Transforming Emily: The voice of a man campaigning for Medicaid funded "Gender Surgery"

From the horse’s mouth: listen to one of the men leading the campaign for Medicaid funded “sex-change” surgeries. The profound sexism and belief in “sex-based personality” is a characteristic of transgender beliefs. If you want to understand transgenderism: watch this video.

35 thoughts on “Transforming Emily: The voice of a man campaigning for Medicaid funded "Gender Surgery"

  1. I can just picture him, dressed in all of his “feminine finery” (gag), twirling around in front of a full length mirror, while “I Feel Pretty” plays in the background.
    Too much of a cliche? Then maybe “Goodbye Horses” from “Silence of the Lambs” (shiver).

  2. it’s so obvious that they have issues that have lead to this transgendered identity, but by the time they reach adulthood it’s such a part of them trying to help them see how it came to be is almost impossible. in fact it’s only once they’ve had surgery that they sometimes are able to do so, at which point it becomes about living with whatever decisions you’ve made. does male privilege play a part in the process? well yeah, almost certainly. as much as they’d claim not to have benefited from patriarchy (and i’ll concede that they have suffered under it more than most men), they have spent their lives as men and being treated as such, therefore i don’t think it’s possible to abstract yourself from it to such an extent as to be able to claim immunity from privilege.
    i think one of the biggest problems of mine with the trans vs radfem argument, and a big part of the reason why i think you’re actually pretty cool, is because for the few trans women who are feminists (in short those who believe male privilege should be extended to all), radical feminists who don’t accept them as women is not the biggest obstacle in their lives, it’s actually a pretty small thing. so when a few women stand up and say “fuck you – no you can’t come in” their reaction to it seems to about “how dare a woman tell me what i can or can’t do” rather than anything more rational/proportionate. oh the irony.

    1. The biggest THREAT to males who want to be females is from other males. The biggest threat; physically, politically and sexually, comes from other males.
      Knowing this I find it hard to believe that the biggest threat these trans “women” find to attack are feminist females, especially lesbian females. These ‘trans-women’ just look hollow and spoilt to me. They don’t look politically and socially active, they just seem spoilt brats.

  3. “SHOW ME THE MONEYYYYYY”! Does he want people to pay for his subscription to bride magazine too? Cuz all the “girls” read that!
    The enabling losers at the end of the video should be slapped. HARD.

  4. From the video: “But I always wanted to hang out with the girls, but the girls would always- like their conversation would always change if I was around. Because they saw me as a boy. So I couldn’t really be there.”
    You hear this same sort of statement from heterosexual male autogynephiles all the time. On transgender boards it is commonly sited as a top “reason for wanting to transition” by male transgenders. The male desire to obtain access to the last, tiny space that women have away from male overlords.
    Like a jackal stepping into a herd of gazelle, the energy shifts entirely because of his presence. The women will never behave normally in his presence. Because he is a member of the predator class.
    The ultimate in male privilege is the desire to eliminate that last refuge and push past the last female boundary to experience that which his prey keeps hidden from him. The space that Mary Daly called “The Background”.
    From CBL’s post titled The Background:
    “Men can’t fathom the Background; they could never enter its portals because they don’t realise it exists, and even if they did they wouldn’t be welcome there. In fact, if a man did inadvertantly stumble upon it, a secret shift of energy would take place and all of a sudden the same space would become the foreground. Only the women would notice.
    All men see of women is their own projections, which of course, must take place in public, when women are in spaces that men can see them.”
    To repeat:
    “ …if a man did inadvertantly stumble upon it, a secret shift of energy would take place and all of a sudden the same space would become the foreground. Only the women would notice.”
    Transgender males are incapable of discerning the fact that their presence destroys “the background”. Their presence eliminates women’s spaces. When they transify their bodies and behaviors they may be given access to women’s spaces but what they fail to comprehend, due to their own arrogance and projections, is that their presence eliminates that space.
    I have seen this time and again where a male transgender thinks he has “successfully passed” or “been welcomed into” women’s space without realizing that I and every other female present has sensed the shift in energy and the elimination of women’s space. Only the women notice. The male is oblivious and will never know the difference.
    Men who want access to women’s spaces don’t actually care if they destroy them. They may pine over the fact that there exists one tiny boundary that women keep from them. They may fantasize about prying their way in. They may claim that they value women’s space. But the truth is that such space is only of value to them if it serves them as men. They would happily destroy the last shred of every women’s refuge to insert themselves in it, even though in doing so it no longer exists. AND THEY NEVER KNOW THE DIFFERENCE.

