110 thoughts on “TransWomen are Trying to Silence Me : PLEASE ASSIST

  1. I’m impressed by this young woman’s intelligence and savvy. I wish her a long career and safety in her work.

  2. Keep it up, fellas, you will NEVER silence us. Enjoy your minute in the sun while you have it; the truth is on the rise. Your lies, delusions, and woman-hating are being exposed, and the emperor is NAKED.

  3. There is a LOT of super appropriate fucked-up racism in the trans activist community. Not least of all the way that the struggles of trans people are CONSTANTLY equated with the civil rights movement.

  4. It’s outrageous considering her video is way too supportive of men appropriating female identity and gives them what they most want, saying that “transwomen” are “men” when they are not. Her diagram also supports trannie myths of oppression, including implying that real women oppress these men by refusing to give them our pronouns. Her diagram completely leaves out Lesbian oppression also. Many liberal feminists are excited by the video because at least she is saying “no” a little to men who claim our identity and so few women have the courage to do this.
    But really, considering all the conciliations her video gives to men saying they are women, it’s unbelieveable that that is not enough and that they are harassing her.

    1. They’re appropriative, abusive monsters. Of course giving them a little support isn’t enough. These are people who want “trigger warnings” on women discussing menstruation, pregnancy, lactation or menopause! They want to completely ERASE female experience from any discussion of “womanhood” or feminism. They want to ERASE us, Bev Jo — our very existence on earth “triggers” them.

      1. I appreciated this video quite a bit because it gives a good example with the line it took – this specific position taken, combined with the “transphobic!!!” responses make it clear exactly what the problem is, namely that any conception of females as a unified class that shares oppression based on that shared fact of biology (meaning something which people not born with it cannot acquire), is Something Which Should Not Be Talked About.
        Funny enough, elsewhere in RL today I ran into some people pulling out the currently popular line that somehow radical feminism is inherently white supremacist because supposedly it doesn’t consider the struggles of non-white or poor women (since when? I have no idea where this idea is from but it’s EVERYWHERE all of a sudden) and so feminists need to make special effort to campaign on behalf of issues affecting, say, black women, even though of course not all women are black. Okay. But those same people quickly turn around and yell if anyone tries to say that feminists should campaign on behalf of issues affecting FEMALES, i.e. people with vaginas, because “not all women have vaginas.” How do those two sentiments even coexist?
        Even if someone wanted to allow M2T under the umbrella of “women” (but not “female”), you’d think then there would be room to say that some issue is about “female women” (as opposed to all women) and yet still worthy to be campaigned on by all women (including trans* by their definition) right?? As this video asks too. But somehow, wow, no, it isn’t!

      2. You’re absolutely right, Adrian! It’s strange, I hear all the time how radical feminists are racist, but they never follow up with examples, since apparently asking for proof is racist in itself. I don’t know where this came from, since Andrea Dworkin in her book Pornography specifically says how porn’s treatment of black women is indicative of racism (i.e having degrading things done to black women’s skin that have roots in slavery for sexual enjoyment). She also talks about the trafficking of Southeast Asian women and how stereotypes of all WOC are lauded in porn for men’s sexual gratification. For a more recent example, Meghan Murphy at Feminist Current frequently discusses how prostitution hurts indigenous women.
        But no, it’s much easier to say that all radical feminists are white, rich, racist bitches who go out and hunt down transwomen. And of course we hate transwomen because they’re soooo much prettier than we are and know what it really means to be a woman!
        I remember there used to be a time when words actually had meanings.

  5. I watched her other video after watching this one, and I’m really surprised that she was attacked for that video. Like her, I guess my expectations were too high. She used the pronouns they demanded she use, she gave up the class of women. She did everything “right” (according to trans people), except state that sex mattered.

      1. Eloquently spoken – she goes out of her way to be inclusive whist emphasizing differing and seperate reqirements. No way Transphobic. The Trans community has as much to gain as born-women from such clear-headed thinking as hers.

      2. Reblogged on MizKnowItAll,
        How could you possibly get more spot on, and dare I say it, even supportive of “trans-identities” yet this… this was seen as transphobic? Really? You so gotta be kidding! The only thing I can read from that would be trans-folk being all pissy as usual cause a mere woman dared to spoil their fantasy!

    1. I think this refutes something we’ve been hearing about Burchill’s “tone”. I’ve read everywhere that the reason to get the article off the newspaper wasn’t the criticism but the tone of it, the hateful words that burns bridges etc etc. Well, here we have a polite, measured video of a woman who doesn’t use any bad word, stating her arguments calmly and rationally… doesn’t matter! They try to shut it down anyway.
      This must be an eye opener. In a democracy nobody is immune to criticism.

      1. “I think this refutes something we’ve been hearing about Burchill’s “tone.”
        Excellent point, jose.
        Tone argument is one of those derailers used to shut down arguments without actually making any point. I deal with this crap in talking to MRAs all the time. I never see the tone argument invoked against MRAs (or trans, for that matter). Women just sit there and patiently battle through their incessant sexist ranting.
        I can understand why some would be turned off to Burchill’s comments as they were things we know to be rude words (e.g. “shemale”). Even I was turned off from it, although that doesn’t really say much because I still deal with words like “shit” and “fuck.”
        But then we have this woman who is polite, who uses all the pronouns they demand be used, even let’s them have the word “woman,” but keeps the word “female” for herself and is so bold as to say that her femalehood means something to her.

      2. Her views as expressed seem to be in line with Julie Bindel’s position: That males can be “women”, that males can be “lesbian”, but they are not female, etc. And we all know how well received JB has been from the trans lobby.

  6. Like those old men trying to regulate women’s wombs, these men have no shame in trying to silence women and keep us from each other. We need to keep our presence not only on the Internet but also in face to face contact.

    1. Every day I go about my business smiling into women’s shining faces — women who know tacitly what we have in common, what we share.
      Women know who we are. We know that these crazy men in drag cannot really appropriate or erase the life experiences of the female half of the human population, much as they’d like to. They’re enjoying a fad moment — but they can’t help alienating real women. It’s what they DO.
      They’re crazy for trying to drive a wedge between women in this utterly sick, abusive way. Eventually, all but the most grievously mentally ill funfems will figure it out and reject their abusive behavior in disgust.

