Undefeated Women's MMA fighter Fallon Fox is “outed” as a Man

Saturday night in Florida, Fallon “Queen of Swords” Fox was at the height of “her” game as she knocked out opponent Ericka Newsome in 39 second bout with a knee to the face.
Now, he has been outed as a man and his licensure is under investigation.
Fallon, who, like many male transgenders, embarked on a new athletic career when he realized he could compete against females, failed to disclose his sex when he applied for his license to the Florida State Boxing Commission.
From Sports Illustrated:
“Our department is currently investigating allegations pertaining to the information provided on [Fox’s] application,” wrote Sandi Copes Poreda, Director of Communications for the DBPR, which oversees the Florida State Boxing Commission.

On her application, a copy of which was provided to SI.com, Fox stated that she held an MMA combatant’s license issued in 2013 by the California State Athletic Commission. However, CSAC Executive Director Andy Foster confirmed that Fox’s application for licensure was still under review, though the fighter and her manager, Brett Atchley, believed she had received notice of her licensure in the mail in late February. Licensure secured in other jurisdictions — particularly in a key state like California — can weigh heavily on a regulatory body’s review of a new applicant’s information.

In addition, Fox admits she did not disclose her transgender history, and presumably the pertaining medical documents that would have accompanied her Florida application, because she was not asked to”.

Officials dispute Fox’s claim that his license to fight in his upcoming scheduled April 20 match in California has been approved:

“Fox claims her CSAC-issued combatant’s license was mailed to her approximately two weeks ago, after she’d spoken with a CSAC representative via phone and submitted an application packet containing the required medical paperwork, as well as a detailed history of her transgender-related surgeries.

CSAC Executive Officer Foster said the state agency had only mailed Fox a receipt for the initial $60 application — the standard procedure for all athletes who file for licensure consideration. In addition, Foster said that Fox also applied for a national identification card with his office and that approval was also still pending. The card is a second requirement of athletes wishing to compete within most North American jurisdictions, as it connects the fighter’s records to a central database those commissions can collectively review. Fox stated she’d been granted the card in Florida. However, the DBPR said this second application was still pending.

“I think it’s imperative to remember that the Florida commission allowed this fight, not the California commission,” said Foster. “California merely received and is processing the application. We’re working on the necessary medical reviews. We simply have an application.”

 Fox claims to have undergone some sort of transgender-related surgical procedure in 2006 and made his professional fighting debut against women athletes last year at the age of 37:

For her pro debut in May 2012, Fox fought in Idaho for the King of the Cage promotion, which franchises its brand worldwide to multiple, non-affiliated promoters at any given time. Fox said the bout, which she won by first-round stoppage, took place on sovereign land, which is exempt from state oversight. Fox said she was only required to submit bloodwork and take a pregnancy test, and was unsure if she’d done so under the promotion itself or an overseeing body assigned by the Coeur D’Alene Native American Tribe. Fox’s three previous amateur bouts, all won by first-round submission, were held in Illinois, where she is a resident.”
An article on OutSports tells a confusing story about how his father somehow forced him- at the age of 27, to enter an anti-gay conversion therapy program: 
Ten years ago, Fox told her parents that she felt like she was born in the wrong body. Her mother rejected the news. Her father told her she was actually a confused gay man. Fox insisted that she wasn’t gay, and that she was mostly attracted to other women. Her father was unrelenting and put her in gay-conversion therapy. There she was treated by a gay-conversion therapist who tried to convince Fox that she was a gay man so that he could turn her into a straight man.
OutSports has announced their intention to film a documentary about Fox, who they refer to as a “Female MMA Fighter”. If Fox was actually female, would they be rushing to create a documentary? Here is a preview:

81 thoughts on “Undefeated Women's MMA fighter Fallon Fox is “outed” as a Man

    1. O you can beat women up . Way to go media – embrace men bludgeoning women . Fuck this world and all it’s deviancy

  1. “Her mother rejected the news. Her father told her she was actually a confused gay man. Fox insisted that she wasn’t gay, and that she was mostly attracted to other women. Her father was unrelenting and put her in gay-conversion therapy.”
    What a wonderful, nurturing family! Can’t you just hear the calm, measured tone of the discussion? Can’t you feel the tender support these loving elders showed their child? Small wonder that Fox has matured into such a well-functioning, healthy, and sane individual!
    (Is Fox Native American? No “two spirit” folks for this family, eh?)

