Feminists assaulted in Transgender Attack at Portland conference for Social Change: Women’s books destroyed and bodies defaced with permanent magic markers

Prescient conference graphic: women blindfolded and having arms chopped off
Prescient conference graphic: women blindfolded and having arms chopped off

Breaking News: In what has been described as a “horrifying” incident two women were attacked  by a group of men who identified themselves as “transgender women” at the Portland State University “Law and Disorder Conference” which billed itself as a “provocative space for comparative critical dialogue between activists, revolutionaries, educators, artists, musicians, scholars, dancers, actors and writers”.
The women were attacked in a coordinated assault as they sat at a table which sold feminist books and literature. The men destroyed the books and marked up the table display with permanent markers. One of the women was also marked up by the men. Predominantly male conference onlookers by all reports allowed the attack to take place, watching in stunned silence. Two males affiliated with the same group as the feminists –Deep Green Resistance– were also in attendance and the “trans women” threw a projectile at the head of one of them.
According to reports, the transgender males or “trans women” took issue with the feminist content in the Deep Green Resistance materials. Specifically, a portion of the materials reflected the feminist position that social roles based on sex are undesirable and harmful to women.
The transgender males believe that social roles based on sex are natural and innate and that it is instead the unchanging nature of biological sex that is undesirable. They believe that women should not criticize social roles based on sex, in deference to the feelings of men like themselves who embrace such roles. The men reportedly stated that all feminist writing and voices should be silenced by males with force if necessary, and they then proceeded to do just that.
Conference organizer Brandon Speck posted a statement on Facebook today following yesterday’s attack. He claimed that women should not be able to disseminate materials that might offend those men who support sex-roles. He claimed that the women deserved to be attacked for offering materials that contained feminism. He stated that no feminists should be permitted to sell books that men might not like. He said that as a man he had no authority to dictate the behavior of other men who might choose to assault women who offend them. Here is his statement:
Conference statement condoning attacks
Conference statement condoning attacks

Here is the link to the page where his statement is posted:
The attached comments include threats by transgender activists to continue violent attacks against women who promote feminist thought.
I am withholding the names of the women who were attacked until they issue a public statement, which will be published here. The feminists are reported to be terrorized but did not require medical care. No arrests have yet been made. Stay tuned for updates.
*UPDATE* the statement and thread referenced above have been entirely deleted. Here is a link to the page where the former statement was posted:

279 thoughts on “Feminists assaulted in Transgender Attack at Portland conference for Social Change: Women’s books destroyed and bodies defaced with permanent magic markers

  1. so, biologically male folks can choose to be whatever they like and say whatever they like and do whatever they like, but biologically female folks have to shut the fuck up because they want to take a stance about sex, gender, and society? wow.

    1. Just goes to show if you go too far their are concequences. Feminist have been shoving their agenda down the rest of our throats so long they have finally pushed it until it escallated into violence. In the begining I backed the feminist until they became too pushy. You asked for a fight you got it. How does it feel. You ran your mouth until someone shut it for you. I warned you girls a long time ago this would happen. I am surprised it took this long. Let me close by saying I do not support what the transgender people did, violence is wrong. However, if you push some people too far that is what happens, and you should expect it.

      1. Bill – shut the fuck up you worthless piece of goat shit. Nothing you said makes even the slightest bit of sense, you dumbass. Plus, you don’t matter.
        Good choice with the video, Gallus. Sums it up perfectly.

    2. Don’t if if I’m right but to me it looks like that transgendered guys behave like submissive “women”. I mean that their vision of femininity is the submissive woman. If that is the case then they have nothing to do in feminism at all.
      Also congrats to the other guys at the conference that did not try to help the women attacked… very courageous.

      1. They are not women so they can role play whatever they like, damsel in distress, virgin/whore. As men they have no place in setting that is set a part from women.

    3. I think more than one trans woman hater have become males.
      If women can become men, wear suits and get power, why is it against your ideology for male born seeking femininity?
      Why should trans people shut up just because you feel uncomfortable unless you have a trans MAN in your little ladies rooms?
      Why are you TERFs on the side of RW Fascist and religious fundamentalists?
      You claim to be feminists but all act like cross dressing women who wants to become men.
      You want to stand up for gender suppression. You want to police gender expression.
      You want to become an alpha male and despise your own cunt.
      Yet you still have the audacity to call yourself “feminists”.
      I think that you extremists failed in basic humanity.
      You are a part of that patriarchal structure you are so suppressed by
      And who do you attack with violence?
      Trans women!
      Because you hate women and all want to become men.
      So GallusMag!
      Why do you call yourself “feminist” when you clearly suffer from some severe gender identity order by insisting on cross dressing like a man all the time and talk like a butch sailor who just had a bottle of rum and a dozen whores in Porto Allegre?
      Why don’t you just come out of the closet and admit you are a man in a woman’s body and have all this trans-phobia internalized into an obsession?
      So how about it dude?
      What’s your MANs name sonny?
      I believe in HUMAN rights.
      You believe in the supremacy of the bullldyke patriarchy constructed by misogynistic men 80 years ago,
      So let us know when trans women and trans girls go through all this stress and ostracism just to rape ugly TERFs and women in general becomes epidemic, OK?
      Until then, you’re just a hater and whiner who wants to play the victim card and accuse transgender people for your own psychological problems.
      I don’t expect any answer.
      But I am sure that if you should lower yourself from the pedestal and talk to the peasants, I am sure your reply would amuse me and give me more meat to chew on and ridicule you with.
      You see…My big fun in life is to take down bloated jackasses with an inflated ego a few notches.,
      And you seem to fit right into this mold:

      1. Yes, you believe in human rights which is why you don’t believe in women’s rights. You don’t see women as human.

      2. And, once again, another transgenderist, with his or her unholy fascination with brutality and genocide, spits on the graves of the men, women, children and babies who went up in smoke during the Holocaust. Utterly perverse.

      3. You don’t need to co-opt female identity and invade female safe spaces to be feminine. Just be a dude in a dress with full makeup or whatever it is you want, there is no reason these things need to be female-only and you dont need surgery and full access to female spaces to have them. Transactivists keep claiming that we are the conservative ones but you all are the ones who can’t extricate misogynist stereotypes from biological sex.

    4. As a transgender person attacking feminists is not right. However I can understand it. TERFS or Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists are actually more agains transsexuality than Christians. They see us a a danger to feminism itself because of a man can just become a woman and visa verse then somehow feminism is invalidated. In my current state having had panic attacks all day I realize the truth. Trans people need to be put to death because it does not seem like TERFS and trans people will ever get along. TERFS Were here first so it is is who should be forced to leave and honestly death is the only way to leave this world

      1. “As a man, attacking women isn’t right. However I can understand it because bitches have it coming.”

      2. God, this guy. Hey Jonathan, stop with the suicide threats and guilt trips, mmmkay? They don’t work; around here we see very clearly through manipulative bullshit like that. I don’t give a shit about your claimed panic attacks, either – though maybe that’s your conscience screaming out at you. I doubt you’ll pay attention.

    5. And you can have any “gender identity” you want, except “woman” or “woman born woman”, aka the only ones I might actually cop to. :)))))) Because it’s totally cool and progressive for the privileged class (males in this case) to enforce their own approved labels onto the subjugated class (females).
      (In b4 “trans men”, who are never the leaders of these misogynistic transactivist movements. You almost never hear a peep from em and when you do they’re just playing handmaiden to some dude in female face.)

    1. Litigation of a civil rights claim is next to impossible against an individual…those tend to be more effective against agencies based upon how the statutes are usually written in the States (no matter whether filed as a State claim or as a federal claim). Then there is the whole problem of collecting on any damages that are awarded…even if you prevail, you can find yourself having gone through a lot of time and energy and money in the course of litigation to wind up with little more than a piece of paper that says you won. Litigation is not a cheap endeavor…our last significant case in federal district court saw us awarded roughly a quarter-million in fees for our efforts. And that was on a case involving ONE client (filed against a State agency).

      1. I would think that destroying property and assault would warrant police action. What blows my mind is the number of people think the attack was justified.

      2. “What blows my mind is the number of people think the attack was justified.”
        Bitches get out of line, someone has to step in. Same as it ever was.

  2. so these two that identify as ” transgendered females,” you are refering too as transgendered males? WHY? i am not condoning their behavior, but WTF is up WITH YOU?

      1. Seriously. It seems that lately (lately meaning the past few years, though? It’s getting more and more entrenched) people are wanting to say that “male” and “female” are genders and therefore qualify as identities.
        That’s what got me into all this, actually – in the long thread on LiveJournal where I was flamed for being “101, and this isn’t 101 space so stfu” etc, and learned about the “female penis,” the argument was all about how for an M2T, it’s not just the gender as “woman” or “feminine” they are “female” too. I still don’t get it, I read around, I ended up here. 🙂 And now I see how it’s newspeak doubleplus WTF.
        Even if you’re someone who thinks there’s room to argue about the validity of what is trans*, the entire POINT it seems to me would be that someone’s “gender” (the part that would qualify to be an identity of some sort) would not “match” the SEX, and it’s the sex that’s male or female. But no, nowadays those are also fighting words.
        Of course people call it “transphobic” when articles (articles that are all about someone’s transition or about how they were victimized for being visibly gender non-conforming, so it’s actually relevant!) mention birth sex, so it’s long since gone beyond the pale.
        …which is all to say, I agree with you. “Male” is a SEX not a gender!
        As for the main content of the article I’m looking forward to hear what those women at the table had to say. I am tired of seeing so many places just auto-ban “transphobic” women out of some desire to never be seen as being “intolerant” of anyone. It’s a reflex response, and it seems to come from some “LGB is edgy, supporting that is a good socially open thing to do, well the T is even MORE cutting edge, of course we should focus on it the most!” judgement.

      1. Yes “men’s honor” is truly all these guys care about and they don’t care how many women are assaulted over it.

    1. WTF Cathy they are males, XY is male, biology. As if their behavior was not enough of a tip off. And your only concern is that women role play with them. They attacked women, destroy property and that is the question you ask.

    1. Yes, Lilly, this is just more evidence that their claims that they are not a threat to women in women’s spaces is so much horseshit. : p

  3. This is so horrifying. Oh sure let’s let these sick men into women’s safe spaces. Remember they only attack in public not in other places.

    1. Just out of curiosity, should white people be allowed white “safe spaces” that exclude blacks so they won’t be attacked?

      1. The difference is women are an oppressed social class that receives an insane amount of male violence (read the article for an example), whereas white people have always been a class of oppresors.

      2. I’d dispute your claim about women being an oppressed class or white people always being a class of oppressors, but regardless, does being an oppressed class give you the right to be a bigot or to oppress others?

      3. Isis, women aren’t an oppressed class and whites are not an oppressor class? What fucking planet do you live on?

      4. Isis, the existence of an oppressed class justifies safe spaces for those people so they remain sane. It’s supposed to be a temporary measure, to have a place to fall back on to, somewhere to be free for a while, recharge batteries, take a deep breath and go back to the world with renewed strength. We were supposed to change the world so those spaces wouldn’t be necessary. But sadly I can’t see the end of male violence from here.
        The root of female oppression is male violence. Therefore safe spaces for women necessarily involve the absence of direct male violence such as the violence described in this post. The more trans folks assault women, the more evidence we have to justify our position regarding women’s shelters, women’s conferences and women’s spaces in general.
        Don’t tell me “so allow the peaceful ones and don’t allow the violent ones”. Male violence is an institutional problem that happens at the class level, like economic inequality or racism. Our arguments are class arguments and don’t lose any validity by individual anecdotes.

      5. Jesus, “Isis”, are you fucking serious?! As Derrick said, where the fuck do you live exactly? In/on what world? And comparing trans to black people? No. NOOOOOO. Why don’t you get along now, and go see if there are any more groups whose experiences you can arrogantly appropriate?

  4. They should have a SWAT team sent in when they find those penis-dresses and have them sent to biological sex re-education camps. DGR! DGR! DGR!

    1. Feminists support penis-bearers wearing dresses or whatever the fuck they want. What kind of retrograde dumb-fuck hyper-conservative Dur Dur Dur fratbro are you, son? Rad-whut? More like dumb-fuck. Gross-ass women-hating dumb-fuck.

    2. Why would you listen to women when assaulting women is so much more pleasing to you? you sick boring violent lazy dumb ass dum dum asshole.

    3. I GUARANTEE that
      1). this MRA shit has never read a single word from DGR on feminism
      2). Some poor woman is doing this asshole’s laundry.

      1. As if I didn’t love women so much already… GallusMag, I feel even more love for you today. xoxoxoLOL
        re: this shit that happened: WHAT A SURPRISE. Men are a bunch of violent wastes of flesh, and attack and hurt women any chance they get.

  5. “Speaking as a white cis-male…”
    If Brandon Speck actually gave a shit about that, he’d hand the reins of being in charge of the conference over to a MTF “lesbian” (too bad 90% of them are crackers like Brandon!) with all the attendant rewards and responsibility.
    Then again, trans like their events pre-fab to avoid work, just let the pharma corps do the heavy lifting!
    But why bother to make a real move by handing over leadership when you don’t have to really believe in cis-privilege, only say that you do?
    Because if you actually did believe in cis-privilege, it’d mean that transitioning is the *only* moral response to patriarchy — as you’d have to be a fucking sociopath to think that your personality is so un-redeemably “male” that transition would be an affront to your “true self.”
    Instead, “speaking as a white cis male” is just something you say to get into a white Feministing editor’s pants.
    Can you imagine if every subgroup in their “kyriarchy” (I know I’ve reached my limit on scare-quotes) chart was allowed to violently assault people they consider to be above them in privilege in some way? Evidently Brandon lacks imagination. His next event should be a real hoot!

