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From a transgender Forum:
How to masculinize my room- how can i masculinize my room ive gotten rid of all the feminine things but its still rather androgynous looking.

Leave dirty underwear on the ground, let it get unorganized, messy, and slobbish, let it be boring, hang up some band t-shirts, put up some posters of girls, and never ever make your bed  Bonus points if your blanket is all stained, and even more bonus points if you don’t have sheets.
Sorry. Couldn’t resist.  You can skip the t-shirts and posters.
Your room can look like whatever you want it to, to be honest. If you want to go stereotypical, that’s fine, but I don’t think anyone will judge you based on what your room looks like. And… if they do, then they’re weird.
I sort of remember this from an old thread of how to feminise your room? Put your boyfriend in bed with you. Probably work much the same for a guy, put your girl in bed with you.
get posters from spencers lol of either epic dude’ly movies, or hot chicks
get a dart board?
put a black, or dark drapery over the window
get a raggy but comfortable old bedspread
decorate with mostly dark or dull colors
I love man cave kinda rooms, I used to kinda have one but I moved in with my boyfriend and he has nice things lol, but I suppose it still looks masculine because of whats in it
I guess just keep masculine things in your room, and it will look masculine.  My older brother had to live in a pale yellow room with wallpaper of stuffed animals on the border and it still looked like a guys room.
Duct tape wall art. No, seriously. Do it.
Leave things visible which are related to (stereotypical) masculine hobbies, ex. sports equipment, video games, electronics. And just display male items like accessories and products that no girl would use.
For decoration, keep it simple. Cold/muted colors. I have skate stickers everywhere, a rap poster, a GTA poster and a Canucks towel to fill the spaces on the walls. So whatever relates to your interests that is also masculine stereotypically…
I have dark furniture in my room cause I like it. I have clean clothes on the floor and the dirty ones in the basket. Backwards right? My bed is only made if a special someone is going to stay the nite. I have camo flannel sheets on the bed now too. I have nothing on my walls but there is nothing on the walls anywhere in my apartment.
Plain colours with no ‘flowery designs’.
Avoid ‘soft’ colours like pastels
Minimise – no clutter – get rid of all ornamental stuff. Lay stuff out in a grid – straight lines everywhere.
Books – arrange in alphabetical order by author on the shelves. Magazines are kept separate from books.
Have a chair or stool and keep a pair of trainers or shoes under it – neatly, nice and straight.
Stick up some posters of cars, aircraft, space technology – things not people. Just one or two
Have a stereo unit sitting somewhere prominent and measure the distance between the speakers (say 4ft) and point them at a ‘listening chair’ twice that distance away (8ft). No girl ever does that. It is best if the chair is somewhere awkward like dead centre in the room so everyone has to walk round it, but they must not move it.
Please do not ask me how I know this stuff. The memories are most unwholesome-Beverley (slips back into girl mode and sprays on some extra perfume)
he cheapest and easiest way to change the feel of a room is to paint it.  Light grays, brown/earth tones, pale greens and dark blues would be the more masculine choices, but white walls are just as good with the right accent pieces.
Dark furniture is seen as more masculine, mahogany and oak being the most popular.  Men also have “tall dressers” called “highboys”; out of a furniture set that would be the mans primary piece.  The best investments I think someone can make; even young, is buying a nice, neutral but stylish lamp (stainless steel looks great with anything) and some solid, wood picture frames.  (What goes in them you can change as your tastes change.)  Even if your taste in color (wall paint, bedding, curtains) changes, that lamp will still look damn good.
urn it into a man cave with video game consoles laying everywhere, a gaming chair, posters of UFC fighters and women, smart alex remarks etc and fit it with some light up cool electronic stuff.  Spencers has a lot of cool man items there you can look for
I have massive subwoofers in the middle of my room angled perfectly so the sound crosses at my bed, and cables running all over the floor. I don’t have any places to put things since every available surface is taken up by fish tank, so everything is spilling out of drawers and cupboard doors.  I have three big posters in my room, and each has a wall. Two are of men and one is of a grim reaper.
Surprisingly I wouldn’t say my room ever looks femme, even when it’s clean. But I think that’s because aside from all of the mess it’s actually very minimal. My room has clothes, games and tanks, that’s it.  I would have to say that’s my biggest tip; cut back to only what you need being on display.
I have my skateboard and snowboard propped against the wall and some boxing gloves on a shelf.  I think they contribute to the overall masculine appearance of the room, while not being an inconvenience (disorganization really bothers me).
My first reaction was lol rooms don’t have gender, but on further thought I agree with this part. Girls are swirls and curves, boys are lines and angles, and I can see how that would show in a room.
My bedroom is also a living room, and is shared with a little girl, so it sends a jumble of signals.
Most of the boys I’ve known were more into music than most of the girls I’ve known, and I tend to associate stereos and equipment and instruments with maleness.
i need to take the curtains of my window there to proper. my other window has a blanket covering it wich i think is good. i wish i had dark wood furniture (not going to change that) its currently a light wood convention in here. i think i need to get rid of my ottoman and forget the word ottoman… also some dark paint would be better its pastel blue right now. i was thinking a burgundy or wine color it will go nice with all the blue stuff in my room. also i think i need a more masculine tissue box, why is it that all tissue boxes are pastel or covered in flower patterns?
I’ve got a wooden tissue box (you put the actual box of tissues underneath it) with a cardinal sitting on a snow-covered evergreen branch painted on it.  Doesn’t sound all that manly, but I won it in a prison raffle and it was made by one of the (male) inmates in the prison woodshop, so it’s got an awesome story attached, at least.
Get a rug. A persian rug man, it really ties the room together.
you could get some 1:18th scale model cars, a cool car poster or two, maybe even a lava lamp in traditionally male colors. if you’re into sports, like football, get some things that represent your favorite team. Video game memorabilia can be good too. I have a statue of Darth Malgus from Star Wars: The Old Republic, a Battarang from Gotham Asylum, and a Spartan helmet from Halo 3.
Well, the fastest way to masculinize a room is to throw shit everywhere and be a pig.  It’s fun until you have to find something.  Then it sucks.
Guys room colors are just like guy colors for everything – greys, dark blues, navys, blacks… muted, very non-dramatic colors.  Guys rooms are dark.
Put up like a Grateful Dead poster or a Limp Bizkit or something rockish like that.  Nickelback works.
Also- Find a poster of a victoria’s secret model or a playboy playmate and put her up over your bed.
Once again, I cannot emphasize this enough – make it look like a tornado blew into town… flannel shirts on the floor, cum-soaked underwear, dirty magazines, a video game controller, a bag of potato chips that expired like a year ago…
most single guys I know just have what they like in the room with them, it could be a stereo system, or a big TV with an Xbox under it, or scooter parts…
if they have nothing they like doing that uses items, then the room is mostly empty.
every guy I know that is not single lets the girlfriend decorate it when they move in together (they do this by just not caring about the looks at all).
I would say a room like that has a boyish appearance, not masculine, it would be a kids room, not an adult male.  A bedroom is for sleeping (and later where the magic happens) it should be conductive of sleeping.  I know it’s common for teenagers to cover every inch of their wall in posters, pictures and stickers, but it just looks so damn tacky.
Now that I think of it, every guys needs a clothes hamper!  I bought a canvas one from L.L.Bean 10+ years ago, and it’s great!  Probably one of the few things I use every single day.
I’ve got silver walls with black door/window frames and baseboards, black futon (no bed) with a set of red sheets and a set of black, black shag rug, flat screen on the wall, HOLLYWEED poster, and a LOVE poster made of guns and stuff, also a daily maxim girl calender on my desk and another monthly hot girl calender on my wall, a cool tatted up marilyn monroe print, New York and Hollywood skyline decals on the wall, free weights barely visible under my futon, my GoodWood necklaces are on display on my wall too, black window curtains, snowboard and skateboard in the corner, and a nice big bong on my desk
Litter the floor with beer cans, porn and tools.
just go for a dark/dull color scheme i.e greys and blues, greens… or whatever, and imo if you have curtains they kind of feminize a room so get blinds or something like that
my room is just white with loads of blink-182 posters, black blinds, I have dark green nightmare before christmas bedsheets lol um… I have my skateboards and my instruments (bass, drums… and a guitar but it’s actually my brothers guitar ), my tv & ps3 and shit… that kind of clutters my room up but I think them type of things can masculinize my room in their own way… my room looks like a guys room, haven’t put any effort into it so it’s probably why
Get rid of all your furniture. Throw your matress on the floor. Put all your stuff in cardboard boxes. Use your closet for your guitars and amps. And to top it all off, get a whizbang computer table with an Alienware gaming system.  Oh…. and don’t forget to leave some smelly sneakers in your room… or at least some socks you’ve worked out in for a couple days.
Or… get curtains and bed coverings all in cameo. Make sure that your bedside light has a cameo shade. Hang some cool gun posters up. Keep the stinky shoes.
Or… keep all the foo and tell everyone it’s your girlfriend’s room. Seriously. Step into any clean and well cared for married couple’s room. Which influence to you see?
[sic] From a Transgender Forum
In honor of the fellow that opined to me today that a man drinking a Kahlua based drink or some Grasshopper shit  before dinner is gay, but after dinner is “okay”. TRUE STORY.

