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You may have noticed that posts have been a bit on the thin side since January 19 when my system was wiped out by a trojan or virus. Many of you have reached out with information and donations and support. As of about an hour ago the last of my data and system has been fully restored. I can’t tell you how incredibly happy this makes me. GenderTrender would quite literally no longer exist were it not for your kindness and help. I just want to thank you (you know who you are!). I would like to give you all a hug and a kiss but a virtual one will, in most cases, have to suffice. THANK YOU. And get ready for some seriously kick-ass posts. XOXOXOXOXOXOX

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  1. I lost about one-third of my hard drive at the same time. I was going from here to the Burchill/Moore stories. My rig is still not working properly.

  2. Hooray! I have found that the firefox extension NoScript has kept a lot of nasties off my machine, in case you are still looking for ideas to prevent another infection.
    Here’s another ridiculous story for everyone to roll their eyes at:
    Some context that matters: this school district has been in full-on crisis mode for at least a decade. They graduate barely over half of incoming freshmen. They have constant budget shortfalls. They had to beg the city to help them provide subsidized transportation for low income students this year. They have a number of schools in such poor shape they are essentially earthquake death traps waiting to happen. There are rampant racial and class inequality problems. There hasn’t been a cohesive arts program in years, and AP classes are getting slashed. Etc.
    So of course they have the cash to convert SIX bathrooms in one school for less than a dozen trans students. They can’t even figure out how many there are! (“5-10”)
    There’s a cameo from our old pal Jenn Burleton in the article!
    But this is the part that really got my eyes rolling:
    “Morrison said the new bathrooms are the best fit for him right now, as he undergoes hormone therapy.
    In the girls bathroom, he felt “confronted by gender” as he maneuvered around girls fixing their makeup in front of the mirror. In the boys bathroom, he worried someone would ridicule him or tell him to leave, which happened to him in a public restroom.”
    Confronted by gender! Sheesh. You know a lot of women don’t fuss over makeup and may get annoyed by the mirror crowd but so what? How absolutely ridiculous. And tragic that someone who very much looks like a normal young woman is getting poisoned with hormones and bad ideology.

    1. lol confronted by gender. But she lurvvvvves gender! She’s being medically “treated for gender”.
      Gender is shoved up our ass every fucking day. Stop supporting it folks!

  3. YAY!!!!!!!!!!! I wish we could party and celebrate. (and hope all gets better soon, doublevez.)
    But Gallus, you have been so spectacular that I didn’t even realize you were thinking you weren’t posting a lot. Maybe it’s the the content was so damned good!

  4. YAY !!! I was *sure* your data could be recovered. This puts a smile on my face. 🙂 What a saga this has been.

  5. Very pleased to hear you’re back up and running Gallus. Your work and this blog are so important.

  6. I am so relieved. This could have put a fainter heart out of the game altogether. And thanks to all who helped. GT is really important, as I hope you know. You’ll always have my back. And my front, if you want it!

    1. From the petition:
      “Dr. Joelle Ruby Ryan NEWFIELDS, NH 1 day ago Liked 1
      This is long overdue. MWMF has become a hotbed of trans-misogyny and it needs to end.”
      LMAO. Joe Ryan is just a dude – a regular dude.
      He does not take hormones, has had no surgery, is not objectively “transgender” in any way. He enjoys high heels, make-up, and fetish clothing. That is it.
      He does not even “identify as” a woman:

      What could make the issue more clear? The objection guys like Joe have is not to any “exclusion” of guys like him. Trans like Joe (males) object to any places or spaces where women can temporarily be free of the oversight of our Joe-Overlords.

      1. So Red’s argument against feminist theory Red doesn’t like is “It’s SO OLD. It’s like OLDER THAN I AM.” I can’t believe sometimes how blatantly ageist these guys are. You’d think they’d try to cover it up, because the ageism makes it look like the whole point of petitions like Red’s is to get access to young women. Oh, wait.

      2. I love that Old Red Durkin now not only “demands” that “faggy-fag fag-fags” be granted entry into Michfest but he now also demands:
        1. Official apology and genuflection from women to males like him, and
        2. demands that at least one male (probably him) be permitted to command the full attention of all the women -by being given an on-stage performance slot.
        I’M KING OF THE WORRRRLLLLDDDDDD!!!!!!!!11!!!!
        HAHAHAHAA! Red you are TOO MUCH BRO! lololol. And 600 of his bros signed the thing! HAHAHAHA omg.

      3. I can only watch less than a minute of those videos, as THE VOICES of these characters are worse than nails on a chalkboard. Wait – you ever hear tile being cut on a tile cutter? Yeah, it’s like that.
        And Old Red’s wanting an apology. Har. I gotcher apology right here, fuckface.

