RadFem 2012 : First Speakers Announced

Radfem 2012 is shaping up to be a groundbreaking conference for females organizing for female liberation. The first three speakers have been announced and are Gail Dines, Sheila Jeffreys, and Pragna Patel. From the RadFem 2012 website: 

Gail Dines is a long time radical feminist activist, and a founding member of Stop Porn Culture. She is a Professor in Sociology and Women’s Studies at Wheelock College, Boston, and her publications include Gender, Race and Class in Media (ed.) and Pornography: The production and consumption of inequality.  Her most recent book, Pornland: How porn has hijacked our sexuality, was published in 2010 by Beacon Press.  Gail lectures widely on the radical feminist critique of pornography, and organises regular conferences and trainings on radical feminist anti-pornography activism.
 Sheila Jeffreys is a lesbian feminist who has been an activist against violence against women and the sex industry since the early 1970s.  She is Professor in the School of Social and Political Sciences at the University of Melbourne, and her many books on the history and politics of sexuality include Anticlimax: A feminist perspective on the sexual revolution, Unpacking Queer Politics and The Industrial Vagina: The political economy of the global sex trade. Her most recent book is Man’s Dominion: The rise of religion and the eclipse of women’s rights, published in 2012 by Routledge.  She is the founding member of the Australian branch of the Coalition Against Trafficking in Women.
 Pragna Patel is a founding member of Southall Black Sisters and Women Against Fundamentalism.  Having left SBS in 1993 to train and practice as a solicitor, she returned in 2009 as Director.  She has been centrally involved in some of SBS’ most important campaigns around domestic violence, immigration and religious fundamentalism.  She has also written extensively on race, gender and religion.  Her many publications include essays in Black British Feminism: A Reader (ed. Heidi Mirza) and From Homebreakers to Jailbreakers (ed. Rahila Gupta) and Feminist Judgements from Theory to Practice (ed. Hunter, McGlynn and Rackley).
More speakers will be announced soon.
Anti-female activists are already organizing against the rights of females to hold a conference for females. Besides the usual conservative MRA types, some of the anti-female forces against this conference include transgender activists and pro-prostitution pro-trafficking activists who claim that females must be prevented from organizing and meeting together in female-only spaces.
Controversial anti-lesbian University of New Hampshire representative Joelle Ruby Ryan, the male transgender who recently forwarded the theories that “lesbian erasure” is code for “trans bashing” and that males are justified in wanting lesbians dead, has dedicated his entire twitter to the idea that even allowing females to meet and organize together is a form of “hate” against males. (The anti-gay University of New Hampshire rep previously supported a series of seminars called “Breaking Through The Cotton Ceiling” which were male-only sessions devoted to organizing around the “problem” of lesbians not wanting sex with males, and formulating reparative/coercive strategies against lesbians, who the males claimed were “discriminating” against males by not wanting sexual relations with them). Ryan has called for flooding the RadFem2012 website with anti-female spam emails.

