Government Medicaid/Medicare funding for “Sex Change Surgery” proposed, then withdrawn within hours


Early in the day Friday March 29 the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services issued a ground-breaking announcement. For the first time since 1981, when so-called “sex-change” surgeries were declared experimental and not eligible for government covered funding, the division was considering reversing that decision. HHS declared its intention to solicit public input for thirty days prior to reversing the ban on government funded radical cosmetic surgeries which attempt to visually change the appearance of male genitals to female, and vice versa, on individuals who believe in sex-based personality theory, or who are diagnosed with gender/sex-role based mental illness.
From The Advocate:
The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, which runs the federal government’s national insurance program, is reconsidering whether or not it should cover gender reassignment surgery (often called sex reassignment surgery) for transgender people who have Medicare. It has offered the public 30 days to offer opinions on the matter. Since around 48 million people are covered by Medicare, if the agency decides to allow coverage, the change would have a significant impact on transgender people in the U.S.
This official reconsideration of coverage began yesterday and goes for 29 more days in which the public can comment.
The center states that it “considers all public comments, and is particularly interested in clinical studies and other scientific information relevant to the topic under review. Surgical Treatment for Gender Identity Disorder is currently noncovered under the Medicare Part A and Part B programs. The existing policy, which became effective in 1981, states that transsexual surgery is considered experimental. Please note that we are making an administrative change to the NCD title under this reconsideration to reflect current medical terminology. The new title for Section 140.3 will be Surgical Treatment for Gender Identity Disorder.”
Trans activists and medical professionals are urging everyone to comment in support of a change.
From the Washington Examiner:
In shift, Medicare would pay for sex-change operations
March 29, 2013 | 10:57 am 
For the first time since 1981, when it dubbed sex-change operations “experimental,” Medicare has opened the door to covering transexual operations, adding to the growing list of operations that would be allowed under Obamacare.
Acting on a new request, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Servicessaid it is starting a new analysis that could lift the spending ban for sex-change operations with a goal of making a decision two days after Christmas and on the eve of Obamacare kicking in Jan. 1.
A 30-day public comment period just opened on the proposed “National Coverage Determination.”
“Surgical Treatment for Gender Identity Disorder, formerly referred to as transsexual surgery in 140.3, is currently noncovered under the Medicare Part A and Part B programs. The existing policy, which became effective in 1981, states that transsexual surgery is considered experimental,” said the notice just posted on the site.
“Please note that we are making an administrative change to the NCD title under this reconsideration to reflect current medical terminology. The new title for Section 140.3 will be Surgical Treatment for Gender Identity Disorder,” it adds.
The National Center for Transgender Equality is among those pushing for the changes.
In supporting letters to CMS, one of the proponents claims that the experimental status of sex-change operations has long passed and that studies confirm it works. “These medical procedures and treatment protocols are not experimental: decades of both clinical experience and medical research show they are essential to achieving well-being for the transsexual patient,” said the letter.
A second letter called the federal policy discriminatory, and added that failure to get the operation by those who needed can cause death. “The net effect is a failure to treat a treatable disorder which in many cases leads to death. The discrimination (is) clearly un-American,” added the letter.
By the end of the day the entire proposal had been retracted.
From TheHill:
HHS withdraws plan to consider coverage of sex-change operations
The Health and Human Services Department said early Friday that it would accept public comments on whether to reexamine its decision not to cover sex changes. 

But a spokesperson said Friday evening that the proposal has been withdrawn. HHS pulled information from its website Friday after various news media outlets reported on the issue.

The controversial decision to consider using taxpayer money to cover sex changes was sure to attract criticism from Congress.

An HHS spokesman said HHS’ Departmental Appeals Board is weighing a challenge to the department’s ruling that sex-change procedures are experimental and should not be covered by Medicare and Medicaid. While that challenge works its way through the system, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has withdrawn its proposal to reconsider the coverage policy on its own.

An administrative challenge to our 1981 Medicare national coverage determination concerning sex reassignment surgery was just filed,” a spokesperson said Friday. “This administrative challenge is being considered and working its way through the proper administrative channels. In light of the challenge, we are no longer re-opening the national coverage determination for reconsideration.

Guess the whole “Obamacare funds free cosmetic sex-change” spin didn’t play so well. Perhaps during an economic depression where the have-nots can’t afford groceries and Medicare fails to cover eyesight and dental care -those who are hungry, going blind and losing their teeth didn’t take too kindly to paying for cosmetic surgeries for those who believe they would be happier if they looked superficially more like they had a different reproductive biology than the one they were born with.
Interesting this quote from the idiots at CMS: “”Please note that we are making an administrative change to the NCD title under this reconsideration to reflect current medical terminology. The new title for Section 140.3 will be Surgical Treatment for Gender Identity Disorder” . “Current medical terminology” which becomes obsolete in one month when the diagnosis of “Gender Identity Disorder” is eliminated in the DSM and replaced with “Gender Dysphoria”?  Totally clueless.
The link to the HHS public feedback site now gives a 404/error when clicked. Very very interesting. GenderTrender will be following these developments closely as details emerge.


114 thoughts on “Government Medicaid/Medicare funding for “Sex Change Surgery” proposed, then withdrawn within hours

  1. As a surgically transformed male to female transgender now 30 years post surgery I can tell you extreme caution must be taken for this surgery. But there is a great need to focus on the psychological issues of depression, bi-polar, dissociation, co-morbidity along with suicide prevention to help in stopping the 30% who needlessly die from suicide. Gender surgery has not shown to reduce suicides in the transgender population where disorders remain untreated. My web site has individual stories was designed to show surgery has not been effective in the treatment of many transgenders.

  2. When some minor movement is made in extending the availability of trans surgeries or treatment , it’s proof of the conspiracy by conservative elements of society to eliminate gays and lesbians.
    But when real life intrudes with the openly conservative forces in society trying to limit trans rights , it’s presented without mention of the notion of the conspiracy talk.

    1. “… when real life intrudes with the openly conservative forces in society trying to limit trans rights…”
      Except where do you see this? We have no idea what is going on here yet. For all we know, the very powerful hetero white CONSERVATIVE men who run the trans politic (Keisling, et al) jumped in and filed an new “challenge” via HHS in order to bypass a period of public input. For all we know, this might have been done for political reasons- NOT as a way to stop government funded cosmetic genital surgeries but as a way to EXPEDITE the process and move it forward more quietly.
      This is every bit as likely as what you propose. The decision could now just be handed down from “on high” with no prior public discourse. Until we learn who filed the “new Challenge” at HHS on Friday (“An administrative challenge to our 1981 Medicare national coverage determination concerning sex reassignment surgery was just filed,” a spokesperson said Friday.) we just don’t know.
      I suspect the “just filed” administrative challenge WAS filed by one of the powerful hetero white men running one of the trans orgs. Probably Mara Keisling at NCTE. As a way to bypass public input on the policy change.
      I see no evidence of anyone limiting trans rights- on the contrary- I see evidence that laws which run roughshod over the rights of women are being pushed through as fast as conservative men can push them, and as under the radar as they can keep it.

