Trans vs. Feminism : Video footage of Queer/Trans activists at the 'Law and Disorder' conference following last weekend’s Portland attack

The following is the first video to emerge of events that took place at last weekend’s Portland University “Law and Disorder” conference, where two feminists were assaulted by angry transgender and “queer” activists who were enraged that women were offering materials which presented the feminist belief that sex-roles or “gender” are harmful to women and girls. The attackers believed that sex-roles must be supported and that women should not be permitted to voice opinions or write books critical of gender.  The queer/trans politic (as seen in this video) believes that uttering such opinions is so offensive that feminists who express them should be silenced by any means necessary, including threats, censorship and violence. In Saturday’s attack the feminists were threatened and terrorized, their books were destroyed, and one of the women was marked up with a magic marker by one of the men. Read the previous post here:
This two-part video captures some of the events that took place at the conference the next day, when feminists and some of the male members of DGR attempted to again present materials from Deep Green Resistance – including feminist materials critical of gender.
Again: this is NOT footage of the violent attack. This is footage of queer/transgender activists surrounding the table of Deep Green Resistance the day AFTER the Saturday attack. Footage from Saturday has not yet emerged. To GenderTrender’s knowledge, NONE of the people in this video are accused of committing the violent attack and destruction of feminist books the day before. (More information including the identity of those attackers is emerging and will be posted shortly.) Regardless, this video shows the timbre of the male-centric queer/trans community’s approach to feminist theory and activism which is critical of sex-based social roles or “gender”.
Deep Green Resistance have issued a public statement about the attacks. Here it is:

Three incidents occurred at the “Law and Disorder Conference” in Portland May 11 and 12 concerning DGR and transgender/queer activists. A lot of lies have been told about these incidents. We need to tell the facts of what physically happened.

Two women were tabling, handing out DGR literature and selling books. A group of five transgender/queer activists came up to the table. One of the male queer activists began shouting at the women, using aggressive language. This man made threatening gestures toward the women. He grabbed and defaced table materials. When one of the women went to protect the materials, he marked her arm and hand as well.

 This conference states it has a policy of safe spaces, but “safe spaces” evidently doesn’t apply to women, because although most people in the room had no choice but to hear the shouting, no one, including the organizers, intervened to stop this man and his aggressive behavior.

A half an hour later, a male DGR member tried to engage in respectful conversation with these queer activists. They began chanting at him and insulting him, culminating in them throwing trash and food at his head.

 The next day, Sunday, the DGR crew went back, for more tabling, and an angry mob of queer activists again approached the table, yelling and cursing at them, and demanded that they leave. You can watch the video of this. Once again, for all their talk of “safe spaces,” the organizers did not intervene, nor provide a safe space.

 You will see that throughout all of this, the DGR members were respectful and courteous. They tried to de-escalate. Nonetheless, they were the recipients of bullying, threats, and silencing.

One of the organizers, Brandon Speck, witnessed much of this, and at least pretended to express concern for the women. He originally said that the perpetrators would not be invited back next year. He also promised that he would write up a statement of solidarity with the victims condemning the attacks. He further promised to run this statement by the victims before publishing it. He was not telling the truth. He did not run the statement by the women, and the statement he did publish indeed blames the DGR members for their own victimization. Women from all over responded en masse to this by pointing out that this was the classic victim-blaming that characterizes patriarchy and misogyny. The thread was deleted, and the organizer falsely claimed this was because of “violently transphobic comments.” This was as much a lie as their original release blaming the victims. The only violence in the comments was directed at DGR members.

DGR has never threatened anyone, and has a code of conduct that disallows making threats against people. Any DGR person who behaved as violently as any of the queer activists did at this conference would be immediately banned from DGR. Instead, what has happened is a barrage of threats against DGR members, up to and including mass beheading. And yet these comments are allowed to remain.

 We ask everyone to stand in solidarity with all victims of patriarchal, male-pattern violence, starting with the women who were subjected to this at the Law and Disorder conference.

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  1. “And here’s your reading list, you wanna write this down, then read all that and you’ll understand and love me.” Idiocy runs rampant, is that what hormone treatments do to a human, make you really fucking stupid? Or were you ‘born thata way?’
    I just hope they realize, da twanz, that they’re letting their cover slip here. Keep it up fellas. You just keep it up.

  2. They keep trying to prove that Lierre Keith is “transphobic” with quotations that are perfectly innocuous and that really do make good points. I don’t understand what their problem is.
    I’m probably also “transphobic” because I call myself a woman rather than a “cis-woman.”

    1. I’ve been seeing comments where they’re trying to paint Lierre as a “raging white supremacist.” No evidence just shit being pulled out of the ass of misogynists to see what sticks.