  7. Do you have a link so we can support this woman?
    and, so glad you’re back, GM. It has all started to go a bit Berlin 1938, what with the Kristallnacht of female online spaces happening.

  8. This is the one issue we have where 99.9% of the world agrees with us. They can’t silence everyone. Here’s a sharp response to the Burchill/Moore debacle:


    Taki is a right-wing blog, but even a blind squirrel finds an acorn now and then.
    The assaults on the magnanimous Gata reinforce Gallus’ point that it doesn’t matter how nice you are to the transgender cult. Anything but 100% capitulation will have them calling for your head.
    Kitty at AROOO was right when she called them “tyrannies”.

  9. http://yellokatproductions.com/contact/
    Something like that….which she is connected to.
    Wrote her in support, and of our longtime struggle for decades against the violation of our WBW space, selves and Female Beings….but she mostly fucks men, from what she expressed in another of her youtube blogs about only dating black people. So she’s NOT Lesbian, nor does she claim Lesbian/Dyke, though she mentioned having sex and/or relationships with women, but seems like they are NOT primary. So she’s more on the hetero/bi side…it seems….still I support her spirit, and she had NO CLUE what she was in for, once she stood up for herself, and yet all the whining FTM’s constantly discuss their ‘process’ on Youtube, from the first weeks of taking ‘T’ or considering taking ‘T’ to months down the road….and THEY never really get criticized.
    I’m actually very discouraged, cuz whether it be SF Dyke March, or the Goddess Temple in Southern California, or trying to create a women’s space and have WBW workshops IN this women’s space in Oakland, EVERYWHERE we go, we are meeting roadblocks and silencing, and most often from ‘our own’, other Lesbians or bio-female women..cuz the trans would say half of what they say online, offline, or fear for their fragile status in the ‘women’s community’ or ‘queer women’s community’ or what’s left of it. Yeah, I’m getting jaded, burnt out, and SICK of the struggle. If they can have THEIR space and their endless videos, why the fuck can’t we have OURS????
    -Labryis Swingin’ mad,

  10. Most trans are white heterosexual males. It’s not exactly news that white heterosexual males are sexist, racist and homophobic. White male supremacy is just being hidden under a skirt is all.

  11. I’m so glad you’re back up Gallus Mag! You got MY support! And I’ve been fighting for our WBW space on 3 fronts this last two weeks, two in the last two days! Damn, am I sick of this b.s. struggle! Never thought we’d have to fight our ‘so called’ OWN community for OUR space and Beings and identities and focus on OUR issues….. -FeistyAmazon

  12. Posted support (gotta a different screen name on YouBoob). Once again: a woman notes the differences between born women and MtT, and is harassed for it. How dare she not spew the correct party line?! It’s almost like she’s…she’s…thinking rationally. L’horreur!

  13. It’s all or nothing with the trans mob. Despite establishing that sex and gender are not related, sex is suddenly no longer important because gender trumps it? Does my biological whiteness (minimal melanin in the skin, I freckle) get trumped by my ‘feelings’ of being black? It’s not my fault I was born in the wrong body, my body failed to trigger eu-melanin pigment in my skin.
    Funnily, the ‘liberal’ community gets it if it’s to do with race.
    “But more importantly: oppressed groups are allowed to have their own spaces. As white people, we don’t need to be everywhere. I think that’s what Lisa was getting at in the comments, at least before the whole “racism makes me sad” thing.”
    From: http://stfuconservatives.tumblr.com/post/41322457339
    Replace race terms with females/trans and then suddenly “transphobia”.
    What is the fucking difference? You can’t change your race any more than your sex.
    If you said
    “I feel like a black person, even though my skin is white. I’ve always been black inside and I’m just waiting for my gene therapy which will switch on excess melanin production in the skin”
    You’d be racist. How the fuck does any white person know what it means to be black or Asian?
    I know this topic has been stated before but I read that thing today and had a conniption fit.

    1. That’s EXACTLY what has me scratching my head so much everywhere too – plenty of people who seem to really “get it” when it comes to race issues or cultural appropriation issues just have this massive blind spot when it comes to transgender. They’ll even notice that the language used by the cultural appropriators and the “but I’m really Asian ‘inside’!!!” people is the same, but they take it in the direction of accusing those people of somehow “appropriating the discourse of trans*” if you can believe it.

      1. “but they take it in the direction of accusing those people of somehow “appropriating the discourse of trans*” if you can believe it.”
        This is the biggest “What The Fuck!” phenomenon ever. I see it said about transabled people as well, that they are appropriating the transgender experience, without even a hint of irony.
        Otherwise sensible, progressive people will wrap themselves in knots trying to justify the forgone conclusion of the existence of trans identities. I just want to shake them until they go “oh wait, this is bollocks!”.

      2. @girlsoftheinternet – Oh HECK yeah. Been reading transabled blogs forever here, and while they’re obviously and purposely using the “usual” trans* rhetoric (interestingly enough quite a few of the transabled are also transgender) and explicitly asking the question “if SRS is socially acceptable, why is voluntary surgical severing of the spinal cord at a specific vertebra not similarly socially acceptable, they should be the same last resort medical treatment for dysphoria?” on the other side the transgender blogs are all frothing about how dare the transabled people go around appropriating the language of trans*, again.

  14. Magic Poppy, hate to say it, but I do agree with that article….and how scary most of these ‘former’ males are: showing just how male they are by silencing women, and getting those females hopped up on high levels of artificial testosterone to go along with them….

    1. The second one says a lot of times that there are other ways to cope with problems, but don’t tell what are those ways. It’s just a sexist concern troll.

  15. I think we radical feminists need to make signs along the lines of “xx (chromosomes) doesn’t mean we have to kiss your ass.”
    I’m so glad you’re begun posting again! I’ve been reading your blog for a while now, but this is my first time commenting. Seeing how you were silenced gave me the courage to start commenting and realize that yes, women do have the right to state their views out in the open just like *gasp* men do!

    1. Aww, it’s the person who called us all Nazi’s.
      How about YOU explain Colleen Francis? Or explain how we’re being transphobic? Don’t just come here and spew bullshit.
      Why are you entitled to female space? What about the rights of 50% the population (actual females)? The overwhelmingly majority who don’t want you in their bathrooms either.

