How to Transgender Your Automobile

female-driversHang some trinkets with feathers or fuzzy (pink) from you rear view mirrorhang things from the center inside rear-view mirror. Any kind of trinkets or flowers will do nicely.Steering wheel covers–can’t be burning your tender fingers on a hot wheel or freezing them on a frosty one. Leopard print is a good choice.Little bitty small stuffed animals–tucked into an open door panel, cup holder, corner of the dash or rear shelf. Finally, flowers or air fresheners most anywhere. Stuck in the dash vents are a plus.
I have a string of red hearts (Hurricane beads) that I got from Lizzy (I won’t say how SHE got them!)
And I’m looking for a pink “Breast Cancer Awareness” ribbon to stick on the back of the car!
Do you have kids? If you do and any of them are a girl you can put a princess on board sticker on the back window. You don’t have to tell anyone that is for you.  Look for other girly stickers to put on the back windshield also. Like the others said just hanging something in the mirror also does the trick.
Dee Jay, I love the pink breast cancer awareness sticker. If you find one let me know because I would like to have one also.
If you want your car to be unmistakably, absolutely positively obvious it is owned by a woman, keep it messy. Soda cans and fast food wrappers behind the driver’s seat, lipsticks, pencils and coins lost around the console, sticky soda and coffee satins on the carpet and upholstery, magazines all over the back seat. Guys NEVER have a messy car.
All I want is a cute girl car, one that say’s Girl all over.
A really cute girly car Angie is a Volkswaggon Bug. A convertible is even better. You have a cup holder that you can put flowers in it. I always think to myself that is such a girly car. Put a peace sign on the back and you are there
I’ve got a little Geo Tracker…it’s tiny, but 4wheel drive…
I just love that thing…nothing macho about that car!…..LOL
I think it might be hard to get someone to think a woman drives my truck because it is a 4wd crew cab silverado which is a big truck. I think I need to trade for a more feminine car.
I drive a Geo Prism with faerie decals on the back window and some flowers hanging off the rear view. I’ve been told it looks like a chick’s car. I woud totally love a convertable VW bug.
I need some feathers and other girlie things hanging down from my mirror!
there are “”female””air freshners you can use like a small doll
with a Lavander scent . The Breast Awareness stickers are
available throughout Ireland . If your car reeks of perfume
I would say you are making a statement
I drove a black VW bug – convertible for 10 years?
I drive a dark red Mitsubichi convertable now?
I DO have a breast health awareness sticker onthe back?
I hang Mardi Gras beads on the rear view mirror.
I have much of my makeup and sometimes my earrings on the cup in the dash?
I certainly have a messy car!
I’d actually love to have a minicooper. Bright yellow with white race stripes down the front and a black roof. Or maybe cobalt blue…
They’re just so cute!
Oh, and of course a breast cancer awareness bumper sticker.
maybe some pink fuzzy seat covers…
I think that a bright Yellow Mini Cooper convertible would just scream ‘Woman’ from miles away.
buy a jeep! that has kept me happy, the liberty is often looked at as a girl car too
Ah, yes, one of my favorite past times: “Guess The Gender Of The Owner Of That Care There.” I play this game just about every day, so I’m a veteran. Here’s what I’ve noticed:
-Tend to drive American-made cars, especially Chevrolet and Mazda (Chevy Cobalt and Mazda 3 are the two most common)
-If it isn’t American-made, it’s mostly a Toyota
-My fact: Every Toyota Celica on the road is driven by a female.
-Car colors are usually white, yellow, blue (especially lighter shades), red, pink, orange, and basically any bright color
-Older women tend to drive SUVs, especially Honda CR-Vs and Toyota RAV 4’s
-My personal statistic is that 75% of all Jeep owners are women
-Have a Roxie sticker on the rear window, usually taking up the middle (and coincidentally obstructing view)
-I’d venture to say conservative men drive American-made while liberal men drive Japanese.
-Common cars driven by young men include the Acura RSX (I have yet to see a woman drive this car), 1990-1999 Honda Civic (2000 and later are driven by men and women equally), and the Subaru Impreza (again, haven’t seen a female driver)
-Usually bland colors (unless it’s a ricer) like black, dark blue, dark green, etc.
big fluffy dice (nice and retro) and what really gives the game away is the false nails and eyelashes on the dash.. plus the nail varnish (sparkle pink remember) lurking in view.
[sic. From a transgender forum]