    1. “Kyriarchy”! Har! They looooove that word. I think they believe it makes them sound all edumacated and stuff. Oh, such angst.

      1. “Are you stupid” is not a very elaborate nor intelligent answer. Not the way adults should answer. Try answering someone politely, in a logical and contracted way. Believe that will give more strength to what you say.

  6. Reblogged this on winterdominatrix and commented:
    Why Female-only spaces are desired.
    Women do not want to be objects of male violence in women’s spaces. We should not be expected to be second-class citizens in female groups and offer men porn & sex so these guys feel equal and don’t get violent with the smaller females. Females DO NOT offer each other sex & porn to blackmail each other, Enough is enough. Stop the Female violence. You dont have special permission to abuse us.

  7. i have no idea if any of the material tabled by these women was transphobic (i suspect not), but even if it was there’s still no excuse for this sort of behavior. i wonder if they’d be quite so pro-active if the material was being tabled by men.

    1. “Transphobia” does not exist. It’s even more of an illusion and con than “white-phobia” because white people do exist, though those they oppress can’t be called “phobic.”
      There are no trans, there are only men claiming to be women, and women claiming to be men. It becomes clearer if using the terms of the cult are dropped.
      It’s as if people are afraid to not use terms of submission when referring to the cult.
      Try dropping the adherence to the false rules. It can be very freeing.

    2. “i wonder if they’d be quite so pro-active if the material was being tabled by men.”
      I’m sure they wouldn’t have been. Regardless of them changing their gender, for a long amount of time they’ve been socialized to be ok with intimidating females (something which they’re obviously still doing), not other males.
      It’s the same reason why the ‘cotton ceiling’ is usually about trans men getting women to sleep with them, not men.

      1. *sorry, I meant: It’s the same reason why the ‘cotton ceiling’ is usually about trans women getting women to sleep with them, not men. They’ll easily challenge cis lesbians but most of them wouldn’t challenge a man’s sexuality because they’ve been socialized to think they can intimidate women into doing what they want them to.

      2. exactly – and this whole ‘i always had more empathy with women’ thing can really be translated to ‘i feel inferior to men b/w women can be imposed on’. fwiw i don’t think mtf’s hate women – they fear men.
        the violence thing is something i struggle with, when i get physically threatened by a man i react similarly (because i can). one of the many things radical feminism has taught me is that this way of behaving is upholding patriarchy even though it’s directed toward men, and that i need to develop a more productive response. these trans “activists” need to put their own gender theories to one side for a minute and really look into what radfem is about, maybe then they’d realise how damaging this sort of behaviour is not only to individual women (such as those attacked), but also society in general.

      3. “the violence thing is something i struggle with, when i get physically threatened by a man i react similarly (because i can). one of the many things radical feminism has taught me is that this way of behaving is upholding patriarchy even though it’s directed toward men, and that i need to develop a more productive response”
        Yep, cos the total ignorance of radical feminism and the ole proper laydees (whoops, should be womyn of course!) are nice and non-violent trope.
        O, but this ‘women’ uphold the patriarchy by daring to physically defend themselves line is cute, and note the ‘because I can’ bit as well!

  8. It’s helpful to understand that true acceptance of any kind does not arise from bullying. Allies to women do not bully us. Individual transwomen could work to become allies, but trying to bully cis women into acceptance as equals, is just yet another manifestation of the hydra-headed patriarchy.
    And no, they will never be women, for a variety of reasons. It’s sad that they are so unhappy being men, but maybe it’s men they need to take this up with. Women always are scapegoated in this culture.

    1. Helpful to whom? Men? You go be helpful. I have less than zero interest in helping men. Good good drop the jargon and the slack ass thinking. No. Individual M2T can’t work with women,that’s a big No. They are men and they hate women. The word allies is a military word, as in make war a male past time and I am not going to be taken prisoners—so no.
      This is really simple, easy peasey–Trans is the patriarchy it is male—period. As for “acceptance” what that means is that women “accept” the male erotic desire to say he is a women. In short women should become part of his sexual fantasy life, WTF HELL NO—. There is such a thing as reality and women are not obligated to role-play in a mans erotic fantasy or to support it. I am not his prostitute.
      A M2T is not my equal he is a male forever and always. You should realize that fact sooner better than later. You might also realize that Transphobia is a made up word used to control or shame women, used to silence and used as a justification for violence against women. It is a page in the Trans play book–Let’s accuse women of a crime that does not even exist and then claim we were acting in self-defense and she deserved the beat down and we are the victims—are you freaking insane. Transphobia is cynical and functions as both a precondition to violence against women and as a defense of that violence—blame the victim. Oh quit the prefix “cis” you sound like a moron, and it is offensive as the n-word.

      1. I’m not going to declare myself as some non-misogynic CIS hetro guy, but my sense of the freedom of the DGR to publish and distribute whatever the hell they want pretty much overrides any of my overt or covert hatred of women.
        It seems like the recent generation of manchildren hate the concept of any belief that isn’t in complete alignment with their own (good God, Reddit “Anarchists”, do you actually put any thought into your rants before you hit the post button).
        You believe, as a man, I hate women…oh well, I’ll survive. I interpret what happened at the Law and Disorder Conference as a couple of people whose identities were so fragile that their whole sense of self would crumble should their belief system be challenged by the DGR.

      2. Motherhood, I don’t want to speak for mieprowan, but I interpreted her “helpful” comment as being directed toward MtT, not women. As in, MtT should understand that acceptance does not arise from bullying women. I could be wrong in this interpretation, but if I’m right, I didn’t want to see someone disparaged based on a mistaken intent.

      3. Ashland you may be right in which case I stand corrected.It was a reaction– I see the prefix “cis” and my skin crawls and I feel like I have to run a wash feces off myself. It is a kind of “hate speech” that I can’t even imagine a woman using when speaking to other women. The use of it signals to me a person that has opted to devalue women in favor of men. A person that has accepted being bullied into using some made up language. I felt that way for about a week–okay I’ll be nice. Then the reality of these males dawned on me. They are violent terrorists. The issue of “acceptance” I will accept someone as a male any day but never as a women if they are XY.

  9. I hope the women filed charges against these men for assault and battery?
    As for “transphobia,” lol, these trans boys aren’t trans anything. Not only aren’t they biological females, they don’t embrace female gender roles in the least. Just the opposite. Trans boys are hyper-masculine and nothing more than the Taliban in a skirt. No exaggeration. I see little difference between the Taliban cult and the trans cult. They’re both cut from the same cloth. They’re both faith-based, male supremacist cults, who hate women with a passion, wish to strip women of all rights, and use a fake religion, and violence to accomplish it. Just like the Taliban, any objection to the trans cult is seen as profane and blasphemous. Unlike the Taliban tho, the trans boys can’t put women to death yet for objecting, but they’re working on it.
    This is a wake-up call. If Western women don’t want to live under the Taliban, then women must throw these trans boys out on their arrogant, male-entitled asses NOW before they gain any more power. I highly suggest women stop being so passive and start investing in security guards (dykes preferred 🙂 ) with stun-guns and attack dogs at their conferences. Trans have told me flat-out that until women are physically able to stop them, trans will continue to do whatever they please to women.
    Make no mistake. Men have declared war on women and trans are just one of their weapons. Women got out of the box during the 60’s and 70’s and men are pulling out all stops to stuff them back in, politically, economically, socially and culturally. Through laws, politics, religion, the medical and psychology field, the media, porn, war, rape, violence – whatever works. LOL, men are so desperate, they even brought back the eunuchs!
    Men are just going to have to get over it tho, because women aren’t going back. In the end, this is a war you can’t win, boys. Because your lives and even your very existence is dependent on women, but not the reverse. Women can survive and exist just fine without you boys – and will. 🙂

    1. The labeling of the “trans boys” as Taliban in a skirt got another piece of validating evidence today, as they called for members of DGR to be lined up and beheaded.

      1. Derrick, can you provide a link to that discussion or provide more info? It’s important that we document as much of this as we can.

    2. Luckynkl, I recently spent an entire weekend in a very intense self-defense course. It felt great. I plan to take more.

    1. the hell they were…they are indicated to have been in a class that was born male. Ergo the assault and damage was caused by MEN. “transwomen” are not women nor are they female nor will they ever be either of those two categories. Biology matters!

      1. Trans are men of the worst kind. They are the ultimate in male possession of women and their depravity and misogyny knows no bounds.

      1. thyre WOMYN.
        If you say your gender is female. you are female. end of story. biological sex is different than gender. Basic queer theory.
        Check your privelege. queer and trans people are oppressed too!!
        womyn are not classified as a mental disorder like gays/lesbians/bi folk were in the 70’s. Also, Transfolk were just taken off the list of disorders this year
        sexual/gender patriarchy is showing in your inability to accept trans people as womyn. Men oppress. straight cis-female feminists oppress too.
        I, as a queer, take alot of these comments as a strange form of feminism that butts heads with queer theory and trans justice.
        Please, be more understanding. Of course the violence is wrong, but dont blow it into a huge divisive scandal. You are playing into the hands of the enemy!!!! =/

      2. “Basic queer theory.” Hardly. This is basic gender theory which works for you. It does not work for everyone. The only issue is negotiating the boundary areas between your queer/gender theory and other sex/gender/class/queer theories.
        Nobody gets to use shame and guilt tripping as a substitute for honest philosophical debate. Nor does it follow that when someone disagrees on theory that implies a hatred for everyone who subscribes to that theory. That’s little more than medieval Catholicism.
        Yes, trans and gay share political space because we are hated by some for similar reasons, but I’m not one to define myself based on how I am hated, I prefer to define myself autonomously on my terms. We are similar but we are also very different.
        As a queer anarchist, who is a homosexual not a homogenderal, I’m all for everyone being granted basic tolerance in the public sphere. Demanding that people accept someone as they put themselves forth is an unrealistic entitled demand. Most folks have enough self confidence to realize the boundary issues involved. Just as anyone gets the autonomy to define themselves, others have the autonomy to not buy that definition.
        Either one is convincing as one puts oneself forward in the world to any given person or one is not. This applies on every characteristic that we put forth. Nobody is entitled to be catered to in this respect.
        There are always going to be jerks out there who are either willfully mean or plain ole inconsiderate. I don’t see how we get to emancipation by fixating on forcing each and every last one of them to be nice to everyone else. Just as I don’t see how we do broad based organizing in a racist, sexist and homophobic culture by excluding individual who might express culturally baked in prejudice.
        To my mind this is a sideshow of insider baseball. Most women and queers would find the debate an impenetrable remnant of a dying activist culture that is more focused on arbitrating the martyr economy based on the currency of personal outrage as a means to express individual dominance over the resistance space.

      3. schminkef, your “queer theory” reasoning relies on the same argument that white people use when they say they’re “color blind”.
        “Black Like Me” may have been a mind opening experience to John Griffin, but when the Oxsoralen wore off, he may have been wiser, but he was still white.
        Unlike Griffin, the cowards who attacked the DGR seem no wiser. The women in the DGR, like any other citizen, are entitled to believe what they want without being attacked in public.

      4. Schminkef Schmuck: just a hint from the real world – using the phrase “end of story” does not make it the “end of the story.” True! It does not convince anyone or prove your point. In fact, people who use that phrase (or the similar “Period!”) in their arguments tend to make me automatically go in the opposite direction, ideologically speaking. I suspect I’m not alone in that, either.
        And you do realize that many women who post here are lesbian, do you not? So to recap: you’re a guy telling women, many of them lesbian, to “check our privelege (sic).” Oh, you sweet little social justice warrior you! I’d tickle your belly but your floppy white cock is in the way!
        Second hint from the real world: if you’re gonna use the big words, it’s PRIVILEGE.

    2. Wrong they are men–try to get that sorted out in your head–XY is male–9th grade Bio.

    3. Why are there more men than women in prison?
      Why are men more violent than women?
      Does “identifying” as a man or a woman magically make someone more or less violent?

    4. Arthurstodgyn, fuck right off. Now.
      Do NOT blame women for the violence of men. Because these assholes put on a dress, now we’re supposed to take the blame for them attacking women?! Seriousfuckingly?! Where the FUCK is the logic in that?! Oh, never mind. Obviously clinging to your precious dogma has obliterated your hold on common sense.
      FFS. Men put on a dress and physically attack women, and Arthur here thinks that this crime should fall under female-on-female violence. As if. I need a drink.

    5. Arthur,
      Bravo, you don’t condone attacks on women. Good. It’s a start. But it is very troubling that you here to correct women with some male inaccuracy.
      The attackers from my understanding claimed to be “transwomen” and that would make them men. Yes XY is male. And women know this because women are women–XX. These bad assed violent dudes are men–forever and always men–biology is a bite. And they can beat down the entire woman population and it will not change them for men into women. Women do not have to participate or honor the delusion–so take your “correction and coercion” someplace else. You are free to imagine what you want
      but we have it correct–men attacked women.

