GenderTrender is a Big Meanie

The OP of this post: “groovemastergeneral” is Transgender Male Rights Activist and Anti-Gay activist Cristin Williams. He also comments below as “two”
The ‘RadFem’ movement should be classified as a hate group(self.transgender)
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Last year, the Southern Poverty Law Center rightly classified the men’s rights movement as a hate group. However, they are yet to turn their attention to another insidious group – RadFems.
For the past couple of years, RadFems have lead the way in using the internet as tool to incite hatred against transgendered people.
Indeed, there are now dozens of RadFem websites devoted precisely to this purpose – with ‘RadicalHub’ and ‘GenderTredner’ arguably being the worst offenders.
As time passes, their rhetoric and activism are becoming increasing aggressive – with some of them even going so far as to ‘out’ transgendered people without their consent.
Disturbingly, some of the most prominent RadFems are even being given platforms to spread their transphobic bigotry in mainstream publications. Take for example, Julie Burchill’s recent Observer article.
Thus, I believe the time has come for us to persuade the Southern Poverty Law Center to recognise RadFems as the hate group they truly are.
Who’s with me?
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[–]iyzie 25 points 7 hours ago

There is no doubt that hate is core to their motivation. They don’t bring any real benefit to their lives by attacking trans women, we are basically an outlet for them to take out their frustration. I’m sure their lives are quite shitty, to have so much ugliness inside of them. Happy people don’t put down minority groups without any sensible cause or reason.
More to the point, the hateful fervor on some radfem blogs definitely seems capable of inciting violence, so I believe they meet the definition of a hate group in every sense of the word..

[–]Valravn_UlfrBigender 16 points 4 hours ago

Don’t forget us trans* men! I had no clue what GenderTrender was when I was searching for resources about two months ago. I felt sick and depressed and guilty for weeks, even after I figured out it was just a bunch of RadFems. They focus their ire on trans* woman most often, but they’ve not ignored us “betrayers”.

[–]snukb 2 points 36 minutes ago

You can’t betray someone whom you never agreed with to begin with, so I can never be a “betrayer” of a Radfem 😛

[–]two-TS from the TG Community 4 points 2 hours ago

[–]Disposable_CorpusDancer 1 point 58 minutes ago

Well, there goes my happy.

[–]AndrogynousAveMtF 21 points 8 hours ago

Goes on radicalhub to see
Holy shit. Hoooooly shit.

[–]HypatianTransgender 3 points 3 hours ago

Wow. That’s a lot worse than I had imagined. 🙁 Wow.

[–]flamingmongoose 11 points 6 hours ago

I know some Radical Feminists who are trans allies. In fact, trans liberation is impossible without women’s lib and the destruction of oppositional sexism.
However I agree that the TERFs, the “trans sceptical” types and whatever else is full of bigots. If it was just an ideological disagreement, they wouldn’t make so many attacks on trans women’s personal appearance. But people like Julie Burchill are motivated by hate.

[–]two-TS from the TG Community 3 points 2 hours ago

Do these “Radical Feminists” hold the same anti-trans ideological views of radical feminism over the past 4 decades? Do they view trans folk as pawns of the patriarchy? Do they reject the notion that everyone is born with an innate sense of their own physical sex?

[–]flamingmongoose 3 points 1 hour ago

No, No, and No. Unless they’re being very two faced. I can’t say I’ve asked.

[–]DocBTGenderqueer 2 points 1 hour ago

Why do you/they consider them(selves) radical?

[–]two-TS from the TG Community 2 points 1 hour ago

If they reject core values of the RadFem movement over the past 40 years, why do you consider them RadFem?
Is it the name? No offence intended, but I’ve come across a lot of folks who identify as being RadFem because they agree with the areas of RadFemism that overlap with 3rd wave feminism and they think the name sounds cool. But, unless you agree with the core RadFem dogma published by RadFem leaders over the past 40 years, you’re not a RadFem. Maybe you’re a militant 3rd waver, but unless you’re stuck on the fringe of 2nd wave feminism, you’re ideology doesn’t look anything like the RadFem ideological movement as pushed on their sites, conferences, meetings, literature, speeches and slogans.

[–]flamingmongoose 1 point 55 minutes ago

Angry Third Waver seems to cover it. I should ask them. You seem to have thought about this more than me.

[–]rileyk 9 points 8 hours ago

I was specifically attacked after my appearance on a TV show, really angry, sad, hateful stuff 🙁 they are no friends of mine 🙁

[–]Casey234 5 points 8 hours ago

What happened?
Hope you’re ok.

[–]cybelechild 3 points 8 hours ago

they are no friends of mine

Are they anyone’s?

[–]rileyk 13 points 8 hours ago*

Below is a link to the post, terrible, triggering etc. Radfems have lots of friends, especially in NYC where I was living at the time. This article honestly set my transition back a year, I’d like to consider myself unfuckwithable and no other aspect of the TV experience effected me, but this and the email/comment campaign they launched against me really, really hurt.
It was the first time I had noticed this group as hateful, I thought radfems were the happy, openminded dreadlocked girls I’d meet at Zucotti park, not a bunch of hateful fundamentalists. I was shocked that so-called allies would be so cruel. I learned through this experience that wherever you go or whatever you do, there will always be people out looking to subjugate others. Many transpeople attacked me for being into regression, where other regressionists attacked me for being trans… See the futility of all this?
If I was a sad, empty person I’d say its human nature and can’t be avoided. But it clearly can, this board is full of people treating each other with respect, many feminists, trans or otherwise “enlightened” folks support all kinds of people and even ::gasp:: occasional act altruistically. Hateful people like these radfems don’t believe those kinds of people exist. Everyone’s a pervert and they’re all out to get them. It probably makes them feel better about themselves or deal with some sort of anger/trauma inside, kinda like why people watch My Strange Addiction, to boo and hiss at the freak and feel above someone.
I couldn’t bear to read this again, the comments are terrible, pure hate, they said things that I couldn’t believe how sick and graphic they were. I was devastated, I thought my transition was sexist and I actually believed them for a minute. Dark times, but I’ve learned from it and realize what their game is, and what a dirty game it is.
If you need an example of how bad they are, here’s this link. Really, really ugly stuff on there, so please tread lightly.

[–]abc123unmegrrl 8 points 7 hours ago

The worst part is they know they are hateful bigots, and joke about it. That whole site needs to get shut down, like the WBC sites a few weeks ago. Ugh.

[–]horrorfetishAndrog 7 points 5 hours ago

Wow… as a feminist, I’m sorry. I saw that episode (love that show, though they use the word addiction when I haven’t yet seen an actual addiction on the show), and thought “huh, that’s weird, but I know babyfurs so whatever. Live and let live. I didn’t even realize you were trans until they actually mentioned it… so you know, there’s a score point for you!
But reading those comments, not only are those people misinformed but they seem uneducated and way too obsessed. I just can’t understand why they let their hate rise so much. The core of feminism isn’t making women better than men, it’s about helping women and men (trans, cis, or ‘other’) to become equal… Those people are fucked up in the head.
I doubt they are all like that, and I certainly don’t doubt that a radfem or two has seen the way they treat transwomen and went OLLIES OUTIE but hey, at least they stick to their own corner of the internet… assholes.