  2. I can only imagine the pressure Carmouche is going to be under to be a “good ally.”

    1. and how many times did I fucking read the word “female.”
      I don’t see anyone in the trans ivory tower brigade rushing to correct anyone.

  3. HE belongs in a men’s prison, in general population. HE should be forced to wear HIS woman drag in there.

  4. This is totally ludicrous. Of course, the vast majority of the time, a male competitor is going to beat a female one in a combat sport. This is a key reason why sports are sex-segregated.
    Why don’t we just have male competitors identify as female across the board and wipe out women’s competitive sport as a concept. We wouldn’t want to be “transphobic” now would we.

    1. Okay, I’ll bite.
      There is a difference between excluding women from professions because they are thought to be essentially unfit and excluding men from a competition in which it is forseeable that the same training will lead to him being able to beat most women without difficulty.
      The reason why male-to-transsexuals are excluded from disciplines like the one Fallon managed to obviously smuggle himself into, is not because they are thought of as “less-than”. It is done to protect female competitors from unnecessary harm and loss of livelihood.
      I find the comparison between sports and war to be insulting, frankly speaking. War is not a competition: you do not receive merits for killing the most enemies. I guess you really had to reach there to be able to accuse this site of misogyny.

      1. What kind of women actually want to take part in this shit? Kneeing a woman in the face is disgusting in any context. Yeah, the guy in question shouldn’t be playing, but this “sport” should be outlawed.

      2. Misogyny on a rafem site? Eh? Comparing sports to war is mostly a duff analogy, and technolgy renders gender moot in the latter case these days – though female soldiers still endure sexual violence from their supposed colleagues; the kind of ‘friendly fire’ we hear too little about.
        Far as boxing – a vile ‘sport’ – goes, a MtT presenting as female is flat-out cheating; but acknowleging it as cheating gives credence to the validity of ‘rules’ around violence, which I’m not comfortable with at all. Once you let it (violence) out of the bag it’ll resist containment; that’s its nature. It’s not that I take exception to male-on-female violence in particular; just violence in general; doubly so when it’s presented as ‘entertainment’. Watching people beating the shite out of each other for ‘fun’ is just fucked-up.
        Obviously, self-defence is the exception.

  5. This is off topic but I found this study maybe old news I am late to fair. The academic world realizes that MT2 convicts need special treatment and should not be raped or beaten. So they researched it. I think but I could be wrong that the numbers may reflect that for over 350 convicts serving in max security in CA 20% are registered sexual offenders and 49.9% committed crimes against persons (not property). http://ucicorrections.seweb.uci.edu/sites/ucicorrections.seweb.uci.edu/files/Transgender%20Inmates%20in%20CAs%20Prisons%20-%20An%20Empirical%20Study%20of%2

    1. I’m getting a 400 bad request at that link. Do you have another? It looks really interesting.

    2. OK, I was able to find it by putting “transgender inmates in california’s prisons an empirical study” into Google and pulling it up there.

      1. 20% of California’s ‘transgender’ inmates (all M2T) are REGISTERED SEX OFFENDERS. (Born into the wrong body all right. Born into the body of a rapist. Or a pedophile. Or both.) Perhaps that’s something to do with why they need protection in prison.

  6. And the utter nonsense of “gosh she’s so brave!!11” has started on the blogs and Twitter accounts. Oh yes, it’s really brave for someone biologically male to compete against women in the sports arena without disclosing that fact. What an absolute hero(ine?). Stand by for lots of bleating about “struggles” and being “true to oneself” and other absolute rubbish as the trans activists and their supporters scramble to justify a male kicking women in the face. This is competitive sport, and it seems women now can no longer be assured that they are competing against other women.