14 thoughts on “How to Transgender Your Automobile

  1. Guys never have a messy car?!? That’s the lamest thing I’ve ever heard in my life!!! My dad’s old 1994 truck is an infestation of moldy coke cans, wads of paper, and I’ve even seen soiled underwear behind his seat that made it smelly musty!!! Meanwhile, my 2002 Cavalier is as clean as it can possibly be, considering all the birds that have mistaken it for a toilet. But the interior contains nothing more than an umbrella and a box of tissues.

    1. For a second there I thought you describing my granddad minus the moldy underwear but yeah…his car is pretty junky.

    2. SRSLY. One of my male coworkers has the messiest car I’ve ever seen (this doesn’t surprise me because he has the messiest office I’ve ever seen).
      Me, I don’t drive, but my office is clean! And my bike is maintained, without any stereotypically femmy stickers on it!

  2. They must be thinking of the GAY men they know (or were), because it takes a very FEMME guy to care about cleanliness in any way, shape, or form!!! I don’t care if a man has 100 kids with a dress-only, fundie of a woman, if his underwear are not as disgustingly skid-marked as my dad’s (hint: google Billybob’s Wallet for images of what I mean), he is NOT a masculine man, period, THE END!!! That is the most masculine thing a man can possibly do (be a slob), so if he does have a clean car (or anything else), then he CLEARLY has a feminine side!!!

  3. The cluelessness and lack of street smarts are strong with these folk. These idiots don’t even know that for safety reasons, women are supposed to never put things on or in their cars that can “identify” it as probably belonging to a female. I doubt I have to explain why that is in this forum. I learned this as a female child. This knowledge was passed to me from grown women.
    Also, if I saw any woman driving a car that looked like what these people think a woman’s car looks like, I’d think, “Wow, she’s clueless.” If that woman looked at all masculine as well, it’d be “Hey, a tranny who’s trying WAY too hard!”

    1. I thought that too, about knowing not to leave obvious clues that it’s a woman’s car- the same way we’re not supposed to put first names on our apartment buzzers or even leave our own voices on home answering machines… but for them being sexually harassed ‘as a woman’ is a sign of success and probably a turn on. (Just like it’s rare to find a real woman using her real name posting comments on the internet while the men love to use their full made up lady names at every opportunity (the f2t’s love to use their little boy names too but to a lesser extent).

  4. One other thing – it’s grossly offensive that the only reason that they’d have a breast cancer awareness sticker on their car is just to seem more “feminine,” not because, you know, they actually care about breast cancer. I say this as a woman and a breast cancer survivor. Fuck these people.

  5. someone else has probably already said it by now, but wow! the use of the pink ribbons, so appalling

  6. But isn’t that always the way? Trans don’t turn into women or men–they turn into girls and boys. I’ve never met a FTM that didn’t act like a 13 year old, and don’t get me started on all the old guys who get horrors and think that they’ll be a hot 16 year old with perky boobs and no wrinkles.

  7. If I happened across that car in the street, I wouldn’t know whether to shit or to go blind.

  8. “Air fresheners” and perfumes are full of toxic chemicals. Which are designed and made by men in major corporations simply to make money (and I believe to mark territory, which happens every time a woman buys their crap and puts it on herself.) Quite the opposite of female…
    So, yes, “If your car reeks of perfume I would say you are making a statement.” That you are a victim of manipulative advertising and being willing to pollute everyone within breathing distance of that crap. (And don’t for get the pollution from the factories were the unregulated, untested, toxic chemicals are made.)
    Yes, the appropriation of breast cancer is disgusting. These men are disgusting….
    Not one bit of this sounds like any woman I know. Of course. Not one thing about trannies appears to be like any woman I know…
    Love “a reader’s” comment!

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