MTV True Life: Transgender Teens change their minds as adults


Male transgender teen 'Daniella'
Male transgender teen ‘Daniella’

I saw the breasts and I saw the long hair and I thought, like, that’s what I wanted.” – Jait Jr., former transgender teen now a gay man trying to undo the damage to his body done by hormones and silicone.
I’m always walking around with a secret”.
Former transgender teen 'Daniella' 24, after detransition
Former transgender teen ‘Daniella’ 24, after detransition

MTV “True Life” runs a segment on transgender teens- one male, one female, now forced to undo the damage as they grow up and change their mind about believing they should medically alter their bodies into looking like the opposite sex. “I’m questioning my gender again”- Full episode here:
The incredible sexism of their home environments (“Boys who play with Barbie must be girls”) is astounding and illuminates some of the cultural forces driving the “transgender children” trend. Both of these former trans teens were fully supported into transitioning by their families, and both families cautioned the (now young adult) transgenders against switching back.
Female transgender teen 'Anthony'
Female transgender teen ‘Anthony’

This is what I was afraid of. They don’t get it. They feel like I’m not being true to myself. I don’t know… I just feel like they think that I’m making a mistake.”- Jait Jr on his family’s lack of support for his de-transition.
Right now I just want to shave off all my hair and be a man so that’s what I’m going to do”- Jait Jr, formerly “Daniella”.
Detransitioning is what is going to make me happy”- Jait Jr.
Former transgender teen 'Anthony' 22, after detransition
Former transgender teen ‘Anthony’ 22, after detransition

Growing up, I never really felt super-girly and I couldn’t put my finger on why.” -Amanda, former teen transgender “Anthony” now quitting testosterone and undergoing electrolysis to remove her beard.
I guess my biggest fear is that right now I’ve got it all figured out but that I’m going to get confused again and not know what I’m doing or who I am. Forever.”- Amanda
I just hope that this is the last transition I make. I don’t want to keep doing this”. -Amanda
I hope I’m done with gender related surgeries for good this time”.- Jait Jr.
I guess I kind of feel reborn”.- Jait Jr.
I haven’t felt this comfortable in a while”. -Jait Jr.
I think I prefer make-up to shaving because it’s easier and a lot more fun”- Amanda, still a strong believer in gender roles. 


114 thoughts on “MTV True Life: Transgender Teens change their minds as adults

  1. Wow, this is really, really sad.
    I question how something like this is even able to happen. Speaking as someone that is M2T, it was NOT easy. There were checks, balances and stone walls at each and every step along the way. These people featured in the video never would have been allowed to get that far based on my experience with the medical system.
    So how is this happening? Who is allowing these kids that are obviously not transsexual to mutilate themselves like this? How are they bypassing the systems that were put in place to avoid exactly what we’re seeing in the video?
    For shame.

    1. How is this happening? It’s mass hysteria. It’ll pass eventually, after doing horrendous damage to vulnerable segments of the population–just like all the other mass hysterias of the past and future.

    2. You mention that there were checks, balances, and stone walls at each and every step along the way – in your experience. Were there some doctors or psychologists who disagreed and said you were not trans? If so, please let me know because I would like to make sure I am right before I go through any surgery.
      So far I have gotten the feeling that those I have spoken to have said that “this is a very serious decision” and “you have to be certain before you do this.” But none have given an assessment and said that they see me as male or female based on my personality and character traits.
      Because of stories like the ones in this article, I want to be sure I am on the right track and not doing this because of some internal conflict.
      If there is any help you can provide or any doctors you can refer me to who have said “no, you are not trans” to at least someone instead of agreeing with anyone who approaches them, then please let me know. Thank you for any help you can provide.

      1. “But none have given an assessment and said that they see me as male or female based on my personality and character traits.”
        Because there’s no such thing!

      2. Matt,
        It’s good you’re asking these questions. You’re male or female based on your body, only. Personality and character traits are designated “male” or “female” based on a system of male supremacist stereotypes. That doesn’t mean they don’t have real social impacts, but it does mean they don’t actually determine your sex. Let me be the first to say: you’re not trans. I’m sure you have some internal conflict–it would be impossible to escape that in our culture! You shouldn’t feel alone in this, because you aren’t. The damage to each of us who are outside of that stereotypical norm is serious and deeply embedded, so intimate it feels like “part of us.” I hope you will find help with getting to the root of your troubles. If you’re female, please feel free to write to me at my blog linked here. If you’re male, I recommend talking to detransitioned mtfs or gender-critical ones like snowflakeespecial, auntyorthodox, or transcultist on tumblr. You can also find people here:
        It’s a group for detransitioners, but those who are considering whether to detransition are welcome.

      3. I started down the “FTM” road and then detransitioned in the early 2000s and my experience was much like Moira’s. Even then I was surprised and worried by how little ANY of the medical professionals I encountered cared about whether or not this was really the right decision for me. The attitude from day one with each of them was “whatever you want is what we will do.” They were more concerned with getting their copays than whether I had doubts or other complicating factors. In fact, I had a long history of severe, even suicidal depression, and alluded to it to the therapist…she probed NO further. She didn’t ask for medical records, she didn’t try to figure out if my plan to transition could be related to depression. Nothing.
        When I started having doubts about the path I was on, I would bring it up to the therapist. She would shrug and say “but this is who you are?” Well, I pushed back, what if it is NOT? She would just say “well it’s your choice to make of course, but this is who you are. You have to be who you are.” She simply would not entertain the idea that someone could start out wanting to transition but have it wrong, even when I brought it up myself.
        Later, after I had gotten out of that whole world, I talked socially with several mental healthcare workers about my concerns about the “trans kids” phenomenon. I discovered that they basically are terrified of getting sued and worse, publicly called out as “haters” and transphobes (and losing all their business, professional cred, maybe even get death threats) if they do anything but just rubber stamp people’s wishes. Even refusing to refer to a “gender therapist” and suggesting that a patient work on other issues first has gotten some in trouble. So many feel that professionally, their hands are tied.
        This means that especially in a city that is at all cosmopolitan, pretty much every therapist you see who isn’t either an avowed radical feminist, an Orthodox Jew, or a conservative Christian is going to just sing whatever happy song they think you want to hear. They are too scared to suggest there’s anything wrong with any person transitioning. Even if they STRONGLY feel it’s wrong for you, they simply will NOT say so.

      4. I think that because you are questioning yourself, maybe it’s not the right decision for you at the time being. I think that if you were completely sure that this is what you want to do, you wouldn’t be looking for someone to say no it’s not. You wouldn’t need approval for a decision this big if you were absolutely sure. Who knows? Maybe it is some internal conflict and you’re just realizing it. That may be introspection (looking inside yourself). But sorry this message is coming a year after you posted xD

      5. OyI KNOW this a bait site & you probably don’t exist… but in case anybody is reading this & geniuninely confused…
        Unneccesasy irreriversivible surgery should ONLY be allowed if you areing to kill yoirself. = death. Your choice of 1) the death & rebirth of a new self or 2) true death.
        If you have any doubts, walk away. If you become certain at a lanter date, you ca n. go . through it.
        This is not “am I makig the right choice?” It is “can I live with this, if It is the wrong choice?”
        Maybe youre neither boy or girl, but as native americans say, two-spirited. Thats nothing wrong with staying pre-op. Why conform to us straight people’s idea of a binary gender system. This is only choice, dont let anyone influence your.hoice one way or another.
        God does make mistakes. But He expects us to fix it. In my case, its canes, and diabetes meds. I can choose to correct my defects, or I can lay down and die. But I expect him to wonder WHY I didn’t fix my problems and try. He’s sending you a lifeboat here…. just like I could’ve chopped off my deformed leg & gotten a fake one,r i could deal with what I have. Its your choic edecide if you think its your mind or your body that’s the mistake or not. Only you should make this decison.

      6. Bro no one knows what’s in your head but you. This is something you need to decide for yourself; doctors are just there to help you overcome dysphoria and anxiety.
        If you’ve got doubts, start small: binders and packers or whatever makes YOU comfortable.
        Your doctors are right; this is a huge decision. Think about what you want in 10 or 20 years. Do you want a family? Or a job in the military? You don’t have to conform to one gender; androgyny isn’t a crime.
        Just do your homework and be patient. Best of luck and stay safe.

      7. Keep your healthy body i beg you – the surgery is monstrous – keep your body healthy however much you feel discomfort with it and be whoever the hell you like.Dont let any fool tell you you must mutilate your healthy body in order to be yourself.. you know thats a nonsense. No one has the right to insist that you have to change your body to fit your personality to keep society and your mates happy.. no matter how much you may hate your body right now, remember that virtually all young teens of both sexes struggle with body image.. you arent alone and i promise you, its completely possible to learn to love and appreciate and feel comfy in your own body with a bit of effort and maturity…has anyone introduced you to peachy yet?

