Into the Mind of Kosilek: Grace’s Daughter – a Book Review

“Psychopaths never quit.” – Margaret Singer
Criminal memoirs, like parole hearings, are not usually known for their authenticity, honesty, self-reflection and accurate reportage. In the criminal memoir every hapless burglar is a master thief, every two-bit hood a mob capo, every sociopath a revolutionary.
Criminal memoirs are: Jack Henry Abbott waxing bromantically to Norman Mailer about the inhumanity of his incarceration -just prior to committing another murder, serial rapist Eldridge Cleaver expounding on the act of rape as a revolutionary act, Tex Watson intoning on the redemptive power of bible-believing among guys who hang pregnant starlets alive while cutting them open.
In the Crime Memoir sub-genre of the “wrongly convicted” the tropes are even more hackneyed as the memoir essentially serves as one long desperate attempt to explain away all that blood. Kosilek’s memoir is of the sub-genre category, flavored with a heaping dose of self-pity, narcissism and sociopathy.
Most of the U.S. “Son of Sam Laws” (enacted in the wake of serial killer David Berkowitz’ attempts to sell his story for profit) have been repealed or overturned on First Amendment grounds leaving murderers free to profit from the dubious celebrity of committing horrific acts and selling them for entertainment to an audience hungry for carnage. Any of the millions of average boring bastards that murder their wives are free to offer their suddenly compelling and unique tale on any of a number of online vanity publishing sites for a few bucks. Kosilek’s memoir “Grace’s Daughter” is one of those, and it was on just such a site that I found it. Yes, I persuaded a friend to kindly give Kosilek two dollars and ninety-nine cents for a copy of his tome. For that ethical indiscretion I am sorry.
I was curious though. Slightly curious. Under three dollars curious.
There are very few reasons to subject oneself to 400-plus pages of self-serving criminal lies. Some of these reasons may include curiosity about a particular crime or crime spree. Perhaps a historic crime is so distinct that the reader longs for some insight to explain the psychology of the perpetrators or details of the era (think “Symbionese Liberation Army“ or the “Manson Family”). Maybe an author relates an inside experience of the justice system and incarceration compellingly. Perhaps the perp is just an entertaining storyteller and a fantastic writer.
Kosilek’s memoir has none of that. Men like him who brutally decapitate their loving wives are, sadly, a dime a dozen. He is a terrible writer and a bad liar. But Kosilek has one thing going for him and his memoir: A judge has issued an order forcing the populace of Massachusetts to pay upwards of $100,000 (including surgery, travel, security including 24 hour hospital guards, post-op care, follow-up appointments both surgical and endocrinological, possible revisions) so that a decapitation killer can have his genitals cosmetically refashioned into a fleshy sheath for other men to stick their dicks into. Because the murderer thinks such a procedure will make him a woman, and the murderer has threatened to be upset and/or harm himself if his delusions are not indulged (and enabled) by the legal system and the public at large.
Again, there is nothing unique about that. Plenty of people believe doctors can perform actual changes of sex, creating women out of men and vice versa. Well maybe not plenty. But lots are willing to pretend they believe, or at least go along with the idea, out of politeness or the hope that doctors and judges know what the hell they are doing. And plenty of people think the presence of a fleshy sheath that men can stick their dicks into defines the female sex.
Perhaps in reading the 103,010 word tome I would gain a new understanding of Kosilek’s savagery and rage for the woman who loved him, who married him, the one whose decapitated body he dumped like so much trash before cooking and enjoying a delicious steak dinner with the victim’s unsuspecting son in the very space he had garroted her hours before?


Unfortunately, the following are some things that are never even mentioned in Kosilek’s memoir:
On Sunday May 20 1990 Robert Kosilek stood behind his wife Cheryl and garroted her with a length of wire. He’s not a huge guy, around 5’8”, but stocky at the time of the murder, so he must have applied incredible force in order for the wire to cut into her throat. Perhaps he pushed his knee into her back for leverage. She fought: we know that. And it took her a long time to die. We know that too. Even as the wire had nearly decapitated her she would not die and Robert was forced to go running for a rope, which he then wrapped around her neck as she continued to fight for life. The court record states:
“With regard to deliberate premeditation, the evidence would permit a rational jury to infer that the defendant waited until the victim’s son was at work, that he approached his wife from behind with a wire, and strangled her by tightening the wire around her neck. With regard to extreme atrocity or cruelty, the prosecution’s expert testified that: there were multiple wounds on the victim’s body; she was strangled by a wire and then a rope; she was conscious for at least fifteen seconds after strangulation began and remained alive for three to five minutes; and there were indications of a conscious struggle. These facts amply support a finding of premeditated and deliberate murder, see Commonwealth v. Judge, 420 Mass. 433, 441, 650 N.E.2d 1242 (1995); Commonwealth v. Chipman, 418 Mass. 262, 269-270, 635 N.E.2d 1204 (1994); Commonwealth v. Basch, 386 Mass. 620, 622, 437 N.E.2d 200 (1982), as well as murder by extreme atrocity or cruelty, see Commonwealth v. Simmons, 419 Mass. 426, 646 N.E.2d 97 (1995); Commonwealth v. Tanner, 417 Mass. 1, 2, 627 N.E.2d 895 (1994).
We know what Robert did next. He went outside to Cheryl’s car in the driveway and opened the back door. He dragged her lifeless body out of the condo they shared and dumped her in the back seat. Then he went back inside and cleaned. He cleaned up her blood which sprayed the kitchen. He showered and changed his clothes. Then he drove her car containing her corpse to the nearby North Attleboro Emerald Square shopping mall and abandoned it in the parking lot. He summoned a cab to take him home. He was dropped off at a store near where he and his family lived. He walked home then cooked a steak dinner which he and Cheryl’s son Timothy McCaul enjoyed in the exact spot Robert had slaughtered his wife and Timothy’s mother mere minutes before. Timothy noticed nothing out of the ordinary. The only thing of note he could report later to police is that Robert had uncharacteristically shaved his beard. Robert hadn’t shaved in a year. The last time he shaved was when Cheryl had discovered him drinking again and forced him to go back into rehab.
Where was Mom? Robert told Timothy that Cheryl had gone shopping at the mall earlier in the day. Robert decided to feign “looking into” the matter. He called the police as a concerned husband and reported her missing- possibly in a car accident? He called the local hospital. Police checked the mall and soon found the body of his dead 36 year old wife where Robert had dumped her. They asked Robert to come to the station. He requested that the police transport him. (His car was not running and he would call his mechanic the next day to fix it). At the station he reported that he had been home sick all weekend. Cheryl had gone shopping at the mall. Police took a statement and transported him home. Soon they asked him to come back to the station. They had more questions. Cheryl’s son had told the police that no one answered the phone when he called to get a ride home from work at 5pm. Kolisek told them the child often had trouble mis-dialing phone numbers. He also recalled being in the shower, which perhaps caused him to not hear the phone ringing. He asked to go to the cigarette machine to buy cigarettes and left the interrogation room. A police officer intercepted him exiting the front door to the station. Kosilek stated he intended to retain a lawyer, and left.
The day after murdering Cheryl, Robert called the mechanic and had them fix his car. He then went on a shopping spree spending hundreds of dollars on female clothes. In the evening he was stopped by police after crashing his car into a stop sign in Bedford Massachusetts. He was dressed in female drag. A report was filed and he was released.
The second day Robert was again stopped by the police, this time in New Rochelle NY for speeding. He was drunk with a half bottle of vodka and several empty beers in the car. He was arrested for driving while intoxicated. The officer reported him saying “You would be drunk too if the police thought you killed your wife. Look, I had a 15-year-old son and a wife. I murdered my wife. Now I need to call a psychiatrist.” He was incarcerated and NY police contacted the North Attleboro Massachusetts police department which had questioned Kosilek two days earlier in the murder of his wife.
Once sober, Robert refused to be extradited back to Massachusetts. Extradition was ordered and he appealed it. He retracted his confession.
He was investigated for a possible link to the New Bedford serial killings where he worked as a taxi driver in 1987-88 but the investigation petered out.
This is where Kosilek in his memoir recalls having a memory again. The rest of it: the murder, the driving, the dumping, the dinner, the shopping, the police- all a blank. Innocent!
The whole wire and rope thing: self defense, probably!
“My last memory is an argument that ended with Cheryl throwing a crystal mug full of boiling water on me, then coming at me with a large knife. In over six years together, neither of us had ever used violence. Now my last memory of her is one of trying to stop her from killing me, and I have apparently taken her life.” –Robert Kosilek in “Grace’s Daughter”


“Psychopaths just don’t stop. They don’t give up. They continue the same style.” -Margaret Singer
Kosilek’s memoir opens with two forwards. One is written by his friend and champion, Clinical Psychologist Dr. Cindy Tavilla. Tavilla was the Program Coordinator at Bridgewater State Hospital where Kosilek worked as an addictions counselor in the year leading up to his mortal attack on his wife. Tavilla had fired him mere months before he decapitated Cheryl, after his background check revealed an extensive criminal past.
Nearly twenty years later, as she explains in her forward, Tavilla was sitting in church when a voice- possibly from God- told her to contact Robert:
“I was sitting in the back pew of a church in Boston. Feeling increasingly disillusioned and disappointed in the community I had been actively participating in for two decades, I was looking for a spiritual home. Feeling the urge to volunteer, to be of service, I considered joining the Prison Ministry offered by this urban church. I’ve long held the belief that we each give from our own surplus. We serve in ways that we are able. I was a clinical psychologist, and I had worked in a prison, so felt that while the surroundings might deter many people from serving this population, it would not bother me. And then the message came. It wasn’t technically a voice that I heard. But the message was as crystal clear as if spoken aloud into my ear. Was it God speaking? The Universe? The Collective Unconscious? My vivid imagination? I still don’t know. It said, “Write to her.”
Dr. Tavilla personally transcribed Kosilek’s memoir and her niece, Dianna Sawyer, compiled, edited and published it from his handwritten notes.


The other forward is written by Dr. Randi Ettner. Dr. Ettner met Kosilek only once, in 2005 when he paid her to visit him in prison and diagnose him with the psychological need for cosmetic sex reassignment surgery, which she did. Ettner has built a profitable practice on transgender people, authoring a book called “Confessions of a Gender Defender: A Psychologist’s Reflection on Life Among the Transgendered.” Ettner, a psychology doctorate, claims to be a strong believer in sex-based personality theory but her sales pitch seems to embrace whatever woo-woo pays the bills.
Ettner’s woo was the inspiration for the creation of sexologist Michael Bailey’s infamous book “The Man Who Would Be Queen”. From Alice Dreger’s “The Controversy Surrounding The Man Who Would Be Queen”: “After Michael Bailey attended a reading by Ettner of her book Confessions of a Gender Defender (Ettner, 1996) at a local Barnes & Noble bookstore in June 1997, he was so frustrated by what he saw as gross inaccuracies in Ettner’s account of transsexualism that he decided he would write a book of his own.”
Ettner is a practitioner of a field of psychology noted for being unfalsifiable, and therefore outside the realm of science: Energy Psychology
From her website:
“A significant portion of Dr. Ettner’s clinical practice is devoted to working with the “emotional freedom technique”, or energy psychology.  It is a therapeutic technique that provides an effective edge in the emotional and mental arenas.  Dr. Ettner has used energy psychology to rid her patients of limiting beliefs; clear individuals of fears, traumas or worries; eliminate physical pain; and even enhance the on-field performance of athletes.
Energy psychology is based on Einstein’s theory that all matter, including the human body, is composed of energy.  It attunes the body to a state of unique receptivity through the simple act of tapping on certain meridian points on the face and neck.  It is a cousin of acupuncture, but uses no needles and is not invasive.  It is a bit like hypnotherapy, but provides extra power because it integrates the body’s subtle energies.”
Ettner is a board member of WPATH (World Professional Association for Transgender Health), the heavily corporate-funded (GlaxoSmithKline, Merck, Roche Pharmaceuticals, etc) quasi-medical group formerly named the Harry Benjamin International Gender Dysphoria Association (after the “Grandfather of Transsexualism”, sexologist and endocrinologist Dr. Harry Benjamin who pioneered experiments in the medical treatment of transgenderism in the 1960’s).  WPATH is a group whose mission is to justify the medical treatment of sex-based gender roles. WPATH was created by, and is authorized by, the very same medical and psych practitioners who make a living providing such treatments. WPATH is also a non-mainstream organization whose “standards of care” were rejected this year after review by the American Psychiatric Association on the basis of being scientifically unsound and lacking citation. (WPATH’s rejected standards of care were nonetheless cited as the primary authority on transgender medical care by Judge Wolf, the author of the decision forcing Massachusetts taxpayers to pay for Kosilek’s genital surgery.)
Ettner opines in the forward to Kosilek’s book that transgenderism is a “lifelong affliction” and “disabling impairment”. She has testified for pay as a WPATH representative in many criminal cases. Her aunt, a physician, worked with Harry Benjamin.
Skipping over the question of why a practitioner of unscientific woo-woo was accepted as a clinical diagnostic authority in Massachusetts court, and why such a person is qualified to authorize surgical procedures…how did earth did Kosilek afford to pay for the “expert” testimony of Dr. Ettner?
This is where the $2.99 Kosilek memoir comes in handy. There are a few illuminating gems here after all. If nothing else, Kosilek’s tale, all 400 pages of florid prose, pedophilic fetishism, unrepentant sociopathy and aggressive victim-blaming notwithstanding, is one of a Jailhouse Lawyer. I think Robert would actually be pleased with that assessment. Lawyering is his pride, his vocation, his life.