    1. If a man should destroy the women’s space it’s really not all that different from being let in, from his POV, because the result is the same – there’s not a space left that is forbidding him entry.
      If the ultimate in “passing” means never being refused, well, there ya go. Destroying the entire club means the bouncer isn’t keeping you out anymore, right?

  5. They do indeed destroy the background, but they will never know true women’s space. Just as any non-group will never know the space of the foreground group…white people entering black people’s spaces, for example. But they constantly want to try, to disrupt the flow of lesbian feminist energy, to disrupt the flow of women only energy, and it never occurs to them that in doing this, they are being very much like the men they claim not to be.

  6. Men cannot accept in any way women’s NO. It’s the source of Male to trans rage, and all their attacks on Gallus, or any other radical woman who calls into question the whole trans charade.

  7. Yes, Gallus and Sheila you said that so well. It’s really still the rape mentality. We want it. We are men. We are superior. Females have no right to say no. We own them. We win….
    So important for us to keep saying no, and reminding them that though they may rape us in terms of literally raping and destroying and invading our space, they will NEVER get willing sexual access to Lesbians. EVER. Because, by definition, Lesbians are not intimate with men. (At the point at which a woman agrees to the man, she becomes het or bisexual.)
    This is essential because no matter how women may acquiesce to these men otherwise, even the most placating of Lesbians will not agree to intimacy with these most male of men.

  8. I think there’s a big group of older men who think that when they transition, they’ll magically become 20 years younger and hotter and get oodles of attention. Not really how the world views women past youth.

    1. Just look at all the talk of the “second puberty” as they call the changes they get on hormones. Some subset of them take this “second puberty” all the way and assume it should give them a free pass to act the way they imagine 14 year old girls act, completely with the most annoying of the clothing and oodles of “selfies” and the rest of it.
      To say it’s unbecoming is an understatement.

  9. As much as I wanted to watch the video through I couldn’t go another 10 seconds into the talking. What did they do record the audio with a stereo microphone and forget to plug in the cable for the left channel? They could’ve easily panned it into the centre anyway. Damn, audio in one ear is annoying.

  10. What the fuck is in the water in Portland and the surrounding area? It seems like so many of the loons fell from there…
    The fund-scamming website had this little nugget that was good for a laugh…”$500 will go toward paying the fees that Indiegogo collects and helping me with voice coaching so I sound more feminine over the telephone.” Since, after all, one cannot do woman-face without the Minnie-Mouse effects…
    The lengths that they will go to carry on the charade and act out all the stereotypes will never cease to amaze me.

  11. This guy’s voice is so low it was a great demonstration for me of the bass capabilities of my new Bose computer speakers! Thanks, dude!
    And – I have no problem with Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaigns when it’s for some art or community project, or someone who’s ill and doesn’t have insurance or anything like that. But this? This falls under the guise of begging. Something I was raised to think of as shameful. Which speaks to my privilege, but I think my parents were more trying to instill the idea of dignity to me. If times were really hard, you went to family or maybe very close friends. You didn’t throw up a very public campaign on the freakin’ internet for something that was not directly life-threatening. And NO, not having a sex-change operation is NOT life-threatening, FFS. I think we should bring back the notion of personal dignity, because it seems to have really taken a hit in the last couple of decades. And now, get the hell off my lawn!

