Cristan William’s Huge Sweaty Balls

...and your little dog toto too
…and your little dog toto too

Cristan Williams is a man who hates women, who hates lesbians and gays, who hates feminists most of all. He hates them because he feels they interrupt his relationship with the object of his greatest desire: His sexualized image of himself “as a woman”.
Cristan is what is known as a “Men’s Rights Advocate”. Such men believe that women prevent men from realizing their true potential. In Cristan’s case, that “potential” is his right as a man to become a sexy lady. Women get in his way because their existence- as actual female humans- interferes with the male definition of woman as “person who embodies sexualized porn stereotypes of females”.
Cristan has spent years authoring various widely unread blogs and vlogs where he posts overly-long MANifestos explaining how women, lesbians, gays, and feminists have deprived him of his entitlement to womanhood. Also trolls reddit under various names including “GroovemasterGeneral”, “Two”, and “I’mNotanMRAbut”.
He recently inherited the TransAdvocate website from retiring trans MRA Marti Abernathey. TransAdvocate is an aggregator site for anti-woman, anti-lesbian, anti-gay, anti-feminist trans bloggers. The site is entirely male except for occasional re-posts from sole token female Matt Kailey, a heterosexual “ex-fag-hag” F2T.
This hilarious exchange took place in comments on this post, and is illustrative of the total lack of awareness of actual women’s lives so prevalent in today’s trans politic. Not only is this funny (in a sad and awful way) but exposes the ignorance and disconnect from actual women’s lives and experiences that informs the “womanhood” of the sexual fetishists like Cristan who are spokesmen from the men’s transgender rights movement. Also on display in the rest of the exchange (not quoted here- hit the link for more) is the incredible mean-spiritedness of transgender males towards female reality: a reality that would destroy the male-centric entitlement and fantasy of “womanhood” if such everyday truths of female lives were ever acknowledged and respected.
Without further adieu. GH in this exchange is the sister of a Canadian transgender pioneer now profoundly disabled due to blood clots caused by his pharmaceutical estrogen “treatment”.
gh : stop this nonsense with the prefix, cis. a woman is a human being born with the reproductive capacity to reproduce, intersex people are a rare and wonderful exception. i was born a woman. pure and simple, my transsexual sister was not born a woman. she is a MtF woman. no need to address or apologize for what you are when you are born. it is the trans community that makes the addition…. the number 1 is not 2 minus 1, just 1…we get to 2 by adding. we do not get to 1 by subtracting. don’t apologize for the way you are born….
Cristan Williams : I’m guessing that you’d assert as fact that there’s no cis-privilege, amirite?