  3. Ok this is basically trans histrionics 101, we’ve all seen before…
    A critique of gender and how it is harmful to women:
    “If you don’t stand up to that [transphobia], you’re just as bad as those motherfuckers murdering transwomen and dumping them on the side of the road”
    And later paraphrased: if you want to have a legit movement you must open up to males, you must educate yourself (by accepting males as women)! And then more about educating yourself…
    “I would recommend Whipping Girl by Serano”, yawn, is this the transwomen’s bible of something? To remind you of one of Serano’s insight:
    “My penis is more powerful than the cocks of a million alpha-males, all put together.”
    Is “transphobia” the new McCarthyism? It makes me uneasy as a gay male to be forced to accept this “cis” nonsense, that we must support straight men calling themselves “lesbians” who claim more oppression (although they speak with just as much straight entitlement over women). Are there any charities which still work for gays and lesbians? I don’t won’t to donate to a charity which uses it’s money to support male murderers in prison to change their sex, to fund lawyers to defend people like Mr. Colleen Francis to expose his cock to school girls.
    It just makes me sick, gays and lesbians are generally a selfless group with compassion and we are being spat on by these narcissists.

  4. Those of us who are actually homosexual, as in lesbian and gay, really should be distancing ourselves completely from the whole idea of Queer. Queer seems to be the label of choice of indie hipster kids who think they’re too trendy and special to just be plain old straight. Same goes for the trans trenders. I bet there are even some transsexuals out there who are embarrassed by these little morons. Queer theory= navel-gazing psychobabble from third-rate 1980s-1990s academics who didn’t want to have to get a real job.

    1. “Queer theory= navel-gazing psychobabble from third-rate 1980s-1990s academics who didn’t want to have to get a real job.”
      Congratulations, you’ve just described feminism perfectly.
      Not that I disagree with you on the subject of trannies, by the way – I’ve been saying the same thing about them for years – but can’t you see you’re exactly the same as them? This nonsense about gender identity and transphobia is simply the pathetic culture of victimhood, of which feminism is a huge part, taken to it’s logical conclusion. It was bound to happen sooner or later, and was totally predictable.
      Feminists, homosexuals, transexuals, civil rights….they’re all part of the same infantile, self-indulgent pity party….always competing to see who is the biggest victim, who is the most oppressed, who deserves the most protection and special rights, and so on. You created this monster by insisting that gender is not the same thing as sex. Even now, there are feminists who say men and women shouldn’t be distinguished by sex – no separate bathrooms or changing rooms, use of “gender neutral” nouns, toys, clothes and other craziness.
      You made your bed, now you have to lie in it.

      1. Isis, why do you bother setting your fingers to keyboard?
        DM agree whole heartedly, this post modernity bullshit has extended itself way too far.

    2. Except that the 80s and 90s seemed to be a golden age (from an outsiders view) for the GLA where activists managed to undo the public damage of AIDS by pushing for more research and education, killed support for people like Anita Bryant, and managed to get a lot of outdated sex laws off the books.
      The 80s and 90s also seemed to be a time where GLA concerns and political action were focused and effective; where problematic ties created during Boston-Boise were publicly broken, where gays and lesbians were focused more on legal rights than “queer” acceptance, and the deadweight was cut from the sexual freedom umbrella groups that popped up in the 70s. I’d assume that most of the GLA efforts in the 80s and 90s were spent undoing the damage from the 70s.
      I’m saying that this is how things appeared outside GL activism during that time to a primarily CIS/hetero community. The key to getting things done seems to be in streamlining, either by cutting the deadweight or focusing on core issues and “agreeing to disagree” with minor issues of identity like the radfem vs trans arguments.
      Solidarity on major issues makes a movement look like a strong positive force. Solidarity on all issues (especially when there are minor, yet strong divisive philosophical views within the organization) makes a movement look like an army of robots.

      1. “Solidarity on all issues (especially when there are minor, yet strong divisive philosophical views within the organization) makes a movement look like an army of robots.”
        Because the oppression of women is a “minor divisive philosophical issue”. Fuck off.

      2. To nuclear: Where’s the solidarity on oppression of women in the current LGBTQ? Where was the solidarity on oppression of women at the Law and Disorder conference?
        Brandon Speck pretty much regurgitated the safe “robot army” position, tossing DGR under the bus because it didn’t fit in with his unified idea of a voice within feminism or the LGBT community.
        The DGR had (and have) every right to be at Law and Disorder. They had every right to not have their property manhandled and forced out of the conference. The “solidarity” I saw with this conference seems to be promoting oppression and censorship.

  5. they’re an embarrassing, unsightly pimple on the LGB movement. time to kick them out

  6. I notice the people attacking the person(s) at the DGR table cite Lierre Keith’s email (a private email that was forwarded without her permission), but never bother to take apart what she has said. One of them says, “Lierre has compared trans genderism to cultural appropriation,” but never states where this analysis falls short. Indeed, none of the trans websites I have seen have done this. They are all so sure they’re right that they don’t bother to take apart Keith’s words.
    DGR has never said that trans people don’t have a right to exist or move in the world. They have said that females (the sex, not a gender) have a right to gather in their own space (which doesn’t happen very often, one might add). They have also attempted to put out an analysis of how trans genderism is a symptom of the gender class system. It doesn’t mean trans people are “bad”, but rather are victims of this system.. If people think this is hateful, they need to actually take apart the analysis.