    2. Where’s the “slander”, exactly? This blog mainly posts items and situations from the news that come into play with regard to the relationships and interaction between born women (particularly but not always lesbians), and trans people. You may not like the opinions stated at this blog, but they are not slander. If anything, they’d be libel, but let’s not get bogged down in semantics! But…they’re not libel either. They are opinions. Unless the internet has become The Republic of Gilead, we’re allowed. Really.
      And nobody’s attacking here. We’re fighting back. As born women, we have a right to our own identity and history, free from appropriation, the same as any other class. We have a right to our own spaces, and a right to speak without pressure to edit our language for the comfort of appropriators.
      On a different note, I have to say, you take mahvelous wedding pictures. I’m no fan of the whole wedding industrial complex (blargh! puke!), but your shots are nice. I worked in photo labs for many years, and printed SO. MANY. wedding shots that were so stiff they seemed starched. Yours do not. Well done.

    3. Daryl don’t tell women what to do. Don’t tell us to read a book. You are a man who decided to don “ladyface” two months ago (part time). Now you feel entitled to spam feminist sites with your great insights on “womanness”. You are an idiot Daryl.
      Daryl: ” I have a lumberjacks beard to get rid of and some fat to redeposit. Somedays I just don’t have the patience and gumption to deal with the outside world and I still present as a man.”

    1. I posted something there about the sheer amount of violence against born women, Yisheng. But you’re right, it’s all about how bad the twanz have it.

    2. Dignity is a human right outside of the US.
      Ha ha, that one must be from Britain. Their hate speech laws make me glad I live in the Evil Empire.
      Cruel depictions in pop culture that enforce stereotypes that lead to violence of a group due to their gender do contribute to violations of rights so, they might have a point no?
      And seeing how trans people are systematically raped, abused, beaten, murdered and generally have to deal with being considered disposable, I’d say that pop culture artifacts that somewhat enforce these stereotypes *are* a violation of their rights.

      I guess we can forget about satire and comedy all together then, eh? “Somewhat” echoing a stereotype is murder! #ourbloodyourhands!!!!!11
      I’m not reading the rest, these people bore me silly at this point.
      I think trans activists are getting a little drunk on perceived power given the groveling acquiescence they got from libfems, and the medical industry muscle behind them. However, Joe and Jane Six Pack are only now getting a taste of the colorful behavior we’ve been dealing with, and I think they’ll tire of kissing trans butt just as we have.

      1. Here’s the thing about Joe and Jane Six Pack… they are totes cool with putting their kids on psychoactive drugs in a massive off-label experiment on how to make children more compliant. So, since they are really interested in a way OUT of being engaged, aware parents on this front, what makes you think they won’t want a way out of bigger issues? If the medical industry and the tans lobby are able to explain to them that, ‘no, little Jimmy isn’t gay, he’s a girl in a boy’s body’… don’t you think Joe and Jane Six Pack are going to jump on that just as readily as any ayatollah would?

    3. I posted several comments but none got published; now the thread is closed. Typical. Can’t have real feminist voices out there — some dude might get his feeeeeeeelings hurt.

  16. I know, Marie-France. They are the most female-hating of all men. I do think they want us all dead and to take our skin. Dangerous. And most women do recognize them as men in drag, fetishizing and caricaturizing the roles men demand of women.
    The charge of Radical Feminism being racist or white women is ridiculous and again a re-write of our history. Radical Feminism was created partly by courageous Feminists of Color, which is easy to see if anyone bothers to read some of their most impressive Radical Feminist books. It’s just shameless lying, like saying that men can be women….
    I am SO glad you are back, Gallus, our champion. Spreading the word for you to get support and donations to get back fully….

  17. Mr. Banks, I could suggest some books for you to read, but really you need to be aware that calling anyone “phobic” for being against a myth is just silly. We’re not phobic of werewolves or vampires because they don’t exist. Neither do “trans” exist. It’s cult based on myths and lies, but far more dangerous that vampire stories.
    Plus we aren’t afraid of men posturing as their misogynist fantasy of women. We’re OPPRESSED by them!

  18. What, Phylicia, one restraining order not enough for you? Just feel that need to spit on someone else?
    Jesus. I’m no fan of the whole trans thing, obviously, but there’s no WAY I would ever even consider spitting in someone’s face. I’m grown up that way, I guess. That’s revolting, infantile behavior.

  19. @Bev Jo: Interesting that you should say that they want us all dead and to take our skin. On a roleplaying games board where I’m a member, a trans woman has posted more than once about fantasies of slicing off the faces of attractive females and wearing their skin. That whole board has gone off the deep end. Trans supremacists monopolize discussions and claim to speak for all women, and XX chromosome women have been marginalized or run off the board altogether.
    I’m glad Gallus Mag is back. I only found this blog a few weeks ago, and seeing what happened to her was really upsetting.

    1. Your experiences would make an interesting post, Seris.
      They sounds like the ones I see on Tumblr. They’re all obsessed with RPGs, fantasy and video games. There’s nothing wrong in enjoying those things, but they get wrapped up in it to the point that they start to believe that they create reality. Mix that with pomo/queer studies “nothing means anything, except what I feel it does” and you’ve got a noxious brew of entitlement.
      Also, where the hell does .25 percent of the population get the time to dominate every female space? Do any of them have jobs? Like the omnipresent Zoe Brain, they have the time and resources to spend 24 hours a day scouring the internet for challenges to their authority.

      1. Many of the trans supremacists on that board don’t have jobs. The one I mentioned has half a dozen accounts on the board and stalks XX chromosome women. I remember Marie-France speaking of a pseudo trans woman stalking her, and something similar may be going on with this guy. He can’t stand to see an actual woman getting more attention than he does, so he tries to scare the crap out of them by talking about cutting off their faces, throwing acid at them, and the like. I have no idea if he actually does this stuff or if he’s just some loser sitting in his parents’ basement typing one-handed.
        I should link some of those threads sometime.

