150 thoughts on “Autogynephilia Survey – M2T Under 30

    1. Yes, autogynephilia (or “crossdreaming”) is essentially something sexual, but the problem is it’s capacity to genuinely become much more than such in individuals. Such as that of severe gender-dysphoria with resolution in transition. Not inherently a “perversion”, yet not inherently illegitimating transition.

  1. I think the percentage of heterosexual male “trans woman” pretendbians with autogynephilia is more like 98%.

  2. Interesting.
    It’s important to remember that peoples’ self-reports are not always accurate. For various reasons, conscious and unconscious, people almost as a rule understate or mis-state the degree of their sexual interest in certain topics. This is particularly true if those sexual interests are problematic in some way, and autogynephilia certainly is problematic to a large subset of the autogynephilic population.
    Bailey notwithstanding, my guess is that >90% of m2t are autogynephiles. If you can get half of them to own up to it, you’re doing very well.

    1. Yeah, I’m also iffy about self reporting. I don’t know whether or not they are telling the truth, but if I were asked about my sex life I would instinctively lie.
      I was reading about the statistics on recidivism rate for sexual offenders. It was really difficult to discern the true rates. The researchers had to rely on whether or not they’d been arrested again (or if they might have been offending prior to capture) and self reporting about victims. Needless to say, difficult to pinpoint.
      Even with serial killers you can often get 50-100 victims because they just don’t know. Killers will over and under exaggerate their victims. (John Wayne Gacy springs to mind)
      Even I bullshit about stuff.
      PARENTS/FRIENDS: “How’s uni?” “Fine” (stressing hard about it)
      DOCTOR: “Do you smoke?” “No” (I smoke like a chimney in winter)

    2. I agree it is impossible to rely on the self-reporting of a sexuality that is completely taboo to discuss openly EVEN IN A COMMUNITY SET UP TO “LIBERATE” that sexuality.
      What is clear is that the vast majority of “transgender” are men whose (for lack of a better word) SEXUAL ORIENTATION is Autogynephilia.
      Autogynephila is the GIANT elephant in the room of the transgender movement. We often hear the well-worn trope of “gender identity is unrelated to sexual orientation” repeated as a mantra. But that simply is not true, is it?
      For the large majority of transgender, from crossdressers to post operative transsexuals, the attempt to embody or impersonate the female “object” IS A SEXUAL ACT.
      Not only is trans a sexual act for most males, but it is one that requires (consentually or not) the public gaze (much like a subway flasher) for gratification.

      1. Uhm, okay I am trying to parse this–autogynaphilia I assume (looking at the parts of the word) someone who becomes sexually aroused by themselves as a woman–sounds like a fetish. Idenity assumes that the attraction is based outward. As an idenity this is based only on the self. The “idenitity” is the turn on, the compulsion. Narscissim as a fetish, hence all the rage.

      2. EXACTLY. How many of them publish “boudoir” photos of themselves on-line in their full regalia? It’s something approaching 100%.
        I don’t personally know of any women posting that crap. I’m not saying they don’t exist, but not one woman I know personally (extended family, friends, former school girlfriends, current and former co-workers, etc.) who is posting that highly artificial, vamping, strike-a-pose “boudoir” crap on her facebook or tumblr or linkedin or whatever.
        Meanwhile, I can find those kinds of “look at me, look at me, aren’t I really a sexy girl?!” photos on almost every facebook or blog or YouTube for a “trans woman”.
        It’s not even hidden or stealth autogynephilia. It’s freaking Autogynephilia On Parade — but we’re supposed to pretend that we don’t notice them donning lingerie and rubbing themselves for the camera like cats in heat?
        And if we point out this very odd and creepazoidal behavior, their go-to defense is always, “You’re just jealous because I’m sexier and A Better Woman Than You.”
        Yich. Whatever dudes, but just so we’re clear: you look like a guy in lingerie, dumb hair and bad make-up getting himself off by posing and fantasizing about people looking at him and being fooled into thinking he’s a really sexy woman — which we aren’t — because you’re not.

      3. Maire Francis,
        Oh the reality is very disturbing ick ick ick, some guy jerking off in a Target dress. But what is scary is that the pathology has been reframed and has insidiously been swallowed hook line and sinker by the “average college educated” white women—PC.
        IMHO, LBG—should jettison these guys out the door. But that will not happen. The narrative that is put out has to discredited. And women, the soccer mom, the la league women need to realize that their rights, their privacy, are being taken away. They need to know that “transphobia” does not exist and calling this out is not being a bigot. This runs on peoples’ guilt and their fear of being shamed as a bigot—really powerful hooks in today’s culture especially for women.
        The science stuff needs to be more out and not the propaganda: “it is a birth defect we have a women’s brain trapped in a male body” has to shown as in fact part of the pathology, like used car salesmen they have manipulated the professionals that surround it (or ones personally invested themselves) who are not getting any poorer from this. I am trying to locate women’s blogs—the mommy blogs. If I can figure out how to make a PDF and can get one done I see a kind of document that address all of this and lets women know that we will not have any legal identity or protection—because of “gender”
        It seems to me that much of the movement is like collective borderline, histrionic and narcissistic personality disorder. The APA et al have to come out and say this is wacko and they will not as long as the whole LBG(T) is behind this. My instincts tell me that only thing people fear more than being shamed into proving they are “open minded” is being “had” duped and taken. And this could be a hook if done very tactfully. I am sorry I do not want to share a hospital room with one of these men—oh no I don’t. Nor do I want to see every academic, and creative grant go to these men because they are “women.” I hope everyone realizes that they’re not a small amount of money not going to women.

    3. Re: Bailey, Blanchard, Lawrence. According to their research Autogynephilia is predominately a heterosexual “orientation”. In other words their data shows that homosexual male trans are in large part not autogynephllic. It is interesting that if their data is true, around 25-30% of male trans would NOT be autogynephilic. This survey shows approximately that same ratio of self-reported “non-autogynephillic”. I would have liked to see sexual orientation data included in this survey. In fact, in light of all the scientific research it is a bizarre (presumably intentional) lapse for any discussion of, or survey of autogynephilia to disinclude sexual orientation data.

  3. Good grief, this is all so sad. it’s hard to deal with. These men are mentally ill. It’s a sexual perversion. But I don’t feel at all angry at them. Not at all. I feel so very sad for them. I hope they can get along in the world, but have to insist that it is not at the expense of women’s liberation, which involves an incomparably larger group of oppressed people.

    1. Agreed, it is sad. Agreed, they are to be pitied. But we definitely should (and do) get angry as these sick people force their illness down our collective throats, and as you mentioned, as they cut away at the gains of the women’s movement.
      For no other delusion is it considered appropriate therapy to pander to the delusion. Should we have to address every imaginary Napoleon as “L’Empereur”?

    2. “But I don’t feel at all angry at them. Not at all”.
      Why didn’t you just write your usual screed: *ahem* “BUT WHAT ABOUT THE MENZZZ”.

