How to Become a Trans-Jacktivist: in Two Weeks or Less

Michelle O'toole. A nice friendly cuppa.
Michelle O’Toole. A nice friendly cuppa.

Some stoner crossdresser dude calling himself Michelle O’Toole– a fan of the blog apparently- started tweeting at me a few weeks ago. What’s all this about a schism between feminists like me and a guy like him? He’s a nice enough bloke he tells me, and posts a video asking me out for a nice cuppa.
He poo-poos the whole female/trans divide, but in a nice enough way. (Isn’t it something when we give the men “credit” for poking at us sans the requisite “transwoman” rape and death threats?) He seemed benign enough, autogynephilic wanker, seemed to have not read my blog or any other woman’s, with the usual request that I extend myself to him and explain it all to him so he doesn’t have to be arsed. I noted that he drew a distinction in his video between himself and actual women, and I further noted that there were already transjacktivists taking the piss at him for doing so. In the past I might have naively taken his distinction as a some small sign of respect for women. A sign of sanity. But I know now that “sane men” who choose (for their pleasure, or, at their option) the social role inflicted on females- one enforced by violence and torture to ritualize our subordination- are non-existent.
And “respect for women”? Men “respect” women at their leisure, and at their pleasure. As Bev Jo often says (paraphrasing): If a woman wants to see the nature of a man, tell him “No.”
When I was trolling for gender news on reddit a week or so after Michelle O’Toole’s first cry for feminist attention I saw him again, posting this:
michelle is correct
and this:
michelle is correct 3 of 3
Hmm. Was Michelle approaching honesty? Sanity? I confess that I said to myself: This guy will be just another MRA Cotton Ceiling spewing entitled male jacktivist soon enough, demanding that women service his fetishes and “honor” him. He will because he can. He will because other men will back him up. He will because the institutional power of the overlord class will support him. A man taking “No” for an answer from women? Hahaha. No.
Today on the front page of Gay Star News the tragic- and newsworthy!- tale of a man whose honor was offended by a woman who refused to honor him as he wished to be honored. That’s right. Our Michelle “nice cuppa” O’Toole, our “It really is about the clothes and sexist stereotypes (and erections!)” pal, making headlines – not because a woman told him “No”, but because she refused to HONOR his CROSSDRESSER FANTASY. She declined to be an unwilling PARTICIPANT in his KINK, as is his RIGHT as a MAN.
O’Toole’s complaint, according to the Gay Star reporter? The dressing room attendant in a women’s clothing store “ loitered very obviously outside, making [O’toole] feel very uncomfortable.” Front page news folks! Man NOT treated with DEFERENCE. (The author of the piece is “Jane Fae”, formerly John Ozimek, who demanded round the clock care for his “sex-change” from his wife who is undergoing brutal chemotherapy treatments.)
"Jane Fae"
“Jane Fae”

For a real look at what it’s all about let’s check O’toole’s blog post on the subject. He is not “transgender” in the sense of taking hormones or getting sugeries or any of that. He’s just a guy who gets aroused seeing himself playing the role enforced on women. This post was originally titled “My First Transgender Changing Room Shenanagans”, (now retitled “My First Transgender Changing Room Fail”):
I went to the New Look store in Brixton and found some things I liked the look of (some jeans and a jumper…this wasn’t what you would call an exciting shopping trip) and went to the changing rooms. At first there was no staff member there and thought about just going in and trying on the stuff. But then I waited, and eventually a staff member came and asked me how many things I had. I answered, and she looked up and said “Oh, you are a man”.
I was sort of taken aback by this. I tried to answer but it sort of came out like this “Uuum, it is complicated….I am transgendered….I…umm…this is awkward”.
She then told me “this is a womens changing room, we don’t have any changing rooms for men”.
I tried explaining “but, I am transgendered…I just want to try on some clothes like everyone else”.
A few awkward moments went by and she was about to use her walkie talkie (do they still call those things walkie talkies? sounds so wrong but I don’t know what else you would call it) but then she thought better of it and guided me to a changing room.
She then stood outside. Either making sure nobody got to me…or as I suspect…that I couldn’t disturb anyone else.
This was not a pleasant experience. I was made to feel like an “other”. A “different”. “
Well yes Michelle sir. You are a man. Different from a woman, remember, oh Mr. “have a nice cuppa”, respecting women pothead crossdresser dude? OTHER than female. DIFFERENT than a woman you jack-ass. So what’s it all about Michelle sir? This, from the same post:
Now, I have tried to keep opinion out of what happened and what all this means so far. And I want to make it clear that New Look are being very cool and nice if you agree with their logic. And everyone I have talked to (including the staff member in the changing rooms) has been really nice and there has not any ill feeling or inpoliteness from them.
But their reasoning is that I am not a woman. That I am “a different” and whilst they want to help me and let me shop and be nice to me, they don’t seem to see how being treated like some special case can make someone feel.
All I have ever wanted was to wake up one day and be a cis gendered girl. And I guess the reason I was so taken aback by the incident was because in my head, at that point, I was the girl. Not 100%, but I was pretty damned close (I am pre-everything, but when the hormones start flowing in my body I will be a lot closer). All of that, the second she said “you are a man” was gone.”