  10. I don’t understand how anyone cannot see the obvious reversal here. Well-written. I am glad that you told it straight. Males attacked women for promoting feminism, and the women were gaslighted and told THEY were the hostile force.
    We are in the twilight zone. This makes me furious.

  11. Males exerting their maleness…which included resorting to a propensity for violence far beyond criminal mischief…sad, but hardly shocking. Even less so in that part of the country where it seems that twanz is far more pissy about the fact that females are acutely aware that biology matters…

  12. “their transphobic attitudes being contradictory to a safer space policy” as if attacking people is okay but ideas aren’t

    1. This exactly. I thought the “statement” was hilarious. The emphasis kept going back to DGR having an opinion on gender, nevermind the actual physical attack and silencing of an oppressed group that took place. This guy is more concerned about DGR having been allowed to “table” than he is about the women being attacked, as though he blames the incident on THE WOMEN.

  13. Oh, how overjoyed the Sith Lords must be, as they once again watch radical folk stomp on each other so they don’t have to. Why bother trying to silence us when we joyously silence one another. Common cause, common good for those who want the boot of the plutocracy off our necks ? No. Not as important as details of dogma and philosophy.
    Just like the socialists, we will make ourselves meaningless and no threat as we splinter into factions that proceed to do the corporations work for them.
    Everything that’s old is new again.

    1. The reason so many live happily as hermits. Arguments will be had, verily that’s all discussions really are, and the radicals still have more in common with each other than they ever will with the owners. The in-group stuff we handle just fine.
      The basic tenets of radical feminism remain the same, and every postulated theory or statement is each one either correct or incorrect according to feminist analysis. There is nothing relative or arbitrary about it. That’s why lots of people are joining despite the fact that radfem is the flamin’est, most intense discussion on the net right now. The anchor is so solid that no one can move us. In a world where women have no anchor, that’s a mighty reinforcement.

    2. O, if only we could be above it all, as our middle-aged white male friend William here is! But alas. We are mired in the feminine muck, as it were.
      Wait! Let me expand on that: O, if only we could be a middle-aged white male and be blissfully unaware (*cough* to the point of being unthinking *cough*) of the threat that men so often pose to women! Why, we women should simply put aside our petty concerns for the Greater Good – the illustrious, renowned Greater Good! (Good for whom, well, that’s debatable. Let’s not quibble on details, girls.)

    3. Can’t you do that, Ashland Ave? Just SAY you ate a middle-aged man, because you’ve always FELT like one, and it shall be thus!

  14. Deep Green Resistance is the most visible group with radical feminist politics – this was only a matter of time. Trans activists are scared shitless so they need to suppress, suppress, suppress. At least, we now have a tangible reason to ban trans males from women-only spaces.

  15. amazing how delicate men really are. too bad they think feminists are what threatens their manhood, rather than the cheap fossil fuels that are displacing them economically in ways that favor women.

  16. Deep Green Resistance, the attacks, the silencing of Lierre Keith, do you see a pattern here? Those men who attacked at the conference should simply be charged for the crimes they committed. Including having to pay for the books they defaced. This is another reason women need to wake up and keep the trojan horses out of women’s spaces.

  17. There’s nothing transphobic about saying that gender is a social construct, but this article is incredibly transphobic, as are the majority of the comments. If a black person had attacked you, would you write an article full of racist epithets?
    And if you believe gender is a social construct, how can you call a couple of trans women men? That’s as essentialist as saying women were born to do housework. Biology is not everything.
    There’s no contradiction between respecting women and respecting trans people of all types. Being deep means respecting all life, even people who are different from you.

    1. The problem with the “T” in LGBT is that the LGB are less interested in “respect” and more interested in getting their rights.
      Civil rights wasn’t about getting validation and love from white people, it was about getting the laws changed. Physically attacking the DGR was a whiny attempt by a few folk to force someone else to believe the same crap they do.
      This kind of awareness activism is synonymous with shock edutainment. At the end of the day, a few old people will titter and gasp but no minds will be changed.

    2. What are you, stupid? Saying that men are men does not equal saying women are born to do housework. Trans are not women. Biology DOES matter!

    3. Better analogy – if a white person in blackface comes up to you and insists that you accept him as black in your safe space because “but I really FEEL black, inside, I have a black brain” would you let him in?
      If you point out that hey guess what you can’t just “identify” your way out of privilege, and he decides to get violent with you for that comment, would you think he’s in the right?

    4. Equating racial oppression with sex oppression doesn’t hold up because male oppression over females transcends race. Describing ‘transwomen’ as biologically male isn’t oppressive; merely subjecting them to the same challenges I’m subjected to if I wish to be party to a true sexual revolution (which is reasonable in my book) We can be part of that revolution, but we’ve no right to expect it to be easy. That’s the hangover of male conditioning in a nutshell…

    5. I am getting quite sick to my stomach of this trans argument comparing the immense struggle of people of colour who want to live freely as opposed to the evils of white supremacy – to men who want to be females (against biology).
      THERE IS NO COMPARISON. It is an insult to every human of non European descent who had/has to live under this demonic ideology. To compare White Supremacy and the untold evils that has wrought upon our world…. to people who consider males/females by the regular understanding of the same is pure ignorance. And I think it is RACIST.
      ( I am sorry for the capitals but I would like people to understand the strength of my feeling in this matter)

  18. Oh Gallus, I do love your comments. So clear and direct and warming to the heart. No confusion as with acadmic writing.
    Don’t you just love it when men who are arrogantly showing male privilege do public bonding with men pretending to be women who are showing male privilege? Yes, a “circle jerk” where they hate women together.
    WTF is up with cathy criticizing you? Of course you call men “males.” Female impersonating does not make a male female.
    Interesting that they hid the evidence of the massive support of feminists protesting their support of the trans cult. There responses were the usual female-hating “cis” name-calling. I recognized some from recent pro-trannie comments elsewhere. I wonder if their numbers are dwindling.
    And yes, Yisheng Qingwa is right. “Isis” has to know the more accurate equivalence is that people oppressed from racism should have the right to meet without racist intrusion by Euro-descent people. The trans cult is entirely based on false equivalency with claiming being oppressed by the women they are oppressing.

  19. Lying to ourselves does serious damage. Another illusion is the reference to “radical folk.” I see this mistake and lecture whenever the trans cult discussion appears, where we are told we should work together against the common enemy. We are radicals, queers, or whatever con terms used, fighting the system of government and corporations.
    Well, no we are not. Lucky is right about the trans cult being like the Taliban. I’ve been saying for decades that theirs is a right wing politics, completely opposed to challenging patriarchy. “Corporations?” The trans cult is directly tied into the medical corporation of unneeded surgeries and drugs. It is assimilationist politics on the surface — as opposed to fighting silly genderness. But really it is far more dangerous than that.
    The trans cult is not and can never be the ally of women. I have never been part of the “LGB” con, and neither have the thousands of Lesbians I’ve known. Men just added us on to their list to get crediblility and pretend we have a “queer” movement. Then they added our even more serious enemy, the T.
    Men appropriating our identity hate us, and want to take our skin to become us. Can never happen, but they sure want to destroy us in the process.
    No, of all the oppressive forces against Lesbians and women in patriarchy, I believe the trans cult is at the top. Far more dangerous than the rest of the right wing like the nazis and clan and christian, muslim, etc. religious fanatics, THEY WANT TO DESTROY US FROM THE INSIDE OUT.
    They are like the worst form of parasite, who tricks the victim into protecting and fighting for those who are killing them. So we don’t even end up fighting these men directly. We have to first face the women who are standing in front of them, working to destroy all women’s rights.

  20. “due to violently transphobic comments, the previous thread was deleted”
    >don’t care females got attacked by men
    >violent comments

  21. Delicate Issue. This article is very strongly written, perhaps lacking care to the oppression that trans peoples have to face on the daily. There is a vein of transphobic feminism which offends my queer sentiments of gender as a concept. I am a queer cis-male, and I am a feminist, but I take issue with feminism which offends trans people to the point where they attack.
    Violence is occuring because of the rift because trans peoples and womyn? This is bad. Lets HEAL. We need LOVE. UNITE! We need Revolution against gender roles/binary. Queer and Trans and Feminists have no reason to fight, as we are all oppressed be hetero-gender-patriarchal oppression sytems.
    I am less sympathetic to the womyn and feminists. I love DGR but its leader has been transphobic, so of course expect trans people to be upset. “Respect trans existence or expect resistance”
    Love DGR. Love feminism. Love Queer and Trans. Lets all love each other.
    Lets mend the break between extreme feminism and trans. feminists should be careful to not theorize so much that they offend trans. Instead of talking gender to death, lets just overthrow what oppresses us all, not pick fights with the disenfranchised trans community.

    1. The violence that trans inflict upon women is not reciprocal, there is no need to tell feminists to stop being violent to trans because this simply does not occur, the worst crime feminists have committed is talking about how trans is a gender existentialist movement and potentially harmful to women and non gender conforming individuals (especially children branded trans at ever younger ages).
      Again this “cis” is nonsense. Women do not have privilege over males simply because trans males wish to be an oppressed class.
      “Respect trans existence or expect resistance” … How charming, not threatening at all.

    2. Message on FB page:
      “due to violently transphobic comments, the previous thread was deleted. A following statement is pending from all parties involved on the actual occurrences at the conference. (reposted with comments disabled)”
      So dissenting comments are intolerable to the same people who refuse to condemn actual, physical assault? Double standard, methinks. It’d be good if, as you say, we could ‘talk gender to death’ but the boys (and trannies) keep throwing punches…
      It’s good that you recognise Gender as something that oppresses us all; perhaps you also recognise that it doesn’t oppress us equally or in the same way, and that men acting out their gender roles hurt women in a way and to a degree that has no equivalent in reverse. And it’s telling that actual, bona fide XX females seem better able to function in their daily lives in the face of greater threats to their physical and psychic integrity than men, without recourse to sexist innuendo and actual violence…
      So the Suffragettes employed a little petty terrorism and Solonas took a pop at Warhol; but by and large feminists are loath to employ violence in the pursuit of their goals, much as women in general aren’t. Trans*activists, by contrast, often seem quick to revert to the worst excesses of their male biology/masculine conditioning when challenged, even mildly and intellectually. It’s gonna take a bit more than some hippy-dippy ‘let’s all love each other’ to heal that kind of disparity.

    3. delicate issue, my ass!
      twanz is NOT oppressed on a daily basis. Being someone who runs into people who understand the basics of biology and that sex= XX or XY (skip the bullshit about the statistical outliers) is NOT the same as someone being ‘oppressed.’
      The males in Portland who chose to strike out in a violent manner reeks of thought policing. There was no violence espoused towards them. Disagreement is terms of belief systems is NOT a basis for violent outbursts.
      Trans wants to label ALL dissent as being ‘PHOBIC’ which anyone with a functioning brain should recognize is bullshit. I don’t need to engage in ANY modicum of ‘healing’ with twanzjacktivists nor do I need to ‘unite’ with any demographic that so brazenly seeks to undermine the class known as FEMALE. Trans-whatever will NEVER be a sex other than existed at birth. They are perfectly welcome to play dress-up but don piss on my leg and tell me it is raining…”transwomen” are not now nor will they ever be female nor are they entitled to appropriate even the label of woman.
      That being said, I know all of that will go over your head since all you have done, schminkef, is come in and engage in more mansplaining…you are no different than any other male in that regard.

      1. Exactly – wear what you want, behave how you want (sans violence, of course) but stop it with the appropriation of “woman” already.
        It’s appropriation. Full stop. People have a right to complain about it.

    4. “I am a queer cis-male, and I am a feminist,”
      You’re a male, you can be a feminist ally but you can’t be a feminist. Feminism is a movement for females. You especially can’t come into feminism and try to tell females what they should do. Fuck off with that.
      “feminists should be careful to not theorize so much that they offend trans”
      But it’s ok for trans people to offend women on the regular?…

      1. So it’s not for equality of genders, it’s for the advancement of females. Gotcha.

      2. Nooooo, “Candy”, that’s not what Marie said. Go back, reread, and try again. It’s reading comprehension 101.

    5. If I said “I am a straight cis male, but I take issue with LGBT issues which offend God-fearing Christians to the point where they attack,” I’d be within my rights to believe and express that opinion.
      And I’d be brutally and rightfully berated for expressing it.
      The members of the DGR have the right to believe and express whatever opinions they want, as a group, or as individuals. As much as people want to believe that a belief is responsible for those books being destroyed and the DGR being attacked, the truth is, it was simply poor impulse control.
      Love is overrated. How about rational discussion and the self-discipline to accept that other people, even within your own community, might believe differently than you do? Some people believe things that I find offensive, but I, like most people, can deal with it without throwing a bunch of books on the floor.

      1. I’m with you on everything there, Bob, except for the ‘love is overrrated’ bit. It’s what irks me about the man/trans-hating interpretation of feminist thought that is so prevalent in mainstream media – their (feminists’) ability to remain both loving and rational in the face of so much provocation is what impresses me.