      1. Well now we know who filed it. So much for your conservative conspiracy theory. From the Advocate:
        “The National Center for Lesbian Rights, American Civil Liberties Union, and Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders filed the challenge on behalf of a transgender veteran who was denied gender-reassignment survey after her doctors determined it was medically necessary to alleviate her severe gender dysphoria.
        “Medicare’s categorical exclusion of this care lacks any scientific basis,” NCLR’s legal director, Shannon Minter, said in a statement announcing the challenge. “Study after study has shown that these surgeries are the only effective treatment for many patients suffering from severe gender dysphoria.”
        “As a result of the administrative challenge, the Department Appeals Board of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services must review the ban, determine whether it is reasonable based on current standards of care, and reverse it if it is not,” according to the LGBT organizations’ release. “Earlier last week, the HHS Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services on its own initiative included a statement on its website that it would be reconsidering the ban. [The center] subsequently withdrew its proposal to reconsider the ban and through a spokesperson explained that the ban would instead be reviewed through the independent Department Appeals Board process.”
        Despite the mix-up, transgender advocates are optimistic.
        “What HHS did is very positive news from our perspective,” said Mara Keisling, executive director of the National Center for Transgender Equality. “They haven’t stopped considering coverage of sex reassignment surgery under Medicare. Instead, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, which is housed under HHS, decided to use a different administrative process to change whether Medicare covers medically necessary sex reassignment surgery. What matters is that we get a fair and scientific process. We’ll win that every time.”

      2. Just a note about Keisling, in particular. I shared a rented house with his brother, among others, back in the late 70s. The brother was an investigative reporter for an alternative newspaper with a leftist reform perspective, and he even at one point launched a campaign for governor as a progressive reform candidate.
        The family of origin struck me as Mercedes Benz liberals (limousine liberals without the servants).
        I’ll just bet that Mara Keisling thinks himself oh-so-progressive and liberal.

  3. seriously? They’re going to pay for cosmetic surgery for trans people? Will they also help cover abortions for women who need it? What about replacing breasts for women with breast cancer? What about liposuction for anorexics? What about my batcave, because I am batman?
    i doubt it.

    1. Brunhilda, just FYI, breast reconstruction after mastectomy is now covered by Medicare. Of course it wasn’t always thus; it took a LOT of work and lobbying by WOMEN to make that happen.

  4. Thank you, Gallus Mag! In my state, this would be Medi-cal probably, which has eliminated money for dentristy and OPTOMETRY. The poor are not allowed to see, but they would consider pandering to the fantasies of privileged men? No surprise I guess, but let’s stop them. If this happens, imagine what else they will cut. Women will die.

  5. “Meghan Stabler · Top Commenter · CA, Inc. · 1,916 subscribers
    Update from the HHS: A spokesperson has said that proposal for public comment has been withdrawn after various news media outlets reported on the issue, and was sure to attract criticism from Congress.
    Now the HHS Departmental Appeals Board is weighing a challenge to the department’s ruling that sex-change procedures are experimental and should not be covered by Medicare and Medicaid. While that challenge works its way through the system, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has withdrawn its proposal to reconsider the coverage policy on its own.
    Advocacy orgs, including HRC, will be weighing in for coverage, via the Appeals Board.”

  6. Apparently two guys: Nehael Jae Sheilds and Emily Newberry appear to have initiated the original challenge to the 1981 ruling:
    From the now redacted CMS call for public feedback:
    “Attn: M’ Lori Ashby, M’ Jyne SchaferDear M’ Schafer,Please read and feel free to forward my letter to all members of the DHMH &CMS [PHI Redacted] The Medicare and Medicaid manuals of coverage aregrossly outdated in their science as it relates to GID, not to mention the overtdiscrimination resulting. The net effect is a failure to treat a treatabledisorder which in many cases leads to death. The discrimination clearly un-American also opens the State and Federal Government to civil litigation andliability if left untended. The AMA as of 2008 have condemned the failure ofCMS and public-private insurance to fund treatment . HHS, DHMH & CMS hasa leadership role here, public insurance follows their lead on determinationas I’m sure your aware . Action on this matter is long overdue . [PHIRedacted] This issue is too important to rely on a disabled patient alone tochallenge this injustice. I have been working with several elected officials aswell as CMC staffers but the burden always come to my door step. I want tomake this happen but I need help from your office. [PHI Redacted] Pleasehelp me open a formal NCD to change Medicare NCD 140.3 to reflect the AMAres. 122. Also I would like to remain in the loop to insure a adequate redressto the matter. I would also ask for any and all data related to NCD 140.3 andany prior NCD’s linked to this matter. [PHI Redacted] I would ask for anyinput from your office as to possible tasks needed to ensure patients areproperly served. I firmly believe this a critical matter and free of politicalconsiderations as framed by the Social Security Act governing of medicalethics . I hope I can call on you for any question related in the future. ThankYou, Nehael JaeEnclosed please find: Personal letter / History , AMA Res 122, Medicare NCD140.3, How to address NCD Matter guidance & NCD criteria guidance.Dear Secretary Charles J Milligan Jr. ,[PHI Redacted]
    Page 2
    Thank You for listening. Warmest Wishes, M’ Nehael Jae Shields——————————————————————————————————————————–

  7. State-funded genital reconstruction surgery already exists in many countries, and rightly so.
    For many transsexual people, getting this surgery is literally a question of life and death, and many don’t earn enough/don’t have the insurance to afford it of their own volition.
    There’s no good reason for this not to go through.

    1. Cosmetic genital mutilation is not a life-saving surgery sir. There is no evidence whatsoever that such “treatments” result in an improved quality of life. SRS does not treat transsexualism:
      Also if SRS was “a question of life and death” we would see a huge divide in sex-based morbidity among the transgender population, right? Since SRS is performed on less than 2% of transgender females? Right?

    2. Fuck you, “Cassandra.” Fuck you so much. As a cancer survivor, I find your idea of “literally a question of life and death” HUGELY offensive. No, a sex change operation (yup, that’s what I call it, I refuse to use any of the latest fuzzy-wuzzy terms that trans people have made up to make the whole thing sound more palatable) is most definitely NOT a question of life and death. Threatening suicide if you don’t get your way vs. cancer cells running amok? NOT the same thing, you idiot. Not even fucking close.
      God, you’re offensive. I can’t even.