gh : so what is cis-privilege? this is not about privilege. i remember telling a friend about my brother/sister and her reaction was: who the hell wants to CHOOSE to be a woman??? sexual harassment from a young age? menstrual pain and bleeding (and embarrassments) when we are twelve? worry about birth control? pregnancy? lower pay at work? sexual harassment at work? no promotions because we need to go home to the kids? childbirth, which is a wonderful miracle but takes a toll on our mental and physical health? excessive bleeding? worries about breast and ovarian cancers? other womanly health concerns like yeast infections, std’s, aids, infertility, or fertility? sexual harassment and assault on the streets, even as we age? menopause for years, night sweats, hot flashes, depressions? sexual disinterest as we age from our lovers? rape on buses, in parks, in our homes, in public washrooms? domestic violence? the beauty industry making us feel insecure and ugly? anorexia? all of these are privileges? to you maybe….but then when a man becomes a woman she does not have to deal with the same types of problems…they are kind of edited out of the equation for you??
Cristan Williams : Cis-privilege refers to a set of unearned advantages that individuals who identify as the gender they were assigned at birth accrue solely due to having a cisgender identity.
Cisgender (AKA: Cis, cissexual) is an umbrella term that encompasses a variety of people who are not transgender. For example, this term is used to refer to someone who was sexed male at birth, subjectively experiences their sex to be male, identifies as a male and expresses his identity in a manner consistent with a cultural male gender role.
     gh : 
rubbish. this is an invented term by translobbyists…bullying in the washroom does not imply that another group enjoys a privilege…it only says that one person is bullying another. designating a washroom for example for the sole use of one sex or another, (after the fight for women to have bathrooms in certain workplaces, dining establishments, schools, etc.) does not imply that women enjoy a privilege…it was fought as a right, and won as a right….it is not beyond the advantage of most…there are men’s washrooms, so there is no special privilege….this was about equality, not privilege. this is only one example….i am never cis-gendered…i am a woman. transpeople are the “deviation” from the norm, thus are the transsexual, intersex people are not included as they have their own considerations…why have political interests muddied the waters and made this issue into a binary?
priv·i·lege [priv-uh-lij, priv-lij] Show IPA noun, verb, priv·i·leged, priv·i·leg·ing.
a right, immunity, or benefit enjoyed only by a person beyond the advantages of most: the privilegesof the very rich.
a special right, immunity, or exemption granted to persons in authority or office to free them fromcertain obligations or liabilities: the privilege of a senator to speak in Congress without danger of a libel suit.
a grant to an individual, corporation, etc., of a special right or immunity, under certain conditions.
the principle or condition of enjoying special rights or immunities.
any of the rights common to all citizens under a modern constitutional government: We enjoy theprivileges of a free people.
Cristan Williams : Here’s a few real-world examples of cis-privilege:
1. You can use public restrooms without fear of verbal abuse, physical intimidation, or arrest.
2. Strangers don’t assume they can ask you what your genitals look like and how it’s possible for you have sex.
3. If you are murdered (or have any crime committed against you), your gender expression will not be used as a justification for your murder (“gay panic”) nor as a reason to coddle the perpetrators.
4. You have the ability to walk through the world and generally blend-in, not being constantly stared or gawked at, whispered about, pointed at, or laughed at because of your gender expression.
5. Strangers call you by the name you provide, and don’t ask what your “real name” [birth name] is and then assume that they have a right to call you by that name.
6. You have the ability to flirt, engage in courtship, or form a relationship and not fear that your biological status may be cause for rejection or attack, nor will it cause your partner to question their sexual orientation.
7. If you end up in the emergency room, you do not have to worry that your gender will keep you from receiving appropriate treatment, or that all of your medical issues will be seen as a result of your gender.
8. Your identity is not considered a mental pathology (“gender identity disorder” in the DSM IV) by the psychological and medical establishments.
9. You are not required to undergo an extensive psychological evaluation in order to receive basic medical care.
10. You’re able to assume that everyone you encounter will understand your identity, and not think you’re confused, misled, or hell-bound when you reveal it to them.
gh  : Here are a few real-world examples of women’s experiences in
the world:
You can’t use the public restroom without fear
that a sexual predator is waiting in the stalls. If you live in the developing
world, you fear going out to collect water, or using the outhouse, or taking a
public bus because you fear rape.
Strangers come up to you, from infancy onwards,
all the time, and ask to have sex with you, or wolf whistle or touch you
inappropriately because you have a female body.
If you are murdered or have any crime against
committed against you, the likelihood that the perpetrator is a close relative
or friend is increased monumentally because you are a woman. You learn to trust
no man.
You walk down the street and are victimized
because you are a woman.
If you are like me and have a foreign name, you
are constantly assumed to be a Mr., or if you are young, a Miss, or old, a
Mrs., but you learn to deal with it!! Boy named Sue.
If you are a woman and are having a heart
attack, your case is not taken seriously because you are a woman…or if you
suffer from migraines that look like a stroke, you are considered by the neurologist
that you are like other of his female patients to be fat, housewives with
nothing better to worry about….BTW, I was having a stroke.
You go our on a date and because the man thinks
you are flirting because you want sex, he rapes you….your sex has everything to
do with it…you learn to question your sexuality, or repress it so as not to be
victimized again….
Hysteria is/was thought to be caused by a
woman’s uterus and other physical attributes. Women have been categorized as
crazy for suffering the hormonal storms that accompany menstruation,
childbearing, menopause….look at the so called humour industry….
“Mother’s little helper” aka Valium was given to
women who faced the daunting task of staying to care for and cook for men in
the suburbs. Maybe they need to fight for equality? We were not crazy, just
victims of a paternalistic society.
10. I
was told to leave the law school studies to my brothers. My identity as a
strong and intellectual woman was not understood and was denigrated. I have
been put down numerous times by men and women for wanting the liberation of
women in the world…
Cristan Williams :  
Eh, Oppression Olympics? Nope. Won’t play.
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22 thoughts on “Cristan William’s Huge Sweaty Balls

