Man vows to file complaint against airport employee who failed to assume he was female based on his awful wig and drag make-up

Enza Anderson, a massive male drag queen and attention-seeker with awful taste in feminine attire vows to file complaint against a female employee who acknowledged his actual and legal sex, reports Xtra.

Hi I'm a big drag queen standing next to an actual woman
Hi I’m a big drag queen standing next to an actual woman

Enza, featured performer in the 2003 documentary “A Man In A Dress” and perpetual failed political candidate (Mayor Toronto 2000, Canadian Alliance 2002, City Council Toronto 2003, City Council Toronto, 2010) was offended by a female employee at the Pearson airport who failed to pretend that he was female as he was expecting her to do. Enza, a male with a passport labeled male felt the employee should have pretended he was female due to his cwazy drag queen get-up. She didn’t. And dude-bro Enza had his male ego bruised as the speshul-ness of his sekret “female-NESS” was not HONORED by the female worker who was there to SERVE HIM.
Hi Sir - I mean laydee-sir
Hi Sir – I mean laydee-sir

In Enza’s cwazy-ass entitled male-prick mind females working in secure airport environments exist to pretend males who wear insane drag shite are “female” even though said males are massive towering dickhead assholes whose IDs say male. Asshole Enza believes that women who exist in a reality-based universe deserve to be targeted and harassed by men like him.
The airport employee in question is claimed to have uttered the following hate-crime statement in reference to the towering flamboyant man: “He’s a guy”.
The male is “a guy”. Ohhhhhh! Oh my gosh but bitch don’t you see my cheap-ass laydee wig? How DARE this female employee do her job and not suck my proverbial laydee-dick and SHE HARSHED MY WHOLE ERECTION AND SHITE. Imma FILE a COMPLAINT!
Bitches should know that male divas with male passports wearing gross tacky-ass cross-dresser garb should NEVER be looked at in the eye! Or NEVER be referred to as male! Because LAYDEE, dumb bitch, LAYDEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.
Men have a right to have women employees pretend they are female if said men wear stereotypically sexist female garb! Even if all their documents read male! Dumb Bitch!
Jesus Christ can Enza be any more fail as a human being? Any more self-centered and hostile to employees just trying to get through a shitty-ass minimum wage day (because speshul!). Holy shit.
What a fucking diaper wearing piece of shit.
Not Enza’s first time at the rodeo. He made the press in 2008 complaining about lesbian singer Katy Perry who made the following hate-crime statement to him at a fundraiser: “Oh! You’re a man!”
november 2008 enza perry
In 2009 a reporter covering his mayoral campaign documented Ezra terrorizing some high-school students who committed a hate-crime by asking: “Are you a man?”
“Enza Anderson struck a pose for a photograph in front of Toronto City Hall. The candidate-in-waiting for a city council seat looked fierce, ready to lift this city up by the boot straps. After a few pictures were taken, she decided the image was too strong, and she softened her presentation by bending a knee and turning an ankle. She smiled again.

“Are you a man?”

Anderson’s smile disappeared as she looked beyond the camera to a group of high school boys smirking in the background.

They had no idea what their disingenuous question unleashed. Anderson rushed beyond the camera and challenged the boys on their attitude. She got right up close, in their faces, as her arms flew around, making a pointed jab in the air to underscore her response. People were looking. The boys looked alarmed; their smirks were gone.

The boys were of the same age, but racially diverse, much like the rest of Toronto.

“You ought to know better,” Anderson admonished as the lads realized they had bit off more than they could chew.

The boys ran to catch up with the rest of their school outing, but Anderson followed, abandoning her purse, a bag, shoes, and an umbrella in the middle of Nathan Phillips Square.” 
Hey jerk-off. You’re a man. You just are. We all know it and we always will. Have some fucking respect for women. And have pride!
Sure you wanted to be a cut-rate William Belli. But you lacked the intelligence, creativity, style, self-awareness and sense of humor. No one is buying what you’re selling DUDE. And that’s okay. Accept yourself.

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  1. From the article about the incident with the high school kids: “When I see something wrong, I want to take action. I want to do something to change it,” Anderson said, in an earlier conversation about her motivation to re-enter the political arena. She could have been referring to her confrontation with the boys and their teacher. “I want to bring out the truth in things.”
    Seems that there are a number of people capable of bringing out the truth about things involving him…but once again, twanz wants to live in magical unicorn land where up is down and we are supposed to ignore the obvious. And when we refuse to play along with their delusional wishes, they try to manipulate “human rights” commissions in an attempt to extort some modicum of settlement money.

