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  1. Good grief. Disgusting. There is some light relief in there though – the tweet suggesting that Suzanne Moore wants to fuck all the trans chicks. Males really do have a thing about sexual entitlement don’t they? Not to mention a form of delusion on full show.

  2. Yep, I want these people around me.
    God forbid I accidentally misgender them. My face might get punched in (if I’m lucky)
    I often call men “sunshine” and women “guys”. Like ” ‘sup sunshine?” and “how you doin’ guys?”
    Also, being Australian…also use “mate” too often.
    I’d get beaten for sure.

  3. THANK YOU again and again for this blog, GM.
    There it is, in all it’s sordid glory: the mind of the “trans” cult on full Twitter display.
    Query for the wise: how many of these vile, violent, threatening, insane people got their Twitter accounts suspended? Hmmm?
    I know feminist women who got their accounts locked over and over by Twitter FOR NO REASON during the whole Conway Hall debacle last year.
    But the “trans” borg can post this violent FILTH and we’re supposed to neither notice nor mind that the Twitter mods enable this kind of behavior? Actively?
    Welcome to the fucking backlash, sisters, circa 2013. I’m sure that Twitter management and shareholders are very contrite that their site is being used by monsters to threaten and bully women. Right?

  4. How is this not hate speech? I have never seen ONE radfem death threat to trans.
    By the by I have recently seen at least on of these monikers on a couple radfem blog rolls. If that’s you sister, woman up.
    “Light relief”? Come back after you have personally received one of these threats and explained to your children why certain security measures must now be enforced.

    1. How is it not hate speech?
      Because trans* are the most oppressed group evar, all the time, and saying anything that indicates that you don’t believe in the whole “born in the wrong body” thing or the existence of the “female brain” (for them to supposedly be born with) and therefore “invalidates their identities” is supposedly saying that they are less than human which somehow directly causes them to be murdered (by who is always carefully elided, of course) and therefore encountering such opinions is SO traumatic, and SO triggering, that they cannot help themselves but lash out in pain, and if you complain about those hateful responses, well, you are “tone policing” and just picking on an oppressed minority even more, because THEY ARE THE VICTIM HERE.
      So the narrative goes, anyway. Most of the time it doesn’t boil over quite so spectacularly but you can see the “but we’re oppressed! We have the right to lash out at our oppressors!” constantly all over twitter, frequently from some of the same posters screencapped there (I see some of them in my normal twitter browsing rather frequently – they’re not always violent but are very commonly insufferable).

  5. Appalling! Makes you realise how brave/strong Suzanne Moore, Bea Campbell and other fine feminist journalists have to be

  6. You may also be interested in this one for the collection. As it turns out, “Cel West” aka “cosmogrrrl” (who is an obvious dude in a pink wig) is a long time ‘comrade’ of Laurie Penny’s (aka pennyred).
    So because Laurie Penny was concerned they were tweeting Moore’s whereabouts, and concerned for her safety, Penny tweeted her concern. This was met with, from long time ‘comrade’ tweeting:
    “oh fuck off cis girl”
    Penny later backs down about the whole thing, and sucks up to the trans brigade. She doesn’t seem to figure out that 100% capitulation is required by her trans ‘comrades’.

  7. Please can someone who uses Twitter tweet @lfeatherstone and ask her to tweet a link to this page. She’s the MP who has asked for the Observer editor, and Julie Burchill, to be sacked – yes, a govt minister calling for press censorship. Just ask her exactly how well informed she is about the arguments, and what does she think of these attacks on S Moore?

    1. Not on twitter but will email her directing her to these tweets and asking on what basis do they constitute promotion of the ‘equalities’ she campaigns for so staunchly for some (violent transactivists). Others could do the same.

      1. I could not find a direct email, they all get filtered via constituency etc, so a tweet would be more likely to get through.