      4. Joe sounds halfway between a Muppet and the distortion they do to protect a person’s identity on a news program.

    2. Oh come ON. 661 supporters as of this message. WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE? I swear, the only reason these petulant little children want to attend is because somebody picked up all their little toys and told them to go home.
      If they don’t want trans people there, what’s wrong with respecting that? I know I’d be uncomfortable there as an M2T. Why would I want to insert myself somewhere I’m not wanted? I don’t particularly like being excluded from something just for being M2T. (I’m still a person with likes, dislikes, hopes, dreams, etc.) However, look at all the people Gallus posts about — it’s no wonder. Always looking for a co-optable soapbox to push their nonsense on people. Of course they aren’t wanted!

      1. So, a reader, do you state these things to other trans people, as they’re hounding and harrassing anyone who doesn’t agree 1000% with them?

      2. I do. This makes me rather unpopular with other trans people, as you might imagine. Unfortunately my voice doesn’t get heard from very often, because my comments get deleted and in some cases with more tech savvy folks, I get banned as well. Thems the breaks. I should set up my own blog, to show people that not all trans people are deluded freaks.
        In person, I don’t know many trans people because I don’t participate in the alphabet soup community. I did meet a trans person during a doctor’s visit one time, and when I disagreed with “her”, “she” proceeded to yell at me and tried to “out” me to anyone that would listen in the room. In an alphabet soup oriented doctor’s office. Good job.
        I will always support women born women, not delusion.

      3. Good to know that you’re putting your voice out there. I Blame the Patriarchy has some trans-oriented posts up right now, with the usual “You’re a HATAH!!” directed toward anyone who questions anything trans people say. Anything. It’s sad. I will never, ever change my belief that being born and raised female is something of value, and something that cannot be simply “claimed” by men who decide they want it.

  7. Congratulations again, Gallus Mag!!!
    Oh those videos! Do they not look at or listen to themselves? Could they act, think, sound more male??? They are nothing like real women. They are SO self-centered, SO entitled. If we say, “Narcissist,” then the lectures come about how they are mentally ill and deserve our sympathy and support. But these fuckers care nothing about women, know nothing about women, hate women.
    I know we’ve said it all before, but they are interested in women only as something to use, appropriate, wank their egos off on, caricaturize, fetishize, pornify, spiritually, mentally, and physically rape. They would be laughable if they weren’t causing so much damage. They are raping our movement and trying to rape us as individuals.
    And “faggy-fag fag,” with his lisp and posturing does appear like a gay male stereotype and not remotely female. They do not have a clue about what being female is.
    Do none of these men every see real women? Do they only watch media stereotypes of women who look like drag queens?
    Very revealing when they switch right back to identifying as male to get more privilege.
    And do not believe their stories of growing up being treated badly for feeling like girls. They lie. They grew up with boy privilege. Fetishizing their fantasy of a woman is not growing up as a girl. Like the able-bodied man who claims to be a “trans-paraplegic Lesbian” because he fondled his disabled aunts leg braces as a boy, he did not grow up like a disabled girl.
    I do not understand why every woman is not disgusted with these men by now….

  8. For got to add that they say so many ridiculous things, hoping they will be believed. Another is that women who do not accept men as women are all old. Of course the first feminist writings against the trans cult are old because they have been invading our rare female only space and destroying it for over forty years. But women of all ages are objecting to their appropriating our identity.
    When men demand we accept them as women, and even more ridiculous, as Lesbians, that is a clue you can’t believe a word they say….

    1. I’m 19 years old and just recently discovered radical feminism, I instantly knew this is where I belong. “Modern” fun feminism never sat right with me. It seemed as long as you stuck the word “choice” in front of something that made it okay, even if it did serve the patriarchs agenda, as long as you were doing it
      “willfully” it got a pass.
      Gendertrender really opened my eyes. Growing up I was very androgynous in appearance and personality. On top of that I liked other girls. So people thought I wanted to be a boy, therapist included. Which made me question myself, and I though maybe I did. But I came to realize I never felt like a boy, or even a girl. It doesn’t really have a feeling. Just stereotypes attached to it.
      I also know now there are things I have to give up in order to be true to myself and to feminism. Degrading porn being one. Its shameful and has always made me feel sick to watch, but I have been abused in such ways that the only pleasure I know comes from pain or sickness.
      So far I don’t enjoy sex with men. I don’t know if its because of past abuse or because i’m a lesbian. But I don’t know any lesbians, and I certainly don’t know any feminist. I stay with men because I would otherwise be homeless. My job doesn’t pay enough and I have no vehicle. I am totally dependent and It makes me feel like a hypocrite. Its a rut i;m not sure how to get out of.
      So for now I read and try to put the teachings of radical feminism into practice. Even if its in a very small way.