“The greatest loss is the dying I do inside a little bit every day”- wife-killer Robert Kosilek
Robert Kosilek, whose claim to fame is an unspeakable act of cruelty and brutal homicide inflicted on his wife, opens his book with a marriage ceremony. No, not the one that legally bound his victim Cheryl to him. This ceremony takes place between him and another imprisoned male transgender who calls himself “Jessica”. It is a “lesbian” marriage between two male felons.
“When we said our vows on October 20, 2006, I wanted, needed to be as girly as I could for Jessica, even though hundreds of miles and impregnable walls prevented her from seeing me. I had a bouquet of flowers, a maid of honor, and an enlarged photograph of Jessica. My maid of honor was a friend, another transsexual who has been unable to publicly declare the fact that she, too, is a woman. This was a rare chance for her to feel connected as a woman to these sisterly rituals that are such an integral part of our lives as women,” Robert writes.
This literary choice, the wife-killer choosing to open his memoir with an account of his latest “marriage” can be interpreted as nothing but what it is. A rhetorical sneering act of a homicidal sociopath wiping shit in the wounds of his wife Cheryl’s survivors- her mother, her sister, her children. There is a calculated premeditation and joyfulness in Kosilek’s sadism, and this opening volley remains constant throughout his tale. Kosilek is a master of the big “Fuck You”, but the sort of “Fuck You” that always leaves weasel-room. Kosilek has discovered that transgender means never having to say you’re sorry and in fact, under current law, means a man can commit premeditated murder of women with such cruelty and brutality that he is sentenced to life in prison without possibility of parole (since Massachusetts has no death penalty) and if he works his cards right he can parlay the woman’s death into huge cash payoffs, travel, fancy meals, state sponsorship of his sexual fetish, and can even be transferred to a women’s prison to honor his place as homicidal woman-killing cock of the walk.

Hard to believe but it’s true. In Kosilek’s world he “became a woman” the second he extinguished his wife Cheryl’s life with that wire. In murdering his wife he baptized himself as a man deserving special consideration, and it wasn’t all delusion. His story is a case study in how a man can make a tidy living from not just saying, but living “Fuck You” to women in the most profound way imaginable. The state is set up to support this. Again, Kosilek is not unique in any way.


“Masbruch is in fact still raping women within the facility, just now with foreign objects. He has also brutally injured some of the women within the facility.
Please sign my petition against Richard being allowed in a women’s facility of any kind, so that he may return to a male penitentiary. It would not only help me and my mother but any woman in any facility.” – Anna Silver, whose mother is confined with electrocution serial torture-rapist transgender Richard/Sherri Masbruch.
Australia: The first Australian male prisoner given a state funded “sex change” was Noel Crompton Hall. Jailed for life for the 1987 “thrill killing” of 29 year old hitchhiker Lyn Saunders, Noel came to believe, and informed authorities that he held a strong belief that he was female, not male. Although he was objectively biologically male as evidenced by his penis and testicles, and was also HIV+, in 1999 he was transferred to Mulawa (Women’s) Correctional Centre on the basis of this self-reported belief. He was charged with raping several women there within three months and transferred back to men’s prison. In 2001 his subjective declaration of his fixed non-psychotic biologic delusion, the feeling he had that he was female and not male-  resulted in a re-determined sentence of 22 years. In 2003 the state allowed his legal name change to “Maddison Hall” and performed a state funded genital surgery attempting to alter his penis and scrotum into a visual approximation of female reproductive anatomy. Further charges of sexual assault against female prisoners after this intervention resulted in Hall’s confinement in isolation for the rest of his sentence. Hall was paroled in 2006 in a decision the parole board described as “anguished” due to the fact that Hall had been unable to demonstrate an ability to exist among females without violently sexually assaulting them. Parole was rescinded due to no agency willing to accept him.
UK: The first UK male prisoner given a state-funded legal and surgical “sex change” was a kidnapping rapist named John Pilley who victimized a female taxi driver. He was sentenced in 1981 to life in prison for his crime. A decade after his incarceration Pillley asserted his belief that although male, he wanted to be female. The state awarded him with cross-sex hormones and allowed him to dress in stereotypical clothing associated with females while in male prison. After several years of cross-sex hormones Pilley sued the prison using the “inch=mile” rationale. If the state ruled he was “female enough” to receive cosmetic cross-sex hormones provided by the state, he was entitled to cosmetic genital surgery which would give him further female appearance. In 1999 he was granted a state funded removal of testicles. After further claims, he was granted cosmetic surgery in 2001 to try to turn his penis into something resembling female anatomy, and he was transfered to Holloway, a women’s prison. He changed his name to Jane Anne Pilley. Five years later he changed his mind. He resumed growing his beard and sued the Prison service to be “turned back into a man” at taxpayer expense as he was tired of the ruse and enjoyed male prison more after all.
Canada: The first Canadian prisoner to receive a state-funded surgical sex change was a man named Richard Chaperon alias Ricky Chaperon alias Richard Kavanagh who brutally hammer-killed a transsexual male prostitute, Leo James Black/Lisa Janna Black in 1987 in Toronto. He was sentenced to life with possibility of parole after 15 years. Bored with Millhaven, a male prison, in 1999 he sued the Canadian Human Rights Commission demanding surgery to make him appear more female. Like Kosilek, he claimed profound psychiatric disability due to transgenderism. He changed his name to Sylvia Kavanagh. He wanted to be transferred to a women’s prison. He was transferred to Joliet women’s prison with penis intact and reportedly sexually assaulted women there. He was then given Canada’s first government-funded surgical “sex change” in 2001. In 2005 Kavanagh exploded in violence and fought off guards while trashing the women’s facility. He caused over $50,000 in damage and injured guards before he was restrained. He was then transferred to the Grand Valley Institution for Women. Inmates there are quoted as living in “constant fear” of Richard, who was reported to have battered women there. Prison officials stated that Kavanaugh’s ultra-violence required a special handling unit for ultra-violent “female” offenders, something they had never required before (for actual females), and the building of a special ultra-violent “women’s” facility for Kavanaugh was proposed.
United States: The US has privileged those male rapists and predators and murderers of women who verbalize feelings about wishing they were female by sending these men into women’s prisons. It makes no difference in many jurisdictions whether male predators are still armed with the “weapon of rape”: their penis. Transgender is a “Get Out of Men’s Jail” card for male offenders, sometimes even for males who would rather serve their sentence with other males. We saw a lawsuit this year from a Nashville gay man Karla Brenner who was placed into women’s prison against his will, because he was drag queen who had acquired secondary sex characteristics (breasts, hips) from black market estrogen and silicone taken to maximize his career as a drag performer. In scissor-killer CeCe McDonald’s case this year it took an ongoing media campaign from CeCe himself to stop transgender activists from forcing him to transfer to a female prison against his wishes. Generally it is heterosexual male transgender inmates who seek transfer to female facilities, not gay male transgenders. And if it needs saying, No female transgender has ever been on record as being transferred to, or of requesting transfer to, a male prison. The Kosilek-type transgender rights movement, if one can call it that (the male transgender right to be confined with females) is, thus far, a distinctly heterosexual male movement.
Interestingly, it is largely the powerful LGBT lobbying groups formerly dedicated to the rights of gay men (and lesbians to the degree those rights intersect with males) who are now leveraging their influence to promote the heterosexual male transgender prisoner rights movement, and the heterosexual male “right” to state-sponsored cosmetic surgery and transfer to women’s prisons, and the case of wife-decapitator Kosilek himself. The National Center for Lesbian Rights (a trans-run legal advocacy group that largely represents male, not lesbian interests despite the name), the ACLU, the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, GLAAD, HRC, NCTE, Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders, et al, have all leant their support to the “rights” of heterosexual male prisoners to be housed with females based on their subjectively declared feelings of “wanting to be women”. Not a single LGBT org has ever registered concerns for the rights of female prisoners -beyond their “right” to opt into more rape and violence in a male facility.
The position of LGBT lobbying groups seems to be that men- even those who electrocute, torture, rape and murder women and children, repeatedly, with atrocity and malice, should be placed in confinement with women if the men so desire it, and that women prisoners who are raped and beaten by these men, and who live, confined, in terror of them, have no such rights whatsoever. The only rights that female prisoners have under this LGBT-lobby approved system is the right to opt into additional rape and harassment and additional male violence by presumably being granted the right to be confined in a male facility if they claim to “feel male”. As stated above, no female has ever opted into this “right”.


“The messages I was getting in response to my clothing and toy choices led me to an inconsolably depressing realization. I was a girl who had accidentally been given the wrong outside parts!” – Robert/Michelle Kosilek
According to Kosilek’s memoir, if any of it is to be believed, he “was born April 10, 1949, the second of two children born to Henry and Elizabeth Kosilek, an unemployed laborer and housewife.” He never knew his father who according to Robert was in prison all his life for reasons unknown or unreported. He says his mother left he and his sister in the care of his grandmother when he was 4, which resulted in their placement in Chicago’s St. Hedwigs orphanage, a live-in school created for the children of Polish immigrants, for five years until their mother reclaimed them. A quote on this experience in the typical gothic tone of Kosilek’s writing: “It is run by nuns, for whom English is a second language. Their native tongue is cruelty, and it has several dialects, each more painfully memorable than the last.”
Robert describes some pediatric cross-dressing incidents in the same pornified fetishistic language that one immediately recognizes as verbatim to the forced-feminization narratives popular among heterosexual autogynephilia fetishists. An unedited quote:
“The second time I was caught wearing a dress, I was imprisoned in the same closet under the stairs. For my original crime, Sister had decided, well after nightfall, that her gift of reflective solitude was preferable to a paddling, although her manner of inquisition as to whether I had had enough time to consider the seriousness of my misdeeds (wearing a dress and running when called) resulted in possibly more pain. I’ll never know. The psychic pain from being brutalized merely for stating my gender later contributed to my self-imprisonment in the bottle and in the arms of Morpheus, beginning an on again off-again drama of self-denial that ran for decades. A paddling would have consisted of a series of blows across my naked buttocks, while I repeated Sister’s words one at a time. So I may have been fortunate and only been subjected to five blows: SMACK-I-SMACK-will-SMACK-not- SMACK -disobey- SMACK -Sister. This was a standard dose, delivered with a wooden paddle about 4 inches wide and 2 feet long, with holes drilled through it – possibly for the offending child’s ungodly impulses to escape through. Serving a sentence in the prison of your own body because others refuse to admit that neither the prison, nor the key, even exists, is no different than being in a concrete and steel prison with a life sentence. Both will teach you that if you don’t embrace patience and humor, you will be embraced by anger and hate, insanity’s internship.” [sic]
Kosilek intersperses his gamey pedophilic feminization-victimhood passages with transparently narcissistic brags about his superior intellect. Sample:
“ precociousness lead to unintended consequences. As a fourth grader, I was bright enough to occasionally be summoned to a sixth, seventh or eighth grade classroom to answer a question that had stumped the students in that class.”
The whole memoir narrative hinges on this combination. Gothic sado-masochistic male feminization tropes so ubiquitous on crossdresser websites balanced with intellectual superiority anecdotes. Over four hundred pages of it! Most of the intellectual superiority “gotcha” material consists of Robert utilizing his jailhouse lawyer time and skills to “stick it to the man” for getting in the way of his girlish fantasies.
What is truly disturbing is that anyone who is even the slightest bit informed about those under the transgender umbrella will immediately recognize and clock this narrative for what it is: sexual fetishism. Which means one of two things. Either those championing Kosilek have never read it, or they have and hope no one else ever notices or reads it.