  4. If the patriarchy was going to construct a group which would be most likely to destabilize women’s liberation, they could not have done better. Fcm says to look backwards from the result. I have to ask myself, who is encouraging this? Who is benefited by these sad ill people being talked about as women rather than mentally ill handicapped men under federal disability acts? Who benefits from calling “women” a category that has to include parodies of women?
    When this category can include any man who for whatever reason announces he’s decided to pretend to be a woman today, what does this mean for feminist theory, the basis of which is a clear category of historically, culturally, politically oppressed people with XX chromosomes? Can anybody be a Native American because they feel like one? If they pretend to be one, and get treated like one, have they magically become one? Why does this society encourage this sad delusion? If I were trans I would ask myself who is using me and hurting me and stigmatizing me. It is not radfems. We are not the hurters and damagers. We don’t collaborate with the delusions by committing crimes like performing mutilating surgery on well, if delusory, people.
    What would Native activists make of a group of non-Natives who announced they feel Native and therefore are to be considered Native in every respect from now on?
    How sad for them and how difficult for us as we have to waste so much gynergy on confronting such delusory theories. We need to fight the oppressors, and this issue I feel is a derailment of monumental proportions. Trans folks need to get to work getting their conditions covered under federal disability acts. I and I believe many radfems will support them in getting the help they need.

    1. The odd thing is that from a lot of perspectives, native identity has had to be protected by The Law of the Land in a way that offends most liberals. For example, you can’t sell Indian Art without possessing certain credentials as a craftsperson. This pisses off a lot of academic types who think that like gender, Native identity is something you can just feel in your bones.
      Ward Churchill is your typical white patriarch (married 4x, once to an indigenous woman half his age, none of his power or education, and when she killed herself, it was all The White Man’s fault) but he’s actually accepted by a lot of Black writers who have their own agenda in fighting against “blood quanta” (something they blow out of proportion, imo, compared to how it’s used in the real world; i.e., it mostly isn’t), because certain black folks want tribal inclusion based on former historic association. It’s not just about casino cash.
      If you’ve ever used Match.com or whatever, 75% of black people claim native ancestry (a lot of reasons for this) and 40% of white people (makes us more interesting), while all the people you’d see and peg as being indigenous identify as Canadian. /that was a joke, but also true

      1. Or all the countries where your religion is emblazoned on your government credentials and that actually controls certain spaces you’re allowed into / will be thrown out of. And of course, religion has ethnic connotations so your religion often accounts for more than what you feelzyweelzy about your imaginary friend/s, too. Even if your card says hindu, for the sake of example, if you look or talk wrong, you’re going to be booted out until you can get things sorted with an official and come back with an escort.
        This of course offends most of us westerners (even though most of those rules are recent and were created by brittish colonialists on behalf of what minority seemed to serve their interests the best) since we really only just allow Mormons to get away with that kind of exclusionary shit. Having private stuff on cards just feels like an invasion of privacy.
        But all of this just shows how fucked up it is that gender of all things is something we think should be up in the air and ungovernable (until you get your new driver’s license, then you gotta shove it in as many noses as you can).

      2. Sorry, I’m normally not one to serial post, but thought Gallus might want to check this one out:
        I love the argument in the comments that “why do kids of libbery liberal progressive do-gooder parents still have kids with gender dysphoria if this was a social thing and not a biological thing?”
        I dunno, maybe because these people breeders aren’t as fucking smart as they think they are?

      3. Re: Buzzfeed link.
        I think I love that Egan Penney. I screencapped their stuff.
        I hate to sound all negative and shit but what 11 year old has a clear idea of the world?
        When I was 11 I wanted to be a vet, and also a princess, and Leia from Star Wars, and Storm from X-Men, and Angelina Ballerina.
        I used to act out those characters playing with my siblings. I also believed my Baby Born™ was actually my baby and that my dolls had feelings.
        I’m not sayings kids are stupid, just not worldly. I felt like I understood the whole world and all the social dynamics when I was 20. 3 years later and I realise I didn’t know anything about it.

  5. @Beth – I hear you about 11-year-olds being too young to have any idea what they’re signing up for. I clearly recall that when I was 12, other girls had me convinced that I could get pregnant by swimming too near a man in a public swimming pool and we all refused to get in the water that summer. Another kid I knew at the time had an older sister who told us that you could douche with a bottle of Coca-Cola to prevent pregnancy. I had no idea what “douche” meant, exactly, but it sounded convincing to me.
    At 11, I still believed a bit in Santa Claus (trying to stay awake and listen for the reindeer’s feet on the roof, even though I pretended to NOT believe in Santa in order to avoid teasing by my older siblings.) I also longed to be a fairy so small, perfect and magical that I could live inside a flower. My dolls feelings were still very real to me; if my bratty brother punched one of my dolls, I’d sob uncontrollably and be angry with him for hours.
    I could go on and on…
    Kids believe all kinds of crazy stuff — their minds are creative, flexible, (let’s face it) gullible and inexperienced. It takes time to learn everything that adults are supposed to know, such as “males are male and females are female.”
    People do these kids NO service by playing along with, enabling or even growing their delusions of gender.

    1. 11 is young but it’s not that young, considering how grown up females are supposed to be at all ages these days. I could be wrong, but the hand written state of the letter set off my WTF radar.
      When I was 11, if I were writing to the president (“Dear Mr. Reagan, you can go…”), I’d have typed it, even if it meant dealing with ribbon ink and whiteout. I can’t help but feel that an 11 year old writing a letter out like a 7 year old isn’t part of the cutesifying feminization process enforced by the parents. Females have to grow up, males get a second childhood (how many grown mtfs write without capital letters online to look more compact and less serious? tons).
      11 is young (but look at what the media does with 13 year old girls), at the age when you might still think that writing to the prez is a useful endeavor (even though the letter was really to the parents because why have a trans kid if you can’t make hir famous?), it’s also at the age where you’d want to do it RIGHT.
      That’s all presuming this isn’t bullshit from the ground up and not engineered by some think tank.

      1. That’s an interesting point Anon Male,
        Writing a letter by hand does seem overly ‘cutesy’. I used to write letters too, my parents put them on the fridge or kept them to embarrass me later (letters to my imaginary friend “The Fat Controller”)
        Putting the letter on the internet reminds me of all those parents on Facebook who put up posts of their kids saying “1 million likes and I get to go to Disneyland”. It’s narcissistic.
        What purpose is there if not to get gratification?
        I’m still stuck on being trans at 11 (and some are younger), what the fuck?
        It terrifies me that people think children are capable of making life altering decisions. I also fear crap like this will energize paedophiles. “They can consent to SRS so they can consent to sex”.

  6. whatever you think of it, there’s an interesting video by Richard Dawson(something like that) called ‘Religion is a Virus’ and he shows in the video on Youtube how children can so easily be indoctrinated into a religion, especially a culty or fundamentalist one, because they haven’t yet developed their powers of critical thinking. they have wonderful, creative imaginations, but these can be controlled by ideologies of the parents/religious leaders or even certain political ideologies. If the parents are convinced their child must be trans because she or he isn’t fitting into state and socially and religiously sanctioned ‘gender roles’ then they’ll be pressured into any type of behavior towards these kids. It wasn’t too long ago that Butch lesbians were put into mental institutions by their parents for not ‘gender conforming’. I know for myself my parents went through ALOT of conniptions with me because I was not feminine and hardcore tomboy, rejecting dolls at age 7, girls clothes at age 9, and refusing to ever consider marriage or procreation at age 12. How did I know these things? I RESISTED feminization….and the less powerful ‘female role’ as I saw modeled with my mother and in the culture. And they did do things and sent me to people to try to change me. Of course none of it worked…
    Thank goodness they didn’t have access to sex changing doctors, otherwise I would have REALLY been damaged. So grateful for coming out as a Dyke and meeting other Butches, and finding out who I really was and that I COULD be powerful as a Female, oh, and I was always hardcore Feminist, ever since 9 years old, and much more so once I got radicalized on campus and politically active once I came out at the tender age of 21!