    1. I would dearly love for someone to actually tackle and explain how the current trans* narrative is different from cultural appropriation, because the more I read and see this stuff, the more it seems to ME that “appropriation” definitely fits.
      They always weasel out, though. You can find endless pages where people complain about blatant cultural appropriation and people “doing it wrong, lol” and “how dare they presume to speak as a member of a group they don’t really represent” and all the rest of it. The discussion will be pretty much on target, people making good thoughts about what is borrowing/interaction/expat-life (good!) and what is pretending to be someone you’re not/teach something you don’t know (not so good!) and then…
      …inevitably someone will come in and say “but if you put it that way it’s too general and you’re getting close to denying the validity of transgender people.” And no one wants to go THERE (why not?) so there’s an awkward silence. People will make fun of bloggers who insist that they’re some other ethnicity “born in the wrong body” (which is silly!) but then someone says “but transgender people are born in the wrong body, it happens, because HORMONES” or similar.

  7. Gender is conceptually complicated these days, but women born XX get to have their own spaces. Because we spend our whole lives being beaten down, especially post-puberty. That’s when men started raping at me, when I was fifteen.
    Why is it so threatening for XY people when women who started getting raped at, when we were fifteen, would like to have support groups that don’t include XY people? Why is this so complicated? Why do you have to violate all of our spaces?

    1. I don’t think anyone’s threatened, but you have to see the hypocrisy. On the one hand you have feminists trying to steamroll women into environments that were either exclusively male or segregated by sex, and on the other you have feminists demanding their own “safe spaces”.
      Feminists were also supportive of racial desegregation, and it’s hard to see why women should be entitled to a “safe space” from men if whites aren’t entitled to a “safe space” from blacks.
      All the arguments used to justify it are exactly the same; men/blacks commit most of the crime, are violent, rape a lot, etc.

      1. “Feminists were also supportive of racial desegregation, and it’s hard to see why women should be entitled to a “safe space” from men if whites aren’t entitled to a “safe space” from blacks.”
        That’s a terrible analogy. First of all, since whites were the oppressors and blacks the victims, your argument should be that blacks would entitled to a safe space from whites, not vice versa. Second, these “safe spaces” for women are places such as restrooms, locker rooms, changing rooms, hospital rooms, and so on — spaces where women need to expose their naked bodies, thus increasing vulnerability especially to sexual violence. There is no analogy when it comes to race.

      2. Black people are definitely entitled to safe spaces free of whites. Race is a hierarchy. You can’t just flip the races around – I see what you did there, and I’m calling you on it.
        Similarly, women are entitled to safe spaces free of men. Because sex is also a hierarchy. It is not an equivalent binary.
        That’s the part that so many commenters continually miss with all the “but what about teh menz?” and the endless attempts to equate feminism with racism.

    2. I’m not sure why the term “Y-free” (as in XY, XXY, XYY, etc) spaces hasn’t been proposed yet (as opposed to WBW). It avoids issues of gender and definitions of sex based on secondary characteristics whether biological or surgical in nature.
      Unlike gender and current definitions of “sex”, the concept of “Y” and “not Y” is binary and not subject to change.

    3. Exactly. Why must they violate all our “safe” spaces? To prove they’re “real” women? These males are so washed in their entitlement that they will never understand the very real concerns we women (not cis, never cis) have about people born with dicks. And, like all males, they think they can force themselves on us and take what they want. If they actually were women they would get how wrong this is. They would see this for the abuse this is, and realize that histrionics over being told “no” does NOT constitute abuse. 🙁

  8. So, we have feminist books defaced, we already had the calls for the publishers of Sheila Jeffreys & Lorene Gottschalk’s upcoming book (Gender Hurts: A Feminist Analysis of the Politics of Transgenderism — I’ve pre-ordered my copy, have you?) to cease and desist, when are we going to see the book-burnings as well? Or maybe the menz will just stick to what they do best — threatening and intimidating women old-style, because the other menz (of whatever jenduh) don’t even NOTICE, or if they do, BLAME the women for provoking the menz. Sound familiar laydees?
    The MALENESS of both the initial attack, and the reaction from the organisers, and the repeated offence — just shines through.
    It’s what we knew all along, it’s not just feminists who are ‘transphobic’ by daring to question jenduh, it’s EVERY female actually, We’re ALL targets, because by just existing, we remind trans-males (NOT transwomen, because they are male and will always remain so) of what they don’t and can never have, and provoke the supposed ‘crisis of masculinity’ by reminding the cis-males also of what they don’t have (i.e. seemingly a reason for their existence once women try to get out from under).
    Yet, as in todays Guardian, women now have to worry AGAIN about trying to sort out the ‘crisis of masculinity’ or coming up with some answer for the boyz that DOESN’T just entail a return to traditional values, and entrenching tired-ole gender/sex stereotypes in the classroom (you know, the boys need MORE activity, boys get bored easily, boys need more adventure books rather than wishy-washy emotional stuff, boyz, boyz, boyz…………….YAWN!).