  20. OK, I know I’m probably too sleepy but…it just occurred to me that the reason so many “trans women” have sooooo much trouble with sex vs. gender confusion is that they simply haven’t changed enough dirty diapers.
    If they’d grown up changing their younger siblings’ nappies, babysitting the neighbors’ baby for pocket money and working summer jobs in over-run daycare centers when they were teenagers, maybe they wouldn’t have such a hard time accepting the REALITY of biological sex.
    I’ve changed thousands of diapers and I can tell you: sex matters. Sex is where all the billions of babies on Earth came from. Sex is real and (99.9% of the time) instantly, clearly obvious and in your face from the moment an infant is born. Sex means you had better have an extra diaper at hand when you’re changing boys, or you might just get wizzed in the face when that cool air hits his little wee.
    Sex is not some biological afterthought. Sex is in every cell of our bodies from the moment of conception.
    Sorry dudes, but imagining that you’re one thing when you’re really the other? That is meaningless in the enormous sweep of mammalian sexual biology.
    Utterly meaningless.
    You might as well be a aardvark imagining that you are a “real” wallaby or an eagle imagining that you’re a “real” antelope.
    Males: you have NO idea what it means to be a real female. None.
    So enough with the histrionics and the tantrums and the pathetic attempts at censoring every single person who responds to your false claims of being a “real” woman with, “No. You’re not.”
    You’re not.

    1. I was speaking to a friend who works as a nurse and she had one of those adult males with queer identity who likes to wear diapers as a paraphilia. He’d always call the switchboard to have his diapers changed and he’d get told to do his damn self.
      Maybe it won’t be long until the government protects his identity too and it’ll be phobic for women to tell him to take a hike and nurses will be required to play to his fantasies. In fact, he was only at that hospital because medicaid paid to have him shipped there (thousands of $$$ for an ambulance ride) from another one because the newer one had a better smoking lounge thing outside. If you’re male and crazy enough, there’s nothing people won’t do for you, evidently.

      1. That just confirms my suspicions about the masochistic aspect of the whole “trans” phenom. They regularly ask us to think of them as The Most Oppressed People on Earth ™ — as if they’re so utterly innocent and can’t believe anyone would want to hurt them — but what really happens much of the time is that they intentionally transgress social boundaries in calculated, aggressive ways hoping to get their masochistic thrill via the blow-back.
        This is pretty standard behavior among (for example) exposers (flashers) who get off on people’s disgusted, horrified and possibly violent reactions.
        Obviously with this diaper-wearing crazy, 9/10-ths of the thrill he gets from calling the nurses to come change his diaper is their disgusted, angry refusal.
        It’s part histrionics, part masochism, part narcissism and all sexual obsession.
        Every time I encounter one of them — IRL or on-line — I just want to take a bath in Lysol and Bleach. If only I could unknow what I know. Ugh.

  21. Seris, thank you for that story and do make what you told us public. That is horrific, but what I suspected. I mean why wouldn’t men want to cut off women’s faces? It’s quite the typical male fantasy to torture and kill women, and is again proof that men who claim to be “transwomen” are the most woman-hating of men.
    Please don’t even give them the honor and support of calling them “transwomen,” which is what they most demand of us.
    (I’m on a campaign to support women to just say no to lies and myths that hurt women!)

    1. I may do that, Bev Jo. Board policy has pretty much guaranteed that ‘catfish’ and fake trans types can get away with anything. No one’s allowed to question gender presentation, no matter how blatantly fake it is, and the board’s faux trans women can have as many user IDs as they want. Any straight or lesbian XX chromosome woman they find out about is run off the board.
      Alas, the liberal guys who hang out there are being fucked up by their own liberalism. They make the mistake of assuming someone in an ‘oppressed’ group can’t be a raving bigot and totalitarian in training. Oh, let the trans women say anything they want because, you know, they could be killed for who they are! That means they get to say violent awful shit about XX chromosome women and nobody can say a word because otherwise would be oppressing them. Oooookay.

  22. Well, you know, wasn’t it in “Silence of the Lambs” where one of the killers was a transsexual and he in fact DID murder women and wear their skins, or was trying to make a skin suit of women he could wear? The fact that was displayed on the media, REALLY gives me the willies, I don’t think it helped Anthony Hopkins any to play that character, though I’m sure he made boatloads off it….I guess our inherent Dyke had to do the detective work, but it sure took her years to FINALLY come out…like just a couple weeks ago…

  23. Anthony Hopkins DID NOT play the transsexual character, but he played the guy who was a cannibal helping Jodie Foster track down the other transsexual/MTF/trans/transvestite killer who was making a skin suit of women to wear for himself…

      1. He’s talked about it enough (along with other grisly fantasies including vore and burning faces with acid) that I’ve considered tipping off the authorities where he lives.

      2. If you can do so without placing yourself in danger, then you should definitely tell the authorities.
        If nothing else they can assess whether his is an imminent danger to himself or others, right?

    1. Very interesting. Seems like she is still trying to make sense of it all. It is so shocking when you say something completely reasonable and you get swarmed by violent men saying horrible awful things. She’s not lesbian, so a lot of the trans stuff isn’t standing on her neck. LMAO the “transwomen” already leaving comments on the new vid telling her to “check your privilege” and “read Serano”. Holy shit. She’ll work it out. God she is wicked smart. Expect great things from this womon. Here is a clip from her documentary film:

      1. WHITE GUYS telling a BLACK WOMAN to ‘check her privilege’? Musta fallen down some kinda rabbithole without realizing… bonkers!

    2. I see zero evidence that white trans women use intersectionality as anything but a tool to silence females.
      Some feminists don’t seem to realize just how hard the trans activists’ biological-sex-as-construct line is. I’ve been debating the biology vs sex issue with trans women online for nearly a year, and they absolutely will not budge on this issue. They are dead serious about erasing the female sex class:
      The comment from thepersonalispolitic in the last link lays out pretty clearly what the trans line is on biology.
      Gallus was right in what she said about Julie Burchill – it doesn’t matter how nice you are to them, they’ll try to destroy you if you deviate from the party line at all. Good luck to anyone who thinks there is room for compromise with them.

      1. Biological sex is a social construct. Holy shit, these people are fucking crazy.
        Where are they pulling these stats from? That “like everybody is intersex because we’re not uniform!!!!111”
        When did secondary sex characteristics become a measure of sex? They are informed by biological sex but not a geniune marker for it. Hormone levels fluctuate naturally in humans so that can’t be used as a standard because it’s a variable. Not to mention people taking synthetic hormones for medical problems (not trans bullshit) that would give them excess hormones.
        I know women who are hairy because of ethnicity or absolutely hairless also due to ethnicity. That’s not related to sex because their brothers have the same thing. It’s a genetic thing related to race.
        Did these people even take science at school? My god, I fucking knew this shit when I was 8. (I kept asking about where babies came from so my mum and I read all these books together)
        Sex is a social construct? *headdesk*

      2. The blogger’s Tumblr description helpfully reads “white, mentally ill trans woman living in rural scotland”, yet this is what Julia “I am not fucking MAAB” Serano et al are pushing. Crazy is right.

