ENDA 2013: Now With More Penises in Women’s Showers

Keisling after feminising facial plastic surgery
Keisling after feminising facial plastic surgery (and I’m guessing a lid lift)

ENDA the Employment Nondiscrimination Act was intended to be a Federal protection against employment discrimination against individuals who were fired- or not hired- by employers on the basis of homosexuality.
ENDA was passed by the House of Representatives in 2007 but transgender activists mounted a protest against it. They claimed the act did not support the rights of transgenders: those who believe conservative social sex-roles including behavior, interests and psychology now widely regarded as sexist and oppressive to females are instead biologically based on reproductive function and located in some scientifically yet undiscovered portion of the human brain (perhaps located near the “Negroid brain” of years past).
Legal protections for homosexuals contained the dangerous idea that female relations could be accorded the same legal status as relations accorded to men. This was an accidental and unintended byproduct of the male homosexual rights movement.  Genderists protested (and sought to correct) this female right, and gay males supported them. Further, they claimed that females should have no legal status at all. Less than what they came with. They sought to undermine all political and legal rights for women.
They proclaimed that females didn’t actually exist. There was no such thing as a female human, even as those humans were being raped, enslaved, and thrust into a social caste system worldwide. They forwarded the political ideal that female was a state of mind. Females weren’t those fighting oppressive discrimination, violence, and sexual slavery based on their reproductive capacity. Rather, females were any individuals who enjoyed embodying or playing out the sexualized stereotypes forced onto women (even part time as a fetishized sexual role-playing leisure activity).
The men leading the gay rights movement were okay with this. Women were there to make the coffee and provide support (and be grateful) as far as men were concerned and if other guys wanted to support the male sexual rights agenda well then hell, the more the merrier. But they ran into the same political sticking point as they did with gay male sexual rights activists Harry Hays and Allen Ginsberg in their support of NAMBLA: Other fucking men. Hetero men.
Hetero Men didn’t like NAMBLA. Some men didn’t like the idea of other dudes sticking their dicks into male children. The Gay Rights movement crossed a line. Female children  are fine – it’s accepted all around the world with nary a male shrug- but males? Some guys objected to male children being treated like female children.
Gay men were fine with the trans thing philosophically. What the hell do they care? Drag is da bomb. Fish is fish. And the whole “females don’t exist” thing is cool. Whatever!  But some Hetero bros get upset when other dudes shower naked with their impregnable livestock.  Because females actually do exist as impregnable property owned by men. Just like goats! Ixney on the IxDey on my wife dude. Keep your impregnator stick away from my livestock. Thems are mines to impregnate. I’ll be in charge of the animal husbandry, thanx.
Mara Keisling, the heterosexual running his National Center For Trans Equality explained the whole dicks in showers with your wife and daughters thing with the due diligence warranted. The whole right of women to say NOOOOOOOO to a dick-wielding dude in female spaces where exposure is unavoidable (showers, locker rooms) is a simple matter of a “small technicality”. That’s right bros. Small technicality. Get on board.
Keisling, a divorced father who followed the typical road to male womanhood (investment of 60 grand into facial feminization surgery from his savings as a middle aged man after a lifetime of sexualized crossdressing fantasy life) described the new penis in women’s showers version of ENDA as follows:
There are small technical changes made to ENDA since it was last introduced in 2011. ENDA is being introduced in substantially the same form as it was in both 2009 and 2011, but there are some technical changes meant to reflect legal and other advancements that have occurred in ensuing years. The most significant change for transgender people is that we fought for and won removal of language that clarified use of showers and locker rooms “where being seen unclothed would be unavoidable.” None of the states that have passed and successfully implemented a gender identity anti-discrimination law includes such a provision, and neither should ENDA. NCTE will work tirelessly to make sure that members of Congress stay focused on the important and core issue of job discrimination and do not get sidetracked with extraneous and discriminatory issues like restroom use.”
That’s right folks! You won’t see this being reported by (male) LGBT sources. ENDA2013 is now officially PRO dick in women’s showers. Minor technicality of no consequence to those that matter: Men.

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  1. I’m fucking angry. We have to educate more women about this. That’s the reason why I’m going to be much more active now. I’m not from the US but it’s extremely important for women all over the world to know what’s going on. I’ve recently met 2 other trans/queer critical women in my hometown and I believe that we can achieve positive things and reach more women.

