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  1. “In 2002, research carried out by Chung, De Vries, and Swaab, showed that the differences in the BSTc area in the hypothalmus observed between males and females, did not occur until adulthood – at the earliest 22 years of age. As the majority of Transexuals report that they feel as if they are in the wrong body before the age of 22, these feelings do not appear to be connected to the size of the BSTc area in the hypothalmus. The Transexuals studied were taking feminising hormones and this is the most likely cause of similar sizes of BSTc in females and MtoF transexuals. A recent study by Hulshoff Pol et al. (2006), demonstrated that hormones taken by MtoF Transexuals as part of their transitioning, decreased both the overall volume of the brain and the volume of the hypotalmus. In otherwords, it is hormones taken by adult MtoF Transexuals that cause them to have “a female brain”.
    From: http://biologicaltheoriestrans.wordpress.com/

  2. That was well done! Very clear and concise.
    I wish I could communicate those ideas with some of the feminists I know who just don’t seem to get it. These debates always devolve into how hateful I am, how much more important trans-suffering is, how prudish it is to not let them go pee. Not at all, none of the above. I don’t hate anyone, in fact I care which is why I think it’s cruel to perform unnecessary surgery and hormonal treatments. Trans-oppression is not more important then feminism, and it’s really an ironic argument to try and make. Women are taught to put every social issue before ourselves, especially men’s, and here we go again. Besides, if transwomen are really women, wouldn’t improving the lives of women and girls also benefit them? The answer is always no, we need to embrace transwomen because they suffer so much more than we do. It’s like the Cinderella story, after you have eliminated all (male) suffering in the world, then you will be free to focus on women.

  3. I think it’s ironic that so many “radscum” started out being very sympathetic to “trans women” — oftentimes for decades — before “trans women” themselves so viciously transgressed our boundaries, so abusively dismissed our concerns as women, that we were forced to see them for what they (as a group) actually are: entrenched male haters of women.
    As a person who was best friends with a couple of gay transvestites down the hall in college, as a person who TOOK A BEATING and ended up in the ER when doing her best to stop a gay-bashing in progress against a small, delicate gay man, as a person who firmly believes that people should be able to be themselves regardless of cultural norms — as long as they’re not actually hurting others — it took a lot of abuse to open my eyes to the abject hatred some (most?) “trans women” have for natal women.
    Now I recognize “trans feminism” for what it is: one more way for men to appropriate, re-direct and abuse women’s energy and power — towards their own ends, of course.
    The “trans” whacktivists I now encounter on-line (and the “trans woman” stalker I am dealing with in real life) are no different than the leftist men during the Vietnam War era who used to tell women that we HAD to fuck them — for the revolution — or else we were tools of the right-wing military-industrial complex — and we were ugly and frigid to boot if we said no.
    They are no different than the Black Power activists who used to tell white women during the ’70’s that if we didn’t fuck them RIGHT NOW we were racist tools of “the man” — no better than the KKK.
    They’re no different than the frat boys in college who told us that if we didn’t want to have sex with them then we were “ugly, fat dykes” who needed a man to give us a “good fucking” to remind us of our place.
    They’re no different than the man who responded to my inquiry for a job on a fishing boat (in Alaska) that the only position I was fit for was “bed wench”.
    Same sex, different day.
    We submit, we “put out”, we serve, we obey, or else we’re bad, ugly, disgusting, need to be “put in our place”, are stupid, are vile…blah blah blah.
    Dudes: it’s not like we haven’t heard it all before a thousand, thousand times.

  4. Hi… I am now in Argentina, they just passed this law. Would love you to write about it. Now it is legal for women to be men just cos they say so. Hailed as ‘unusually progressive’ but not at all surprising to radical feminists – Argentina only just made abortion legal for rape victims. And now they have the most ‘progressive’ trans law in the world.

    1. Probably because it’s REgressive but disguised as PROgressive. That’s what’s so damned frustrating to me about the trans belief system.