    1. No one gives a fuck about your daughter.
      I’m supposed to want to be a part of a left that will even drag people’s kids into a fight? These howling yahoos sound as vicious and hateful as those on American Renaissance, but are probably even more cowardly keyboard warriors than they are.
      The whole Guardianista/SWPL upper middle class white cultural left these people represent is completely fucked. As SWPLs (Stuff White People Like) they don’t really care about social justice. What they care about is moral grandstanding and showing off in front of other white people. Status jockeying. Cultural leftists like Laurie Penny care far more about being seen as “right on” with the cool kids than they do about the actual rights of individuals. There’s nothing leftist, and nothing feminist about sex-poz postmodern liberalism, and I’m genuinely frightened by the howling lynch I’m seeing here.
      Also, it’s great to see the psychotic Voz Latina is still kickin’. I wish I had a screenshot of his comment on Feministe that born women should all be raped so they’d know the pain that trans women go through. They’re the only ones who get freedom of speech according to the pomo left.

      1. Also, I continue to be amazed that pomo liberals are making this issue a death hill, because it’s the one issue radfems have where they enjoy the agreement of most of humanity. It’s like the libs think now is the time to crush our autonomy once and for all, and throwing us the bone of reproductive rights is enough to keep us around and we’re just going to take it.
        As a working class woman, I basically get fuck all from the so-called left at this point. There have to be a lot of women who secretly agree with me but who are afraid to step off the reservation. They see with the treatment of Moore that for liberals it’s open season on women who do that.

      2. Re.: Voz Latina thinking we all need to be raped –
        Men have been coming up with all kinds of reasons why women “need to be raped” in so-called progressive or revolutionary movements for as long as I can remember.
        One of the most famous, of course, is the admitted serial rapist Eldridge Cleaver: (from the wiki) “…In the most controversial part of the book, Cleaver acknowledges committing acts of rape, stating that he initially raped black women in the ghetto “for practice” and then embarked on the serial rape of white women. He described these crimes as politically inspired, motivated by a genuine conviction that the rape of white women was “an insurrectionary act”. When he began writing Soul on Ice, he unequivocally renounced rape and all his previous reasoning about it. However, he refused to show any remorse for his career as a rapist, or acknowledge any debt to society…”
        The thing is, men are men. It doesn’t matter if they claim to be left, right or center. It doesn’t matter if they’re super masculine, super NOT masculine, or somewhere in-between. Some percentage of them will be rapists — or rape enthusiasts — and they will have all kinds of “good reasons” why women neeeeeed to be raped: too uppity, need to take us down a peg; too wimpy, need to toughen us up for the revolution; too treasured by our rich families, need to strike out at them by raping us; too poor or powerless to matter, need to use us to “practice” revolutionary rape; too slutty, need to be taught a lesson; too insensitive to the plight of the TRULY oppressed, need to be taught what pain REALLY is; blah-blah-blah-farking-blah.
        There be monsters everywhere, women. Why wouldn’t there be “trans women” who are monsters, too? Of course.

  8. It’s a shame that the transitioning procedure doesn’t include removing the misogyny, aggression, and sense of entitlement over women, isn’t it?

  9. The last comment on the page belongs to me and was about Cameron saying ‘Calm down dear’, not directed at Moore. Anyway, the comments to Moore, however you feel about what she wrote, are vile.
    [Thank you for clarifying. I have removed your tweet from the post. -GM]
    [CORRECTION: For some reason wordpress is not allowing me to edit this post to remove your tweet. I have sent a message to wordpress.com requesting their assistance. -GM]

  10. Er…I’m afraid you’ve missed the point somewhat. If Laurie Penny thinks backing down and propitiating trans-anger is the answer, then that’s the way to go. She’s the voice of my generation and the voice of the left (at least for Oxbridge hipster radical wannabes like me.)
    The fact that you seem to think otherwise probably indicates that you’re self-hating misogynists…and probably racist too.