    1. People who use their kids to engage in political status-jockeying are the pits of the world.
      Anon Male: That’s all presuming this isn’t bullshit from the ground up and not engineered by some think tank.
      I thought the same thing.

  7. My reply is simple, does it matter? The only reason anyone would take this quiz and reply is because they feel threatened. TG people that feel not threat have no idea what AGP even is? Anyways one thing Blanchard did point out is true transsexuals do not exist regardless of sexual orientation. That is the only real fact people care about. No. Transsexuals do not exist, that is why a large gay man never becomes trans and most boys who think there girls never go on to become transsexual, most boys who think there girls grow up and become large, most men are large.

    1. Your post made very little sense.
      Regardless, trans do exist. I don’t think anyone here disputed that. They are not female/women…they are delusional males. I do not pander to the delusions of anyone.
      You want to be a male and wear dresses, get your nails done or get breast implants that’s fine. I’m not going to stop you. But you’re still male. Female/woman aren’t things you can dress up as or mimic. You either are or you aren’t, biology doesn’t lie.

      1. Trolling? I’m an 18 year client of CAMH and I know Ray Blanchard personally, I don’t troll. I’m trans gendered and I never once told anyone I was a woman/penguin what ever in a mans body, anyone who would take the term “I’m a woman trapped in a mans body” literally needs a reality check, possibly? In fact, no they don’t. Men who think there female do exist, but, there is no such thing as a transsexual. There are inter-sexed people then there is everyone else.
        Gay men who transition are not transsexual if they were they would like females as well. How can you be “transsexual” but ONLY like men? A true “transsexual” by common logic would be a trans gendered bi-sexual person.
        Men have zero WM (white matter) in frontal cortex, but woman have 85% of there total WM in this exact area. You have gay men who lie and deceive people and you also have bi-sexual men who lie and deceive people, there is zero biological evidence a true transsexual exists at all.
        Sure, a gay transsexual mind may appear slightly dimophiric but what did there brain look like at age 6? Brain plasticity easily accounts for the appearance of a dimophoric mind. MRI is so accoutre now a MRI technician can tell after one week who plays violent video games VS who didn’t. As well MRI was also used to prove the human mind can not express empathy and analyze simultaneously. So, to employee ethics one must analyze the fore mentioned report, then soon afterwards they post a comment. However its obvious that when you post a comment your brain is still in analyzation mode, hence very few comments here illustrate empathy.
        Next time you feel compelled to call someone a troller, what ever that is, a practice in fishing I thought, maybe hold your tongue?
        My post made very little sense because the entire article made very little sense? Who searches out an ethicist to see if its ok to transition? Most TG people do not even know what AGP is? Furthermore Ray Blanchard broke some serious Canadian rules of research in the late 80s and early 90s and so did his mentor Kurt Freud who personally told me in 95 to never merry.
        My lawyers are reviewing all this history. Camh has been publishing articles concerning Camh patients without authority. Camh where AGP originated has a monopoly on treating TG people in Ontario, that means gaining meaningful consent to be research subjects its virtually impossible.
        Anyhow I’m busy have a pleasant day.

      2. @Jenna
        Your sentence structure is all over the place. It’s difficult to understand and I have no idea exactly what point you’re trying to get across.
        Brain sex (men have x, women have y…I have y therefore I am a woman) has been so debunked it is laughable. There is no scientific evidence for it. It has been discussed widely here and I’d post a link but I won’t bother.
        I feel like I’m repeating myself over and over with you people. Do some reading! It should not be up to us to constantly spoon feed knowledge to you. You are a man. Deal with it.

      3. How much do ya wanna bet Jenna’s “lawyers” are named Mr. Whiskers and Professor McFluffypants?

      4. @Jenna, you start off by saying you are 18 years old, but then you say that you were told personally “in 95 to never merry(sic).” I do love the idea of some gender professional whispering that to a little baby you, but you wouldn’t even have born yet in 1995 if you are 18, Jenna (if that is even your real name!). Basic math is twansphoobic! Lol! The bat guano is strong in this one.

  8. By the way, you may note I did not use the word F??c in my reply, you did, as well I’m not obsessed I’m not the one commenting on everyone’s reviews you are. I am not narcissistic and demanding people see it my way, that does seem to be your game though.

  9. Motherhood you are obviously the owner of the web page. You are obviously not TG friendly. James Cantor of CAMH is obviously in shit for posting a link to this crap on Twitter, and under oath I bet I can get him to tell us who motherhood is?

    1. Jenna,
      I am not the owner of this page. A woman called Gallus Mag is. If you read between the lines you might infer that she is gay, a lesbian but that was just my take and I could be wrong. I in fact have no web page, no twitter and use a crank style can opener. But I am flattered that you think I am capable of putting together something as impressive as “Gender Trender.” You are unhinged. Wrap your mind around this-I am a housewife in Middle America–hence the name motherhood. My husband deposits sperm and I bring forth babies–who are then assigned a gender and I then nurse them (oh god they nurse, 2-3 years). Feel free to contact James Cantor, he does not know me and I do not know him. I would sober up before the call though.
      As from me not being TG friendly. I am quite friendly on the PTA, and all sorts of other organizations. I will say I am not a feminist and have no connections to any groups. I just fell into this when I saw another mother threatened by some big strapping TG. So I put on my boots and waded in because women need protection from men—period. And TG men present a clear danger to women. Call in your lawyers, call the Canadian Mounted Police. Good god I can hear it now.

      1. Also LMAO crank style can opener. If you own an electric can opener and open less than six cans an hour you are an idiot with too much money and counter space.

  10. et al… “Historonic” only someone who is a researcher and majors in history would use such language? Alice Dregder fits that exact profile. Even most professionals would never use the word historonic, and MH is the only one with a picture of a real person beside there user name, obviously MH controls this web page. And by the way, its too late to remove this blog. Your busted.

    1. Hey Jenna you psycho: I suggest you leave me and my blog alone sir. And that commenter has nothing to do with my blog you big fucking weirdo.

    2. @Jenna, the word the Motherhood used, correctly, is “histrionic”, not “historonic” and it is not a word reserved for researchers or history majors, you dumb asshole. The word itself does have a lot of meaning in women’s history, something that obviously means nothing to you as an unbalanced male fetishist. Your only interest in women is as a skin you can slip on to get your dick hard.

  11. Jenna,
    The picture next to my name is the writer Carson McCullers. She wrote Ballad of the Sad Cafe and The Heart is a Lonely Hunter.

  12. glad to see this survey. It chimes with professional research.
    btw there’s a recent survey from Scotland showing that nearly 1 in 5 self-identified transgenders have a ‘learning impairment or intellectual disability or ‘neurodiversity’.
    That’s code for autistic spectrum, obviously. You guys may be interested to know that a recent Dutch study found that children who came to Gender clinics in the Netherlands were more likely than the average kid to be on the autistic spectrum. The NHS in the UK is also currently looking into this.
    I’ve been trying to do the maths and work out if the autogynephilic population is more likely to be on the autistic spectrum, or if males on the autistic spectrum are more likely to develop autogynephilia.
    It makes sense that transgenders are much more likely than the rest of the population to have a ‘learning impairment’! Makes you
    shudder about adult transgenders having access to impressionable children, and about transgender males as parents.