    1. Wow. But his “tits are getting bigger”! So we should be just fine with being called dumb bitches. Because the poor dear has just been through so much.

      1. A lot of those mtf dudes making videogames aren’t “t” as in transitioning though: a lot don’t even bother to grow long hair anymore, as identifying is enough. And of course they’re all flooding the more cerebral gaming websites with articles on how their bdsm fetish intersects with liking difficult games, etc., and are generally behaving ridiculously, though it does seem to help with careers.
        The following link is less about that sort of thing and more about the silly earnestness of identity in gen y’ers (and why catering to it is great for gen x’ers in their own careers).

      2. @Anon Male = “silly earnestness of identity” puts the finger on things in a way I’d been searching for but just couldn’t quite get to. Thanks for that.
        It’s just this overall completely consuming (pun thoroughly intended) obsession with shoving yourself into the absolutely perfect labelled box, and then sharing that “hey! Look at me! I’ve found my box! See the words on the side!?” to all your friends, who are doing the same thing. Or something. And then changing it tomorrow as your mood changes, because the boxes are just THAT damn specific.

      3. Yeah, I’m liking “silly earnestness of identity” as well. Well put.
        From the article, this: “they must have thought, ‘Oh damn, shit just got real, he changed his avatar’ “ makes me weep for society.

      4. “(and why catering to it is great for gen x’ers in their own careers).”
        I’ve been thinking more and more about that since I’m of that age. I mean, it’s one thing for all these kids who breath this shit like fish, but how cynical are the all the people with established careers in catering to this?
        For example, one of the Kosilek stories was written up by someone at The Frisky. She normally only does celeb fashion shit, trashy stuff — I’m not criticizing, I watch the hell out of the CW network myself — so why an article out of the blue about free sex changes for men who murdered women?
        Maybe a j-list ( ) style missive went out somewhere and everyone was supposed to participate in solidarity, to show they’re part of the team of serious people? Anyone who didn’t put their mouth on the story would be missing out on where the money is in the future? Maybe it was just an easy shot at social relevance without trying too hard (the writer managed to misspell Kosilek’s name)?
        At any rate, found one of the articles I mentioned before:

  12. Just saying, most older trans people (both trans men and women) do not believe they will look like a model 😉 Most are actually afraid to transition exactly for the things you’re saying, like that they’ll never look convincing, they fear they’ll never fully be able to become who they are. Many either do not transition, or finally get the courage to transition… years later, and then they regret not changing earlier. Financial reasons are also a big reason why people transition late.
    Many of the older trans women transition so late because there was little to no information about it, so they tried to accept it. And when you’re married and have children and you’re not out… it’s a lot harder to transition. I do not think there are many trans people who think they will look 20 years younger, in fact… most trans people would just shake their head and inform them that their expectations are extremely unrealistic.
    Btw, as a trans person, I believe there are far too many people going onto fundraiser sites and beg for donations and put no effort into raising money themselves… they just say “give me money” without any reason why you should…

    1. Financial reasons may well be the reason they wait so long, but it isn’t the costs of the myriad procedures they want- more likely is the simple fact that they want to build up their fiscal resources obtained using their male privilege so that they can ‘retire’ and do what they want, families be damned.
      “Many of the older trans women transition so late because there was little to no information about it, so they tried to accept it. ”
      Information existed 30 years ago- some of them even admit that it was there. It may not have been the interwebz, but they HAD access to information. Most want to do it now to claim their speshul snowflake status and try to force the world to accept that their penis is really female.
      “And when you’re married and have children and you’re not out… it’s a lot harder to transition”
      Perhaps they should have thought about that BEFORE they made the decision to ruin other people’s lives…BEFORE they decided to procreate in a typical heterosexual fashion, certainly an act that proves them to be the males they were born as. Instead they tend to wait until there is a much larger swath of collateral damage to inflict…and no amount of apologies or psychobabble will ever make that right.