  2. That guy sure doesn’t come close to passing. Does insurance pay for that plastic surgery? I believe that I’m really 22, and have age dysphoria syndrome and want my body to reflect how old I feel I am.

    1. Mo offence love, but for me, as a modern person (!) I would NEVER talk about their ugliness… even though this one is a TOTAL DOG. The main problem these “MTF” want-to-beez”: is the real affect they have on the rest of us. They abrogate the right of adults to have normal healthy homosexual desires. They make young people feel wrong about being gay. They make young males feel terrible about themselves if they don’t like football or aggression. They make young females think that there is no place for them in this world of thick pop starlets/easy slags without presenting as a “male”.
      Transexualism is a product of this modern media/computer/internet phenomena.
      A healthy society would have no need of transexualism.

      1. Abi your representations of ‘thick pop starlets/easy slags’ are also unhealthy sex-based stereotypes which give ideological support to female oppression.
        No woman is a ‘slag’ and we shouldn’t endorse the capitalist media’s portrayal of/ limitations on female musicians.
        Also, while trans ideology certainly does spread ridiculously fast on the internet, transsexualism did not originate in the internet age. Its spread has a lot to do with the profit-oriented pharma-medical areas, and with beating back the expectations of women (and beating back the acknowledgement of females as having needs related to a female-specific pattern of oppression). And with the deficit of a strong enough movement challenging sex-based stereotypes.

  3. Just a small technicality. It’s all about the menz, with or without dick. It’s called “Erasing the female” and they do it every day in every way.
    Note on pic of Keisling: his face feminization surgery failed. Still looks like a dude.

  4. I particularly like the clever little paragraph in ENDA 2013, Section 8 Construction, B:
    “Additional Facilities Not Required — Nothing in this act shall be construed to require the construction of new or additional facilities.”
    Nope. No transgender bathroom needed. We’re just going to let the dudes go wee in the ladies, and vice versa. Nothing to see here, move along. Oh. You saw that penis, ma’am? It wasn’t a male penis. That was a female penis. Yes, there is such a thing now, and you are so bigoted for noticing.

  5. What a confusing paragraph about the technical changes to ENDA 2013. It sounds so soothing. Like they have heard the concerns and removed the possibility of the shower/locker room penis among the women (and vagina among the men). When really they meant that they’ve stripped out the locker room provisions and left the law similar to the one passed in Washington state. Here’s Section 8 Construction, points 3 and 4, from the ENDA 2012 bill:
    (3) CERTAIN SHARED FACILITIES- Nothing in this Act shall be construed to establish an unlawful employment practice based on actual or perceived gender identity due to the denial of access to shared shower or dressing facilities in which being seen unclothed is unavoidable, provided that the employer provides reasonable access to adequate facilities that are not inconsistent with the employee’s gender identity as established with the employer at the time of employment or upon notification to the employer that the employee has undergone or is undergoing gender transition, whichever is later.
    (4) ADDITIONAL FACILITIES NOT REQUIRED- Nothing in this Act shall be construed to require the construction of new or additional facilities.
    See the differences? Completely stripped out so that we won’t alert people to the future dangers. Instead, we’ll just win everything now. Here’s the whole language of the ENDA 2012 bill for reference.

    1. For clarity, here’s the entire text for the new 113th Congress Senate Bill 815, ENDA 2013. Notice Section 8 Construction and the changes from last year’s version.
      Thanks for alerting us, Gallus. You are on top of this as always.

  6. Women far outnumber transgender and we have the voting power to shut the entire GLBT down if we wanted to. Do people think that Obama would have been elected twice without the women’s vote? The Democrats know that the women’s vote is crucial to their success. All women (all political parties, straight, lesbian, bisexual, white, black, all races and ethnicities) can stop this if we wanted to. All we have to do is stick together on this.
    Transgender is slowly evolving into an Orwellian nightmare for girls and women, and I fail to see how transgender interests benefit women. This has been shoved down our throats, and no mother wants her 17 year old daughter seeing middle aged male penis (Colleen Francis). The fact that Colleen Francis wasn’t arrested for parading his penis around the women’s locker room in Olympia, Washington tells us just how much power the transgender community has amassed over the years, largely through clinging to the coat tails of the GLB and playing on liberal guilt.
    The GLB can follow the “T” to their own political demise because women won’t be silenced forever. The Republicans will use the males in women’s restroom issue as a stick to bash the Democrats, and if the Republicans are able to split the women’s vote, we could have a Republican in the White House and a Republican controlled Congress. This does not bode well for the GLBT, and no one wants this. I’m a life long Democrat, and I’ve let my congressman know that women’s issues and concerns are just as important as transgender rights.
    It doesn’t have to be this way because women have more voting power than transgender. If we wanted to, women have the voting power to bring the GLBT to its knees. It’s time to look after own interests. It’s time to get mad as hell. If they choose to take us for granted, there will be political consequences.