      Who the fuck is Laurie Penny? So I Googled. Went to her website – *yawn*. Yet another funfem who thinks she’s just the most radical thing to hit feminism since EVAH. She’ll show us how it’s done, right? RIGHT?!
      Here’s a point that you’ve missed: your generation is not the end-all, be-all of the world. The sooner you realize that, the better off you shall be.
      “…and probably racist too.” You do realize that statements like that make you part of the problem, right?

    2. Ah yes, the “if you don’t believe in trans* and the born in the wrong body thing you must be a white supremacist” assumption – latest meme making the rounds on twitter/tumblr lately.

  11. This post has gone vital on Twitter! Expect new readers. Of course various people are claiming this blog is “transphobic” but given reference to the tendency of human biology to divide people into male and female appears to be “transphobia” I am not sure this is too upsetting 😉

  12. I’ve gone to the twitter pages of some of these folks to see if they’re still there. (So far, they are.) Most of them are abusive with tweets in general. I took a screenshot of “Ben,” who wrote the clearest death threat, and on the same screen he made a racist joke, retweeted an ageist joke and made a joke condoning child sexual abuse. Julie Bindel called him on the child joke and he tweeted again condoning child sexual abuse. I would upload the screenshot but I don’t know how (and who wants to see it anyway). I sent a message to twitter asking them how they can allow this kind of stuff when they censor feminists. I’ll probably never hear back. I wouldn’t care so much if (1) I hadn’t heard about Cathy Brennan and London radfems connected with last summer’s conference getting their twitter accounts suspended and (2) if there wasn’t such a strong and public outcry against Suzanne Moore getting snippy in response to these comments. It’s the double standard that bothers me.

  13. Ah I see various tweets have now decided GT is a “hate” site. I don’t see any threats on this site. I don’t see any hatred (unlike in the tweets above). I just see the valid opinion expressed that trans women are men who have altered themselves to various degrees to try to match their concept of female, that sex change is fundamentally impossible, that transsexualism is rooted in sexism, that what makes us men or women is precisely our bodies, and notes of those (not all) trans women who react the angriest and most threateningly to these views being expressed by other women.
    But I see that saying: the Emperor has no clothes and trans women are men and “lesbian” trans women are straight men is now simply NOT ALLOWED and is “hate.” Sorry – reality is hate? Why aren’t people allowed this opinion? Are trans people so fragile and so closely-protected that even a point of view is not allowed? Bear in mind I subscribe to live and let live but it was the trans women who launched into the “cotton ceiling”, it’s the men still with their penises intact now on the London lesbian scene… I don’t go out of my way to undermine other people but they have gone out of their way to undermine gay women and ENOUGH.