      1. That sounds like a tough place to be in, Syd. I can totally understand wanting to get your life into a better place than where it is now, and I absolutely wish you the best. But I also think it’s important not to blame yourself or feel guilty for doing what you have to in order to survive. Things are set up deliberately so that it is very difficult for women to really live as we wish to. It’s very easy to get trapped in a bad situation, and to internalise self-destructive ways of thinking and being. I think its fantastic that you’re gaining more self awareness and can start to identify some of those woman-hating messages you’re getting from those around you (and society in general), and hopefully start to replace it with some more positive understandings. I really hope you can start working towards getting where you want to be, and hey, lesbians are awesome. (Long time lesbo here)

      2. Hi Syd,
        I’m 22 and feel much the same way you do about the state of feminism today.
        GenderTrender is both illuminating and amusing to read! I’m thankful for its existence among many other blogs.
        Also, sorry you’re in a rut; I’m in a similar situation myself. I hope things improve for you and soon.

      3. Yes Syd. Sometimes good choices are limited (while the bad ones are all around). If you can be patient and keep your options open, something usually opens up that’s a bit better than where you are now. It sounds like you have already made some good decisions. Glad feminism is helping you.

      4. “Its shameful and has always made me feel sick to watch, but I have been abused in such ways that the only pleasure I know comes from pain or sickness.”
        That will go away, Syd. I speak from experience. It will. Each time you stand up for yourself, it weakens. As you become more independent (and you will), it weakens. Each time you befriend another woman, lesbian or straight, and look out for each other, it weakens. And let it weaken, as it’s poison.
        I hope you can get out of your rut. Be very careful how you spend your money, and don’t be intimidated into spending on things you don’t really care about. DON’T get pregnant. You’re not a hypocrite, you’re doing what you need to do to survive, and there’s no shame in that.
        I’m glad you’re here.

      5. @weirdward Thank you. Your words are of great comfort to me. I have been flogging myself for being a “bad feminist” for quite some time now but you’re absolutely right. Some things have been beyond my control and I have to stop hating myself for it. Otherwise i’d be doing exactly what they want me to do.
        I very much wish I knew lesbians! In high school straight/bicurious girls would flirt with me but I imagine its mostly because I “looked like a boy” and they thought it was an edgy thing to do. I even slept with one girl but she told me afterwards that “it didn’t” count. I mean, it was my first time and I know I wasn’t good at it but damn that hurt. So I learned my lesson messing around with girls like that. And now that I’ve grown my hair out long they don’t even bother with me anyway. Lol.
        I suppose when i’m old enough to go to a gay bar I will. Although I wish I could just meet a nice girl somewhere boring like the park or library. Being an introverted misanthrope doesn’t help my case much. 😛
        @Anon its always good to see that there are other radical feminists around my age. I know I spend entirely way to much time on these blogs (especially gendertrender, i’m always checking for new posts) but they are just so much fun to read! I wish you the best as well with your situation. Stay strong!

      6. @Syd, you’re very welcome. The first girl I was with in high school got sent off to a psychiatrist and “encouraged” to turn straight. That happened in the late 90s, so not all that long ago. It was horrible. I’m sure many of the readers here have similar stories. It’s not a problem with you; it’s a problem with living in a patriarchal culture that wants to control female sexuality and erase lesbianism. I’m sure if you persist you’ll eventually start meeting some like minded people wherever you are. Not being much of a party-goer either, I’ve found places like book clubs and discussion groups a good starting point for meeting women and making friends.

  9. if you’re secure enough in your skin to reject gender then i think that’s fucking great – really i do, i wish i could be the same (and i’m working on it). but gender is kind of a big deal to many/most people even in the straight non-trans world, so to expect someone who most likely has esteem issues to just pick themselves up by their bootstraps is pretty unrealistic. unisex bathrooms really aren’t so controversial, and could be a step in the right direction on the road to a world where gender is seen for the bullshit it essentially is.

    1. Sex is real. Gender is not. Unisex bathrooms will do nothing to demolish gender. It is gender that has started the idea of people using the bathroom designated other than for their actual sex (that and long queues for the ladies at most venues!).

  10. Lurking on RadFem blogs is my daily dose of sanity. Wonderful to see GenderTrender up and running again! Thank you for your important work!

  11. I’m so sorry, Syd. Thank you for reminding everyone and especially the more privileged that so many girls and women like you need help. I see so many women volunteering for projects that primarily benefit men when girls and women need so much help.
    Know that who you are is a choice, and when you are able to decide freely, than you can choose how you want to live and who you want to be. But you need the help to get to where you have more options and aren’t needing to just survive.
    It’s strong and courageous that you are here and learning and trying to heal. There needs to be shelters and safe spaces you can go to be able to live how you want.
    it’s so good that you found GenderTrender….

    1. Thank you Bev Jo.
      I am especially grateful to those who have come before me for sharing their knowledge and experience. It helps me through the hard times and lets me know I am not alone. Gendertrender has put a lot of thing into perspective for me concerning my “gender identify issues”. I no longer feel that there is something wrong with my female body because I don’t conform to traditional gender roles. I am so glad I didn’t go down that path, I had contemplated transitioning, but something always stopped me. Now that I know the truth I will work on loving my body. I have recently taken a step in that direction by not restricting food anymore. I was afraid of growing breasts and being “dirty”.

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