    1. Lmao- “Tobitastic” Tobi Hill Meyers, hetero male pornographer and anti-woman activist is over there on OutSports fighting for the rights of his brothers to disguise their sex so they can beat up women.
      He offers up gems like this one, complaining that female athletic programs unfairly take sporting opportunities away from males:
      “Good points but…
      If you take a look at those limited few professional sports opportunities for women, you’ll find that vast majority (and in many cases the entirety) go to non-trans women. It’s definitely true that non-trans women face barriers and difficulties making it in sports, but in most cases trans women face significantly higher barriers and difficulties making it in. And here we have the very first openly trans woman MMA competitor and the concern is that she might be taking a position away from a non-trans woman? How come no one ever raises the concern that a non-trans woman athlete is taking a position away from a trans woman? In reality, it more often happens that way.
      by Tobitastic on Mar 6, 2013 2:13 AM PST ”
      For anyone who doesn’t remember Mr. Tobi:

    1. I guess if you’re going to lie about being female you may as well lie about being licensed with the California fight commission, oh and you might as well go ahead and take that pesky pregnancy test- just in case! LOL. Can you imagine this prick taking his pregnancy test?
      This reminds me of something funny I read the other day where a M2t said:
      “”I’m heterosexual but my partner isn’t a woman,” Love says, using the gender neutral pronoun “zie” to refer to his partner who he explains “doesn’t want to be (gender) defined”. However, “zie will probably carry our child,” he says.”
      Ugh, hello? Lovey Love, you ARE a heterosexual (man), and yer partner Zie is a hetero woman. Hence the whole gestating offspring dealio. Jesus.
      And “Fallon” needs no pregnancy test. Prostate exam, yes.
      I wonder if he really “felt like a woman” taking that pregnancy test.

      1. Actually, Love is an FtT. That quote is a little confusing. I would say she (Love) is attracted to women with her partner being genderless.

      2. @ibleedpurple- ACk! You’re right- she’s a lez who wants her GF to carry her embryo for her! Obviously I did not re-read the article when I remembered the “not a woman but bears children” quote- lol. My bad.

  7. Yes, it’s not like women being pregnant against their will isn’t directly connected to men.
    Gallus, thank you for the Tobi horror update. Perhaps some of the genderqueer pro-trans Butch minority who put him on the Butch Voices’ board of directors will feel differently about his working against women athletes. I hope so….

  8. Wow a man beats a female up and is lauded by the liberal press. No wonder so many woman-fearing men go in for this ‘transexual’ lark. They can do what they WANT TO DO and actually get praised for it, by liberals!!!!

  9. Invicta FC champ Carla “Cookie Monster” Esparza:
    “I am very upset by this news, especially because one of my best friends, Ashlee Evans-Smith, is currently in an MMA tournament with this person,” Esparza said. “Fallon Fox was born a man, and is now a post-op transgender woman. Fallon has blown through her first five opponents, the last one by 39-second KO. Knockouts are very rare for women. I have nothing against Fallon as a person, but I fear for my friend Ashlee’s safety and any other females who have to face her. This is an absolutely unfair advantage.”

  10. In men’s boxing, men have weight divisions and such to insure a fair fight between men. I mean, they don’t put a gorilla in the ring with a man and call it a fair fight. I want to know why women aren’t entitled to the same fairness and why they’re putting a shaved gorilla in the ring with women?