  7. Right there with you, S. I’m a far left liberal, myself, and until I experienced misogyny and hatred from self-proclaimed transgender women online, I had the fairly common liberal POV that since they’re (supposedly) oppressed, liberals have to defend them no matter what.
    But it finally hit me that many of these folks HATE women who were born women. I’ve heard them say they hate us because we were born with something they want to have, and we don’t deserve it. They hate us because of who we are. Just by existing, we are taking something from them. You and I don’t have to do ANYTHING against them, and they’ll still hate us and threaten us.
    And yes, I have been threatened and stalked by a self-proclaimed transgender woman for no other reason than they took a dislike to the fact that I had friends and they didn’t. I never said a cross word to this person. I was polite and friendly and welcoming, but they hated me and sent me death threats and followed me around everywhere I went on the Internet until I quit visiting any of the sites where they knew who I was. Nothing like that ever happened to me before or since.
    I’m still a liberal. But I’m not a gullible one like I once was. I always have and always will defend GLB rights, but I’m sitting on my hands when it comes to T. I’m not directly acting against them, but I won’t exactly lift a finger to help, either. Too many times of having them try to speak for all women, erase US, accuse US of bigotry and misogyny when it’s clearly them projecting it onto us — well, no, I’m not supporting your hate train, people. Clean up your act if you want help from those of us so many of you shout down and threaten.

  8. The general LGBT movement, despite the name, really isn’t supportive of trans* people at all. As far as most gay men are concerned, their rights aren’t as important…

    1. And yet twans-jacktivists continue trying to play coat-tail politics as trans seeks out their special rights. Everyone else is supposed to drop their concerns to kowtow to poor widdle twanz.
      I don’t really care where gay men might have their legislative interests nor do I care if they support twanz. As a lesbian, it is ALSO not my concern to give two shits about twanz. What twanz wants in their claimed fight for “rights” is to legislate common sense and biology out of existence since both are apparently “transphobic.”

    2. What “rights” are you whining about, “Cassandra”, you obnoxious troll? The “right” of male-bodied people (MEN) to enter into women’s spaces? To take over every event, blog, and movement dedicated to women? As always, a hearty fuck you.
      As a woman, as a lesbian, my allegiance has been, and will always be, for the advancement and protection of born women. I am not wasting a moment of my time helping delusional, fetishistic men in dresses take over women’s space, women’s action. Too bad so sad.

    3. How exactly is the general LGBT movement anti-trans? It’s ridiculously, prostratingly (that should be a word) pro-trans. Where haven’t trans people unwantedly (that should be a word too) inserted themselves into? What LGBT group or activity isn’t trans inclusive? In some countries, like where I live (Canada), “gender identity” is protected by law.
      Trans people make everything about trans people ALL THE TIME to the detriment of the L, the G and B. What special rights are trans people so concerned about? Being able to look like a man in a dress and prance around women’s space? Being able to keep their penises and wave them around in women’s space? No. No, no, no, no, no. Don’t pee on my leg and then tell me it’s raining.
      I’m post-op M2T, and disgusted with trans people in general. I dealt with it, and got on with my life. Funny how I don’t have any trouble getting along with the world, keeping my trans status to myself and staying out of situations and places where I wouldn’t be comfortable or might make others uncomfortable. I wouldn’t dream of co-opting someone else’s identity, or continually steamrolling discussions that have nothing to do with me. What special rights do I need? The only things in my life that have changed are exactly what you’d expect — I get paid less, objectified, devalued and spoken over when I’m talking. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. These things don’t happen because I’m trans, they happen because I’m perceived as female — and that’s pretty disgusting. Otherwise I’m still a hard-working, capable human being who is employed, looking for love and trying to exist in the world like everyone else.
      Get out there in the world and get on with your life. Life is so much more than collecting stamps to your bathroom passport and forcing people into playing along with whatever your personal image fantasy is.

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