      3. I just kept wishing and hoping mainstream media will find out about this nonsense. I spammed a few forums after Gallus got removed trying to engage people into this nonsense. There seems to be an attitude of “well, it doesn’t effect me” or a reluctance for fear of being “-phobic”.
        Julian Serano is an MRA and a scarily powerful one at that.
        If I get told to ‘read some Serano’ ever again, I’ll scream.
        What happened to the Debunking Serano blog? I miss it.
        This nonsense can’t go on forever. There is a real world outside of tumblr (where these nonsense thrives) and the other 6 billion+ people on this planet aren’t buying this shit. My assumption is the trans brigade are trying to force the left into accepting them so they have a safe platform to spring from.
        Their perception of themselves as ‘female’ or ‘male’ is crazy.
        It’s like saying there’s no poverty in the world from my perception because I’m sitting here comfortably in my room. I can’t see any poverty right now, therefore it doesn’t exist. All those media articles about it are just trying to guilt trip me and make me spend money.
        There’s no such thing as female experience because I’m a woMAN and have never seen it. Transwomen wouldn’t attack women in the bathroom, I’ve never done it therefore it can’t possibly happen.
        Perception is useless in comparasion to fact. Males sexually attack females. Penis+XY=male.
        I almost feel like starting a counter campaign that someone mentioned in the thread, telling het males to love the lady stick and then watching the outrage. Of course, that would be spun in such a way to make us look bad. “Radfems want everyone to be homosexual, kill the radfems”.

      4. Would you rather have us quarantined? I mean
        You don’t see any way of us co existing..? Or you just don’t want to? … If you’ve only spoken with white trans people then I feel I can understand why you feel that way.
        I know what some trans gurls say on these online Forums. And yeh some are pretty fucking racist. I nannied for a family of white trans people they took me in as their daughter but i always knew there was a difference. Being Mexican, I’m very proud of who I am and mi familia. But I don’t agree with all the white trans folk. I had to quit my nanny job. I stay out late at night and the girls that come out at night are a different breed then the ones who are out and about during the daytime. We come in different colors and ethnicities is what I’m trying to say here. Some of us are willing to compromise simply just because we want to talk about these things. You can approach us and talk about biological sex and we’ll totally understand. Sometimes it’s a slow night and a little conversation would be nice.. To remind us we’re still human. I know You don’t think we’re women our dates feel the same way which is why they actively seek us out.. You may think we’re men in drag (and some are, but not all). We carved out alil tribe for ourselves much like what y’all got going on here. We support each other because each other is all that we have. I’m a student at college. I would have never gone back to school had it not been for a “female” case manager who always went out of her way to check in with me and help me obtain employment and housing in the city. I never had anything to offer her besides a thank you.
        I typed out this bit of a transtory in hopes that maybe one day you’ll try compromising one more time. I live in Berkeley now with my fiancé.
        So call me a “man” or one up me with your vast knowledge of female and biology .. Or let’s talk.

      5. Speaking for myself, Tracy, I do not wish to see you quarantined. I also do not wish to see you harmed. I am wondering, though, exactly what compromises are you looking for?

    3. I’m not going to make apologies to her for not being intersectional (no other group except feminists is expected to be, anyway). I put the needs of women above all other considerations. I’m a socialist as well because of my social class (I’m poor), but that comes second along with being anti-racist. That’s the way I role and it’s informed by MY personal experiences (which are as good as hers). It’s fundamental to my ideology to see patriarchy as the dominant oppressive power structure. She’s free to say that she doesn’t want to identify with us and I’m not desperate for her to ‘join’, anyway. I’m not out to convert – I’m out to speak my truth.
      I don’t think she’ll ever ‘figure it out’ (if by that you mean become a radfem) because her priorities are different. That’s fine. I think we should just leave her be.

      1. I’d say her priorities are slightly different. Gata in the comments:
        Furthermore, I care about ALL oppression. Until STREET CATS and FARM CATTLE are liberated, nobody is liberated.
        Bwhahahahahaha, now that’s intersectionality!
        I still think “tap dancing negro” was a low blow, considering we did exactly what she asked, but whatevs. It appears she was upset by Cathy Brennan’s article linking the attack on her to male violence, which Gata linked below her video, but Cathy isn’t the queen of the radfems. C’est la vie.

      2. lol Cathy Brennan. Don’t forget it was only a year ago that “radfem leader” CB showed up demanding that we all refer to trans males as “women” and “she” – and calling those of us who refused “stupid”, “crazy” and “huge assholes”, calling Jan Raymond an unreadable dinosaur and telling us all to read Joe McGuinness’ awesome takedown of Sarah Palin instead: http://gendertrender.wordpress.com/2011/09/28/the-transsexual-empire-time-for-a-re-print/#comment-4452
        LMAO! So women can change their views in a short period of time- or at least their public rhetoric.

  24. Thank you to all the Radical Feminists of all ethnicities who rushed to help and defend GataAgressiva411 when she called for our assistance against the violent racist sexist “transwomen” and other men who were attacking her and attempting to silence her. YOU KICK ASS!
    No one would ever mistake GataAgressiva411’s views for that of a Radical Feminist. It doesn’t matter. When a woman asks for our help WE WILL GIVE IT, always and forever!
    <3 <3 <3

    1. Thanks for saying that, GM. As I have posted before, it took me a while to let go of my irrational guilt for saying “mean things” about people who are so obviously mentally/spiritually SICK (you know, “mean things” like “males are male and females are female”.)
      But, eh, I got over it after about the 25th death threat, mind fuck, bullshit attack from some M2T intent on making sure I was censored, abused, and in general PUNISHED for daring to deviate from their narrative.
      Frankly, women are so heavily socialized to BE NICE that it’s hard sometimes for even long-term feminists to call B.S. on what is so obviously manipulative crap coming from misogynist males and their handmaidens.
      I had a situation at work where an out gay male was VILE to me and I found it hard to stand up to him because I didn’t want to be “mean” to a member of the LGB but eventually I realized that he was no “brother” of mine and…fuck him.
      If someone who claims to be soooooooo oppressed turns around and oppresses me and my sisters? He can expect to get both barrels of my free speech right in his beady little eyes and/or pointy little ears. I’m done playing the placater role to men who capriciously, cruelly do things that destroy women’s lives. Done. With. That.
      Other women might not be where I am yet. Life will teach them.