      1. LOL “offensive”, says the bitch whose response was riddled with obscenities.
        For many people it is a matter of life–living life as normal as possible–or death, rather a slow death rotting away hidden from the public/world because of familial issues, friend issues, disability issues, and/or financial issues. If a 60-year-old cisgendered male can get coverage for getting his dick up so he can fuck his wife, I think you all can be charitable towards an under-40 transguy who can’t go outside because his birth tits are too big/he cannot “pass” well enough to live life as normally as he needs to.
        Seconding Cassandra’s comment–there was no good reason for this not to go through. There are transpeople like me who have other physical disabilities who need surgery and can’t afford it, but have to sit by and watch cisgendered men get all of their dick-related stuff covered by Medicare (and BTW, I’m quite pissed about not being able to get dental either, since I need that as well).
        God, this blog is so god damned hostile towards transmen. WTF is your problem? WTF did we ever do to you? Thank God I have a cisgendered wife who isn’t a cunt like some of you (not the owner of this blog, but the commenters).

      2. Awww! I seem to have hurt “Guy’s” feelings by being a female and expressing anger! I know, I know, I could at least be nice about it, right? The way a woman is supposed to be? You poor dear. And does using words like “bitch” and “cunt” make you feel super-duper masculine? Does it get your enlarged clit all hard to put a woman in her place? And where the hell did you ever get the idea that I’m O.K. with some old man being able to get coverage for his Viagra?! Even with insurance, I had to pay thousands of dollars out of pocket for my cancer treatment. Think I’m not aware of the unfairness and cruelty of America’s health care “system”? And I stand by my point – a sex-change operation is not “literally” a question of life and death. When people have to host bake sales or Indiegogo campaigns to help cover the costs of their cancer treatment or heart surgery or cystic fibrosis treatment or whatever, I hardly think your obsessive need of a wang measures up. (Har.)
        Take your misogyny and shove it. (Here’s where I’d love to call you a dickhead, but you’d probably take that as a compliment.)

    3. No good reason except the Johns Hopkins study. You know, the one JHopkins, as one of the SRS pioneers in America, commissioned to check the long-term results of the surgeries it performed.
      After being a pioneer in the field, Johns Hopkins no longer performs SRS. Because the study found that their patients’ lives were substantially unchanged. Patients said they were satisfied with their surgery, but there were no measurable gains in mental health or reduction in rates of depression or suicide.
      So you want taxpayers to pay how much? To achieve exactly what?

  8. I am so sick of seeing these entitled grotesque men caricaturizing/fetishizing women. I am so sick of seeing their their faces and hearing their voices, arrogant, demanding, and female-hating. They are beyond repulsive….

  9. So the elderly autogynophiles will be able to prey on women. Wonder if they’ll still demand Viagra coverage so their inverted penises will still be able to be stimulated.
    They will manage to take funds away from elderly women.
    This attempt just sickens me.

  10. Well I think if medicare and medicaid can people to have a sex change then they can pay dental for people that cant afford it otherwise.

  11. I cannot belive anyone would be against this from happening. It’s already taking place in Europe and Canada….as always we are behind. Ignorance is truly blissfull here. I say YES to SRS being government funded….

    1. Yes, “Gia”, because we really have the money here to be spending on crap like that. Meanwhile, people with real diseases are hung out to dry. You’re a self-absorbed, selfish piece of shit.

  12. 45% of transgender people commit suicide because couldn’t afford the right treatment, sex reassignment surgery. I am a trans woman and know what I am talking about. Transgender people work and pay money to the government, so fuck you.

    1. Wow, how far up your ass did you have to go to pull out that statistic? Also, millions of people “work and pay money to the government,” and still don’t get their health care covered, so fuck you, “Faith”.

    2. Oh another self absorbed man how can that be? Pass the tissues and we will cry you a river. 50% do I hear 50. Oh yes the “lady” with the hard on she’ll claim 50. 60 can we hear 60% oh the dude in the frosted wig he says 60%. Yeah so fuck you sweet pea. We don’t believe you because you live for the drama the pathos that is all part of the sick theater you call life. You’re a man and in a free society you have the right if you can afford it to do whatever body modifications you want. If you can’t afford it– well tough shit. Really this woman, which I am is stone cold not giving a flying fuck about your threats of suicide. Grow up.

    3. 48% of what total number Faith? Give us the cite. We don’t accept pulled-out-of-your ass stats here.

    4. Oh, blah blah. You love your “ladysticks” and have zero desire to get rid of those disgusting things and even if you did it still wouldn’t make you a woman just a carved up delusional degenerate.
      See a mental health professional. You’re NOT a woman and never will be!! So fuck you, SIR. You’re just another over indulged man/pervert.

  13. There are a lot of misinformed people here. Why should it be OK that the taxes I have taken out of my paychecks be used to provide coverage if you need Gastric Bypass Surgery because you were overeating and gained way to much weight to lose without some form of surgical intervention? Or if you needed a facial reconstruction do to an accident or something? Taxpayer money is what is paying for Obamacare.
    What if you had a child that was born in the wrong body or had a child born with both sets of genitals? I bet you would be changing your tune in a heartbeat.
    Sex Reassignment Surgery is not experimental, they have been doing it for at least 60 years. It isn’t cosmetic because it involves internal surgery and tissue and can’t be seen by the general public like a facelift or breast implants. It is medically necessary because the mind doesn’t match the body, and it would be a similar thing if a person was born with an extra arm and wanted surgery to remove it so they would feel like a normal person.
    That is all Transgendered people want, it to be as normal as possible. So if my taxes have to pay for your extra arm to be removed, even though you are functioning in society and can actually use the 3rd. arm for grabbing onto more things than you could with 2 arms, Then why shouldn’t it be OK to pay for Sex Reassignment Surgery? It is still paid for by taxes. Also a lot of Transgendered persons have committed suicide because they can’t get the surgery and can’t bear to be living with something on their body that doesn’t belong there. And this goes for both M2F and F2M. Think of all the grieving families who’s loved ones took their lives because they couldn’t get the surgery to become the person they feel they should be?
    Then again what about baby’s born with both sets of genitals. Intersexed/Hermaphrodite? 99% or the time, the Dr’s will do Sex Reassignment Surgery on them at birth, and usually will make them a male being the Dr’s are usually male, and in 90% of the time, they made the wrong choice. These people shouldn’t be penalized because of the Dr’s mistake, and should be allowed to have the surgery reversed.
    Going back to Transgendered, it’s OK to remove their breasts at Taxpayer expense, so it should be OK to do the surgery for a M2F also.

    1. You’re comparing reconstructive surgery for car accidents and birth defects with trans vanity surgery. Damn son, what planet are you on. You’re enabling a mental illness, a mental illness that won’t go away with surgery and hormones. You’re just going to have to face the fact that you’re not a real man or woman and you never will be.

    2. Amen… Sue I’m M2F N I struggle every day in public with 40DD breast n its horrible I look in the mirror n cant stand the body looking back ppl stare laugh talk shit even kids it makes me feel like I’m a worthless piece of shit that don’t deserve life!!… I hope n pray none of these low life’s ever has transgender kids or maybe they should so they can understand what it feels like every waking moment!