  1. i am gh. was i the “funny” one in this instance? or are you referring to the other person?

    1. gh, you are the righteous woman doing a great job of, as Gallus said, standing up for women! Stellar job there with that guy. Well done, and thanks.

  2. Another extending massive kudos to gh (as well as condolences for everything related to the sibling) for the manner in which she handled Williams. He is little more than another professional “victim” that wants to blame everything bad in his life on how the poor twanz is “mistreated” by the evil “cis” empire…after all, playing that role is SOOOO much easier than just accepting responsibility for his decisions and inability to even try to function in the real world.
    As seems to be typical everytime someone attempts a reasoned response to the trans-jacktivists, trans then decides that “we” just don’t understand and resorts to the usual male tactic of telling women to basically just sit down and shut up.
    One other interesting sidenote from that comments section was one of them actually citing Blanchard as backing their arguments on something other than autogynephilia…very peculiar that Blanchard isn’t worth a damn except if it is something he participated in that is helpful to twanz. Yeah, I know…so typical of them to pick and choose the stuff that “proves” their poor widdle laydee brain bullshit…

  3. listen i have been doing it since 1968 when i reached puberty and my brother wanted to be a woman. i knew at 13 that we needed defending. i did a lot of soul searching. honestly though, have you ever met a woman who can honestly say, without the trappings of our culture, what it feels like to be a woman?? i don’t know for the life of me what that means. i have a picture of myself with my xmas gift, an early cake baking/easy bake set. i am taking it out of the oven with my football t-shirt on, pants and chin-length straight hair. maybe i was just a confused girl….gender variant? oh well, never be bullied by these people. stick to the facts, do your research and be nice!! love all of you who speak up for women!!

    1. HEAR HEAR. I have no idea what it supposedly means to “feel like a woman” (other than to suffer the various impositions that happen due to OTHER PEOPLE telling me I’m a woman so I “must be” this or that way).
      I have asked time and time again just how these “I realized I was a woman, inside” M2T people recognized this, just WHAT that feeling was, and I have never, not even once, gotten an answer. They have the gall to tell me I’m “doing woman wrong” though…
      Awesome exchange up there, btw. Right on.

  4. Your comments were brilliant, gh! And what a typical fucking prick Mr. Williams is.
    Clearly he has no idea of how girls and women are made to suffer in patriarchy and from boys and men like him. Many of us have not only all that you described so well, but the addition of some of what he complained about because we’re visible Lesbians or Butch. If you are also visibly oppressed by racism and classism, that further adds to your oppression as a woman and Lesbian.
    1. A Butch recently wrote about being harassed using women’s restrooms. (Oh, and Gallus posted about the three trannies laughing at a woman in a women’s restroom after one exposed himself to her. So they are part of the men harassing us.) Most out Lesbians are not safe from harassment in women’s restrooms.
    2. Stranger men single out Lesbians with inappropriate sexual comments and harassment (added to what we get as women.)
    3. Four young African-descent Lesbians are in prison now because they defended themselves against a man attacking them. Good luck getting justice if you have to defend yourself.
    4. We never blend in and are “constantly stared or gawked at, whispered about, pointed at, or laughed at.”
    5. Strangers yell names at you. Even Lesbians who fit in more with patriarchal standards name-call you.
    6. You are never safe with feeling attraction because of how you are objectified as “male.”
    7. Good luck in the emergency room… If you have a lover, don’t expect they will let her be with you if you’re dying….
    8. You’re likely to be or have been considered mentally ill for simply loving your own kind, and at some point attempt will be made to drug you, and being given shock treatments, incarcerated in mental hospitals is always a risk, particularly when not of legal age.
    9. You are always treated as a freak and less than any man, including men in drag.
    10. You are rarely completely accepted, including or especially by your family, and can expect harassment at any time…..

