From the "Vigil for Lucy Meadows" Facebook Page

The following is from the “Vigil for Lucy Meadows” Facebook Page:
2013-03-23 Lucy Meadows Vigil
Andie McGrath
why not doorstep littlejohn @4 greenoak place cockfosters rd en4 0jb – his home address?

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  • Cydoni Trusste Cause you don’t want to accidentally turn a bully into a victim.
  • Andie McGrath pfft
  • Natacha Kennedy He actually lives in Florida. This is probably just a pied-a-terre or a different Littlejohn entirely…?
  • Andie McGrath yeah? current voters roll and directorship etc for him and wife there though – more about press coverage etc. also dacre’s is down in kent
  • Natacha Kennedy Hmmmm interesting. I think he spends most of his time in Florida tho, and if he isn’t there right now I bet he is on a plane going in that direction, that is if he has any sense.
  • Andie McGrath haha – true!
  • Natacha Kennedy might come in useful in the near future however, for a demo
  • Cydoni Trusste I assume you ‘pfft’ me because you think I’m viewing him as a victim? No matter how you paint it, appearing as a large number outside someone’s house in protest does not make us look like the peaceful group. I’ve never known something good that started with the words ‘doorstep his house’, regardless of motives.
  • Andie McGrath and we can always send them love letters, fanmail etc
  • Marci Hawkins We don’t appear as a peaceful group? Good. If they can mock a woman they prob helped to kill, they’re fair game.
  • Thia Jones they might get woken in the night by people in vehicles with sirens and blue flashing lights…
  • Thia Jones …they may get visited by…. oh, I don’t know, all sorts of people calling for all manner of purposes
  • Jessi Lloyd Honestly, I don’t think there’s any excuse for bullying another human being. No matter how much of a vile douchebag he is, I’m not going to stoop to outright harassment.
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  • Natacha Kennedy I think it is worth remembering that this page is going to be read by journalists and if there is any suggestion of a threat to harass anyone the DM will jump on it, it will be their ‘get out of jail free’ card. Just like Suzanne Moore, Burchill & the TERFs, we need to not allow the DM to escape from its culpability in this way. They would love to get off the hook by claiming victim status. Don’t let that happen! He is very unlikely to be there anyway, since his main residence is Florida.
  • Michelle-Louise Burrows Very true, Natacha. What I suggest is that EVERY single one of us – and I mean EVERY single one – writes to the Daily Mail and the PCC expressing our disgust over what happened to Lucy. In our ranks, we have some very intelligent, very articulate and very internet savvy people who can really go to town on this. Standing outside Littlejohn’s house hollering will achieve precisely NOTHING and will get the Daily Heil off the hook.
  • Paula Pandora Allen we have a name for the “parent” who caused all this crap.. will be released later with some other “tasty” details.. soon as our “diggers” have dug..
  • Andie McGrath you don’t think it’d make him think twice about the kind of articles he writes? make the mail and other papers reconsider their doorstepping antics if they think someone may do the same to them? i have no idea whether it would or not – but i’m happy to give it a shot
  • Paula Pandora Allen Lets just say.. the person who FIRST went to the press is named in this article.. wonder if you can work out which one it is….


    [ Tonight a friend who answered the door at Nathan’s terraced home in Accrington refused to comment.

    Cops found his body after an emergency call.

    An inquest has been opened and adjourned but the cause of death has not been revealed.

    Dad of three Wayne Cowie said: “I was shocked when I found out what had happened. My son came home yesterday and said that Miss Meadows had died.

    “We still don’t know anything really and no one knows why or how. It was upsetting for the kids. I have no idea why he has done it.”] (direct to Sun link – sorry)