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  1. This is just brilliant, Gallus Mag. YOU are brilliant! Again, you are the place to read for all woman who are inadvertantly betraying girls and women by feeling sorry for these men and wanting to defend them. I love how you explain so clearly how such men as this can lure even feminists into thinking there may be hope of an ally, but then unfold the truth about his having the usual entitled arrogance of men who demand we accept them as women. The incredible self-centeredness of it all because, after all, men and even their most pathetic fantasies are SO important compared to any women.
    In other words, as long as these men say they are women, they cannot ever be allies. By calling themselves women they are erasing our existence. Invasion of the Body Snatchers and Silence of the Lambs. Stepford Trannies. Just take over everything “woman” and wipe us out. Both cannot exist together.
    A real male ally would back off, apologize, and then work to explain to other men that fetishizing female oppression is the opposite of being female. It’s being the enemy of girls and women. But do any of them ever do it? Of course not, because to get where they are is about being more oppressive than most female-hating men already.

    1. It finally came to me – the whole ‘dressing as a woman is fetishizing females and the whole sexist divide that enslaves them;’ apart from being like BDSM (and not in a good way.. if there is a good way), it’s sort of like when people fetish black women because they have ‘jungle fever.’
      Essentially, they are reducing a person to a collective object, a group of things that (generally) if experienced will result in a particular experience they want, sort of like going on a roller coaster.
      Yay! (I originally started out as sort of ‘I’m not sure if trans people are crazy or not..’ mostly because of the brain science I know of from uni/etc., and then read up on things, had some ‘discussions’ on forums with trans-women (men) and decided that they were crazy).
      (Discussions is in ‘ ‘ because they didn’t answer any q.s’, and had serious logic-fails).

  2. Look at those eyes. Is that dude, like, on crack or something?
    But ja it looks like his little fantasy went away.

  3. Me me me me me I I I I I I. Nary a thought for how other people (women) in the dressing room would have perceived his presence, nor about what will happen to the business should word get out that men are allowed to prowl the women’s dressing room. Just kvetching. He was floating around on a pink cloud, and then some horrible repressive woman killed his buzz!
    These men have no clue how obnoxiously self-centered they are. Whether they’re conscious of it or not (and sometimes they genuinely aren’t) they are doing all this in service of their sexual fetishes, and their presence in women’s changing rooms and loos, is just plain skeevy.

  4. GM, you are some kind of genius. I sit and marvel. It takes me a few readings that are always enlightening and really funny. I have a theory nothing sophisticated rather crude really. I think these creepy gestures of let’s be friends come within 45 minutes of the last ejaculation that they had. The outfit and the fantasy having been so pleasure filled that they are in a conciliatory mood. It passes fast. I have perhaps a stupid question, on everybody knows that. Women as a matter of course are quite used to “invasive” medical checks. It seems that it would not be beyond medical science to confirm these guys indeed get off on themselves dressed as women and are mostly hetero. Is this being tested? What I am saying is can be proved that this is a fetish. Arousal can be tested right? I have tried find if such a test is done as part of the Dx of “woman brain trapped in male body” or if includes anything that shows arousal triggers and I can’t find that there is. I swear I could send my husband to one of these medical hucksters and my husband could come back with a Dx of “Trans”
    OMG did he offer to pay for a cup of coffee, or a drink–good god. They are insane. Meet him for coffee, he’ll pay-hahahahhahahah.

