67 thoughts on “"Transwomen": How to Gut a Fish

    1. http://usnews.nbcnews.com/_news/2013/04/13/17733363-transgender-woman-banned-from-idaho-grocery-store-over-restroom-use?lite
      Do these dudes do anything BUT use public bathrooms? They must spend every day chugging from a big gulp in each hand in order to visit at least 15 loos in retail stores like they’re trying to make quota. Marking their territory? Side bonus of getting internet famous if they wind up in drama? But how do they find the time?
      It’s not funny though. I don’t even know how to put it into words as it’s like comparing shades of evil, but somehow I don’t even think this guy is even aware of “women as fish” (a straight dude who doesn’t even have to take notice of gay trans “ballroom” culture and its misogyny); it’s like there was nothing even metaphorical about it to him. Everything can be guts, viscera, if he so chooses.
      [That’s what’s so sick about corporate male pro-feminism: all the good guys with shiny reformed masculinities [plural], they’re still “choosing” to be “decent humans” knowing that the power to decide that stuff is in their hands, each day being a new opportunity to do otherwise. They’re the responsible fishermen. I won’t take that thought further as it’s disgusting, but knives, throwing things back (grooming), and the world as a “sustainable farm” all come to mind. And that’s the work of us “progressive males.”]
      Despite “Crysta’s” fake girlhood references, like Kosilek, even in these death threats, I can only imagine how these guys actually treat/ed their mothers.

      1. I think it’s all about collecting “validations.” Someone might be happy doing the cross-dressing thing and living “as a woman” but then they see a gate, and they need to know that they can pass the gatekeeper, that other people SEE them (or are willing to say so) as women.
        So every bathroom, yeah, it’s a chance to play that little test, will I pass or not? Meanwhile you can find all kinds of rapturous blog posts about how thrilling!! it was at the store when the cashier said “ma’am” and the like.
        (I caught the fish reference myself, just made the comment all the more creepy. And yes, the whole “we’ll play nice but you know deep down we can just overpower you and do what we want” unspoken threat is something brainwashed into girls from day one, something else the M2T just don’t seem to ‘get’.)

      2. Anon male, I swear you’re right about the Big Gulp thing, lol. The person in that article you linked (dude looks like Divine, btw) was banned from a grocery store after repeatedly using the women’s restroom. Who the hell goes to the bathroom that many times at a grocery store, anyway?! I think it’s exactly what Adrian states – it’s all about collecting “validations.” Pathetic.

      3. He was standing up facing the toilet and whizzing with women in the next stall. Yuck. They probably had their feet misted with his splatter. Gross. That’s why they make urinals for dicks, yah dick. Ugh.

      4. When contemplating men in women’s loos, it’s worth remembering that urophilia is a fairly common fetish among males.
        Oh, wait, trans has nothing to do with sexual tastes. Never mind.

  1. Yep, TOTALLY a woman!
    Please note, dear M2T associates, the writhing, bleeding sarcasm with which I speak.

  2. Guess Penny (from Big Bang Theory) isn’t a woman then…
    Hence, no one is a woman 😛
    Some women like to teach their daughters how to cook their food truly from scratch. Hell, I even learned how to fish!
    I was one of those girls who was taught to fend for herself, and take care of herself. You, just got taught how to gossip and whine… Small wonder you complain here like you do… You don’t know how to protect yourself, you just throw insults and tantrums, like the child you are…
    I pray you may one day grow up, and become a woman…

    1. Nope, nothing male about totally dismissing born women’s issues and concerns with words like “gossip”, “whine”, “complain”, “tantrums”, etc. No sirreebob. Wait – Bob, is that you?

    2. Typical that you use one of the most misogynist shows on tv to prove your point…which is what exactly?

    3. That’s some funky-ass logic, dude. No one here was saying a person who fishes (and cleans the fish) isn’t a woman. We’re saying someone born with an XY chromosome pair and a penis isn’t a woman, and someone who makes a violent threat against women is displaying a great deal of male-ness. Don’t try to back-pedal and turn what you said into something other than you’d originally intended.
      BTW, I was born female (XX, vagina, etc.), and was raised as a female. I was also raised hunting and fishing, and my dad made sure to teach my sister and me self-defense. It is NEVER okay to mention your skills or history in shooting, field dressing, skinning, or butchering as a poorly veiled threat to someone else.
      You aren’t a woman, and you aren’t a responsible outdoorsman, either.
      I hope you may one day grow up and become a decent human being.