    6. Sorry dude, you have a dick. Feminism is not for you. Feminism is for females.

    7. Schmuck,
      No not delicate at all, about as delicate as those guy attacking women—
      Okay you love everyone nice. But nobody is talking “gender” to death or any other way. IMHO Gender is a fake construct in and of itself created in the Queer Studies department because it beats washing cars or bussing tables.
      It is a theory and ideology that serves men to oppresses women. There is biological sex—man XY and woman XX. This is unchangeable. Feminists are not “theorizing” and biology is not a theory, unlike Gender, which means it is unproven and which also means that people don’t have to accept it. Heads up, it is a load of crap. The trans communities as primarily male are not “disenfrashied”. They have the same exact rights as any other male in the society has. And what oppress women are men and the Trans community is over 80% male—so thank you but no I will not be fighting on behalf of men to so they may better attack me and some dick like you comes along to protect those bad boys.
      You see even if men don’t like it because it makes them go all flaccid and cuts into their fantasy women do in fact live with their biological reality—born that way. Can’t be changed. So take your reparative politics and stop trying to force women to accept men that they do not want to accept—we own them nothing. And you are just another oppression and really vile and misogynistic to even present such an assine argument.
      So, you will forgive us, if we are not complicit in our own oppression and do not play scully maid to men. BTW—there is no such thing as Transphobic when directed at women, so you go and fawn and kiss their guys asses but do not tell women how to behave or what to think or say.
      So please, please cut the shit. The only things I am overthrowing are these men. Because women safety depends on that—get it through your head.

    8. “There is a vein of transphobic feminism which offends my queer sentiments of gender as a concept. I am a queer cis-male, and I am a feminist, but I take issue with feminism which offends trans people to the point where they attack.”
      So the women are to blame. Your comment is so very typically male. Always blame the women who are attacked by men. Just like Castro blames his victims!
      No, you are not a feminist. You’re a shithead.

      Only we won’t stop. No, Schminkef (or as per Motherhood, “Schmuck”, which I like better), we will continue to call out the appropriation, the bullying, the violence, the threats, the whole nine yards. Deal.
      Meantime, you can go on blaming the victims, you social justice warrior you!: “but I take issue with feminism which offends trans people to the point where they attack.” Are you – are you fucking kidding me?! Did you even read what you just wrote?! And of course you’re “less sympathetic to the womyn and feminists” – that’s what men do. It’s easy-peasy to be mad at the bitchez!
      You lazy ass. You lazy, unthinking, sanctimonious prick.

    10. Trans-males-who-want-to be-females that I see mauling women are Middle Class White Males. They are not disenfranchised.
      Why do you think that this trans stuff is so apparent, everywhere? Why have I, a normal pleb, have heard a million more talk of m-t-f trans worries than I have heard of the millions of girls who face genital mutilation? Why do you think that is?

  22. Schminkef,
    I really resent your comments. you wrote:
    I love DGR but its leader has been transphobic, so of course expect trans people to be upset.
    This is an obviously manipulative attempt to create dissension in DGR by scapegoating one person. But DGR is proudly a radical feminist organization. So to say you love DGR but have problems with Lierre Keith’s stance on this is nonsensical. Saba stands with it. Val stands with it. Dillon stands with it. Cameron stands with it. Rachel stands with it. Alex stands with it. Lexi stands with it. I stand with it. And on and on.
    And it’s absolutely extraordinary and also fucking typical that in a thread that began because women were intimidated, yelled at, and physically accosted by a mob of men, YOU talk about “expecting resistance.” Jesus fucking Christ. It was the fucking trans people–the MEN–who were the aggressors. Can’t you get that through your head? What part of that is so hard to grasp?

    1. Why should it matter to feminists if trans people are “upset”?
      What kind of BS feminism are people pushing now anyway ? Feminism is not a catch all for every other cause on the planet. Feminism is not the ladies auxiliary of the progressive movement. Feminists are supposed to work toward the emancipation of women from male dominance in all its forms. That’s about it.

    2. “What part of that is so hard to grasp?”
      As one who is not a “radical feminist” or a “transqueer” — it’s hard not to notice the totally bizarre gully you all find yourselves in.
      First, the incident at the conference was (and is) creepy. A self-selecting group of “accountability” police trying to chase people out of a conference, intimidating and using (obvious, classic) bully techniques: it’s not good. It’s unfortunate that event organizers didn’t maintain a space for exchanging ideas, and gave in to bullying while allowing a mob swarm to just run its course (over two days!). Other witnesses were all paralyzed by this “privilege” talk to the point they couldn’t watch an obvious assault and recognize it for what it was: authoritarianism and “community” policing by self-appointed and TOTALLY unaccountable creeps.
      That said: Derrick, why is it so hard for you to acknowledge that trans people exist outside the (ideological parameters) of what (a very certain, very particular brand of) “radical feminism” demands?
      Transwomen exist. That they aren’t females, but unless you think “gender” isn’t “real” — then it’s not the issue! It’s not. Respect the existence of transwomen, and you don’t have to pretend they are females. Use feminine pronouns where requested, and that’s it!
      They are transwomen, and transwomen exist. Use female pronouns. Respect the humanity of people around you, and don’t confuse a pack of subcultural bullies with the tens of thousands of other people who are trans, and face very real violence. (I have been beaten for “gender transgression” more than once. I am not trans, but played with “gender fucking” as a teenager. The intensity of the violence against trans people is unrelenting. Don’t contribute to it.
      They weren’t “men” who attacked your table. They were transwomen. Simply acknowledging that transexuals exist, and have the right to human dignity, it’s just not that hard. You don’t have to accept that transwomen aren’t trans. Just as you DO have to accept that they are trans (and not keep calling them “men”). THAT is not cool, it’s backward and misses the issue. It actually CREATES the false dichotomy and ENFORCES it as the ONLY terrain of debate and discussion.
      Related, if you are going to war with “gender” and think it is “gender” which oppresses people — good fucking luck. There’s a reason why the OVERWHELMING majority of women say they aren’t “feminist” — because they don’t agree with “radical feminism” and its claims that gender is itself the problem, or that it is “simply” a social construction. Have kids, then we’ll talk again about that “social construction.”
      If this “transqueer” bully crew thinks that berating and policing the margins of a subculture is going to make other people think they are “women” — they are mistaken. I don’t want to hear a pack of college bullshit. Women exist, women have issues and concerns that are real. Reproduction, health, socialization and so on — all very real, whatever YOUR “identity.”
      “radfems” are fucking out there. “transqueers” are fucking out there.
      Radical Feminism was destructive, and outside of subcultural ghettos, is OVERWHELMINGLY rejected by women (and men) who aren’t interested in treating gender as an ideology or denying their sex. Sorry. You have made an ideological wrong turn, in a micro-universe where people aren’t allowed to say what they actually think. Where women and men are told they are “privileged” and sit and navel-gaze with belligerents about this supposed “privilege” of being born.
      Again, this “radfem” idea that “gender” is a “social construction” and that men and women are THEMSELVES the problem opens any scene which adopts it to self-destruct. And it’s amazing how in the whole discussion, it’s as if everyone is an atomized, white middle class narcissist without children or sick parents, or any REAL problems. My god. You think denying the existence of transexuals is good for women? Um, that’s a strech. And the argument these two “positions” are having is toxic, and doesn’t travel an INCH beyond the subcultures you’re all enmeshed in.
      This concern with policing each other (and guilt-tripping and so on) than actual challenging people with ACTUAL power is only outdone by the passivity of others watching it happen, so afraid to not be “dealing with their shit” after you ALL agree that EVERYONE is an oppressor because of some ABSTRACT “privilege.”
      Well — then go be “privileged” and stop acting you have any leadership to give the rest of us who aren’t so burdened, with the “privilege” of being born. My god. Or, your god.
      If you want to argue church matters, go to church.
      Otherwise, stop trying to impose your “gender” ideology on people who aren’t interested. Meaning: all of you.
      Radical Feminism was the end of the women’s liberation movement. It could well be the end of your organization as well. It certainly looks that way.
      And the authoritarianism of the so-called anti-authoritarians continues to amaze those who are simply observing it.
      These self-selecting accountability groups should be very careful. Because where I come from, that kind of “intervention” isn’t dealt with by whining about it and crying competing victim narratives. Assault is met with self-defense. People who run conferences should feel ENTIRELY empowered to shut down such disruptions and bullying NO MATTER what the supposed ideological issues are. THAT kind of behavior is dangerous, and it will destroy you.

      1. Dream on Jesse. I hate to break it to you (not really- I’m just saying that to be polite) but most women are “radical feminists”, whether they even call themselves feminists or not. Most women know that sex traffiking, pornography, rape, forced reproduction, coerced social roles based on sex, etc. are bad for women. They don’t need to read feminist texts or “identify” as radical feminists to know these things.

      2. First off, you realize that “transwomen aren’t females” is fighting words to a good portion of the “mainstream” trans* community at this point, don’t you? Keep up.
        At this point it’s considered “transphobic” to say that women have vaginas, for heaven’s sake, but it’s 100% A-OK and normal for a self-proclaimed “girls like us” (i.e. trans*, but the individual in question is going more for a “third sex”) to complain about how they “have to” undergo electrolysis in order to “have their gender accepted.” So we can’t be “essentialist” in saying that women have vaginas, but we can say that women don’t have chest and facial hair? How silly.
        Plenty of the women here do have kids. Furthermore, all of the women here have grown up as girls under the gender hierarchy and chafed under it, were oppressed by it. Those of us who don’t buy this “innate gender differences” BS know where we come from. So please, tell me how I’m supposed to think a certain way and have a certain personality because I was born female. Please do explain exactly what the “woman brain” involves, because no one has yet been able to do it.
        No one is denying the existence of transsexuals. We just deny that they’re women. That’s it. They’re free to be, you and me, do whatever the heck they want (without violence) and you will not find me molesting them, but no, I don’t have to accept that they are women. They need to quit appropriating, already. They can go wear a dress and have fabulous nails and femme it up to their heart’s content, no one here cares. But they can’t voluntarily join the class of “women” – sorry.
        No one here is denying their sex. Mainly those of us here are complaining about people who deny that sex is even real – people who insist that all that matters is “feels” or some nebulous “identity.”
        Our entire point is that yes, sex matters.

      3. Gallus is right, Mr. Jane. Most women who are not feminists recognize men in drag when they see them. Only a very few women, usually those who identify as “feminists,” sadly and ironically, have been bullied and threatened and quilt-tripped into obediently calling obvious men “trans women” or “she” or “her.” The women are immediately recognizable as being members of a cult, complete with bizarre words (like “cis”) and awkward phrasing that most women have no clue about. It very much reeks of trying to placate and obey a dangerous oppressor who rants and threatens at the slightest sign of disobedience to the cult.
        No matter how often men like you and the women who support them accuse Radical Feminists of disappearing and all the other lies they are projecting, men claiming to be women and Lesbians prove our point over and over. We predicted all that is happening now, and being lectured to obey is what men always do to women.
        What your bullying has accomplished is to get a few women to feel guilty and ashamed of their own common sense recognizing that “transwomen” are incredibly male in every aspect, from their drag quuen clothes and makeup to their male rape-oriented entitlement.
        Just look around and even the most intimidated of the women who are obeying trans cult rules and policing other women to obey the men still rebel and say no in the ways that they can, from not wanting female impersonators in women’s restrooms to never wanting to be intimate with them.
        The only people you are fooling are yourselves.

      4. Jesse Jane,
        You wrote:That said: Derrick, why is it so hard for you to acknowledge that trans people exist outside the (ideological parameters) of what (a very certain, very particular brand of) “radical feminism” demands?
        I find it both telling and bizarre that on this website full of intelligent and well-spoken women, that you chose instead to address this question to me, a white dude. I guess I see two possible reasons the question could have been addressed to me instead of the women whose space this is: 1) I’m a dude, and therefore worthy of being addressed; or 2) I’m a dude on this space for women, and therefore there might be some possibility of driving some sort of wedge: these angry women won’t be able to see reason, but maybe the dude will. Not gonna work.

      5. I’m automatically wary of anything you have to say, “Jesse Jane”, when your name is either a reference to a porn star or is ripped from an Alice Cooper song where a trans truck driver murders everyone in a McDonalds because a guy tossed a coke in his face.

      6. you contradict yourself left right and centre – radfems are consistent – that’s why I believe them and not you.

      7. Just glancing, I can tell when a man is blathering, because it’s always in an endless, rambling TOME, for christ’s sake. Be concise.

      8. What the…?
        That was one hell of a mansplainin’ wall of text.

  23. The bottom line is that males attacked and defaced the property of womeh sitting at a feminist info table at a conference. Transplainers need to focus on the acts of violence these men threatened women with, women who are proud feminists.
    Trans have to get used to the fact that this is male behavior, and that they are males fighting a retro cause to act like sterotypical females that feminism rejects, radical feminism that is. We don’t support males in female spaces, we don’t support delusional men who are attacking us.
    So talk about the attacks, find out who did them, and get those men charged with a crime, have a trial.

  24. Read the men their rights before you arrest them.
    Attacking women at info tables at a conference is an outrage. These men are a danger to society and to women.

  25. I love all these people who are basically apologists for violence saying what happened to these women wasn’t a big deal. Could you imagine the shit storm that would happen if a radical feminist marked up some queer books and marked at m2t’s hand? It would be calls of attempted murder. We’d have Joelle and the rest of the man parade out in force beating the ‘rad scum drum.”