    1. As an autistic, (I was diagnosed when I was 15; none of this “informal” (self) diagnosis bullshit) it is obvious to me that trans people are more likely to be on the spectrum. Autistics tend to view people in a shallow way, as almost like public images/stereotypes. This is difficult to explain, so I’ll give some examples to avoid people jumping on me: female autistics often feel identity-less, like we have been born without a personality, due to attempting to adapt so much to be “normal” and iron out any flaws through trial and error. Females especially are known to also imitate and try to be characters (fictional or celebrities) or people they look up to.
      When you are lacking in social skills, very neurotypical people seem awe-inspiring. For example, a self-conscious boy at school may perceive the very popular, pretty girls (who probably reject him) to be so carefree and socially in demand and generally having everything he lacks. As an autistic, he only sees a one-dimensional image of them as a stereotypical popular girl, and is mentally incapable of seeing them as complex people. He therefore ends up wanting to be them, as he wishes he could be like them, but also wants to have them, as he is/was not if a high enough social status to have them as a girlfriend. I think that autogynephilia is a result of autism combined with narcissistic personality disorder (feeling that you deserve to be the centre of attention; autogynephiles only worship stereotypically pretty popular girls, and never wish they could be the average girls. Their NPD makes them wish they could be as admirable and awesome as they perceive the oopular girls to be.

  13. Doesn’t surprise me at all they’re more likely to be on the autistic spectrum. After all autism manifests itself as the inability to grab subtile social cues (subconsciously), so also most rules about gender. Later on autistics try to consciously copy others to fit in, but first of all the rules of course make no sense when you consciously think about them; second, you still not have really incorporated them so it feels awkward; and furthermore, you don’t actually realize 99% of other people are, contrary to you, NOT consciously doing all these things, so you don’t grasp this origin of your discomfort. This also leads to autistics having bizarre ideas about their own and other’s sex since its hard for them to see through the acts. Personally up to this day I still often wonder if someone behaves a certain way because of conscious gender compliance or because of internalized gender compliance.
    Note that autism therapy doesn’t deal with this very predictable (gender) identity crisis at all, afaik they just learn you how to act nice so as to not disturb the neurotypicals: be smooth, social and shut up. So, many young autistics have serious identity issues. Then the idea of being transgender is predictable seeing today’s media – and likely to be supported because it couldn’t possibly be that gender is a social construct and that neurotypicals are so sheep-like. (Note that sociopaths are more proud and self-aware, on a well-known sociopath blog you can see comments like “gender is such bullshit” and “sexual orientation is socially constructed”.)
    Now, any social discomfort is likely to outlet itself is some sexual way (not necessarily – but it’s the easiest), which could explain the autogynephiles. Maybe.
    But I would guess autism would also explain F2Ts, since the natural, default autistic behaviour of most humans in middle-class situations is what is currently coded as belonging to the male gender. This is like lesbian F2Ts, switching gender to become more able to be yourself. It won’t relieve them but can help make life feel slightly easier as long as you don’t think too much.
    When it comes to non-autogynephilic M2T’s, autistic males could have become fond of the performing they are forced to do anyway, and choose the feminine performance role – become M2T. Which would be kind of like autogynephilia, but not exactly. It’s choosing to perform – and therefore choosing femininity, because femininity IS all about superficial performance (and not about doing stuff that needs to be PLANNED, like, getting a though job in IT or something). And it’s an acceptable performance for society. They likely can get aroused by it, because they do not see themselves in the mirror as normal people would. They do not really see themselves in their eyes.
    Why they think other people should agree with their personal act I don’t know, because that seems to be an American thing to me.
    What I do know is that no neurotypical therapist has the nerve to tell these persons that they are really nothing, nothing at all; and that their aidentity search (if it’s even real) will be a never-ending cul-de-sac. Because admitting autistics, schizoids, sociopaths and others of us antisocial vermin have no (gender) identity would mean (for the therapist) admitting your own (gender) identity is based on social construction, conditioning and brainwashing.

      1. HOLY SHIT. No. Autism is not “extreme maleness.” No we shouldn’t be aborted. What is this madness?
        As an autistic female I’m seen as a dainty little flower who can’t stand any high noises, aggressiveness etc. At the same time, I can’t perform the female social role because that requires social skills and ability to lie and play a role for a long time!
        So what’s my gender?!
        As an autistic person I find comfort in feminism because only feminists write about what bullshit gender roles are. It makes someone who can’t perform one feel less freakish.
        FCM can fuck off.

      2. I don’t blame her for thinking that, if that’s her (mis)understanding of autism. White middle class boys get diagnosed more often because their mothers’ seek it out as a reason to explain why their little boy is a bit odd. There are plenty of extremely spoilt, white middle class autistic boys whose mothers relish having a ‘special’ child. These boys could be more independent than they are but sometimes their mothers keep them in perpetual childhood, perhaps because they are so brainwashed by the patriarchy that they think making a male happy is the ultimate goal in life.
        I was (informally) diagnosed in adulthood and the autism advocacy lobby built up by middle class mothers doesn’t help me one bit. Neither do the likes of SB Cohen with his ‘extreme male brain’ theory. Needless to say, there are female autistics and there are autistics who are not burdens on their mothers after a reasonable age (I had to grow up fairly quickly due to my social class) – it’s just that these don’t make up the public face of autism.

      3. We have ultrasound for fetal abnormalities (although Autism et al won’t show up there) and the greatest use of abortion by married and partnered women is because they do not want a child with disabilities. I am a proponent of abortion on demand at any stage, and for any reason the women decides, and refuse to judge women who commit infanticide of babies they were forced to conceive and forced to bring to term. Healthy, or not. That type of infanticide was practiced by native women in times of old.
        But I also question the Autism diagnosis. Is it real: Or is it Male? Until we know, I’m not terribly in favour of letting women carry the can on this one, too.

  14. I’m not surprised that autism is increasing, as are many chronic illnesses, cancer, mental and emotional vulnerabilities, etc. from vaccines with unknown or dangerous additives injected, food contaminated with toxins, food cooked and stored in plastic and soy, which are endocrine disrupters and xenoestrogens, affecting hormonal balance (beside the mental/emotional effects, cause horrifically painful periods, endometriosis, polycystic ovaries, fibroids, cancer, etc. and seem to be affecting most women under 45).
    Are we to eliminate most female babies, girls, young women now too? Quite a few of our Radical Feminists say they are on the autistic spectrum, and certainly most of our community has chronic illesses, whether from government experimentation like Lyme disease or from pollution, like Fibromyalgia, CFIDS, cancer, etc. Just get rid of all of us?
    I understand not creating any more males since they are destroying the earth, but the non-disabled males are even more dangerous.
    Interesting that FCM is rich and heterosexual. So many of the women vehemently telling Lesbians and other Radical Feminists what to do seem bonded intimately with men. When I first came online, she was one who went after me with such hatred and cruelty, intent to drive me off with ridicule and game-playing, which I’m assuming she has done to many Radical Feminists and women wanting to join us. I’m not even sure what enraged her so. My assuming it was okay to mention Lesbians or classism or racism? Basic issues well-known among the original Radical Feminists, but now systematically being eliminated by the rightwing style newer “feminists.”
    I don’t understand her being so lauded and quoted. When I ask feminists why, they go back to her posting against “PIV,” as if that was new. That was one of the first thing that feminists in the Sixties and early Seventies wrote against. The next question was why be sexual or give intimate energy to men at all. But she won’t go near that one, right?
    The kinds of women who started Radical Feminist must take our movement back from these privileged reactionaries before they destroy it and turn it into their private elitist country club.What a limited, cold-hearted, boring place that would be. (No wonder they so often focus on attacking real feminists.) Men criticizing feminism lied about our movement being “white, middle class, etc.” but these women seem to want it to be exactly that, only add “rich.” The Lesbians, celibate Radical Feminists, women oppressed by classism and racism, women with a heart and who care about equality and a movement that welcomes ALL women, not just the privileged.