[–]MildlyCondescending 6 points 4 hours ago

” And remember, when you hear about a female doing something really wack, or read about it in a newspaper or on a website, and it just “don’t sound right” to you: It’s probably a male transgender.”
Wow… Just fucking wow.

[–]horrorfetishAndrog 4 points 3 hours ago

There are NO words…

[–]rileyk 3 points 2 hours ago*

When i’d talk to radfems friends online and around the city about that, their reaction was always disgust.
I used to think it made sense,

  • I’m a radical (favoring drastic political, economic, or social reform)
  • I’m a feminist (advocating social, political, legal, and economic rights for women equal to those of men)

So I’m a radfem, right? I thought that label might have fit until finding these hate sites, now I’ve often (though not exclusively) found that label to mean radioactive feminist.
Thanks for the positive thoughts and for bringing this to the light OP, it’s the media they put out is absolutely hurtful, I’m sure i’m not the only one who’s been singled out and harassed (cyberbullied?) by them.

[–]snukb 1 point 9 minutes ago

I just can’t see the words “male transgender” without synomizing it with “trans man” even though I know the words are opposites to radfems. It makes reading articles like this very confusing. 😛
And what the heck does “mistrelizing” mean? I just don’t get these people. What’s so hard about live and let live?

[–]Peaceandallthatjazz 5 points 3 hours ago

That makes me sick. I’m so sorry you went through that. Sounds like a multilayer horror of self doubt. It’s so crazy how a stranger can cut to the bone, even when you know deep down it’s not true. I’m glad you are in a better head space now. 🙂

[–]SagefigaroPansexual Transgender 3 points 2 hours ago

That part right there, people booing and hissing at others to feel above someone else. It drives me crazy to watch people do this…Sure, I see it a lot because of my living arrangements, but it doesn’t change the fact of how annoying and hurtful it is to see these people act and treat people that way.
For example, this guy and his parents I live with does this every chance he gets, to try to be right and always gives that look to others like they’re retarded, when he does absolutely nothing with his life, sits around wasting time just watching tv and playing games by himself.
Really makes me wish I had the money or know how to move somewhere else. These people hate people like me, and as such I can’t even start transitioning until I can be in a safer place.
Anyways, got off topic for a second so I’m sorry. I just wanted to say that it’s so terrible what those people did you a wonderful person like you, and I hope that things are much better for you now. <3

[–]arcticfox00boxers > briefs 3 points 1 hour ago

Sometimes I think people misunderstand infantilism more than they misunderstand transsexualism. In any case, hugs for you.

Many transpeople attacked me for being into regression, where other regressionists attacked me for being trans…

And this is ridiculous, too. I don’t even… why?

[–]Nathed1 14 points 5 hours ago

Read Fem ARE a hate group . As a Cis man I have seen nothing that shows me any thing but hatred from radical feminists , they are not interested in equality at all . The goal for them is to quash any male or Transgender person for their own self gratification as a “victim” . Apparently all men are rapists even though I was raped by a woman in college this must never have happened or I am deluding myself and that I was the one raping the woman.

[–]DocBTGenderqueer 4 points 1 hour ago

Well, in a case of legitimate rape, the man’s body has ways of preventing erections and penetration.
Rape dismissal! Fun for BOTH sides!

[–]Nathed1 1 point 17 minutes ago

I found it funny (should I as a victim? I dunno maybe it cos I tend to just let what happened slide) I take my actions very seriously to those of the same of opposite sex . I can’t think of any reason to excuse rape and I think of women as my equals and that some women are better at things than me as a person , but I also know that there are things I as a person can do better than some women .
In recent surveys in the UK 50% of lesbian couples will be raped by their partner . Yet in heterosexual couples only 30% by the partner were women , 30% were male raped by the female partner the other 40% did not say (so it could have been a different family member or stranger) .

[–]PrincessGary 17 points 6 hours ago

I’ve seen more evidence that RadFems are more of a hate group than MRA’s.
I’ve not been abused by MRA’s.

[–]flamingmongoose 16 points 5 hours ago

I’ve seen plenty of both, MRA’s are horrible.

[–]AwkenBisexual Genderqueer 11 points 3 hours ago

Is it just me, or does it seem like hateful radfems treat trans* people like hateful MRAs treat women? As a scapegoat?

[–]PrincessGary 6 points 2 hours ago

yeah, I’ve seen such hateful things about trans* people, which really hits a nerve, as my partner is trans* she doesnt deserve it.

[–]AislingblankI have flair now!!! 1 point 17 minutes ago

I have.

[–]ImAWafflecone 6 points 5 hours ago

Did you write to SPLC? I think they would very much agree with you. Although they might be wary to call out anyone that calls herself a feminist as the Guardian was for a very long time.

[–]two-TS from the TG Community 4 points 4 hours ago

Thanks for saying this.
Educate yourselfKnowYourHistory.

[–]two-TS from the TG Community 4 points 2 hours ago

Quick! Was this statement made by rad-fem leaders or rad-right leaders?
“This was a man, everyone recognized it’s a man, going into the women’s restroom. Now whether that person has good or ill intentions towards women, no one knows, but the fact of the matter is when you defy common sense and when it says ‘women’s fitting room’ and you allow people other than women in that fitting room, you’re just asking for trouble. This is just an absurd policy… [women] may be watched by a peeping tom or even worse, sexually assaulted or raped.”

[–]AislingblankI have flair now!!! 1 point 9 minutes ago

I’m going to guess rad-right, if for no other reason than the fact that they are using “men/women” rather than the radfem tendency toward “male/female”.