    1. Ooh, plus magic bee-sting transformation condition.
      “Ennis said she suffers from an “unusual hormonal imbalance,” and blames her mother, who fed her female hormones as a child to prolong a commercial acting career. The hormones made the little boy look and sound young, but Ennis said she eventually developed breasts.
      Doctors can’t explain or remedy her condition, and she’s been undergoing hormone-replacement therapy to maintain “mysteriously a more female than male body.”
      “I have a rare medical condition — nothing deadly or infectious — but it has resulted in an unusual hormonal imbalance, ” she said.”
      Quoting just so it doesn’t get expunged from the internets. And it’s not often a bee-stinger gets to lay the blame at the feet of a “bitch” / aka mommie.
      And yes, it’s excess estrogen that causes baldness.

      1. Yeah, that guy’s story…I’ve read his account of his mother “feeding him female hormones” (okaaaaay) somewhere else, but I can’t remember where. But let’s say what he’s claiming is true. (It’s not, of course. It’s right up there with the bee sting.) If it is indeed a “rare medical condition” that is causing this imbalance, why is he blaming his mother? (HA HA!! Of COURSE that’s a rhetorical question! As Anon Male brings up, it gives Mr. Ennis the opportunity to blame a bitch. Easy and fun!)
        I saw that he felt the (bizarre) need to bring glitter (fucking glitter) to work the day he showed up in drag. ‘Cause the womens love glitter!!, and female=glitter!!, I guess. And I too noticed the baldness and thought, hmmmm…now that ain’t right….

      2. “Mom’s hormones” usually translates into stealing her birth control pills for these guys. (Or stealing their sister or girlfriend’s birth control pills). Or in Jen Burleton’s case, stealing his mother’s estrogen replacement prescription post-hysterectomy. Someone from the NYPost should contact Mom and get this all sorted! Hahahaha

      3. I was gonna say. “Hormone imbalance” or not, he sure does pass for male in that “before” pic! *rolls eyes*

      4. On the one hand, it is so devastatingly embarrassing to admit that you have made this kind of mistake, I sort of understand making up a dumb excuse to explain it. On the other hand…this just makes him sound crazier than “yeah, I screwed up” ever would.

      5. Amnesia?! Holy crap, dude, you gotta try harder with your plot twists.
        I feel really sorry for this wacko’s coworkers.

      6. The evil female who makes the innocent male take estrogen is a big player in forced feminization fantasies. So yeah, I join in calling big steaming pile of bullshit.

      7. Is it a common part of their made up histories, then? A couple years ago there was a guy in my town, typical white, middle aged transitioner, who was causing a huge controversy at the local mosque. He had converted to Islam and changed his name to an Arabic woman’s name and wandered around in not just a hijab but like full chador or something. He wanted to be seated with the women, and the women were like gtfo. He wasn’t “passing” in the slightest, of course. In the middle of all this, and I think he was even threatening to sue them, he switches to Christian and declares he’s going to seminary to become the “first trans woman minister in whatever denomination.” That didn’t pan out either. But his mug was all over the local alternative newspapers and gay papers and whatever, and his story too, wherein he claimed he “became a woman” because his mother wanted a girl and dressed him as one. I thought that sounded really sketchy, so it wouldn’t surprise me if this is just a standard part of their song and dance.

    2. That guy has been around for years. He used to blog as “LifeAfterDawn” and had a hilarious blog where he said his dick magically turned into a vagina, complete with reams of sexualized photos of himself in drag. Zoe Allen Brain championed “Dawn” in a post titled something like “See? It happened again!”. Hahaha.
      We talked about him here:
      There was a very funny take-down of his bullshit- complete with his sputtering denials- here:
      He also went by another name but I can’t remember it now…

      1. btw he’s not really a big news producer. He is a stringer. Writing a book about his majick laydee transformation now if I understand correctly….sigh.

      2. Ah, THAT’S where I remember him from! Thanks, Gallus! We cross-posted, so I didn’t see your comment before posting mine.

  2. Reblogged this on Women of the Patriarchy and commented:
    So recently, a man walked into an airport wearing a wig and makeup, and an airport employee read him as a man. This made him angry.
    There is something very interesting about this. It is this implicit statement that anybody who looks feminine should automatically be referred to and treated as a woman. This presumably means the same thing for anyone who looks masculine enough.
    I wonder at what point in time people will start to assume that butch women are actually FTMs, and refer to them as men even when recognizing that they are women. The idea that they could perhaps be trangressing gender norms is deemed transphobic.