  14. I am one of those individuals that Medicade & Medicare is playing with..
    Our lives mean nothing to Politicans!!
    I have fought my whole life, trying to conform to a male life..
    However my spirit and mind are female!
    I need the opportunity to balance my mind,body and spirit so i am whole!!!
    I have been hiding my whole life, afraid of how people view me…
    No more,
    I have just shared a private part of my life with the whole world on the internet.
    I need help financially to make this happen.
    Shame on those politicans who dares to play with peoples lives…
    with the whole world on the internet.
    I need financial assistance to make this, a reality

    1. You are a man. Stop trying to conform to a male life, but LEAVE WOMEN OUT OF THE EQUATION. Stop mansplaining to women about our “female spirit and minds”. YOU ARE OFFENSIVE TO WOMEN SIR.

    2. Wow so convinced. I am going to whip out my check book and send you the kids piggy banks–what a worthy cause. Never mind that women make far less than you have sir. Here is some advice–it has worked for women, you know with kids–get 3 jobs–1st shift, 2nd and every other 3rd–you will forget what the fuck you are. Oh and make sure you get paid like a woman. I promise in a year or two at that all that self absorption will be knocked right the fuck out of you sir.

      1. “I promise in a year or two all that self absorption will be knocked right the fuck out of you sir”.
        He’d go running back to being a man in a week, ok, 10 days.

  15. I read that a murderer get a sex change. That shouldn’t happen. He should be treated as a murderer. And yet good law abiding people can’t get a sex change when they need one.
    This shouldn’t be and should change

  16. Medicare should I pay for sex reassignment surgery weatherit is male to female or female to male I am happy and proud to be Who I am never been more happier one in the uk if u r diagnosed with gender identity disorder it is covered under insurance so why can’t the us cover it under the meadacare Medicaid insurance . but everybody should get together and start a petition for Medicare and Medicaid to pay for the insurance but should go to a gender identity disorder therapest

    1. Too bad they couldn’t teach you grammar.
      Insurance should NEVER pay for cosmetic and elective cosmetic surgery nor should it be used for surgeons to remove healthy tissue.

    2. So, should Medicare/Medicaid also cover liposuction for anorexics, and elective amputations and “spine snips” for people with BID?

    1. That’s hilarious! He can’t read, obviously, but go ahead and let him take a scalpel to you.
      So, Harry, ol’ boy, did you actually attend medical school, or do you just “identify” as a surgeon?

  17. You people just can’t use your brain logically because you have hate towards transsexuals. Brainwashed to hate, and the human race will go under for this reason. Children are born without eyes and extra arms and conditions throughout the ENTIRE body. But hormones are always 100% correct? Do you realize how ignorant that really is? It all started just because most christians want an easy answer to who these people are allowed to have sex with. A penis is easy to see and it makes it easier on their mind to think its that easy to identify that person. Brains are actual physical parts too, just way more complicated to figure out. Real transexuals have a actual physically female formed brain. Proven by SCIENTISTS. Which is really more defining of a human? A genital? Or a BRAIN? But these people don’t get sympathy because they have trouble fitting in and seem unnormal. Its hard to just act like everything is ok and normal with all your hate, they’re rough looks, they’re treatment/upbringing, and training in the wrong gender. Female brained people in a male body are likely to feel deep sex desires of a female that can’t, although they need to be, satisfied. Yea I guess you don’t NEED sex, but it often makes them suicidal. Sex is also a expression of love and being unable to be correctly, fully sexual with they’re love can mean lovelessness and loneliness. What’s anything worth without love? and they get little. All because they’re genitals. Yea it is hugely life saving as TRANSSEXUALS HAVE THE HIGHEST RATE OF SUICIDE. And the highest rate of successfully carrying out an attempt. All this because people are brainwashed and are afraid they might be gay. Your views against transsexual people are misguided and as bad as racism. Yea, there are some that do it as a fetish, but it is also a medical condition. And with the rates of suicide, it is life threatening and a worthwhile problem. It seems so easy to forgot these people because their “weirdness”. Its hard to act like everything is normal when there is so little hope and so many people mindlessly hating. Start loving each other before we destroy ourselves. “Divide and conquer” your letting them win. These tragic stories deserve love and sympathy.

    1. Citations, please (credible ones, if possible).
      Also, while I have you here, “their” is the possessive form of “they,” while “they’re” is the contraction of “they are.” I got a little chuckle off your “all because [they are] genitals” sentence.

    2. “Real transexuals have a actual physically female formed brain. Proven by SCIENTISTS”
      Source? Do you have any proof? Has it be tested and verified through multiple studies?
      No it fucking hasn’t.
      “Which is really more defining of a human? A genital? Or a BRAIN?”
      Uhh, brains make people hear voices that aren’t there. Brains make people want to be cooked and eaten. Brains make people want to chop off their legs and snip their spinal cord.
      Genitals…are for sex, reproduction and urination.
      Genitals don’t think or feel. They just are.
      Furthermore, we don’t say that genitals define the person.
      We are merely saying “Genitals exist and can be verified. Unlike the bullshit of ‘gendered’ brains’.
      “Female brained people in a male body are likely to feel deep sex desires of a female that can’t, although they need to be, satisfied.”
      I don’t even know what the fuck you are talking about. Female brains do not exist in a male body. Female brains exist in females.
      Furthermore, do you have concrete evidence of the definition of a female brain that is explained and verified through scientific testing?
      No, you fucking don’t.
      No, they don’t.
      MALES have the highest rate of suicide. Although I suppose that because most transsexuals are males, one could argue that they do.
      That doesn’t make them ANY different from any other male and therefore no more deserving of our sympathy than ANY OTHER DUDE.
      “Yea, there are some that do it as a fetish, but it is also a medical condition”
      ” These tragic stories deserve love and sympathy”
      Fetishes are NOT a medical condition.
      WOMEN do not have to fucking coddle men with sexual deviancy.
      Seriously dude, FUCK OFF.
      Don’t tell women to ‘Start loving each other before we destroy ourselves’.
      You are not part of the ‘we’.
      You don’t get to tell women what to do.
      Fuck off!

    3. tl;dr: Blar blar fake science blar atrocious spelling blar racist! blar more incoherent babbling blar. The end.

      1. Thank you so much, yours is the first comment that make me laugh today! (I may steal your technique, I should confess.)

    4. He certainly memorized all the right lines: Women can’t logic. Transgenderism is a physical deformity on par with lacking eyes or limbs(yet also completely natural?). Christians invented biological sex and/or the process of human reproduction. People with penises have the right to remove them in order to have sex with whomever they want… um, ok. SCIENTISTS can identify a female brain, on account of how pink it is, I assume. Males who want to be females want sex, and they’re not getting it, and this is the worst human rights tragedy ever, so why are we all so mean and letting them kill themselves? 🙁
      So much obsession with sex, it’s as if that’s all transgenderism is really about. I wonder how many men I’ve driven to suicide by being celibate? Someone needs to do a study on this.