[–]DocBTGenderqueer 5 points 1 hour ago

I’m saddened, but not surprised at all, to see how many people are in here engaging in RadFem apologetics, saying these statements aren’t indicative of real Scotsmen feminists (or even real radfems), or even saying that radical feminists are allies.
For those calling out the MRM, I have a question. How should men organize to call attention to their own issues, such as disproportionate prison sentencing, biased custody and child support laws, and male rape erasure?
Some would say, “That’s patriarchy! They should be feminists!” Yet feminism is called feminism. It’s about women, regardless of claims to the contrary. Feminism has vocally opposed words like chairman and mailman, saying they are sexist terms, but keeps the gender-stratified name of its own movement. Why? Because that’s where the focus lies. And that’s fine. Fight for a cause you believe in. Fight against injustice against women. But don’t claim men never have any problems of their own, that’s disingenuous.
I support feminism, and I support the men’s rights movement. I’m genderqueer, what sense would it make to only want one gender’s inequalities addressed? I’ve been thrown out of two different women’s groups for not being a “real” woman. Nobody even protested. Some jeered at me. No men’s group has ever had a problem with me, or with cis women showing up. Once or twice, people have complained about a “tranny” or “freak” being there, and they’re told to pipe down and stop being assholes. This is in the American South, mind you. Do I say all feminist groups are bigoted hate groups because those two were made up of pricks? No. Similarly, I don’t excuse the behavior of those bigoted men, but I know it’s because they’re bigots, not because of their chosen social cause. Radfems, on the other hand, have distinguished themselves as a distinct subset of feminism by organizing and self-identifying around certain tenets that go outside the bounds of gender equality, namely vitriolic opposition to anyone other than cis females.
I know a man who was being regularly beaten by his girlfriend. He wouldn’t defend himself, even to push her away, because, well, “you don’t hit women.” He should have just left, but he didn’t. Stupid him. One day, he had enough and called the cops. When they got there, the cops arrested him. He was bleeding, she was untouched, and they arrested him. They left her in the house, because she said she lived there. She didn’t. The cops just took her word for it and wouldn’t let him protect his things. She stole a bunch of his stuff, wrecked the place, and even pressed charges against him for battery. When he tried to press criminal charge, the DA declined. He couldn’t afford a lawyer for a civil suit. He got off with just anger management courses only because she didn’t show up to court. He’s celibate now, and in therapy because he’s terrified of women. Terrified. He can’t be alone in the room with one, even with me, if I’m presenting female at the time. When I asked why he was uncomfortable around me (expecting it was cause I was trans) he nearly had a panic attack, afraid I would get him in trouble with someone. With whom, I don’t know.
Though an extreme example, such procedures are institutionalized in many places. Even if it were a one-off case of people abusing their power (which it wasn’t, the Sheriff’s policy says the man is always taken away and the children are always left with the woman. There were no children in this case, however.), if he were a woman, he could have gone to a shelter. He could have gotten a pro bono lawyer from the local battered women’s center. He could have raised a hue and cry in the media. But as a man, there was nothing. No organization. These women’s support agencies are crucial to the fight for gender equality, but they won’t help him, despite claiming to be for equality. What feminist organization would dare defend a man against a woman? So men try to organize their own movements to fight these injustices. Then they’re labeled as misogynists and rapists. Yet when a feminist spews hate about men (or trans people, as we can see), they are lauded by their peers, rather than censured for it.
Patriarchy isn’t the problem, and it never was. It’s kyriarchy. It’s not “men” fighting for inequality. It’s a group of very powerful men fighting for themselves. Their goal is just to keep anyone from gaining more power, including less privileged men, because they want it for themselves. It’s the status quo being rigidly enforced by wealthy, powerful old men who simply cannot abide the world being anything other than they way they want it. Painting an entire gender with their brush only distracts people from the class-based source of the injustice. Gender equality should be the goal, but the politics of the gender equality movement has been to push women on top for so long, its forgotten about the root of the problem, and it doesn’t seem to care either.
When someone points at someone’s gender as a reason to make a judgement about them, that’s wrong. It’s wrong when men say it about women, it’s wrong when women say it about men, it’s wrong when cis people say it about trans people, and it’s wrong when trans people say it about cis people. If a person is a shitty human being, it’s because they’re a shitty human being. Genitals and gender don’t enter into it.
The Men’s Rights Movement has a problem in its disruptive, hate-driven members. A serious one. It isn’t particularly well-organized of a movement, so it’s sort of fumbling around blindly trying to do something about it. It might not work, because anybody trying to step up to do something about those people is lumped in with them and lambasted. That would be tragic, because it would just send a message to men that nobody will, and nobody can help them. In contrast, the disruptive, hate-driven members of the feminist movement are in organized positions of power, and feminism in general is doing nothing to curtail their excesses, or even to acknowledge them as a problem.

[–]two-TS from the TG Community 2 points 1 hour ago

I’m saddened, but not surprised at all, to see how many people are in here engaging in RadFem apologetics, saying these statements aren’t indicative of real Scotsmen feminists (or even real radfems),

Just, <3

[–]KlokWerkN 3 points 8 hours ago

Wow, I really wish I could take back the last 15 minutes of my life I spent reading the vile shit that was posted on that page… Never have I felt worse.

[–]Nathed1 3 points 2 hours ago

It shocks me how intolerant these “liberal” groups are . My girl friend is TG . I’ve never thought of myself as gay . I was married but she just sucked the life out of me , I was a Jehovahs witness , and you know they showed more understanding and more tolerance to people and their beliefs than these rad fems have .
When i left that religion it was because I knew my life choices were not compatible with it , the last words said to me by one of the pastors was “wish you well” and shook my hand . Even though my life was add odds with his beliefs he showed me respect and wished me well . I can’t ever see a Rad Fem ever doing the same .
Coming from a conservative Christian background I’m sickened by the intolerance and segregation found in such “liberal” groups , the rank stench of hypocrisy wafts through these groups .
I love and support my girl friend and that is important to me . I view her as the most precious thing in my life . She asks if her being trans bothers me ; amazingly I never even think about it . She is just my lisa.

[–]DecibelleWonder Woman~ 1 point 2 hours ago

It’s sad. I can actually understand the argument they’re making, and where they’re coming from, and I think it’s a discussion society needs to have.
They’re still irritating, though.

[–]notaladyAgeing Trans Feminist 4 points 1 hour ago

Radfems are the equivalent of the (reddit) MRAs, they aren’t interested in equality, they’re only interested in the promotion and preferential treatment of their own sex.

[–]Winterlong 3 points 6 hours ago

I disagree that radical feminism is a hate group, and all radical feminists are transphobic. I agree many radical feminists hate trans women, but transphobia is not a core tenet of radical feminism, not like how hatred of LGBT people is integral to some religious faiths. There is even a trans woman who is a radical feminist.
Having said that, I think radical feminism attracts women who are transphobic, especially towards trans women, for a variety reasons. First of all, I have read that transphobia towards trans women is more common among the lesbian community than the rest of the queer community, and many radical feminists are lesbian women. Also, misandry seems to be more common among radical feminists, and leads to hatred of trans women because of their refusal to recognize our gender.
Secondly, radical feminism at its core reinforces the beliefs of people who already hate trans women. Radical feminism sees the discrimination against women and enforced gender roles and decides that gender is the problem. For radical feminists, the whole concept of gender is a tool of the patriarchy to oppress women, and the way to have equality is to eliminate gender. In my opinion, gender seems less the problem than, you know, discrimination and enforced gender roles. This goal of eliminating gender leads to some radical feminist seeing trans women as agents for patriarchy because of the concept of gender identity, and because they see the stereotype of trans woman as feminine and attracted to men as reinforcing gender-normativity. Never mind that most cis women are gender-normative, to them it’s only trans woman who are the problem.

