Notice to Feminist Bloggers

When moves to censor your feminist speech and posts they DO NOT send you an email notification. Instead, they post the notification on the Dashboard of that particular blog when you log in. I would encourage feminist bloggers who have not recently logged into your account to do so and check your Dash for such a notice (like the one I received here at GenderTrender). warning to feminists

Otherwise your blog will be deleted seemingly “out of the blue”. Please check all your blogs at your earliest convenience so that a public campaign can be mounted to save your blog as was done for GenderTrender. Thank you.

20 thoughts on “Notice to Feminist Bloggers

  1. I advise any and all trans-critical bloggers to back up their blogs daily to an external hard drive.
    Begin this practice as soon as possible.

    1. I don’t know how to computer.
      When you mean backing blogs up, are you referring downloading the actual blog and all contents? If so, how does one go about doing this?
      Or do you mean saving posts to a hard drive before publishing?

  2. sneaky, but good to know.
    Have you considered doing a backup on blogger? You can et it private but import/copy the posts there in case you ever need them.
    They have issues too, but will usually flag a blog and leave content intact behind a warning screen instead of deletion.

    1. …The Inquistion, what a show
      The Inquistion, here we go
      We know you’re wishing
      That we’d go away
      So, c’mon you [lesbians] and [radfems]
      We got big news for all of yous
      You better change your point of views today
      ‘Cause the Inquistion’s here and it’s here to stay.
      — adapted from “The Inquisition” by Mel Brooks

  3. Is Mansplaining coming back, Gallus? SO GLAD you’re back. One day your work will be immortalized.

    1. She’s deciding what she wants to do.
      Thank you for the welcome back. As for the work being immortalized what I would prefer is that it becomes anachronistic and incomprehensible because women in the future will scarcely be able to believe we ever had to deal with this shit.

      1. The “hilarious” thing about MansplainTransplain being censored it that it was composed of NOTHING BUT QUOTES FROM THE MEN AND TRANS THEMSELVES with some slight commentary. It’s perfectly okay for men to say this shit, but when women collect and display the things they say, and Automattic – under pressure FROM THE MEN WHO SAID THE THINGS- censors the feminist site. UN. BE. LIEVE. A. BULL.

  4. I have a blog on blogger, and a friend told me that a MR group is intent on finding out who runs it and shutting it down. It seems to me we are at a critical time historically. When things are going “well” under patriarchy, when it exists as a more-or-less unquestioned “background” ideology, some dissent can be tolerated. As long as its marginalized, classified for public consumption as laughable/crazy, etc. I think that worldwide, the tides are turning. As an ideology, partriarchy is in trouble. Women all over the world are waking up, dithering libfems not withstanding. As a result, more overt violence is being substituted for ideological constraint of women’s thinking, and men are going crazy trying to suppress radical feminist communications.

    1. I hope you’re right.
      The increase in hysteria from the trans side, anyway, is more likely due to a few well-placed trans in high tech. Basically you have a handful of male techies with Aspergers and narcissistic and/or borderline personality disorders. I have the pleasure of knowing one of the senior engineers at Twitter, who is male to trans and has multiple other clinically diagnosed comorbidities. And it is no accident that it’s impossible to make any negative or even questioning edits to the Wikipedia entry on transsexualism.
      As to widespread interest in the topic, it feels to me like gender policing taken to the level of a moral panic.
      So the crazies are kind of running things at the moment. Good luck to all you sane people out there.

  5. It’s sickening that it’s considered “hate speech” to refuse to LIE and participate in the delusion that men are women.

  6. Yes it is the story yet again told in every epoch of ‘admiring the king who wears NO clothes’, we as womon must believe the lies even when the actual biological truth is in your face!
    Today in the Guardian Week end Mag, Pamela Stevens called herself a “brazilian Hooker’, NO outrage no response from the trans about being offended here. When REAL womom-kind are offended and abused they ignore it…….apparently it is OK for a white western womon like Stevens on holiday in Mauritius to call herself a Brazilian Hooker , Brazilian womon are not offended and neither are any other womon…had she said she looked like a Brazilian Trans… out!!!!!!! But hey that trans misogyny crap only applies to them as they call real C….s all the time..that’s not offensive apparently…dead give away…its a term menz use without batting an eyelid!!!!!!!

  7. Thanks for posting this about WP, Gallus. I’m currently scouting around online to find a template I like and that has adequate back-up support. WP seems nice and easy to use, and with support, but after what happened to you, I’m a little leery.

  8. You didn’t think you could sit & spew your lies forever before your hate speach was shut down.
    I guess you will have to find a blogging engine written by a female. For now we are all enjoying the peace & quiet.
    Go yell at your cats.

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