  9. The jendaqueer brats, barely out of diapers, are telling the well-seasoned, well-educated adults to educate themselves? LOL. It was difficult to even extract that much out of the conversation. Mostly all I heard was “fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.” Remove “fuck” out their vocabulary and they really had nothing to say. Do they imagine using the word “fuck” a lot, makes them look intelligent, educated, and all grown up? Just the opposite. It makes them seem very childish and bratty. Children used to be taught that using the word “fuck” was vulgar and showed a lack of intelligence. It means you lack the vocabulary to find more appropriate words to use. It also shows aggression. “Fuck” is a very violent, misogynist word used to show domination. It basically threatens rape.
    I suggest the brat pack do what they hypocritically tell the adults to do. Educate themselves, learn critical thinking skills (which they are sadly lacking in), and have a more extensive vocabulary if they wish to be taken seriously. Unprovoked aggression, vulgar language, and throwing childish temper tantrums only makes me want to call their mommies and have her put fresh diapers on them and stick a pacifier in their mouths, and put them to bed without any milk, cookies, or cartoons.
    Less you think I’m picking on their age, the older jendaqueer folks really aren’t much better. Seriously, jendaqueer folks, you are very immature and childish and behave more like spoiled little brats throwing temper tantrums like two year olds. “Waaah, waaah, pay attention to meeee, mommy, and give me my way or I’m going to stomp my feet, throw things, and hold my breath until I turn blue.” But dig it. There are only 4 ppl on this planet who have the right to call me mommy and none of them are male. I am not your mommy and I am under no obligation to nurture you, take care of you, humor you, or even listen to you, much less make you the center of my universe. I don’t give a rat’s ass what men identify as – which amounts to what men think of themselves. Which basically sums up transgenderism. It’s all about what men think of themselves, with a few token females thrown in to make it seem universal instead of a male sexual fetish. Who cares what men think of themselves? Where do you get off demanding I cater to your overblown ego? See above. I am not your mommy. Now spare me the narcissism and go see a doctor. I think there’s meds these days for narcissistic personality disorder.

    1. I think the creepiness of the comment is magnified by the cartoony,childish, overly girly design of the website. Seriously it’s horror-movie-fuel.

      1. Agreed. What a surprise the bulk of content there is about emulating sexist, archaic and male defined sex role stereotypes.

      1. From the post
        “1. Smile in every situation when it’s appropriate. But do it in naive and charming girlish manner.
        2. In the opposite side when you are upset and dissapointed, don’t be angry. Angriness is a male manner. Instead of this start to cry. Cry is a very feminine, but do it naturely.
        3. Try to take a less space when you stand and sit and make S-curve.
        4. When you walk, especcially on high heels, sway your hips and play in rhytm of walking your buts.
        5. When you speak in appropriate female voice by Kathe’s lessons, try to move a little to different sides your head, your shoulders and express by playing your hands the content of your speaking. But do it in the distance that is equal the length of your arm from your shoulder to the end of your wrist.
        6. Even if you have a short hair try to touch them by your wrist in the back side of your head. Very softly as you raise your hair in the wind. Only girls do it in such delicate manner.
        7. When you take your cup of tea or coffee, take it slowly and delicately with the ends of three finges. Don’t grab it tightly with all your wrist as men shake their hands. It looks very malish.
        So, I tried to remember all that I’ve learned and how I feel girlish behavior and manners. It’s no doubt that you can add something new and interesting to this content. So let discuss it. ”

        Look fellows, if you wanna have Victorian tea parties and giggle in your frilly Lolita dresses that’s fine, but don’t claim you’re actually a woman, because you’re not and nothing is a bigger give-away than this shit right here.

      2. Those insane men at susan’s place are absolutely hideous. They can’t actually believe that they pass.
        (1) “I love that my emotions can get the better of me, I love that I can cry, be happy and moody”,
        (2) “I can be myself without weird looks”.
        (3) “1) Being able to say whatever I want.
        2) Being able to wear whatever I want.
        3) Being able to get free drinks.
        4) Feeling sexy
        4) Lingerie!” !!!!!!!!!!!!!
        They must be shut-ins.

      3. I wonder if my smiling is appropriately girlish and my crying feminine enough to pass…? Even if everything on this list was accurate, does it never occur to these “women” that if you have to learn this supposedly natural behavior, then you’re not a woman? Or that this isn’t natural behavior? Do they think born women are given an instruction manual on femininity that they sign for after receiving a vagina? Unbelievably sexist.

      4. Heh. Here it’s more like…
        “6. Get really involved in figuring out some programming problem, put hand up through (short) hair, in front of the ear, grab a fistful on top and kinda just pull it while thinking. Get an idea, release hair, resume writing code, hair remains sticking up. Repeat. Wonder at the end of the day why your hair looks like such a bird’s nest all the time.”
        “4. Heels? Bwahahaha. No.”
        But I’m a woman! So any actions I do at all help define “what the possibilities of ‘woman’ are” full stop.
        So in that vein I have to laugh at the comment about some woman who “walked like a farmer behind a plow with one arm swinging like a guerrilla” (for what army? Ha) saying “even if she is a GG she did not walk like it” – sorry, but if she’s a GG, then however she walks IS HOW A WOMAN WALKS. That’s the fundamental 101 lesson these people never seem to get.
        Actual women don’t have to do any of this performance to “pass.” I suppose that’s what they’re calling our “privilege,” of course… *eyeroll*

      5. OMFG…that thread GM linked to really does illustrate how fucking much it IS all about fetish and playing dress up.
        From one of the more recent posts…
        “So here goes.
        1. pantyhose.. I love wearing it, i love the feeling of it on my legs, especially when they are freshly shaved. Pantyhose was the first thing i wore when I started crossdressing.
        2. A light breeze on my legs when I wear a skirt.. and love it when it blows under your skirt..
        3. A nice girly session.. getting my nails done, putting on makeup.
        4. Wearing a dress..
        5. womans underwear, it feels so much softer then mens and I enjoy wearing a bra..
        6. Get to wear high heels shoes, i know a lot women hate this one, but my feet are use to it now, and I can wear them for hours.
        7. Being dominated in the bedroom.. Female sexuality is much more passionate and deeper.
        8. being treated like a lady, it makes me feel very special
        9. Wearing earrings.. I know men also get their ears pierced, but woman have a huge selection of styles/types of earrings.
        10, Female friendship is much deeper than a male friendship.
        11. Having breasts”
        but yet they want to decry the autogynophilia literature…nevermind that damned near everyone of them in that thread pretty much proves it up as being a very real thing.