[–]ImAWafflecone 3 points 4 hours ago

Yes, radical feminism is different than trans exclusionary radical feminism. With the huge caveat that those who are inclusionary radical feminists have often not done enough to learn about trans issues and how that affects feminist theory.
I think the major problem is radical feminist literature is at best cissexist and usually outright transphobic. So the whole foundation of radical feminism leads people to cissexist and transphobic beliefs, especially when they are ignorant towards trans issues.

[–]two-TS from the TG Community 4 points 3 hours ago

Please name 3 RadFem books that aren’t anti-trans. I’d like to check them out. Every RadFem book I’ve looked at viewed trans issues as just one huge validation of the patriarchy and therefore bad.
Also, please give an example of 3 RadFem leaders who aren’t anti-trans. And, please give me an example of where RadFems organized to support trans equality legislation.
I get that there are people who call themselves RadFem (because they think it sounds cool) without really knowing that the core ideologies of the RadFem movement over the past 40 years has been explicitly anti-trans. However, that doesn’t change the fact that the movement is explicitly anti-trans. That’s like claiming that the KKK isn’t racistbecause of this.

[–]two-TS from the TG Community 2 points 1 hour ago

If this task can’t be done even with 40 years of history to choose from, I think it’s fair to judge them by the mountains of anti-trans evidence they’re more than happy to produce.

[–]Disposable_CorpusDancer 2 points 42 minutes ago

Cannot tell if Cristan or another and equally-awesome person.

[–]Talltran 4 points 5 hours ago*

Woooow. What the fuck?
Some of the things I took away from a quick glance over this breeding ground of discrimination were:

  • BDSM exists purely as a one way street for male doms and female subs, and never vica versa.
  • Transsexual people are, I quote, erasing female reality by identifying themselves as a different gender other than the one they were born as
  • Porn stars are all victims. Even the filthy rich, long-time performing ones like Sasha Grey and Jenna Haze. ‘Pornography is the act of making hate to women’s bodies.’
  • Porn stars have a shelf life. Forget MILFs, if you’re over 21 you’re too old. All of them too old: Emma Starr, Monique Fuentas, Lisa Starr, Nina Hartley.. wait what?

This takes the cake though: taken directly from their declaration on

  • We are female-identified, women-born women and are collectively anti-pornography, anti-prostitution, *trans-critical*, and PIV-critical. Many of us have specialized interests as well, such as motherhood, post-modernism and what it did to feminism, the harms of penis-in-vagina sex (PIV), the “transexual/transgender” movement, femininity, and the “sex industry. Please read the comments policy; the discussions on this blog are reserved for female-born women only.”

For real? What the fuck is wrong with these women. Their views don’t help feminism in any way. If you act like a cunt people will associate your cause with being a cunt. They aren’t flying the banner of a just cause (to which all women anatomically or not should be entitled to benefit from) they are marring it.

[–]ImAWafflecone 8 points 4 hours ago

I get you’re mad but gendered slurs are always a shitty way to go.

[–]flamingmongoose 3 points 4 hours ago

They’re anti-femininity? Says it all. I’m all for asking why some people are femme but telling WOMEN what to do is shitty.

[–]rainbowbullet♀♀♀ 1 point 29 minutes ago

the harms of penis-in-vagina sex (PIV)

I mean, I say, I mean

[–]AllOverMyTransBodyHopeless MtF 2 points 3 hours ago

It’s awful that because of radical feminists,some people just assume all feminists are like that.This for an example.
The guy in the comments just says the whole feminist movement is like that,and saying you are a non radical feminist equals saying you are a good nazi.

[–]DoctorYucatan 2 points 40 minutes ago

So I read this and almost vomited. Be warned, it could be pretty triggering.
These radical feminists would like to believe that our dysphoria is constructed out of some selfish, ‘rape-culture based’ desire to do…what? According to them, to be better than women. Apparently, from what else I’ve been reading on RadicalHub, the radfems are arguing that, since we were ‘never women in the first place,’ we have no right to determine what a women is, even if we identify as such. Apparently, we’re propagators of rape-culture and patriarchy, motivated by male-dominance to do…what? I guess to tear down the whole image of exactly what a woman is. Or some bullshit.
This RadicalHub website is a fountain of hatred and lies towards trans* folk and I am very sorry for the human race that it exists.

[–]PapercutPoodleTransgender Woman -6 points 7 hours ago

Yet another group of people I would gladly watch being slowly lowered into an active volcano.
Oh what the hell, I’ll go there
I’d celebrate

[–]rainbowdash7000 1 point 5 hours ago

Is it right to call them radfems? I think it creates confusion, we should call them transphobic feminists. There’s nothing radical about them. Someone said this a while ago somewhere, probably here and it struck a chord with me.

[–]two-TS from the TG Community 4 points 4 hours ago*

No. RadFem is correct. Yes, there are SOME (few) who claim the radfem identity who don’t hate on trans folk, but practically ALL RadFem books and sites are explicitly anti-trans and have been for the last 40 years.
Some want to call these folks TERFs, but that’s BS. It’s not having the courage to call a spade a spade because it might offend someone who calls themselves a RadFem (because they think it sound all cool and militant) without knowing the RadFem movement’s stated aims and goals – which ARE, in fact, explicitly anti-trans. The “don’t paint everyone with a broad brush” argument is BS.
RadFems killed Filisa Vistima. RadFems are where most of the anti-trans memes came from that still haunt the trans community. RadFems were the first (in the 1970s) to advocate for (to TWO US administrations, no less) a national program of forced reparitive “therapy” for all trans folk. They worked with a racist anti-feminist lawmaker to ensure trans folk’s access to health care was cut off (don’t have health care, thank a RadFem. At one time ALL your trans care was covered). They are the folks who began to push to throw trans folk under the bus as the queer community marched forward with the push for equality. They are the ones who began a national program of outing of trans folk (this went on for years) for the explicit goal of ruining their ability to get a job.
Anyone claiming that RadFems aren’t a hate group is simply uninformed or willfully obtuse.

[–]rainbowdash7000 4 points 3 hours ago*

Ok, I’m not really familiar with radfems. I thought that it was just a subset that were anti trans.
Edit: Did some googling, so much arrogance in one place! Not even on trans issues, they seem to think they are right in every way and that if you disagree you are part of the ‘machine’.

[–]two-TS from the TG Community 3 points 3 hours ago*

Exactly. And it’s not that this is a few rotten apples, the core dogma of this movement – over the past 40 years – is rotten. Yes, there are SOME things that I can agree with them about. However, that doesn’t change the fact that their endgame is a world without trans folk in it.

[–]Nathed1 2 points 14 minutes ago

or men , or FtoM trans.