“the legal process dominated my life like a sixthgrade bully.”- Robert Kosilek
Kosilek has spent the majority of his 62 years- starting with his placement in a juvenile facility at age 12- incarcerated for this or that prior to the big one -his decapitation of his wife at the age of 41. His memoir details some parts of his lengthy criminal career, various street hustles, assaults and rip-offs, anecdotes that seem chosen to prove either his superior intellect or his hapless cruel victimization by getting caught unfairly doing things that were not really his fault or that were caused by substance abuse. No doubt his other crimes whatever they are will forever go unsolved unless he thinks there is some advantage in the telling. Everyone has done him wrong and if only he was a little girl getting spanked everything would be okay. He details his massive substance abuse problems (Meth, Alchohol, Heroin, WhateverYouGot) and occasionally provides clever jailhouse survival techniques: inserting two packs of cigarettes and some matches into his rectum before being processed for his wife’s murder, for example.
He only mentions Cheryl around a dozen times and then only to blame her for her own murder. Every woman he had been involved with was to blame for whatever transpired. None of which was good.
“My relationships had been as casual as I could make them; I had always been the seduced, and never the seductress,” Robert states. In Cheryl’s case her “crime” according to Robert was starting an “inappropriate relationship” between herself as a volunteer addictions counselor and a man seeking counseling for his addictions: Robert. Also, Cheryl also on occasion had “a temper” and a “sharp tongue” and was “actively hostile” according to Robert who goes on for pages attempting to prove this (unsuccessfully, by the way) by quoting her ex-coworkers and the like, none of which are willing to go on the record. Kosilek never mentions Cheryl in any sort of positive light, perhaps he fears doing so would undermine his self-defense claims made at trial over twenty years ago. (He still claims to believe his sentence will be overturned: “I should have been convicted of manslaughter; if the rules had been followed, I would have been.”) Or maybe he just hates her. Kosilek opines that he feels Cheryl’s family may “get some peace” from a modified ruling which classifies her decapitation as “bizarre circumstance” rather than “malice”. What a thoughtful guy!
Arrested in New York in 1990, he fought extradition to Massachusetts, retracted his confession and pled not guilty. He claimed there was no possible escape from the family kitchen and garroting his wife from behind, followed by the application of rope, was an act of self-defense. While still awaiting trial he was diagnosed as depressed and placed on Prozac. This turned out to be an extremely profitable move as I am about to reveal.
What is interesting is that Kosilek’s current 8th Amendment challenge to the State of Massachusetts hinges on the assertion that Kosilek is in danger of committing suicide or self-harm if his desired cosmetic sex surgery and transfer to a women’s facility is not honored by the state. The 8th Amendment to the US Constitution prohibits the government from imposing “cruel and unusual punishment” on citizens and Kosilek’s attorneys propose that Kosilek has demonstrated a history of suicidality related to the failure to treat his gender self-concept with genital surgery. But his attorneys have a problem: by all reports he has not exhibited self-harm or suicidality for the entire 22 years of his post-conviction incarceration. There is also the matter of financial gain, which as far as I can tell has never been previously reported by any other source until this moment.
Kosilek was covered by an expansive insurance policy when arrested, one which paid generously for lost wages due to mental health disability. After being diagnosed with depression and placed on Prozac in holdover prior to trial he orchestrated the events now defined by his attorneys as suicide attempts in the current 8th amendment claim. The first attempt he describes in his memoir two different ways, both involving a plastic bag. In the first version he places a plastic bag over his head and pulls the covers over himself, awaiting suffocation- but the bag was shoddily constructed, and ripped, sparing his life. In his alternate narrative about this same attempt, he pulls the bag off his own head in a newfound desperate bid for life. I want TO LIVE!
The second suicide attempt forming the foundation of Kosilek’s 8th amendment claim, substantiating his propensity for gender-related self-harm, involves a slipper. Kosilek claims that during this pre-trial period he attempted to kill himself by shoving a slipper down his own throat. This attempt allegedly resulted in gagging and vomiting, followed by Kosilek cleaning up the vomit before it could be objectively witnessed, and thereafter abandoning his attempt at self harm. Both attempts were un-witnessed. Presumably both of these attempts were self-reported to authorities. Long before these suicidal ideations formed the basis for Kosilek’s current “cruel and unusual” suit, they served a more practical purpose.
“Now I have also failed at this ultimate escape, first with a plastic bag so flimsy that it simply came apart when I tried to tie it around my neck, and then the rolled up foam slippers that I tried to force down my throat caused me to throw up my supper. I had to fish the foam slippers out of the puddle of vomit to hide my intention. I don’t know if I’ll get another opportunity, but my chances will certainly be limited with a documented attempt on my record.” – Kosilek, from his memoir.
Kosilek filed an insurance claim from jail for disability and parlayed his depression diagnosis and self-reported suicidality into a successful ongoing payout of over ten thousand dollars a year. From his memoir:
“I had a lot of money from my insurance company, when they finally paid me retroactively for almost a year and a half of psychiatric disability benefits. They had refused to pay, despite documentation of depression, suicidal ideation, and treatment with Prozac. I read my benefits pamphlet very carefully, a document they had been kind enough to mail at my request before I filed my claim. There was no provision allowing them to deny benefits if my disability occurred as a result of or was the cause of my being incarcerated. I studied the relevant law, then filed an appeal. And I won, from a jail cell, with no lawyer.
My first check was for about $17,000.  I hired a lawyer to sue the sheriff for denying treatment for GID, and in addition to her retainer, gave her most of that first check. The roughly $9,000 I received over the next seven months went mostly towards two goals: smuggling female hormones into the jail, and becoming a candidate in the general election of 1992.  The former was a piece of cake, the latter was an exercise in masochism, a draught of poison that I could not relinquish, even as I knew it might kill me.”
You read that right. Kosilek used the money he won from his insurance company (by self-reporting his alleged depression and suicidality) to fund an election campaign. In between time spent writing letters to the Boston Globe disputing their coverage of his crime and popping smuggled black market synthetic female hormones he ran for the office of Bristol County Sheriff as a write-in candidate in the 1992 election. Had he been elected, he would have replaced Sheriff David R. Nelson and run the very jail he was incarcerated in. He says he did so because he was angry that he was not permitted to wear lipstick and have state-funded female hormones provided to him. He also used the money to hire attorney Bettina Borders with a $15,000 retainer plus expenses to sue Sheriff Nelson. Failing that lawsuit attempt, Kosilek subsequently sued his own attorney in one of his many cases thrown out by then and current adjudicator Judge Wolf.
Inmate financial gain of over ten thousand dollars annually certainly introduces doubt on the 22 year-old self-reported suicidality claim which forms the basis of Kosilek’s current 8th amendment “cruel and unusual” suit. Kosilek’s current suit also cites an attempt at self-castration, none of which is mentioned in Kosilek’s tome – although purported self-castration claims by other inmates are discussed at great length by Kosilek. Kosilek himself apparently never made any such castration attempt. Perhaps advocates have inadvertently (or intentionally?) superimposed said narratives onto Kosilek’s claim. This seems likely since such incidents are represented with ample and legally mandated medical incident documentation when they actually occur. A handful of old news stories mention in passing that Kosilek once tried tying a shoelace around his testicles but such incident if it occurred was not significant enough to warrant inclusion in his autobiography. Sort of alarming that such basic fact parsing was apparently not done in Kosilek’s case.
The other basis of Kosilek’s current suit is the premise that men who share his gender beliefs are in danger of being preyed upon by other men in the way that men prey on actual females (with rape and assault). Yet, in contraindication to that premise: Kosilek has been housed with other men without incident for 22 years. Robert explains this discrepancy in his memoir. Years ago he beat the tar out of another male prisoner who “put his hand on my ass” with a street broom in the cafeteria. This stopped all further predation according to Kosilek.
“From what I’ve seen, most people are either accepting or at least have no hostility towards me. This may have something to do with my having been befriended by a queen called Maggie who everyone seems to like. It may also have something to do with the fact that another prisoner was foolish enough to put his hand on my ass in the kitchen when I had a street broom in my hands. No secrets in a dysfunctional family, only unacknowledged elephants in every room.”


Kosilek runs several websites with other transgender male prisoners. Sites include “A Rose Among Thorns” and  “Wild Elegance” which he runs with Scott “Donna Dawn” Konitzer and Mark “Jessica Lewis” Brooks. All three of these men have filed 8th amendment claims against their respective states for denial of medical care related to transgender medicine, surgery, cosmetics, hair removal, and clothing. They use these sites to set up procedures to correspond with other transgender male felons in states with prohibitions against such correspondence, and share transgender-related jailhouse lawyering strategies and tips. (Kosilek also posts his poetry about feeling like a little girl, and angry profanity-laden rants about the “anti-treatment whores” who oppose medicalized GID treatments for felons.)
Mark Brooks, 44, is the new “wife” of Kosilek- the one that Robert wanted to look “girly” for in the “marriage” at the opening of his memoir. Brooks is serving a 50 year to life sentence in New York state at the Auburn Correctional Facility for the 1989 murder of 20 year old Hofstra University student Dean Lockshiss of Brewster CT. State police said Brooks and his accomplice murdered their victim “for kicks”. Mark Brooks and his friend Michael Meebert pretended to have car trouble. When bookstore employee Lockhiss stopped to help Brooks and Meebert robbed him of less than four dollars and then took turns shooting him with both a handgun and a sawed-off shotgun. “It was a thrill-killing and a horrible, senseless end to a man’s life,” said the district attorney. Mark “Jessica Maria” Brooks successfully won his 2003 8th amendment bid for state-provided gender-related care including psychiatric counseling and estrogen treatments. “I am Auburn’s little girl”, Brooks reported earlier this year to the Auburn Citizen News.
Scott Konitzer is serving a 123 year sentence in Wisconsin for multiple armed robberies and the stabbing of a fellow inmate. Konitzer sued the state of Wisconsin in 2005 for his right to be provided female hormones by the state to make him appear more female, and his right to be confined with female inmates. The State of Wisconsin passed a law banning state-sponsored legal/medical sex-change for currently incarcerated felons in response to Konitzer’s suit. This ban was fought by transgender advocates and the Wisconsin ACLU and was struck down as unconstitutional based on 8th amendment right to freedom from cruel and unusual punishment due to the fact that the law sought to retroactively remove estrogen treatments among transgender male felons who were already dependent upon them. Konitzer’s ruling was one of two cases which paved the way for Kosilek’s current suit. The second precedent-setting 2011 ruling was the Sandy Jo Battista case discussed below.
The website trio are joined on these sites by Colorado inmate and twice-married pedophile Christopher “Kitty” Grey, who is serving 16 years to life for molesting an 8-year-old girl for five years. He is suing the state to provide him with a gender specialist he hopes will determine that he needs a sex-change operation and subsequent transfer to a women’s prison. The state Department of Corrections is already giving Grey female hormones.
Another transgender child-rapist, David E. Megarry Jr./Sandy Jo Battista sponsored the second case that opened all the doors in 2011 for transgender men like Kosilek, Konitzer, Brooks and Grey to file 8th amendment suits demanding taxpayer funded “sex-changes”.
“Sandy Jo” has a long history of torture-raping little girls, with multiple incarcerations for such. He has the distinction of being currently housed at the all male Massachusetts Treatment Center for Sexually Dangerous Persons facility where he lives under civil commitment without limit of sentence due to his legal status as a “Sexually Dangerous Person”. Since his final 1982 arrest (for kidnapping, abducting, binding, gagging, raping, and leaving for dead in a wooded area a ten year old girl who was selling cookies door-to-door to raise funds for her skating club) he has had over 64 infractions on his disciplinary record including making obscene phone calls to female children from prison and hoarding photos of female children in his cell. He had jailhouse tattoos of naked girls placed all over his body so authorities could not confiscate them. In 2005 he made the claim that he felt inside like he “actually was” a female and with the pro bono representation of the powerful global business law firm McDermott Will and Emory filed suit for the right to grow breasts on his own body. After six years McDermott Will and Emory won him that precendent-setting 8th amendment right. Robert “Michelle” Kosilek filed his current case based on that precedent within a week of the Battista ruling. In “Cheryl’s Daughter” Kosilek calls the Battista case “the perfect storm of affirmation for me and any other transgendered prisoner in the United States”.
On September 4, 2012 Judge Wolf ruled in Kosilek’s favor, authorizing the first tax-payer funded “gender related” surgery for a prisoner in the United States.