  3. It is already happening that women who don’t look drag queen feminine are being addressed as male, without asking for that, as if it’s a compliment, by those who have been trained in “transgender etiquette.” (That was the title of a post in one of our local Lesbian lists, to further intimidate Lesbians from reacting naturally.) And it’s not just Butches, but any woman who isn’t making herself look unnatural.
    Just have to add that the binary we are given is from men. Women who refuse male rules to “feminize” according to male standards are not male or “masculine.” That’s a trap that is also used to terrify women into behaving the male orders about appearance and behavior.
    Anyway, gaslighting is the cornerstone of patriarchy that keeps women from acting on our own awareness and commonsense. And then women are taught to police other women. I rarely end up defending women only space to men/trannies. It’s the women in front protecting them who attack us for them.
    Of course that is a fucking man! The more in drag he is, the more obvious he is! We got to keep supporting everyone who sees the obvious to keep saying it. Trying to not hurt these bullies’ feelings means joining in their fantasy, which then empowers them to hurt women further.
    Just say no!

  4. Every time one of these fucking men makes a scene, most people will be including Lesbians in their reaction of annoyance and hatred, because, as I even see from some het feminists online, they just assume we are allied with the “LGBTQWTF” illusionary community. These men hurt women and Lesbians on many levels.

  5. I have worked airport security for a while. I must have done thousands of pat-downs, and of course only with women – strict sex-segregation here. Women are pat down by women, men by men.
    I can’t help but to imagine how the scene with this man would have gone down at ″my″ airport. If he had gotten his will, it would have meant that I had been forced to move my hands over his whole body including his fake breasts, kneel down in front of him and move my hands up the inside of his legs, put my own arms around him while searching the back of his collar, and if he had set his mind on it, probably even in the privacy of an extra booth with a female witness (since wig, padding in the clothing etc would have demanded a very thorough search). If I wanted to kneel in front of men, I would be het or Catholic.
    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t take pleasure in patting down women either. There is a reason why many trainees on the job bring up the patting when asked what they worry most about their new job – not terrorists or drunk passengers, but the social inappropriateness of touching complete strangers. It is the same on the other side: I know (and understand) women who are so very uncomfortable with the security procedures that they avoid to fly at any cost. I eventually quit because I felt like a participant in a very big Milgram experiment.
    I have experienced a certain ″silent social agreement″ between security women and female passengers (don’t know/care about the males): Both parties are aware that their physical contact is outside the social norm, and both sides try to master the situation with professionalism and humor. Of course you get idiots on both sides too, but all in all this ″silent agreement″ works out.
    A man in drag demanding to be seen as female by a female security person? Forcing unwilling women to touch his body, ripping female coping mechanisms apart, intruding female space, endangering a woman’s job…
    No. Just no.

    1. The TSA is unconstitutional- have you written a complaint and taken TSA to court?
      Feminists: don’t be afraid to use the word: UNCONSTITUTIONAL, OK?

  6. Off Topic:
    Actual quote from Gallus’ awesome mom re: Mother’s Day-
    “Corporatized commercial bullshit- I give less than a shit about it”.
    Happy Mother’s Day to anyone who gives a shit! lolololol

    1. (that’s right! That’s how peeps talk in Gallus’ hood! Ohhhh! The Vul-Gare-It-Teeeeeeeeeeee!!!! Get tha fainting couch!!!!! hahahahahahaha)

  7. more insanity, out of the mouths of babes(the kids) or out of the observations of an airport employee who is TRAINED to notice anything suspicious or out of the ordinary and report what they see AS they see it..not in a big coverup disguise. If his passport says male, then she’s absolutely right in addressing him as male. If he wanted to go further with his transition, then he’s got to get a female passport…not that I agree with it, but he ain’t got a leg to stand on….and the idea of patting down a male in drag? UGH!
    Smart folks calls ’em as they sees ’em..and the kids may be smarter, along with the airport employee than all the brainwashed p.c. adults who go along with the ‘smokescreen’.
    Waa waa waa biggest crime against humanity is getting ‘misgendered’. Waa..and you know, WomenofthePatriarchy and Bev Jo are right: us Butches are already being called by male pronouns, even if we don’t go for it….because it’s ‘politically correct’ to do so by certain sectors of the queer community, like the WORST thing you could do to a Butch is acknowledge her womonhood, or that we BELONG in womonhood…so then the only ‘real women’ left are feminine ones….BULLSHIT. I didn’t come out 32 years ago and fight as a DykeAmazon the good fight in community to then be thrown in the male category for being who I am, and my particular strain of womonhood being denied…instead of EXPANDED.
    That self fulfilling prophecy shouted at us by straight folks: “All you want to be is a man.” Now they all believe it..and vice versa. What’s wrong with a drag queen admitting to HE likes wearing drag, as a male, and being part of the community in that way? Doesn’t mean he has to transition or that he’s a woman in any way. He looks better in a dress than I would more power to him, but still, it don’t make him a WOMAN.

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