[–]two-TS from the TG Community 1 point 11 minutes ago


[–]transradfemthrowaway -1 points 4 hours ago

I know it’s easy to hate on rad fems since a large portion are shitty, but it’s unfair to paint all rad fems with the same brush. I’m trans and definitely have some radfem leanings (i.e. being critical of PIV intercourse, being critical of pornography and BDSM, etc.). Dworkin even had some positive things to say about trans people (disregarding her last point about us disappearing in an androgynous society):

[–]two-TS from the TG Community 4 points 3 hours ago*

And this black guy has some positive things to say about the Klan. That doesn’t meant that the Klan isn’t a racist organization.
You might be a Christian. The Klan is an explicitly Christian movement. You might both agree that Jesus is awesome, but that doesn’t mean that you endorse the core goals and values of the Klan, right? Similarly, you might think the patriarchy sucks. You might agree with the RadFem movement that the patriarchy sucks. But, I’m guessing that you don’t agree with the RadFem movement’s states goals and values with regard to trans folk.
The Klan movement is racist in the same way that the RadFem movement is anti-trans. Of course there are exceptions to this rule, but those exceptions don’t wipe away decades of a movement’s explicitly stated aims and goals.

[–]two-TS from the TG Community 4 points 3 hours ago

I find her statements patronizing. She really thinks that I’m a cultural women in a man’s body. She really thinks that none of us are born with an innate sens of our own physical sex. Her ideology is an albatross around the neck of trans research.
Simply pretending that point #3 isn’t an integral part of her message is like a Christian picking and choosing dogma that fits their personal narrative. She sees transsexuals as poor saps – pawns of the patriarchy, because nobody has a subjective and innate sense of their own physical sex… nah, it’s all just cultural. Transsexuals change their sex cus’ society fucked them up. That very dogma lies at the heart of the very worst of what RadFemism has to offer.
She’s no more helpful than John Money. Both advocate sex changes for the same reason and both of their dogmas have ruined lives.
[–]Aerik -5 points 4 hours ago

I don’t know if ‘the radfem movement’ is even as cohesive, as, say, the MRAs. But these days when you look at places like the infamous ‘radicalhub’ * — it seems like hating on trans people is pretty much what it’s all about.
* (which to reddit represents all radical feminists everywhere) (which they do because reddit likes easy and popular targets) (which they have become only because of /r/mensrights and their attempts to dox them) (and anytime reddit doxxes somebody that’s the goto poster child of the alleged group) (I mean seriously reddit, do you know any other self-declared radfems at all? these threads might be more productive if you could actually name new names)

[–]two-TS from the TG Community 7 points 2 hours ago*

a.) There is a movement which has existed in America over the last 40 years that calls itself “radical feminism”. They have symbols, leaders, jargon and events. This is a movement. To claim that something with these features is not a movement is being willfully obtuse.
b.) This movement has dogma. This dogma comes from the writings of their leaders. These writings are explicitly anti-trans and informs a dogma which seeks to achieve a world in which there are no trans people in it. To fail to notice this fact is, IMHO, another example of being willfully obtuse.
Question: Do you think that the infamous radicalhub pushes an ideology that hasn’t been a defining part of radical feminism over the past 40 years? If so, please provide specific examples of radical feminism over the past 40 years that stands in stark contradiction to the ideology pushed on radicalhub.

48 thoughts on “GenderTrender is a Big Meanie

  1. I’ve been hearing so much about how hateful radfems are. Who is spreading this bizarre propaganda? It does not jibe at all with my experience reading all the most popular radfem blogs. There is such a disconnect between the propaganda and my own experience that reading this stuff is like being in a dream-state.

  2. Hate me if you wish, but I do reject the notion that everyone is born with an innate sense of their own physical sex. I don’t think I was. (Should I have been?) This does not make me trans-phobic. I also reject the notion that ‘radical’ feminism as such has anything to do with hating transexual people – this attitude is reactionary and not radical. The perversion of language is perhaps even a sign of manipulation of to muddy the waters and make it more difficult for us to accept each other without prejudice or bigotry. I rather hope that this distinction can be made and the ‘radfem’ label can be changed, to allow an open debate that doesn’t tar the concept of feminism with such a narrow brush. I reject Andrea Dworkin’s arguments for her bigoted attitude to pornography and dislike Julie Burchill for her bigoted attitude to almost, but not quite, everything. I am against threatening anyone with ‘cunt cancer’, no matter how much you feel insulted.
    I have entered this debate as a rookie, having decided decades ago that feminism is a good thing, but not a sufficient response to oppression. I have concentrated more on struggling against other aspects of repression, believing the disadvantages faced by women to be symptomatic the oppression of all disadvantaged people. I also think there is a need for men to address sexual issues, and have no problem with mens’ or gay or lesbian or transgender or androgenous or hermaphrodite groups fighting oppression. I have huge problems with any of them promoting it, when we could be supporting each other.
    There are some aspects of sexual expression I have problems with – anything that promotes sexualised children, and I won’t allow that grown adults should be tolerated dressing as such in public. What people do in private is their own business.
    If anyone has a rational argument against my views please let me know.

    1. Question: What do you mean by “and I won’t allow that grown adults should be tolerated dressing as such in public”? I’m not sure if you’re referring to trans people dressing in certain ways, or something related to the pedophilia you just mentioned, or what.
      Also, as far as radfems not hating trans people, I believe the term is “TERFs” or Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists. Sadly, they seem to make a lot more noise than the non-TERF radfems.

    2. As a fellow rookie, I’m going to just address the points in your argument I don’t agree with.
      ‘… I do reject the notion that everyone is born with an innate sense of their own physical sex.’ — Sure. I agree with that, and I’m sure most of the regulars here agree. Because generally people are a bit more than just what lies betwixt their thighs. But for a lot of people, myself included, that’s part of the issue. Like it or not, people are born with genitals. What you choose to do with them is what matters.
      ‘I rather hope that this distinction can be made and the ‘radfem’ label can be changed, to allow an open debate that doesn’t tar the concept of feminism with such a narrow brush.’– I’m not understanding what you’re meaning here. It seems like you’re under the impression that radical feminists are the ones who are picking how certain words are used, or which words are made to mean what concept. That’s not really the case, what with the unsettling prevalence of ‘cisgender’ and its unsavory word-cousins.
      ‘I reject Andrea Dworkin’s arguments for her bigoted attitude to pornography and dislike Julie Burchill for her bigoted attitude to almost, but not quite, everything.’ — Okay. That just means you don’t believe in some of the most eloquent radical feminist leaders. But you’re still one of them? I… I honestly have no idea what this has to do with the topic of this thread. Or why you brought it here.
      ‘I am against threatening anyone with ‘cunt cancer’, no matter how much you feel insulted.’ — Finally we agree on something.
      ‘… having decided decades ago that feminism is a good thing, but not a sufficient response to oppression. I have concentrated more on struggling against other aspects of repression, believing the disadvantages faced by women to be symptomatic the oppression of all disadvantaged people.’ — OH. Touting out the ol’ ‘Women need to focus on every opressed group other than women’ argument! Alright, I get what you mean now. Still, doesn’t have much to do with the Reddit comments.
      Not sure if that was an entirely rational response, because I’m a chick and we’re all not to be trusted with things like addressing peoples’ assumptions of our works. My deepest apologies if that is the case.