    2. Yes, we heard (unfortunately).
      Argentina seems to be more upfront about the lack of requirements, whereas the UK pretend they have more requirements (GRS is not a requirement, laydee wangs are a-ok).
      I have heard from a friend in the US, that the timeframe between start to official diagnosis/treatment was a mere two weeks in one case.
      So everywhere, is becoming “progressive” (< there are not scare quotes big enough for that).

  5. This is so good and explains so much of the problem with why women betray women on behalf of men claiming they are women. It’s a combination of misdirected sympathy and being in the female role of wanting to support and help others. An intrinsic part of that is valuing males more. The poor man, to lower himself and to give up so much privilege, to want to join us as a woman! But that is not the reality of what is happening at all. I can see the propaganda that leads to believing that men claiming female identity are failed men, not male enough, more vulnerable and therefore “womanly.” But many of these men have been extremely successful as “real men” for many years, doing everything a man is expected to do: Marrying women, being fathers, having male careers with all the privilege men get.
    As women, we do not focus our lives on sexuality, and especially male sexuality that is often based on porn, sado-masochism, and fantasies of raping women. We forget how many of these men are obsessed with Lesbians in a fetish. “Lesbian” porn for men seems to be the most common male porn, which encourages men to try to get sexual access to Lesbians in any way they can. For those who think that could not explain men going through surgery and hormones, most of these men do not have surgery now. And how many men now are playing with other forms of sexuality, which we don’t even think about, such as using asphyxiation for a sexual high, which some of them don’t survive. That, and so much other fetishizing has become mainstream sex for men.
    It’s like women are innocent in wanting to believe the best about men, feeling sorry for them, identifying with them when they say how oppressed they are, and wanting to help them. But it’s essential to remember how different men are. If you aren’t invested in wanting to set a different standard for men claiming our identity, it’s as clear as can be.
    I keep going back my own experience with this. I remember the first man I knew who decided he wanted to be a Lesbian. I was 18 and it was the Sixties and a couple of years before I found feminism of any kind or Lesbian feminists. I didn’t say “no” in horror until much later. I was relieved he had a different focus than just continually pushing me to be het with him. It didn’t change how I felt about him at all. He was repulsive whether identifying as male or female. He exuded adolescent maleness and prurience, and still does, decades later.
    We weren’t going to the same university any longer and he wasn’t in my life. He just continued being interested in chasing Lesbians and nothing about him seemed any more female, and certainly not Lesbian. I thought of him as a pathetic lonely man and wished him happiness. His not seeming as successfully male as other men somehow made his suddenly deciding as an adult that he was a Lesbian made sense only in the context that we could think a nerdy, insensitive, narcissistic, passive-agressive man was like a woman. He had never even thought of feeling like a girl or woman before meeting me. But because I was the first Lesbian he fixated on, I felt somehow responsible.
    Yet isn’t this so similar to how many woman are led/tricked into agreeing to obey men as a form of rape? It’s not the direct violent kind of rape — it’s men using guilt and pressure to get a woman to agree to something she does not want. I remember at 16 visiting a girl I had just met at school. She took me to a hippie house where a boy (who was best friends of the boy she was in love with) put his hand on her belly and looked pleadingly at her, so she laid down and let him fuck her. It was just cold and horrifying, and all about obeying this disgusting fucker. Afterwards, she said how her life would be ruined if she now got pregnant.
    Women supporting men in their fantasy and insistence of being women are doing a variation of the same thing — laying down for men in order to not hurt their feelings, and to not say dare to no to them — regardless of how this lie hurts them and other women and girls. It is so destructive and self-hating and female-hating. It’s like a mass participation in an Emperor’s New Clothes fantasy, with women thinking that it’s more trouble than it’s worth to say no.
    But these are not “failed” men. These are very successful men at getting what they want.
    And do not believe their lies of always feeling like they were girls from boyhood. Every one I know about lies about that. And so much else.

  6. I just wanted to say that I very much appreciate this post, it says various things that I have tried to say in various places but not been able to say so eloquently as this.
    I thank you for it. I think “it’s not just me!” but better yet, have a good reference now for how to express things properly.

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