    1. MMA has weight classes, too, although there aren’t as many as in boxing which is frankly ridiculous (do they need 4096 champs?).
      1. MMA “weigh ins” are held the day before meaning many competitors weigh signficantly more at the time of the fight after they dehydrate and re-hydrate. Americans tend to take advantage of this more than fighters of other nationalities (esp. Japan) given males from wrestling programs have been ruining their health like this from an early age.
      Males are likely more capable of shedding water weight quickly (many who fight at 155lbs weigh 170+ in reality) than females and there’s little data available on that difference, let alone what advantage a mtf competitor might have over females. This subject hasn’t really been brought up even by people in the know (people who follow the sport enough to know there are weight classes), so your point does hold true to a good extent, I suspect.
      I have no idea if Phallon Fox participated in high school or collegiate wrestling but that would be a culturally sanctioned advantage both in weight cutting *and* in skill. While women’s wrestling has come a long way, Fox is fucking 40 so it’s not like very many women his age grew up with women wrestling in the olympics. (And it should be noted that any “cis” male turning pro at the age of 37 would be laughed out of the business — guys that age, if they’re not mainlining steroids with a theraputic use exemption, are considered geezers who should retire.)
      2. Not all promotions feature all weight classes. The most prestigious org, UFC, only features 135lbs as a class for women. People of both sexes frequently take fights outside their weight class (usually meaning they don’t actually cut water weight for the weigh in, unlike their opponent) if the pay is high enough or if they think it’ll get their foot in the door for better prospects in the future.
      If the promoter dudes are so in love with this guy that they’ll defend his inherent “sweet girl femaleness fluffy-doo-doo” and they think they can make more money off of people wanting to see a tranny fight women as a sideshow than a standard women’s match — they’ll find a way to pay women enough so there’s no shortage of competitors for him. Or they’ll portray stepping up to him as a challenge, win or lose, that is a stepping stone to a legitimate title shot. They’ll find a way to get women to step in the ring with him. While MMA is a sport I respect in a lot of ways, it’s still entertainment and non-sporting spectacles do get creeps to fill seats.

      1. Yup they wanna sell those tickets to the navy veteran dude beatin’ up on women.
        “MMAWeekly.com: What about the other women in the tournament? What if they don’t want to fight Fox going forward?
        Jorge De La Noval: It kind of hit everybody by surprise and I think most of the girls from the get-go were under the impression that it wasn’t fair and whatnot. Now I guess everyone’s more educated on the whole situation and understanding the hormone treatment and what she’s had to go through and why she’s considered a female.
        The way I see it, she’s considered a female and she’s a female fighter and they’re going to have to take the fight. That’s their prerogative, that’s their decision, and they’re going to have to say why they’re not stepping up and taking that fight. I cannot make that decision for them, but if I were in that position I’d take it in a heartbeat because I would be fighting a very talented girl that would put me in the spotlight.”
        A forty year old man is a “very talented girl”. PUKE

      2. I like the “educated” comment there; it’s always about the education, the more you know, but this time it’s gone about seven levels further given that it’s not even about the construction of Womanhood and social classes but hey, the right cocktail of hormones and you’re scientifically female.
        All the ivy league trans brigade of yuppies could never have dreamt of pulling this off! Not in their wildest
        So now the entire MMA public is educated. Everyone is on board. No one is stopping to ask what this means for women’s MMA, which two months ago, was considered a joke with a shallow talent pool (gee, they don’t have 20K college wrestlers graduating every year!).
        Supposedly Rousey vs. Carmouche changed all that.
        But if all the educated people have to agree that Phallon is exactly the same as any other female who has ever lived on this planet, what does it mean that this averagely average female who just happens to be 40ish and barely out of the amateur zone is knocking competitors the fuck out? How meaningful is women’s MMA as a sport then? I mean, good god, Phallon is proving that just about anyone can win at it? Grandma by heel-hook! But these questions aren’t being asked in the drive to get educated.
        It is awesome that Tobi (who I’m guessing has only played ultimate frisbee in his life) and co. are showing up for this though: 70% of trans are getting involved in a discussion that 0.000000000000000000000001% of women even know or care about. And somehow they’re acting like it’s a fair fight.

      3. “…Tobi (who I’m guessing has only played ultimate frisbee in his life) …”
        I’m going with Hacky Sack. Like an under three month Hacky Sack interest. Then back to internet porn. LOL.