  14. As some of you may know, my posting access to my GenderTrender wordpress.com blog was suspended at the end of the business day on Friday January 18. My last post, on Friday morning, was a collection of screen caps: a random sampling of the abusive and threatening tweets directed at Suzanne Moore following her “SEEING RED: THE POWER OF FEMALE ANGER” article re-publication.
    Prior to Friday morning’s post I did five controversial posts in succession:
    1.) I outed an MD and Phd who threatened to murder a bunch of radical feminists, also specifically targeting myself and Cathy Brennan. 1/10/2013 FRI
    2.) I posted the text of Professor Sheila Jeffeys’ submission to the Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination Bill 1/12/2013 SUN
    3.) I posted the entire text (and published imagery) of Julie Burchill’s “Transsexuals Should Cut it Out”, which was subsequently censored in toto by the Guardian/Observer and for which she is now facing a government criminal inquiry. 1/13/2013 MON
    4.) I posted commentary and photos and a partial re-blog of Dirt’s article calling out the racism and homophobia at the core of the initial trans response to Suzanne Moore’s use of the term “Brazillian transsexual” in her “SEEING RED: THE POWER OF FEMALE RAGE” article. 1/16/2013 THURS
    5.) I posted a video of Precious “Jewel” Davis, a (self-professed) gay drag queen who recently “turned trans” from the “We Happy Trans” project . 1/16/2013 THURS
    What a week!
    My blog is “newsy”. When things are going on, I post them. And there is a lot going on right now. Specifically, there is a peak of public discourse around the feminist critique of gender. We have about a week before the general public becomes bored with this topic (as they do with all topics). Right now, this discourse is peaking- into the mainstream- in a way I’m not sure it has ever done before. This is a critical time.
    Some of you have taken issue with the language Julie Burchill used in her now criminalized article and claim her bombastic tone has undermined the message. As if there was EVER a platform for that “message”. Suzanne Moore wasn’t “bombastic” and look what the fuck happened to her! Some of you have actively taken steps to discredit Burchill or distance yourself from her. Must step lightly, you say. Throw her off the boat! Backstabbing is a pointless discussion to have at this point. Clearly the trans politic is seizing the moment to re-frame their violent suppression of feminist – of WOMENS and LESBIAN voices- as an anguished “what about the menzzzz” cry to promote further censorship and no-platforming of feminist gender critiques, but remember, that is the same tact they use whether you are rude or polite. The polite Conway Hall feminist conference was no-platformed by the MRA/Trans alliance with terrorist bombing and murder threats. Mainstream feminist discourse has been taken over by males in an “oh so polite” way- backed up by threats of rape and death. Feminists who have tried to discourse with the trans politic have been- at best- mocked and distained. Whether you give an inch or a mile. Burchill simply chose to take on the abuse in stead of her friend Suzanne Moore. Julie is not a stupid woman. She has lanced a boil. That boil is the silencing of feminist voices by the transgender lobby. Whether that wound heals or encapsulates will be determined by our response. She has directed attention to this issue by throwing herself on a pyre into the angry mob. Immolation. That Burchill broad kicks some balls and goes down swinging. And where the fuck are you?
    Let’s not waste this opportunity, shall we? We have the world’s attention. LET US SPEAK.
    Unfortunately for me at GenderTrender, my voice has been silenced now by my website host at wordpress.com.
    Yesterday Janet Mock of People Magazine, (he of “Girls Like Us” fame), decided to start a campaign against my blog. Early Friday morning (before my Suzanne Moore Tweet post) I became aware of a censorship campaign against GenderTrender, and all wordpress radical feminist blogs. There have been a million of these campaigns, but Mock is a very powerful man.
    Mock initially became enraged when he read my post (Number 4 above) and saw a photo of himself, and “misgendering” (because it mentioned that he was male) and decided that women have no right to discuss or post photos of public figures on feminist blogs. Instead of filing a complaint with wordpress or messaging me with his demands (or just shutting the fuck up) he started a twitter campaign to ban my blog which was quickly seized by trans activists smelling blood in the water following their successful censorship of Burchill and success in driving Suzanne Moore off of twitter. All the usual suspects came on board within minutes: Hetero female “fag” Stephen Ira, Lefty “TGirl” inventor of the ladystick Savanna Garmon, Transfeminist Natalie “Die cis scum” Reed and all the rest. NO DISCUSSION of TRANS ACTIVISM by WOMEN they railed. GAG THESE BITCHES.
    When I did not notice Mock’s campaign (because I never check my tweets and I was sleeping) he engaged his pals to post news articles complaining about wordpress.com’s hosting of gender critical and trans-critical blogs. The proposed banning of all female voices re: politics relating to gender, especially mine. I took action when I became aware of Mock’s campaign, specifically his charge that the public news-site photo I had used was off limits. To placate his male rage I replaced that pic with an alternate screen cap from another (NBC) appearance, and I kindly tweeted him that I had resolved his photo issue. Seriously, these guys literally think they can lobby on the national news and women have no right to discuss it. HOW DARE IT SPEAK???
    I posted a few of the Suzanne Moore tweets, went to work, and when I came home my blog had TWENTY FIVE THOUSAND hits. And I was LOCKED OUT by wordpress.com.
    I now have NO WAY to POST on MY OWN BLOG due to wordpress.com. It’s all well and good for feminists to have blogs and such that are gender critical, as long as no one is paying attention to them. You can post the most intelligent, elegant legal critique of the ways “Gender Identity” status negatively impacts woman AS LONG AS NO ONE READS IT. AS LONG AS NO ONE IS LISTENING. Women can have their tiny corners, their sekret cabals AS LONG AS NO ONE IS READING. Let the gals blow off steam in dark corners on Facebook. As long as it doesn’t hit the mainstream. Let the edumacated upper class folks have their little talks that no one finds interesting or engaging. But god forbid feminist voices start being heard en masse. God Forbid Julie Burchill says what EVERY FUCKING WOMAN ON EARTH IS THINKING. GOD FORBID Trans Media Watch cites GenderTrender as a SOURCE in the women vs. gender discourse.
    Someone said this as a comment on my blog recently, much better than I’m about to mis-quote, but it was basically that the transgender politic around the social hierarchy of the sexes is so utterly flimsy that it can tolerate no critique whatsoever from women, and as a male-centric philosophy the realities of female experience CANNOT be tolerated.
    Wordpress.com, hosted by Automattic, has prevented me from posting this on the blog I have built up from the ground against all odds. And Gosh who cares about that? Who cares about Bindel and Greer and Jeffreys and Brennan and Moore and Benvenuto and Burchill? We still have our little corners where they can’t silence us. Keep voices hushed. Avert your eyes, sisters. Let’s spectate.
    IF YOU GIVE A SHIT ABOUT ANY OF THIS – and I know many of you DO, I encourage you to RAISE A HOLY FUCKING SHITSTORM about the silencing of feminists who critique GENDER and PLASTIC SURGERY and MUTILATION and RAPE and FREEDOM FROM THE PEEN and ETC ETC ETC.
    I mean this literally: SPEAK NOW or FOREVER HOLD YOUR PEACE.
    Have a blog? UPDATE IT TODAY with a focus on FREEDOM OF SPEECH for women. COMPLAIN about death threats on women- and NOT to your “friends” on Facebook. COMPLAIN about CENSORSHIP of women. Call the fucking news agency. Call ten fucking friends to meet on Tuesday night to set out a goal-oriented political action plan to support freedom of speech for women. ASSERT the right for women to DISCUSS POLITICS even if those public figures are “TRANS GENDER”. Make that lame fucking account so you can leave that comment on that awful news story. Take action every single fucking day. But ESPECIALLY TODAY. It’s time to say NO to the censoring of women- even if they are more (or less!) plain-spoken than you would like.
    You liked GenderTrender, you counted on me- well I have been ELIMINATED. Fucking GAGGED because people were listening.