    1. “Go away! Go away! Beastly thing! Shoo! Shoo!”
      – C3PO, The Empire Strikes Back

      1. Um, you porny men took away our “special places.” You are not “trans-women” — you are men pretending to be women, Mr. Williams. Leave our spaces the fuck alone.

      1. boobs are not what defines woman xx defines woman the rest is a social construct ie made up stuff we apply to ourselves so ummmm no i do not need to go looking at your fake boobs.just to clairify I generally do not like fake boobs on any type of person. why not go looking for self validation among people who are such as yourself. as for me you are not a part of MY community and never will be…..

  3. Ah was living in the basement watching porn and pretending ah was a internet vampire until mah bitch mom kicked me out in my thirties—Whaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!11!!!!!

  4. You heard it here first: Some men like to teach their sons to fish and prepare the catch.

  5. Hey, I’m going to cross-post here the response that I left over at “Crysta’s” comment, if you don’t mind, Gallus (if you do, of course feel free not to post this):
    “I’m curious as to when you will start listing the Transgender WOMEN who have been not only hurt, but KILLED for merely trying to live their lives…”
    Boo-fucking-hoo. There are websites that do exactly that. Get off your lazy ass and find them. We are not here to serve you, asshole.
    As to the violence toward trans people you bring up (“face moral peril on a daily basis”, FFS) – do you ever watch T.V.? Read the news? ‘Cause I see born women being murdered for simply being women EVERY. DAMN. DAY. Women have been murdered for walking down a street, for attempting to leave a relationship, for studying the “wrong” subject in school, for sleeping in their bed at night, for having brown hair, for having a job, for having the “wrong” job, for being pregnant (murder IS the leading cause of death for pregnant women), for asking not to be hit, for attempting to protect their children or pets, you name it. Small, young women have been snatched from their beds, raped, and killed. Why? ‘Cause they were female, and could satisfy the deranged urges of a pervert. Nothing more, nothing less. Or, if it’s not murder, a woman is beaten in the U.S. every fifteen seconds. Violence against trans people doesn’t even come fucking close.
    Why do you think that almost every true-crime show on television features a female victim? Or with fiction, on Law & Order: SVU? You don’t notice it because we’re all so inured to it, the violence against women. So spare me your stories. We have enough of our own. The war against women is hardly over, and you want us to already step aside for YOUR needs? Won’t happen on my watch.
    “…how my mother taught her little girl how to ‘gut a fish…’”
    Aaaaaaaand BINGO. Here we are again. Grown-ass male thinking of himself as once “a little girl” (and probably enjoying the ensuing hard-on): check. Male making sadistic physical threats against women for not complying with his every demand: check. Thanks for proving our points, “Crysta” (or Christopher, or Jack, or Lloyd, or whatever the fuck your real name is).

    1. That’s a great point about true crime fiction. Speaking of LAw and Order: SVU, does anyone remember the episode about the transwoman who murdered a guy in her friend’s bathroom?
      At first the detectives thought that “she” killed the guy in self defense because he attempted to rape her. It turns out “she” murdered the guy because he found out “she” was trans and was going to out “her.” If I remember right, Olivia didn’t want “her” to be prosecuted because trans people are The Most Oppressed Group Ever. The transwoman’s lawyer also took on the case because of the sensationalism. The ADA wasn’t having it tho, because this was a classic case of Murder II.
      So in the end, the transwoman is found guilty (of course not because “she” murdered a guy, but because the jury was bigoted! I blame the radical feminists). Then there was an argument about whether “she” should go in a male or female prison. The ADA, following the law because that’s her job, had “her” put in a male prison. The episode ends with the transwoman being brought into an ambulance after being beaten by other prisoners.
      The part that really pissed me off was that we’re supposed to hate the ADA for being “transphobic.” Of course it’s a woman’s fault when men act violently. It’s a lot easier to hate a woman than it is to call out male stupidity. Why can’t us bitches just realize that we have to shut up about our problems and that transwomen have it worse and make better women anyway?

      1. SVU has had several episodes exactly like that. (And just about every other TV show at this point.) My favorite part is when they force BD Wong to put on his Queer Edumacation hat and spout absolute nonsense as a pretend medical professional trying to boil down internet hipster theory into “science” for the grandparents who tend to watch this stuff.
        “I speak 4 teh gays, THIS. IS. BRAIN-SEX!”

      2. BD Wong and his queer edumacation hat! Exactly. I wish the Law & Order random plot generator was still active – I’m sure it could’ve spat (shat?) something out along those lines. (I’m trying to cull some plot together here as an example, but I’m only on my first cup of coffee, and it just ain’t happening.)