      4. bloodyelbow.com has two more features today
        1. An interview with Fox’s last opponent who seems scared *speechless* to tell the truth and waffles back and forth in PC land. I’d be scared too. I’d take a knee to the face over ruining a fucking athletic career by making all the educated rich dude casino owners think you’re a bigot.
        2. An interview with a real doctor (who says there’s no fucking science behind the “two years of hormones makes a real woman” claim, that it’s arbitrary bunk)who is getting shouted down by the peanut gallery for not slicing off genitalia for a living. Evidently only the Corvair’s makers are allowed to make safety claims.
        I do think it’s amusing that after 15 years of hearing “we’re just like women who have had hysterectomies” that women who don’t take hormones (which is more common than not I think now?) are no longer women at all by their new definitions. Only transwomen are. And I suppose only transmen and cheating male athletes are actual men since the only people who know their testosterone levels are the people who have the maximum allowed by the athletic commissions.

      5. http://www.bloodyelbow.com/2013/3/15/4108846/wmma-fighters-oppose-fallon-fox-fighting-including-her-next-opponent
        It is interesting how now that most white people are “college educated” to some small extent, that the trans issue is so useful for dividing the smart people from the human filth.
        Even Wilcox’s fairly agnostic take on the whole thing is colored by his desire to frame some people as thoughtful and others as ignorant.
        I guess this coincides with the whole vile, revolting, repugnant thing — words generally not used with any real frequency and yet they form a constellation when describing so-called transphobes. But they’re also pearl-clutching words (I’m too delicate to be exposed to such stuff!) which is nice for a MTF playing a role. It’s just hilarious that they have females copying them now.

  11. http://www.bloodyelbow.com/2013/3/8/4075434/leading-sex-reassignment-physicians-weigh-in-on-fallon-fox
    Of course people who make a living off these surgeries are going to say they’re 100% effective in turning someone into a “real female.”
    I love the IOC quote that since intersex is so common and variable that you have to rely on testing hormone levels (which are somehow LESS variable amongst the population? c’mon son!).
    And because no one seems to be wondering anywhere amongst the chorus of “you go, girls,”
    perhaps applicable?

    1. “I love the IOC quote that since intersex is so common and variable that you have to rely on testing hormone levels (which are somehow LESS variable amongst the population? c’mon son!).”
      There is a growing amount of people (especially in academia) who are of the opinion that hormone levels which show patterns different from what is considered “normal” for men and women are somehow intersex. Many people have basically been intersexed through a simple re-definition over night. It’s a pretty blatant attempt to render the sex categories of male and female not only meaningless but also non-existent.
      (So much of this stuff is coming out of the academy, I hope I will find the time to actually post something on this next month.)

    2. Intersex is not common. But males wanting to impersonate females is. BTW Is there anything you want to personally add about a man beating girls up????

    3. As much as I’m repelled by the violence of boxing, Newsome’s reaction is almost more chilling. I find it extraordinary that She is clearly more intimidated by the prospect of being perceived ‘transphobic’ than stepping onto a stage and being beaten bloody in front of thousands of rapey men in the name of entertainment. Women are clearly shooting themselves in the foot if they cast their lot in with Transwomen in spite of their own. Dr Benjamin is brave enough to highlight the biological distinction but prevaricates nonetheless; stopping short of condemning violence as entertainment, or at all; couching it instead in isues of ‘safety’. Well of course it’s UNSAFE!
      At least boxing is transparent in that it shows the beating of women (and men) by men (and women) as an activity undertaken for pleasure and gain, and bluntly demonstrates how otherwise powerless men use violence to attain kudos within a patriarchal system: a shame this lesson in microcosm can’t be learned more widely…