  15. Don’t you think Suzanne Moore’s obsessive use of the term “female” is part of the problem?
    I just noticed this. “Obsessive” = using it ever! Shades of Joelle Ruby Ryan. They’re terrified of us daring to use the word “female” at all, because it’s a truth they cannot change.
    First of all, it is the height of entitlement to believe you can and must be sheltered from basic facts of biological existence, such as being male or female, and must have “trigger warnings” for everyday human experiences like childbirth, menstruation, etc. (Trigger warnings were once provided to shield genuine trauma survivors from potential PTSD, and are now used to shield people from mere unpleasant reality.)
    Like Julia Serano babbling:
    All that you ever need to know about genitals is that they are made up of flesh, blood, and millions of tiny, restless nerve endings- anything else that you read into them is mere hallucination, a product of your own overactive imagination.
    These people live in their theory-addled heads, and like Karl Rove, believe themselves qualified to create reality. Moreso, as seen in their desperate attempts to shut down blogs like this one, they believe that questioning their “reality” is literally hate speech.
    It is not others’ responsibility to affirm your personal identity, but submissive libfems are eager to make it a central plank of feminism. Trans people can express their gender identities however they like; however I do not have to spend my valuable time assuring the delicate souls that up is down. Women are socialized to believe it is our job to mirror back to men what they wish to see, and libfems are walking right into the trap. It’s difficult to fight socialization and male surveillance. Liberal feminism reframes giving up the fight as liberation. Their generosity and good intentions are being misused. Both the right and left are utterly hostile to women setting their own boundaries, and libfems are too dumb to see it.
    Furthermore, how on earth do they think that centering these hothouse flowers will advance the cause of feminism? Their demand to be sheltered from hate facts, to the point of breaking out suicide statistics at the first sign of dissent, is laughable to people outside the pomoliberal circle jerk. It makes them look like people who simply cannot function in adult society.