    1. Yes, for most of them, it has been found, but generally the evidence is suppressed. Read “The Man Who Would Be Queen” by J. Michael Bailey.
      Now, there is a small percentage who do not because they get off on it. These are essentially gay men/boys who for a multitude of reasons transition, usually to gain access to more men, escape from homophobia, etc. They’re more common in countries where gay relationships are illegal or shunned; sometimes they are mandated, like in Iran. I know Gallus has discussed this group a bit, especially regarding around when they’re children, when it’s common for boys who will grow up to be gay men to crossdress and play mainly with girls. It’s a tragedy the way they are often pushed into the transgender movement when they should work on accepting themselves as gay men.

    2. Good points, Motherhood.
      Here’s the thing: Unless … what to call it? … trans becomes a really widespread social panic/culturally bound syndrome, the trans population is so small that any researcher would have trouble getting funding to study it. Never mind that the tiny little trans demographic is seriously degrading women’s rights, because that’s not important, is it?
      If in some ideal world you studied this, though, you might use penile plethysmography, which involves placing a sensor band around the penis. The sensors measure and record changes in penile girth; increases are thought to reflect arousal. The technology is controversial. Some people–including pedophiles who don’t like the results of their plethysomgraphs–claim that changes in penile girth don’t mean what common sense indicates they mean. Whatever.
      But let’s say that, against all odds, you managed to do a really good, statistically valid study that proved beyond argument (hah!) the simple, commonsense intuition that MtT are fetishists. What then? Do you then draft legislation that says no laws can be written that accommodate fetishists? Or what?
      I absolutely get what you’re saying, and you are right. It seems to me, though, that shaming these fellows, and making their legal moves extremely costly in both social and financial terms, is the only possible way around the problem.
      That, and waiting for the trans craze to pass … and the next horrifically misogynistic craze to start.

  5. This looks like a student prank. Especially with the cut up editing and “Barry” the hoodie showing up in the background.
    I guess the lads are going to have lots of fun taking the mickey out of women by pretending to be trans, and there won’t be anything we can do to stop them because the law still takes them seriously.
    A fake trans already stood for Women’s Officer at University of London Students Union. The trans and the right on faux fems were extremely offended by it, because it’s OK to impersonate women, but woe betide anybody who pretends to be a trans.

    1. “The trans and the right on faux fems were extremely offended by it”
      LOL. I would have loved to have seen that. Their little offended selves.
      Tranny: waaa. I can’t go on. get the axe.
      Faux fem: you must. we’re fighting for men’s rights

  6. Something tells me that at the drop of a hat this guy could turn into one of those psychopaths who go on radical feminist blogs and write something like this: “wow so much hate on this blog i wish we could all get along i am woman just like you why aren’t you nice i always felt like a girl i liked bows in ym hair you hurt my feelings why u so mean im gonna go kill myself now bye”

    1. Yes, and we have, yet again, NO acknowledgement from the critics of the fact that allowing transwomen with penis intact to use the womens bathroom MIGHT cause some disquiet, AND assumes, yet again, that worried women SHOULD be able to tell the difference between a genuine REAL transwomen (pre-surgery, pre-hormones, with a penis), and a FAKE one, a male with a penis who just wants in for his own kinky purposes. HOW are we supposed to tell the difference ladies, because I can’t, and I’m afraid my default male detector will trigger in both instances.
      O dearie me, they complain, you want us to sterilize ourselves before we’re allowed to use your bathroom, boo hoo! YES, say I, if you want to keep your penis, at least take it to the mens room where it belongs.

      1. Seems to me that the castration requirement separates a considerable number of the fetishists from people who genuinely have some kind of body disorder. Sounds good to me. Don’t like it? Agitate for a third bathroom option.

  7. “And “respect for women”? Men “respect” women at their leisure, and at their pleasure. As Bev Jo often says (paraphrasing): If a woman wants to see the nature of a man, tell him “No.”
    This! This all day everyday. So god damn true.