  10. Yes, it’s really clear when it comes down to rape. The trannies who threatend to rape those of us who say no have very likely raped girls and women before. Isn’t this part of their big dirty secret? They are men. What have they already done to girls and women? I have seen very few in our spaces, and yet each one has groped women or played out male dominance in particularly repulsive and offensive ways.

  11. They CAN’T answer Lierre. It’s like how they never try to really debate with any of us.
    They threaten and insult and try to use feminism against us, but they can’t answer what we say.
    And there is no “LGB” movement that I have ever seen. There has been a separate Lesbian Feminist movement and Lesbian community for decades. But most gay men wanted nothing to do with us, pre-AIDS, and some supportive gay men I know are in adamant agreement about this. Even in the local “gay” newspaper, there were comments about not wanting Lesbians at a gay pool party because our vulvas would dirty the water.
    Bisexual women of course are choosing, and some have demanded they be included in Lesbian projects, like what I saw at the local disabled Lesbian history project. The bisexual laughed, saying, “You really can’t mean that this is for Lesbians only.” The organizer courageously said, “Yes, it is.” It was about disabled LESBIAN history. Why does everyone want to take advantage of Lesbian work? The trans cult has been the worst though….
    The myth of the “LGB” movement is part of what conned so many Lesbians into putting gay male needs first, which I still see happening, and yet don’t see those Lesbians socializing with gay men. Even without feminism, Lesbians still try to just be with Lesbians.
    So please, for those who want to support Lesbians and don’t know, don’t assume we are part of any LGB etc.

  12. Seems like the DGR guy was busy throwing Lierre Keith under the bus, saying how *he* didn’t feel attacked by the trans activists, and taking their reading list to “educate” himself, as if there was something they could say to prove Lierre Keith wrong.
    If DGR takes a radical feminist stand on gender, which they claim to do, then all their activists need to be signed up to it. Singling out Lierre Keith in the way they were allowing, for views the whole organisation supposedly agrees with, is bullying and scapegoating.
    And if the dudes can’t cope with the idea of standing up against trans and all their mouthy advocates, I’d suggest the women in DGR organise without them.

    1. I read the DGR guy’s behavior as an attempt to pacify and defuse the situation so they could get out of there without a repeat of Saturday’s events. I imagine, with what had happened the day before and the lack of support from the organizers, he knew it could escalate quickly, and the DGR group would be blamed for it in the end. Ms. Fucking Shit McFuckerson appeared to be angling for a fight. I also thought he was just telling one of the people that he didn’t feel attacked by their attempt at debate, but indicated he had felt attacked by others in the group.
      Whatever his intentions, it was sad and frustrating to see him walk on eggshells like that.

      1. He’s male. He is in a much stronger position to stand up to people like that. They wouldn’t have gone for him like they went for the women, so instead of congratulating them on how nice they were being to him, he should have actually been defending Lierre Keith instead of saying “I’ll read your books” as if they might actually have a point.
        Making it about him, and how he wasn’t attacked, when they were attacking Lierre Keith is typical cowardly dude behaviour.

      2. True enough. Especially since they had a woman speaking so forcefully for trans, it would have been fitting for him to stand up for Lierre and the other women in the organization. I may be misguided, but it doesn’t make much sense to me to join and represent an organization whose views and principles don’t match your own (thinking of those who seem to be throwing Lierre Keith under the bus to save their own skin).

    2. Over the past few days, I’ve been reading upon DGR (their website, news site, Facebook). Came across an amazing video on radical versus liberal feminism:
      But it does seem, especially based on the comments of facebook posts and news articles, that they aren’t all on the same page. I don’t know if everybody replying is a member of DGR, but many of the commenters regurgitate the mindless “trans rights” sentiment or think talking about women and feminism is a waste of their time.

  13. Your opposition to trans people is quite at odds with feminism, as I understand. These are men who’s very essence screams at them from their psyche that they are women. In other words, there is a distinct, substantive, immutable feminine gender, and it cannot be transcended. Transgenderism proves the immutability of sex — both the biological and psychological aspects of it. A woman can never have the experience of being a woman trapped in a man’s body. A man can never have the experience of being a man trapped in a woman’s body. One’s innate sex always entails a psychological experience unique to that biological reality. So a man is always a man. And a woman is always a woman. “Gender” cannot be transcended.
    If feminism is to continue, it cannot marginalize or “other” disenfranchised peoples.

    1. Like a religious zealot desperately trying to convince us of the everlasting soul with no proof but his word, WE JUST DON’T BELIEVE YOU.