“The idea that I might be a lesbian because I liked being with, being held by, and kissed and cared for by other girls never even came into my conscious mind until I was 57 years old.” – Robert Kosilek
The 62 year old Kosilek refers to himself as a “little girl” nearly 100 times in 400 pages. Not in the past tense. In the present tense. Wrap your mind around that. “My little girl’s heart” is an oft repeated refrain. “My little girl thoughts and feelings”, “my little girl’s dreams”, “A girl, hiding as a boy in plain sight, who grew into a woman hiding as a man, with the broken heart of a child”, “the little girl inside”, “My girl status”, “My lost little girl’s heart”, “My broken little girl’s heart”, “the combination of my adult intellect and little-girl’s determination”, “the little girl in me”, “a little girl’s dream”, “my need to compensate for all the non-girly years”, “little-girl giddy”, “My little girl’s gleeful eyes”, “Perhaps women like us have the advantage, from finally letting our little girl out to play after hiding her for so long”, “my [current] little girl perspective”, Etc. I can’t overstate the constant and disturbing pedomorphic foundation of Koselik’s expression of his transgender “internal female gender identity”.
Here are a few examples in context:
“The part I had left out was that when Judge Wolf apologized for taking six months to write the ruling in the first civil action, he also told me that he would try to write this one quicker. To a little girl, that’s a promise, and I surely heard it as one. But I was about to turn 60 in April, and Mark Wolf would turn 63 that November. The woman chose not to embarrass Judge Wolf; that was a child’s manipulation that had no place in these proceedings. But oh how I wept each time I heard that little girl’s lament “But he promised.”
“On April 13, 2010, I went to Shattuck Hospital for my first mammogram. It was like wrestling with a machine. Not a pleasant experience, but I’m glad I got it. I’m a big girl now for sure.”
“I used to be a much better liar before I got sober and finally broke my shell, revealing the frightened but adamant little-girl-creature who had been vacillating between silently screaming in her darkness and willing the light to cast nothing but pain-less shadows. An author/editor of my recent acquaintance has opined that perhaps this final escape is the reason I chose the name Michelle when I had used Lisa before. My shell. Sometimes editors are good psychologists.”
Insanity. I can’t tell you how disconcerting it is to read a novel length tome written by a 62 year-old continually steeped in this self-referential pediatric framing. It is truly disturbing, and would be regardless of the sex, criminal history or “gender identity” of the writer.
Kosilek describes his current attorney “Franny” (Frances S. Cohen) as having “a mischievous little-girl grin”.
In his choice of memoir title “Grace’s Daughter” Kosilek refers to himself as the offspring of the divine, the recipient of special favor, the sanctified, not the offspring of any actual real woman, like his mother Elizabeth who died in 1977 when Robert was 28. He characterizes Elizabeth’s life as impoverished and ruled by various abusive and violent men, which he blames her for. He does talk about putting on his bra and blotting his lipstick “the same way my mother did”. He wears his eye make-up the way his sister did. He feminized his vocal patterns by reading aloud in his cell while imitating his mother. His sister Patricia, called “Tish” has opted for no further contact with him since she filed a restraining order on him in 1972.


Judge Mark L. Wolf, who is mentioned near constantly in Kosilek’s tome, always in a flattering ass-kissing way, has adjudicated nearly all of Robert’s jailhouse lawyering suits for the last twenty years. Suits against sheriffs. Suits against his own lawyers. Suits for hormones. Suits for therapy. Suits for name change. Suits against the therapists provided by the court. Suits against the doctors providing court-ordered hormones. Suits for mammograms for his hormone-induced breast growth. Suits for laser hair removal. Suits against prison officials for not calling him by female pronouns. Suits for electrolysis to remove trace facial hair left after laser treatment. Suits for the right to lipstick use. Suits for prison lingerie. Suits against the chief of corrections. Too many suits to list. Kosilek has 16 hours a day, seven days a week, 52 weeks a year, for the rest of his life to do nothing but file suits in Judge Wolf’s court. And now: An 8th amendment suit based on the precedent of “Sexually Dangerous Person” Battista which demands the surgical “right” to invert Kosilek’s penis into a penetrable cavity, such penetrable cavity conferring womanhood on Massachusetts wife-killing men, apparently.
Judge Wolf has spent twenty years with Kosilek, week in and week out. He is married to Kosilek for as long as he holds his appointment. On September 5, 2012 Wolf issued a ruling granting Kosilek the tax-payer funded right to “sex-change surgery” and outlined a subsequent plan for his transfer to MCI Framingham medium security Women’s Prison from his MCI Norfolk maximum security men’s housing. The majority of Framingham inmates are jailed for non-violent offenses. 75% are mothers.
In “Grace’s Daughter” Kosilek claims precedent: that a man named Debbie Moccia has already been housed at Framingham even though that man still had his penis intact. According to Kosilek, Debbie was “released” from the women’s facility in August of 2005. This seems unlikely, since Moccia’s current level 3 sex offender listing (denoting the highest possible risk of re-offending and an ongoing threat to public safety) still lists him as male. Then again, Moccia, 57, has been arrested under dozens of male and female aliases and has been arraigned nearly 250 times, at least 40 involving crimes of violence. Charges include rape, indecent assault, open and gross lewd and lascivious behavior against minors, stalking, harassing obscene phone calls, failing to register as a sex offender, criminal harassment, and on and on. In 2011 he smuggled a razor blade into a courtroom in his mouth. It was the second time he had done so. Maybe Moccia accidentally ended up at Framingham at one point or perhaps was placed in isolation there. Perhaps not.
Last week on “April Fools Day” Monday April 1, 2013 the State of Massachusetts began presenting arguments appealing Judge Wolf’s decision as well as his ruling for tax-payer reimbursement of $500,000 for Kosilek’s legal costs. Included in the physician recommendations for treatment in Kosilek’s case are authorization of further surgical procedures including facial feminization surgery, tracheal shave to remove his adam’s apple, and breast implants. In his memoir Robert says at his advanced age he will probably forego many of the recommended cosmetic surgical procedures, although he “might need a nose job”.
Kosilek closes his memoir by notifying the reader he has obtained a new pro-bono lawyer to review his case and seek the overturn of his current sentence of life in prison without parole. He is also writing a fictional trilogy titled “Ghosts of Our Mothers”, a “saga that celebrates the universality of female experience, regardless of disparate circumstances”.

109 thoughts on “Into the Mind of Kosilek: Grace’s Daughter – a Book Review

  1. While I only came across your blog about a year ago, I began to read everything I could and it’s likely that, by now, I have read 99% of the entries on GenderTrender.
    You have outdone yourself with this post, GallusMag.
    I need to go to bed. I’ll read the rest tomorrow, but I simply had to pause to say that I’m blown away by your work.
    Thank you.

  2. I had to walk away from this post many times because it made me so sick to my stomach. These men are fucking evil. I feel so sorry for the victims families that they have to see these fucking criminals use their privilege to turn themselves into the women they murdered. God, the pedo rapist with naked girl tattoos won a suit for a sex change ffs! Really!? Really? Why in the fuck is this ok? Why are women being subjected to the whims of these fucking dudes? Oh I know why…because the law is made by men for men. I want to vomit.

    1. Privilegedenyingtranny, I’m with you. What a bunch of misogynists and pedophiles. More than ever, their fetishism is clear.
      Gallus, thank you for the important work you do.

  3. So are inmates who think they’re really monkeys now going to be incarcerated at the zoo?

  4. I don’t even know what to say after reading this. It is so disturbing on so many levels. I congratulate you on getting through his book – had I been reading it, I’m sure it would have wound up in the fireplace.
    I’m new to your site and this subject – I found you when you were locked out by WordPress and a FB friend made a comment about it. I wandered over here and have been here daily trying to educate myself about males who think that they can become female in this lifetime. It boggles my mind that anyone can even entertain the idea of synthetic hormones and surgery making a male into a female. It’s a modern day Frankenstein story.
    I’ve read the comments here and in other sites listed on your sidebar – the ferocity in the way these men attack you is horrifying! And it infuriates me because they feel so entitled to that kind of violence. I’ve joked for years about XX being much more stable than XY, but now, I am really beginning to believe that this violence in males is biological. CBL’s post “Are Men Aware of Their Condition” was an eye opener for me – I’m sorry she had to password protect her site.
    Today, in my home state of NJ, there was a story about a 4 year old boy grabbing a rifle and shooting a 6 year old boy. I remember talking to a mother of a young boy years ago and the subject of toy guns came up. She said that, even though she didn’t allow him to play with toy guns, he was fixated on them – he’d even chew his bread slice down to the shape of a gun. Is it because the gun is such a phallic object – squeeze the trigger and it ejaculates?
    Anyway – I just wanted to thank you for writing this post and for your blog. It’s a great place to visit.
    (I noticed yesterday that there is another commenter named delphyne, with small “d.” I am not her.)

  5. Thank you so much for this, Gallus. What a fucking travesty in every way. I wish every woman who supports men who appropriate our Lesbian and women’s identity would read this. But I’m guessing that what so horrifies us: “The 62 year old Kosilek refers to himself as a “little girl” nearly 100 times in 400 pages. Not in the past tense. In the present tense.” will just make them feel sorry for this incredibly disgusting man.
    So, will he be adding to the statistics on violent Lesbians and women, I wonder?
    And these men demand we be upset for them when other men attack them? The mindfuck has no end.
    Again proof against the myth “But he suffered so from feeling like he was in the wrong body his entire life” (sorry, I can’t bring myself to even quote “‘she” and “her”):
    “‘The idea that I might be a lesbian because I liked being with, being held by, and kissed and cared for by other girls never even came into my conscious mind until I was 57 years old.’ – Robert Kosilek”
    Ewww, I just realizing it’s girls he’s fantaticizing about….

    1. Girls indeed. Personally I found all his “little girl” language reminded me of that horrifying “Sissy” guy featured here (I think?) who dressed up in man-sized little baby pageant dresses and fetishized soiled baby diapers and used tampons. Just… no.
      It’s all about the humiliation and the punishment, the degradation fantasies.

  6. Truly chilling. And yet the transjackivists insist that men like this aren’t ‘real transsexuals’. The layers of delusion they exist under is mind boggling, and their misogyny is clearly tailored to be a veiled version of this man’s more extreme violence.
    Thanks for this, Gallus Mag.

  7. There’s no doubt that this woman is vile and deranged.
    But it would be appreciated if you didn’t shame other trans women who haven’t harmed anyone in the process of pointing out the horrible things this person has done. In particular, “a fleshy sheath for other men to stick their dicks into” is an extremely disrespectful (and medically incorrect) way to refer to neovaginas. Trans women don’t get that surgery done because they want men to penetrate them – they get it done so that they can be comfortable with their body and not have to deal with dysphoria.

    1. There should be a law against you dudes uttering the word “vile.”
      Is there a word that falls from your collective lips LESS easily?
      LOVE how you snuck in an affirmation for Kosilek’s “womanhood,” slippery slope and all that: if you don’t protect his right to a fantasy identity, someone might not honor yours, so might as well be thick as thieves, er, murderers.

      1. And holy shit, I’m unsure of how it didn’t occur to me since it’s so obvious, but how funny and fucking hilarious is it that someone like you would call Kosilek “vile” when so many of your friends, loved ones, and acquaintances would call the women here “vile” for being “transphobic”?
        It’s like there’s a shortage of language.
        Wronged man encounters language barrier: what to call jilted ex-gf who pulled all his teeth?
        Just look at how much lower the “vile” standard is for female people than male ones if we have Kosilek as a yardstick for achieving the state of vileness? Thanks for that bit of social engineering you just propagated!

    2. Cassandra, I’m sure you’re a nice person or whatever, but this isn’t about being PC. This person, this man, is a bad person. It is that simple. Why should we show any respect to a murderer regardless of what he says he feels like ‘on the inside’?