    3. Many people I knew went to a doctor in NY whose intake process for starting hormone treatment consisted of a quick physical, lab tests for current hormone levels/liver function, and the following two questions: “So you feel like a man?” and “How long have you felt this way?” Everyone knew the “right” answers were “Yes” and “As long as I can remember,” but if he’d sat in on our GIP support group, he’d have heard that these answers were heavily “translated” for him as an audience. He added a question “for his own research” which was “Is anyone else in your family a transvestite or possibly transsexual?” Five minutes later, you got your first shot. What it *meant* to “feel like a man” was not at all questioned. This was the late 90s. Things appear to have only gotten worse since then. This guy had mostly treated mtfs until the late 90s but was happy to branch out; it cost $75/shot, if I recall. I don’t know whether his intake process was any more involved for the mtfs.

      1. As I posted above, this was my experience too. Even at the time, bent as I was on self-destruction, it felt weird and wrong to me at a level I had trouble pushing down. The doctor I saw glibly quipped that a few shots would “kill off the old female” in me. And my therapist pushed me to go in for the first shot even though I called her in crisis the night before and had to have an emergency session to grapple with doubts. Looking back, it’s clear I should have listened to those doubts obviously, but even clearer that those professionals were not just irresponsible, but inexplicably DESTRUCTIVE. I just do not get it.

      2. Violet Irene, thank you so much for your comments. I agree; it’s actively destructive. The medical malpractice statute of limitations is so short when it comes to a thing like this. I used to think that doctor was just well-meaning and didn’t believe in “gatekeeping” because he was so pro-self-determination (I know, painfully naive) but now I can’t see anything but gross, gross negligence at best and active harm at worst. The difference is that it “matters” more when I see it happen to other people. When it’s other girls/women heading down this path I can finally get how messed up it is. Female socialization for the…win. If you ever want to talk more, I’m on tumblr (linked here).

    4. Not everyones experiences are the same. There is not a one size fits all reaction to transgenderism and there are multiple factors in play. So how can you logically justify discrediting their experiences as ‘not transexual’. Do their experiences offend you? If so, That is your issue.

  2. Wow. Just started watching this.
    I guess my main thought is yeah, I can kinda see the “I’m going to get confused again I just don’t know what I want life changes and things change and nothing is constant…” angst, as they say, the world is constant change. That’s part of our suffering as incarnate beings on the earth, bummer as it is.
    At which point though I have to say, surely the easiest path is to just live with your biologically destined body, even if you hate it (and growing up as a girl realizing the “sex object!” future and now a less than conventionally attractive woman, yeah, it happens) because at least that body if left alone doesn’t require hormones or surgery or other ties to the medical establishment constantly? I mean, I’ll continue to rail against the idea that in the post-apocalyptic science fiction thriller future I’m supposed to be around just for sexual favors and birthing the future generation, but heck, at least in such a world I wouldn’t be scrambling around for lack of a hormone prescription, y’know?
    Once again I’m glad my gender-role rejecting “something is wrong with you” self made it through puberty before trans* was a well-known thing.
    We have to eradicate this idea that the form of your body and your thought process has ANY sort of “correlating” or “not-correlating” relationship, that there is ANY “proper” “matching” relationship there to strive for.

  3. Something else though – possibly it’s just a “the times, they are a changing” thing and I’m just too old, but I have to say never was it ever a QUESTION as to “what I identify as.” It was never asked, it was never an option, it was never even a concept. It was never some empty box waiting there on a form to be checked off when I finally figured it out.
    I am physically a woman (or girl, back in the day) and that was that, fate is sealed, no one waits for me to decide some momentous “what I am.” Even in all the “go on a trip to find yourself” type of discussion, it wasn’t an option. I’m a girl. Case closed.
    And yeah, that brings on various restrictions and assumptions and all the rest, and the question was (and is!) do I obey those restrictions or do I say hell no and reject them and not comply? But the idea of “choosing my restrictive category from among this menu” just didn’t even exist.
    Trans* wasn’t a thing, so to reject wearing the heels and carrying the purse was just being rebellious and wrong and surely to lead to regret (it didn’t). But there wasn’t this “oh! Well! You must be a boy!” option lying around.
    FWIW I still don’t “identify as a woman.” I AM a woman, told so by others, I’m happy enough with myself, even if not conforming.

  4. Adrian, your post struck a chord with me. I totally agree. I think you have expressed it better than I can but yes! Whilst non-gender-conforming (big deal!), I’m female. That’s just reality. I do whatever I want to do in my life, but I’m a woman. There isn’t really anything about that to decide, determine, or identify into or out of. It’s just fact, and doesn’t need endless thinking about and examining. Yes there are things about being a woman I don’t like. There are ways in which I can see being a man would be easier. However, those are not not the dice I rolled.
    It seems to be trans*-identified there is this sense that it is incredibly, all-consumingly important as to whether you are a man or a woman, what others see you as, whether your “identity” is respected and so on and so on. I would much prefer us to get away from all that. It has now been decided that “what’s between your legs” doesn’t define you as a man or woman. The reason “man” and “woman” exist as categories is and always has been precisely because of what a person has between their legs and quite literally that given the categorisation starts at birth! That’s where we got male and man and female and woman from! Gender roles then developed. There is nothing other than biological sex *to* base the division between man and woman on, but now gender is being promoted as key. That will raise questions about the non-conforming again. I’m not a woman because of my name or haircut or “identity” but because of my female reproductive system!
    Trans* dysphoria seems real to me but so does the fact its existence is rooted in society’s sexism, patriarchy and the tyranny of gender. Why is GT one of the few places we can say this??

    1. Thanks. Yeah, I don’t get it either – obviously your biological sex (SEX, including your looks and secondary sexual characteristics that let people look at you with clothes on and assume your genitalia) is important, in that it causes people to make certain EXTERNAL JUDGEMENTS (judgments by other people, nothing at all to do with your own experiences) about you and possibly discriminate against you or assume that you should be grouped with certain other people, all that. And those judgements then in turn impact experiences that you will have across your life and that will influence your outlook on life.
      But to me, it’s like race. You’re born with whatever body you have, you’re born a certain sex (SEX!!) just as you’re born a certain race (or with certain phenotype, I guess) and you can’t change it, it just IS. You can’t choose your sex anymore than you can choose your race. People don’t go around saying “well, I’m really [some other race] INSIDE” without being soundly laughed at and pointed out as offensive. On a smaller scale, plenty of people wear colored circle lenses for fashion but they don’t go around claiming that they have green eyes “inside” or “really.” And anyone who dared go out in blackface knows what they’re in for.
      The place we CAN change is that intermediate area where people make the snap judgements and then do the discriminating which leads to different experiences. That, to me, is what “smash gender” is all about.
      As you say:
      “Trans* dysphoria seems real to me but so does the fact its existence is rooted in society’s sexism, patriarchy and the tyranny of gender.”
      Exactly. I can even sort of “get” that as a short term solution, people want to take drastic measures so that society’s snap judgement puts them in box A vs. box B and their day to day experience is improved (they’re allowed to socialize in the groups they want, etc). But that doesn’t mean that there is any such thing as “being a woman ‘inside'” or that the “female brain” is real.
      The idea that somehow everything is all about “identity” and “if I say I’m X, I’m X” just strikes me as ridiculous. I feel even more strongly about that because lately reading around the internet, people take it to ever more extremes, and it’s getting (rightly) called out when it comes to race and disability and indigenous affiliations, but somehow there’s this MASSIVE blind spot when it comes to “gender,” even though the language is 100% the same. With any “identity” other than “gender” people will all agree that it’s the members of the group that determine who can join. But gender? “Hey, I say I’m a woman, and even if I only said that 5 minutes ago, how dare you refer to me as “he” even if I have full physical traits of a man?” Or the people who feel “more woman” “more man” varying by the day… just ditch the labels!
      My identity is who I am. That exists in the body I was born in, and it’s a valid combination. I only wish the people in the video can come to a place where they can also see that.
      I very much appreciate this blog as a place where it’s okay to say such things and see that there are others also saying it.

  5. Coming and going, the surgeons and their co conspirators make money. So they have to support gender-role-according to sex, or they would be out of business.
    And it seems awfully hard to get that silicone out of the upper lip. (I learned that from Angela Jolie.)

  6. So MTV is featuring a detransitioning episode! Wow, i’m impressed and surprised. Youth culture is typically at the front of the trans-trending movement. Its good to know that young people will be seeing this, it could really help someone. I wish I had seen this when I was younger.
    Its sad to see how indoctrinated they are with gender stereotypes. I use to be like that, thank god i’m free of it. And how brave of them to do this on national television. I flinch when someone brings up that I use to think I was a boy. I believe now it was fueled by lesbophobia and the fact that I failed a femininity. On top of that sexual abuse and domestic violence really had me disconnected with my body.
    Thankfully I came to my sense before I did something drastic.