  8. So well said, Gallus Mag. Every observation rings true. I have contacted New Look to let them know that, as a customer, I do not accept that we have to put up with men in our changing rooms.

  9. Fuck! Middle aged tranvestites with bad wiges and skills calling themselves trans women. It wasn’t always like this.

  10. I have read several different accounts of this story on British websites, including the individual in question’s own blog, and I am still at a loss as to what the complaint was about. Thanks for covering the story here. It seems to me the clothing store in question made reasonable adjustments for trans customers and by Michelle’s own account, were polite and friendly.
    Is it simply that the doors of designated female space did not automatically swing open once Michelle began identifying as female? The red (pink??) carpet was not rolled out and the store refused to acknowledge identity over reality within the nanosecond they are permitted?? I assume that it must be something like that as opposed to actually hurtful or unprofessional behaviour, of which I can see no evidence on any account.

    1. PS on reading some other blogs online it seems there is a suggestion the store might be breaching the UK Equalities Act 2010. I am going to look that up – I assume it protects gender expression or something ludicrous.

      1. Actual leaflet says some not terribly helpful stuff:
        Although does seem to say that changing facilities that offer privacy, no reason to object, but communal facilities, I think you would have grounds to object.
        The wording in the leaflet isn’t terribly helpful:
        “The likely impact on other service users/
        consumers, for example, in terms of privacy/
        likelihood of serious embarrassment”
        and SEEMS to assume that we’re all nice and polite and no one is ever going to try and impose themselves on others. WHOSE privacy though?
        “Can a man just put on some lipstick and try to get
        into the
        ladies toilet?
        No. A man who just puts on lipstick but does
        not wish to change his sex is not a transsexual
        person who is undergoing the process of changing
        his gender, nor is he likely to be thought to be
        transsexual, so he cannot rely on this protection”
        Now we see it — the MAGIC assumption that you can tell the difference between a pretend transsexual and a TRUE transsexual. And that no woman is going to be SCARED or WORRIED or feel THREATENED by a very clear male person who may clearly also be transsexual coming into a single-sex bathroom.
        In terestingly enough, the single-SEX (although they seem to insist on calling it gender) toilet/changing rooms bit also mentions as a consideration:
        “The stage of gender reassignment”
        ….which possibly would allow that a transsexual with intact penis could be barred from a communal swimming pool changing room, and that offering them the use of a private changing cubicle outside those rooms would be possible.
        The possibility for other users to be seriously embarrassed…….
        (Why is only embarrassment considered? I’d be considerably more than embarrassed if some dick-wielding tranny dude starting disrobing in a communal changing area and I was the only other person there!)
        ……. is considered. Gee thanks guys!

  11. How does this guy not get that he got the closest a dude can get to being a woman? I mean, being othered is the cornerstone of the ‘female’ gender! He should be celebrating that. Maybe he really just wants to be catcalled or insulted by some dudes on the street. I dunno.

  12. Is there a way I could contact you directly? Not in the public eye? I would very much like to talk to the person who wrote this.

  13. I wanted to be reasonable. Friendly even. I made that video because I genuinely thought that we could stop things like this. I know that you have received awful messages from some trans people, but I have never said anything horrible to any of you.
    I wanted to start a dialogue where, rather than trying to win some debate or score ideological points, we could at least co-exist without so much hate from both sides.
    Some rad fems messaged me saying they liked what I was doing. Others just wanted to win a debate I didn’t want to have. I tried explaining that I did not want to debate, just agree that we stop writing horrible things about each other. They stopped replying when I couldn’t give them the fight they were looking for.
    Other rad fem bloggers wrote about me and this changing room nonsense, and disagreed with me and I have respected that. But you Gallus Mag for some reason that I still cannot work out decided that instead of looking at my video and saying “no thanks” or commenting that I should not be allowed into changing rooms, you got personal and wrote some really horrible things about me and Jane. I cannot understand why slating us so much has anything to do with the story.
    I have no interest in entering a debate about transgenderism/patriarchy etc because that is a debate that we will never agree on. But I wanted to be able to say “lets be cool, I don’t hate you”.
    I do not see the point in posts like this, and I will never write a post slating you Gallus Mag because I don’t hate you. I don’t like the way you write about people who have done nothing to you, and I disagree with some of your views but I have nothing against you.
    The only reasons I can see, that someone would write something like this rather than a post trying to make a point to persuade (this post is clearly aimed at the rad fem choir, with no intention of changing minds, so that is out), or to entertain an audience that has already reacted well to previous posts like this. If I am wrong please tell me, but I suspect that you used me and Jane to entertain an audience to get the comments telling you how brilliant you are.
    One thing, I would ask that you remove Jane from this piece. Not in any entitled way, not as someone trying to oppress you, but as a personal favour. Because she has nothing to do with my video, or the New look story apart from she wrote it up. There was literally no reason to say those things about her. It just came across as cruel.
    If you can justify why what you wrote had to be written, what aims you achieved, please tell me. Because it may be clear for you but it isn’t clear to me.