  25. Yeah, Gallus, I’m not feelin’ the love here. You’re probably going to ban me for this, but here goes: I want to say a big FUCK YOU to GataAgressiva. She very specifically asked for help, then complains when we aren’t capitulating enough to the MtT?! FUCK that noise. Fuck. It. She is very obviously a) not very well informed about what’s been going on WRT MtT and female spaces over the last several years; and b) not very well informed about what’s been going on with lesbians and MtT over the last decade or so; and finally c) not very well informed about the violence and threats that so many trans people have splattered across the entire web and IRL.
    I’m old enough, experienced enough, and confident enough to have learned something: black people can be assholes too, just like white people! Even when they’re young and good-looking and have a nice calm, even speaking voice and wear smarty-pants-looking glasses like Gata does. And a black turtleneck too! I’m not buyin’ it, though. She sounds like she’s speaking pure sense, until you, you know, listen to the words. She complains that we’re lumping all MtT people together, then does the exact same thing to us. She seems to have no CLUE about the issues of lesbians and MtT. Rather, she’s another 19-year-old who just learned the word “intersectionality” and uses it to blame radical feminists for not taking the needs of EVERYONE into account ALL the time! (Picture the X ALL The Y! comic here.) Note, I am not referencing race with that last comment. Rather, I’m speaking of 1) males; b) transsexuals; 3) everyothersocialjusticeissueoutthere. Because it’s so EASY to blame radical feminists for everyfuckinthing.
    Now, with this video, she gets to look cool to the funfems so they’re not after her, and cool to the MtT who’ve convinced her how oppressedest they are. As a bonus, she gets to diss the nasty old radical feminists. Radical feminists, the ones who analyze race and sex and class until it’s coming out our fucking ears. WE’RE the bad guys. OK, kid. Whatever you say. (Obligatory note here that should go without saying but sadly still can’t: I am NOT. SAYING. that there hasn’t been, and still is, racism within the feminist movement. Instead, I’m saying this young woman is in for a surprise as to who turns out to be the most racist in the real world.)
    It’s just another version of the old belief that women should naturally put everyone else’s (read: men’s) needs before our own. I can smell it from a mile away.
    I listened to that whole excruciating eighteen-minute post, and realized one thing: At my mid-forties, I’m too fucking old for this.
    So yeah, Gallus, you know I love your writing. Dunno if this will get me banned or chewed out or what, but I just don’t have it in me to send warm fuzzies to this woman.

    1. BAN you?!? lmao! I don’t have a problem with anything you said! I hear ya sister. It is irritating. I think she’s young, still learning, is not lesbian so doesn’t have the trans foot on her neck, and frankly, I think she is shaken. I think she will work it all out. Who knows. Maybe not. She is very smart. I get what you are saying and I see what she is doing. I’m just giving her room and layin’ back. Dear lord maybe I’ve become too nice. A horrifying thought.

      1. i don’t mean to imply that the trans politic isn’t just as toxic to all women: just that the Lesbian community is Ground Zero for this shit. We’re swimmin’ in it!

      2. @GallusMag – Speaking of lesbians having the boot on their necks, isn’t it interesting that the M2T are so anxious to demand that lesbians have sex with the “ladypeen,” and call transphobia on it and all that, but don’t seem to be making as loud a noise about MEN (regular, heterosexual MEN who are looking for WOMEN) not similarly being just thrilled to accept that same ladypeen? Where’s the outcry against the Boxer Ceiling? (or perhaps “New Boxer Rebellion…”)
        It gets right back to the issue of the violence that trans* do in fact face – which of them is most facing it, and who is perpetrating it? Why, oh, look here, it’s the M2T “found out to be tricking and a TRAP” by… MEN! and the F2T “who thought they can go undercover in the Good Ol’ Boys Club” and “need some corrective rape.”
        And yet somehow all the vitriol is aimed at lesbians. Somehow a person pointing out that a ladypeen does not a vagina make is responsible for all the murders than happen when that ladypeen shows up where a man is not expecting it? As if without any annoying feminists talking about biology the man in question just wouldn’t have noticed? Or what?
        It’s crazy is what it is.
        I suspect they know that confronting men about this is dangerous and likely not going to end well, so they pick on what they perceive to be a “weaker” target.

    2. I hear you too, Ashland. There is a ton of justified analysis of white radical feminist failure to use intersection, but white trans women are exempt from such analysis, and are just as transparent in using words like the I-word to silence women as white lefty men are. Radfems like Sheila Jeffreys prove their concern for poor women and WOC and no one cares. It’s the new witchcraft on the cultural left, and the accuser never has to prove his case or demonstrate intersectional behavior himself. All libfems and trans women have to do is write “I am an intersectional feminist” on their Tumblr blogs and proclaim hatred for radfems and everything’s ginchy.
      After the ugly treatment I’ve seen white transgender activists direct at women of color who dissent from the trans line, and their indifference to the entire world outside the West, I don’t want to hear the I-word ever again from these clowns.

      1. The Tumblr SJW crowd is amazingly indifferent to the entire world outside the (white-majority English-speaking) West, quite frankly. They assume the hierarchies and power relationships and subgroup alliances from those countries (particularly the US) are universal to the world, and all of their cultural references are from those countries’ (English language) media and fandom, 24/7, even when desperately trying to position themselves as outsiders to it.
        Aside from that though when it comes to intersectionality, I am surprised that the same people who can talk about how all feminists (and all women) should be willing to fight certain issues on behalf of some subgroup of women (say, black women, or working-class women) should somehow be absolutely forbidden from campaigning on biological-related issues (say, access to birth control or the real issue of pregnancy from rape) because “not all women have vaginas!!!1!”
        That’s where I actually appreciated this video, because it took a line giving a hundred steps over to the other side (not that I agree that should happen, but) and asked the question as one of basically intersectionality, with “female women” as a valid subset that should be deserving of having the whole fight on their behalf – and STILL was shot down!! It just makes some truths of the situation all the more obvious.
        I’m with GM on this too, I suspect this shouting down is going to possibly cause the video author to radicalize more, not less. Should be interesting.