  7. While I am glad that for most, the connection between mind and body is consistent, I find it very short-sighted to think that with all of the variable ways we humans can possibly develop (short, tall, light-skinned, dark-skinned, highly-intelligent,developmentally handicapped, and on and on), everyone would somehow still fit into the MALE or FEMALE binary. Those possessing primary sexual characteristics of both sexes to some degree (aka intersex) are well-documented at this point, so is it so hard to believe that there could actually be those possessing brains of the opposite sex as well? To accept anything less would mean we all have exactly the same brain structure at birth and it is only our social upbringing (based on what a doctor sees between our legs) that determines how that brain eventually develops.
    While I do not deny the existence of those who experience sexual pleasure from seeing themselves as the opposite sex (often referred to by Ray Blanchard’s term “autogynephilia”), I again find it quite shirt-sighted to believe that everyone who feels such a need to partiality or entirely change sex would fit into this categorization or that everyone who engages in such activities has a mental illness.
    Instead, I would ask that you realize the world is not actually made up of people who are just like you, and rather than railing against those who experience life in a different way than you do, you embrace those differences and try to learn from them.

    1. Where do you see anyone (besides yourself, possibly) “railing against those who experience life in a different way than you do”?

    2. I am not aware of overwhelming numbers of individuals who claim they were supposed to be born a different sex, have a different number of limbs, be of a different race, or even species than that which they were born into. If I am wrong, please feel free to point to where exactly these large communities live. In the mean time, I feel that it safe to say “for most” is indeed an accurate term.
      As far as the meaning of “brain sex”, I haven’t a clue (and I am no doctor). What I do know is that there is no label anywhere on my person that reads “male”. I was labelled that at birth, after a doctor made a best guess based on what was between my legs. It’s been suggested to me that my chromosomes are that label, but so far as I am aware no DNA test was performed on me the day the doctor made his guess at my sex. Also, what of individuals who have abnormal chromosome stands (XXY, XXX, X0), which basically toss that method of classification out the window. So, what is an accurate means to denote gender (I mean besides “I said so”)?
      As for the “railing against others”.. oppression exists to some degree in every culture at every level. I don’t believe there is contention on that.

      1. Just google “transabled.” There’s a serious community out there. They explicitly draw parallels between their condition “Body Integrity Identity Disorder” and “Gender Identity Disorder.” Interestingly enough quite a few of them are also trans* in the GID sense. At least one has been featured on this website.
        Most people are born XX or XY. A VERY small fraction of people have some other arrangement, but quite frankly it’s irrelevant to most of the trans* discussion because no one is claiming to have that, they’re just talking about the supposed “female brain” when ALL physical everything from chromosomes on downwards are standard male pattern. Because hormones exist, people are grasping at the “hey! This might explain it!” If you go read around BIID, you’ll see a similar grasping for physical explanations in the brain, only they don’t have the easy out of “hormones!” so it’s a harder battle.
        Even “intersex,” rare as it is, has a variety of conditions in it, including even just slightly “malformed” genitalia (some even include micropenis in there) but once a chromosome test is done (or ultrasounds etc looking for the gonads, which is where the answer is) they find that the biological sex is one or the other, or leaning one way or the other.
        All I can say is, if you successfully father a kid, you’re male, even if there was anything odd about your genitalia at birth. Lots of M2T (particularly at late ages) are suddenly claiming “intersex” but if you read their background, they have biokids they provided the viable sperm for. They’re male, which means they’re trans*, not intersex.
        Classify gender? I just don’t believe in innate gender. Makes it easy.

      2. Katherine…there is so much fail in your post that it beyond words. Obviously you aren’t alone there since you are essentially parroting the trans* party line, but it is still full of fail.
        “What I do know is that there is no label anywhere on my person that reads “male”. I was labelled that at birth, after a doctor made a best guess based on what was between my legs.”
        That would be the standard accepted by the medical community for centuries and that is still in place, not having been displaced by any REAL change in medical science.
        “It’s been suggested to me that my chromosomes are that label, but so far as I am aware no DNA test was performed on me the day the doctor made his guess at my sex. Also, what of individuals who have abnormal chromosome stands (XXY, XXX, X0), which basically toss that method of classification out the window.”
        OK, then…do tell us what came back when you had YOUR genetic testing performed. True inter-sex conditions are relatively rare. As such, the visual check performed at birth is a very valid manner of detecting SEX of the newborn child. It isn’t a GUESS by any stretch of the imagination- if the child has a penis, then it is a MALE. If it has a vagina, it is a FEMALE.
        Certainly there have been children born with ambiguous genitalia through the years, some of whom had surgery performed as an infant with the parents never having been told. Nobody is denying that. However, you also assert no claim to falling in that category either. Instead you keep coming back to the FAIL contention of ‘the doctor took a guess.’
        “So, what is an accurate means to denote gender (I mean besides “I said so”)?”
        Sex is not gender. If you want to be a male who wears dresses or make-up, so be it. Do your thing. But doing so does not make you a female nor does it entitle you to usurp the label of woman.

    3. “While I do not deny the existence of those who experience sexual pleasure from seeing themselves as the opposite sex (often referred to by Ray Blanchard’s term “autogynephilia”), I again find it quite shirt-sighted to believe that everyone who feels such a need to partiality or entirely change sex would fit into this categorization or that everyone who engages in such activities has a mental illness.”
      What if it explains the vast majority of such cases, with most of the rest being explained away as extremely non-gender conforming homosexuals? (http// is a good website if you want to learn the difference between the too). Would a brain sex theory still be plausible then? Is it wise invest so much in a hypothesis whose effects aren’t yet discernible? JW on your views.

      1. Oops, at the link; it’s I hope people on this blog visit it; it’s wonderful and it’s contents are very insightful. The author is trans*, as well (like Anne Lawrence, whose website is also great.)

      2. LOL, talk about a bad day:
        As an excuse, I’ll use this reply to tell you, GallusMag, about how awesome your website is. So much of Western liberal feminism is alienating (esp. as an Indian girl, all the hypersexualisation, post-modernism, “intersectionality”-focus, extreme individualism, etc.) that I found myself wondering if feminism was for me or no. But reading IBTP’s Twisty and and you and other rad-leaning fems opened my eyes. Bless you all. <3

      3. Thank you Desigrrl for you kind words regarding my blog posts. While my blog is mostly directed toward the academic community, I believe that it is important that the womens’ community understand just who they are actually talking about when they discuss the issues of transfolk and our mutual interactions. I too am uncomfortable with many of the DEMANDS for automatic inclusion in womens’ spaces I too am uncomfortable with individuals who have spent half a lifetime with straight male privilege, suddenly demanding a status that is not theirs.
        Regarding the “brain sex” hypothesis. There does seem to be limited data suggesting that for the small minority of “transkids” that were gender atypical, including their sexuality, from early childhood, that they do indeed have partially “cross-sexed” brains. However, for the majority in out Western culture, the “late transitioning” autogynephilic transwomen, there is only evidence that they do NOT have female-like brains. Their motivations and behavior are quite different than transkids.

      4. “Regarding the “brain sex” hypothesis. There does seem to be limited data suggesting that for the small minority of “transkids” that were gender atypical, including their sexuality, from early childhood, that they do indeed have partially “cross-sexed” brains.”
        Yeah, No.
        So much for your claim to academia. The “transkids” with “gender atypical sexuality” that our HBS friend Kay Brown references are…. wait for it…. male homosexuals. Jesus. What a liar Kay is. Or just stupid?
        Do keep up Sir:

      5. GallusMag,
        Inspite of your effort to insult me with “sir”… which was both gratuitous and intended to be unkind, which saddens me, I will respond in kindness, not in kind.
        I do keep up. Yes, it’s true that “brain sex” issues have been overblown when in comes to dealing with “sex differences”. In fact, I specifically discussed that on my blog. But there are recognizable sexually dimorphic neural structures in the human brain, that seem to be formed from a complex combination of genetic, epigenetic, and hormonal interactions. The link you pointed to is not the final word.
        I specifically stated that for those few, that there does seem to be a sexually dimorphic shift in brain morphology in transkids, both FtM and MTF… but not in AGP transwomen. And yes, I also specifically have discussed that the biodemographics of conventionally homosexual men and MTF transkids is identical:
        Out of the Frying Pan…
        The Age of Innocence
        Etiological Conjectures, Part 1
        I’ve then asked, in the academic sense, what then is the difference? And for the moment, we don’t know. But to dismiss MTF transkids as homosexual misses a key question… why would such individual not “defeminize” as most gay men do… and instead continue to be, and in fact, become, more “female-like” in their behavior? These are very real questions.
        that do not warrant being the subject of such automatic rejection, unexamined, and certainly not warranting automatic hatred and bile… not to mention lumping me in with a political faction of the larger TG community, the so called HBS, group, which is in fact largely comprised of AGP transwomen, who wish to distance themselves from self-acknowledged AGP transwomen and crossdressers… not transkids:
        If you had read my post carefully, you may have noted that I share your basic concerns… and was far more likely to be an ally, not an enemy. Please read my blog carefully before commenting or attempting to insult me further. (Hint: What an AGP TS would find insulting isn’t to me.)