    5. Oh Mr. Flower blooming in the sunlight. What a radiant prick you are. Under what delusion do imagine you can tell women they are ignorant? Same delusion that you think you can stuff your feet in a pair of Mary Jane’s and “go stealth.” Sympathy—women should give sympathy—why you want to suckle at our tit—poor baby.
      Do my eyes deceive me or did he just say it outright?
      “Female brained people in a male body are likely to feel deep sex desires of a female that can’t, although they need to be, satisfied. Yea I guess you don’t NEED sex, but it often makes them suicidal.”
      Okay you hit the nail on the head. Your need to ejaculate MUST BE MET or YOU WILL KILL YOURSELF”
      Quick Ladies he needs women to make him come— to wit I say FUCK YOU, FUCK YOU, FUCK YOU. Drop dead asshole. Do not expect women to talk you down from the ledge.
      Priceless, I love this line—“real transsexuals . . .” as opposed to what the fake ones? The ones YOU don’t think are “real” Oh you mean like real leprechauns, real unicorns, real dragons. Get a clue dude— all men, 24/7 forever and always.
      And in keeping with the male put this on a post it note– men have the highest rate of suicide. As long as they do not take anyone with them (as men tend to do).
      Stay out of women’s safe spaces and shut the fuck up with the whining and all’s good. Come around demanding women make you cum. And you get the fuck off dude just like every other male that forces himself on women—and yes you force yourself on women. Come into a women’s safe space and expect to get a face full of mace and a Taser. As for tragic stories—a man not getting his rocks off is NOT a tragedy
      You do not get to destroy women because you want to get off. Go piss on an electric fence.
      Love and hearts

      1. Doctors completely messed up my nerves ‘down there’ due to making a mistake during (medically necessary) spinal surgery. It hurts, often excruciatingly, CONSTANTLY. Still, I survive, though I sincerely wish I didn’t on particularly bad days (and I’m not saying this to be dramatic, it’s purely a thought through, considered and pragmatic decision that pain like that is, for me, not liveable with, if the number of bad days continues to increase). Why don’t you try redirecting some of that sympathy, and pleas for medical help, towards women (and, sure, men too), who have actual issues with organ functionality, reproductive or sexual issues, instead of focusing on those fortunate enough to have perfectly normal, healthy, sex organs? Because believe me, doctors currently don’t give much of a damn about many of these conditions, especially nerve related ones. Still, nerve damage can also occur if perfectly healthy, normal, genitals are operated on, as in SRS, or in other cosmetic surgery, like labiaplasty. Which is another good reason not to use surgery as a ‘treatment’ for even sex based dysphoria, let alone a more vaguely defined ‘feeling like a women’, whatever that means (being female or male has nothing to do with the bunch of sexist stereotypes you just brought up in the post below, nor do female organs feel the way you seem to think they do).
        What you describe, felling numb, not being able to cry, sounds like depression, probably brought on by not being able to fit into the societal construct of ‘masculinity’. Which I emphasise with, but surgery is not the answer to escape from. Fight the construct instead, not your body.
        And if chronic pain has taught me anything, it is that my body and other organs are just as much ‘me’ as my brain is.

  18. “Female brained people in a male body are likely to feel deep sex desires of a female that can’t, although they need to be, satisfied. Yea I guess you don’t NEED sex, but it often makes them suicidal.”
    Just found this quite amusing — these males, like other males, get all STRESSED if they can’t get sex, but us laydees presumably are good little ladies and can just get by without sex and without any problems…………
    But suggest to a male that he CAN’T get his rocks off! Suicide, disaster, threats and hatred ………………
    “Which is really more defining of a human? A genital? Or a BRAIN?”
    Yes, your brain defines us all as human, but SEX is another matter! Or is this what we knew all along, males don’t REALLY view females as proper humans? Or another species?
    MUST be my damn female brain stopping me thinking straight!

  19. No, it was never about sex for me. I have never wanted a woman that way. I didn’t understand how these people who looked more like I did had none of the same feelings as I did. Sex was only showing of love for me I just wanted to kiss her look in her eyes and feel our souls mix between our heads and be touched, loved and wanted back. My penis kind of just did what it did down there so we could both reach orgasm. Enjoyable, but I never liked my sex or what most women seemed to want from me. I never kept friends who were men because hearing there interests and that look in they’re eyes told me something was missing. Like I was the human there. I liked women because they made sense. I loved and was amazed by pregnancy til I was 11 when I started to want it myself. Still thought I was obviously a boy because of my penis, I just had to have wanted some things like people would like a million dollars. I was always a mother mentor type to kids and babies. Breasts slightly came in a few times throughout growing up though I have always been super thin. I was considered female by ultrasound until I was born with a penis and I have an overactive adrenal gland which is likely the cause as it does cause genetic females to grow to look like any other man. Except the brain is developed already female. Then the male hormones that my body was producing made me crazy, my worst years I remember were 11, 17, 23, and 27 all years male hormones go way up. After 11 it felt like something was trying to take my soul just dulling me out and caused panic attacks, I have always cried myself to sleep for the sadness of people at 17 suddenly I was hurting the same but I stopped being able to cry(an effect of testosterone) but it was replaced by a horrible burning feeling in my brain. I quickly went from a person who was fun and witty and people in school talked like me to quiet. I started to think I may go crazy or become schizophrenic. I knew who I was but there was craziness happening. When I was living with my parents they had tried all the antidepressants and antipanic attack medicine they could and they made me worse. Up til now its felt like I was having a constant heartattack. I couldn’t get happy, I was ready to die. Seriously, not depressed rage, just I need to lay down and sleep. Past 17 I spent ALL my time and money just trying to get better and feel like I did. I was Christian and thought any THOUGHT I had outside the text and I would die for the rest of eternity. So I never let them develop. When I prayed I always seen myself as a girl. And I knew I was a girl in heaven. I prayed long prayers and at the end I would ask god change me, because if he changed me it wouldn’t be bad. Not for sexual reasons at all. By 24 I started really wanting to be pregnant and still thought I was a normal guy d figured guys thought and wanted these things too they just wanted to act tough. Also always had a warm tingle feeling where my vagina would have been at 28 I took anti androgens and the craziness just stopped. 28 years of feeling like I was having a heart attack constantly and it was gone. Then estrogen was added and I felt like me again and young. I just wanted to feel like myself again. My sexual side finally came and made sense as male sexuality didn’t. The area my vagina was supposed to be twitches and tightens inside when I’m turned on and my face flushes and I love it and I feel it. Its crazy because I can’t satisfy that. Crazy. I’m probably genetic. Looking back at videos of me before I even knew I noticed my eyes moved and showed emotion like a female. So ignorant yes, because there is no possibility of you admitting it possible that you may be wrong about some of these people no matter what is said. Still ignorant and unable to admit any possibility even to yourself you go out and hatefully harm these people Because some can make you cringe. They get trained and treated like the opposite sex how can they just be normal when even a persons name changes a personality so much. A lot of times hate if based on media portrayal of trans people. Hormones for some reason are the only thing on a human that CAN NOT EVER go wrong. Ignorant yes I think so. Didn’t take the time to google transsexuals and suicide rates? Its well known. And wow to mention that there have been transsexuals who have murdered. Think a simple sex change will make them not murder like “normal” men and women? While they are never able to have a normal conversation again because of hate they are CONSTANTLY murdered, beaten, raped and killed and have trouble with love. You people are getting all getty just to bash on people elbowing you buddies at how hilarious it is, but can not CONSIDER the facts. Don’t be biased and consider that there may be some people at least who do this for legitimate reasons. Hating those that you haven’t taken the time to understand is what will destroy us. Its why there are wars, that and money. I wish I was born normal I’m afraid of running out of hormones and androgen blockers because I’m afraid of losing myself again and there is no more of a terrible feeling.Yes, its aggravating to see some people getting their sex fetish paid for, it also sucks when your a good person just wanting help but help is taken away because idiots take advantage of it. My person relates completely to females and none to males. Sure I’m not “we” in your kkk trans hate group, but I have women friends and we understand each other. Your not part of our we. We love and want to change the world for the better and its sad you hold so hard to your hate. Makes mankind seem hopeless sometimes. Should i burp, drink, drive fast and shoot guns to make you comfortable? What colors and styles should I wear to make sure I don’t fit in with the ones I relate to? Sorry I wasn’t privileged with your parts so I could have a full life. Sorry I wasn’t privileged with your beauty so I can just feel normal and accepted by those I relate to. I’m really tired of apologizing to people who feel they are the only ones with the right to live and be happy. Don’t just get on here and just try to come up with a come back. Actually think deep on this, if you think I’m wrong EXPLAIN how you think I’m a just any guy. It always seems to me like your deep reasoning is “penis,guy” or stereo typing the media portrayed trans people seen on cops as the way every single trans person must be. Ask, is that smart? Testosterone being a little high during pregnancy is all it takes to have your vagina change development into male parts. Can any of you understand how messed up that is? Can you understand how hormones are the only thing that is always 100% correct? Can you? I don’t think you can. Sounds like ignorance to me.

