Author Christine Benvenuto speaks out on censorship and intimidation of feminists who express opinions about men who “change sex”. She writes: “Where is the voice of feminism in this? According to Madeleine Albright, “There is a special place is hell for women who don’t help other women.” Will feminists call that place home?”
Read more about the harassment and censorship of memoirist Christine Benvenuto HERE:

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    1. THANK YOU for speaking out sister.
      Trans columnist Jillian Page’s now redacted Montreal Gazzette article:
      “On Feeling Dirty and Cleansing Ourselves
      January 16, 2013. 6:39 pm • Section: Turning the Page 113
      Posted by:
      Jillian Page
      I have to say that the whole controversy surrounding the anti-trans column by Julie Burchill has left me feeling tired and dirty. I guess I’ve read far too much about it all, and need to heed the advice I gave to all my trans readers: walk away from it all, and don’t take the filthy bait. Which is what I intend to do, though I will report on any significant news developments.
      I made this decision after I found myself considering whether I should stoop down to Julie’s level, and say things I wouldn’t really mean, like that her whole column was the rantings of an angry, cranky woman going through menopoause, and the mental pause that can come with it. According to many of the writers who have shown support for her controversial column, it would be OK for me to make comments like that about her and about all the other cranky 50something feminist types who resent seeing, and are jealous of, same-age trans people who look far more youthful and sexy and desirable than they do . . . Cheap shots, yes? Relax, I don’t mean them.
      I also thought that maybe the joke was on us, that maybe Julie was only trying to show just how cranky a woman facing “the menopause” can be, i.e. witness the last paragraph of her article:
      “Shims, shemales, whatever you’re calling yourselves these days – don’t threaten or bully we lowly natural-born women, I warn you. We may not have as many lovely big swinging Phds as you, but we’ve experienced a lifetime of PMT and sexual harassment, and many of us are now staring HRT and the menopause straight in the face – and still not flinching. Trust me, you ain’t seen nothing yet. You really won’t like us when we’re angry.”
      I might have even suggested that Julie, and others like her, consider estrogen therapy to help ease the crap they are going through as they get old . . . and withered . . . and start (if they haven’t already) wetting the bed and wearing adult diapers . . .
      OK. Enough. I wouldn’t stoop to that level — but as I told a colleague today, it might be easy to go down that hateful yellow path.
      I need a “love” shower, and to be reminded that we are all One on this planet, that Julie and the other Julie and everyone else are our sisters and brothers, and that we have to care for them, no matter how angry and mean they are. We have to rise above the filth.
      I’ll go listen to a song by George Harrison now, called Love Comes to Everyone, and I’ll be clean again.
      There in your heart
      Something that’s never changing
      Always a part of
      Something that’s never aging
      That’s in your heart — George Harrison”

      1. “I wouldn’t stoop to that level” he says as he goes careening into filth.

  1. Thanks for bringing this piece to my attention. I am going to get Christine’s book.
    Women are being shut down on saying what bothers them about the trans movement. The “suffering” of a man who thinks he is a woman is being equated with those of real women. You’re simply not allowed to question the trans “narrative.” If you do, you can expect abuse.
    I earlier tweeted that people should argue Suzanne Moore’s points rather than personal attacks on her. Within minutes I was fending off various angry males (woman-identified and otherwise) revelling in shouting a real woman down. I had not even said I agreed with Moore or anything of the sort. They just descended on me for saying people should argue the points with her. Of course they can’t really argue the points without screaming “transphobia” so they resort to attacks and belittling.
    I am not “cis”. I in many ways reject the gender norms that society tries to impose on my sex. I don’t think it is possible to change sex. If someone wants to have plastic surgery then that is their choice and good luck to them, each to their own. But it doesn’t change the sex. Simply identifying as one even less so. It is NOT PERMITTED to express these opinions anymore except for a handful of sites like this. Thank you!!

  2. The hits keep right on coming:
    http: //www.genderratic DOT com/p/2534/feminism-is-a-mens-rights-issue-a-trans-woman-calls-out-feminist-indifference-to-trans-women-and-appeals-to-the-mrm/
    You know all those back-slapping I Need Feminism Because… posts? I Need Feminism to get off its well-fed, white, cis, ass and save some women’s lives! I need cis feminists to be activated with the same level of righteous anger in demanding that informed consent HRT clinics be built, into pressuring their local Planned Parenthood to announce today, that they are taking in trans patients on an on-demand basis tomorrow. I want the words, “transition should be as freely available as abortion,” to be on every cis feminist’s lips Right. Fucking. Now! Because we have waited for the last 40 years. 20 years for you to stop actively hating us… 10 years for you to acknowledge that we exist…
    and 10 years for your rhetorical support and a buck fifty to buy me a goddessdamned cup of coffee. You owe us and you owe your own stated principles better.

    Bwhahahahahaha! Transition as freely available as abortion? Don’t move to the Dakotas or the South, Val. What on earth makes you think we OWE you? What the fuck have you ever done for us, besides parasitically leeching off our movement and whining whenever we dare to talk about female concerns? Remember Julia Serano’s ennui during the Blunt Amendment fight? We do. You’ve got about as solid a case for reparations from us as you do from the International Brotherhood of Iron Workers. That’s how laughably fucking random your demand is. As trans women have already succeeded in erasing lesbian concerns from LGBT orgs, replacing the aggrieved female sex class with “gender identity” bilge, censoring discussion of female biology on feminist blogs and hounding women who disagree with you, where do you get the balls to tell feminists they owe you? You’re an entryist, a colonist.
    This reinforces a man’s comment I saw on Tumblr, in which he said that MRAs don’t even want to help other men; they just want to hurt women. Trans women like Keefe have nothing to offer MRAs but another front with which to attack women, since informed consent HRT in Planned Parenthood clinics does fuck all for men. Thank you, Keefe and Genderratic, for making your agenda so transparent. Idiots.
    That said, the MRAs are morons if they think an alliance with the thoroughly nutty Valerie Keefe is going to benefit them. I hereby give this partnership my unqualified support. *snerk* LOL forever at Keefe’s idea that the Men’s Rights Movement has the ability to “shame” feminists into doing anything. You’re sad, Val.

    1. Valerie Keefe is a tool. Jealous of real women — especially the real lesbians who won’t have anything to do with him — and as mean as a junkyard dog.

  3. You probably already saw this, Gallus, but I don’t see it mentioned on your site. The Transjacktivists want wordpress to censor you for telling the truth.

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