      6. “that there does seem to be a sexually dimorphic shift in brain morphology in transkids, both FtM and MTF…”
        Well, if it’s anything like the previous papers I’ve read (and trashed), colour me unimpressed.
        Also, note the weasel words — a SHIFT isn’t quite the picture that most people end up with in their heads. The picture that most people end up with is that female brains are over here, male ones over there, with trans ones kind of in between but maybe shifted a little towards ‘the other side’. But with clear water between the male and female groups (apart from the trans that is). Whereas in actuality, male and female brains AREN’T actually that sexually dimorphic to start with (plus a statistical difference in populations isn’t the same as in being diagnostic when it comes to individuals). A heck of a lot of overlap, and certainly not diagnostic for non-trans individuals. Hat size probably a better indication, if you’re measuring brains and trying to determine sex……………..
        And a very quick look at the links, what do we find?
        “Other studies using fMRI have shown that when gay men perform certain cognitive tasks that are known to show sexually dimorphic differences in topical brain activation between men and women, the gay men look more like typical women.”
        Which needs a good dose to anti-neurosexism. As several authors have pointed out, the SUPPOSED male brain/female brain stuff isn’t as solid as some would like to claim. Hence fMRI studies that supposedly show gay men are more like women that otherwise………..well, we have the obvious possibility that male and female brains MAY show different patterns of activation because society is so certain that we are supposed to be so very different, have different interests and so on. Hence if those societal influences can train/teach a woman to show the proper interests and the proper brain activation, then what is to stop a gay man (who, given the two options of masculine and feminine on the menu, knows that he’s NOT quite like the other masculine boys, hence chooses the only other option) being similalrly trained? The way it is written, it pre-supposes that male and female brains ARE different and that this INNATE. Ditto that acting feminine somehow means that they ARE somehow more female, rather than what I’ve written above, which would have supposed gay male femininity in childhood as instead the only other option amongst a very restricted set of choices.
        For ANY of this to make sense, first you’d have to show convincingly that male and female brains are different and this is innate and unchangable, BEFORE you could go on to start talking about where trans brains lie. And that just isn’t the case, despite what is commonly believed.

      7. Another look at this supposedly wonderful site……..
        “As she is naturally feminine……….”
        she here being a supposed M2T. Well, only makes sense if you first accept that ANYONE is naturally feminine…….
        Other worrying phrases from someone who is trying to claim scientific validity for their position:
        “Every new discovery should have a new theory to explain why it works that way.” Well, FIRST you have to have the evidence that actually establishes the validity of the new discovery, then if you’re LUCKY, you find you either already have a theory that explains it (i.e the discovery confirms the theory — note I don’t say PROVE), or you work damn hard to try and create a theory that explains your discovery. What you don’t do, if you’re doing good science, is start from what you believe the answer is, then try and twist the evidence and theories to fit that. It often happens in science the wrong way — except that having a bias as regards your pet theory doesn’t usually have that many social consequences if you’re working in string theory, but it does when you pet theory concerns the fundamental nature of what women/females are (or should be).
        “Every valid scientific hypothesis and theory should be repeatable.” O dear, a big fail there! What should be repeatable is the result of an EXPERIMENT. If no one else can replicate your results (or at least agree with your analysis of the data in the case of experiments like the LHC), then your results are usually ignored, or filed under, a weird thing that no one else ever saw, kind of like cold fusion, or the yeti…………….. You don’t REPEAT a hypothesis (or a theory).
        The next sentence shows better understanding, but still, the fact that ANYONE who wants to claim scientific validity could write that at all!
        So, we have some writing which is peppered with fairly incomprehensible polysyllabic terms and acronyms. Looks VERY impressive, yet they MISUSE the basic terms — by which I mean the terms THEORY, HYPOTHESIS, and EXPERIMENT. So, you can’t claim that they’re being a bit lax in order to makes things understandable, because the polysyllabic and acronym laden text shows that is not the aim at all. Hence I’m forced to conclude that it’s yet another fine example of transplainin’ — the trans-specific bits and pieces, the papers etc referenced all look okay, but a big fail when it comes to the bits that indicate any actual understanding of the scientific process that they claim they are demonstrating.
        In fact, you don’t need to worry about all that. A quick reading shows time and time again the BELIEF in natural femininity, that females NATURALLY behave one way and not another, so the bias is there for all to see — they already BELIEVE in innate gender/femaleness, and it’s all just an argument as to which group of trans HAS that and which doesn’t. Kind of the same ole true transsexuals versus transgender split, just now the row is about late versus early onset, homosexual versus non-homosexual, which sub-group gets thrown under the bus so we can save the rest……………………

    4. Katherine, you are utterly missing the point. We are all aware of the wonderful diversity of humanity and that “not everyone is not like us.” This does not alter the fact that rare intersex conditions aside, everyone is identifiably male and female. How is it possible to have the brain or mind of the opposite sex? I’m a person with a female body. That’s it. The reason transsexualism and transgenderism are accepted, and more prevalent than other “trapped in the wrong body” themes, is that stereotypes based on sex and gender are still entirely acceptable and promoted by society (in a way that racial stereotypes thankfully no longer are).

  8. I was born with a male stomach, that’s why I like beer instead of fruity cocktails.

  9. One can’t help imagining that Daniella’s inability to pass played into her deciding to de transition.

  10. GM nailed it when she referred to the home environments of these people – you see it time and time again in these stories and there’s always this assumption from parents that certain toys or the sex of playmates are signs that something is up. both jait and amanda seem way happier now and should be applauded for doing the right thing for them *in spite* of the lack of support from some of their family memebers

  11. This is so sad to see but I’m glad these young adults had the much needed support from their families.

  12. Transitioning is never easy. There are significant controls in the process – and I agree with the first replier that the process for these people was not followed. I am a M2F. I have never identified as M2T. I pass very well. I’m far happier today than I was ever before in my life. I had surgery. I live, work and interact as the woman I perceive myself to “be”. I’m not interested in sex with males.
    There is a huge amount of pressure on younger people today. Is it more than 20 years ago? I cannot say. I know I was extremely upset with my life since I was 4 or 5 years old. That was 40 years ago.
    Gender role according to sex? For surgery? Kitty Barber – the idea that surgery was only for “True Transsexuals” died out a while ago. “True Transsexualism” included in its definition that the individual wanted to have sexual relations with men (for the M2F). I know probably 100+ M2F, and I’m not aware of any one of them having to say they were attracted to men so they could have surgery.
    Anyone who quotes or believes Ray Blanchard out of Canada is looking at gender identity through the lens of an old man with 1950’s thinking – and it’s sad that his ideas have taken hold in certain parts of the world.

    1. Can you be specific about what is wrong with Ray Blanchard’s thinking, other than “it’s sad” and it comes “through the lens of an old man with 1950s thinking”?
      If you have an argument, make it. But stop with the ad homs, already.

    2. Significant controls? Right, sure. You pay you play. It takes 4 years to get a BA but at best 2 to “transition” What Christina says pretty much confirms the lack of any intellectual rigor—one scientist gets dismissed because he is “an old man” Science does not age and experience holds it value. Yeah I see this person’s reaction to Plato. And that is the basis of many of their arguments. Can you hear the logic? Stop the presses penicillin is so out, really old—okay what’s a little death. Only cultural trends age and go in and out of style. So much for your best shot. Next.
      The truth is none of these guys can pass. Passing is part of the delusion. Some just move in more polite circles. People want cosmetic surgery that’s fine certainly within their right to spend their money however they like and it is their body. But don’t expect women or anyone else for that matter to think of you or perceive you as women. All people have the right to their perceptions and their own self-definition as long as it is not inflicted on anyone else. A woman’s vagina is not a blind pouch that needs all manner of dilation tools and on the rarest of occasions when the blind pouch is penetrated by actual other human tissue—buckets of K-Y. A colostomy bag is not a rectum. See there are real things in the world and they have names and meaning. Soon cases like this are going to be so plentiful that very few people will be taking this any more seriously than what it is–cross dressing. The people that “detransition” along with the long term rate of suicide post SRS will prove to the general public that the “old man “ was right. So blind pouch–get em while there hot because this will not last long. Up like a comet and down like a stick. It will be so outta style. And this whole trans thing that’s gonna be a really sad footnote.

  13. One thing that really struck me as funny was that Jait said he was sick of messing with his hair and makeup, and would rather just roll out of bed, put on some clothes, and go about his day…. while Amanda said just the opposite, that she felt makeup was easier (and more fun) than shaving.
    Consider the superficiality of their notion of gender -> not wanting to wear makeup means Jait is a man, while liking it means Amanda is a woman. *rollseyes*
    With Jait there is also the issue of “not having anybody”. He can’t get a boyfriend as a transwoman, so he assumes he will have better luck as a gay man. Jait… maybe the problem is you and not your jendah.
    Amanda thought she should be a man because she is attracted to women, and because once her body started developing, she felt weird about it? Like that never happens to girls!