    1. Murder and then they would threaten suicide–they die so many times I can’t keep count.

    2. I know, PDT. They’d be screaming for blood, and be encouraged in their shrieking by every deluded funfem out there.

  26. WTF, schminkef — bad enough you’re a man claiming to be “feminist, but then you do the usual male lecturing of feminists about how we should obey your female-hating crap?
    Clearly you have not read the archives here. I suggest you do. Where do you draw the line? Shall we also genuflect to the demands of the able-bodied man who identifies as a “trans-paraplegic Lesbian?” At what point is it clear how ridiculous the trans cult propaganda is?
    THERE ARE NO “TRANS PEOPLE.” “Transphobia” is a con used to manipulate women into obeying men, but calling those incredibly female-hating men “women” and then saying they are more oppressed than us. Men cannot become women. Simple fact. Once you get that, the rest is very clear.
    You think we haven’t seen het men leering at Lesbians, trying to invade our spaces? This is just a new version of a very old problem. Why do you support these rapey men?
    By the way, for the women here, please don’t make this space less safe for women — please don’t play into the trans cult by agreeing to use their offensive terms or repeating the lies they tell as if they are real, by calling them “trans women” or using the misogynist term “cis” or saying things like: “Regardless of them changing their gender…” They haven’t changed anything. Gender is not real. Men looking like drag queens is just men looking like how men want women to look.
    And it’s way more than “for a long amount of time they’ve been socialized to be ok with intimidating females” — the level of how men hate females, where most have been sexually assaulted is way beyond socialization. It is the norm for men and boys, and some of us believe biologically based. Since we can’t know for certain, it’s safe to assume it is — which does not mean not holding them accountable. It means never trusting them.
    I do not know of any woman who has not been indoctrinated into the trannie cult who uses terms like “cis.” So it’s an immediate giveaway that someone has learned that odd, creepy language that only a few have ever heard. In this safe space for real women it immediately identifies the writer as still connected with men who pretend to be women.

  27. Interesting how for all the comparisons the trans supporters offer between racism and transphobia, I’ve yet to hear any examples of people of color destroying, say, KKK literature or protesting the proponents of Eugenics. Nor do I hear of members of the LGB attacking conservative Christians or the Westboro family. For some reason it’s only feminists that are so offensive that violence from “trans women” is justifiable.
    More importantly, the reason why other oppressed groups don’t tend to use violence is because they CAN’T. They don’t have that option. So “trans women” admit their privilege by their actions while denying it verbally and demanding that liberals agree with them, lest they be labeled bigots. It’s a crazy world…

    1. That’s because they have the analogy precisely backward – THEY are the ones in essentially blackface, coming to complain that POC aren’t letting them into a POC-only space, and that is so unfair, because the blackface wearers get MORE hate than actual POC, you know, because horror of horrors, other people notice that their makeup job sucks and point it out.
      In this analogy, POC point out that their blackface is hardly convincing and it’s offensive besides, and non-POC come at them with the “why on earth would you want to be a POC, why do you sign up for that struggle voluntarily, you’re nuts.” THAT is the “oppression” at hand. But it’s caused by their appropriation.
      Back to “gender,” these people want to say that the “hate” and stares and non-acceptance caused by being obviously someone in dress up drag, trying to pass as a woman and failing at it, is WORSE than the oppression that comes from being a woman. That actual women are “lucky” because we all supposedly easily “pass” as women.
      They can’t voluntarily join an oppressed group, and they can’t “identify” their way out of privilege, regardless of how much dysphoria they might have or how badly they might want to belong.

    2. You’re so completely wrong! You’ve never heard of POC using violence against racism? Have you ever heard of the Black Panthers? The Black Liberation Army? The Brown Berets? Try this: http://docsouth.unc.edu/sohp/A-0351/excerpts/excerpt_2042.html
      Since you hate having your books written on, maybe we can try this next time: http://24.media.tumblr.com/6bc5786638120c167a74a27ef1aeddbd/tumblr_mlu1dvvGLD1resjnxo1_500.gif

      As for queers attacking conservative Christians, you’re wrong. I’ll just leave you with this: https://www.google.com/search?q=queers+attack+church

      1. You know what’s the link between all those incidents? Pretty much irrelevant. Politically, no one cared. My statement was that the oppressed class Tended to not use violence, not that it never happened. The ones who do embrace violence SUCCESSFULLY are the oppressors. By that analysis, I’ve come to conclude that either:
        -Violence within the movement will turn public opinion against transgenderism, making it obsolete in ten years or so.
        -Trans “women” ARE the oppressive class. Since we’re talking about gender, this makes them male.
        Take your pick. I can accept either one.

      2. You mean The New Black Panthers?! The original Black Panthers arose from a need to seek social redress. The New Black Panthers are hate-filled bigots.

    3. No! And what sickens me to the point of illness (!) is that there are white only groups in my country (U.K). There are batshit crazy Nazis organising in little “white only” groups.
      But get this, there are no persons of colour bothering them. In reality, no one cares what other people do as long at it doesn’t actually affect their lives. These trans m-t-f however seem hell bent on mythering women who want to gather amongst themselves. Their female obsession seems to know no bounds.

  28. Why do transactivists attack radfems? Simple. We are nonviolent. The people who are killing them are men, and men are much too scary to take on. Trans people are afraid to name the agents, and instead use as scapegoats people who they know won’t hurt them. We are critical; men are homicidal. Let’s see them take on the MRAs, who dont have theoretical differences, they only have pure sex-based contempt and hate. Let’s see them say die cis scum to the people who actually harm them. Or ok, just flap their lips at women who never hurt them.

    1. Exactly.
      Violence against trans* people does happen, no one is denying that. But who is perpetrating that violence? MEN.
      MEN go after M2T for being “pussies” and all other manner of misogynistic terms, not manly enough, and they go after F2T for not being “real men.” Some of those MEN bring the “corrective rape.” Some kill.
      But don’t blame women for this!!!

  29. Trannies are mentally ill, plain and simple. There is no evidence of any sort that they are females in male bodies, save for their own word. If I claim to be Napoleon, I’m institutionalized. If I claim to be a woman, I can go have some doctor mutilate my genitals. Insanity.
    Women are women and they shouldn’t be forced to include mentally ill men in any group or movement that they own.

    1. Men are men and they shouldn’t be forced to include mentally ill women in any group or movement that they own.

      1. Ooo, Dryad! Incisive as a knife! ‘Cause that’s totally the same thing! Ass.

    2. Dryad, I’m sure you’re safe. No woman, sane or otherwise, wants to join the MRA movement.

  30. Sooooo, to put this in layman’s terms: the phony wannabe women assault the REAL women because they are actually women & these guys want to be something that they arent born to be……………….yep that sounds about right smh. So deceived these ppl are. Just sad..

  31. I love you all strong women for standing up to this insanity. I guess the conference name was self fulfilling indeed: “Law and Disorder”..PERFECT example.
    So let’s name the crimes: a dyke was surrounded by a bunch of trans ‘women’ and their allies and shouted down at NYC Dyke March last year.
    Women at Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival have been constantly harassed, and incidents and shouting matches happened when they didn’t agree that MTF’s are women or should be allowed into Michfest which is EXPLICITLY wbw space….and the trans have targeted Michfest FOR YEARS…they’ve also crashed it over and over again, not paying to get it, using up it’s resources and causing a whole lot of division between born females going for a respite from the patriarchy and to bond.
    I left a group because they wanted to start including FTM’s in a woman to woman group, full transition male identified FTM’s, because so many of their girlfriends were transitioning to male, they didn’t want to be excluded. When I spoke up about this, a year later they set me up with the worst lies and backstabbing for false accusations. I NEVER had anything to do with that group again.
    Again, a women’s community I value, has now started allowing MTF’s into the festival, though supposedly none have come, I have stood up to the steering committee of that festival trying to dissuade them to allowing them and how it would irrevocably change the festival. I also insisted my workshops be wbw only….and one individual had a vendetta against me for making such a stance till she left…but I was seen as a ‘troublemaker’ for standing strong. I will NOT teach my deepest women’s mysteries as an Amazon to those who are not born female living as female.
    ANYTIME I have seen a women’s space being organized(even as recently as this year) the arguement starts all over again, until ‘trans women’ and even those who want to be men, with beards, facial hair and surgically removed healthy breasts are ‘welcome’. Into a women’s space? And biological female mostly LESBIAN women are at each other’s throats around this. Talk about Eris’ Apple of Discord.
    All our Dyke Marches have been infiltrated including SF Dyke March and this year we had a debate online about the direction of SF Dyke March. Some of us felt VERY STRONGLY about KEEPING IT WBW space…while the organizers sold out and made policy several years ago that ‘past, present and future females’ are welcome, WHEN THERE IS A TRANS MARCH THE NIGHT BEFORE IN THE EXACT SAME SPACE.
    And these incidents with the born males and wanna be males newly pumped up on testosterone occur over and over again……
    IF trans ‘women’ WERE ‘women’, by any stretch of the imagination.
    a)they’d have their penises whacked off before even CONSIDERING coming into female spaces.
    b) they would be CONSIDERATE of bio females and HOW bio females including Lesbian females, Radical Feminist females or any other Females feel about their presence. Much like other minority groups that ‘grandfather’ or ‘grandmother’ in someone from a dominant group and make them ‘one of the tribe’ it is BECAUSE they have learned the tribal rules and RESPECT for members of that tribe. With MOST MTF’s they take their MALE TRAINING and FORCE their way in, regardless of what born females think, or want.
    c)they would ACCEPT that some female spaces are NOT for them, and other female spaces are more open…just like someone who is NOT a tribal member, but a tribal ally or adoptee is made to ACCEPT that some spaces, rituals, events are ONLY for blood tribal members, and OTHER spaces, events, rituals are for those who are allies and adopted in too…
    D) having left their male selves and training behind(supposedly) they would defer to born females, or respect their wishes, and would mold themselves after born females and NEVER use their former male training against ANY female.
    That would be for starters. As I’ve NEVER seen 95% of the MTFs acting this way, I agree with Gallus Mag, Bev Jo and all others that indeed MTF’s are NOT Female AND NEVER CAN BE NO MATTER HOW MANY SURGERIES OR HORMONES THEY TAKE because of how they treat women and revert back to their Male Dominant behaviors whenever they don’t get their way!!!! And that biology comes before ‘genda’. Period.

  32. <——Not Queer, I'M A DYKE!!! Queer 'theory' is a whole bunch of nonsense, whereas Feminist theory AND PRACTICE makes a whole bunch of sense. And NO a man cannot BE a Feminist. I have not met ONE MAN who would deserve that title because on some level he is sexist(even if he's trying to learn to be anti-sexist), and he benefits from his male privilege in the patriarchy.
    By the way, for us ignorant folks, what the fuck is the 'kyrarchy'? I have seen the genderists throwing around this term but have NO CLUE what it means!

      1. It’s also an offshoot from the idea of “hegemonic masculinity.” It was an early 90s theory proposed by a shitty college professor who, after writing the theory, came out as a MTF. But no one is allowed to talk about that (and how someone who would eventually believe himself 100% divested of male privilege might have used that previous idea as a stepping stone, politically, socially, and financially) as it’s rude to do that sort of thing in academia. Especially to a white male who speaks from an “objective” viewpoint, a viewpoint that was protected even after “transition.”
        The basic idea is that as masculinity is an unobtainable standard, all men fall short of the perfect ideal of macho-ness, so no one is really *the* patriarchy as it’s just an idea. This supposedly makes men more open to watered-down feminism as it’s not targeting their privilege, only Mitt Romney’s, and we’re not to blame for anything. The theory supposedly reaches young and disadvantaged men “where they’re at” as all these gender experts make bank teaching anti-domestic violence seminars in high schools and prisons, anywhere they don’t have to face other males as equals, but the dumbed down theory trickles up to protect educated white males from having to look at anything substantial, either.
        It also means that you can have non-hegemonic masculinities that are supposedly anti-patriarchal: A non-racist white masculinity! (being a decent person is thus an inherent part of your identity.) Or a non-homophobic Black masculinity. Or transmasculinity — or even female masculinity (there’s a whole book). Because masculinity turns some people on it must be natural. And real. So it’s identities and not behaviors that matter.
        Hence a kyriarchy is needed to track and chart the position of all these gender spectrums and how they might intersect.
        Note that these people suggest that more than one feminism is needed as women have no coherent experience in common, thus there needs to be feminisms (see chapter one, iirc, of Women’s Lives, Men’s Laws for a good criticism of that).
        But they aren’t suggesting that women sound off with different femininities (beyond the silly affectation of certain hetero bloggers calling themselves “femme” lately to locate themselves as women who read all the popular queer theorists) as that would strike actual feminists as absurd in a way that proposing men embrace positive masculinities (plural) doesn’t ever seem to strike those same people as absurd. But it’s all the same kaboodle despite the different terminology.
        /not a feminist but hopefully useful on occasion

    1. Why are you here, you bible-thumping Rush Limbaugh lover? Think there’s no discord in your little Tea Party “movement”? Guess what – you self-righteous fundies are splintering the GOP, and we’re LOVING IT. Thank you!