    The Scum has learned absolutely nothing from these events. They’re still misgendering Lucy, and harassing people at her home.
  • Theresa Heath-Ellul I agree that we shouldn’t do anything that would allow the DM to shout ‘angry trans cabal’ and that this page should primarily be about discussing the vigil. I also think it’s a great idea to all write to the DM – do others think this should be a group letter or individual ones?
  • Jules Bristow I think individual ones are more likely to make an impact in terms of numbers. Also I think sharing personal addresses is a bad idea, apart from the ethics of it it’s against Facebook’s terms of service and if anyone reports this post – not unlikely as this event is being widely shared so a lot of people who may not support it will be seeing it – it could get this page shut down.
  • Theresa Heath-Ellul Andie, as posting this address could get the page shut down would you mind if we take it down? I don’t want to be seen to be censoring anyone but I think it’s important for the sake of the event.
  • Andie McGrath go for it
  • Andie McGrath but if it matters it is in the public realm
  • PJ Crittenden I don’t have time to go up there myself right now. But I do have time to put a dog turd in the post.
  • Theresa Heath-Ellul Hm, I think I’d have to delete the whole thread – Andie could you just take the address bit out? Thank you x
  • Andie McGrath can’t, you’ll have to delete it
  • Natacha Kennedy Yes, Theresa Heath-Ellul I suggest you delete the entire thread.
  • Theresa Heath-Ellul Ok I’ll do it as soon as I get home, can’t work out how to do it for my phone x
  • Dee Stuart Please let us not stoop to the sort of behaviour exhibited by the Daily Mail or by Littlejohn, especially not on this page as it’s dedicated to the vigil in memory of Lucy Meadows. Write to the DM or Littlejohn by all means. A group letter would merely serve to confirm in their warped minds that there is a trans cabal and the sheer quantity would show people’s feelings are strong. However, I don’t doubt for a minute that Littlejohn is deleting any email he receives the moment he perceives it as contradicting his opinion. Possibly better to write longhand and send it to the DM.
  • Andie McGrath have to admit i am disappointed, i was looking forward to going round asking his neighbours “so what’s it like living next to one of *them*?”, “them?!” “yeah, you know – daily mail writers”
  • Dee Stuart He probably lives amongst like-minded people Andie.
  • Dee Stuart Please Tony xx
    More on Paula Pandora Allen HERE.
    Read my commentary on Lucy Meadows HERE.

13 thoughts on “From the "Vigil for Lucy Meadows" Facebook Page

  1. While I appreciate that anything I post on Facebook is effectively in the public domain, I think it’s somewhat unsporting of you to reproduce it here and link to my account.
    I’m also wondering what exactly your point is in copy-pasting this thread. As far as I can see you’ve produced no original material other than the title.

    1. Sometimes the violent tendencies inherent in trans just speaks for itself. But since the men tend to scurry like cockroaches in the light and delete the proof of those tendencies, it never hurts to ensure the proof is preserved.

  2. I wonder if anyone gives a thought to the wives, women and children left behind when a man decides to “become a woman”?
    When someone “transitions” they leave a wide swath of pain in their tracks.
    How many families and lives have been destroyed by someone who “transitions”?
    How many suicides can be attributed to the abandonment and gutting knowledge that the person you loved for many years, just used you because they didn’t have the courage to face themselves?

    1. Good question about wives–but I do not think “the courage to face themselves” isn’t the best phrasing as it suggests that these men arrive at truth when they put on a dress and ape women. They don’t . Seriously I would say–don’t don’t marry a cross dresser. Women think they are being “open minded” and accepting. No they are being foolish. He gets off on himself–run like hell. Our culture has swapped one type of oppression of women for an other and now Hetro women and girls are not given the tools or standards to help them really assess men as potential mates. Most men are seeped so deeply in porn, in fantasy in role playing and women who are “open” and “supportive” as the new world dictates accept. Very simple: if he gets it up for anything other than you–run like the blazes.

      1. having spent a fair amount of time around trans people i’d say the most well balanced are those that are completely open about their cross-dressing. take that same person though, shame them with gender roles, lock them in a closet for a few years and wait for the transsexual to emerge (with a hastily rewritten backstory).

      2. I met him when I was 15 and he was 22.
        He knew all along he was like this.
        He went to great effort to conceal this from me.
        He LIED and was deceitful everyday for decades!
        After 37 years…done.
        And ya’ know what?
        I am doing just fine…

    2. “I wonder if anyone gives a thought to the wives, women and children left behind when a man decides to “become a woman”?”
      All too often, it seems that the prevailing discussions and common denominator that they offer up is surrounding the issue of why the family won’t accept and embrace their decision. Collateral consequences don’t matter…lives of the wives and children don’t matter…it’s all about the fact that the world is supposed to bow before the almighty male who hath decreed he is woman, so hear him bellow.
      In her book, Christine Benvenuto aptly describes the M2T’s new approach to life as basically being all about them (meaning life revolves around the M2T, consistent with the male privilege they previously used to their advantage getting to that point in life). It truly is the essence of narcissism followed by the narcissistic rage when someone won’t acquiesce to the M2T’s choice in screwing up the lives of the others in the family.

    3. It’s apparently as a reaction to this danger that the, probably misguided, idea of transitioning before puberty began.
      That idea IS likely misguided with 17-20 being a better age frame. But anti-transition propaganda, trying to shame people into not transitioning, actually increases the danger, because the longer one is shamed from transitioning the more there is a chance they will start a family.

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