    1. Indeed. It always ends up being some variation on this theme, doesn’t it?
      Meanwhile I don’t like messing with hair or makeup either. I’ve never worn makeup other than stage makeup for a school play, and pretty much every morning I roll out of bed, put on jeans and a shirt, dunk my head in the sink so my hair doesn’t stick up so much, and I’m good to go. (While I don’t need to actually shave, I can’t deny that the chin hairs are starting to pile up in middle age.)
      Yet… I’m very much a woman. Not due to anything I feel inside, either, but just plain outside-judged fact. Inside, I’m just human like anyone.
      Is there ANYONE who ever has a definition of this “innate felt gender” that doesn’t end up being some pile of stereotypes?
      And yeah, I don’t think feeling weird about your body at puberty is anything so unusual for girls. You go from being “cute” to all of a sudden “sexy” and all the clothes and shoes in your size (the ones aimed at girls, anyway) start being sexy cut, low cut, “body conscious,” and the shoes with heels. Hell, even the POLO SHIRTS aimed at women are all form-fitting. You can maybe find non-sexy clothes if you look at places aimed at the religious, or, if you sorta favor the androgynous look anyway, start shopping in the boys’ department. You start needing a bra and that’s fine enough for what it is, except that people start making comments about your breasts, and you’re reminded that once again, all is different now. It’s the leering looks, combined with a need to be “ladylike” and whatever else. It’s not just “oh my body feels different” but this huge set of disturbing implications, what that means to society.

    2. “One thing that really struck me as funny was that Jait said he was sick of messing with his hair and makeup, and would rather just roll out of bed, put on some clothes, and go about his day…. while Amanda said just the opposite, that she felt makeup was easier (and more fun) than shaving.”
      What I got out of Jait’s comment was that he feels he has to put on make-up in order to pass as a woman and since he doesn’t want to live as a woman anymore, he has no use for make-up. To me, he seems to be overall comfortable with his “femininity,” though. He has to be careful not to push himself too much trying to be “masculine.”
      With Amanda, it is possible that she just likes make-up. I hope she realizes that it’s not a requirement to be female.
      “With Jait there is also the issue of ‘not having anybody’. He can’t get a boyfriend as a transwoman, so he assumes he will have better luck as a gay man. Jait… maybe the problem is you and not your jendah.”
      You could be right, but the last sentence sounds a little harsh. :/ It is hard to find someone as a transsexual woman (especially one who wants to keep her male organs – Jait said he didn’t feel like he wanted to have “bottom” surgery). It is easier to find someone as a gay man.
      Now, I’m not saying that a transwoman can’t find a partner (as there are transwomen with partners, of course) or that a person will automatically find a partner as a gay man, but the less of an “outlier” you are the easier it is to find someone (usually). I say this as an asexual and celibate person myself. If I decide to try to find a partner someday, it’s going to be a lot harder for me compared to someone who is a sexual person who isn’t celibate. Them’s the breaks. His dating concerns are very valid.
      The dating issue is only a small part of it, though. Jait said he found living as a woman to be way more stressful than living as a man and that he felt very uncomfortable living as a woman. (He said he felt like he was constantly “hiding a secret.”) He also said that he didn’t actually “feel” like a woman, just that he felt that was the only option for him because of who he is. (And I cannot stress enough the fact that his sister (?) can’t wrap her mind around the fact that a male can want to play with dolls. His family seems to have strict ideas of what it means to be male or female)
      “Amanda thought she should be a man because she is attracted to women, and because once her body started developing, she felt weird about it? Like that never happens to girls!”
      Yes, Amanda is just starting to realize that feeling uncomfortable with your body doesn’t mean that you are a man or should live as one. I can sort of understand it, though. I’m a bio-female and as a teen I spent a lot of time researching transsexualism. I did quickly realize that I wasn’t transsexual, but I did come out to my parents as transgender. I now identify as agender and I’m not even sure if I fit into the transgender umbrella anymore because I could care less about gender/gender roles.

      1. “I now identify as agender and I’m not even sure if I fit into the transgender umbrella anymore because I could care less about gender/gender roles.”
        Except contradiction in terms there since you identify as agender!
        Plus the ‘identify as’ is a dead giveaway…………..
        ‘bio-female’ : what other sort is there?
        ‘living as a man’: Which means what? If man is just adult human male, then HOW can anyone live as something they are not…………..
        You MAY think you’ve escaped the gender worries, but you’re still singing from their hymnsheet………………which is that gender exists at all as any sort of meaningful concept. And that ‘identify as’ is a meaningful construct, rather than a load of total bollocks………..

      2. BadDyke, thank you for your response. Here are my responses:
        You: Except contradiction in terms there since you identify as agender!
        Me: I don’t believe that’s a contradiction since the definition of the word ‘agender’ is that gender doesn’t matter to you.
        I’m a newbie when it comes to radical feminism. I’m slowly starting to realize that rad fems are “agender” like me, except that they don’t tend to label themselves thus. And that’s perfectly fine. That makes sense. I like labels, I guess. Well, labeling myself. It’s like a fun, silly hobby.
        Maybe I’m not expressing myself very well, but the label really isn’t a big deal to me. The main reason I brought it up was to show where I started from and where I am now. (From thinking that I might be transsexual, to identifying as transgender, to not caring about gender/gender roles) The main point was to show that I can sort of understand where Amanda was/is coming from.
        At the end of the day, all I care about is that I finally got to the point where gender/gender roles don’t matter to me and it’s truly a breath of fresh air.
        You: ‘bio-female’ : what other sort is there?
        Me: Sorry about that. When I’m tired, I write in a redundant manner. LOL.
        You: ‘living as a man’: Which means what? If man is just adult human male, then HOW can anyone live as something they are not…………..
        Me: I’m not sure what you’re saying. I was trying to demonstrate that Jait felt performing the stereotypical woman’s role was harder than just being himself. (i.e. living as a man) I hope that makes more sense and I apologize for not explaining myself very well.
        You: You MAY think you’ve escaped the gender worries, but you’re still singing from their hymnsheet………………which is that gender exists at all as any sort of meaningful concept. And that ‘identify as’ is a meaningful construct, rather than a load of total bollocks………..
        Me: I’m not thinking or saying what you’ve described and I’m surprised that you got all of that out of my post. I don’t think gender exists or is a meaningful concept. If it came out that way, it was because I was trying to replicate what the teens in the show were saying. (Notice, too, that I put “femininity” and masculinity” in quotes. I think the words are meaningless. What is feminine and what is masculine? It’s all just atoms.)
        I don’t think “identifying as” is meaningful at all. All it is is labels. Words. Words don’t “exist.” People do. Actions do. If the words disappeared it would mean nothing. I’m myself no matter what words I use to describe myself. I know I’m female and accept that I’m female, but it’s not a big deal to me and I wish it wasn’t a big deal to anyone else. I’m 100% in support of people being allowed to be who they are and that’s why I enjoyed this episode of True Life.

    1. So much of this thinking IS linked to this MTV/Internet/Pop music generation. “Girls” and “young handsome boys” have been fetishized. This has become so widespread that even males want to become females if they feel that they can’t cut it as these sportsy “sexy” males.
      “Girls” are pretty, they are weak, they wear make up, they are sexy by default.
      No wonder males that can’t/don’t/want to conform to the sickly stereotypes of manhood on offer, will want to seek refuge in ‘femaleness’.
      What we NEED is an overhaul of this rottenness and waste of human life. We need to live life. Male or Female, Gay or Straight, we need more openness and living as we are. This Trans sect is the opposite of that.

  14. This is why I question adults who put kids on hormones when they tell them they’re trans*. I feel your brain isn’t fully developed enough to make that choice. Detransitioning does happen, and it’s something the trans* community looks down on and tries to sweep under the rug.

  15. this is what happens when activists infiltrate the DSM.
    “Gold Star” TSs did not like autogynephilia bu t it exists – I am one! I suffer badly from GID, but when I take enough estrogen to make my breasts grow, I lose the desire to transition. If I stop, the desire returns.

    People forget Mike Penner. He transitioned for a year, then transitioned back and committed suicide. Trans activists leave out the fact that the transitioning did not help his depression and it was not the answer he sought out and he transitioned back to ‘mike’ before he killed himself. Children that are becoming adults go through many stages finding themselves. Transitioning is not for everyone with doubts to their identity, and for children, it is like shooting fish in a barrel to convince them to transition to fix everything and be ‘special’..