    3. Cassandra, you would appreciate it? Grow up. Disrespectful? Seriously, does the self-absorption have any bounds? Are you even sane? Or just all delusion and madness. Which really isn’t getting respect or sympathy from me or women in general. Can you even see yourself or hear yourself? The man is a monster, an animal, a savage. He severed a woman’s head off with a piano wire. And you feeling disrespected for the description of your blind pouch, the hole that just as well could be placed in your calf for as much as it isn’t a vagina.
      Listen to yourself: “I would appreciate it if you did not shame…” Oh you should be ashamed—very. Shame on you you selfish unfeeling creature–shame. This sounds l narcissistic (more shame)and wacko, just another spoiled foolish(shame) monster–you don’t like “fleshy sheath” it is very meany, and hurt your tender feeling. Simply put, screw your dysphoria– your problem. Our problem is to protect ourselves from you and the rest. Everyone has problems in big girl land. Grow up. Live with it or go pay a visit to Mr. Koliske a visit and bring him some piano wire.
      I think what the women was trying to say was that the six inch hole and dilation tools are just that a hole. A vagina is a complex organ and it can’t be created surgically, did you know that when we ovulate our vaginal secretion get slick like egg white? No I am sure you didn’t because how could you? That is not “shaming” that’s a fact. All the rest–yes shame on you that you can’t even stop thinking about the fuck hole to feel and realize this man took her head off–no how you feel about your hole is so much more important than a womans life–be ashamed because that is twisted and sick.
      And you should be shamed for your monstrous insensitivity (yes monstrous, quote me) In the light of what was written here all you can do is think of yourself. And tell women what you want–you would “appreciate” oh fuck off. Get help or don’t. You look for pity just like Koliske can you see how truly sick that is? You my friend may or may not have your fuck hole. But the important point, is not your hole It is the fact that a woman, a child’s mother had her head taken off—really you think your getting pity because a woman used language you did not like. Go worship this guy—because we know you all do. You’re sick Cassandra, very and that sickness has made you lack anything near normal humanity—it’s all about you and that is why you men are dangerous to women. You are evidence of it. Oh and Cassandra here is a very brief list of your brothers who also killed women and raped—so don’t play that this guy is a rare and isolated case. Here is a list that took 5 minutes. Herman Burton, a Southwest Philadelphia man who police said dresses and identifies as a woman, pleaded guilty to third-degree murder, arson and abuse of corpse
      Sgt. Lynn Benton was taken into custody today on accusations of aggravated murder in the violent death of his estranged spouse.”
      Donna (Douglas Perry) Serial Killer of women Ronny Edward Darnell, Rape OK, Convicted of repeadly raping a 13 year old girl.Thomas Lee Benson, Dressed as woman, rape of children, Lynda Myers, NB (Timothy Myers) 2011 sexual assault on a child—2 boysSherri Masbruch, CA (Richard) Rape x2 Richard Rendler, CA on trail for raping a woman Nevada Raven, murdered women. Vonlee Nicole Titlow, once known as Harry Titlow, was found guilty on two counts of second-degree murder.
      Now sir count the victims, go ahead—DEAD WOMEN, RAPED, CHILDREN Start howling—that I am transphobic. How long really do you think before the tide turns and LBG cuts you guys loose? Spare us the canard “oh they are not real transgender” they are just as real as you and the rest—and just as dangerous. If the choice is women and children getting rapped and killed or you threatening suicide—what do you think I am going to say? I am glad to be alive and I have children to raise. A transgender suicide is no more my problem than any other. So when men say suicide I think as long as it isn’t homicide and as long as women and children are safe. And I doubt I am rare in my thinking–more common than what you claim.

      1. GallusMag,
        Your words and actions here…deserve a National Platform.
        Along with the words and actions of Cathy Brennan’s and all the other Women Born Women Warriors and quiet trail blazer’s…so that our shared CONVICTIONS can serve in an articulate, gut-leveling, meaningful, exposing voice.
        Motherhood…and so many others here.
        I thank you for your voices, you say what I feel and recognize in my heart as well.

    4. I don’t see how it’s medically incorrect to refer to what you call a “neovaginas” a sheath for penetration. It’s a surgically-installed hole with no other purpose or function. There is no biological reason for it to be there. It’s only for psychological and sexual “fulfillment”.
      You may find that disrespectful and offensive, but so is referring to that male monster as a woman.

    5. “a fleshy sheath for other men to stick their dicks into” is precisely how a sexist patriarchy and transgender people define the “vagina.”
      The vagina, they say, is a hole for having things stuck into it. Maybe a penis, but also fingers or dildos or what have you. The vagina is defined as “a hole that can have things stuck inside it.” And transgender males must dilate their surgically altered penis every day or every other day for the rest of their lives to keep their hole from closing up.
      The female vagina is not a hole. It is part of the reproductive organ system that defines the differentiation between males and females that leads to female reproduction.

    6. Cassandra, this is a post about a vile murderer who to be honest I would have thought the trans community would prefer to disassociate from given the kinds of ideas expressed as Gallus notes above. Your main concern is pronouns and being polite about neovaginas. I note your first short sentence in acknowledgement of this man’s character. But I also note that it’s almost as if the fact this man killed a woman and obviously has disturbed ideas about what it means to be one can be totally glossed over as those two things are so normal and everyday that we should all be concerned about someone being rude about “sexual reassignment surgery.”
      I am a lesbian. Imagine if there was a blog about a lesbian murderer that called her a muffmuncher or something along those lines and my key concern in posting a comment at the blog was to object to such term. I wouldn’t be seeing the wood for the trees, would I? I mean it’s rude, but it’s one way of expressing things, and it is a blog post about a killer, but my main concern is how other lesbians feel about it, right?
      No. Violence against women is not acceptable. Disturbing male ideas about what it means to be women should be challenged. We will not ignore these points to discuss how polite we will be about “neovaginas.”

    7. Cassandra, you wrote “There’s no doubt that this woman is vile and deranged.”
      First things first…Robert Kosilek never was and never will be a woman nor will he be female. Anyone who would refer to him in that manner is showing signs of their own levels of deranged world views.
      Second, it was “other trans women” who seemed to wholeheartedly embrace the fraud he seeks to perpetuate upon the courts, wasting inordinate sums of taxpayer money in attempts to force others to pay for his delusions.
      It almost seems that we hear now on a daily basis about some new incarcerated pervert/psychopath/sociopath/combination of the above who decided in prison that they were “a woman” and are now demanding access to cosmetic care. It is almost ALWAYS someone with convictions for horrendous conduct that caused real harm to real victims (usually real females). And yet the trans* “community” always seems to embrace them rather than distance themselves.
      Accordingly, you ARE the company you keep. Deal with it. As to what you believe is respectful or you and yours, quite frankly, I don’t give a damn.

    8. “Cassandra” (or David, or Steve, or Travis, or whatever the fuck your real name is), as I said to you in another thread, you can fuck right off. You’re a troll, and your demands reek of male entitlement and utter cluelessness – the two tend to go together.
      You think Kosilek is a woman? Yeah? Then morally you’re sitting right next to him, no matter how highly you think of yourself. If you can think of this unbeLIEVEably perverted psychopath as a woman, then you are a major threat to women. You are not our friend or ally. In fact, you are despicable and breathtakingly narcissistic. Now go cry about how meeeaaan we are!

    9. Cassandra,
      He is a man…as are you.
      What is disrespectful is your male cock/ballsy, masculine voice coming on this site thinking it can lecture, teach and “correct” us about our vaginas.

    10. ummmmm yes they do. the people ive met all seem to want straight boyfriends and can not understand why straight men dont beat down their doors to date them….. this does involve male penetration…….. the trans people i have met all see themselves as straight women therefore i suggest that trans should not be included with glbt because truly transitioning people actually are straight and in no way otherwise

  8. WOW.
    You’ve outdone yourself here, Gallus. You’ve covered this convicted felon trans madness better than people who actually get paid to do so, i.e., reporters. So much of this whole disgusting scenario has been unknown, but that’s no longer so thanks to your awesome work. This is incredible.
    (Sidenote and a shout-out to those reading who also appreciate this post by GallusMag: make a donation if you can; the button’s up there on the right. Research and writing like this, which makes us so much more aware of what’s really going on, takes a lot of time and work. So if you can swing a few bucks, please do so. And this is me making this suggestion of course, not Gallus. I just think she’s worth it, and then some. 😉 )
    This, this right here is why I do not donate to LGBT organizations. Fuck them. Anyone who’s on board (and they all are, sadly) with the idea that sociopaths like Kosilek deserve hormones, let alone surgery, is virulently anti-woman. Sickeningly so. No ifs, ands, or buts. If you think men like Kosilek should receive hormones or surgery, or be allowed to wear women’s clothing in prison, or possess makeup, or God forbid be transferred to a women’s penitentiary, or any of the other bullshit things this brutal, sadistic, vicious degenerate is demanding, then morally you are right next to him. You are a threat to women. You are not feminist, nor womanist, nor humanist, nor a sophisticated liberal. Instead, you are a threat to women. And a flaming asshole to boot.
    The next fucking time I read some drivel by some trans (or otherwise) idiot who thinks that trans prisoners deserve “good trans health care” (their code phrase for hormones and surgery), I’m sending ’em to this post. Fuck yeah Gallus.

  9. How is it possible to conclude that Kosilek is anything other than a psychopath? What rings true is his account of the appalling abuse he suffered as a child. Autopedophilia and transgenderism are symptoms of the real problem, which is that he’s crazier than a shithouse rat.

  10. This is amazing. Really amazing work. I found a piece in the Advocate, by Gillian (Todd) Weiss, who is a law professor at Ramapo College, also M2T. Weiss defends Kosilek, and further asserts that can identify with why Kosilek killed his wife–it was the wife’s fault. So this is not one psychopath. It is a whole movement that defends and dismisses women’s murders because they all want to do it, they have “all felt that way,” and in some insanity that is a protected civil right to act on killer rage. This rage they call pain and suffering must be defended, elevated, worshiped and protected. Oh read some of the comments.

    1. “This rage they call pain and suffering must be defended, elevated, worshiped and protected.”
      The effort to enshrine it clarifies that trans-whatever is simply the au courant manifestation of misogyny. Because all those hurt man-feelings can’t possibly be wrong.

    2. Gross.
      I want to know, if Kosilek was alone when he killed his wife, no one saw him do it, and she’s now dead (obviously, because he killed her) – then how in the hell does this Weiss person “know” that Cheryl (the wife) supposedly “flew into a rage” because Kosilek was trying on her clothes? The only place that could possibly have come from is Kosilek’s own testimony, and why should we believe him? Obviously he’s going to put blame anywhere but on himself, and if he’s willing to kill, surely lying isn’t a problem.
      On the other hand, if that’s one detail he WAS being honest about (“rage” aside, if it’s true that she would get upset at his borrowing her clothes) then I’m reminded of Joy Ladin, whose ex-wife (very much alive and talking) remembers him wearing her clothes and seeming to try to usurp her identity, and how much that disturbed her.

      1. But it would never justify killing her (Cheryl) no matter how mad Cheryl might have gotten at him for using her clothes. And why shouldn’t she have the right to get angry at his behavior? She, on the other hand, seems to be justified in getting angry at him.

      2. @elizabeth1848 – Oh, absolutely. Nothing at all justifies her killing, I hope I didn’t imply it can! I do think she’s justified in getting angry too. I only meant to comment that if in fact she was so angry, she’s not alone.
        This pattern of “man wants to become woman, and in the process is trying to devour the identity of an actual woman who is close to them” seems to reoccur. It is definitely creepy.

  11. Cassandra, this fucking murdering prick is not a woman! There are no “trans women.” It’s a myth and it’s incredibly oppressive to real women. Men do not have vaginas, “neo” or otherwise. These men don’t have “dysphoria,” another trans cult myth. Have you even talked to one of these men about what being a woman means to them? I have never yet heard one even come close to understanding what a woman is. They fetishize, caricaturize, and pornify women. They USE women for their own repulsive purposes, but they have no clue. They just spew out all the male-identified crap about the false “femininity” that men order women to obey. The trannie man who hates little girls because they had the “pink bedrooms and ballet lessons” he envies (in the archives here) is only one example. They fetishize our oppression and hate us.
    As much as Kosilek is a psychopath, I don’t think he is that different from many of the trannie men who threaten women (like Gallus Mag) who say no to them.
    And please do not add to the con about how abused these kinds of men suffered. If that was the cause, most women and girls would be serial killers. No, he just went a bit further than the men who want to kill women but are too afraid of the consequences.
    Oh, and stop with the rat-hating. Humans are torturing those loving, intelligent little animals right now, for fun and “science.”

    1. “They fetishize, caricaturize, and pornify women. They USE women for their own repulsive purposes.” Truer words were never spoken. Thank you, Bev Jo
      Are any of you familiar with the story of Denise Anne Fell. He had the most revealing and telling history of transgender impulse as told in Overboard a Magazine that covers “wannabes” among other things.. Here is a link
      What do you think?

      1. Nope – never heard of him before now, but finding it utterly fascinating, so I very much thank you for linking it! Yet another transgender and transabled person, only this guy has managed to achieve his desires… with some regrets about the knee thing I guess. Googling the name is… interesting. Again, thanks 🙂
        (Only tangentially related to this thread maybe but the other transgendered and transabled person linked from this site, the one who appeared on National Geographic and continually writes about how all the haters are just stupid and just don’t get it, has written fairly recently about how some specific criticisms actually hit the mark and shifted the mask and thus caused some disturbance, guess which criticisms those were? That’s right, the ones here on Gender Trender! Ha!)