  3. Hey there! I came from the thread linked on Reddit in an attempt to see what the users there were talking about. Before today, I had never heard of the Radfem movement, and I must say that I am still a bit confused by it.
    I think the reason that the transgender community on Reddit has reacted this way is because of the way that some Radfem supporters view transgender people. On, I went into the trans category and saw a lot of negativity, which I can understand would cause antagonism between the two groups.
    I think everyone should be allowed to believe their own beliefs and express themselves, but certain articles seemed rather hostile and almost oppressive towards transgender people.
    This is why I’m confused. I don’t understand why the Radfem movement reacts the way the do to transgender people, specifically trans women. After they have transitioned, these women are legally recognized as women, and many are feminists. Why are they not considered allies?
    When it comes to the innate sense of physical sex, I’d be happy to answer any questions you have from a transgender person’s perspective.
    Looking forward to your response!

      1. I have been reading, and will continue to. Some of the thought processes are a bit foreign to me, but I’m trying to understand.

      1. Woah, sorry! I’m not trying to troll. I’m very interested in this group, and want to hear your side. Sorry if my terminology isn’t the best. 🙁

      2. @A Vistor – assuming you’re not trolling, this is the problem as I see it: appropriation and stereotyping.
        Trans* theory (at least as described many places) is built on the idea that somehow a trans* person is born “in the wrong body.” At some point, a person born with a perfectly normal penis and XY chromosomes decides that hey, he has a “female brain” inside. Because hormones are a physical thing, trans theory decides that hey, yeah, that will provide a plausible “physical and scientific” explanation for how that might happen (because we all know that “born in the wrong race body” would be nonsense, right? But sex, well, maybe it can happen! Because hormones!)
        The $64,000 question is of course, if you weren’t born with biologically female genitalia, and weren’t raised by others assuming that you possess biologically female genitalia, then you have objectively NO EXPERIENCE as to what it might feel like to have those genitalia, or how a brain attached to such a person “should be.” Meaning, how in the hell would you KNOW what it “feels like” to be someone born with female genitalia, enough to say that you identify that feeling in yourself and therefore your own perfectly functional body is somehow “wrong?” You might as well say you “feel like a Black person, inside.” It’s the same level of “how on earth would you even know?”
        But in order to claim you know, you must have some IDEA, some stereotype, of what that feeling is, how a “female brain” should be.
        And the moment you go there, you’re telling ME, someone who WAS in fact born with biologically female genitalia, how I MUST surely think, how my brain is, how I should feel (and if I don’t feel that way, if I think the stereotypes given are all a bunch of bullshit, well, then I have to be trans*). You’re putting ME in a stereotyped box, and appropriating my experience.
        That’s offensive.
        If you read any of the “born in the wrong body” accounts, or worse yet accounts by parents diagnosing their kids as trans*, it’s all a bunch of stereotypes all lined up. Oh, their kid didn’t like sports, he wanted to wear dresses all the time, didn’t like math, liked to talk forever, liked princess stuff, preferred to play with girls, asked mom when God would take away his penis.
        Well, newsflash, plenty of born girls (yes, I realize that term is considered “transphobic” now, but you know what I mean) don’t like pink, don’t like princess, prefer STEM subjects, wouldn’t be caught dead in a dress, like sports, and prefer to play with boys. And they’re NOT TRANS*. Meanwhile you can be a boy and wear a dress, if you want – well, it would be easier if SOCIETY wasn’t so effed.
        The problem is that usually (1) Mom has told the kid that “boys don’t do [whatever]” so of course, yeah, boy would prefer to lose his penis, the obvious thing that makes him a boy, and (2) from the early days of schooling, kids are segregated by sex during play and socialization even in mixed-gender schools, in the US – they self-segregate too, because they get that message at home.
        Better answer is to smash gender entirely. Why should there be any requirement at all for your “brain” to “match” your genitalia? Any type of brain, any type of genitalia, it’s a legitimate pairing and valid. However you think, can go on the “this is how people born with penises think” side of the ledger, until people see just how fluid it all is.
        I get that society is rigid in some ways and that for many people, their lives are easier if they “transition” and manage to pass well enough on the street so that people treat them as if they are “the other side.” I get that there’s dysphoria.
        But when it turns into “I’m really a woman inside” – that’s a line crossed.
        I never wake up “feeling like a woman” or “having an innate sense of womanhood” or any of that stuff. People TOLD me I’m a woman (because of obvious biological reality) and oppress me for it.
        I’m a “person” born in a woman’s body, I guess.

      3. @A Visitor – I should add, too, that of course the vast majority of people trying to put me into the “laydee brain” box aren’t trans* (because trans* people are a very small percentage of the population anyway) – it’s regular ol’ garden variety MEN who do it.
        The problem is that the trans* theory just reinforces their entire argument. It’s extremely NOT transgressive or challenging or groundbreaking or anything else, it’s very traditional, and terrible in all the traditional ways.

    1. A lot of self-admitted confusion going on with this guy.
      A Visitor, how many other social justice movements “confuse” you? Was the motivation behind the civil rights movement also “confusing”? Any other activism that confuses you, or is it just women’s rights you have problems with? At any rate, have you ever thought about clearing up your confusion yourself? This is not a school, we’re all adults. It’s time to self-educate at this stage…

      1. I have been reading through older posts here, and I think I understand more because of it.
        Admittedly, there are a few other groups that push for rights (or simply visibility,) that I don’t understand, but I guess that’s just because I haven’t learned much about them, yet.
        I completely understand why people push for women’s rights; equality has not yet happened. I, too, am an advocate for equality. Having been paid less to do more work than a boy with 4 years less experience just because I was female was not at all fair, and after that I understood the need for feminism 100%. Before that point, I had been led to believe that equality had been achieved.

  4. Just amazing. Self-obsessed men, expecting women to give them whatever they want, no matter the cost to girls and women. How dare we say “no?”
    If they would stop trying to appropriate our identity, we would care less if they wanted to identify as something they clearly can never be, like birds or petunias. But as long as they want to take even more from us, then we can’t ignore their preying on us.
    We’ve said it all before. And it’s all here, thanks to Gallus Mag — as clear as can be.

  5. Women are not a suit of clothes men can try on. Women are be-ings. You know, like human be-ings? Not clothes, makeup, an identity or a state of mind.
    No one gives a rat’s ass what you boys think of yourselves. Isn’t that what transgenderism is all about? What you boys think of yourselves? And demanding everyone, especially women, agree with what you boys think of yourselves? Spare me the narcissism.
    You know where the word “narcissist” comes from, don’t you? It comes from that Greek dude Narcissus who was so in love with his own image that he leaned over too far gazing at own his reflection in a pool of water and fell in and drowned. That pretty much sums up trans. Narcissists in love with their own image.
    Hmmm… maybe we should start locating women’s facilities near pools of water?