  17. I can’t really say anything as if I know things factually; All I do know is there are some people out there, namely myself who have been feeling completely dead inside since pre-puberty, and the coming of puberty only made it worse. You might say it’s because of a lack of self-confidence, but I was not ashamed to be who I was. I just didn’t feel like I was what I am. To put it simply, I cross dressed as a child, I even gave myself many different names, wore dresses and everything, and to this day did NOT even establish a sexuality. Maybe I was just homosexual all along, or maybe just a child who liked to experiment. How does that explain, that to this day, I feel like I made the right choice. 12 years later.
    Of course, I’m really not literally female, and possibly never will be. Still, the reason some of us do this is not because we are “queer” to our gender. Yeah, I was but when I hit 11, I completely stopped that and and conformed to my gender role and let puberty take it’s toll on me, which was in hind-sight a huge mistake.
    This isn’t about sexuality, it’s not about gender roles (to some anyway). It’s a dysphoria to the body, what we were born with. I wouldn’t care if I had broad shoulders, or a narrow waist, if I was born a natural female, I think I would have been fairly normal as far as that goes. My sister had a baby, and while outside I thought good for her, deep down it killed me that I couldn’t be a mother. I didn’t bank sperm either, because I am NOT a father.
    The only explanation I have, though juvenile and lacking any evidence or viable support, is that there must be some gender tie to brain functions. Yeah, it’s been discredited NUMEROUS times in this post, there is just no other explanation I have for this, I am no different after transition than I was before it, except that I wear my femininity publicly again. That and I feel 100% better about my life and cease to have anymore thoughts of ill will against myself.
    I’m not one to claim intelligence, but I do know my own experience, and I do know that this transition that has been discredited so much on this chain has really helped me feel right.
    Thanks for reading, I hope it provides more knowledge.

    1. Yeah you sound real happy, spending your free time googling detransition information. You’re not trying to sell me. You’re trying to sell yourself. Good luck with that.

    2. I think both things are real. Some people have gender dysphoria and want to change their bodies. Some people change their bodies because they want to fit into society or because they were abused or because they are just confused. The problem is that as doctors give up gate-keeping and people transition at a younger age, we are going to see more regret and de-transitioning. In the long run, this is going to hurt all transgender people.

  18. The only way to make doctors and therapists more responsible about screening people, is for someone who got hormones too easily to sue them.

  19. The defensiveness on this issue from the trans*community is sad and regrettable. Yes, some people are born with cross-sexed brains and they are very much helped by sex change procedures. But others are suffering from different problems that need a different solution, and sweeping them under the rug does an incredible disservice to young people at the most vulnerable time of their lives. We need to pay more heed to the advice of the “old school” transsexuals: the least intervention you can live with is the right amount.

    1. Where is the proof for this cross-sexed brain thing? Is there any study with more than 20 people who are not dead and don’t take hormones?

      1. Indeed. And FIRST you have to show that male and female brains are significantly different anyway (google neurosexism). And since that hasn’t been done, showing that trans brains are somehow ‘in between’ fails before you even get started.
        Somehow the lack of the first part (or the fact that you DO have to establish the validity of the first part before you can show the second) gets forgotten — because its just common parlance that male and females brains are obviously very different, because as anyone who has kids supposedly discovers, girls and boys just ARE different. You have to explain the ranks and ranks of pink sparkly little princesses in some way………………

        1. BadDyke, I completely agree with you in hindsight. When people with gender confusion/trans leaning issues finally seek therapy; they are already so screwed up that the medical profession really just helps push them in the direction they believe they are already pursuing. Eight months after surgery I realized how tragic this decision was. Problem is, it’s like an addiction and you get so caught up in it; it’s hard to see reality. Reality is I was born with the correct genitals; the programming just got mixed up. Now, I am dealing with intense mental pain and working with new therapists to reattach something that won’t work without an implant; just so I can heal my mind… But, I completely agree with everything you are saying. Completely… The sex change industry should be shut down!!! It’s disgusting.

    2. As a person fascinated by the human brain since age 12 (now 52), who has extensively researches all things brain, I am amazed that no-one has brought up brain plasticity and the brains response to pain signals, or muscle memory.
      The brain is very plastic and/or malleable. Repetitive thoughts and behaviors form pathways in the brain that are activated before any other longer or more complicated pathway or process (think shortcut to a program on your desktop). These shortcut pathways form rather quickly. This is best illustrated in person with addictions/compulsive behaviors, and greatly helps to understand how difficult it is for such persons to re-route embedded pathways/shortcuts in the brain. These shortcuts/pathways change the structure of ones brain. Muscle memory and pain response both play significant roles in determining how deeply embedded or how quickly these thought shortcuts/pathways respond.
      Its been shown that depressed persons also form pathways/shortcuts to melancholy (less inactive areas/centers of the brain) that results in brain structure changes.
      The good news is, because of plasticity, new pathways can be formed by changing thought patterns and behaviors. The period in-between can be one of extreme discomfort/pain and it takes much hard work and determination.
      The brain, despite being encased in a solid skull, is highly sensitive to damage, both externally through injury and internally through substances. This is especially true in vitro where tetratogenic exposure can seriously damage brain structures leading to pervasive developmental disorders of all kinds that are very difficult to reverse despite the brains plasticity. Moreover, the medical community is more interested in writing prescriptions for drugs as it is highly profitable, as opposed to, changing the brains structure/pathways through intensive therapies. We have both little and much control over our brain structure.

  20. As a post-op MtF who is back in therapy to reverse this mess and obtain a phalloplasty; I can tell you how these tragedies occur. The WPATH SOC is a joke. The pro-Trans therapists and surgeons are making an incredible living off our sickness. There is no reason to slow this industry down or even stop it. The SOC is written to protect them legally not help you. WPATH Version 7 has opened the floodgates for even more tragedies and mistakes to be made. The process of obtaining cross-gender hormones and SRS has become as easy as buying a pack of gum at the convenience store. So for anyone to say. “oh the checks and balances;” you have no idea what you are talking about. You were born with the correct genitals. Somewhere along the way the programming gets screwed up. Focus on correcting the software; not, inverting your penis.

    1. Thank you for your comment Gregory. If you would like to share more of your experience and perspective in a guest post just submit your completed text as a comment in the reply space and I will post it as a guest post. Otherwise, welcome to the site and thank you for speaking up.

  21. I think a lot of families want a transgender child so they can be seen as supportive, unorthodox, or just because they’re bored with their lives. I think this happens in Portland a lot, where I live, since there is so much pressure to conform to being non-conformist. It’s really sad. It’s like parents living “interesting” lives vicariously through their trans-appointed children.

  22. Way late here, glad GM didn’t just cut Gregory down, he clearly had something good to say. It’s a strange phenomenon, this trans thing, bouyed by the kind of ersatz-intellectual metaphysical claptrapp that we’ve come to expect nowadays. I get a strange winter/summer thing. In winter, i become somewhat melancholy without really knowing why, and my style becomes very slightly on the effeminate side of androgynous, though it’s barely noticable. During the summer i revert back to myself, and am always glad to see the back end of the whole effeminate thing. “Transitioning” would be about the worst thing i could. I would be pretty bitter actually. Look, this whole thing, both sides of the equation here on this site seems to be a lot of ‘would have/should have/could have’. Can you see how strong this patriarchy is? Don Trump, Billy Gates, i’m certain there are others, will sell themselves dearly. Ayn Rand has whipped up such a frenzy with the self proclaimed “austerity” thing, to the point that minarchy, free market, and hyperbolized individuality dominates politics, at least here in Australia. Even if we have an intellectual ability to sidestep Darwin, i’m just not seeing it happen. Whatvis Radical Feminism? Is it an ideology, with a goal? Is it merely a lament i.e. yesterday, today, and tomorrow, the maleoligarchy ‘rules’ your reproductive system, and there is NOTHING any one can do about it? To even try would be ‘undermining’ woman’s experience? That the only way to be respectful to radical feminism is to “patriarchy harder than the patriarchy has ever patriarchied before”, anything else is a mere attempt to prove you wrong? Is it a baby boomer thing? Australia is ‘full’ of pseudo-academic baby boomer boardroom bullshit, among other things, though it’s not related to this issue, that was my dissatisfaction with my country at present, please don’t misconstrue. One fact is ovbious though, the Y chromosome isn’t going anywhere any time soon. Maybe one day a Napoleonetta Buonaparte may come along, but it appears that today is not that day. Is this merely a lament? It’s been nearly 50 years since it started. Angela Merkel rules what is still arguably one of the scariest nations on the planet. Hats off. It may not mean much to the dejected and the abused, but it may one day. Who knows what the next 50 or even 100 years could bring. Gender may dissapear, maybe it won’t, i don’t know. But it’s not just going to ‘happen’, someone has to ‘make’ it happen. Men aren’t in any rush. May as well be you guys. It is your ideology after all. Unconditional surrender requires a show of force, and to do that you must learn to be a threat. Not a metaphysical one, but an actual one. Took nearly 30 mins to type this on a damned phone. Unbelievable.