    3. Don’t give up on her quite yet. She’s “stumbled over the truth” to paraphrase Winston Churchill, and now she’s stepping back in shock, picking fights and leveling insults at the “out” group to re-establish her bonafides with the group she historically has indentified with. It’s a common reaction.

  26. Aww good! Thanks for understanding. And I think your read on her is probably spot-on, although I also think her video and comments are all over the place. She comes across like a kid being contrary just to show how independent and take-no-prisoners she is. Like I said, I think I’m just too old – and too cynical – for this shit.
    I listened to her video, and it reminded me of how so many liberal sites adhere to the same buzz word salad: intersectionality. Knapsack. Bingo card. Privilege. Problematic. I know there are more but I can’t think of them all right now. It’s as if so many bloggers and comment posters grab onto these words and then hang onto them for dear life, regardless of whether they apply in a given situation (or to a certain person) or not. One can just whip out one of these buzz words and sound all edumacated and stuff! Sound like you’re properly liberal and believe all the correct things.
    It’s gotten so bad I can already hear the standard response to the above paragraph: “Wow, it must be nice not to have those words mean anything to you! You obviously are NOT recognizing the privilege inherent in that!” WHATEVER! FUCK! JUST STOP WRITING IN CLICHES!
    Which is one of the many reasons I come here. You write in your own words, Gallus. For the bazillionth time, thank you. I’m shutting the hell up now, because obviously I’m too grouchy today to be around normal folk.

    1. Damn, the post above was obviously supposed to be in reply to Gallus a little ways above.
      Also, I’d like to clarify that the “buzz words” I’m complaining about do have value and should be used. I don’t mean to totally dismiss them (well, except for that fucking Bingo card), and I’m sorry if it came across that way. I think what’s bothering me is that they’re being overused in the place of thoughtful analysis. In addition, I’ve now had some wine and my grouchiness is ebbing. Next up: hot bath, complete with staring cats.

      1. I agree. The overuse of “problematic”, “lived experiences” et al is as tiresome and lazy as “red pill” “rationalization hamster” and “gina tingles” is from PUAs. Regular people don’t speak academese and people should put more effort into communicating clearly and avoiding cliche. I think Gallus and the posters here do a very good job.

      2. It may make me a bad person but when I hear shit like ‘queer’, ‘pomo’ and ‘sex-pos’ when people describe themselves I feel stupider.
        Some of these tumblr social justice buzzwords are overused and used out of context so now the meaning has warped. Now I just think ‘urgh’ when I hear them.
        Wine is good. I often wish I was drunk when reading trans bullshit because it makes me calmer.

  27. Meh, this is pretty standard. Radical feminists are the only activists who have a women-centred politics, and who will help out and stand up for other women across lines of race, religion, political allegiance, sexual orientation etc.
    A lot of the time the women we help distance themselves from us after the event – after all, they are still often part of whatever community they are a part of that hates those who are woman-centred, so it would not be to their advantage to have people think they were one of us or sympathetic to our politics.
    Gata is a very smart young woman, I’m sure she’ll find her own answers.

  28. Oh Gallus, thank you so much for reminding everyone that the self-annointed “radfem leader” Cathy Brennan is a fraud who recently did not have a clue about basic feminism, including that men were not women. I made a lifelong stalky enemy by trying to explain that to her.
    But women are still conned, even after she revealed her double-dealing with having her trannie man, Mr. Rahne Alexander, tucked away in the Lesbian Caucus where he ridiculed Lesbians.
    When you were almost shut down, it was infuriating to see her “anonymous” post plagiarizing Martin Niemoeller’s anti-Nazi statement (“First they came…”) where she pretended to support you while listing famous Radical Feminists and inserting her own name in the list.
    Today, a friend posted link to her blog (which I avoid) where she was criticizing my and Linda Strega’s and Ruston’s work about Butch oppression ,while wildly misunderstanding or willfully misrepresenting our politics in her usual effort to smear me. (Of course she didn’t have to read Lierre Keith’s “The Vegetarian Myth” to ridicule and criticize that brilliant book either.)
    She shows a photo of Pat Califia, referring to her as Butch, but saying she now identifies as a man. That makes as much sense as showing the trannie man who demands we accept him as Butch to discredit the reality of Butches. As I explained in my update of our chapter of our book, Pat Califia was a genderqueer/bisexual Fem who was obsessed with gay men and still is. Only now she calls herself a man. (She was one of the three bisexuals in the Eighties who sold porn and sado-masochism along with their books on “Lesbian” sex — except that if you read her and Joanne Loulan and Susie Bright, they were anything but Lesbians. I’ve been writing to warn women about Califia for over 25 years.)
    I couldn’t bear to read the rest of her confusion except that of course identifying as Butch does not mean being attracted to male-identified femininity and Fems. She would have understood that also if she’d bothered to read what we wrote.
    For those who DO want to read about Butch existence and oppression from a Radical Lesbian Feminist perspective (and not a genderqueer GBTQWTF activist posting as a Radical Feminist), check out my blog. (My anti-trans cult posts can be found on the sidebar, as well as my new update of our chapter on Looksism.)
    http://bevjoradicallesbian.wordpress.com/2011/08/09/ Supporting Butches Supports All Lesbians
    The Big Sell-Out: Lesbian Femininity by Linda Strega
    I also do hope this courageous women realizes that she’s ended up betraying herself by her partial acceptance of men as women. (Once again, it is VERY simple: “Transwomen,” like the tooth fairy, does not exist. It’s a myth, a lie, a con, which is extremely destructive to women. “Transwomen” are just men. “Transmen”‘ are just women. That’s it. Don’t give them an inch of what they demand.

    1. Re: Califia- that is weird. I thought she was a bisexual dominitrix (sp?) before transifying. I guess all F2T’s are “ex butch lesbians” now? The clueless. It burns. What a bummer.