  12. What is the difference between men and women? Eyebrow plucking:

    Transgender MMA fighter Fallon Fox was a stereotypical manly man before she became a woman … and TMZ has obtained the photos to prove it.
    An ex-GF tells us … she met Fallon back in 1999 when he was serving in the Navy. Fallon — born Boyd Burton — went by “Woody,” after “Woody Boyd” from “Cheers.”
    The ex says Woody was a “manly man” — athletic, short-cropped hair, leather jackets, big into heavy metal — and she never suspected he’d become a transsexual. The two eventually broke up because of distance … no other relationship problems.
    Years after the breakup, the ex says she reached out to Fallon after she announced her transition on Facebook — and that’s when Fallon informed her she always felt she was in the wrong body.
    The ex says Fallon also confessed to stealing some of her clothes while they were dating.
    Read more: http://www.tmz.com/2013/03/08/transgender-mma-fighter-fallon-fox-sex-change/#ixzz2Mz4RiUbd

  13. “An ex-GF tells us … she met Fallon back in 1999 when he was serving in the Navy”
    LMAO. Another Navy guy who wants to be a girl and HIS new “lesbian” gf is as delusional as HE is.

  14. Is that what women are going to have to contend with in the Olympics? Men who can’t make it as men, or want to cheat their way into women’s sports and golds, take on women cuz they can’t cut it with other men? I know as a martial artist who fights both women and men(but only in the dojo, no longer in tournaments) it’s often a very different thing fighting dudes vs fighting women….alot of women hold back, have a certain fearfulness, and of course a completely different musculature than men. Even after they transition men still have WAY MORE upper body strength than women. Women have good lower body strength and can be good in kicking…but as far as being able to compete equally, it’s simply not fair and it’s cheating. You can see in his pics even though he supposedly ‘looks female’ that if you look at his arms how much thicker and more muscular they are than most women’s arms…even if she lifts, she won’t be as bulked or strong pound for pound.
    I sure hope there is A woman who can kick his ass, and give him what for, and send him home with his tail between his legs..but really I hope they cut him out of the competition altogether….and ban him!

    1. Phallon lied on his application about his sex. They should ban him for that. But he was “legally designated as female” due to bizarre “gender identity” laws. We really need to do away with the laws that allow males to have “female” on their driver’s license and such. If genderists want to live out their cross-sex fantasies they have a right to do so, and should not be discriminated against for their belief systems- just like religious beliefs. But why (besides the fact that trillions of powerful dudes in government are closeted crossdressers that support all this shit) should the government be involved in issuing clearly fictional legal sex markers? There is no point at which a male can literally become female. No amount of cosmetic hormones or surgeries can ever make that happen.

  15. You are so right, Gallus. The laws need to reflect reality. And that is that men can never become women. Ever.
    Most non-feminist women would never accept men as women. It is SO obvious. Most men would not either. Only a very few “genderqueer” types and mis-guided reactionary pretend feminists go along with the charade, and even those who are Lesbians don’t want these fuckers touching them.
    Life is hard enough for women, including women in sports. This is especially sad because sports are one of the few places that Lesbians have felt more comfortable and accepted, and even more so for Butches. The trans cult is all about taking from Lesbians and women. How can anyone who does not hate women support this?

    1. Wait a minute! I just want to get this right…so you are telling me-if it has an XY like a man, has a testosterone induced face like a man, and certain private body parts like a man (in this case used to)…Fallon Fox is still a man?

    1. What’s interesting is how no one who isn’t a surgeon who does trans surgeries (or is miming those who do) is allowed to have an opinion on this. Not Rogan, not Miesha Tate, not Cain Velasquez, not a casual fan — unless of course they defer to those surgeons who made their careers cutting up genitalia, whereupon having an opinion makes you one of the good people of the world.
      But when a white supremacist fighter was allowed to compete, or when a convicted murderer got licensed to fight, or even when recently their was controversy over Rising Sun (Imperial Japan) imagery, everyone was allowed to have opinions despite not having passed the Bar Exam or having a Ph. D in history.
      A male beating up females is literally the only subject in the world where opinions aren’t like assholes.

