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  1. Yep; you’re blogging from the future. Or from a time zone East of mine. Or using cool technology to make it *seem* like either of those things. Which would be awesome because I don’t *want* to know your identity. I want you kept safe, and continuing to educate.
    Friday before last, I speed-read _Sex Changes_. It rocked me, and for a whole week I devoured information from peer-reviewed journals, and from your blog (and pages pointed to). I gave a 15-minute speech this past Friday morning, educating a group of men and women about this issue, and of course the two critique slips suggesting I tone down my “anger” came from men. (And I very carefully was *not* being angry, but *emphatic*.) I led off by wearing my down jacket, and explaining that if I have to de-ice my car, I flip the hood down, because it blocks my peripheral vision, which would keep me from noticing an opportunistic approaching male, SOMETHING MEN DON’T GROW UP WORRYING ABOUT, but which experience taught me I’d better.
    For umpteen years, I got to live free, traveling the country, til a drunk (male) driver totaled my truck and I had to rejoin society — a world which worships money, power, and penises. I’m so sick of “appreciative” males continuing to badger me after I’ve said “bug off” (which I can say in at least three languages). I’ve never been to MichFest, but now that I’m local, I hope to, this year.
    GM, you’re reaching new audiences every day. I was sickened by what I learned, but better I know it than blindly swallow trans PC. THANK YOU, and keep up the good fight!

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