    2. If you egg producing humans want to continue your little liberation movement thing the gentlemen will have to insist that… *snort

    3. So tell me, please – what EXACTLY is their essence screaming at them? What is it telling them to do? What does it MEAN for them to “feel like women” or feel like a “woman trapped in a man’s body”??
      What the eff is “innate sex”?
      Because I am a woman, told so from day one, “assigned as” to use your language, but I’ve never “felt like a woman,” only been told I was one and so can’t do this and that and the other thing and in the cool adventure series in the post-apocalyptic science fiction world fighting the zombies, I don’t get to be an adventurer, but only chattel, because that’s just the role that women have, we’re weaker, etc etc “don’t blame us but that’s just how it objectively is” yada yada yada for fucking ever. Similarly we get to watch “Mad Men” or read swashbucklers about the Old West and isn’t that grand??? except of course me, well, we know what my role is. It’s not so grand at all.
      I’m a woman on the outside, assigned and snap-judged to be so (I’m sure some people are jealous at my “passing” for sure, lol) but I’m a full human inside.
      From where I sit, there are a bunch of men who wish for whatever reason to be “women,” to be treated in the way that society currently blanket treats women. They wish this, and they try to voluntarily join this group, this oppressed group, but because it’s voluntary, they will never belong. Fact is, you can’t just voluntarily join an oppressed group, in the same exact way that you can’t put on blackface and go around claiming to be oppressed as a Black person. You will be laughed out of town. You can have sympathy, you can socialize with, you can make common cause with, but you can’t go claiming that identity, because it’s NOT something you “identify” into, it’s a category that you are PLACED IN. Full stop.
      Disenfranchised peoples my ass. You’re voluntarily putting on a costume and complaining when people call you out on it.
      (And mind – I don’t care what costume you put on, what you want to wear, how “femme” you want to be. Party on, and I’ll join you. But don’t go claiming to be “women.” That crosses a line, you are appropriating struggles that do not belong to you. To use one popular Tumblr metaphor, this is not your table. Move on.)

    4. Sorry but I will never believe in this feminine essence or “inner woman” feelings that men claim to have.Especially when it takes the form of these cartoonishly over the top hyper-feminized stereotypes. Your “inner woman” is a soul-less caricature, it’s a male’s superficial understanding of womanhood.

    5. You inarticulate over blown moron. Men’s’ very essence screams? Let’s market it “Screaming Essence” a new scent.
      I imagine you mean demands and orders. Begs the question do women at large choose to care about his “essence”? Why would we? And further begs does he have an essence? As far as play for “compassion” well I would sooner mourn road kill. You assume that we accept the lie and then will behave accordingly. Why and why? Why don’t you ask those questions? By what strain of idiocy do imagine woman would accept that? Oh yes, your main point– Men said so, they are sooooooo tortured. That’s all very heart wrenching, touching, full of pathos. And this screaming banshee is he wearing a dress and has a hard on? Oh yeah are we supposed to make him cum? How many times a day? Sure okay.
      What the fuck is wrong with you? 1. I don’t believe you. 2. Even if I did why should I care? No my problem. Do I owe it to him? No more than I owe to any other man. I suffer no guilt. By calling out frauds. The high drama, I know the worst physic pain ever known in the history of humanity. You really think that elicits pity? You are a fool sir. You see there is real suffering in the world, dead babies, missing limbs, starvation, and terminal illness, crap a turtle flipped on its back is more worthy of my compassion than some lying sack of violent shit cross dresser. Compassion is rationed, to the worthy. And there are women and children in much psychic pain that are worthy and who do not threatening women, rape or murder. Maybe you mistakenly imagine women just owe men—you might rid yourself of that misconception we are not Florence Nightingale or the Happy Hooker. Fuck you asshole. Good god you are dumb, as long as there are women feminism will continue really we can do this without men. BTW we did not marginalize anyone. They did that themselves with pathological antisocial behavior. That tends to get you crossed of the invitation list in some circles.

      1. Nonetheless, the question remains: how can you claim the right to seek justice for your own (supposed) oppression and deny that to others who feel the same way?
        Do you see how that works? I just said “supposed”.
        How you like them apples?

  14. Apparently the thugs are now impersonating Derrick Jensen on Facebook and have photo-shopped Derrick fucking a salmon, as well as have posted Lierre Keith’s and Cathy Brennan’s phone numbers, and are encouraging folks to anonymously call them and harass them.
    Golly gee whiz, I wonder why women don’t want these males terrorists and sociopaths in women’s space?
    BTW, I just clicked on a YouTube link where MRAs in skirts wish to team up with MRAs in pants and declare women their common enemy. What a surprise! Not!
    Since The Southern Poverty League has already declared MRAs a hate group, it shouldn’t be too long before trans are also recognized as a hate group. 🙂

    1. Good Dog. Trans a hate group? Is it going to come to that?
      I tend to think they’re getting played. But when people cozy up with MRA’s and abuse my friends, my sympathy does tend to wither.