      2. The people on USENETS tame sites (alt.parrots,!) were weirdos of the highest order, so I don’t even want to imagine what the alt.fetish groups yielded. Looks like a good read 🙂
        @Adrian- I saw that episode and then look it up to confirm it was a dude- the show neglected to mention it entirely because transgender is somehow legitimate compared to transabled or transethnicity. I would love to read what you are talking about regarding the Nat Geo guy if you have a link.
        All of the trans-narratives are entirely the same- the same obsessed and/or delusional thinking about yourself as part of a group that physically or biologically, you are not a part of and can never be- excepting the voluntary amputees. I would love to see a serious transethnic movement in effect- dudes proclaiming all over the interwebs and on national tv that they are really black guys trapped inside white guy’s bodies and they are so oppressed for just being who they really are on the inside. WE ARE MURDERED EVERY DAY! I think that would get shut down pretty quickly. It is ok for men to do this to women- not just ok, but embraced and celebrated, because women are not legitimate human beings outside of a male narrative. That is the thinking and the misogyny behind trans.

  12. I am left with my mouth hanging open, without words. Thanks, GM, I wish I had more to say. But you’ve said it here. It just gets uglier by the minute.

  13. Great research, GM!
    Next to these men’s misogynist crimes I find their insistence on sharing “womanhood” with us to be most horrifying and alarming.
    They clearly want to exterminate us and replace women’s individuality with their sick fetishized image of femininity. Clearly, if we had to live with these men and denied them their identity we would either all be dead or subjected to torture.
    I feel very helpless right now because not only have some of these men successfully infiltrated women’s prisons where they continued raping and abusing but we also have no way to ensure that this does not continue.

    1. I find it very disturbing that male couples are renting women’s bodies to buy infants for themselves – like something straight out of “The Handmaiden’s Tale.” They seem to think that acquiring an infant is no different than purchasing a puppy or a new pair of shoes. They brag about how they’re “having a baby” like it comes from their bodies, as a result of their painstaking labor, with no word of the of the woman who took nine months of her life to produce this priceless being.

      1. It is called reproductive slavery and women die doing it. It is a very serious problem in India.

      2. Agree x1000, Elizabeth1848 and Motherhood. I don’t care if the women involved seem to “go along with it” – they’re not. They’re desperate. Big, big difference. Preying upon, and taking advantage of, someone’s desperation is a despicable thing to do, no matter how much you want a baby. There are other routes to parenthood.

      3. Thank you, Elizabeth, for mentioning this. I’m seeing phrases like “the right to be a parent” on the websites of gay rights orgs and it’s extremely disturbing. First they threw lesbians under the bus in favor of transwomen, and now it’s all women in favor of rich gay males. Only a small number of gay people can even afford to do this – why is it such a big priority for the HRCs of the world? I’m sure Margaret Atwood never thought it would be western yuppies who would bring about the Handmaid’s Tale.

    1. OMG, autumn11. That article is hair-raising. I can’t believe how these men are catered to.
      HA HA!! j/k! You should’ve seen how I kept a straight face while typing that last sentence! As if! LOL! Damn…can’t believe…men catered to….aw shit…hahahamystomachhurtsnow….

  14. Anon Male & Ashland Avenue: “Sticking it up” for paedophiles and rapists AGAIN and AGAIN. One wonders in the vast scope of human (MALE) crimes: Genocide, Ethnic Cleansing, Mass Rape, Torture, Child slavery, War Profiteering: These two find their way on to a feminist website to “Stick up for” these vile men just because they sometimes “feel like females”.
    Maybe you should go to a mirror and take a “Long hard” look at yourselves.

    1. Yup, this calls for caps lock:
      You’re a troll. That would explain it. Or I know! Abi lives in “Antonym Land”! That would definitely explain it. Oy. SMDH.

      1. I took Abi’s comment to be confusingly worded but the “you” directed at the trans trolls. Otherwise it makes no sense. Hmm. Now I’m confused. lol

      2. Me too. I’m baffled as to how she or he got the idea that I was backing Kosilek. Totally confused.

  15. Kosilek isn’t deranged or crazy at all. At least no more so than any other male out there. He is a sociopath. Sociopaths are con artists. They’re charming and manipulative – convincingly so, and quite cunning. It ‘s not true that sociopaths don’t have feelings. They most certainly do. But only for themselves. They have no empathy for others. But when you consider that men as a class have been raised and conditioned to be sociopaths for generations now, you realize Kosilek is the norm, not the exception. Most all men think like Kosilek. They just don’t act on their impulses is all. Not because they think there’s anything wrong with it, but because they’re afraid of getting caught and punished for it.
    Those who act on those impulses are called psychopaths. Sociopaths are more cunning and strategic. Kosilek is both. He’s both a sociopath and a psychopath. But he is not insane in the legal sense at all. Insane ppl don’t know the difference between right and wrong. Kosilek doesn’t fit that profile. He cleaned up the mess after murdering his wife and tried to hide the body. Which means he did know what he did was wrong. So the dude is perfectly sane.
    This is in part why men love sports and war. They get to legally act out all those sociopathic tendencies and psychopathic impulses and can do so with impunity.
    This looms large in the gender wars. Because our society does not raise and condition women to be sociopaths/psychopaths. So female sociopaths/psychopaths are the exception to the rule, while in males, it’s the norm.
    Just food for thought. Gender is not as harmless as trans (predominantly sociopathic males) would have us believe (as most of us here know). “Walk into my parlour,” says the spider to the fly.

  16. Well said, Lucky, and very true. The normal male preying on females, knowing exactly what he is doing. Question the trannies and they cannot begin to describe what a woman is, though they say they are one. It’s all fetish and creeping caricature. And so very male.

  17. Convicted Oklahoma rapist threatens suicide if state doesn’t give sex-change surgery
    By Andrew Knittle | Published: April 18, 2013
    HELENA — A convicted rapist who wants the state Corrections Department to pay for a sex-change operation claims in his latest court filing that he may kill himself if he doesn’t receive treatment by the time he turns 45.
    Ronny Darnell, convicted in 2005 of repeatedly raping a 13-year-old Newkirk girl, wrote in a motion filed Tuesday that he is starting to lose hope.
    Darnell, who refers to himself as a woman in court documents, is representing himself in federal court.
    “Ms. Ronny Darnell has made a pact with herself that if at age 45 she had not achieved her goal of getting back on her hormone therapy … she would consider life hopeless and meaningless,” the inmate wrote.
    “She has no active suicidal ideation, but there is a sense that in the absence of becoming a female, she would not choose to continue living as a male,” the inmate wrote.
    Darnell will turn 45 on June 21, records show.
    Darnell, who filed the lawsuit in September, wrote that suicide may not be his only option if his demands aren’t met.
    “One area of concern is the potential (for suicide) if this last chance to achieve her lifelong desire is denied,” he wrote.
    “I believe that she would be a great risk for self-harm, perhaps mutilation, if not suicide.”
    In earlier court filings, Darnell disclosed that he has attempted to “castrate” himself on more than one occasion while behind bars.
    In addition to the $20,000 sex reassignment surgery, Darnell is demanding laser hair removal treatments, female hormones and treatment from a doctor who specializes in gender identity disorder, with which he claims to be afflicted.
    Gender identity disorder is characterized by an overwhelming sense by those afflicted that they would be happier if they were the opposite sex.
    Claims of cruelty
    In his lawsuit, the inmate is claiming that various state Corrections Department employees, including Director Justin Jones, are subjecting him to cruel and unusual punishment by not providing treatment to him.
    Jerry Massie, a spokesman for the department, said the state will provide hormones to inmates, but only under certain circumstances.
    “There’s only one official (gender identity disorder) offender,” Massie said. “On this particular person … they had had some procedures done prior to incarceration, so it’s medically appropriate to prescribe the hormones.”
    Massie said another inmate is receiving cross-gender hormones “for a medical issue not related to (gender identity disorder).”
    The hormones, which Massie did not name, range in price. The monthly prescription for one of the inmates is $158.73. The other’s is only $3.73 per month.
    Darnell’s federal lawsuit is pending and he recently asked a judge to appoint a lawyer to his case.

      1. There’s not a less useful term than ideation. It’s one of those words that makes everything that follows less intelligent, rather than more. Can you say SOFT SCIENCE?
        This rapist dude (now quasi-disabled so no one *thinks* he’s a threat or is allowed to say so aloud) once showed me his papers after he got out of the psych ward.
        It said he had both suicidal ideation and homicidal ideation.
        It’s funny how you’re required to drop everything for suicidal ideation and put that person first. Whether your a cop, or in social services, or just a good natured citizen, you have to act like this is a BIG FUCKING DEAL or you’re to blame if anything happens.
        This dude often exploited that when he fucked up his free housing — he’d just run to a cop, say he’s suicidal, and they’d drive him to the hospital where he’d stay a few nights.
        OTOH, a dude with homicidal ideation? You don’t do shit. Because it’s rude to treat that person — well, MALE — as a pariah. You can’t say “stay the fuck over there and keep your hands where I can see them” (especially if you’re not a cop) and put your own needs first. You have to tilt your head and expose your neck.
        I haven’t seen that guy in a while but I’d be ok if his suicidal ideation precluded his homicidal ideation.

      2. Start the countdown to when the LGBT media and organizations take up this asshole’s “cause.” No problem that he’s a fucking child rapist! We have to back him anyway – he’s a trans person being denied his wishes! It makes me sick.

      3. Re: Darnell’s threat demanding the medically created right to the : “experience of being truly female”.
        Shame on the transgender lobby for this. Shame on the transgender movement for creating this baby-rapist “right” and medical/legal fiction. And SHAME SHAME SHAME on every single member of the “LGBT” for lending our hard-won political power to baby-rapists like Darnell.

    1. federal judges do tend to get a little pissed when their direction is not followed, especially by fuckwit murdering pieces of shit.

  18. Athlete Pinki Pramanik declared male, charged with rape
    TNN Nov 13, 2012, 12.30AM IST
    Times of India
    KOLKATA: After months of speculation over Pinki Pramanik’s gender and whether the middle-distance runner was capable of sexual assault, the athlete was on Monday charged with rape. Police filed a charge sheet against the Asian Games gold medal winner on the basis of a DNA test conducted in Hyderabad in June.
    Pinki was arrested on June 14 on a rape and assault complaint by a live-in partner. It led to three medical tests that failed to establish the athlete’s gender or prove conclusively if the accused was capable of rape. Pinki was later released on bail.
    The athlete has now been charged under sections 376 (rape), 417 (impersonation), 420 (cheating), 325 (assault) and 506 (intimidation), 493 (cohabitation caused by a man deceitfully inducing a belief of a lawful marriage). A medical report submitted by cops in a court after investigation classified Pinki as male.
    Quoting the test report, additional public prosecutor Shantamoy Bose said Pinki was “capable of having intercourse as a normal male and had all the facets required for sexual activities.”
    Based on the medical test done by a board of doctors at the state-run SSKM hospital in Kolkata, the police filed a chargesheet against Pinki charging the athlete with rape and cheating as well as charges of holding out threats.
    The live-in partner had alleged that Pinki was a male and had raped her, which led to Pinki’s arrest on June 14 and an order for medical examination to confirm the gender was issued. The former middle-distance runner, who won the 4×400 m relay gold in 2006 Doha Asian Games, was freed from jail on July 11 pending disposal of all cases.
    The athlete’s arrest and imprisonment had sparked an outcry over gender discrimination and the manner in which gender tests were conducted.

  19. Legal team for transgender inmate still seeking doctor for surgery
    Posted: Aug 14, 2013 9:31 PM EDT
    Updated: Aug 14, 2013 9:47 PM EDT
    Kosilek Filing
    ( – The legal team for convicted murderer Michelle Kosilek and the state are arguing once again over who is going to perform the transgender inmate’s taxpayer-funded sex change operation.
    Court documents show that an out-of-state physician has been approached by the Dept. of Correction for the surgery, but needs a temporary medical license in Massachusetts to perform the operation; however, Kosilek’s team contends that process is lengthy and would draw out the situation which they have called “life or death.”
    A medical institution in Massachusetts is also reportedly willing to perform the surgery, but that facility hasn’t been named.
    Read more:

    1. AGAIN with the “life or death” bullshit! No. No. NO. Someone threatening suicide if they don’t get their way does NOT constitute “life or death.” The woman-hating on parade with this case is unbelievable. Just unfuckingbelievable. Thanks for this update, Gallus.