    1. No one is going to read this comment sir. I certainly didn’t. But if you think your crazy rant actually helps swing public opinion towards funding sexual cosmetic surgery, then you’ve had your say. I am going to ask you to leave it at that and stop posting now. Thank you.

      1. I only got a little way in before deciding I didn’t want to read this schmuck’s little biography.
        Maybe you should start your own blog, DeDflower, so you can spew all over in your own space. Don’t know who will read it, though, with your inability to write properly or be interesting.

    2. How much are we betting that DedFlower is a middle aged autogynephile?
      They all write in a similar style.
      At Gallus’ autogynephile smirk gallery we should have some excerpts of the crap they write.
      Or get someone to rap or sing their crazy ramblings.
      “Testosterone being a little high during pregnancy is all it takes to have your vagina change development into male parts”

      1. Whoa, he said that about testosterone being a little high during pregnancy? Once again, see Cordelia Fine’s book regarding studies done of testosterone levels in women’s bodies during pregnancy; the levels basically couldn’t be linked to anything, let alone a change in the fetus’s genital development.

  20. I know this is an older post but I can’t help myself from commenting on the ignorance of some people your ok with politicians lingering there pockets with millions of tax payers money your ok with paying for crappy education for your kids but your not ok with the government funding for srs or top surgery…ah lightbulb it’s not about the money but morality because you people are such biggots That you insist on the norm or your religion doesn’t accept people like me so I say this to you ” life liberty and HAPPINESS for all” being transfobic is un American because you are keeping us as fellow Americans from being happy ” but it’s un natural / against gods will” well if I’m transgender and god made us in his own image then god is transgender gay lesbian cisgender hetrosexual asexual and everything else besides why is it that whenever something like this gets brought to light everyone has to put gods name on it the book is old as dirt literally but people love to quote it and bend it to there wills so they feel like god is on there side we are all human and need to learn from the past peace can not be had by one that speaks hate nor can peace be achieved from a world that still has hate in its heart

    1. Jade, come back when you can write comprehensible English. That includes proper spelling and punctuation. Sheesh. Oh yes, you need to read the Constitution again; the entitlement is for life, liberty, and THE PURSUIT OF happiness. You are not guaranteed happiness any more than anybody else.

    2. Dear Jaded,
      You are responsible for your own happiness. Nobody can create or take that away.
      Go ahead and be transgender. You are not a biological female, and you never will be.
      Stop calling yourself a woman, and everybody will get along better.
      Be Trans and be happy.
      You do not need to seek anybody’s permission for your own peace of mind.
      Does your happiness truly depend on others to conform to your particular brand of delusion? Do you not see how messed up that is? When you allow the locus of your mental well-being to live outside your own being you cause great suffering for yourself. Other people cannot ever make you feel whole, that is your job, dood.

    3. That was… a lot of rambling. I’d just like to say that, from a religious perspective, if God really made transgender individuals, then they wouldn’t need surgery to make themselves happy or complete. Certainly they wouldn’t need the sort of surgery that didn’t exist less than a hundred years ago!
      More importantly, since men and women were made in God’s image, one can never become the other. Male and female He made them, and male and female they remain, no matter what superficial changes they force on themselves in the name of ‘gender’. Make your peace with that, Jade.

    4. Holy crap you’re illiterate. You post is an embarrassment, “Jade.”
      ANYway, it’s actually “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” Meaning, it’s on you to be happy. YOU have to do the work. The government does not owe you happiness.
      And who here has brought up trans crap being “against God’s will”? Um, that would be no one. If you bothered to read any posts at this blog, you’d see we have many other valid reasons for having qualms about the whole trans schtick, and none of them involve God’s will.

      1. I’ve been lmao about this comment from Jade. It’s so bad I’ve been debating whether its real or a joke. The whole bible ‘is as old as dirt, literally’ thing gets me every time. I guess if you can ignore a couple billion years between the geologic creation of dirt and the theological creation of the bible, it gets pretty easy to ignore that penis=male thing. Mostly I’ve found myself giggling at the idea of god as transgendered because I can’t help but picture god wearing silky panties under his robes and having a spank, rendered Michelangelo style on the Sistine ceiling. Long white beard, a little lipstick.. gets me every time, one finger reaching out to adam for the moment of creation, one hand under his robes. BTW, if that comment is a joke, fucking brilliant funny, if not, wow, sad. These dudes are still clinging to ‘made in gods image’ SHOCKER

      2. I also must add, as a Radical Feminist, I’m totally for crappy education and corrupt politicians *not*

    5. hmm I guess I have to speak up for God then, yeah there is a masculine/feminine aspect of God, most certainly, that’s why satan and his empty headed human ‘sims’ will throw up a mimicry, an lousy imitation of that – satan always imitates/impersonates the real thing. This tranny plague has nothing to do with God, it’s just a very poor, laughable imitation of the masculine/feminine nature of God.
      baphomet is just a creepy symbol invented by some oto/crowleyite type ooh early 20th century. It seems to have infected the world, like a disease, a contagious idea – its visual representation is of a man with tits and a phallus of some type, oh and goat horns too.