    1. If you’re not interested in debating, why bother to start talking to begin with? No one has the right to state something with no proof, demand that their opinion be accepted and simply end it there. If that was how society worked a pedophile could simply say ‘but the child seduced me’ with no argument, and would get let off.
      The fact of life is simple. You have your opinions, we have ours, other people have theirs, and the second you open your mouth, write something on the internet, or even leave the house, people will have an opinion on you, about you, and about what you say/write. Get over it.

  14. No “rad fem” (Radical Feminist? “Rad fem,” especially coming from a man, is trivializing and insulting) would message this man saying they liked what he was doing. That would be a pretend feminist, but not a real one. No real feminist supports men posing as women, defining us out of existence.
    Gallus did answer him well. It’s nice someone has the courage to counter the ongoing male mindfuck that is the transcult.
    If he bothered to read GenderTrender, he would know that we believe very strongly that men posing as women are not at all “people who have done nothing to you.” The oppressor of women masquerading, fetishizing, and caricaturizing those they oppress is quite seriously doing something to women. Besides defining us out of existence, they are woman-hating. Everything about the entitled game he is playing is offensive and oppressive to women. Look and listen to him. He is SO male, as they all are, and as clueless. Obsessing about the demeaning clothes men demand women wear does not make a man a woman. Nothing will.
    And no, Gallus Mag does not have to “justify” anything to this man. It’s clear to us. He’s playing the usual male mindfuck games and she recognized every bit of it and called him out. Her “aim” that she “achieved” was supporting all females against the usual trannie con. And she did it brilliantly.

      1. Way to be mature, Michelle! I’m sure you would understand that a white person walking around in blackface is problematic, to say the least. Although the trans community denies the similarity, many people see trans women as a comparable situation. That’s simply one aspect of the objection. There are other facets as well, not least of which is the inability to tell a person who believes they’re a “woman born in a man’s body” from a perv who puts on a dress just to get access to spaces where women are vulnerable and in various states of undress.
        For full disclosure, I cannot claim to speak for Radical Feminists, as I am not one myself, but I agree with quite a lot of their beliefs.

  15. That’s the typical male response to women who don’t obey. We must be crazy to not do what men want. And now we have your entitled permission to continue?
    Why on earth would any woman believe you are a woman when everything about you screams “male?”
    Have you looked at your video and listened to yourself? I dare you to approach complete strangers on the street and ask them if they think you are a woman or man in drag. Notice their expressions, even if they lie to not hurt your feelings, it should be quite revealing.

  16. Here is a brief run down of the communications I have had with the radical feminist scene.
    Make video asking for peace and maybe to go for a drink – Get accused of being entitled, trying to tell “real women” what to do and that I am a pervert.
    Try to talk to writer of blog and ask why she wrote about me – Get accused of feeling entitled to her attention (like it is a commodity as expensive as diamonds). And then get cut off. Also, pervert…again.
    Write a message on here, asking why this had been written and why didn’t you just cover the New look stuff without focusing on me, the least important part of the whole thing – Get accused of trying to oppress women, or actually oppressing women by being myself. Oh, also, pervert.
    Finally express how weird I find all of your reactions, after holding my tongue even though you have been nothing but rude and obnoxious – I am being immature. Typical male response. And finally, perv, mixing it up from the established pervert.
    Don’t you see how these reactions are not of this world? Was there any way I could have communicated with you that would have not been some kind of oppression? That any kind of communication from someone you rudely perceive as male is oppression (even asking for a drink and a chat?! Something people have done since the beginnings of talking and drinking) and any kind of communication from someone you rudely perceive as female who disagrees with you is a faux feminism and not the real deal?
    So yes, on this basis, I do think you are very weird people (either that or so willfully hateful that you may have some kind of personality disorder), and kind of not worth worrying about anymore.