    1. “I don’t understand her being so lauded and quoted. ” I dunno about the whole history of the thing, I just came across her blog via somewhere else, and thought she posted some interesting things. Yeah, some of it was ole stuff coming round again, but at least someone was talking about it. And some days, anywoman saying anything remotely feminist is so refreshing that I’ll forgive quite a bit of historical inaccuracy!
      “The next question was why be sexual or give intimate energy to men at all.” Indeed. Why get so het (ha-ha!) up about PIV when you have the obvious solution staring you in the face — just STOP doing the man thing.
      O well, not everywoman can be as lucky as us butches.
      “The kinds of women who started Radical Feminist must take our movement back from these privileged reactionaries……..” I’m not totally sure about this. We can only take it back if we let them take it in the first place! What has anyone ‘taken’? Someone comes out with some ideas, we know they’re actually not that original. Women will read and listen to various voices, some women may claim that they know better than anyone else.
      They can’t destroy anything, as long as there are SOME voices out there who keep questioning and pointing stuff out.
      But then I admit that I haven’t come across anything that reactionary from the snippets I read there. Here is a much more interesting conversation!
      Let’s face it, we know from past events that trying to get heterosexual feminists to finally stop thinking so much about the menz is a hard one, and that at times they can take it out on rad-fems and dykes, because we insist on reminding them all the damn time how much they’re still in thrall to the man and their heterosexual conditioning. Sometimes they can only take baby steps…………..

  15. Here’s news for ya, I will dress up as a woman any time I like then go shopping at Walmart or take in a movie, do you really think I give a flying fuck what you think, I could care less.
    No one thinks of me as a female and I don’t care, i do what I want when I want cuz it’s my fucking life not yours. Your feeble attempt to make me feel too ashamed to be be me is a joke, your a joke this web page is a joke. A bunch of woman bickering about a man who where’s a dress, if you want my attention first you need to tell me your name, so I know who I’m dealing with? This bogus anonymous hate being broadcast from this web page does nothing to effect me, because your all a bunch of crazy fucked up woman who have nothing better to do.

    1. For someone who “loves to write”, you sure are bad at it – your writing and spelling are as bad as your drag.
      And we don’t “need” to tell you shit, asshole. Your screen name reveals yet another pornsick dude wanting to wave his precious wang around. Ho hum. I’m sure we’ll see you featured on “People of Walmart”, if we haven’t already.

    2. Yes it is your life–all yours, all alone, all the time–jeepers creepers. Have fun at Walmart. And we do not have to tell you jack sir I am sure people cross to the other side of the street when they see you comming, women gather their children to their skirts–you are walking lesson in nasty brutish and wacko.

    3. I bet you are quite a site at your local Walmart, mister! Trying on all the Mary Kate and Ashley miniskirts in the tween section!! Totes cute!!!!

    1. Lolololololololol! GM- That never fails to crack me up!! I love how this disgusting prick thinks that padding his bra in various ways make him special . . .Mister, I am quite sure you are very “special” and I will blow my rape whistle so hard in your face ever if ever see your predatorial disgusting self lurking around women and girls in changing rooms. STRANGER FUCKING DANGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Rape whistle, I got industrial riot mace–the stuff they use in the middle east to disperse a crowds–it will bring these pricks to their knees in a heart beat and gives a woman a chance to get to a safe place and call for help. This guy should stay in his basement taking selfies with his falseies on. How sad–flash forward a decade he will not even be able to afford an internet connection–he has unemployable screaming from every large pore.

      2. [Were] should he be, in his basement did you say? [Were] he can take selfies and play width his computer soft[wear] and [where] pretty clothes and and pretend he’s not a [ware]wolf in sheeps clothing. And we wood want him to stay in his basement while he plays with his would, woodn’t we?

    2. No, you’re just like every other overgrown, lumbering MtT freak show– there’s NOTHING special about you. UGH!

    3. “and decide what size tits to where the next day”
      Why would anyone want to do that? See, there is your porn sick freak coming through loud and clear. You’ll always be a dude creepo.

      1. But… but… but doesn’t every woman want to be some sort of Barbie/Mr. Potato Head (oh, ‘scuse me, Mrs. Potato Head) hybrid, able to swap parts out based on our outfit for the day? Who wants real parts anyway?
        Barbie Potato Head, and her bucket of parts… Buckets of fun, for everyone!

    1. John Armstrong, you are degenerate of the LOWEST order and and absolute joke. You must be so embarrassed to be outed as a sex offender and an ugly, hulking, tranny. It’s a wonder you don’t collapse upon your self in shame, like a black hole.

  16. Well guys, were you to ever see me you wouldn’t know I was ever a man so I doubt the mace and rape whistle will be required.
    And think about it, you call me a freak show but I have your attention… so what’s that make you? Like what, you want to sniff my panties? Think about why I have your attention. See, I don’t hate any group of people so if a group of people get my attention it’s because I offered it.
    As I’ve stated before this club fascinates me, here we have a group of apparently normal females, who absolutely hates transvestites. I don’t know anyone period that hates a TV? My girl friends take me shopping make sure I’m in style, every single woman I know really likes me. I’m confident I consistently look better then most woman because I can afford any clothing I want, looking good is all about how much you have to spend, well, I look very good.
    I have all the best makeup and all the best clothes because I make the salary of a man not a woman, I get the best of both worlds. Is that what bothers you people, are you jealous? Trust me, being jealous of me will never bring you happiness.
    Reach out, hug a TV tell them how much you admire them.
    There is one thing I’m curious about, my best friend is a F2M transvestite, would you hate her too?
    And, if your so worried about what I do in a change room don’t go in, no one is forcing you to share space with a transgendered person, however, they have a right to use the woman’s washroom.

      1. We’ve obviously gotten under this man’s skin, Morag… this goon’s huffy insistence that he passes as a woman is really cracking me up. And that line about having a man’s salary and spending it on all of Walmart’s finest clothing and make up? Too good to be true.

      2. And, what a freak show is right! Ish.
        No one is forcing you to share space with transgendered person? What about California schools where it’s just “I feelz like a girlz” but packing penis gets you pass to female’s gym, bathroom and showers?
        Ish. Thanks morag99 for pointing out what a perverted and woman-hating creep this poster is.

      3. Oh no he is not a real women–you mean he doesn’t pass? Ah another dream defered. He has “rights” lets see him try to exercise those rights–I’m betting that he would not inspire too much compasion from your average non sexual psychopath.