The once popular F-Word blog (the “word-too-shameful-to-be-named” is purportedly “Feminist”) has openly declared that female activism “oppresses us all” by excluding males, and suggests that its readers boycott the event.
Commenters on Democratic Underground offer that females organizing around female concerns are “sickening”, “disgusting”, to do so is anti-male “bigotry”.
The twitter hashtag #RadFem2012 is chock full of comments expressing alarm that female liberationists are meeting to discuss female concerns. “I’m kinda surprised #RadFem2012 allow *any* kids or mums, considering that’s all a tad difficult without a bloke being involved somewhere.” Says one. “Smash RadFem2012” says another. One suggests organizing a UK version of Camp Trans, which is a group of anti-lesbian and anti-female activists that conducts harassment, vandalism and terrorism against the lesbian and female-only US Michfest Women’s Music Festival.
And all this within hours of the first three speakers being announced. Clearly even one group of females organizing for female liberation is so threatening to males and handmaidens of the patriarchy that they would like to “smash” and otherwise prevent such a meeting by any means necessary. Anti-female activists have started letter-writing campaigns against the venue holding the event- again WITHIN HOURS of the first speaker announcements.
The rights of lesbians and females –even the basic human right to meet and congregate– are UNDER SEIGE by conservatives, religionists, genderists, anti-gay activists, pimps and pro-trafficking forces, and now even some of those that call themselves liberal or “fun feminists”. Make no mistake. The outlawing of female gatherings and political organizing is NOT a “third world” concern. The very right of females to meet and gather in lesbian or female spaces is under siege by anti-lesbian and anti-female forces.
I urge every female, every lesbian, and every male who supports the rights of females to lend this conference your attention, your attendance, or your financial contribution as appropriate.
From the RadFem2012 website “Why RadFem 2012”:
“RadFem 2012 has developed from the passionate conviction that a UK-based radical feminist conference is badly needed and long overdue.
‘Radical feminism creates an original political and social theory of women’s oppression, and strategies for ending that oppression which come from women’s lived experiences.’ (Rowland and Klein, 1996).
RadFem 2012 puts women, and women’s lived experiences, at its centre.  The event takes place in the context of epidemic levels of male violence against women, the ongoing expansion of pornography and the sex industry, cultural misogyny as an everyday reality and the devastating effects of neoliberal economic policies and environmental destruction on women across the globe.
It takes place in a historical moment where structural analyses of oppression have been marginalised, and where those who are oppressed are blamed for their own oppression.  At a time when a powerful sex industry lobby has adopted the language of feminism in order to try to persuade us that the sexual objectification of women is a route to ‘empowerment’ and that women’s involvement in pornography or prostitution is simply a matter of individual choice.
Radical feminism is a revolutionary politics for the liberation of all women from male domination.  Radical feminists neither seek ‘equality’ with men within a fundamentally oppressive system, nor simply to extend women’s range of choices whilst leaving that oppressive system intact.  Radical feminists are engaged in the struggle to end all forms of male violence, and for the liberation of all women from patriarchal oppression.  In short, we are engaged in a struggle for total social transformation.  In Catherine Mackinnon’s phrase, radical feminism is ‘feminism unmodified’.
RadFem 2012 aims to provide a space to discuss and develop radical feminist theory and action, rooted in the realities of women’s lives.  We take the necessity of women’s autonomous organising as a given.  In doing so, we recognise the additional oppressions faced by many women, and are committed to building an explicitly anti-racist and anti-oppressive movement that is inclusive and supportive of all women, across differences of race, ethnicity, nationality, class, disability, sexuality, age and caring responsibilities. We celebrate the power of women uniting and organising collectively.
Many of us involved in radical feminist organising feel isolated, even within the wider feminist movement.  In our experience, the need for an autonomous women’s movement and the value of women-only organising are seldom recognised.  Women-only spaces are either rare, non-existent or under siege.  Radical feminism is often misrepresented and maligned. The trend towards post-modernism and queer theory have marginalised feminist critiques of patriarchy, and rendered lesbian feminism all but invisible.
RadFem 2012 aims to provide a space where women can connect to reflect, learn, plan and take action.”

0 thoughts on “RadFem 2012 : First Speakers Announced

    1. I wouldn’t hold your breath. These people ARE male supremacists. If they weren’t, they would support females meeting and organizing for female concerns. Instead, they protest females doing such. They want to destroy the rights of females to meet, speak, and organize.

      1. That really should have been the one to wake up the LGB as to why the T shouldn’t be there. Tranzjacktivists undermine any non-tranz, even their supposed allies.

  1. Wish this event was in NY; I’d certainly show up to support.
    When I think of L G B T I think of the old Sesame Street thing: ‘One of these things is not like the others, one of these things just doesn’t belong…’

    1. Exactly! I’ve been saying that for years now. Lesbian, gay and bi are minority sexual orientations. “Trans” is an unhealthy obsession with reinforcing sexist sex-role stereotypes.

  2. First of all, that’s an incredible line-up. If I didn’t have plans already I would definitely book a flight to the UK to see those speakers.
    And what interesting bedfellows teh trans have got eh: right-wing conservatives, pimps, MRAs, all of them united by their hatred of women.
    I shall make a donation to the event.

  3. ““I’m kinda surprised #RadFem2012 allow *any* kids or mums, considering that’s all a tad difficult without a bloke being involved somewhere.” ”
    That’s the interesting thing, you see. Your average het bloke doesn’t have a problem with all-female meetings. Your average het bloke, (although he benefits greatly from male privilege, and indeed the system of patriarchy itself) has got a life, perhaps a hobby or two, and he doesn’t give a shit what women do in their spare time.
    It’s the f*cking MRAs, the tranz (and their handmaidens), the religionists, and the pimps who don’t want women to meet up.
    [And let’s not forget the fact that making babies doesn’t actually require a man at all. All you need is his sperm, and he doesn’t even need to “stick it in”; sperm travel up there all by themselves. A man could be killed by a bus the very evening that a woman conceives and it wouldn’t make a jot of difference to whether or not the child wa delivered safely or not. Ultimately, 98% or so of men are redundant to the species. And they know it.]