    1. I can’t speak for anyone else you’ve interacted with, but I did not call you a perv. I don’t know you and don’t presume to know what is within your heart and mind. I realize you’re going to be reading anything here from a defensive stance, understandably, but you’ve misunderstood my meaning. My statement is that we (female-bodied women), when face to face with a male-bodied person in a restroom, locker room, or changing room, have no way of knowing if this is a person who genuinely believes they are a woman and is there with no ill intent, or if it is a man who is utilizing gender identity protection laws because they find breaking taboos and getting into a space they are otherwise not allowed titillating.
      While of course, not every trans person fits this example, can you imagine how unnerving it might be for a 5′ 5″ woman to find herself alone in a restroom or locker room with a male-bodied person who is a foot taller and a hundred pounds heavier, not knowing the intentions of that person? There are very few things in our society that are designed to realistically promote women’s safety, so when one of those things is threatened (sex-segregated spaces, in this case), we are understandably alarmed and have a hard time sympathizing with those who are eroding those protections. I know the trans stance on that is that you need a safe space away from men, and I’m not saying you don’t deserve to be safe, but there should be a way for everyone to find safety, not give one group safety at the expense of another group. Again, that’s only one aspect of the difficulties I see between Radical Feminists/females and the trans community. It would be great if everything could be settled over a cuppa or a pint, but it seems that the demands for accommodation fall more heavily on the shoulders of women instead of on society as a whole. Instead of hearing “hey, we need a safe space”, we hear “hey, give me your safe space.” I don’t agree with the trans beliefs about sex and gender, but you are human beings who deserve the same respect and safety as anyone else. You seem relatively easy-going, based on you demeanor in the video, and I’m sure you’re frustrated on multiple levels, but do you also see that we’re frustrated? Each side has its “in a perfect world….” scenario, and I have no idea if there’s an in-between point where everyone’s needs and wishes are met, but freedom and safety need to be for everyone, not just for whoever’s yelling the loudest and has the most supporters.

      1. When a trans person tells a group of Radical Feminists that they should communicate like a non-confrontational, semi-conservative Christian, it starts to look like one of those “a priest, a rabbi, and a nun walk into a bar…” jokes. While it would be nice if everyone could just get along, once death and rape threats come into play, I’m afraid the discourse is irreparably damaged. It’s probably easier for me to show less fervor and be more pander-y since I’m fairly new on the scene and to the subject in general, along with basically being an outsider, although I align on the Radical Feminist side.
        Okay, I’ve chattered on enough. Hope I haven’t been too obnoxious today. Shutting up now.

      2. i think integrity and honesty are thrown to the wind the moment you claim transwomen are women and demand access to their spaces.women instinctively know this, even if they are not clear why. if you had any respect for women you would acknowledge how many straight wives and women have been predated sexually, objectified and wanked on from a great height and been left damaged and traumatised by people like you. how must it feel to them to allow you into womens spaces? why should they? because you say so? i dont think so love.
        you have a right to try and convince the world youre a woman by breaking out of your gender stereotype and breaking into ours, but we arent convinced. wear bras and dresses and sexy panties, have endless plastic surgeries including the destruction of your undoubtedly healthy and functional genitals and rip out all your body hair if it makes you feel ‘more comfortable’ (for the record thats not how women get comfy) you dont have the right to piss all over women. you’re coming from an untenable starting point with regard to honesty by presenting yourself as something you are clearly not.