    1. Hey there! I’m transgender (but born female,) and in a way, I agree with you. People don’t and should not care what transgender people think of themselves. It’s a private affair, and I don’t think it’s proper to go throwing one’s identity in the faces of others.
      However, within the transgender community, this opinion is not a popular one. The promotion of visibility is what most people in the transgender community support.

      1. These people want to be visible–literally seen and not merely acknowledged politically–because their narcissism, which is a driving force in transgenderism, demands the gaze of others. There’s a strong undercurrent of sadomasochism in transgenderism, so for many of them it’s even better if the gaze of others is obtained by force (“non-consensually”).
        None of this is to deny or minimize the misogyny inherent in transgenderism. It’s just that these people are not only severely undermining to women; they also are crazy.

      2. @Em:
        While I completely understand why transgender people seem narcissistic, in my own experience it has been a bit different. The people I’ve talked to have expressed the wish to transition because of a hate of their bodies, not because of narcissism. Seeing as how the ideal of beauty (for both men and women) in this age is so warped, I can see how we can narcissistically try to achieve this ideal. This can also be true of other people, though.
        I’m not sure why the transgender community pushes for visibility in such a way. I’d much rather pass unnoticed.

      3. The reality is, reality, not oughta, should be, that it’s impossible to tell who is dressing like a women despite having a penis is safe or not. Washrooms are confined areas having only one exit. Rapes and sexual assaults do occur in public bathrooms. I walked in on one and called police-the perpetrator took off before police arrived and to my knowledge was not caught. Cross-dressers do so for sexual stimulation. This is a fact admitted to by trans-sexuals themselves.
        Crossdressing for sexual pleasure
        Why would someone do this?
        “Some people get sexually turned on by wearing clothing of the “opposite”sex. For some people the sexual charge is about how the clothes feel; other people get off on the taboo of wearing “opposite” clothes; for others dressing up is part of a sexual fantasy. Crossdressing for sex is a normal, healthy part of human sexuality, and is quite common. In a survey of 2500 randomly chosen people in Sweden, nearly 3% of men and 1% of women surveyed said they had crossdressed for sexual pleasure at least once in their lives. Some people just do it once as part of experimenting about sex; others do it some of the time or every time they have sex.
        Sexual pleasure is not the only reason people crossdress. Some people don’t get turned on by crossdressing, they do it because they like how the clothes fit or feel, want to express their feminine/masculine side, to have fun dressing up (lots of people crossdress at Halloween), to make apolitical statement, are taking part in a cultural or religious festival, or for other reasons.” (page 4)

  6. The rad fem movement is stuffed full of transphobic ideas and there are some similarities in how you cling to transphobic ideas inspite of limitless scientific and logical evidence in the same way a racist organisation clings to racist ideas inspite of limitless evidence proving they are wrong.
    You can believe it or not but gender dysohoria is a very real condition. Just because you have never exprienced it does not mean that it doesn’t exist and it is recognised by the majority of the medical world as a real thing,
    And they have done a lot more study on it, and have a greater understanding than the radfem movement.
    The idea that trans people are lying, sexually perverted or in some way disingenuous is a little offensive, and you look like fools because the results are already in no matter how much you resist them. The debate is done.
    So…you could just be nice about trans people and let them live how they need to…or you can remain willfully ignorant in your fantasy world of good vs evil.

    1. We know gender dysphoria exists. That is because gender is policed behaviour and styling based on sex. I do not like the “woman” gender much at all and why should I. I am not interested in being told someone is really a woman because they like shopping and sparkles. This is nonsense.
      As for sex-based dysphoria, I understand that this is a real condition. Some trans people hate their bodies. However, some of those jumping on the trans bandwagon are hardly dysphoric at all. Note the number of trans “women” who are delighted with their penises and want to keep them and even use them for sex. Sorry but that is where any belief that this person is a “woman” who is “trapped” in a man’s body very much evaporates.
      For those who have genuine sex dysphoria, the question is the answer surgery and hormones, and asking others to recognise that person as male or female where they were not before. Some people believe that for a variety of reasons there are problems with doing these things. To compare legitimate criticism of trans ideology to racism is pretty disingenuous and disgusting. I can and do reject an ideology that says penises should be in female bathrooms and changing rooms if the person attached to the penis “identifies” as female. I can and do reject an ideology that says a woman who doesn’t feel at home in the role society assigns to her must really be a man. I can and do reject an ideology that says physically altering a person’s appearance to match their mind’s eye view of themselves will automatically make them happier. Do I hate trans people? No. Do I go out of their way to give them a difficult time? No. Do I automatically assume everything they say about themselves is correct and bend over backwards to accommodate all of their feelings and date a “lesbian” with a penis? No.

    2. “You can believe it or not but gender dysohoria is a very real condition.”
      Perhaps, but if your brain says you are a different gender than your body, the problem is with your brain, not your body.

      1. Yes, if the problem is with the persons brain, then it’s not societies problem either. Contrary to men’s fantasies, women just don’t lounge in locker rooms or saunas naked.
        We are all born with challenges and/or compulsions that we must overcome. Oughta’s aren’t reality. Just because someone thinks they oughta be able to do something; regardless of how others may feel about it is childish wishful thinking.
        women don’t want penis’ in accommodations designated for females-simple as that.

    3. @Michelle,
      Are you for real? Your side is claiming that men have ‘lady’ brains. Like females are some sort of hive mind that thinks the same. That is very similar to the sexist “women think x and therefore aren’t allowed to do anything but sit and look pretty” and the racist “black people think differently to white people, they will always be savages”.
      Your side denies the science. For fucks sakes, male and female are not identities. They are biological sexes. There is no “thinks like a female”. We don’t fucking think the same and we have natural brain structure variations anyway. If a female has a stroke and one of the regions of the brain that apparently correlates to female (take your pick, it seems to change every week) dies or shrinks, does that make her male? No, no it doesn’t.
      We have vaginas, breast, uteruses, ovaries and many other awesome parts. The loss of any does not make us less female. Just like cutting off your dick and getting gynecomastia does not make you less male.

  7. Well, Gallus Mag, unfortunately I’m pretty sure transgender people can be at risk using male toilets. If I can be physically assaulted by a bloke in a railway ticket office for looking like a ‘batty man’ (I am a female of androgenous appearance by the way) and a friend of mine beaten up in the street for the same reason, it seems likely. I also reckon women being cautious of safety from assault and mindful of privacy in women’s loos and changing rooms, particularly if they have children with them, is reasonable.
    I can think of no answer to this other than trying to work together for tolerance against bigotry, and education against any abusive sexual violence. We should be more worried about gay men getting attacked in Cameroon than about picking fault with ‘word theory’. Whatever happened to women’s liberation? It seems to have been forgotton in an obsession with image.
    And thanks, a Visitor, I’ll take a look at Reddit soon.