  5. Bev Jo sums it up nicely above. As a butch lesbian, I have to constantly deal with the irritating behavior of the public heterosexual world. We see a media driven to make all lesbians look socially acceptable and to heteroize them. Butch lesbians are invisible in the malestream media by and large; Ellen does make up commercials for goddess sake.
    I’ve had trouble in rest rooms in the past, and also a lot of times other women I am with are shocked at how often people “mislabel” me. I get called Sir many times a day. It can sometimes be a danger for women to be with me in public, because the harassment will escalate, and if I’m walking down the street with another butch dyke, it can get real violent real fast.
    The trans nonsense only makes this situation of butch lesbians more precarious, because now we have people out to erase and cut up butch dykes with F to trans nonsense. We should be outraged and alarmed by this escalation of medical attacks on us, but no, we have the male led GLBT gang simply out to destroy women only culture, and butch lesbian herstory. We have trans claiming that heroic women of the past were trans now… they are stealing women and changing them into trans “men,” and still there is no outrage. Well the so-called “trans men” that seem to keep wanting to show up at lesbian events are nothing like any men I know. For one thing, they have beautiful smiles and kind eyes, and no male I know is capable of this kind of human warmth.
    I guess when the trans mafia starts attacking femme lesbians, maybe the community will pay a bit more attention. I’m not holding my breath.

  6. “Feel like a woman”– the ridiculous things trans say know no end.

  7. I’ve read that “cis-privilege” list. I have never read such a lot of dickheaded white male unscientific bullshit in my life. Privilege (as I have understand it) is social privilege: White, Male, Straight,… ) It has nothing to do with biology.
    E.G. (PLEASE read trans male activists cos you might learn something).
    There is nothing biologically privileged between a homo-sapiens with pale pink skin and blue eyes and a homo sapiens with brown-coloured skin and brown eyes.
    There are two sexes of human beings. Both are needed for reproduction. One Male, with sperm, the other with a womb, that receives sperm, that then houses a fetus until birth.
    “cis privilege” is a fallacy based on “race privilege”. Some evil people have based a SOCIETAL PRIVILEGE on the way people look, and now there has been a solid answer NO! to that.
    These Trans IDIOTS claim (for their own weird mind) that there is something privileged in the way evolution has developed two sexes, with the different things these sexes are.
    “cis privilege” is SCIENTIFIC IGNORANCE.

      1. “So no it’s not about acutal oppression but their feelings.”
        This is exactly right. For trans, hurt feelings=oppression. Being told no=oppression. Being recognized as male=oppression.

  8. I also got into it with Mr. Williams on that thread, ending with his inviting me to call him a “do-do head”. So I did. 🙂

  9. Also, I looked at a little of his YouTube. He giggled and lisped so much in his falsetto laydee voice that it turned my stomach after just a couple of minutes. Yuk!

  10. Hmm… I seem to be banned from that thread. Think it’s ’cause I used the word “dick” to describe some poor, long-suffering tranny?

  11. Poor ickle Cristan, he’s so oppressed, bless ‘im. GH you did *brilliantly* – I loved your responses to him. Well said, sister x

  12. You don’t want to play the Oppression Olympics but you created the Opening Ceremony. Typical. We don’t actually need yet another transgendered individual with victimization syndrome spouting off nonsense on the Internet.

  13. “won’t play”? she started it! i think trans people have the same rights as other people. this means that trans or not, you cant just shut another person down when they talk about the hardships they face and simultaneously expect them to take your own concerns seriously, as Cristan clearly did.

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