  17. Wow. You sure showed us, Michelle!
    “If you won’t all play the game, you’re all a bunch of crazy bitches! I’m better than this, I wanted to make peace because my saying that we’re all at peace will completely negate the opinions of every other woman-hating trans in existence! But now I don’t care, because you were all mean to me!”
    So yeah. Thanks, though, I almost believed you genuinely wanted to get along there for a second. Whadda bullet to dodge!

  18. Didn’t take him long to get to the insults: “It is because you are all a bit crazy/insane/weird.” HE decides because he is a man and we are merely women, and not even as real women as him.
    Gallus described it all very well, from the thought of possibly a man who really does care about women, to all the usual insults and cons, all very predictable for those of us who have been watching the same trannie cult games for decades.
    It’s not complicated. It’s very simple. No person has the right to claim to be the identity of a group they are oppressing. European-descent have no right to claim to be people oppressed by racism, the able-bodied no right to claim disability (as in the “trans-paraplegic,” etc. And no man has the right to claim to be a woman. No amount of objectifying, fetishizing or wanking off while in a dress and heels and makeup will make him a woman. In fact, it’s proof he is one more woman-hating man. As long as he insists he’s a woman and insists we accept him as one, then he is not an ally. He is the enemy of women.
    So back to his insult of crazy, etc….. As I said to him earlier, go up to random people on the street and ask them if they think you are a woman or man in drag. Notice the real reaction in case some have been bullied by the trans cult into obeying against their common sense. You don’t have to be a Radical Feminist to notice the truth that men can’t pass as women and can never be women.

    1. The hijack everything, they claim to be “women.” Any time every time they use “like” or “as” they follow it with offensive faulty analogy–they are not intersexed, they are not black, they are not by and large gay or lesbian. They in fact hate all these groups and women with a blinding passion. They don’t pass for anything other than misogynists.

  19. Back in college, I received a note in my mailbox that I had a package delivered and needed to go pick it up at the depot (this was concerning because not only had I never been to it, I had no idea that it even existed in the first place). I wondered what the hell it could be since it’s not like anything ever came for me: it turns out when I signed up for the International Male catalog and it was shipped out in a big cardboard box to disguise the contents and not “out” their clientele.
    I thought that was ridiculous because back then only a portion of their clothes were flaming out loud (I guess they’ve gotten rid of that stuff too and now mostly cater to people who wish Miami Vice was still on tv), and had lots of cool rock ‘n roll stuff back in the early 90s. I had signed up for the catalog on the internet, which even college students had to dial into via phone line back then, which brings me to my point:
    I do all my shopping via the internet. I know that’s evil since I’ve read all the shit about warehouses and the state of employment in America. But even my mom, who was once the queen of catalog mail order (who frequently had to deal with sending bras back by having awkward conversations with men in India), does all her shopping online now.
    Isn’t it a laugh riot that trans, people who live their entire fucking lives on the internet (where they are free to be warcraft furries or whatever), who are the 133t mofos of the internet (who can leverage their 4chan buddies against women they think are “vile” and “repulsive”) are the ones who need to do their shopping old school, brick and mortar style:
    1. I guess they’ve spent their whole lives picking up on what it means to be a woman from romcoms and the idea of flinging clothes around in a dressing cube and walking out as Prom Queen.
    2. Isn’t it fun to make women uneasy, to have them be forced to interact with you? It’s not just trans that do this — think of any middle aged straight dude who goes to a salon instead of a barber just to get a woman half his age to rub his head and be forced to talk with him for 15 minutes — it’s just they can’t get internet famous if one of those women says the wrong thing in response.
    It’s not like this dude needed to try on a bra (newsflash, none of them fit. not this one, not that one, not the leopard print one, none of them) or that he couldn’t have ordered anything that he could think of from the internet, because it wasn’t shopping, it was some kind of gender stereotype performance.
    If, in fact, he wasn’t rubbing up all over the goods just because he knew a woman might unknowingly touch them in the future.
    How sick is it that this place has a policy in place because there are so many fucking dudes who want to do this that they have to form an after hours queue for them — and not even that was good enough because he thinks that SCIENCE proves that he’s a real woman. Guess what? The people at the Creation Museum think that science is on their side, too.
    But hey, at least trans will save Brick and Mortar stores from obsolecence.