Random masculinity photo.

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  1. this kind of obscenely stereotypical gender-based worldview of transism needs to be much more publicized- maybe people will start to see how utterly unrelated to homosexuality it is

  2. How bizarre. Just bizarre. These people are SO wed to the idea of sex roles. I don’t have words for this kind of sweaty, obsessive thinking. I could probably find some in the DSM.
    Also, a piece of unsolicited advice on formatting, Gallus – you may wish to put “from a transgender forum” at the top of this post rather than at the bottom. Otherwise, at first it seems to be your words rather than a quote. Of course, to regular readers here it’s immediately obvious that that is not so, but to new readers, it may be kind of confusing until they get to the end. Just throwing that out there, don’t mean to tell you how to write your blog.

  3. LOL…My younger brother’s room walls are painted white with a few soccer and football jerseys hanging against them followed by a boring light gray carpet and a queen size mattress covered with a green comforter and matching pillow cases…guess he’s not “man” enough since his room is very clean with no porn or semen soaked underwear sitting on his floor.
    Games systems! You can forget about that…growing up we kept each other company by playing card games or climbing trees outside.

  4. How utterly SAD is it that your own personal room has to be a performance???
    Is my personal space (read: the half of our house main room that gets to be my “office”) properly “womanly”? Is it “manly”? Who knows. Do I particularly care? No. My space has in it things that I need and use. Period. Generally, that means a plain desk, bunch of computers, loads of bookshelves. Plus X’mas lights in a pile just because. You can judge me by my books, and I’m happy to let you do it, because the books on my shelves are books that I ACTUALLY READ.
    I mean, come on. Trans* issues completely aside, putting up posters of some band that you don’t even like because you think that someone else is going to see and think you’re cool? Are you kidding? Is this junior high?
    (heck when I was in junior high I only had a desk to myself and it too was just full of books, so same story applied!)

  5. Just shows how very unnatural and ridiculous it is. Trying so very hard is very revealing, and was she saying she used to be very Fem? Most of the F2Ts are, or are fag hags.

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