    2. Good grief, Luckynkl. But of course the assholes posting those things won’t be called out on their behavior by any of the funfem or LGBT blogs. Don’t wanna come across as “transphobic”, now. {Eye rolling so hard I can see the back of my head…}

    3. Please forgive my ignorance as I’m still fairly new to this site, but what are MRAs? Thanks. 🙂

  15. I keep coming back to everyone deserving basic civil rights, and much of the rest of this being a trolling effort backed by MRA’s. Basic civil rights do not include being specifically allowed access to anything or anyone because of one’s perceived gender identification. Basic civil rights are about marriage rights, adoption rights, the right not to suffer economic discrimination, the right not to be beaten up.
    I’m frankly rather pissed off that the feminist and environmentalist movements are being subjected to these hijacking attempts by people who think gender is brained, or that it’s fluid, or that it’s maybe one thing one time, and another thing another, which is then posited as Evidence that radfems are Wrong and Evil and Bad and Hating On the Poor Oppressed whomever. Because reasons. And if we would only rediscover our kind, supportive selves, then all these people would stop Feeling Bad. And then we would not be Mean anymore.

  16. As soon as “transphobia”‘ is mentioned, we know that women everywhere are under attack, because who else is protesting the illusion of men claiming to be women?
    There are a few men who attack female impersonators, but that often is because they men have come onto them. Who else really is objecting to men caricaturizing women than women?
    There ARE other privileged men who try to appropriate more oppressed people, as Gallus Mag has documented in her archives. There are the white men who claim to be men oppressed by racism. There are able-bodied men who claim to be “trans-paraplegic.” There are adult men who claim to be “trans-babies.” (No coincidence that all of these men also claim to be women and usually Lesbians.)
    Yet, these men are not focused on and catered to like the men who just claim to be women and Lesbians. I see so many activist groups fighting various oppressions and horrors in patriarchy who just tack on “transphobia” to racism, classism. homophobia, ableism, and all other oppressions they are fighting. A lot of this is because they REALLY get serious harassment, with threats and insults, if they don’t. But part of it is that it’s trendy to just believe the superficial myth that men who pretend to be women are somehow treated as worse than other people, including the women they are fetishizing. There is no questioning or thinking about the reality of who really is hurt here. Supporting the trans cult based on this misidentification with the oppressed is like feeling sorry for Klan or other right wing members because they are marginalized when they walk in public in their sheets.
    They are not just living their lives being treated badly for looking like drag queens. They are hurting girls and women, on so many levels. They are stealing an identity of a people they are oppressing.
    And the reason that others who care about justice have taken on their cause against women and Lesbians is because we matter less than anyone. The poor men/trannies who actually lower themselves to saying they are women must then be raised up because we all know how much more important men are than women.
    As Gallus Mag has documented so well here. this is all very simple and is about the power men have and the lack of power women have. In patriarchy, men must always be catered to, even when they are hurting women and Lesbians. Perhaps, ESPECIALLY when they are hurting women and Lesbians.

  17. Dear Readers: There was (apparently) some sort of WordPress glitch where some comments I approved in the last few days were not being posted (and it was not showing this on my end). That appears to be fixed now and all approved comments should be showing. This has never happened before. THANK YOU to the woman who messaged me to inform me, and my apologies to those whose comments were not showing up. They should all be showing now. Weird and irritating.

  18. Gallus,
    Are you aware Anymous has hacked and published Keith and Jensen’s private e-mails? Saw this the other day on twitter on surface net and on the deep web. There is some disturbing commentary attached.
    Just wanted to say thank you again for continuing to act as the Fourth Estate for women. What you are doing here is incredibly valuable and important (radical feminist readers and commenters too!)
    One thing that blows my mind is that any quest for moral and material betterment requires active, challenging and rational debate. Any research I do into the oppositional side of this argument reveals inactive, lazy and emotional pseudo debate. Just like the men above.
    If these men are so right, why are they so afraid of women asking questions?

    1. The “deep web”! Ohhhhhhh!
      No I’m not aware of that. I’m aware of gossipy assholes and I’m aware of men trying to make women afraid of speaking. To anyone. Ever. Perhaps that’s what you mean.

    2. LMAO. “This is what was said in private emails. Because I said so.”
      Julio Serano : Damn those female cunts!
      Joe Ruby Ryan: I know, right?
      Marty Abernathy: Bastard cis!
      Katrina Rose: Exterminators!

      1. I get what you’re saying, Gallus, but Anonymous Radical Feminist is on your side.

    3. Never underestimate the lure of Silk Roads and free academic papers for a student 😛
      Gossipy assholes sums these men up accurately. All of the pro trans side of this particular event is riddled with gossip, anecdotes and misogyny.
      I wouldn’t be surprised, given Ryan’s liki of posting student work on Facebook for mocking, if his e-mail exchanges actually read like that.

      1. Wow, Joe Ryan puts students’ work on Facebook? Niiiiiiice. Keepin’ it classy and professional, Joe. Sheesh.

    4. Yeah that’s true! If they are right, they could debate like normal adults. But they can’t because they have no arguments besides “I’m a woman because I say so.” No actual evidence needed. And when people refuse to cater around their fantasies they get angry and throw tantrums because that’s the only thing they can do.

      1. Indeed, it is one of those things that sets off huge warning bells. There is often also so little evidence to back up their theory.
        Like with DGR – so many allegations, and the only “proof” they have to back up their nonsense claims of “transphobia” is illegally obtained private information and an idea in opposition to their own.
        It fucking sickens me that these men in dresses consider themselves the pinnacle of rational discussion, when through their own actions and the brilliant coverage by Gallus and the other women here, it is quite apparent they are interested in a thing but rational engagement.
        It fucking sickens me that the consequence of this is girls and women are harmed.
        I should really start blogging again, You all give me so much inspiration and hope for women.