      3. More TV re-education:
        I started catching up on Glee in order to get to the big school shooting episode everyone is talking about:
        Anyway, Ryder, got into it with Un1que (who is trans-ish), who said he was a “proud black woman” and Ryder was like, “whatevs, dude.”
        Un1que shoved him because trans are totally permitted to use physical violence against words because words are exactly just like concentration camps when applied to THEM. (Thus it’s totes-resonable for them to come back with Gut a Fish threats when someone says something they don’t like.)
        Later, Ryder was chatting with someone online:
        Ryder: What if I dressed up like a bunny, that wouldn’t make me a bunny!
        Online mystery friend: no that would make you insane!
        Ryder: Yeah, I just don’t get it.
        OMF: But what if someone said that we weren’t really friends because we never met in real life?
        Ryder: No way, we’re friends! I don’t need to prove that to anyone. I KNOW it in my heart!
        OMF: Right, and just like you don’t need proof, Un1que knows she’s a girl! Everyone has their own truth and you can’t mess with that!
        Ryder: Whoah, lightbulb! You’re totally right! You’re so sexy when you’re smart!
        The logic is completely apples/oranges/kiwi, but it feels so warm and… fuzzy! I mean, I guess it’s furry-phobic, labeling them insane, so intersectionality-FAIL.
        But by the end of the episode, Un1que reveals he was almost murdered on the street by a pack of popular *girls.*
        And by almost murdered, he means that they laughed at him.
        Everyone in Glee gets bullied but this is somehow DAY OF RE-MEMBER-ANCE type shit and completely different in scale than anything that ever happened to Kurt, perpetrated by males. Mean girls are responsible for 95% of all homicides!
        So Ryder and Young Puck offer to help walk Un1que home every day because if those bio-cissie-girls fuck with Un1que again, they can totally beat the shit out of them because that’s what good pro-feminist dudes do to transphobic bitches.

      4. “Everyone has their own truth and you can’t mess with that!”
        Except women born women. Or hell, even men born men. We’re not allowed our own truth, our own experiences. Those are all up for the taking to whomever wants them, no matter how flippantly or temporarily.
        I mean, I guess it’s furry-phobic, labeling them insane, so intersectionality-FAIL.
        HA! Well played.

  6. Of course this guy is a real woman, and all the rest of are just “fish.” Can’t you even be original in your misogynistic insults? And the way you refer yourself to as a girl when you’re an adult man is disgusting.
    Sorry to have to break it to you, but just by looks alone, you’re the farthest thing from an actual woman.

  7. The fact that the dude lived with his mommy until age 32 tells me he didn’t do jack shit for himself. It’s a pretty dude thing to do these days. It’s common for dudes to live with their moms until their moms check themselves into nursing homes just to get the hell away from their sons, or die. Until then, these dudes expect free room and board and expect their moms to cook, clean, wait on them hand and foot, and take care of them – even if she’s in a wheelchair. Obviously Crysta is such a dude, otherwise his mom wouldn’t have kicked him out.
    So what if you can cook? Lots of dudes can cook from scratch and are chefs – including many macho males in my own family. Cooking is not a gendered thing.
    I don’t even know why they call it transgendered. All I see are dudes who are into porn and cross-dressing. None of them have “girl codes” (which are ingrained in us as young children), nor do they assume any female gender roles – except sexual roles dictated by porn. Which have to do with male sexuality, not female sexuality. In short, other than cross-dressing, M2Ts are all man, through and through.

  8. As for “gutting fish,” I’m rather fond of Rocky Mountain Oysters myself. Look that up in your cookbook and cook that from scratch.

  9. Love these comments. The men posing as women do go on about being a “woman” or “girls” in a way that real girls and women never do. That’s a giveaway, but just seeing them and their photos! My god, what repulsive, ugly men. Not even close to being like females. And dangerous as well.

  10. In 2005, THREE WOMEN were murdered in the U.S. by their intimate partners every day. EVERY DAY. More than 1,800. http://www.now.org/issues/violence/stats.html
    And in 2012, how many ‘transwomen’ were murdered? In the entire year?
    FOURTEEN. http://www.advocate.com/politics/transgender/2012/11/20/13-transgender-americans-murdered-2012.
    It’s terrible that anyone is murdered. Of course it is. But please, let’s get a grip on reality, T* people. When do we women get OUR ‘Day of Remembrance’ from all those feminist allies out there? And the GBT part of our ‘community?’

    1. Bear in mind that the figure for trans women murdered won’t be reliable, because the majority of them will be incorrectly recorded as male. In reality there’s sadly no way of ascertaining the true number of trans women killed.
      Though I definitely agree with you that there should be a Day of Remembrance for women as a whole who are killed due to misogyny and sexism.
      After all, the genocide of cis women and the genocide of trans women have the same root cause, and I think that needs to be acknowledged a lot more often.