      4. You said it, Morag. He couldn’t have proven our points better had we asked. A side note: gotta love how they all think that they pass so well. It is to laugh. When he’s out shopping, I’m sure his narcissism blinders prevent him from ever noticing the sideways glances and smirks that follow in his wake.

      5. Yep, all the usual tropes in one self-obsessed and male entitlement stuffed rant. O, but the constant repetition of the vain hope that we can’t SPOT him from a mile away, AND that we’re all so jealous of how HOT he looks with his expensive dress-up. All straight out of porno trans fantasy land.

    1. Gallus, I really admire and appreciate your fortitude and/or perseverance. I don’t know how many comments like his you have to screen and delete on a daily basis. Just reading one like that made my skin crawl, so I know you must sometimes get so tired and sick at heart …

    2. You have our attention as much as a tin can has our attention during a game of kick the can. You’re nothing but garbage.
      “looking good is all about how much you have to spend”
      If you really think that it’s the amount of money that you spend which makes you in fashion, you must be pure trash. No one with any taste or style thinks that way… besides, didn’t you already say you shopped at WalMart? Is that where your gal-pal fantasy shopping trips take place? I guess you can’t think of any place nicer.
      BTW, I’m looking forward to when Gallus gets board of you and bans your sorry ass.

    3. “Reach out, hug a TV tell them how much you admire them.”
      And for what reason, exactly, am I supposed to admire a transvestite?

    4. I have to give it to you this had me laughing so hard I had to share with my husband. Don’t get mad but it was priceless– he just did this little skit–called, “my girlfriend takes me shopping.” He stole the title from your imaginary life. Trust me– It was screaming funny. You are so mock able. A huge untapped resource. Please you are too funny to get the shit kicked out of you in the ladies (and no urinals), although that could work depending on how you play it. That we could title–” Sure nobody can tell he’s a man.” And the skit for income– He makes money–yeah every time he cashes his disability check, cut to you down at the corner speedway buying another bottle of astro-glide and a big gulp. For real that bit about the best make up– can you see it–then twirl in that size 20 dress and puts your finger under your massive chin–girly right.
      Well don’t mind us we are just sooo transphobic. And you need to head on over to Neiman Marcus. I am sure they carry dresses for the massive male frame . Good god I hope the sale women tells you to take the shoulder pads out or get those hulking shoulders shaved down, or maybe a pelvic bone transplant. Can you imagine the shrink that has to listen to this shit? Man the notes in that file must be a sight to behold. Hahahah.

      1. NAILED HIM. That’s our “dusty”. THANK YOU Lin for your work. xox
        Sex offender denied medication
        By MARIA CALABRESE, North Bay Nugget
        Tuesday, February 19, 2013 5:14:38 EST PM
        NORTH BAY – Shocking behaviour by a man outside a retirement home could have been avoided if he was able to receive his medication while in the city, a North Bay court heard.
        John Armstrong, 42, a long-haul truck driver from Bracebridge who goes by the name Jenna McCarthy, made four attempts to receive his medication by injection through the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, but he was turned away each time, his lawyer said.
        A support worker at the home for seniors and people who require assisted living, witnessed him last summer kneeling in front of the Fraser Street building shortly before 6 a.m. and performing sex acts while wearing only a bra and underwear.
        Ontario Court Justice Jean-Gilles Lebel said it’s the most shocking behaviour he has faced during his time on the bench, but that it wouldn’t have happened if Armstrong had received the medication.
        Armstrong has received treatment for mental issues since the age of 14, he has been a client of the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health since his early 20s and is currently taking a number of medications, said his lawyer, Erin Lainevool.
        His parents took steps for him to receive health assessments, and his care has involved several levels within the mental health system, she said.
        Court heard Armstrong doesn’t recall his behaviour that morning, and he was in distress because he locked himself out of his rig, couldn’t receive his medication and made the poor choice of drinking heavily leading up to his arrest.
        North Bay Police Service found him about a half hour later walking barefoot on Algonquin Avenue with nowhere to go. His smelled of alcohol and his speech was slurred.
        Armstrong, who has remained out of custody, pleaded guilty this week to performing the indecent act by exposing himself in public and was sentenced to three months that he could serve in his residence under a curfew followed by probation for two years.
        The judge also ordered Armstrong to register as a sex offender for 10 years and give a DNA sample since this is his second offence for an indecent act.

      2. WOW LIN! That is an amazing find. This guy is a total nut job… It’s just unbelievable what a freak John Armstrong aka Jenna McCarthy aka Dusty is. I can’t see the facebook page (looks like it’s been taken down LOL) but I assume John is a typical MtT disaster. Thank you for uncovering this. I new Dusty was a perv and a headcase but I didn’t think he would turn out to be this disgusting.

      3. Three months house arrest. What a shame: All dressed up and no place to go… Did everyone check out the fancy high-fashion plaid shirt he was wearing? See what couture we could wear if only we too could earn a man’s salary?

      4. The name is Jenna McCarthy, but interestingly FB says, “To see what he shares with friends, send him a friend request.” Yeah, “him.” There is no shared text but some photos.
        I uploaded the main profile pic to imgur:

        View post on imgur.com

      5. LOL how did I know this guy would totally be a non-passing, hulking, lantern jawed MESS? Total freak show! Thanks for sharing the pictures, Lin. You hit the goldmine on this one for sure!

      6. Mr. John Armstrong, in a bra, on his knees, performing sex acts outside of an old folks home. You sure are a klass act, John! PUUuuuuuukkkke!! I wish I was the least bit shocked by anything these scumbags say or do anymore. He is of dumpster-diving-for-used-tampons-to-shove-up-his-arse variety of transgender psychopath.
        @Lin, great job! The more these lunatics are exposed, the less power they have to terrorize.

      7. ROFLMAO!! Good catch, Lin!
        That dude has some beady-ass eyes. As for him passing…not a chance in hell.
        I have to love how his attorney claims he was doing only-God-knows-what in front of a retirement home because the mean ol’ addiction center “wouldn’t give him his meds.” This conveniently ignores the fact that he was also smashed at the time (at 6 in the morning, no less!). So it’s not his fault at all! It’s totally the center’s fault! I’m sure the center had some damn good reasons why they wouldn’t shoot up Mr. Jenna with his preferred cocktail, and he’s using it as an easy excuse for his deeply, deeply sick behavior. I’m glad he’s on the sex offender registry, that’s for sure.
        He’s proud of his fetishes, that’s clear. I wonder what his therapist(s) and attorney would have to say about his online activity.

    5. Pro tip: Saying anything like “I’m confident I consistently look better then most woman because I can afford any clothing I want, looking good is all about how much you have to spend, well, I look very good… jealous?” is just about the biggest “tell” ever.
      It’s like “spot the trans.” Seriously, every post has it somewhere. Comes from the massive insecurity, surely.

      1. Interesting the ‘real’ trans trying to run a mile, and telling this guy he can’t join their gang………………Because of course as we already know, they are really all singing from the same hymn-sheet, just that the other autogynephiles try to deny it………………..Really, it’s just the difference between wanking in your panties in private, and doing it on the sidewalk. But the ‘no one can tell, I totally PASS, and I have the most DIVINE clothes and make-up’ line works for both.
        Also the ‘what a gentle person I am’ line too. As if that sort of sexual exposure itself DOESN’T count as violence and intimidation to whatever females or children may have been unfortunate to have spotted him. No, it’s ALL about him and his desperate needs.