  33. Marcos is it ok to quote you? I really, really like what you said in this paragraph:
    “Nobody gets to use shame and guilt tripping as a substitute for honest philosophical debate. Nor does it follow that when someone disagrees on theory that implies a hatred for everyone who subscribes to that theory. That’s little more than medieval Catholicism.”
    Thanks….it cuts right to the point..on so many levels…

  34. OH, AND i forgot to add to the list of crimes against us wbw women wanting OUR space, rituals and ways: being under attack at Pantheacon the last two years by the transgender for wanting our Dianic rituals to be BY AND FOR WBW ONLY, and this year, when I went for the first time, AFTER that horrible debate the last two years villifying just about EVERY Dianic as ‘transphobic’ and lining up in vigil against Z Budapest’s ritual which basically intimidating bio female women wanting to attend her Dianic ritual last year, that THIS YEAR when I finally went there were NO women only workshops whatsoever…whether inclusive of MtF’s or not…NONE. There were groups that imitated Dianic Wicca by name but were ‘all gender’ meetings/rituals, AND THERE WERE AT LEAST 3 WORKSHOPS THAT WERE MALE ONLY!!!
    So what the fuck does that tell you about the seamless and consistent attacks by trans against women and wbw spaces and identity, much of which is Lesbian centered????

    1. FeistyAmazon, the Pantheacon debacle made me wash my hands of Pantheacon, The Wild Hunt (which printed the most misogynistic ranting from the “trans” contingent but censored any female backtalk as “transphobic,” AND the American Pagan community in general. It’s as sexist and woman-hating as any other patriarchal religion these days. I applaud women like you and Ruth Barrett for standing strong in the face of all this. And to Gallus for giving us a platform to speak our truth.

      1. Pantheacon and most of the neopagan community is really racist, too. Of course they like men who claim to be women. They also like white people who claim to have the right to POC identities, space and spirituality.

    2. I knew the trannies would ruin it for Dianics at Pantheacon. I always said women don’t go making trouble in men-only spaces. How about we start bashing Pantheacon for the men-only rituals?! That’s a no brainer! We’ll be ignored like squashed bugs! These double standards infuriate me!!!!! I am a Dianic and i love my women-only space! Aren’t i entitled to it?! Must I give that up to accommodate eunuchs wearings skirts?!

  35. So two MTF’s acting out are NOT doing this alone….just like two Russians acting out being radicalized in violent Islamic jihad thought aren’t doing it alone, anymore than any other form of terrorists or violent individuals justifying their actions because of a hate movement behind them, against certain individuals. To put it even closer together, like Luckynkl did, BOTH ideologies victimize women, and see bio female women as ‘less than’. And both ideologies now have ended up in violent acts against women…and others outside of that. Jihadi Islam however would make women again into chattel and ‘less than’. Sex change to them is the cure for homosexuality….but it’s hard to justify that when the MTF’s chase after us Dykes…..but in my mind they were NEVER homosexual in the first place! Just men that want to go after the women who are most inaccessible to them….and not a clue why they would give up their exterior male privilege to do so…while they keep reinforcing the interior aspects of it…

  36. “bodies defaced with permanent magic markers”
    Id hate to see what you think about people who get tattoos! You gonna start quoting Leviticus at us?

    1. Why dontcha google “man tattoos baby” or “man tattoos dog” and see what the difference is between choosing something for your own body and having someone else do something to you against your will?

    2. There’s a big difference between choosing to get a tattoo and someone drawing on another person against their will, dumbass.

    3. There are no words in the English language to adequately describe your yawning chasm of perception, Dryad.

    4. The trans males should be charged with assault, batter, and the defacing of property. Assault is the threat. Battery is the actual touching. Even spitting on someone is a crime and charged as a battery. One dude was sentenced to life imprisonment for spitting on a cop. That’s how serious assault and battery can be.
      No two ifs, ands, or buts, these trans boys were menacing and threatening towards these women and committed assault and battery. But it’s interesting, Dryad, that you find men’s crimes against women no big deal and something to mock. We’ll see how amusing you find if these trans boys are charged and you realize they can receive a prison sentence of up to 2.5 years and a $1,000 fine – and, for good measure, are thrown into a cell with their own kind – other males. Who I guarantee won’t find it amusing if these trans boys try to pull the same stunt on them. Isn’t that hilarious?

  37. I CHOOSE my tattoos I have, but if someone started marking on me, they’d probably get a fist or a knee to where the sun don’t shine…

  38. Thanks Ashland…but their use of it sounds like a smokescreen to cover up the ORIGINAL oppression of male/female…..I’ll stick with referring to it as the PATRIARCHY.

    1. Good call, Feisty. It is very much a smokescreen – it’s used because it’s considered more “intersectional”, another word that I’ve noticed is increasingly used to further dilute the core issue of male oppression of females. Which is sad, because the awareness of how oppression can overlap in so many peoples’ lives is a good thing. But now both “kyriarchy” and “intersectional” seem to just serve to further take the focus off the particular challenges of women.

  39. I saw one of the incidents, and heard accounts of the rest. This is grossly exaggerated. I’m not even going to go in to all the facts that you got wrong because I’d be here all night. What we are missing here is that all the trans people confronted DGR about Lierre Keith’s transphobia. (quoting her:” I can’t fathom how mutilating people’s bodies to fit an oppressive power arrangement is frankly anything but a human rights violation. And men insisting that they are women is insulting and absurd.”) From what I witnessed, and from what I heard of the rest of the accounts, DGR members insisted that “transphobia doesn’t exist” or “Lierre Keith’s not transphobic.” I am not condoning the actions of the trans people. I’m sure that the DGR members felt threatened, and responded in a defensive way because of it. But as the partner of a trans person I know how frustrating it can be to feel invisible or disrespected, especially in a so-called safe space. 78 trans women were murdered last year because of their gender identity. (and those are just the ones that were reported) 41% of trans people have attempted suicide. 88% have been harassed at school, causing 1 in 6 to drop out. One in 5 have experienced homelessness, and 22% report being sexually assaulted by staff in a homeless shelter. My girlfriend has lost her entire community, left school, been denied entrance to Smith college, been fired from or quit four jobs because of harassment in the 9 months we’ve been together, been verbally harassed almost every day, and been physically assaulted for being trans. Most transphobic feminists say that trans women just dress like women to gain access to women’s spaces, but who would risk all that just to gain access to a space? It hurts the most when feminists exclude trans women because it’s often the only place trans women belong. We fight this battle every day, and when someone tells us that the battle doesn’t even exist, it causes anger, frustration, sadness, and sometimes rage. Not condoning how these organizers were treated, but I hope that offering this perspective can shed some light on the motivation.

    1. ”I can’t fathom how mutilating people’s bodies to fit an oppressive power arrangement is frankly anything but a human rights violation. And men insisting that they are women is insulting and absurd.”
      How is that “transphobic”? What in her statement is in anyway inaccurate?

    2. “Most transphobic feminists say that trans women just dress like women to gain access to women’s spaces, but who would risk all that just to gain access to a space?”
      I have more if you need it.
      these fetishists exist whether you want to believe it or not and it’s not up to women to distinguish who is safe and who is a predator. Trans people NEED to make their own safe space and stop pressuring and harassing women/lesbians to solve their problems. We aren’t your servants. PLEASE JUST GO AWAY AND LEAVE US ALONE.
      It is very clear by how they behave that transwomen do not care about the safety and well being of born women so you’ll have to excuse me if I’m not tripping over myself to extend my support. I am fed up with the violence and abuse that comes out of the trans community. I am fed up with their tantrums, and their ceaseless attempts at silencing and bullying women. I am fed up with being scared and having my feelings dismissed by men who claim they know more about misogyny and womanhood than me.

    3. “I can’t fathom how mutilating people’s bodies to fit an oppressive power arrangement is frankly anything but a human rights violation. And men insisting that they are women is insulting and absurd.” Also how is that bigoted and hateful? Gender isn’t innate, it’s a social construct. THIS is your transphobic comment? Give me a break.

    4. I was not there so I do not know what happened. I do know that M2T make a pass time out of threatening women and then claiming they were the victim because they were hurt or “frustrated”—Trans logic–women were mean so I can attack them and threaten. No you can’t you male prick.
      You are not a small fool. Rather a large one based on your ignorance. Please do not quote pack of lies that have been documented as such and call them statistics. 15 Trans were murdered last year, a couple by other trans and NONE by women (check the Advocate). You wanna play body count–then get it right and don’t piss in our ear and call it rain. Saying a man is man does not deny anyone’s existence. He has the same existence any other male has. Women do not have to bend to his will. Women are not obligated to honor your partner’s “feelings” if you chose to that is your choice. We are free to make our own choice, without his input–can you understand that? I happened to not choose to–my right. I accept biological reality–XY male XX women. Our lives depended on that. Your partner, I do not care how sad sack or shitty his life is he still can’t demand I believe, accept or honor his view of the world or his view of himself. Get out with that idea—poor baby, yeah right. Women owe him nothing. And hon, there is no such thing as transphobia—educate yourself. I know it might destroy the whole biggest victim ever, the most oppressed in the history of humanity OMG fact check15 killed not 78–The suicide stats another fabrication–to elicit pity. I have no pity for violent men. If they kill themselves—it’s “pass the salt, good thing they did not kill a women.” This is the real grown up world—not some guy’s porn soaked fantasy. BTW women killed same year–1100. My advice, Get real, don’t lie, and check your stats–And do not expect women to cry your male partner a river–we have real oppression not role playing for an erotic charge. Grow up sweetie. As for your question–Who would risk all that–good question–think on that one. So right about now you have very little credibility. I hope you realize. Oh and he has not right to go to Smith it is a women’s college. You have no perspective because you don’t think

      1. The trans suicide stats have never been objectively documented by any source- which seems strange since suicidality is such a large portion of the trans political platform- seems trans activists would be clamoring for objective data. What is objective is that heterosexual white males commit suicide more than any other demographic by a wide margin.

      2. You are brilliant GM. I know I keep looking for those suicide stats and have not found any. The only numbers I can find are stats for ideation and those are all “self reported” survey type which makes them useless. Also the survey was conducted by trans political groups and given their history with numbers I doubt they reflect anything accurate. Yes it is a huge claim they make all the time–why are these numbers not available?

    5. Murder rates of transgender people are lower than those of the general population, except in regions where murder rates of homosexuals are high – Brazil for example. This, even though rates of transgender criminality are higher than any other demographic. Murder rates among Black and other non-white transgender males are lower then murder rates for non-transgender males who are Black, Latino, Hispanic, or Asian.
      40% of transgenders have attended college, compared to 28% of the general population. 27% have a degree compared with 18% of the general population. A whopping 20% of transgender folks have obtained a graduate degree, contrasted with only 9% of the general population.
      Your boyfriend was rejected for admission to Smith College because your boyfriend is male, not because of the personal beliefs he holds about himself. Smith College is a women’s college. Your boyfriend is not “oppressed” by women.
      You say: “Most transphobic feminists say that trans women just dress like women to gain access to women’s spaces, but who would risk all that just to gain access to a space?”
      Let’s examine that.
      You frame women’s spaces as just “a space”. I find this framing problematic because the (very few) spaces alloted for women away from men are not just a space like any old space. Your boyfriend, or any other man isn’t cruelly being denied access to random spaces. Women’s spaces are set aside because they provide a measure of protection for women in situations where they are at a particular, increased risk of vulnerability to male predation in a culture where women are currently undergoing an epidemic of male violence and sexual predation towards women. The most overt example would be those public spaces where women and girls need to remove their clothes, such as locker rooms, toilets, etc.
      Other places where women and girls are at increased vulnerability to the epidemic of male violence and predation include dorm rooms, hospital or care facilities, prisons, etc.
      In answer to your question of what men will “risk” to “gain access” to vulnerable women and children you simply need to watch the evening news.
      Good golly there sure are a lot of male predators who design their whole lives and careers around access to vulnerable women and children they wish to victimize.
      Your framing suggests that you believe that the feelings and personal beliefs of some men are more important than the right of all women to avoid or reduce violent and sexual victimization by men.
      Your framing suggests that you believe all women and girls should disregard our own safety and abandon our right to male-free spaces because a small percentage of the males who insist on inserting themselves in those spaces against our wishes might not be harmful. You propose no objective means to sort the violent predators from those who are simply willing to make women fear for their safety because of their male feelings.
      How fucked up do you have to be to suggest such a thing?
      Women say NO. We say no to that. We say no to your boyfriend. Is that okay?

      1. Absolutely brilliant, Gallus Mag. Thank you. After seeing how DGR Portland turned on the Radical Feminists who wrote in the defense of the attacked DGR women, calling it “hate and aggression,” and then posted about how oppressed trannies are, with quite a few known “Radical Feminists” “liking” that statement, this is an absolute relief to see. Not everyone is submitting to the trans cult demands.