  16. I don’t speak on behalf of everyone trans but this is NOT representative of the entire community. I’m not going to go into my opinions on Burchill’s article, because this isn’t the right place to do so, but I am so fucking ashamed of the community I’m supposed to be a part of. We are not all passive aggressive, overly sensitive children who have just learnt how to use the word ‘cunt’. Some of us do know how to engage in real debate, and I’m sorry these are the examples of trans people you have to communicate with.

    1. Excuse me for being frank, Sean, but EVERY feminist on-line who questions or disagrees with “trans” orthodoxy has been subjected to death threats, rape threats, threats of sexual violence or physical attacks to herself, her family, etc. for a period of YEARS now. It gets worse every month, but it’s not new. Some of the people doing this are “well respected” or “protected” or even “cherished” in the so-called “trans community”.
      So excuse the heck out of me but NOT UNTIL I see “trans” people calling out their own for this increasingly hostile, abusive, misogynist and violent behavior will I believe you don’t support and encourage it.
      Not until I see/hear famous, well-known and well-respected “trans” people openly call out the vicious and violent among “trans” activists will I reform my opinion about how insincere ANY “trans” person is on the subject of hateful verbal violence directed towards women.
      It’s way past the point where a private, anonymous word is enough to heal this. I want to see “trans” people STANDING UP to the off-the-wall crazies among them or else I will assume that the worst, most violent, most hateful of the crazies speak for the the ENTIRE “trans community”.
      Stand up or shut up, “trans”. Women will NOT be censored into silence and we will not let the threats go unchallenged. No more. The next “trans” person who threatens me is getting reported to the local police, the FBI, whomever it takes to stop them cold. “Trans” people who claim to be innocent bystanders need to decide which side they’re on.

    2. Maybe Sean but I think “sensitive children” is like saying the jackal is just a fluffy bunny. I knew not one thing about trans anything until I accidently got threats sent to the wrong address. The threats were meant for sombody else who I did not even know. And the instant I read them–I notified the police, FBI, and two out of state police departments. And named names. Then I started reading–quite a little misesknowitall now. The delusion is turning very violent. So it is not just they learned the word cunt—it is a whole lot more than a potty mouth. And soon Mrs. Jenny Nobody in Nebraska and the millions like her will weigh in and she numbers in the millions. Because I am Ms. Nobody. I am no “rad” anything–never heard the phrase before a few weeks ago and I can tell you–I don’t buy it. The movement itself is based on not being women but oppressing women, and a false pat narrative. We can’t talk about our self-lubricating vagina (not blind pouch) because it will upset you. I have to share space with MEN with a Penis—not on your life. Get upset at the medical and psychological communities that you bullied into feeding the delusion and not helping you. Get enraged at the peer group that has not allowed for the research to be read by you showing that the whole narrative is just that. You and many others have been manipulated. There is an agenda–and you are part of it. I am not. I have no stake in this–not a feminist a married lady with kids. Help yourself, be true to yourself. Have a self. Really what does it matter to me. I will have my babies, my life, my own opinions—wake up please, for your own sake. Find yourself help—it will not age well. “Trans” is going to be the hugest travesty since the concentration camp twin experiments—okay so may feel like a victim but check who has victimized you. Not women who call the delusion for what it is—who’d da pay? Who are you calling community?

  17. Did anyone see this? It is heartbreaking–the comments from TG–to use a child like this is so wrong. A lesson in manipulation.

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