  20. Clearly, he doesn’t want to have any sort of discussion unless it involves us kissing his ass and submitting to his delusions. He will continue to live in that little bubble of his, and disregard the feelings of the women he is hurting. I have no sympathy for this woman impersonator.

  21. um, what is wrong with him? The science DOESN’T agree with transgenderism! There’s some bad science that supports it, and a heck of a lot more that doesn’t agree with it.

  22. I just wanted to say, that I liked that line “if a woman wants to see the nature of a man, tell him no” so much, that I made a quote post of it on tumblr. attributed to Bev Jo. I don’t have many followers, so I figured I was just sharing it with radfems for the most part. However, I thought I should come back here and mention it to you, because it has now been liked and reblogged 1390 times, and escalating. (I enjoyed the article and commentary as well, but I just posted the quote on my blog). If you would like me to delete the post, I will. I truly did not mean to make the quote tumblr famous without permission. I’m sure that many of the people reblogging it would be appalled they had reblogged something posted by me at all, as I have ended up on a few Evil Radfem tumblr lists.

  23. 😀
    6:30 AM EDT here, and it’s already up to 2,000
    Lesbian separatism in 15 words or less.

    1. Awww! We got Michelle again
      We’ve already banned him from GenderCritical.
      Looks like he has another account.
      Explains why he can’t answer the questions as to what makes him a woman and not a delusional male, he knows we’ve got counter points for his bullshit

      1. He went there to pretend to be confused, but he left with ‘some-one gave me gold, you all need to be jealous of ME’ to start a fight to jack-off to’. Women getting hurt makes this guy happy, because -he doesn’t like them.
        He is gay, but incredibly jealous and hateful that actual women get more looks from straight guys- then his ass ever will because only 10% of men go that way. He wants straight men to want him, and for some reason wants to compete with women and ‘win’ in ‘that event’. He is a shallow guy, with misplaced blame and anger over his frustration that guys will still pick girls over him.

    2. It’s cute how he pulls that “gee, I never even considered that” when someone brought up the idea that we can’t tell a trans who just needs a toilet or to try on a garment from a pervert in that reddit thread, when we mentioned that very idea to him TWO YEARS AGO, as anyone can see above on this thread.
      That leaves two possibilities, Michelle*. You either don’t listen to women at all (after all, you never did address the concern, just scolded everyone else for not being as mouse-ish as me), or you just don’t give a shit what women say. Either way, you sure get a kick out of bumbling around online with your “gee, I dunno, I’m just a nice-guy-trans” shtick, dontcha?
      * I feel confident he’s reading this. He has nothing better to do than flounce about the web, sprinkling his delusional, pot-head fairy dust about.

      1. If he replaced most of his mentions of “trans” with “man”, that should provide quick, simple answers to most of his questions.
        Isn’t comfortable with the word “man”? How about “hombre” or “Nánrén”?

    3. In reference to that reddit thread, I am so fucking sick of trans comparing “women only” to “whites only” And its usually from the mouths of white males who dont give a shit about black people OR women.
      While racial disparities have lessoned since the Jim Crow “whites only” days, institutionalized white male supremacy hasn’t budged one fucking inch. Taking down the signs was just a gesture. Its like that movie Poltergeist, “you left the bodies didnt ya? You only moved the headstones! Whyyyyyy?!”
      So they can use the backlash they propogate from our “progress” to put us all right back in our fucking places with the language and context of our oppression obliterated.
      We can’t even articulate it anymore.
      Then, though the bodies in the cemetery are those of women and POC, they have the audicity to claim the struggle as their very own! Unfuckingbelievable!
      The concept of race (skin complexion) was created by white male patriarchs to oppress/exploit people of color. It was “studied”, and “proven” to justify slavery and Jim Crow. Similarly, gender was created, “studied” and “proven” by white male patriarchs to oppress/exploit female human beings to justify the oppression and second class citizenship status of women.
      Where is the discussion on this similarity?

  24. There’s nothing complicated about it. He’s a man. He can’t change that. Why deny it?
    That Reddit thing! It’s a feeling! It’s MAGIC!!! He knows because he knows because he knows!

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