      1. There may have been information 30 years ago, but I suspect it must’ve been much harder. Even now I have trouble finding decent, reliable information, but I guess that’s just the internet with its tons of bullcrap.
        About your last point: I can’t speak for them but I personally am waiting until I finish the major parts of my transition before ever looking to stay with someone… that way it’s not too heavy on them.

      2. As someone who’s been around since *gasp* before the internet, it wasn’t that much harder, FTM Info. Really. More inconvenient? Truly. But most definitely not impossible, or even difficult. I was taught in school how to use a library, including the card catalog, the Readers’ Guide (for periodical articles), etc. We were taught how to research and how to look at information critically. I did this frequently not only for school papers, but for anything else I was interested in, including my favorite bands at the time! I also used it when figuring out I was a lesbian. There was tons of information out there. You just had to want to get it.

      3. I was thinking the same thing, in re: the information not being out there. Really?
        Let’s start with the fact that during the early to mid 70’s, articles were being published in such places as ‘Look’ magazine. Right along side those about sundry items, such as mass transit funding or speculations on what NASA was planning. Then there were the cerebral discussions on late night Sunday television…as in David Susskind. Or the civil afternoon variety, via Phil Donohue, et al.
        Heck….there were even mentions, in a clinical vein in those funny little medical or mental health textbooks, which could have been checked out of the main public libraries. So for one to say the info was not there, even post Christine Jorgensen is somewhat specious, if not just plain intellectually lazy. But that is another one of those dishonest mantras floating around…the type that gets one admission to the t-land of absurdity.

  13. I was raised like most girls to think men and boys were nice people. Except for a few (and who knows what they were like when less public), I soon learned they were dangerous. They did what they could get away with, whether sexually harassing and beating girls and women or torturing and sexually assaulting animals. When I found a Lesbian Feminist community with women only space, I finally felt safe and at home. Yes, at Lesbian bars and some events, the men came and leered and tried to grab us and see who they could rape when we left, but we at least had a lot of space where we were not around men.
    And then, before we lost our women-only places, the men started to come who demanded we accept them as women. Too many women began to say, “well, if she has had surgery and dresses as a woman and is pleasant, then I don’t mind her bring there.” Except that they are not women, and the man who seems “pleasant” in one setting (know he’s being watched) is far from it in another. Now they have almost every place that once was safe.
    These men still basically look and act the same as the men they were before they claimed to be women. In fact, many of the men who do not say they are women are not as obnoxious and offensive.
    I’ve been watching certain ones who forced their ways against many of our wills in my community for a long time. If you think they are like women at all, keep watching. They talk incessantly about themselves, with no concern for real women, they sexually harass women and grab women, they play out male het scenes on dance floors, even while their “parner” tries to push them away, they set themselves up as the experts because men know more than women, even about women, and behind the scenes, they threaten and slander Radical Feminists. Meanwhile, they are supported by women claiming to be “feminists,” primarily because the seem to feel sorry for them.
    And real women don’t even get sympathy for what we have lost and are still losing….

  14. im a man that hate being a man i allway witch i was a women
    if i had the money i go have it done man to women but i dont have the money to do it

      1. @AshlandAvenue this is more common than many want to admit to.
        One of the reasons for maintaining a high amount of distance from the chat sites laced with verbal Kool-aid, is the level of illiteracy. Sadder still, quite a few are professionals: medical, legal, business…you name it, they are many. Like ants at a picnic. But, there is an all-purpose, excuse gor this: the omnipresent cloud of depression and angst connected to not being born female, let alone transition early in life, or not getting a Barbie for Christmas. OH THE HUMANITY!!!!!
        The poster above, that being Kirk sounds like the type who would GLADLY rip into at a fast food joint, if said person was just as illiterate and screwed up an order. But….if the person is in search of the t-holy grail….then this is considered to be great prose.

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