    6. Motivation is irrelevant, hollis. Assault and destruction of property are unacceptable behaviors.

    7. “22% report being sexually assaulted by staff in a homeless shelter”
      That quote is from the National Transgender Discrimination Survey and is actually “22% report being sexually assaulted by residents and staff in a homeless shelter.” You seem to have conveniently dropped the “residents” from that quote. Almost makes it seem like you want to indict all shelter staff for being rapist scum.
      And one does have to wonder if the authors of that report just simply aren’t being lazy and appropriating the reported number of WOMEN (that’s all women. Not just pretend wannabe women) raped within the year housed in homeless shelters because the number is almost the same (21%).
      92% of homeless women have been raped or sexually attacked. 92%. 1 in 6 women in the U.S. have been raped. 1 in 3 in the military services. We know that major metropolitan police departments aren’t even bothering to process rape kits collected. Most rape is not prosecuted. Most rape isn’t even reported because the intense scrutiny on the victim inhibits the healing process.
      Yes, I do think there need to be better options for non-gender conforming folk. Especially men who want to dress and body mod female attributes. If they have a penis, we can’t put them in with most homeless women because of the severe rape survivor issues of the majority of the shelter residents. Many of the homeless shelters have open shower bays. Many of the shelter women are terrified of penises. How do you suggest we balance that? Evidently just asking if you have a penis is harassment and discrimination according to this Transgender study that you quoted. But it’s necessary information for shelter staff so that accommodations can be made.
      And just to make it clear, if they’re gay men that aren’t sporting female body mods and don’t prefer skirts, they still are raped in shelters. Should we let the gay men come stay in the women’s shelter because it would be “safer”? Young men with a slight build are raped in shelters. Bring them into the women’s shelter too? Should we just start sorting people for shelters as “big muscular aggressive dude shelter” and “meek slight young dude shelter” and just not bother with the sex of the people at all? Because that is exactly what the Transgender community is asking from our shelters.

  40. Let me get this straight: The assailants were biological men who want to be women. Their beef was with the feminists’ claim that social roles determined by biological sex are harmful.
    Doesn’t it seem that they should be the first to agree with that idea? They are male, but they don’t feel comfortable being male in a society that says males should be ___ (fill in the blank). So instead of fighting to change gender roles, they fight to change their innate sex?
    What is wrong with these people?!

    1. The attacks on dgr may actually be about their environmental effectiveness and power as a strong, principled resistance group. I wonder if the agents of industry/the state/capitalism are targeting dgr using ‘transphobia’ to undermine what could (if people start listening to their ideas) be a potential threat to consumerist business as usual

  41. What goes around comes around. Feminists have trashed women who championed traditional roles and those women haven’t fought back – at least with violence. They also supported “gay and transgender rights.” Now they have MEN, who though they THINK they are women, still have the same physical strength of their ACTUAL gender, violently attacking these women feminists for the same viewpoint that has been rejected by ordinary women.
    Folks, when you confuse something as basic (and simple and unchangeable) as gender, what you get in the end is chaos. If you want to see this whole feminist, gay, transgender idiocy played out, read Dr. Seuss’ book on the star-bellied Sneetches – you know, some had stars on thars and some didn’t. In the end….well, read the book and try to learn something.

    1. Well if you’re into children’s books, Valerie, read Little Red Riding Hood. Trans are the big bad wolf dressed up in grandma’s clothes demanding that Little Red Riding Hood recognize them as grandma – so he can eat her of course. Little Red Riding Hood refuses to go along with the program and as a result, lives. But the women who did go along with the program (like grandma) were lunch. I mean, haven’t you heard of the term, “wolves in sheep’s clothing?”
      Btw, it’s sex that is unchangeable, not gender. The correct term is “gender role,” originally coined as “sex role.” Funny how the genderists keep leaving the “role” part off tho, no? As the term suggests, gender roles are role playing – like actors in a play – with men assigning the roles – to benefit themselves. So what are you saying? An actor who plays a werewolf in a film really is a werewolf and that’s unchangeable? Stop being silly.

    2. Valerie, your Facebook page is loaded with “likes” of blatantly, proudly racist Southern (and Confederate) organizations and pages – one of them is even celebrating a court decision won by the KKK! You’re also anti-choice. You’re obviously anti-woman. You’re too sick for me to waste any time on. I’m sure you dream of going back in time to when you could sip a mint julep while your slaves worked the plantation, but honey, it’s 2013 now. We are looking out for the unity and safety of women. It’s too bad that you’re too stupid to realize that, bless your heart.

    3. OIC, Valerie is a dude. A sexist, racist, Southern boy who mentally never left the plantation and thinks it’s 1865. Go get help for that, dude. They have medication for that in 2013.

  42. This is confusing to me as an outsider. I am just a white guy. But isn’t the non-acceptance of trans-people essentialist? I thought feminism was against essentialism. I thought feminism was about choice, that gender is a social construct, and that the gender binary was bad. Are the women here insisting on a sex binary, and that trans people are not allowed a voice? I’m very confused. I apologize for my ignorance and thank you for your time.

    1. Fair question. Speaking only for myself, this is how I see it:
      Feminism is about choice regarding things that can be chosen. Is a woman capable of performing the work of a lawyer, doctor, or engineer if she chooses? Yes, she is. Is she capable of producing sperm and inseminating another woman? No, she’s not. Therefore she should have the right to choose to be a lawyer, doctor, or engineer, but she simply isn’t capable of choosing to be a man. Nor can a man choose to have a functional uterus, conceive a child, give birth, breastfeed, etc.
      Sex is biological. It can’t be changed. Even SRS does not turn someone into a fully functional member of the opposite sex capable of procreation as such.
      Gender roles, in contrast, are constructs of society, which says, e.g., long hair = female, short hair = male. Being emotional is considered feminine, and being analytical is considered masculine. Both stereotypes are complete hogwash. I’ve known plenty of analytical women and emotional men, not transgendered or even homosexual. I think everyone has, if they stop and think about it.
      If a man wants to wear a dress, wig, and makeup, that should be his right, as there is nothing inherently female about any of those things. But doing so does not give him a uterus or negate his Y chromosome. He’s still a man.
      In fact, if he supposes that wearing a dress and being emotional makes him a woman, then he is reinforcing gender stereotypes that attempt to constrain and limit both sexes and do significant harm to both sexes. He is insulting women by suggesting that that is what they are, or what makes them women. This is highly anti-feminist.
      Does this make sense?

      1. Thank you for that, and yes, it does make sense. Nonetheless, I feel it is still incomplete. What if we have it all wrong, and gender does not exist along a continuum? We both agree that sex is fixed and immutable, but gender is taught as though masculine existed at one end and feminine existed at the other end (of the continuum) – a binary. But what if this is wrong, and there is no polarity? Perhaps masculinity and femininity transcends these reductive measurements. Perhaps they endure, they’re timeless. I’m not saying I am right; I’m saying it’s possible.
        And this is where it gets interesting despite being problematic. A woman can be an engineer, a lawyer, or a soldier – all traditionally masculine fields…or is that really masculine?
        I ask you this because I know two men: one is a lawyer and the other is a garbageman. (not making this up). The garbageman is married with four boys, all natural athletes. The lawyer is divorced, and although he has a brilliant mind, he is depressed, as most divorced men are. In my estimation neither of them are wholly masculine. There are times when they are both slightly feminine. But their occupations in no way reflect their gender expression. Like most people, they go to work like drones and truly express their gender amongst friends and family. Even then it’s neither masculine nor feminine. It seems to me to be a combo.
        If gender exists along a continuum, you need only slide over to the right a little bit (presuming masculine is on the right, for the sake of argument). But if gender is unique, and transcends these scales of our making, then a woman who becomes a lawyer isn’t really becoming masculine. She is still the same person she was before she became a lawyer, except now she is a professional.
        I guess what I’m saying is, if a woman wants to become a lawyer or an engineer she can, there is nothing holding her back, but moreover, she isn’t really becoming masculine. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t associate masculinity with “winning”. To me it’s steadfastness, endurance, courage, which everyone needs. Actually, that’s feminine too now that I think about it. But “roles” and “gender roles” don’t exist anymore, not in my world.
        This was a long-winded comment, it should have been condensed. Ultimately what I mean to say is, if you don’t want trannies getting pissed off at you, then ditch the “unfair gender roles” literature. In 2013, there are no roles. I wouldn’t be surprised one iota if most women earned more money than their male partners right now. And if I’m wrong then it’s coming, real soon. Women are on the cusp of being the principal breadwinner. So for feminism to be current and up to date, jettison the “unfair gender roles” literature, it’s too 1970’s, too Dworkin, too Steinem.

        1. “I guess what I’m saying is, if a woman wants to become a lawyer or an engineer she can, there is nothing holding her back, but moreover, she isn’t really becoming masculine.”
          I agree entirely. The only thing that makes a profession masculine is that it has traditionally been male-dominated, as most professions have been other than nursing, teaching, and a few other traditionally female jobs. It doesn’t mean that holding such a job is masculine (or feminine); it just means that historically most people holding the job were male (or female).
          I tend to think that “gender” is a pretty artificial construction, and everything you said is consistent with that. Sex is real, biological, and binary. Gender is… contrived, artificial, fluid, and ultimately meaningless. Ascribing characteristics to the sexes is what gender is about, and all it does is create stereotypes and box people in. That does no one any good.

      2. “In 2013, there are no roles. I wouldn’t be surprised one iota if most women earned more money than their male partners right now.”
        What color are the sky and grass where you live? I’ve never heard of this magical land you describe.

      3. “If gender exists along a continuum, you need only slide over to the right a little bit (presuming masculine is on the right, for the sake of argument).”
        Jendur is a HIERARCHY sir, not a “continuum”. It’s a hierarchy which enables noxious oppressors like you to mansplain a big turd on a feminist blog. Go fuck yourself, turd dropper.

      4. The fucking entitlement of this prick. “Ahhhh don’t understahhhnd this femnsinism thing but imma gonna tell women how to run it”. omg fetid asshole

    2. Dude, go back and read more of the past posts at this website, and you’ll see why we’re upset. Just keep reading.

    3. Essentialism is the idea that there is something innate or inherent to being a woman.
      The irony here is that trans activists are very much essentialists. Take a ride on google with “brain sex theory” and you will find a long list of trans activists who fully support the idea of male and female brains – something that radical feminists emphatically do not.
      But trans activists are also essentialist in another sense, by saying that “identifying” as a woman is what makes one a woman. Mind you, the only women who “identify” as women are transgender males. All other women were labeled women.

    1. Transphobia is nothing more than a misnomer to vilify logic and rational arguments. Next thing we’ll see is capitalists calling dissenters capitalphobic!

  43. So a bunch of trannies accuse feminists of being transphobic and then attack them physically. Doesn’t such an action validate any transphobia they might have had?

    1. Two wrongs don’t make a right. The Sept 11 terrorist attacks were wrong but so was the American bombing of Iraq, and occupation of Saudi Arabia.
      You cis feminists never point out the oppression transwomen have endured both from the Patriarchy and white cis feminists. Of course when you strip out the context attacks like these seem inexplicable.

  44. Let’s just say it…we are the Garbage Sex. We are the trash sex that takes in whatever the dominant sex spews out. These people have nowhere else to go. They come to us, and make a mess. What are we gonna do with them? God they are a mess.
    Are we supposed to give them clean sheets and make them feel better?

    1. Are we supposed to give them clean sheets and make them feel better?
      Lisa, that is awesome. 🙂 Perfectly sums up how straight women and lesbian women are expected to take in all comers, with domestic responses no less! Beautifully put. This is one of the most infuriating things about the whole trans thingamabob for me – that as women, especially lesbian women, we’re expected to “take in” and nurture and love and care for them, even at the expense of our own need for safety and identity. Sexism doesn’t get much purer than that.

    1. even worse is their ‘safer space policy’ as it appears on the website…everyone has to kowtow to the feelings of the menz (they use other weasel words but making sure the menz don’t get their po widdle feelings hurt seems to be their rule of the day).

      1. It’s all about not “triggering dysphoria” by reminding them of the fact that they’re male. They really really really want to believe (that they’re women) and manage to, in the echo chamber, but then someone makes an idle comment, addresses with “sir,” or some little kid asks “who’s that man?” or whatever, and bam, illusion is shattered.
        Obviously radical feminist writing on anything remotely related to trans* issues is going to be kryptonite to them.
        But you can’t even mention things like “women have vaginas” without setting them off, these days. It’s nuts.

    2. Well put, Adrian. (Bluestockings started out as a women’s bookstore/space but queered up rather quickly.)

    3. LOL!
      “Sparrow Miraelrio thanks for acting in solidarity with trans people, sex workers, queers and anarchists and for acting with integrity on this issue.”
      Because sex work is just another choice of profession, ya know. And so FEMINIST these days to embrace. (that’s sarcasm for those of you who can’t tell)
      Anarchists. I’ve seen what happens when anarchists take over –women get raped at Occupy camps.
      Sex work is simply quasi-legal rape. It is damaging to any that take part. (that is NOT sarcasm as any who have worked with former sex workers knows)
      Trans People – “gender is not a binary, it’s a spectrum!” Unless it applies to me and then I firmly want two camps, and I don’t want to be mistaken for the other one.

      1. Have to clarify that last comment:
        “Trans People – “gender is not a binary, it’s a spectrum!” Unless it applies to me and then I firmly want two camps, and I don’t want to be mistaken for the other one.”
        That is also sarcasm. The trans community wants gender to be a spectrum unless you’re mistaking the gender that they are impersonating. And then it’s a binary and you’re completely in the wrong for getting it wrong. Evidently there is no such thing as a man who likes to wear dresses. That’s obviously a woman.

      2. I suspect it’s a lot easier to be “pro sex work” if you’ve not been raised with the fear of rape and the concept of sexual purity from the moment you could understand language.