  20. Federal appeals court upholds Mass. inmate’s right to taxpayer-funded sex change surgery
    Globe File Photos
    Kosilek in 1993 and in 1990.
    By Martin Finucane, John R. Ellement and Milton J. Valencia / Globe Staff / January 17, 2014
    A federal appeals court in Boston today upheld a judge’s ruling that a transsexual inmate convicted of murder is entitled to a taxpayer-funded sex change operation as treatment for her severe gender identity disorder.
    “Having carefully considered the relevant law and the extensive factual record, we affirm the judgment of the district court,” a three-judge panel of the US Court of Appeals for the First Circuit wrote, in a ruling that was a first of its kind.
    The court ruled in the case of convicted wife killer Michelle L. Kosilek. As Robert Kosilek, he strangled his wife, Cheryl, in Mansfield in 1990 and dumped her body in a car at a mall in North Attleborough.
    The court ruled 2-1. Its decision can be appealed to the full appeals court or to the US Supreme Court.
    US District Judge Mark Wolf found in September 2012 that the surgery was the only adequate treatment for Kosilek’s disorder. Wolf also found that denying the surgery would be a violation of Kosilek’s Eighth Amendment right to be free from cruel and unusual punishment.
    The appeals court ruling is the first time an appeals court has ruled that a sex change operation was necessary for a prisoner suffering from gender identity disorder, though it follows a series of rulings in Massachusetts and across the country that have affirmed that some type of medical care is constitutionally required.
    “We are assuredly mindful of the difficult tasks faced by prison officials every day. But as the Supreme Court has cautioned, while sensitivity and deference to these tasks is warranted, “[c]ourts nevertheless must not shrink from their obligation to ‘enforce the constitutional rights of all ‘persons,’ including prisoners.’” And receiving medically necessary treatment is one of those rights, even if that treatment strikes some as odd or unorthodox,” the appeals court wrote in today’s decision.
    The appeals court also said that Wolf was “well-placed to make the factual findings he made, and there is certainly evidentiary support for those findings. Those findings — that Kosilek has a serious medical need for the surgery, and that the DOC [Department of Correction] refuses to meet that need for pretextual reasons unsupported by legitimate penological considerations — mean that the DOC has violated Kosilek’s Eighth Amendment rights. The court did not err in granting Kosilek the injunctive relief she sought.”
    Dissenting Judge Juan R. Torruella wrote that he believed Wolf went too far in concluding that refusal by the state to provide the surgery rose to a violation of Kosilek’s constitutional protections.
    “The Eighth Amendment proscribes punishment, including punishment in the form of medical care so unconscionable as to fall below society’s minimum standards of decency,’’ Torruella wrote.
    He added: “Its boundary simply does not reach, however, to instances of care that, although not ideal, illustrate neither an intent to harm nor the obstinate and unwarranted application of clearly imprudent care. Respectfully, I would reverse.”
    Despite today’s ruling, it’s not clear if the surgery will take place any time soon. The surgery has been on hold since Wolf’s ruling while the administration of Governor Deval Patrick appealed.
    The DOC identified one out-of-state doctor willing to perform the surgery, after no surgeon in Massachusetts expressed a willingness to take on the task.
    But the doctor — whose name is blacked out in court papers — does not currently have the approval of the state Board of Registration in Medicine to perform the surgery on Kosilek or anyone else, according to court records.
    Kosilek, now in her early 60s, was already transitioning to a female identity in the year that she committed the murder. During her trial, she wore women’s clothes. She has been staying in a men’s prison in Norfolk while taking hormones and developing female physical qualities. Under Globe policy, Kosilek is being referred to as a woman because that is the gender with which she identifies.
    Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders issued a statement hailing the ruling.
    “Like the district court before it, the First Circuit has affirmed that constitutional rights belong to everyone,” said Jenifer Levi, director of GLAD’s Transgender Rights Project. “The Appeals Court affirmed that the District Court properly found that Michelle Kosilek needed this lifesaving medical care. If she needed treatment for cancer or heart disease, this case would never have wound up in court. If we are to call ourselves a civilized society, there is a baseline of care that has to be provided to all prisoners, including prisoners who are transgender.”

    1. This makes me sick. This is why no LGBTMNOP organization sees a fucking dime of my money. They can all go right to hell.

      1. Same. It is sickening.
        I think they lost this appeal when they focused on safety in housing issues, ie. penal policy rather than using “improper purpose”. Dumb asses.
        On a related note, “perhaps” DOC officials in Virginia got wind of the impending decision: they paroled asshole Ophelia De’Lonta, rendering his free DOC sex change null and void. Looks like he’s actually trying NOT to leave prison now! Hahaha! Either way, women lose.
        Parole granted for Va. transgender inmate seeking sex-change surgery
        LARRY O’DELL | Associated Press Share on facebook
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        Thursday, January 16, 2014 34 Comments ↓
        RICHMOND, Va. — A Virginia prison inmate who has asked a federal judge to force the state to pay for a sex-change operation has been granted parole, the chairman of the Virginia Parole Board said Thursday.
        Ophelia De’Lonta remains in custody at Buckingham Correctional Center pending approval of her home plan and conditions of release, board chairman William Muse said in a telephone interview. He said that can take 45 days or longer.
        Ophelia De’Lonta
        Muse said he personally delivered a letter granting parole to De’Lonta on Dec. 19.
        “She was excited, as most offenders are when they see they’re getting released,” Muse said.
        De’Lonta has served 34 years of a 73-year sentence for robbery. The 53-year-old De’Lonta has been diagnosed with a severe form of gender identity disorder, a medically recognized illness in which people believe they were born the wrong gender.
        Her desire for a sex-change operation has prompted several attempts at self-castration.
        In a lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in Roanoke in 2011, De’Lonta claimed that the state has failed its duty to provide adequate medical care because it won’t provide the surgery. Her lawyers have said the surgery could be done for about $20,000. The lawsuit remains active.
        Muse said the possibility of a court forcing the state to pay for an inmate’s sex-change operation was not a factor in the parole decision.
        “It was not part of our thinking,” he said. “We specifically did not coordinate anything with the Department of Corrections or the attorney general’s office. We wanted to keep it purely a parole call.”
        Muse said De’Lonta has maintained a good record in prison the past few years. He said he does not ordinarily deliver parole letters personally, but he did so in De’Lonta’s case “just because I’ve known her a long time.”
        De’Lonta’s attorney, Alan Schoenfeld, declined to comment on his client’s parole and the effect it might have on the lawsuit.
        In her lawsuit, De’Lonta claims that denying her sex-change operation violates her Eighth Amendment right against cruel and unusual punishment.
        U.S. District Judge James C. Turk previously dismissed De’Lonta’s lawsuit, ruling that the state prison system was adequately treating her by providing psychological counseling and hormone treatments and allowing her to dress as a woman in a men’s prison. A three-judge panel of the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals last January sent the case back to Turk for reconsideration.
        Parole Board: Decision to parole transgender inmate not based on court case
        Posted: Jan 16, 2014 7:12 PM EST
        Updated: Jan 16, 2014 7:29 PM EST
        By Diane Walker – bio | email
        Posted by Shawn Maclauchlan – email
        RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) –
        We know more about the decision to parole Ophelia De’Lonta and when she will walk out of Buckingham Correctional Center to freedom.
        The transgender inmate is being granted parole in the middle of a controversial, landmark case to determine whether taxpayers should pay for her sex change surgery. The Virginia Parole Board says the parole decision had nothing to do with the court case.
        Ophelia De’Lonta’s niece says the D.O.C. is planning a home visit between now and March 26.
        De’Lonta’s 2004 court settlement allowed her to dress like a woman and get hormone therapy, in prison, to stop the urge to self-castrate. Diagnosed with Gender Identification Disorder, she continued to cut herself despite the hormones, and the legal fight for a state financed sex-reassignment surgery began.
        Ophelia says two doctors, one hired by her attorney and another by D.O.C. say the surgery is medically necessary. She read part of one evaluation conducted by Dr. George Brown with the Professional Association of Transgender Health:
        “Ophelia De’Lonta indisputably has severe G.I.D. As diagnosed by numerous D.O.C. employees and contracted clinicians, and I concur with their diagnosis… Her condition is chronic severe and untreated.”
        Her release now raises questions about its impact on the court case and who pays for the surgery if the court orders it. Ophelia believes the state would, because parolees are still under D.O.C. jurisdiction.
        “Under normal circumstances, once you actually are released, you are responsible for yourself,” said William Muse, chairman of the Virginia Parole Board. “When you leave the prison, D.O.C. is not going to be sending you groceries every month, will not be providing a bed for you. You are released, and with the exception of being supervised by a parole officer, you are not in custody.”
        Muse says Ophelia has had a stable adjustment the last two years. The board believes she has a strong support system outside, and she will be a success.
        He says a judge will decide the court issue. That was simply not their concern.

    2. Having worked with battered women for decades I have heard many times that some man claiming that he would kill himself if his wife left him. Well, these men do sometimes (too often) kill themselves (and their wives and children too). Does that mean their wives should stay with them to prevent these mens’ suicide? Kosilek threatened to kill himself if he doesn’t get his now healthy body mutilated. He’s narcissistic, exhibitionist, sociopathic and homicidal and that seems to be what qualifies him for this operation. It’s an operation which violates the Hippocratic Oath exhorting “First do no harm.” There is nothing wrong with his body parts that he wants removed or altered. To violate his bodily integrity would be to commit a substantial harm. The great irony here is that while women have fought for centuries to halt genital mutilation, his man, and others like him, are fighting to legalize it.

  21. Appeals Court Upholds Sex Change For Mass. Inmate
    By Rodrique Ngowi January 17, 2014 Updated Jan 17, 5:45 pm
    BOSTON — A federal appeals court on Friday upheld a judge’s ruling granting a taxpayer-funded sex change operation for a transgender inmate serving a life sentence for a murder conviction, saying receiving medically necessary treatment is a constitutional right that must be protected “even if that treatment strikes some as odd or unorthodox.”
    Michelle Kosilek, formerly known as Robert, in 1993 (AP File)
    U.S. District Judge Mark Wolf ruled in 2012 that the state Department of Correction must provide sex reassignment surgery for Michelle Kosilek, who was born as Robert Kosilek and is serving a life sentence for the killing of his wife in 1990.
    The Department of Correction challenged the ruling at the 1st U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. Its lawyers argued Kosilek has received adequate treatment for gender identity disorder, including female hormone treatments, laser hair removal and psychotherapy. Prison officials said those treatments have eased the stress and anxiety felt by Kosilek, and they argued it was unnecessary to heed advice from independent medical experts who recommended the 64-year-old undergo the sex change surgery as the next step of treating her intense gender identity disorder.
    The Department of Correction also argued prison officials were concerned about protecting Kosilek, who’s in an all-male prison, from sexual assaults if she were allowed to complete her transformation into a woman.
    Circuit Court of Appeals Judges O. Rogeriee Thompson and William Kayatta Jr. said in their ruling they were “assuredly mindful of the difficult tasks faced by prison officials every day.”
    “But as the Supreme Court has cautioned, while sensitivity and deference to these tasks is warranted, (c)ourts nevertheless must not shrink from their obligation to enforce the constitutional rights of all persons, including prisoners,” the two judges wrote. “And receiving medically necessary treatment is one of those rights, even if that treatment strikes some as odd or unorthodox.”
    One member of the three-judge appeals panel disagreed. Judge Juan Torruella said in a separate opinion the ruling went beyond the boundaries of protections offered under the Eighth Amendment.
    Still, Kosilek’s lawyer Joseph Sulman said they were very happy her right to receive the treatment was affirmed.
    “This decision is really about more than sexual reassignment surgery,” Sulman said. “It’s about the state’s requirement to treat all prisoners equally regardless of their gender identity or regardless of the circumstances.”
    The court, he said, agreed that “the state can’t create obstacles and barriers for defendants’ receiving adequate medical care simply because it’s unpopular or simply because politicians and public officials don’t agree with the medical professionals.”
    Kosilek was convicted of killing Cheryl Kosilek, a volunteer counselor at a drug rehabilitation facility who thought she could cure his gender identity disorder.
    Kosilek first sued the Department of Correction in 2000. Two years later, the U.S. District Court judge found Kosilek was entitled to treatment for gender identity disorder but stopped short of ordering surgery. Kosilek sued again in 2005, arguing the surgery was a medical necessity.
    Kosilek’s attorney Frances Cohen had previously said the surgery, which can cost more than $50,000, would be paid for under a contract the Department of Correction has with its medical provider. She said the contract is based on the number of inmates, not the number of medical procedures provided, so the surgery wouldn’t increase the state’s costs.
    Democratic Gov. Deval Patrick had no immediate comment on the appeals court ruling or whether a further appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court was possible, a spokeswoman said.

