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  1. A PAYDAY LENDER!! HA HA HA HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHHHHHAAAAAAAA!!!!!! Made my year, Gallus! You always come through when I need to laugh out loud, thank you!

  2. I looked up info on the domain name and it should not have expired for another year, however a change was made to the record yesterday.
    Registered through: GoDaddy.com, LLC (http://www.godaddy.com)
    Domain Name: RADICALHUB.COM
    Created on: 09-Jan-12
    Expires on: 09-Jan-14
    Last Updated on: 21-Feb-13
    Also even if the domain name is an issue the wordpress site should still work and have all the content.
    Instead, it says the follows:
    “http://radicalhub.wordpress.com/ is marked private by its owner. If you were invited to view this site, please log in below. Read more about privacy settings.”
    Who is in charge of the account?

    1. Just to clarify: FCM and CBL are the site “admins” for the (now non-existant) .com and the wordpress.com site. CB stepped down as site “admin” months ago- but she remained owner and guardian of the domain (the site address), which she had pledged to sustain in perpetuity for the good of the movement.
      As the sole owner of the DOMAIN Cathy received the notices of impending shutdown of the domain she owned (RadicalHub.com) for non-payment of $26. Rather than notify the admins, she chose to let the site come down and abandoned the domain.
      The only thing that existed on the wordpress.com site was a redirect to the (now deceased) site.

    2. Re: the length of expiration: the billing term was set for one year. Jan 9 2012 to Jan 9 2013. On Jan 9 2013 the expired URL entered a one month “grace period” or “redemption period”. Still all notices were being sent only to the sole domain owner: Cathy Brennan. After that month passed the domain went to auction and was picked up by a cybersquatter who astutely realized that site owners would want that domain back very badly.

  3. Don’t flock to look at that old site unless you’re protected. They’re scraping addresses from it.

    1. Yes, they could. But do you think the new proprietors are going to let it expire like Cathy did? No way. Think of the motives that someone would have to occupy an URL like Radical Hub.
      Also re-iterating Equal’s warning. Be careful.

  4. Cathy Brennan let the URL expire for nonpayment without notifying anyone. Some guy bought it before anyone found out.

    1. lol. I love when the vagina impaired wannbes have tantrums. Only prove radfems point! Now go drown in that “flocking river”.

    1. Yes, at some point. The archives do not include any photos or screencaps, etc. so the whole thing will have to be gone through and restored, re-formatted, etc.

  5. I just wish someone could explain to me what happened in the radfemosphere. Being on the autism spectrum, I am often oblivious, and not having much time for blogging over the last year plus not being on fakebook – I’m just so fucking confused. I don’t know who’s talking to who, who pissed who off. I’m out of the bloody loop.

      1. I’m confused too. I don’t know what happened except that all of a sudden things seem to be falling apart and I don’t know why.

  6. Lots of people would like to know what really happened here, but it all seems very hush hush. Gives me a weird feeling.

    1. Sorry for that. We are awaiting a statement from site admins CBL and visionary creator of the RadFemHub site FCM. If they do not give one, I will. Thanks everyone for your patience. I have not approved various speculative comments because they are inaccurate or inflammatory. If your comment was not approved, please accept my apologies.

    2. Long story short: Multi-millionaire Goldman Sacks payday lender Cathy Brennan reneged on her oath of lifetime support for the RadFemHub domain and failed to notify the admins, which caused the site to go dark.

  7. Thank you for this, Gallus! I hope to hell this stop the groupies from following such a destructive newcomer into our community as Cathy Brennan has been.

    1. WAIT. Does that meme constitute confirmation of events as described here? I see people on FB speculating about the culpability of Hub admins. A clearer statement would be appreciated for everyone’s sanity.

  8. I’ve seen postings that the MRAs did it. It’s very important for the truth to be known for so many reasons, especially with a traitor in our midst.
    Oh Gallus, your mama sure was right!

  9. Hi,
    Just to clear up some confusion: Cathy Brennan did not tranfer the domain to me. The site itself was transferred (admin powers etc), which I then passed onto somebody else, but Brennan kept hold of the domain.
    She had hold of the domain right through until it expired.
    The only person who can pay the domain fee is the person who owns the domain, which would have to actively be transferred to someone else before that person would be able to pay for it.
    The reason I’m writing this is because apparently Cathy Brennan is saying she passed the domain to me? Well that’s not true.

  10. Thank you, CBL. It is so important to know the truth. Like with having her male trannie friend in the Lesbian Caucus, and so much else, we can assume that Cathy will lie about this. I’d already seen a whole other story days ago. All Feminists should know the truth, and you should not be blamed…

  11. Sad to see this happen. It was only a year or two ago that I met all these Radical Feminists who all knew each other via radfem hub.
    I know some people felt it was going downhill, but the sudden ending is unsettling.
    May there be another or others which reach and connect even more women than radfemhub did.

    1. Thanks deloresdaphne- I am also terribly sad (and angry). And I’m doubtful there will ever be another site on that level. FCM and others put SO MUCH WORK into making that site what it was. Blood sweat and tears, baby.

      1. What could be more unassailable than a lifetime trust from a millionaire financial services “radfem leader”???
        Pretty much anything, apparently…

  12. Like all germination and growth, it will take a bit of time. Spring planting is underway.
    Tall oaks from little seedlings grow. The future is female. And not for sale.
    In a few months we will see dandelions surging from cracks in the sidewalk. Womyn amaze me. <3

    1. Rigggght. Months for weeds to grow. Good luck with that.
      What is really amazing is that a woman would choose to “pave over” the biggest Radical Feminist website in history one year after pledging a lifetime trust. THAT truly boggles the mind.

  13. The paving is intentional. She has refused to undertake the simple steps that would make recovery possible.
    Rich pricks love their hegemony. And their false promises.

      1. @ehungerford- the sale could be challenged and possibly voided but that would have to be done by the domain owner: Cathy Brennan.
        I won’t say more than that here since I’m sure our cybersquatter gentleman friend who scooped up the domain is following developments.

  14. The details of that possible recovery involve risk to the Hub team if they are made public. I’m sorry, I cannot undertake to discuss that. CherryBlossomLife is in the best position to decide what can be said. You can certainly contact her through her website.
    The sale was not a “mistake” – but the paving is intentional because the *possible* steps that could be taken to recover the domain are steps are steps that have to be taken by Cathy Brennan, and she has refused to do that.
    Something vibrant will emerge to carry on the spirit of the work undertaken by the hub.
    The archives will be published *as an archive*. They will be a rich source of material for any study of radical feminist internet writing.
    Please trust that that work is underway. <3

    1. Thanks, Nobody Wins. So Cathy Brennan has refused to help her “sisters” with this?? Interesting. I thought TRUST WOMEN was her thing, lol! I guess this is what happens when you trust *that* particular woman. Personally, I learned that lesson about a year ago. I’m just sad that other women have to learn it the hard way too. 🙁

      1. A brutal lesson. I’m ashamed that I supported her for so long, even after I knew that she had personally threatened to “destroy” me whenever I disagreed with her.

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