  21. some of you’s on here need to take a chill pill i am trans and i am not going to give you my life story cause you wouldn’t understand. To all these women on there high horse here that have the privalidge of being born a natural female which i haven’t to judge a person on how they feel you should try looking at it from their perspective. And too the person who said about how much men get paid i would give that up in a heart beat to feel the right way as it is only money. And i sort of agree with you’s cause if you want to fix a wrong the person should foot the bill which is what i am doing and i am not complaining about it but to get to see this foul mouth people talking about transgender people like second rate citzens is absolutley disgusting behaviour. To all the women on here that have had the privalage of having there kids that are judging a person cause how they feel and to put it this way what if your child came up to you and said they felt like the opposite sex would you talk to them like you’s are talking to people on here and i am pretty sure you wouldn’t cause what kind of mother would that make you. But i do agree people life threatening diseases should be helped from the goverment that have taken taxes from them all their lives as they have contributed to the country but that shouldn’t stop other people getting help too cause transgendered people pay taxes too and as some of you’s put it they get paid more but they pay more tax than women too. And you will find that most transgender people just want to be happy in their life like you do so why can’t people just accept the person for who they are and transgender people aren’t hurting anyone and you will find they are better people for going through with the change. The world would be a better place if everyone would stop judging a person on how he feels it wasn’t so long ago how people were racist to a persons skin colour look how times have changes they are human like the rest of us take time to know them for the person inside as they saying goes don’t judge a book by it’s cover. And their has been studies done on this so before you say were is the proof but were is your proof that it hasn’t been done. I just hope people that read this think what if is was your child and then you would see it from the other side cause you wouldn’t be able to ignore it cause you wouldn’t want your child to be unhappy or suicidal.

    1. “The world would be a better place if everyone would stop judging a person on how he feels”
      You can feel however you like, sir. What you cannot do is demand that women share your feelings and beliefs, or accommodate you in any way. Your feelings are yours alone, and we do not share them sir.

    2. If you have suicidal feelings sir I suggest you call a suicide hotline instead of using suicidal ideation to manipulate others into doing what you want. That is abusive sir.

      1. And all the women in my life which are family and friends are all accepting of me doing what i am doing so cause those women accept me for who i am and i guess they are not real women are they. i suppose only you and all of these bigots on here are right cause other people are different to u maybe you should stop being a sheep and maybe all the bigots in the world maybe can find an island to live on all by themself and live happily ever after cause the world would be a better place with out bigots.

      2. Huh?
        Stop telling women what to think, feel, and do, sir. Women are not bigots for disagreeing that men can become female.
        No surprise that a guy like you would be happier if all actual females were removed from the world. You hate women. Disgusting.

      3. We are not talking like you are second-rate citizens we are talking like you are a man. You just think for some reason that because suck in air, eat food and shit, that means you automatically deserve respect—what have you done to earn respect? Have you written a great book, cured a disease composed great music? Nothing. Bullshitting in and of itself does not deserve respect. Easy lesson–Not every living thing gets respect because they want it. You are a male demanding women pretend you are women. And that is not worthy of women’s respect. No. Not now not ever. Great–your family accepts you. You are still a man. Women in the real world do not owe you anything so grow the hell up. Do you seriously think that women have to accept a MAN as woman because he feels that way and say “don’t judge”? News flash–intelligent people judge and that is why we know you are male. I don’t care what you feel. Your feeling is not my reality or anyone else’s. Do you think that your feeling is not more important than my reality. Maybe to you it is but I do not care about you. I have my own reality. Can you grow up and say something to women without telling them, what to do, what to say, what to think or what to feel or without crying bigot because–yes we all notice you are a man. Here is the deal Jack. When this little fad is over you are SOL. Nobody else. Nobody will be giving a rats ass that you spent your time wallowing with your dick in your hand looking for attention and trying to manipulate people in some pity party. Only you lose. Everybody will go on and have lives and you will be calling them bigots and demanding they pay attentionto you because you feel . . .. You think it looks like crap at 20 well it is gonna be future shock for you. And those “bigots” they will be living a life because whatever you say is meaningless in the real world.

      4. Yes, everyone is a bigot if they disagree with you. WAAAA. What a pathetic mess you are! I picture this imbecile typing away with streams of mascara running down his face because the over grown brat isn’t getting his way.
        Your enabling female relatives/friends -who could stand to be friends with you – need to get a clue as well; something tells me you have been pretty spoiled and indulged by these women your entire life. Time to grow-up, BOY.
        Your whining and tantruming and general bossiness shows you could never cut it as a woman in the real world. Those traits are loathed in women by both women and men. You better stick to being male. Men get away with lousy behavior all the time.

    3. “Alicia”, are you also “Jade”? Or is illiteracy a requirement for trannies these days? Here’s a tip: “you’s” is not a word.
      Good grief.

    4. These illiterate, abusive skidmarks.
      Threatening suicide if you don’t get your way doesn’t elicit sympathy. It shows that you’re manipulative and mentally ill. If an anorexic told me she was fat (when clearly she wasn’t), I wouldn’t agree sith her, even knowing she believed it to be true, and I wouldn’t support her seeking liposuction or going on starvation diets. Why do you think your delusion gets to be honored and indulged?
      FYI, that question is rhetorical. I know the answer.

      1. Sympathy–they all make my blood run cold. He is demanding abusive and manipulative and when he says suicide I hear murder because they are so violent these men.

  22. Leo: And if chronic pain has taught me anything, it is that my body and other organs are just as much ‘me’ as my brain is.
    I feel extremely fortunate that I have always LIVED in my body, and never experienced the body hatred that so many people, especially women, seem to experience. I think it helps if you’re crazy about horses or crazy about sports, or something in which you are your body. I’ve always loved to be physical, working in the woods, working in the gardens, and that living in my body has helped me to deal with the chronic pain whereof Leo speaks. I really hate the dualistic concept that on the one hand there is the body, and on the other hand there is the brain. Without this dualism, could transgenderism even exist? What notion is more laughable than that there is a female brain or a male brain?

