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  1. Fuck yeah, GallusMag! Glad you’re back!
    I’d emailed WordPress support and the head (don’t know his exact title and don’t care) of WordPress, complaining about you being blocked and explaining a bit why they may have received complaints. Today, I finally had some time to devote to the issue and was going to start digging for phone numbers at WP to call. I was planning on calling and calling and calling until you had access again. Also, I’m figuring out how to start my own blog. I’m not sure if I’ll go through WP or not, seeing as what’s happened. But your being silenced has inspired me.
    Like Cathy said – knock down one of us, one hundred will rise to take her place.

  2. She (assuming it’s a girl?) says she ‘pussed out’ and deleted the drawings which is too bad; their simplicity was sweet.

  3. I don’t know what to do to support you, GM, (that is, what is best in this situation) but I’m doing all kinds of shit (flailing) just because I am SO FUCKING ANGRY at women being censored by males — again.
    Males in dresses are STILL OH SO MALE as we all know. Did we need any more proof? Censorious, overbearing ASS HATS.
    My blood pressure is going through the roof. I have to lie down.

  4. Here’s what happens when you try to write anything to the transmafia. They do shit like this:
    Gore Vidal (@UndeadGoreVidal) | January 16, 2013 at 11:27 pm |
    comment removed by mx. punk due to cisfuckery. don’t be sad, though; i wrote a post about it here: http:// rainbowgenderpunk.wordpress DOT com/2013/01/19/reader-question-im-a-fucking-gruetroll-help/.

  5. Grow up already and stop hiding your hate behind free speech. Would you say Hitler had a right to free speech? Was it ok that he was allowed to speak his hate and build the Nazi party? His right to free speech lead to a genocide.

    1. So knowing and stating that BIOLOGY FUCKING MATTERS and is REAL is the same as saying that facts=genocide? Yeah, you ARE quite the delusional one…

    2. Godwin’s Law.
      You lose the argument.
      Also, Hitler’s right to free speech did not lead to genocide, blaming it all on one person is disingenous. The majority of Germany and whole sections of Europe were complicit. And that is an understatement. Saying Hitler is to blame only paints half the picture and allows all those who did nothing to stop the atrocities to use him as a scapegoat and not face up to their role in the bloodshed.
      Saying that people need to disappear or be murdered for their race or religion is not the same as saying “males are males, females are females”. Furthermore, no one here has ever expressed a murderous or violent sentiment towards trans. Unlike trans activists that frequently threaten rape and murder.
      Male bodied persons have no business in female spaces. There is no such thing as ‘feeling’ female, you just fucking are one. Having a penis, testicles and an XY chromosome means you are not, can not and never will be female.
      There is no evidence that transgenderism is anything but a psychological problem. We do not pander to the delusions of other disorders, we treat them with therapy and medication.

    3. If you have XY chromosomes and normal male sexual organs at birth, then you are fucking MALE.
      If that is hate speech, then sign me up.
      I refuse to pretend that I don’t understand human biology just to placate and mollify a bunch of mentally unbalanced people and their enabling fools.
      (Do you people even LISTEN to yourselves?!??!)

    4. Daryl decided to be transgender two months ago.
      ” I have a lumberjacks beard to get rid of and some fat to redeposit. Somedays I just don’t have the patience and gumption to deal with the outside world and I still present as a man.”

      1. Don’t forget “genocide”, UGV. Because nothing says “genocide” like:
        Males are male. Females are female.
        (Ooooo, did you see that? I just killed a thousand thousand innocents with that statement. Sheesh.)

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