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  1. I think this is very interesting. Transsexualism and homosexuality are so utterly unrelated; why the shoehorning? I’ll never understand. To me gay/lesbian people supporting the Trans ideology seems similar to otherwise sensible ‘liberal’ NY jews (my family background) supporting right-wing Israeli policy- and the right-wingers (both Genderist and Zionist) go crazy when the people who are ‘supposed’ to support them don’t.

    1. @ moose and sheela,
      I think that is a very succinct analogy. On both sides there is a huge amount of entitlement. Trans are treated badly by men and therefore anything they do is seemingly above scrutiny. They are therefore entitled to womens spaces because…um, some reason. Like how Israeli’s claim to have a birthright or mandate from God when they kick Palestinians out of their homes.
      I don’t understand trans thinking. They want to go to MichFest, knowing they’re not welcomed there but they never try and join conservative womens groups (that I’m aware of). I don’t get it. Why? Gay men have their own Republican group. I have seen some pretty right wing ideas spewed by trans, why do they only seem to want to align themselves with the left?

  2. Totally agree. The tone and narrative of the some of the transactivists, with their violent histrionic victimhood is very similar to the extreme zionist pro-Israel discourse (half my background too); how any and all disagreement is tantamount to encouraging genocide so must be silenced.

  3. Worth repeating, again and again:
    “And by “invalidation of the trans identity,” what I really mean is refusing to allow men to appropriate your experiences, identifying your sex as the basis of your oppression, setting up sexual boundaries that exclude males, fighting for the right to assemble as females. Saying that girlhood matters, that women have the right not to be attracted to males, that vaginas are more than just holes to stick things in, that breasts are more than just lumps of flesh or silicone, is the kind of rhetoric that genderists call transphobia and seek to erase. With enough threats, with enough intimidation, with enough male-driven, male-powered campaigns, trans activists are bullying feminists into silence, shutting down feminist discourse, and invading women’s spaces. Transphobia is not about identifying violence or discrimination: It’s about targeting and taking down those women who dare to acknowledge that their femalehood matters.”
    Exactly, 75%+ of on-line charges of “transphobia” are directed at anyone who dares to challenge “trans” orthodoxy, anyone who dares to say “being female matters”, anyone who dares to recognize that “sex is real” or that “male-bodied people are not now and never will be women — or lesbians”.

  4. Very interesting. Of course, the supposed justification (other than some idea that trans people are hurt most by having their feelings hurt, and nasty feminists and gay people are the MOST successful at hurting feelings) is that the opinions of nasty feminists somehow CAUSE all the other problems (like men beating up trans people, or problems with employment.
    Which IF it were true would be amazing! You might have thought that the patriarchy WASN’T LISTENING to what radfems have to say — except they DO when it comes to our opinion on trans people. If we could only figure out WHY they find us so fascinating on that topic, maybe we could get them to listen when we mention the pay gap, womens health, sexual violence etc etc (Nope sorry, JUST talking about women obviously just not that interesting, they are magically only interested when we’re talking about MEN claiming they are women…………………………) .
    Looked at another way, it’s actually very worrying — WHY do men find this topic so fascinating? Because they’re trying to dismantle the whole concept of what being a WOMAN is, taking away the very basic right to name ourselves as a class at all. Trying to STOP the discussion before it even begins, by leaving us unable to even name ourselves. MUCH better than actually trying to counter arguments, just stop the women before they even get started.
    THAT is why the transwomen get so much attention, not because the patriarchy actually cares about what they see as men who failed at masculinity, might as well use them for cosmetic surgery experiments………………

  5. Beth on here said that trans males don’t try to join conservative women’s group. Correct – but here’s what they do do: get married to conservative women only then to ‘come out’ in mid-life as transgender, telling the ‘I’ve always been a woman trapped in a man’s body’ sob story. These unsuspecting women typically known nothing about autogynephilia. Meanwhile, these couples are often in churches that discourage divorce and blame women if there are marriage problems, so these women feel guilty because their husbands have this transgender problem going on.
    what I’m saying is that male transgenders often hide in conservative religious groups, because it’s an easy way for them to control women. Some of the women do fight back though, after they’ve been put through hell.
    The other thing that often happens in marriages involving a male transgender is that the man starts not only to wear his wife’s clothes in secret but to copy her mannerisms – because she has become his role-model. I know one woman whose ex-husband presented himself in her name as Mrs X in the child custody proceedings during divorce! He also threatened to kill her for taking the children away.
    Some of these men will stop at nothing in order to eradicate the actual women in their lives and take their places. They need to be exposed by all women who come across them, and we need to do this across religious, political and ethical divisions. It’s a fundamental issue of human dignity and human rights.

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