  23. i think that the trans industry is grossly misrepresenting sex reassignment to vulnerable people as something entirely achievable within a cosmetic framework by means of the deliberate surgical destruction of healthy functional organs. calling a scrotal pouch a vagina is surely a breach of trade descriptions? I hate that ever younger children with no concept of the reality or the lifelong implications are being encouraged to believe that doctors and surgeons can actually change their sex. acclaimed surgeons with dubious motives claiming to ‘recreate’ female or male genitalia that never existed in the first place is just plain wrong and scary. my M2T ex talked about womb transplants becoming available – as if harvesting reproductive organs from women to give to men who want to be women so they can have periods and babies is a noble pursuit in the name of trans rights…. medicine is a profit making industry. a business. they don’t want you to change your mind because it makes them look unprofessional, they resent people changing their minds after commencing treatment because it fucks up the statistics they need to justify what they do and they’re watching a huge amount of money walk out of the door… so it seems this issue is struggling to get out from under the carpet its being swept under.. do these specialists who know so much about transgender needs offer any kind of detransition support ?

    1. When Joel Nowak of Retransition.Org contacted WPATH (the premier medical lobbying group for transgender psychiatric and medical care) regarding resources and information for those who need to discontinue cross-sex hormones for various reasons they were told that WPATH had “no idea”. NO IDEA. “That is a very good question” he was advised. This organization has presented itself as the worldwide cutting-edge authority in medical and therapeutic treatment for transgender individuals for decades, and is recognized as such by legal and medical and governmental agencies globally. Yet they had “no idea” how to advise transgender medical consumers on how to safely desist cross-sex hormone therapy, and “no idea” where to refer such transgender persons.
      Re: your comments about unrealistic expectations/uterine transplants:
      One of the teens featured in this weeks Louis Theroux documentary on transgender children plans to have his mother’s uterus implanted inside him when he is an adult so he can be a mother:

      1. So not only should we use our uteri to gestate our children, if said children ask us to actually give up our womb to them at some point, we should do that, too.
        So they can be the special snowflakes they were meant to be, I guess.

        1. How many trans men are expecting their fathers to donate their dick to their daughters desperate to be men? LOL
          This is because only women are portrayed as normalized consumer products for men, not the other way around. Trans activism, is man’s activism for men’s rights to use females in public/private another way for consumption.
          Prostitution works in the same way.

      2. Obviously this is highly unlikely to happen, given at the very least the intricate hormonal processes that occur in pregnancy. If it were even possible to medically mimic that process, each donated egg would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to bring to term, all so men can LARP as real live mothers. I’m not at all surprised that trannies think women should be willing to undergo not only major surgery but all the complications, including pelvic organ prolapse, that follow hysterectomy. They have no idea what hysterectomy or even uncomplicated childbirth do to a woman’s body.
        Imagine the epic tranny freakouts we’ll be privileged to observe 10 to 15 years from now when these delusional brats realize they aren’t getting what they wanted. I hope at least some of them are smart enough to go after the trans “elders” who snowed them into expecting the moon on a string.

      3. That sounds like her son was very much into the Alcorn suicide following that transgender sexoffender Allison was promoting to his prefered victim age. .
        That is scary, he already has become fixed on a sense of wanting to consume females[organ transplants for non life saving surgery]. I wonder if his mother is in on his claim of her donating her uterus? A kidney, she would in a second, but I don’t believe a 14 year old’s claim that his mother is transplanting her uterus in him to make babies. In female biology, the uterus has a second function of holding back the intestines from pressing on her bladder. This is why doctors hesitate to remove it unless there is a problem.
        I wonder if that is part of the paraphilia? [The need to consume females to turn into females.] Consumption comes in the form of organ use, killing women, collecting worn clothes, collecting used tampons or usinging female humans and services intended for female biology as a fetish product to achieve a delusion that your chromosomes change. If her son was haden clark, would she be donating her own blood for him to drink to feed his delusion he can turn into a women?
        I believe the mom doesn’t care if it is possible to change sex, as long as her boy is happy with his delusion. Or this reddit user’s mother has no idea of her boys’ interest in the Alcorn suicide and he is a man or boy roleplaying to meet other children interested in sex. This is why only medical doctors[ that have ‘MD’ status] should make statements about success/failure and maintenance of medical procedures. A uterus attaches to a ridge on the female hipbones. It is not like this is a free-floating organ [like a male reproductive system],it is attached to bone and has major blood supplies. Men’s hipbones are shaped and even tilted differently. That is unrealistic. Women also have proportions where the centered weight of the baby on uniquely female shaped hipbones-it doesn’t pull their bones out of alignment.
        A 14 year old is not going to consider all that when they make a claim. When I was 14, I would tell everyone that I was getting my mother’s van when I turned 16 and made all sorts of plans and talked about how great it would be.

      4. There’s also the inconvenient little fact that implanting a uterus and seeing a trans pregnancy through aren’t even remotely medically necessary. Maybe the universal health care systems can be politically cowed into paying for it, but private insurance will resist as long as possible, certainly until the government dictates that they have to pay for it.
        So, yeah, that kid isn’t getting a uterus + pregnancy unless he can cough up a few hundred grand.
        I feel sorry for his mother that she’s been so brainwashed into mutilating her body for her son’s benefit.

  24. It’s all crap and I don’t give a shit if u disagree. Any dude who would have his dick turned inside out and transformed into a Frankensteins Pussy deserved every tear and complicated they get trying to be remade a man. And these idiot Doctors feeding the hormones to these morons deserve losing every cent in Civil Court for messing with nature. I saw on the News parents are letting their 4 yr old daughter “Mia” become Jacob. They just know, they are her parents. Your fools! Mia is 4 yrs old! When I was 4 I wanted to be an Orangutan. Thank God My Parents had more sense than you 2. No treatment nit even hormone treatment should start until at least 26. Once you gut a penis there’s no going back. And you girls looking to be guys????? You will never have a working pissing dick. My God Its no wonder the Muslims want to take over and save you people from yourself. A lot of times it’s a gay male who wants to swap genders. Then they realize they are gay hopefully before their dick becomes a Frankenpussy! These man made vaginas look more like fuck holes than pussys. Don’t do it, Keep Your Original Equipment! !!

    1. I was so outraged over the Mia story. CPS should remove the children away from the parents. What kills me is websites like the Daily Mail heavily censor anti-trans posts. This is not right to cater to a group that is truly not a legitimate protected class when it is violating the rights of others. Transgenders’ very existence depends on violating the rights of others.
      One person made a comment at DM reminding readers of David Reimer. That was enough to get the trans crowd so upset that post was removed.
      We are living in truly insane times. Kids who merely have different interests than most kids of their own sex are being railroaded into transgenderism. And now you can be a man and be able to “crash” female-only spaces like restrooms, and you don’t even have to have bottom surgery to jeopardize women’s safety (Nevada just killed an anti-trans bathroom bill).
      It’s going to take many ruined lives, probably lawsuits, before this insanity stops. At bottom this is medical quackery and should be treated as such,

      1. Oh, that’s annoying and typical – I am almost certain that was my Post about David Reimer that was removed. The gender essentialists had been citing the David Reimer case as “proof” that children inherently know their gender. I contradicted that interpretation with the observation that Remer uncovered his biological sex , not his gender, and that there would have been many clues given his medical interventions, and in light of the conflict his parents would have displayed (the experiment was foisted on them and they were under no illusions about their child’s sex, nor proscribing to any gender dogma).
        The Reimer case, as I stated , should be interpreted through a social and cognitive psychology lens. Children are experts at detecting conscious lies from before two years old. Reimer could be expected to detect his parents conflicted deceptions. But Mia/Jacob detects what her parents believe – it isn’t a lie to them – so it isn’t read as one (which is parallel with why our lie detection systems don’t perceive religious beliefs as a lie – because the person passing it on believes it). I also raised that young children are dependent, adaptive, and survival orientated, and for this reason will usually comply with conditions placed on their continued acceptance in the family unit.

  25. As young children, Our parents give us our identities. Our parents teach us how to be and who to be. There is so such thing as “trans kids”… It’s just parents forcing their child into a “box” simply because parents don’t want to be judged or blamed for their child being “different ” from the gender norm. So instead of parents stepping up to enforce and impart identity into their children, they let the child make the choice therefore relinquishing their responsibility. If as adults we know that LIFE shapes our character and thus, gives us identity… A kid can’t possibly know who they are at 5 or even 15 years old!!!!! This is why “trans” adults live in depression, always feeling like something is missing. Their true identity is missing!!!!!