  19. i don’t get why this has to be a group against a group. not all trans people are like that asshole. not all feminists are respectable people, either. it’s all relative.

    1. Then let’s start hearing from those trans people who are “not like that.” Let’s start hearing from those trans people speaking out against threats of and acts of violence, total appropriation, and guys with dicks in women’s locker rooms. Let’s start hearing from those trans people speaking out against derisive terms for women, blaming women for the violence done to trans people, and while we’re at it, playing pathetic Oppression Olympics games with overblown and/or blatantly false statistics. Nice of you to give the benefit of the doubt, but when there’s this much doubt, I’m not buying what you’re selling.

    2. Good argument hon. The second you use “cis” it just sums it all up. I consider the prefix hate speech. What does it really mean? It means women with vaginas. That means women. It is about conformity and women accepting that men can dictate anything about women. They are men. I am sure some are respectable and all but still men and they do not define me nor do they have any right to be in my space. And sweetie don’t forget how many the not so nice ones have bullied, raped and killed. It is a perfect example of who they are. Sick sick violent men that terrify women and send people running for cover.

  20. This shit is getting worse & worse.
    While browsing a faux-feminist forum, I noted that the top two most popular discussions were “Do we really need Feminism” and “What about female privilege?”.
    It’s very surreal to see one’s own oppression denied by an oppressor in drag. Femininity has nothing to do with being a woman. Don’t these trans-idiots realize that? Personally, I think it’s all a big joke; they are making fun of us. They are having a great big laugh about how we, as women, have, at some times and point, been forced to wear oppressive femininity garb to appease Master.

  21. That’s the truth. This entire situation would be laughable if they were not conning women and changing laws. Men in drag saying they are women. WTF? Then some of these men say they are Lesbians? They join Lesbian organizations and take them over, re-write our Lesbian Feminist history, and write articles called “Lesbian Sex???”
    They demand sexual access to women and Lesbians, and threaten any woman who says no. They physically attack women? They parade naked in front of women and little girls, insisting they are women. They get the laws changed, because they are men with outrageous male entitlement.
    Yet not much of what they do would have such an effect if women were not so eager to support them against other women. Nothing new about that in patriarchy since that’s how men keep it going, but this time the men say they are women, and more women than real women. They even make up a new name to differentiate real women.
    It would be a fucking joke except that it is all real.
    I still say it’s best to do like Gallus Mag does here. Show these female-hating cruel men for what they are. Keep it simple by not arguing on their terms, and keep it to what is clear to anyone who can see them, hear them, read their statements, etc.: Female impersonators are not and can never be women. Drag queens are men and the more they carry on, the clearer.
    For the women who are confused, just watch them for a while. Like for a few seconds. Ask them why they think they are women and then hear the fetishizing and objectification, which shows they have no clue what a real woman is. Observe how they hate women and girls. Let yourself think the truth, these are men who want access to women. Nothing new about that.
    For final proof, trying saying no to them and see the result.

  22. I suppose it would be too much to ask any of you to read Adrienne Rich’s essay on horizontal hostility. Because the main point is that by setting up one or more oppressed groups to fight one or more other oppressed groups the real oppressors (in this decade, read large multinational corporations running off of entitlements). Instead I see the dupe mentality runs amok. And the nihilistic attempt to destroy that which does not fit perfecting into your ideology keeps you in chains. Nice work.

      1. There is NO group more dangerous to women than men who demand we accept them as women. Yes, the rich (which some of these men are) and the corporations do kill and destroy, but at least most women are united against them
        The trans cult works like the parasite that makes the host work for them. It destroys women’s and Lesbian culture and community. And it does it by getting women to betray themselves and other women for these most entitled of men.

    1. Dominic, your comment is vague, and I can’t quite parse out what you mean by dupe mentality. If you mean that the transactivists attacked DGR as a ploy by the multinational corporations to silence DGR’s work on environmental issues by showcasing DGR’s feminist theory politics, then why aren’t you scolding the transactivists for **attacking**? We aren’t the aggressors here. In fact, I don’t see any radfem attacking transactivists. Trans attack, harass, and abuse us constantly.
      “nihilistic attempt to destroy that which does not fit perfecting into your ideology keeps you in chains”
      1. Trans are afraid to use the men’s room because of fear of men. (At least they say that. There’s not one police report of an attack in a men’s room.)
      2. Trans demand to use the women’s restrooms and facilities despite still have anatomically male features.
      3. Women object to being forced to view penis in areas that are sex segregated for our protection. (Trans have shown in multiple events that given the opportunity, they will expose male parts to females without a qualm.)
      4. When women object, trans threaten us. And attack us.
      5. Men, the ones that the Trans claim they are afraid of, are not forced to accept or do anything. Men continue to hold power over women.
      6. Men complain that women are getting ‘more rights’ than men have despite constant unequal treatment of women in many areas of society. And the push-back of women’s rights is the elimination of women as a class in favor of including men in that class. The class is not “men-women”, but “human”. Problem solved in favor of keeping humans with penises in power over humans without penises.

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