  22. Kosilek lawyers ask judge to speed up sex-change operation
    January 29, 2014, 10:27 am SHARE THIS POST2 COMMENTS
    (NECN) – Lawyers for convicted murderer Michelle Kosilek are asking a judge to speed up her sex-change operation.
    Earlier this month, Kosilek won a federal decision in support of the surgery.
    A federal appeals court upheld a judge’s ruling granting a taxpayer-funded sex-change operation for the Massachusetts transgender inmate serving a life sentence for murder.
    But, according to the Boston Herald, Kosilek’s attorneys claim the Department of Correction has been too slow in scheduling the surgery.
    Kosilek was born male, but has received hormone treatments and lives as a woman in an all-male prison.
    Kosilek was named Robert when convicted of killing his wife in 1990.

  23. FUCK YOU Kosilek!
    “Kosilek sex change ruling to get new hearing
    By Travis Andersen | GLOBE STAFF FEBRUARY 13, 2014
    A federal appeals court in Boston has agreed to rehear the state’s appeal of a lower court ruling that a prisoner convicted of murder must receive a taxpayer-funded sex change. In a ruling Wednesday, the US Court of Appeals for the First Circuit said its entire panel will rehear the state’s appeal at a hearing scheduled for May 8. Last month, a three-judge panel of the same court upheld a US District Court ruling that Michelle Kosilek, now 64, is entitled to the surgery. Kosilek, born Robert, was convicted of murdering his wife, Cheryl, in Mansfield in 1990. He has been living as a woman in prison.”

  24. FYI, Debbie Moccia has been housed at Framingham, not once but multiple times. Why this was never challenged I’m unsure – her last state sentence was the one and only time she was housed in a male state facility. So about that, Kosilek is correct.

      1. I can’t speak about it in depth but believe me, treating gender dysphoria in prison is an extremely complicated issue (Michelle Kosilek aside). I am not in favor of SRS in this particular case, but for entirely different reasons than most people on the web.

      1. So Debbie/David, a male child rapist, is regularly housed in a women’s prison. Yep, seems legit! These are straight up dudes wtf? Post-srs, they are castrated men and still belong in men’s facilities. They would probably be housed in protective custody for their own safety, but they’ll be in good company with the other baby rapists and fucked up psycho-sexual murderers like themselves. I wonder what kind of kickbacks these judges are accepting from trans orgs to make these decisions? Rotten to the fucking core.

      2. I was referring to Judge Wolf and other corrupt judges who cater to these violent, delusional rapists and murderers and force tax-paying citizens to foot the bill. Hundreds of thousands of dollars to make their fetishes come true! The Department of Corrections are incompetent at a whole other level, so it makes sense that these morons are making incomprehensible decisions. A bunch of men who didn’t have the smarts to make it as cops and a few career bureaucrats making decisions about the safety of women they probably view as disposable- doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence.

  25. Inmate’s surgery case gets an assist
    Advocacy group backs sex change
    By Milton J. Valencia | GLOBE STAFF MARCH 17, 2014
    A gay and transgender-rights advocate group has signed on to assist in the case of Michelle Kosilek as the convicted killer’s fight for a medically recommended sex-change operation prepares to make an unusual appearance before a full federal appeals court in Boston.
    Jennifer Levi, director of Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders’ Transgender Rights Project, petitioned to be involved in the case to assist Kosilek’s lawyer, Joseph L. Sulman, as he and his client get ready to go before the nine judges of the US Court of Appeals for the First Circuit – the final appellate stage before the US Supreme Court. A hearing is scheduled May 8.
    “The Eighth Amendment prohibits state officials from interfering with medical treatment for prisoners,” Sulman said in a statement. “Yet this is exactly what the Department of [Correction] has done ever since its own doctors recommended sex assignment surgery for Michelle Kosilek nine years ago.”
    A lower court had already found that the Department of Correction, by refusing to provide the doctor-recommended surgery for Kosilek, had violated her Eighth Amendment right against cruel and unusual punishment, or punishment in excess of her sentence. The US Supreme Court has ruled that prisoners are entitled to medical care, regardless of the crimes for which they were convicted.
    A three-member panel of the Court of Appeals had upheld the lower court’s ruling in January. At the request of the state Department of Correction, the full court took an extraordinary — and rare — step in agreeing to hear the case.
    Judge Juan Torruella wrote a dissenting opinion in the original decision saying the case did not rise to excessive punishment, creating a split among the panel.
    Levi and GLAD, who have long supported Kosilek’s request, asked to sign on to the case Friday to assist Sulman, noting a lead lawyer in the case recently stepped aside for a state government job.
    Levi said in a statement that the Department of Correction has recognized that Kosilek suffers from gender identity disorder, that it is a serious illness and that doctors have recommended surgery, and still the department has not provided the operation.
    The Department of Correction maintained in court papers filed Friday that it is providing Kosilek with adequate care, that the surgery is not necessary, and that US District Court Judge Mark L. Wolf erred in ordering the surgery.
    The Barnstable County sheriff’s office also filed court documents supporting the Department of Correction’s opposition to providing the surgery, noting that county jails could be affected by the court’s decision, because they are subjected to the same standards as the state prison system.
    “The decision will have impact on institutional security decisions,” the sheriff’s office said.
    Kosilek, who was born Robert, was convicted in the 1990 killing of his wife, Cheryl.
    Kosilek initiated a name change to Michelle after being convicted and imprisoned. The Globe is referring to her as a woman because that is the gender with which she identifies.
    Doctors first recommended in 2005 that Kosilek undergo the sex-change operation, saying her disorder was serious and that the surgery was the only adequate treatment.

  26. Here’s Levi’s bio and email.
    She clearly makes her living out of being a tranny lackie. I guess she would be willing to share a cell with this guy right?! I’m sure Robert would LOVE to tell her all about murdering his wife.
    “The Globe is referring to her as a woman because that is the gender with which she identifies.”
    Oh, yes, and we wouldn’t want to offended a convicted murderer now would we.

    1. When was that written? Has last December’s decision been overturned? And look how they don’t give a shit about the woman Kosilek murdered with piano wire. Lin Fraser, you and your ilk are despicable people, and I hope you rot in hell, right alongside Kosilek.

      1. Noooo. Not an update! Just archiving documentation of how WPATH- cited as an authoritative source, and Ettner, cited by the court as a diagnostician, are both nothing but incredibly biased political activists.
        Thanks for pointing out it was unclear, I labeled the archived comments more clearly. x

  27. Now this IS an update!
    Kosilek is DONE. Supreme Court declines to hear his shitty final appeal.
    FUCK YOU Kosilek.
    and FUCK YOU Jennifer Levi.
    Cheryl: Rest in Peace, hon.
    Supreme Court rejects inmate’s appeal for sex-change surgery
    The Lowell Sun
    UPDATED: 05/04/2015 07:02:03 PM EDT0 COMMENTS
    BOSTON (AP) — A nearly two-decade legal fight by a convicted murderer in Massachusetts to get taxpayer-funded sex-reassignment surgery ended in failure Monday when the U.S. Supreme Court rejected her final appeal.
    The justices did not comment in letting stand a lower-court ruling denying the surgery to Michelle Kosilek.
    “This is a terrible and inhumane result for Michelle,” said Jennifer Levi, director of the Transgender Rights Project for Boston-based Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders.
    The state Department of Correction, which has fought the surgery, did not immediately respond to a request to comment.
    State prison officials, who say the surgery could cost as much as $50,000, have said in the past they opposed the surgery because it would create security problems.
    Kosilek was known as Robert Kosilek when she was convicted of murdering her spouse, Cheryl, in 1990.
    Kosilek, now 65, said in her legal fight against the state prisons department that her Eighth Amendment right against cruel and unusual punishment was being violated and the surgery is necessary to relieve the mental anguish caused by gender-identity disorder.
    “The treatment of Michelle has been cruel and unusual, according to two lengthy, thoughtful, and closely reasoned judgments,” Joseph Sulman, one of Kosilek’s lawyers, said Monday. “The DOC’s behavior has been abominable as they have repeatedly defied their own experts in their eagerness to deny her desperately needed medical attention.”
    The prisons department initially provided hormone treatments, electrolysis to remove facial and body hair, female clothing and personal items, but Kosilek sued again in 2005, arguing that the surgery was a medical necessity and denial of the surgery was making her suicidal. Her lawyers say she has twice tried to kill herself behind bars.
    A federal judge in 2012 ordered the Department of Correction to grant the surgery, finding that it was the “only adequate treatment” for her gender-identity disorder. It was the first time a federal judge ordered such surgery.
    But the state appealed and that ruling was overturned in December by the 1st U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in a 3-2 decision, so Kosilek’s lawyers turned to the Supreme Court.
    Levi said even though Kosilek has exhausted all appeals, the fight for other inmates will continue.
    “But it is just a matter of time before some prison somewhere is required to provide essential surgery, meeting the minimal Constitutional obligations of adequate medical care for transgender people in prison,” she said.
    Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker, a Republican who took office in January, said he was pleased with the decision.
    “In this particular case I was not in favor of using taxpayer money to pay for this surgery,” he said.
    Read more:

    1. Please note the number of quotes given to Kosilek’s attorneys versus anyone else. How typical.

      1. I can’t believe they actually applied female pronouns to that nutter. When did AP style go the way of pomo?

      2. Just curious…
        Do women in women’s prisons get electrolysis to remove body hair(legs, arms etc.)? Some women also have facial hair, do they get this shit? Do they even get to shave?
        And don’t women wear the same basic jumpsuit/outfit as men? Or are they talking about bras and panties? And what ‘personal items’ would be medically necessary for him to feel like a woman? Nail polish? Do women in women’s prisons have these items as well?
        Im just wondering because Ive heard of female prisoners having to beg for tampons/pads each time they needed to change. I cant imagine how it is cruel and unusual to give him things females dont even get.

    2. I happened to catch more of Jennifer Levi’s Constitutional obligation nonsense on a radio program yesterday. She also said transwomen should be put in women’s prisons, while acknowledging that it was never an issue in Kosilek’s case.
      It’s telling that neither she nor the interviewer mentioned the possibility that the presence of transwomen in women’s prisons might subject women to cruel or unusual punishment (perhaps because abuse of women is not unusual and many people don’t consider it cruel). On the other hand, I was relieved that the interviewer seemed more neutral than sympathetic toward Kosilek.
      Here’s a link to a podcast of the program, if anyone wants to listen:

  28. Debbie Moccia back in the news:
    Transgender woman headed to male penitentiary
    Brian Dowling Saturday, June 18, 2016
    A transgender Lawrence woman and Level 3 sex offender, who threatened to kill one judge and told another she hopes he “burns in hell” after he denied her request to be sent to the state’s female prison, is going to a lockup — 
for men.
    Debbie Moccia, a 60-year-old registered Level 3 sex offender, pleaded guilty on Thursday and apologized for making the threats in court, and Salem Superior Court Judge David Lowy sentenced her to 2 1⁄2 years and two years’ probation, according to Essex District Attorney spokeswoman 
Carrie Kimball Monahan.
    Prosecutors recommended a four-to-eight-year state prison sentence.
    Lowy was nominated by Gov. Charlie Baker this week to serve as a justice on the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court.
    Moccia made the first threat to Lawrence Judge Lynn Rooney in June 2013, when she was being sentenced on assault and battery charges, 
prosecutors said.
    “I’m going to kill you,” Moccia told Rooney, according to prosecutors.
    Rooney wrote in a victim impact statement that Moccia is “incredibly disruptive and represents a danger for court personnel and anyone who happens to be in her presence. … Every time she is brought into court, it necessitates extra precautions and extra security because she is unpredictable, violent and often secrets razor blades on her person. She has learned how to play the system over these years as is evidenced by her conduct toward me,” according to The Eagle-Tribune.
    Later in 2013, Moccia told Newburyport Judge Peter Doyle she hopes he “burns in hell” for telling her he was unable to send her to the Framingham prison for women, 
officials said.
    Moccia has been a Level 3 sex offender since 1986 after she was convicted of indecent assault and battery on a person over 14, according to state records.
    Monahan said Moccia — who was born with male anatomy but identifies as a woman — has a balance of more than 500 days served.
    The probation order requires Moccia to seek mental health treatment, remain on medication and stay away from the two judges, officials said.

  29. Just heard on an NPR station that Kosilek is making another demand for surgery (on grounds he’s being denied proper medical treatment) along with transfer to a women’s prison. This case is like a zombie–every time you think it’s finally finished, you see it shambling toward you.

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