    1. Thanks for that comment (and I emphasise, chronic pain is hard work to live with). : ) I did end up kind of disconnecting from my body for some years, after the bullying from peers, the trauma of my operation and the lack of control I felt over my body (the medical professionals were not sensitive whatsoever to how I might feel being constantly poked around, or the pain it caused, I was made to feel I was making a fuss if I dared object to rough treatment), and just because of being immobilised and stuck mostly indoors so long, but gradually learned to feel fully present in myself again, and am much happier for it, and just feel more whole generally. I would never actually have believed that was possible for me, that I even could feel that way, but it happened quite naturally and unexpectedly as a result of focusing on trying to achieve improved overall mood. So I absolutely agree, this dualism just doesn’t really work.
      Exercise is certainly good, as far as someone can manage it (hobbies like that sound great), or to experience nature by just sitting outside even if you’re not able to walk actively, and I’d also recommend meditation (even the type where you focus slowly on each part of your body, while it forced me to very very aware of pain, helped ultimately, I believe. You can’t really completely disconnect with chronic pain even if you’d at times really like to be able to, so it’s Ok to learn to pay attention to what your body tells you and accept treating yourself more gently). It’s good to just stop and be present in the moment, aware of yourself and what is happening around you. Feeling dissociated and not really present is very often related to depression, which these methods can also help with. Body and mind are absolutely part of one whole. I really do think if depression, and a general sense of disconnect were focused on in treatment, it would prove very helpful for many transpeople, those types of symptoms do seem very common, and sometimes seem to be the cause of unhappiness with their bodies rather than the other way around, or at least to form a kind of feedback loop for those with dysphoria.
      It’s important to be very careful to distinguish between unhappiness with your body, and unhappiness with how people treat you because of it, too.

      1. Yes, very much. I was a tremendously active person for many years, and now I can hardly do anything, largely due to medical negligence. I think the things you mention to help people start living in their bodies — even if they’re very unhappy with their bodies — are very constructive. You remind me to be grateful that I have never disconnected from my body and that even if I can’t do what I want (ride, hike, canoe, swim!), I can sit outside and watch the trees and listen to the birds (I am very fortunate to live in a beautiful place).
        I spoke a bit with a young transsexual, and what I took away from the conversation was intense body hatred. I could not figure out how this young man would want a boyfriend if he hated his male body so much, and why he thought he’d be happier in a surgically altered body. It’s like “I hate this body so much I’d be happier in any other body.” But it’s not like he loved genuine female bodies either. Very sad.

  23. Good its about time im checking into this because i am getting my sexchanged to and for free l have known that i am really a female at age 3 I asked my mother about having my sexcanged at age 5 she has very supportive about it I was rised as a girl I went to school as a girl from. kindergarten to grade.12.I have never. had any boys clothing i stared on female hormones at age 12 so i could developbrOeast l@ike all the other girls at age 15 my.bra size was 34B I wear a 36 C now

  24. Good I hope it passes because I’m sexchanged too I’ve known I am a female at age 2 Igrew up as a girl. my whole life Iwent all through school as a girl started female hormones at age 12 my breast started too develop at. age 12 Wheni started wearing a bra. At age 14 I was a 34B I’om a 36 C now.I have only been with a man so its time to have a vagina at no cost i have suffered long enough.

    1. Woo hoo a real 36 C man oh man–you’re there dude. But it is those man nipples that just creep me the hell out. I mean really they make me gag to see them and they scream male.
      I am on my knees thanking whatever gods are up there that I never screwed my kids over–hell I am mother of the year, every year by comparison. And you Jack get a free blind pouch. But that is not a vagina it is nothing like one.
      And oh my you suffered, yes narcissism is hard–imagine children are starving, bombs falling on their parents, the village flattened and all the while you are wacking your dick off, dressed baby girl and 36 C.
      News flash–nobody cares about your trivial suffering because there is real suffering and people know that you are not a female. And when they think of you wanking the monkey and shooting your wad into your moms underpants they have a real hard time finding even a kernel of compassion for you. You are a male narcissistic navel gazer–a boor.

      1. Don’t forget the colon! “Made with real colon bits, so you know your poogina is the shit!”

  25. Its about time fixing to have a free sexchange I’m finally going to be a woman. I. grew up as a girl my whole life

    1. You will NEVER be a female sir. And if you really wanted your plastic surgery that bad, you would have already found a way to have done it instead of waiting for taxpayers to potentially have to subsidize your fetish.

      1. Yes! And why announce it here; a site that reports on the harms of trans and trans doodz?

  26. If your against transgenders then why even bother coming to a site like this and hating? I dont understand isnt there enough hate in the world? This goes for everyone ive known as many gays that hate straights as straights that hate gays. Its sad we are all HUMAN we should be helping each other not hating.

    1. Bill, can you show me an example of “hate” in this post? Or do you consider all Feminism to be “hate” against men (“ie. man-hating feminazis”) ? Also curious about the anti-straight “hate” you perceive coming from the gay community. Can you point me to the systemic straight-bashing or heterophobia you observe?

      1. This “bill” dood sounds like that “Sarah” dood above; wants to transplain about dat manpain.

    2. Bill the claim of hate is manipulative horse shit. I do not see or feel any hate from this site. I see insightful sometimes witty interpretations of what men do and how the world reacts. As for hate against straights–I am straight I do not feel hated. People can disagree and it is not hate unless you happen to be into control and power. That’s for the heads up on the all human thing–I feel very enlightened. Some hate is warranted and legitimate–I hate abusive people, I hate people that co-op and manipulate other peoples oppression. I hate people that harm children. If you were smart you would realize there are things that should be hated.

      1. I don’t feel hatred, and I’m not gay either. Certainly there’s a measure of snark, but given the subject matter I don’t think it’s possible for there not to be. This whole trans issue is like Kafka meets Monty Python with glitter paint. It’s either laugh or facepalm yourself into brain damage.

  27. I have been living as a transexual for over 25 years. I started hormones when I was 17 I am now 34 years old. I have never been able to come up with the money I did 15 years at a motel and four years as a bartender. I have always known I was born in the wrong body. I’m so weird I don’t even understand gay people I feel like I am all woman. how is that even possible. I am a transexual. if anybody could please help me

  28. I believe that it should be approved because I am a transwoman and I know the struggles of being financially unable to pay for treatment

  29. I am a transgender who is wanting to go from male to female the mental illness is not from being transgender but because you are told that you are I’ll because you are a women in a men’s body or a .end in a women’s body you are telling us this so we try to diel with what is going on with us and some of us kill are self because we are keeped from being who we really are we where born with a birth defeat that gave us this body and all we want is to have this birth defeat fix back along time a go people look at people back then that had birth defeat and put them in a mental intuition because they though they had a mental illness or where children of the divel and had them exsursized to get the divel out of them what you don’t understand you call them mentally Ill or what ever way can make it go way but you can not make a person that has a birth defeat go away because you want to we will be here we just want to fix are birth defeat so we can live are life for who we really are thank you for your time Melissa Sue Sadzewicz

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