  29. “except that of course identifying as Butch does not mean being attracted to male-identified femininity and Fems. ”
    Yes, totally agree. I think we have the gay male usage of butch (which tends towards the pomo/queer etc etc usage) versus the radical lesbian feminist perspective — the gender-based usage, compared to the non-gender based.
    I always thought Pat Califia was just totally male and gay male oriented, the usual sex-pos, S&M, pro-porn combo that was ALWAYS about ‘doing’ lesbianism and lesbian sex in a hetero/gay-male/whatever way, ‘borrowing’ from everywhere else, because JUST being women together was too scary/negative/inconsequential/unexciting. Always seemed to me to be just IF you haven’t got one penis or pretend penis (hetero), or even two (gay male), how can it count as sex at all? So no surprise that she’s gone for the transition.
    I don’t care who ‘identifies’ as butch, that’s another usage we need to get rid of. Identify all you like, some of us just ARE butch, you know it when you see it. History lesson wanted here – WHEN did this bloody daft usage of ‘identify’ crop up? I can remember coming across it with the whole men-who-had-sex-with-other-men-but-didn’t-identify-as-gay concept, but before that?

  30. Ah, just checked out the link. Yep, she’s a tad confused over what butch is about. But she’s only just got over the idea that transwomen are women (yep, she finally gave up on that!). So there is hope, and I’m still encouraged by the fact that SOME women are actually talking about and discussing things (even if they disagree), as opposed to the shout transphobic and threaten-their-kids non-debate/suppress thinking, that is going on elsewhere.
    Dirt is also quite good on the not all F2Ms are ex-butches line.

  31. In some ways, the Butch bashing has increased since the Seventies. Yes, the new Lesbian Feminists who came out through the movement after choosing men first would whisper about the “bar dykes,” but many in our movement in the early days, both old and young (I found Lesbian Feminism in 1970 at 19 and it was like coming home to a loving family I never knew I had after a lifetime of exile) were Lesbians because we chose to love and be in love with other females from girlhood.
    There was a respect and admiration and appreciation for the older obvious Butches among us who we knew kept our culture alive and who had helped create feminism. Most of the new Lesbian Feminists tried to look Butch — Butches were the only model young and older newly-out Lesbians had of women who in no way fit male rules. Beyond the hair and clothes, there was the direct speaking and direct eye contact, solid stances and walking grounded — none of the strange hair, clothes, makeup, weak stances, body language, and expressions men demand from women as a sign of subservience.
    We knew that Butches were as far from male as possible, but the lesbophobes and men freaked out that women could so strongly say no to patriarchy, so they irrationally said that we had only one way to be woman — looking like men wanted us to look….or being like men. Ridiculous. And Lesbian Feminists exposed that con in brilliant writing in the Seventies and later. We all knew the politics, which are being erased, our history re-written, by women like Allecto and Cathy Brennan, who have no clue and don’t care to learn the history and culture of the Lesbian community they constantly pontificate about and are trying to destroy.
    So the Seventies were a safer time for Butches, with so many Fem Lesbians looking as Dykey as possible, which can be seen in the avatar from a cover issue of Dyke magazine. Not a Butch in that group, but they are trying. And just like it’s safer for Lesbians when all women try to look like Lesbians in the world, it’s safer for Butches when all women try to look more Butch. So much less policing, marginalizing, and othering of Butches in and out of our community.
    The bashing and hatred of Butches now is part of why so many end up in the Butch/Fem community, where at least they won’t be constantly criticized for their hair, clothes, selves. And Butches continue to be named “boi,” and called “he” and “him” against our will. I recently saw a photo online of a couple I know — the Fem looks stereotypically het, but no comment was made about her of course since it is “normal” for women to look artificial, while the Butch just looks natural and handsome, like most Lesbian Feminists, both Fem and Butch, looked in the Seventies. Except that now the Butch was commented on, policed, and called “boi,” though she hates that word.

  32. This assault on our identity and community has been going on for a long time, and I’ve been fighting it:
    transmen are still women: Defining Lesbians out-of-existence/
    http://bevjoradicallesbian.wordpress.com/2011/03/15/bev-jo-radical-lesbian-writing/ DEFINING LESBIANS OUT OF EXISTENCE — “TRANSWOMEN” ARE STILL MERELY MEN (And over 80% don’t even have surgery)

  33. This shit below really, really burns me up: here’s ANOTHER sold out Lesbian institution which used to do GREAT WORK in making visible LESBIAN art…now sold out just like National Organization of Lesbians of Size, open now to both MTF’s and FTM’s, as well as bisexual/queer women, and National Center for Lesbian Rights which agitates for it’s ‘Transgender Law Center’. Now this group ‘American Lesbian Artist’ feels ‘Lesbian is just a label’ meaning NOTHING, bi, trans, queer, genderless, they all have a spot in the ‘Lesbian’ community…..SICK. No wonder Lesbians have been so fucking coopted, and ALLOWED themselves to be coopted. I think EVERYTIME we need to counter this, and say: we FOUGHT for our identity, some DIED for our identity, we MAINTAIN our identity and Beings as Lesbian FEMALES, WBW, and womyn loving WOMYN.
    We are not the trans community, the bi community or ‘genderless’ either! We are not an alphabet soup. WE ARE LESBIANS, we are DYKES, and WE HAVE OUR OWN HERSTORY. If EVERY one of us here took the Lesbian label BACK by and for ourselves, we would REALLY be a force to be reckoned with. Just like what happened to our Dyke Marches becoming appropiated by and for ‘past, present and future women’..whatever the fuck THAT means, and when we debate it, they close the groups and silence us!
    Lesbian Visual Artists Group – https://www.facebook.com/groups/122068251293542/
    American Lesbian Artist
    ” ALA is a online community of lesbian artists, a place for professional and beginner artists to share their work. “Lesbian” is just a label… bi, trans, queer and genderless are welcome. Posting …”
    Speak up Sister, Speak up! I love you ALL!
    -In Sisterhood,

  34. I would like to make a comment about both videos, You do make some valid points. I both agree and disagree with some of the stuff you said in the transwoman are not female.Which is something I would I would to disgust farther. I do think it’s wroung for these transwomen to try to get the video, removed. It’s your option, and you have the right to make it known. Being a transwoman myself I do appreciate the fact that were respectful as to how you presented your view, which all I ask from anyone.

  35. “Transwomen” are not women and are not female. It’s a mythological category, similar to the tooth fairy and santa claus, but unfortunately supported and funded by Big Pharma and the male medical system and female-haters everywhere.
    It’s really very simple. Men who insist they are women, a group they oppress and have no right identifying as, should be recognized as the least female of men.

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