  8. That’s because their narcissism, which is a driving force in transgenderism, demands the gaze of others. Transgenderism also has a very strong sadomasochistic undercurrent, and so it’s even better if the gaze of others is obtained non-consensually.

    1. Huh, the rest of my reply got cut off. It was something like:
      None of this is to downplay or deny that transgenderism is misogynistic and very harmful to women. It’s just that more than a few transgenders are misogynistic AND crazy too.
      Damn, sorry for the multiple replies.

  9. One of the most infuriating trends of late – most noticeable in ‘liberal’ and ‘3rd wave’ circles’ is the tendency to ‘play the hate card’ in the face of criticism of ANY kind. There ARE enough haters out there – and social media has given a public voice to many that would otherwise have been stuck at home ranting at the tv or slagging off celebrities down their local – but conflating that with genuine, heartfelt concerns over ideaology and safety does no-one any favours. It just makes us all stupider and thinner-skinned. As a guy I’m bound to find myself in the Radfem crosshairs from time to time but I try to discern the difference between blind hatred and valid critique: avoiding being violent or just an ass helps. GT’s nothing like some of those MRA places: not even close. Slightly scary that some folks can’t see that 🙁

  10. “In recent surveys in the UK 50% of lesbian couples will be raped by their partner . Yet in heterosexual couples only 30% by the partner were women , 30% were male raped by the female partner the other 40% did not say (so it could have been a different family member or stranger)”
    Every other lesbian is a rapist! At least one in 3 heterosexual women is a rapist! 50% of pigs can fly!
    I’ve never in my life been insulting to a transwoman but I’ve had several make the assumption that I am a hateful bigot and thus further assume that they have the right to talk to me like I’m a piece of shit they just scraped off of a high-heeled shoe. I’ve seen more comparisons between Nazis and the KKK and radical feminists than I can count. I have seen claims that we propagate genocide and call for the elimination of all trans people. And they say *we* are hateful and slanderous. It’s like someone yelling at the top of their lungs “I AM NOT SCREAMING DAMMIT!”
    There’s a million times more compassion and empathy for trans people in radfem circles than vice versa, and 100% less death and rape threats.

    1. “and call for the elimination of all trans people……”
      Misquoting of Janice Raymond, I think. She spoke (I believe, I don’t claim to be quoting directly here), about morally mandating transsexualism out of existence, which then seems to get mis-reported as morally mandating transsexuals out of existence, hence the eliminate all trans line.

      1. I saw a transwoman named Shadi Petosky, who seems to be a friend of Janet Mock’s, telling Roseanne Barr on Twitter that radfem theory put into practice means *genocide*. I was really nice in our conversation (which started via Roseanne) and made very clear that this is a huge misinterpretation and I don’t mean any harm and neither do all the others I have read. I got suspended briefly after and a little bit later Shadi had deleted the whole exchange we had, presumably because I didn’t read like a genocidal hater. This idea that we’re all just sitting here sharpening our knives and boiling over with baseless hate seems to be the prevalent notion, and all evidence to the contrary is ignored or hidden.

      2. Whereas patriarchal theory put into practice, as it has been for thousands of years means……………….
        Means stories like todays, where everybody is sooooooo shocked that a nice guy hero like Oscar can (so it seems) shoot his girlfriend four times. We’re shocked it was Oscar, NOT that in some ‘domestic’ someone (usually a man) shot and killed their girlfriend. Or like a case on trial here at the moment, where a man and his wife are on trial for manslaughter of SIX of their own children, in what seems to be umbrage that his mistress had left the house where he, his wife, their six children, his mistress, and various of her children, had all been living together. Claim is he set a fire to try and blame her.
        We’ve seen it all so many times. Women may kill themselves and their own children in despair, but seems with the menz, they kill the children (and then themselves), as the ultimate punishment for their erring wife/girlfriend who DARED to leave.
        See, even the NICE ones think they own us, our bodies, and our children, THAT’S the socialisation that M2T are getting, whatever colour brain they think they’ve got.

    1. You need to read between the lines a bit on that one.
      On the internet in 2013, if you disagree with certain “activists” on their views about anything that relates to themselves (so for instance “I’m a woman inside” or “sex is a cultural construct only so my penis is a female penis”) that means that you are denying their humanity, because you are denying them the ability to define themselves.
      Add to that of course the “fact” that any writing about sex and gender in any way that accepts that biological sex has meaning and that women can be and are oppressed for their SEX, and you’re the cause of mass murder and genocide because of course pointing out that born male means male regardless of the clothing means that haters (somehow never quite identified) will now have some sort of permission to start the killin’. Or something. That twitter conversation with Roseanne Barr was full to the brim with this idea.

  11. I also LOVED the woman (F2T) who said:
    “I felt sick and depressed and guilty for weeks, even after I figured out it was just a bunch of RadFems.”
    LMAO. SICK AND DEPRESSED FOR WEEKS. Oh hon. You might want to look into that, and it has nothing to do with my blog. Sick and depressed and guilty FOR WEEKS. Wow.

  12. I DO reject the notion that people are born with an innate sense of their own physical sex. I don’t feel like “a woman.” I don’t know what “a woman” feels like. I know what *I* feel like. I have a vagina and ovaries, so I’m a woman. If I felt exactly like I feel now, but had a penis and a Y chromosome, I’d figure I was a man. “Man” and “woman” are not FEELINGS.

    1. Exactly, so why should we accommodate someone in a public washroom or locker room who simply feels they are a women, yet have male genitalia? What about the one in four girls (25%) who are sexually abused, molested, assaulted or raped before age 18? Even the thought of a penis in a woman’s washroom where there is only one exist is enough to bring on a PTSD flashback.

  13. I think it’s closer to 100% of all girls and women sexually assaulted if we include forms not usually counted and considering that many are too ashamed or afraid to admit how men and boys have assaulted them. And really, does any ever truly recover? Even if it’s less, it certainly is almost everyone I know, so of course we never want to be around men in any vulnerable situation, and the fact that these men demand access shows how incredibly selfish and very male they are. I believe they WANT to further the trauma done to us, in their sado-masochistic way, as someone else commented here. And I would really like to know, how many of these fuckers claiming to be women HAS ALREADY sexually assaulted, harassed, raped, or even killed girls and women? How many has done the same to animals, for “fun?”

  14. When I was growing up as an androgenous female I encountered more abuse from girls than boys, including assaults and victimisation in girls’ changing rooms. I believe I have recovered. Please do not stereotype maleness, or indeed sado-masochism. I quite enjoy being around men in vulnerable situations, as long as it is fully consensual, and private. No-one in society is immune to prejudice, and baseless insult fuels it.

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