        1. I’ve been a little busy, anyhow ya I’m the one in the news clip but that’s not me in the Photographs? Outed as a sex offender, I think the media already took care of that part as well.
          Serial killer? Well, I was investigated for a murder last year. MR Morris Cote they found one of his body parts on a road behind my house, I was linked to it because my smoke buts were close by. Actually they found that guy all over the fucking place, you can read about it on the net if you like.
          Now here’s a piece of advice, nothing on the net is anonymous. The media tells us everyday nothing on the net is secure, and not to be fooled, what makes you people believe I don’t have a way to find out who you are? I’m already relatively sure I know who one of you are, because on this blog there wasn’t enough information given to link me to that news clip. You knew my name and that I’m a client of CAMH. That’s not enough information to come across that clip.
          As well, a CAMH Dr frequently posts links to this blog, he is the only one who knew who I was. My address isn’t connected to my email or my Facebook account and unless you know my name and where I lived it was impossible to come across that news clip.
          The only person who has affiliated themselves with this blog who had the information required is this Dr from CAMH. There is no other way that news clip could have found it’s way onto this blog.
          Lin, the person who posted all this claims she put two and two together. She claims by knowing my name and that I’m a client of CAMH that was enough for her to discover the news clip, however, when you Google Jenna M and CAMH the search takes you in 16 pages then it ends. So, they never found it the way they claim to have found it. And the only person that had the means to put this together who is affiliated with this Blog is this Dr from CAMH who posts links to this exact blog. He’s been doing it for over a year. I’ve been watching, quietly.
          My only goal from the start was to catch him, I wrote a CAMH dr two weeks ago warning him to watch, that clip is going to end up on that blog all I had to do was rattle the cage. And here we are, my news clip is on this blog just like I predicted it would end up being.
          You better have some Devine intervention planned buddy because I’m playing to win and I’ve been after your fucking job 18 months now.

        1. Funny you ask? The police confronted me about that murder while I was at my appointment. I had to give them the passwords to all my accounts they still have them, this is not a private email account I have the police watch it because I let them.
          The fact is I’m not a bad person, I have some issues and I went for help.
          I wish my life was different but it’s not. I don’t know what the point is, you people hate me, but I have no hate for you, I already explained why I rattled this blogs cage, I wanted to see what popped out?
          So far I’ve experienced a ruthless attack on this blog, but I’m really curious to know exactly how you found that news clip? You guys weren’t given enough information to put it together? You knew my name and you knew I was a CAMH patient, that’s not enough information to lead you to that clip…yet, here it is? Who ever Lin is lied to everyone about how they figured it out. Or perhaps they can take a shot at proving me wrong?

          1. “I wanted to see what popped out?”
            And it turned out to be more than you expected.
            I bet you’re dying to know how Lin found you out… and I bet she declines to indulge your curiosity. Why would she tell you anything? Typical male, demanding things he has no right to.

          2. Well, if she tells me it will take the heat off this other person. There is only one person affiliated with this blog that knew me in advance. And they work at CAMH.
            You don’t have to tell me, no big deal.

      2. “Now here’s a piece of advice, nothing on the net is anonymous.”
        Take your own advice, idiot. You’re the one who just got outed sex offender. Everyone else in the discussion is doing just fine.

        1. I’m not on parole I’m on probation it was just a summary offence. Yes, I do see my probation officer. We get along well. By the way I don’t hunt, only with a camera. My hobby is astro photography I love taking pictures of the cosmos. Just though I’d toss that in.
          Can we be civil here and communicate like normal people?

        1. Why would you want to speak with them? If you want to know something about me just ask and I will do my best to answer you.

        2. I used you blog because you let me, you can cut me off whenever you want I already have what I came for. I’m still here because your friends are still asking me questions and I’m trying to oblige them.
          Were you to talk to them the first think they will want to know is how did the news clip end up on the blog with insufficient information to find it? Yes, the net is not anonymous, however, to find something you first have to know where to look? If no one can offer me an explanation I will report this dr to CAMH client relations. You have to know two things to find that clip, my name and where I live. Even when you add CAMH the search won’t lead you to it.
          Think about it, I caused this to happen it didn’t happen on it’s own, I enticed it, everybody knows that. What none of you knew was a CAMH staff member was told in the end there is only one way that clip will end up on that blog. I predicted exactly what has happened here two weeks ago in an email to my DR. And, as I predicted no one is offering an explanation because they can’t, not because they won’t.

      3. “Can we be civil here and communicate like normal people?”
        You set the tone with your original handle and early comments. Let me refresh your memory:
        “Your all a bunch of crazy fucked up woman who have nothing better to do.”
        Just because you claim to have used this space to shake things up and sabotage a doctor you don’t like doesn’t mean we have to suddenly pretend you didn’t come in here, mouthing off, blustering, and waving your cock around. Excellent job illustrating why we don’t want men like you in our spaces, by the way.

      4. John, I will give you an explanation- you have no clue how the internet works! Tracing your post to your home address, name and possibly a phone number could be as easy as a 2 second search.
        But you believe that you masterminded a plan to expose yourself as a sex offender (and murder suspect?) to entrap a doctor who you think posts here? You are paranoid and delusional on top of being a dangerous sexual predator- a scary fucking combination. At least you are psycho with no computer skillz and already seem to have the attention of local law enforcement.

        1. Really? If that were true it would be an easy process to figure out who you are, two steps you say? If that were true there would be no reason to be anonymous would there?

        1. I doubt that Lin. As I’ve pointed out the info that was available to you was insufficient. What your claiming wasn’t possible, I have the same google you do.
          Using the name JM and knowing I go to CAMH doesn’t allow you to find that news clip and I knew it wouldn’t, yet, here we are an no one has an explanation? My address was never associated with any of my accounts, including gmail. You have to know my name and where I live before you can find it.
          This Dr was the only one known to be associated with this blog who had access to my address. Even if I was hacked on my accounts you wouldn’t have figured out what town I live in because I’ve never listed it, ever.
          Obviously if someone is going to post links to this blog regularly it’s common sense to believe they are also one of the anonymous people who weigh in on the topics. And this particular person has been in trouble before for harassing us they have a history of it.
          You claim you just, went looking for me on the net? Why would you bother, why would you think you could find me? I doubt you just went looking because some random person insulted you. You knew my name my email and that I’m a CAMH client, then you claim to have used that knowledge to find that clip, yet, that’s not possible with only that information, and obviously I will be pointing this out to CR.
          By the time I’m done I may not be able to prove much, but I don’t have to prove much, all I have to do is prove it couldn’t have been anyone else but this person.
          I won’t be responding to this blog any further, I’ve got what I came for.
          Take care.

      5. John, maybe you should take a ten minute break from jerking off into your Walmart panties in front of people’s grandparents and figure out what an IP address is all about. You are one of the creepiest fucks I have ever encountered on the world wide web and will probably end up on this blog again in. the future, for something equally disturbing. Everyone who knows John Armstrong aka Jenna McCarthy aka Suck Me Dry Dusty should hide their wives, hide their children, their husband, pets, etc. This one has toys in the attic- they probably also look like Chucky dolls in drag.