      1. The murdered “transwomen” are men, murdered by men. Nothing incorrect about it.

      2. Bear in mind that the figure for MtT murdered won’t be reliable, because the lists at Day of Remembrance sites don’t delve into whether the trans person named was actually murdered simply for being trans or for some other reason. (Drug deal gone bad, etc.) They just list the names – because the more names listed, the more trans people can claim The Most Oppressest Evah status. *Homer Simpson whisper*: we’re not supposed to notice this.

      3. Cassandra, you wrote “Bear in mind that the figure for trans women murdered won’t be reliable, because the majority of them will be incorrectly recorded as male. In reality there’s sadly no way of ascertaining the true number of trans women killed.”
        You mean that you and your ilk have not yet figured out how to trans all of the dead who might have had a single item of clothing on their person that is typically identified with someone of the other birth sex…
        The reality is that there aren’t that many trans* getting killed, not to mention that when they are, it is often (almost always) by someone of the same sex (ie. another male).
        There is no ‘genocide’ going on, but why am I not surprised that another trans* supporter would resort to hyperbole…it’s no different that the puffery bullshit that goes into the claimed rates of suicide (you know, the number always pulled from a self-report ‘study’ that was based solely on a self-selected sample and thus is not statistically valid).

  11. Gallus you harridan, how can you expect to dish out the dirt without TSs from retaliating? “Fish” is a benign insult compared to the trans women being constantly being ridiculed, beaten and murdered for being trans.
    And Beverly, you are a repulsive piece of human excrement. Age does not bring wisdom with the likes of you and your cronies. But hear me, no matter what you do you have lost, trans women are gaining acceptance at a growing rate, your screeds and tantrums no longer hold any weight in the real world.

    1. And yet here you are trying to silence women’s voices by any means necessary- including supporting your brothers who threaten to gut women like fish. Seems an extraordinary effort by you to silence the voices which “don’t hold any weight” (women’s).

    2. Yes, because it’s not as if women are constantly ridiculed, beaten and murdered for being women. Or did you not read any of the prior posts? Probably not. We wouldn’t expect that of you.
      MtT are gaining acceptance only in your extremely narrow web-based world. In the real world, your arrogance and obnoxiousness are causing you to lose supporters each day, especially in the lesbian and gay community. You and your ilk are horrible, selfish, astonishingly narcissistic jerks. You are abusers.

    3. Jessica,
      Gutting a fish was a threat—and you are misogynist man thug. Yes yes sure you endure so so so much. Sure you do and the silly drama plays for attention may be the cause of the ridicule. Which BTW ridiculed, sir that is not our problem. Oh yes beaten and murdered–well that stat is not adding up too much either. And in fact that you guys keep trying to push it just shows those on the fence a few things, that you are either out and out liars, or delusional or more to the point get a sexual pleasure out of threatening women and wanting to gain access. And that you need that titilation to threaten women. Anyway sir, a word to the wise, I would not be bringing up age if I were you. There has not yet been language invented to describe the downhill slide that you and your fellows will be facing.
      As far as GM not holding weight or sway in the world. I suppose that depends on what circles you travel in. So many women are indebted to GM for the work she has done. In my professional world as a speaker and writer (and I come into contact with many academics, students) this blog has been read and quoted to school principals, doctors, and state representatives. GT has become “the go to blog” for accurate information. People are “educating themselves” People that you can’t imagine, parents, teachers, and law enforcement. And 9 times out of 10 you guys are your own worst enemy—so no sir it will not age well at all. I hope that you will get the help you need and that you maybe able to live a somewhat normal life–someplace. The reality is that the acceptance you may have gained you yourselves will destroy as you threaten, women murder women and children, rape women and children. And then have the sheer delusional narcissism to cry victim. People don’t like dangerous sexual psychopaths—kind of says, “doesn’t play well with others”

  12. In terms of violence against trannies, don’t forget Gallus’ brilliant post a while back of the video showing two trannies going at it, rolling around in the oil and filth of a parking lot of a convenience store — in their effort to beat each other up. Men will be men.
    Defining real women out of existence by using the female-hating slur “cis,” is a form of murdering women.
    But who cares since only men count?