  45. Didn’t mean to sound so inhospitable…but jeez here we are, the longtime dumped-on Other class, and here they come, refugees from the dominant class. A little respect and recognition for our concerns seems called for, and courtesy and attempts not to impinge, but instead, I have to compare what they are doing to aggressive penetration…

  46. What these fuckers need is a big fat ole First Amendment lawsuit. Get a great Feminist lawyer to do it. They got the right to be heard, but if DGR, or ANY woman or Feminist, Lesbian or Amazon, WBW of ANY stripe WANTS to speak, and it’s not ok by the Dominant Paradigm, then her First Amendment rights are abrogated….this is how it is with DGR….shout and carry on in a mob, tear up and mark books and women, might as well get out the pitchforks and torches too….So they should sue on account of having their First Amendment Rights violated, and all the no platforming stuff, I mean if your arguement is SO STRONG, then it can take criticism from another point of view. Or, are we living in a fascist State? Hmmmmmmm……
    I know another culture where book burning and book destroying was perfectly ok and celebrated by the masses…then came the destruction of those who dissented and disagreed with them….off to the camps they went. And with Chairman Mao, if you dissented, off to the reeducation camps you went. IN fact, statistics showed MORE people died under Mao, than died under Hitler. But whether it’s Mao, Hitler, Stalin or the Khmer Rouge people were silenced for their different opinions or who they were, then killed. Not saying folks are gonna die around this stuff(though I’m VERY ALARMED at the number of women who have recieved death threats and rape threats from trans individuals), but you never know. Violence can be done in many ways. It’s SUPPOSED to be a free country where people are ALLOWED to dissent and have different ideas. Squashing dissent and censoring people makes for an autocratic/fascist State. And I guess that’s the direction Queer theory and practice are going…

    1. First Amendment litigation only applies when the silencing comes through a government entity…private entities, however misguided they may be, are not responsible for ensuring the open discourse.
      That being said, it could be a viable course of action when State-funded schools seek to silence groups by kowtowing to the demands of trans. Getting the TRO shouldn’t be that difficult to do since the litigation would not be anywhere close to having concluded at the time of a scheduled speaking engagement.

    2. Yes it was called Nazi Germany. And my entire family died in those camps, as did my husbands. Our parents were the sole survivors of their families–but that really is nothing compared to Trans oppression and the murder/suicide rate–nothing. Seriously they are so much like the Nazis it is shocking. I personally am deeply ashamed that this whole horror did not hit me until this year when it hit me. I have an idea that I am not sure is worth pursuing. I have been meeting with people somewhat informally–docs, shrinks, a couple of state reps and others. Many seem to be clueless or do not want to go against the LBG. I was wondering if not sending all the treats of violence to “providers” might not be an idea. By law if they are aware that a client made a threat and they have knowledge of it–they have to report it. And to also report it to APA. Any thoughts? Maybe try to get someone in they field to write something on the threats and violence.

  47. I am late in reading this, but I want to thank ALL those who have validated women’s right to wbw space here, and I am particularly grateful to Gallus Mag for this blog and for her May 15 explication of what women’s space is and means. That is simple, true and brilliant. It is so revealing that above all else, we are NOT allowed to have women’s space even sporadically!
    FeistyAmazon, thank you so much for talking about pagans/pagan blogs disallowing wbw-only participation in spiritual practices. Where do they get off??? They are as bigoted, sexist, and woman-hating as any power-over, fundamentalist Abrahamic religionists.
    Thanks, too, to Derrick Jensen for standing in solidarity with DGR women. Your books are amazing.

      1. Dear All, just for the record, that is not my facebook page. People keep putting up facebook pages with my name, and they posting horrible horrible things, like calls for violence against women. That is not me. I keep reporting them to facebook, and they get taken down, and then these abusers put up another one.
        They also include photoshopped pictures that purport to show me fucking salmon. This is because I write about how we need to stop salmon from being extirpated by this culture. And I saw a telling post on an anarchist page a while back: it was a picture of a pigeon, with the caption, “I shit on what you love.” This is what they are doing: I love salmon, and they have to shit on that love by pornographying it. It’s all the central patriarchal violation imperative. It’s all so disgusting and horrid.

      2. Derrick, I am so sorry that’s happening to you. Their behavior will catch up to them. The more lousy things like that that they do, the more credibility and respect they lose. I know that’s small comfort now, but please hang in there.

    1. Derrick, what’s happening to you is horrible. It reminds me of the Judi Bari thing. As if much larger, more powerful (industry? govt?) forces are using/joining forces with the trans lobby to attack DGR because of its revolutionary ideas and effectiveness, This is all so dark. We need to all keep each other safe somehow.

  48. Hi Derrick, (trying again, unable to post message 1st time) what is happening to you is horrible. It reminds me of the Judi Bari thing (the EF anti logging activist in the 80s and 90s) As if much larger/more powerful forces are using/combining forces with the trans lobby to target DGR because of its effectiveness and revolutionary ideas. I hope you in DGR are staying strong. We all need to keep each other safe in this.

  49. Gay men are men.
    Men who dress and “act” like women are men.
    I cannot comment on what it is like to be a gay man, even though we both sleep with men because I have experienced life as a woman.
    I cannot comment on what it is like to be a m2f transgendered woman, because I have lived life as a biological female; we are NOT the same.
    A transgendered m2f person has not experienced life as a woman; they experience life as a m2f transgendered person.
    All cultures which accept trans individuals (typically ONLY m2f… F2m is much, much rarer to come across) have a “3rd gender” so to speak; look at Thailand, some Native American cultures, and some african tribes. There are cultures that accept m2f people, and allow them to “behave like women”, but it is recognized they are a different group from biological females. Why is that so wrong? The trans folk who I hear protesting the loudest about being included in safe female space are the individuals Who look obviously male. I dont care what a person wears, what their affectation is, who they say they are. It makes me nervous being alone in a dressing room with a stranger who looks like a man and who weighs 50% to 80% more than I do. Not to mention the whole muscle-to-fat ratio that gives men of equal weight to a woman a physical advantage.
    The thing I take issue with is the m2f trans idea of “gender roles.” The fact that they can DECIDE they prefer acting in a stereotypically feminine way (home-maker, cooking, etc which i find unintentionally insults me as a woman) rather than going with the stereotypically male role shows that thhey are NOT women. They refuse to acknowledge some of the valid fears women live with. I’m 100 lbs… I cannot choose to occupy “male” space because I am not allowed there; After 2 years on a job in a male dominated field, the sexist comments and behaviors were unchanged towards me- as were the vehement denials that sexist attitudes existed by about 90% of the men i worked with. I cannot “dress like a man” (throw on a pAir of pants and a polo) and “be a man.” As a woman, born a woman, who looks like a woman, no matter what I do I am stuck. The fact I cannot CHOOSE which space to occupy makes my experiences vastly different. The fact that the transgendered m2f attackers are saying “gender is nothing but a societal role” shows their ignorance regarding the fact that millions of women want to occupy offices, have jobs, opportunities, and exist next to male counterparts AS WOMEN. I don’t want a double mastectomy, a buzz cut, and facial hair. I do want equal pay, respect, a career, and to feel safe at a bar. I frequently find the stereotyping of what is feminine by the m2f community insulting. And I cannot help but roll my eyes when I hear demands that m2f transgendered people are “just like me.”
    Until trans people are willing to realize the fact they feel alienated from pro-female communities is because they don’t understand those communities fully, and acknowledge that no matter what they claim m2f and bio-female are NOT exactly the same socially, physically, or psychologically… well there is little discussion to have.
    I FULLY support ANY individual’s right to self determination and to own their own the struggle oftheir own personal journey. BUT that does not mean I give up my rights to exist as female in the way I have learned female to mean from birth until now.

    1. I suggest you read “Whipping Girl” by Julia Serano, she disproves every single one of your bigoted opinions.

  50. Erin,
    You post was so elegantly and well put. I think you have spoken up for women very well. All male to trans should read this.
    We can’t occupy most space comfortably because men own the work world. I’ve dealt with male dominated work places, classrooms etc. for decades, and I really hate how men control money and access and never admit to it.
    So when I go to women only spaces, it means I don’t want to deal with men at all. It means I want to relax, to drink with my women friends and not have to deal with one male person.
    Male to trans are big, and often really really ugly, they don’t pass as women, because they haven’t lived as a woman. They barge in and take up space because they are men.
    They are not biological women, they are trans, and if they are respectful to women, they should get that they can be, but they aren’t us. They are different, they do bring male values of domination. What is so hard about this?
    They invade and degrade because they are men, and no operation can change this. They prove they are men by their dominating threatening ugly behavior on the Internet and in lesbian spaces.

  51. Good article, and I agree with it. There’s no escape from our second class status as bio females(WBW) unless we band together worldwide enmasse and DEMAND change, and don’t settle for anything less but the full, total liberation of bio females throughout the world!

  52. Because the eternal truth of the matter, is that the Left loves
    Fascism. The Left is synonymous with fascism.

    1. not the left at all but the extreme left is. Extreme right and extreme left are very close. Just look at the name of the nazi party : ” National Socialist German Workers’ Party”. It’s a good example on how extremes are sometimes very close

      1. I agree on this. The modern radical left is indeed very tragic in this regard. However I see a new radical movement forming in today’s world. Radical feminism seems to be a very strong platform in this movement and I see it merging with the new form of radical environmental movement coming on as well (DGR for example).
        This is very exciting times in that regard because the radical left as it now stands in the west is a disgrace.

    2. People with common sense tend to collect on the far edges of both ‘left’ and ‘right’ currently.

  53. “Predominantly male conference onlookers by all reports allowed the attack to take place, watching in stunned silence. ”
    You feminazis got what you asked for pussified “men”

    1. men have ALWAYS been the instigators and watchers. you’ve always been worthless assholes. nothing has changed. you watch too many dick flicks if you think men ‘saved the day’ in generations past. that’s mens’ propaganda about themselves. blaming women isn’t new either.

  54. While any violence done by anyone should be condemned, I am disgusted by some of the comments here. White cis feminists who should be the most understanding of another groups oppression instead all too often imitate the white male patriarchy when it comes to scapegoating and derision when it comes to a undesirable group.
    Those transwomen have proabably experienced as much oppression as african americans during Jim Crow. So can you blame them when they see a trigger as strong as hate material explode in righteous anger?
    This is no different than the LA Riots, a manifestation of the injustice felt upon a group of people being deflected towards the privileged classes.

    1. Is this sarcasm? White straight males are not oppressed. And that includes penised perverts who insist that they’re “women” and “lesbians”. The End.

  55. I’ve been thinking about this attack recently, and it still makes me shudder. Considering 1 in 3 women is sexually assaulted in her lifetime, it’s safe to presume that at least one of the DGR women has been a victim already. How triggering must have that been, to be attacked by a group of men and have your body forcibly written on? Female bodies are not public property. These women’s pain matters, no matter how much deluded men paint them as “bad” women.

  56. When I was younger I never really thought about the damage some transexuals do to womyn. One sexually harrassed me, wanting to be my wife (his words), wanting to move in with, and constantly asking if I was sexually aroused by him in drag. I look back in time and think to myself why the hell did i let him do that to me.
    After that I learned to stand up to drags and some mysogynist gay men for berating me, calling me whore and talking shit about my genitals, when I’d do such a thing. This never gets talked about.
    So, I know through first-hand experience what some transexuals can do when allowed in Womyn’s safe space, and totally understand the fear in some womyn. The left seriously needs to rethink its stance on many issues because it seems now that anything goes: mysogynists, terrorist, ‘conscious’ capitalist. My ass!!!

  57. take that filthy fukn nigger lover video off your site before I fukn hunt you down and fukn slice your guts open you feminist society wrecking CUNT…..you have no honor or pride in your race although you are probably a jew bitch shit stirrer.so help me god I will cut your fukn ovaries out you fukn filth.you better get rid of that or the AB will be coming for you you stinky whore.your days are numbered bithch prepare to be slaughtered.

  58. This is very disturbing. I believe the MRA should be labeled a “hate group,” like the KKK or the nazis. It’s scary that they are being taken seriously on some level. BTW, “rampant sexism” is one of the early warning signs of fascism. And I think that this is just another example of our country’s decline.
    The best solution, I believe, is for women to learn self defense. I believe every girl should learn karate in grade school and high school. If we women were socialized to defend ourselves when necessary, most of those MRA cowards wouldn’t dream of attacking us. And yes, they are cowards BIG TIME.
    It’s also important to remember that not all men are violent against women. We need men to be a part of the “feminist” movement. Men are oppressed by gender stereotypes too (though not to the extent that women are perhaps.)
    Please don’t cause a few nutcases in the “Men’s Rights Group” to make you to hate all men. It’s important for all of us to come together–male, female, black, white, poor, middle class, immigrant, native-born, etc. The US government has gone rogue and we all need to stick together. Not all men are jerks.
    Running away by segregating ourselves just makes us more passive and more likely to be victimized. Do we really need to run away from men? I don’t think so. We women can be pretty tough when we want to be. I say, we speak out even louder while we prepare ourselves for self-defense. If they can legally attack us then we can certainly legally attack them back if it’s in self defense. But please, let’s not run away in fear and hide because we’re afraid “men” might attack us. (Yes, I put “men” in quotes for a reason…)

  59. Oh, I just wanted to add that there are a lot of women who hate women too. You know, the so-called “women” who join or express sympathy for the MRA. I think as our society continues to decline a lot of people are just angry and hurting so they’re starting to fight among each other. Those of us who want to make the world better need to resist the temptation to hate others and fight with them. We need to find a way to bring people together and stop fostering this hate that’s growing like a cancer throughout much of the US now.

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