      6. Ah, yet another man who suddenly wants to “play nice” after he realizes that we know how to fight back. Too bad, asshole.
        John here seems to have some real gripes against the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health. Witness his Amazon book review of J. Michael Bailey’s The Man Who Would Be Queen:
        One priceless bit from his review: “Another thing that bugs me are the people who write reviews about this book on Amazon then rant about how the trans community has reacted to it. These rants are not helpful to anyone nor do they add to the intelligent conversation about the diversity of trans people or what they have endured. One person even said most of us are sex offenders, so obviously many people out there do not like TG people and this book does nothing more then provide fuel for that fire of hate that’s being projected from some people.”
        1) Um, you ARE a sex offender, dude! Or didja just conveniently forget? I’m sure the victims of your TWO sex crimes haven’t.
        2) It’s sadly amusing how he wishes for “intelligent conversation” about trans people, and then comes here with an obnoxious screen name and perverted, violent, misogynistic slurs. In his world, everyone has to be nice except him.

      7. @Ashland: “I’m sure the victims of your TWO sex crimes haven’t.” …
        You mean the two convictions! I’m sure there have been many more than two crimes.

        1. This is GM
          General IP Information
          Decimal: 1279983227
          ISP: Peer 1 Network (USA)
          Organization: ServerBeach
          Services: None detected
          Type: Corporate
          Assignment: Static IP
          Geolocation Information
          Country: United States
          State/Region: Texas
          City: San Antonio
          Latitude: 29.4889 (29° 29′ 20.04″ N)
          Longitude: -98.3987 (98° 23′ 55.32″ W)
          Area Code: 210
          Postal Code: 78218

      8. I imagine the deranged transwoman sex offender driving towards San Antonio, TX : en-femme and en-diapered, gulping down anti-psychotics with energy drinks, machete in his hand.
        The IP address he sleuthed is, of course, the server for Automattic, hosts of wordpress.com. What a fucking moron.

      9. Lol! En-diapered with a big gulp!!!!! Yeah, John, you better get down there to Texas and show that WordPress server what being a real laydee is all about!! I think John Armstrong is def on his way to being locked up indefinitely as a dangerous offender like Jessica Hambrook.

  17. Wonder why, John Armstrong, 42, insists on having pics taken of himself on long stretches of highway in wooded areas? Is that his hunting ground?

    1. I bet it is his hunting ground. I doubt he can’t afford anything with a private basement equipped with a deep pit to throw the women into. He spends all his money on expensive clothes and the best stuff Maybeline has to offer.

  18. Nope, didn’t lie. Nor do I know your doctor. Paranoid much? I just used my dainty female brain and didn’t let myself be distracted by the successful, attractive, authentic woman who has the same name, and keep looking until I found a pervert. That’s all I’m gonna say.

  19. Gallus Mag April 1st 2014
    My name is Jenna McCarthy, I am the owner of 3 pictures on this thread. The copyright rules for wordpress blogs states I am to inform you that you are using 3 copyrighted pictures on your blog without the owners permission.
    I have been in contact with wordpress.com they have informed me my first step is to make sure you and/or someone who posted on your blog are aware that your using material that is copyrighted against the owners will.
    I was also informed while reading the rules for wordpress that copyright infringement is grounds to take down any blog.
    I am the soul owner of all 3 photographs that your using on this thread of Jenna McCarthy. This thread is infringing on copyright law, as well as wordpress.com rules.
    Deciding not to take down those pictures could cause you to loose your entire blog, just thought I would point that out for you.
    J McCarthy

    1. Dear Suck Me Dry Sir: you already stated those pictures were most certainly NOT of repeat sexual offender John Armstrong/Jenna McCarthy. You cannot claim ownership of photos of random people. Please stop.

      1. Yeah, what happened to “anyhow ya I’m the one in the news clip but that’s not me in the Photographs”? Is John now possibly admitting he lied about that? Or is he lying now? Jeez, what’s the world coming to when you can’t trust the word of a sex offender?!
        Hmm…next time I’m bored I’ll go to random tranny blogs and claim copyright ownership of any images they used, and threaten to have their blog shut down. ‘Cause apparently that’s how it works. Or something.

  20. Im a sex offender in Bracebridge Ontario and I’m ready to admit I have autogynephillia. I’m sexually attracted to the idea of myself as a woman, obviously. I regret not waiting longer for the real thing when I was a kid, I couldn’t handle it. I have a self control problem and distorted sexual desires.
    Realizing this has helped.

    1. John Armstrong/Jenna McCarthy: We know.
      You have harassed the shit out of me for a year now. I’m glad you are finally (?) getting help. But you owe me a HUGE apology. The best thing you can do is now LEAVE ME ALONE. Do not comment here again. Or there will be consequences.
      Stop inflicting your unwanted attention on women. Including the women of this blog.
      Goodbye now.

  21. Oh, I love reading about this stuff. I’m a non-op trans (i.e., I do NOT want SRS), and I started transition when I was 19 years old (this is me: https://photos.app.goo.gl/fNNM15pT5NCXFuDXA). 🙂 Anyhow, I would hang around with the trans community quite a lot, whenever I was in college, until I realized that pretty much all of them had the mannerisms and personalities of straight men. I just have so many stories of trans women trying to get with me, and always initiating such a fantasy in the way that a straight man would. It got to be so uncomfortable for me that I transferred colleges and lived as a genetic woman. I wondered, all throughout my college years, why the heck all the trans women I’m meeting are so overtly masculine, as well as why all of their photos have a fetishy undertone to them. It eventually became evident to me that their transition, in and of itself, is a fetish. I also started to observe that probably a quarter of them seem to have Asperger’s. So anyway, I went through a lot whenever I was younger, and working as a cam girl is how I paid for college, as well as some plastic surgeries that I’ve had to improve my appearance. I’ve entertained a lot of people, and I’m ashamed to admit that every single “woman” that comes into my paid chat room has been a trans woman. I’m guessing they’re getting off to the thought of being me, which would make sense since gynandromorphophilia and autogynephilia often occur together. So, of course, I monetize off of it and go on about how hot it would be for them to be trapped in my body for a night haha. I’m 24 now, and I defo have my college degree, which feels great, but I just have to say that the trans community isn’t what I signed up for lol. Most of the actual trans women don’t even identify as trans women. They identify as drag queens, travestis, ladyboys, or femboys. That’s because we tend to want the genitals of whatever sex we’re attracted to – and it’s rather unusual to be so feminine that you must transition m to f, yet not like the male anatomy.
    One last thing, you can defo be HSTS (homoexual transsexual) And autogynephilic, but it’s usually not in the stereotypical sense. For instance, it might really arouse a drag queen/gay male/travesti/ladyboy/myself that they’re hot enough to “trap” a straight man. It’s, of course, really fun to have that kind of influence over straight males, despite having once been male yourself. And to be dominated – because the straight male has too much attraction for you to resist – that’s pretty fun too. I think that qualifies as autogynephilia, but it’s behavioral, as opposed to physical. It, as well as feminine mannerisms/features and attraction towards male traits, are what I notice in HSTS. Meanwhile, AGPs are like the inverse, and so desperately long to be feminine that some claim to be heterosexual females (which arouses them, of course). In the words of this AGP I removed from my Facebook, “Just me and the girls (as she snaps a selfie with her hormone boobs). Then there’s myself, who got breast augmentation, just because I got tired of viewers making fun of my flat chest, and kind of wish I had spent the money on a nose job. -_-

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