I didn’t see the latex hymen thing-a-ma-bob. What a nasty mess. I almost feel sorry for the lib-fems who have to humor these sick fucks.

  10. “Beauty” is a patriarchal con that is usually what many of us think of as ugly: fake, false, drag queenish, etc. Is anything more repulsive than men posing as their idea of “woman” or “girl,” which is as far from real female as possible? Yes, puke-arama!

    1. Bev Jo: You mean every girl doesn’t want to have an hourglass figure? There is life beyond Barbie? I’m shocked, I tell you.
      What I don’t understand is why anyone buys into the idea that all these white supremacists with pink mohawks and fashion models with body mod actually want to be part of any of the communities they are complaining about being excluded from. We really don’t have much in common. Do they know about the Republican Party? That seems a much better fit.

  11. Grotesque.
    It’s like they don’t even realize that all of this “beauty” crap and “femininity” crap is just an act that females are more or less forced to perform. They actually believe that women are like this naturally. What a bunch of sick, twisted fools.

  12. “appearance of a vagina” “not to be so crude”
    Yes, that v-word is so crude, unlike the “veinis”

  13. also, do they not know that the word for the external female genitalia (in general) in the vulva, and that the vagina is the channel leading from the outside of the body to the uterus?
    Like, they don’t even know what the body parts are. wtf.

    1. Careful or they will remind you that biology is twanzphobic and that we are as well for having noticed that they demonstrate time and again just how miserably ineffective the public school system is at teaching the very subject of biology and sex education to impressionable young males.

    2. I would have thought, wanting to be a woman, they’d bother to learn what everything’s called and how it’s configured. I suppose that’s expecting too much.

  14. The last time I bought underwear, I thought the crotch was awfully wide. It was Fruit of The Loom women’s hipster panties, I believe. Anyhow, the crotch was enormous, and I was trying to figure out who in the hell their target market is.
    Now I know.

    1. Don’t be rude, fat women need wide underpants too (narrow crotch makes them extremely uncomfortable for me) :p

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