    1. @zel on “This is why “trans” adults live in depression, always feeling like something is missing. Their true identity is missing!!!!!”
      Yes!!!!! Why doesn’t anyone point this out? This is obvious from their own stories. Even if everyone colluded with them exactly the way they wanted, guess what? They will still Not Be the bio sex they beleive they are. That is why they keep moving the goal post in terms of their psuedo-scientific explanations, reframing and double think, double speak bullshit. It will never be enough because reality will wake up with them every morning and lay down with them every night.
      And nothing society says or does to support this fantasy based identity will ease their fractured minds. Mtt’s, in particular, will keep hammering away at WBW until they realize that the only thing that will make them feel totally included is if born females just didnt fucking exist.
      Psychologists KNOW this is wrong to do to small kids. They KNOW identity develops gradually from birth to late adolescence. If this was only about clothes and interests, it would be fine. But we all see its not really about that. Its about wearing the biological mask of a desired self.
      This is wrong to do to children. And there is NOTHING anyone can say to make it right.

    2. You can know you’re transgender at any age since it develops as birth with exposure to hormones or genetically. You don’t just become trangender as an adult. You are completely WRONG. There was a case of a transgender girl trying to cut of her penis at age 3!!! They had to do reassignment surgery right away because she was in danger of harming herself very badly or even killing herself! There is a reason why there is so many appointments you need before taking testosterone or estrogen and how you need a letter and a doctor’s say to get it, they make sure you’re ready to take it and that you truly are transgender. Dysphoria is a state of unease or generalized dissatisfaction with life. You can understand what Gender Dysphoria is by that definition of dysphoria. Some transgender peoples’ dysphoria is not as bad as others so that’s why some transition back but some people’s dysphoria is so bad that they try to kill themseves and they need hormones, sex reassignment surgery, etc, to help.

  26. Apparently this was the kid on ‘Botched’ (E!), now claiming that he wants to have the luxury of appearing however he ‘feels’ on a given day. He also admitted to the doctors that he was never on a sex change track or in a program, which says he is nothing more that a drag queen looking to extend his fifteen minutes of media time…

  27. Ok, that’s a little too late but it makes me really sad. I’m also a girl that used to be transexuell. I took hormones (sorry for bad english! I’m germany) for almost two years and my body has changed. I also have a beard and my hair’s kinda thin now. My voice is a loooot deeper than it was before and that’s the worst thing. I don’t want to talk anymore because I’m scared someone could ask me about my gender. my voice doesn’t sound like a female one. It sounds very manly and a lot ppl keep asking me: are you a boy or something? Or why is your voice so damn deep? Or even better: there are ppl who don’t ask me. They just say that I’m a guy who wants to be girl. They also told me something like that: hey, you did a really good job. You look exactly like a girl. Even if they wanted to be nice to me – that hurts. I just want to be a normal girl but i know that i can’t go back. I can’t change that part of my past (5 years ago).
    I can’t be someone else.
    It’s good to know that I’m not alone with these problems because I thought so. I wish I could find someone in germany to talk about but noone seems to feel the same way. Well it’s still good to know that there are ppl like me.
    That’s it (it feels just good to write about it

    1. You are not alone. If you click on the “Detransition” tag at the bottom of this post or on the right lower side of this blog you can read many perspectives and stories of others.

  28. People, just learn to love what you’re born with. We have people screaming that overweight women need to be happy because they are overweight yet the same people turn around and applaud gender changes. Kids are way too young to make these decisions and adults shouldn’t be making it for them or even allowing it. Perhaps first you need to look read deep and find out what the real issue is and once you’re 18 and your body has fully developed and YOU are the only person making the decisions then make one. Personally, I think parents who support their child getting plastic surgery and taking hormones are just as bad as child abusers.

    1. That is very ignorant to say that. People who let their children transition makes that fantastic parents!! Don’t describe people that have Gender Dysphoria as being overweight or transition as getting plastic surgery since you can be cis and overweight and cis and want plastic surgery. (By the way, cis is cisgender, it’s where you identify with the gender you were assigned at birth) You probably didn’t even know what that meant since you clearly know nothing about it, do your research or you’ll just come off as a ignoramus to others. People who don’t let their child get hormones are basically as bad as child abusers because they can get that bad when they don’t support them. People who are transgender can love their body but still want to change it for example someone who is overweight loves their body but still wants to get healthy. Being transgender is in the DSM-5 and is classified as Gender Dysphoria. It can happen at any age, you become transgender at birth by exposure to hormones or genetically. There was a case of a three year old transgender girl trying to cut of her penis so they had to give her sex reisignment surgery before she harmed herself very badly or killed herself. There have been many other cases, too. Don’t describe someone hating their body or wanting to be the other sex as being the same or similar as someone with this disorder, it’s completely and utterly idiotic. When you kill your child kills themselves because you won’t let them transition, you’re loss, you could of easily avoided it with love and support. I don’t want to write more paragraphs explaining something so easy to someone who still won’t understand… Do you’re research, okay?

  29. Motherhood on July 26, 2013 at 1:26 am
    “You are kidding right? OMG I hope you are. There is no such thing as Trans. It is made up a very dangerous fad.”
    Are you joking??? Just for the record it used to be classified as Gender Identity Disorder, now reclassified as Gender Dysphoria in the DSM-5. It does exist, now since you probably get all your facts from the Bible and don’t listen to reason, why are you even on this page?

  30. Sexuality is fluid. Your interests do change, A young man growing up heterosexual can find that at forty he’s into the young man down the road. It’s called life. What I think facilitates the decision to make such drastic changes is the availabilty of doctors to perform operastions of this kind and too narrow a point of focus on the patients part. If a boy feels femanine then by all means dress femanine , grow long hair and wear high heals but I caution against doing anything more than that for at least thirty years. As for the children that are being mutilated, I think there is going to be a crop of court cases when they grow up .

  31. “Sexuality is fluid” is one of those phrases I truly think is insidious–no I have never been sexually attracted to men or boys, I found them repulsive back in the day, and I find them repulsive now. No you will not compromise my love of women, my deep deep love of women sexually, emotionally, intellectually, spiritually, everything… no men on planet earth have anything to do with how I connect on the deepest levels with women from all walks of life, from all cultures of the world. The whole gender fluid sexually fluid bull shit is a con. The most basic human right on planet earth is the RIGHT of any woman or girl for any reason whatsoever to say NO sexually to men, an absolute NO as in never. When women all over the planet have that right, with no questions asked and no dumb ponified male dominated culture DICK-tating to us, then you’ll see women’s true liberation. Who benefits from eroding women’s and girl’s boundaries with this pomo crap?

    1. I don’t think I disagree with anything you have said , but I am at a loss to understand why you have bothered to say it. I certainly do not expect women to do my bidding. I have only minimal interest in women and what interest I have can quite well be contained.Likewise there are a lot of men , both gay and straight who feel no attraction for one reason or another. When I say that sexuality is fluid, I do not mean to imply that everyone changes sides at half time. Some people are content. However , a lot grow to incorporate other interests. Are you a transgendered person, a man or a woman?You don’t have to answer that of course. I think the main thrust of the article concerned those people who have been reasigned and now wish to change back . If you are happy, then leave it at that, I do doubt that a six year old child is old enough to know but then , time will tell. Best wishes.

    2. Medi,
      From this desk, I do agree with you that the fluidity concept is one that has the taint of a male-dominated thought pattern, as well as it being porn based.
      If people were honest, if they have an attttaction to both sexes…fine. Let it be that. If one wants to have their attire be different than what is associated to their birth gender/sex…fine. Let it be that. But others with less than honest intentions use fluidity as a means to run cover for cheating in relationships or worse. And that stinks…
      Sadly….this is the case with many t folks; those who have a vested interest in marketing the idea and those who have bought into same, to justify confusion or cheating. What they fail to get is that the DNA is not fluid, the body parts are not (although when combined with prosthetics, some could fake a part, but it is not even close to the real item or items) …hence fluidity is just an idea, not a reality.
      If it were a reality, then the DNA of humans could switch parts and the mental chemistries, etc on a whim. But contrary to the minds of science-fact deprived and fantasy fanatics….it cannot and will not happen. Those are the facts….some need to deal with that.

  32. For every transgender person that “detransitions” there are hundreds that have attempted or contemplated suicide because they couldn’t transition. The medical community still had a problem recognising gender fluidity,agendered and gender queer people. I think many of the trans people that “detransitions” do so because they feel pressured to live at one end of the spectrum or the other. No one can truly detransitions. You either are or aren’t trans and if you question your gender then you are definitely some where in the spectrum and under the trans umbrella.

    1. And everyone who ever questions their ethnicity is on the TransRacial spectrum.
      “For every transgender person that “detransitions” there are hundreds that have attempted or contemplated suicide because they couldn’t transition.”
      If you believe this to be true, why has WPATH over nearly forty years never once addressed the issue of these alleged thousands of tragic deaths and developed treatment guidelines for individuals who are medically unable to transition?

    2. Oh, fuck off. I’m so sick of hearing that I must still be “trans” or never really was, that I’m a poor pressured confused person or pretender. Trans activists yammer on endlessly about the right to self-identify and against erasure and denying someone’s “existence,” but when it comes to detransitioned people it goes straight out the window. Fuck right off.

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