  16. now a male fighter in the mma has made comments about fox and had his contract suspended. mma says they support the lgbt community and requires all their athletes treat one another with dignity and respect, blah blah blah. where was the respect when this guy went in the cage and knocked out a woman who had no idea she was in a fight with someone who grew up with male muscle development. curious as to whether differing pelvic bones make kicking more powerful for one sex or the other. should we just give this guy the benefit of the doubt he doesn’t stop his estrogen 2 weeks before a match? but wait, so undignified and disrespectful to ask *eyeroll*

    1. Saw that Mitrione’s suspension has been lifted…I guess it took two weeks for the powers that be with MMA to realize that it really is OK for their fighters to recognize that biology matters.

      1. he issued his apology like a good little fighter got his contract back, at least thats what i heard on sirius radio outQ, the glbt channel. not a lot of “L” on that channel.

    1. It is frustrating reading the comments post-fight that suggest that because he went into the third round, it proves that he really is not at an advantage. He was wheezing half-way through the first round and showed a real lack of training or form.
      As I opined elsewhere, to win a fight where you are clearly ill-prepared speaks volumes to the advantage his male physiology brought to him.
      Oh, and the win came in such a truly male manner…choking the woman in a manner that had the potential to cause death.
      Really did want Allanna to win…loved the fact that she came out with her intro music being “Dude looks like a lady” and that when Fox got introduced, there were very few cheers heard but instead he got a pretty resounding chorus of boos. True to form, he claimed post-match that they were just ‘haters.’ Hopefully he gets his ass knocked the fuck out in the final match, whenever it gets scheduled…
      The saving grace to his wheezing in the first round is that hopefully few other MMA groups will want to promote him since, as a fighter, he simply is not skilled or in shape.

      1. It’s interesting how everyone is defending that weird ass choke by saying “oh, you’d never get away with that against a Gracie” [who supposedly wouldn’t panic from 145lbs on their neck and could turn into it and use that knee to sweep 125% of the time: uh, yeah, sure] as if insulting Allanna somehow makes all of this good for WMMA in general.

      2. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talk:Fallon_Fox
        “Because this article contains material about one or more trans women, it should adhere to Wikipedia’s guideline on identity for trans women, even if it is not a biography. According to MOS:IDENTITY, such a woman should be referred to using the gendered names and pronouns (e.g., “she”, “her”) that “reflect [her] latest expressed gender self-identification.” This applies in references to any phase of her life. Quotations and titles of published works may need to be handled as exceptions. Also please avoid phrases that seem logically impossible or distracting (e.g. use She became a parent for the first time, not She fathered her first child.) If material violating this guideline is repeatedly inserted, or if there are other related issues, please report the issue to the WT:LGBT, or, in the case of living trans women, to WP:BLPN.”
        I think it’s fucking hilarious that they have no desire to change what falls within what is logically possible and fear distracting the plebes. How very radical and transformative! Pregnant Men should be able to profit from the attention, but don’t you dare say “he mothered his first child” if you’re not a cleric of the transpocalypse.
        I also love that one of the white knights guarding that page on behalf of all trans is a “bi-gendered healthy-multiplicity.” Which I guess is someone who believes themselves to have multiple personalities (spirits/souls/thetans) that are acting harmoniously and thus it’s not a mental illness but a divine gift of snowflakitude.
        Because if you’re a dude who likes to beat up women, Boyd Burton (Fox), I guess that’s the kind of person you need in your corner.

  17. How is this any different than the disgusting stunts Andy Kaufman used to pull wrestling women back in the day? If a younger, stronger tranny came along to challenge Fox you know he would suddenly no longer be interested in fighting.

    1. Perhaps because Kaufman was involved in what amounted to acting and NOT an attempt to do grievous bodily injury to females.
      Phallus Faux on the other hand actually is seeking to potentially kill females (as evidenced by the manner of choking in the match with Allanna).