  13. GM, I found this on tumblr.

    Morgan M. Page: still upset about lesbians not accepting compulsory heterosexuality in the guise of trans acceptance. Apparently, the whole thing goes on for 40 minutes. I definitely recognize some quotes but I do not know of a radfem who said that “transwomen aren’t human”. Seems doctored to me, especially since no sources are given – the only one I could make out is fcm’s cotton ceiling blog post (from the screen). And it does contain the sentence “transwomen arent female” by fcm herself.

    1. gross. What women were upset about was so inconsequential to him that he never even bothered to read or respond to it. Instead, he made up fake comments that none of us even said. The fucking male entitlement: see dripping with. Also Ewwwww the power framing of his whole piece. BAD ART.

      1. That’s the first thing I noticed – instead of actually listening to women, and maybe giving some nuanced thought to the conflicts between born women, lesbians, gay men, and trans people, he just presents himself as purely the victim. And yeah, the entitlement. Somehow, I don’t feel at all bad for him!
        Also, gotta love how radical feminists are once again portrayed as such an enemy, when it’s MEN who are actually harming them. The only way we’re “harming” them (and wow, do I use that word loosely) is by not wanting to have sex with them and not wanting them in every fucking women’s space. Always easier and less frightening to go after women, however. Not very brave or insightful, though.

      2. Cheap! and what the hell is going on in Toronto that men espousing corrective rape of lesbians passes as entertainment? MUCH LESS ART. Lame! Is this the state of hipsterism in Toronto??! This is like some 1990’s backwater gender shit. HAHA “performance art” my arse!

      3. It’s like he’s trying to mime Kunta Kinte’s expressions while people say innocuous shit to him and yet he struggles to remain composed.
        I don’t know shit about youtube but are topless women (I have no idea if he’s wearing pants?) allowed on open channels? So are they discriminating against his gender identity by not blocking his video?

      4. Those are speshul MAN I mean “transwoman” breasts with speshul Man – ur, “Transwomen” rules. EXACTLY THE SAME as a real woman’s, but Speshul because male. Silly you!

    2. And what “petition”? Never heard of any. He’s just so high he imagined/fantasized one – or multiples! – apparently. Gross.

      1. Morgan is talking about that petition radical feminists got going after MtTs organized a workshop on how to convince lesbians to get with them (that infamous male-only cotton ceiling meeting). He thinks it’s aaaaaall about him because he still does not understand shit.

    3. What an appalling piece of manipulation. And what a far cry from those trans activists who do good and important work by helping the mental health, rights and living standards of trans-identifying people.

  14. The pit falls of narcissism. This guy should keep his delusion narrowed down to cross-dressing. This is so bad that actually he may have a better chance of convincing people that he is “female” than convincing them he has any talent. ” . . . and he also thinks he is an artist.”

  15. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AiIjbR6MPH8
    trans* engaging in violence against a woman with two children, because child said the wrong thing to the transwomen.
    ^trigger warning, the nine year old sprayed in the face for saying the wrong thing[gay man?] to a trans. He is screaming in pain a little more than half way through. I was not able to watch it beyond that, because I am triggered by a child screaming in pain as being the most awful, but there are some sick comments saying the children ‘deserved it’ under the video by trans allies really makes some women uneasy.
    Why justify these actions? There are lots of children under ten around in women’s bathrooms, many dont know when they are saying ‘the wrong thing’.

    1. There it is – “I look better than any of you.” Always that is in there.
      The guy in pink should have told the kid to shut up or told the kid he should be respectful or whatever message he needed to say, ONCE, and LEFT THE AREA to go sit in the other end of the car and just tune out. Say some scathing remark, flip the bird, walk away. But no, he has to sit there fighting back with the kid and escalating everything. And then of course the pepper spray…
      Meanwhile mom did slap the kid on the back of the head to tell him to knock it off, it’s not as if she was cheering him on.
      Bottom line is, who on earth pepper sprays for WORDS, when there is ample opportunity to just LEAVE THE SCENE?? Guy in pink was never in any danger at all and definitely had no business drawing a weapon.

      1. “Bottom line is, who on earth pepper sprays for WORDS, when there is ample opportunity to just LEAVE THE SCENE?? Guy in pink was never in any danger at all and definitely had no business drawing a weapon.”
        But that is the thing…their male upbringing won’t let them retreat. It is no different than the one in whereever it was, Minnesota, that crossed the street to kill someone and then tried to claim self-defense. And then ego even trumped that because of the multiple returns to the area where the children were seated…
        And what in the hell was he thinking by attacking a CHILD with pepper spray? I can only hope there was a transit cop that is able to identify the perpetrator and that they are prosecuted.

    2. Spraying a little kid in the face, after repeatedly escalating the situation. That poor kid probably thought he was going blind. Asshole tranny.

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