      1. Yes, it’s much more dangerous because of the nature of MMA, but I feel the intention is the same as Kaufman’s, to humiliate his opponent and demoralize all the women watching.

      2. Shame on any athletic organization that allows itself to be used this way, to mock women athletes and by extension all women.

  18. This is totally fucked .up!
    A female hating fag too weak to compete against men pretends he is a just a woman who works out to get that frame and then beats on women.
    His license should be revoked.
    If it was so ok for this kinky freak to be male with breast implants he would have disclosed that. Most of the female fighters want nothing to do with him, let alone fight him. So the prior deceits & knock out of small frame women was bullshit & fraudulent.
    He has no place in WOMEN’S MMA punching & kneeing women, because thats not a woman!!!!!!!!
    He has an oblivious COMPLETE big ole masculine frame, while on a dangerous cocktail of weird drugs to try pass as female.
    This monster is going to kill a woman.

    1. About time.
      I did not like the way TMZ and other media have photo-shopped FFs photo to have a slimmer waist like a ‘female’. This person clearly has a man’s upper body with breast implants. It is very misleading and makes him seem as small and petite [slender]as the athletic females he is beating.

  19. Ummmm. Wow. That has got to feel awful when u feel as if u were born in the wrong body. Im surprised he isnt gay!! I kinda think its unfair for him to fight women but he has been beaten before so that proves that he doesnt have much of an advantage after all. If i were a fighter id be fine with fighting him in the ring because it would make me train that much harder knowing i could possibly beat the crap out of a grown man that naturally has a better chance of winning than i do.

  20. @3:35 on that Youtube poop-documentary above on:
    “I’ve never been attracted to men and I’ve never been with men. I’ve never dated men. Um, no disrespect to men. It’s just that I truly am a lesbian. I’m not bisexual at all. And like I said, when Fallon told me that she was trans, it was nothing to me. It was absolutely nothing. Because she’s a woman and she’s a beautiful woman. And that’s all there is to it.
    Mmm, yes. The most important thing is that he’s the most beautifulest unicorn in da world!
    “The End” said my sanity.
    Seriously, there is just so much wrong with this, and yet, I must remember: Misogyny is not a crime, being female is.
    I don’t like fighting sports, I think they’re brutal and sick, but I am so glad that HE didn’t win against Ashlee. Whether it was rigged or not, HE still has no business fighting women. And he sure as heck had no business even making it that far within the tournament…Ugh.

  21. Sounds like the fucking bloody Coliseum in Rome which America has descended to and as a lifelong martial artist myself this is absolutely disgusting that loser born males fail at competing with men so they redo themselves and compete against bio females till we wont have ANY bio female women top ranked in any sport. But the amount of damage he did to her is disgusting like one of those hate crimes where the woman is stabbed 20 times. How many ways do you gotta hurt her? That level of viciousness is entirely male.

  22. There is only one woman who beat him. She called a cheater a year later when they found diuretics in her drug test. You know meds prescribed by the doctor for blood pressure or it could be used to lose weight quicker. So now she’s on probation for 9 months and they made her pay a $2000 fine.
    Watch Ashlee Evans Smith, the only woman to beat him. (Notice she gets no cool awards for it but Fox gets into the gay athletes hall of fame even though he’s not gay)

    Meanwhile, Fallon Fox isn’t called a cheater and the lying psycho he is. How strange.
    Fox also shows what a psycho he really is after he beats a woman named Tamikka to a pool of blood going on her twitter to talk to himself degrading her while she can’t respond because she’s in the hospital. I’m not standing up for this psychopath!

  23. http://www.latimes.com/sports/boxing/la-sp-pat-manuel-20170804-htmlstory.html
    At least she’s not hurting anyone (despite evidently not disclosing trans status in order to get a match after men dropped out previously). But it’s interesting how journalists can follow someone around for three years who has only seemingly competed once in that time frame [!!!], like there’s time and money for that given the state of journalism today!
    I guess this kind of stuff is pulitzer bait, though, so everyone wins.

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