    1. Indeed! And as a woman married to a man, I am fine with attending any all-women gatherings BY MYSELF, and he is fine with that and of course expecting it because he’s not a member!
      Amazingly enough, men can support women’s struggles for women’s rights while not insisting on being included as members or wanting to go to every gathering. If they are to speak up, they will speak up to fellow men about why they should also support women and women’s equality. They will say what can we do to make it possible for you to meet up.
      Why this confuses so many people is absolutely beyond me.
      “Ally” does not mean “full member who should get to speak all the time.”

      1. @smash – yep, and the ones that are like that, have no business trying to claim they’re supportive of women’s rights or feminism.
        Speaking of which, it seems to me that so much of the trans complaining “but we’re being excluded!” is coming from a fundamental assumption that all spaces should be open to them, just naturally, that there should be no places they don’t feel an inherent right to be. THAT, if anything, is where they fail to “pass” – as I’ve said on other threads too, people raised as girls generally don’t think that way. We are used to being excluded from places.

      2. @smash – And I suppose I should add too, my main point to comment that way is just to say, if they want to try to claim this conference is man-hating enough to be excluding heterosexual women, as it seems their aim is, because “well hey, it hates on the menz so any women who are having families with menz are excluded and so you exclude the majority of women in society and so hahaha!” or whatever it is they’re after, they’re missing the boat big time.
        I don’t feel excluded by any language I’ve read about that conference so far.
        Feminism has always had mothers in it, women involved with men in it. Amazingly enough, women know how to attend meetings in solidarity with other women about that issue on their OWN. Because, y’know, we retain our personhood and individuality and all that even IF we get married. Which is kinda half the point of feminism. But, I don’t expect them to get it. They want to drive some sort of wedge and try to isolate lesbians and get heterosexual women to join them in saying the evil horrible lesbian meanies are hating. Eff that.

      3. not only do I agree with everything you’ve said here, but I would also add, that as a woman also married to a man, I am 100% in support of lesbians to create lesbian-only space.
        Sure, in the spirit of complete honesty and transparency, when I encounter a space like that, sometimes I get that little pang of sadness or feeling left out, but I completely understand that my feelings are irrelevant to their right to gather as lesbians only, and you can bet that I will support and defend that right however I can.
        So to me this just demonstrates so clearly how these MtT’s are NOT women. Because women just simply DON’T demand access to every single freaking group they’re not invited to, crying about “hate crimes” and literally and figuratively swinging their fists.

  4. Trans activists are against our right to freedom of association which makes them anti-human rights. I do not see how we are supposed to be the villains here.
    I also want to add that Joelle Ruby Ryan is a disgrace for the whole institution of academia. I pity everyone who is subjected to his lectures which are undoubtedly nothing more than opportunities for propaganda. His code of conduct which consists of wishing death upon fellow academics and publishing snippets of students’ essays on a public Facebook thread doesn’t paint a picture that is much rosier. It is safe to say he wouldn’t be where he is now if he wasn’t trans. Call me a Republican but it’s still true.

    1. There’s nothing Republican about that. Ryan’s ass should’ve been canned a long time ago. Well fuck, he never should’ve been hired. He’s a laughingstock, and lacks even the slightest credibility.

  5. The transwhacktivists forget that their rights stop at the precise moment that they begin to infringe upon MY rights to free association in a manner I believe in.
    As I commented elsewhere last night on the subject of ‘bullying’, it is horribly ironic that they whine about their ‘rights’ being cast aside at the very same time that they essentially have proclaimed that we lack the right to choose who we want to be around and that they have the ‘right’ to shoehorn themselves into our self-selected space. Private spaces are NOT subject to any sort of legislated inclusivity and the sooner they grasp that very simple reality, the better off we will all be…but sadly that will take a while since men have rarely been good at taking NO for an answer.

  6. I love how they allow themselves to call themselves anything they wish, but throw tantrums of epic proportions when we dare use the phrase “woman born woman.” Just for that reason alone, I’ll use that term forever and ever, and as often as possible. I’ll call myself whatever the fuck I wish, assholes. (Insert a Nelson Muntz “ha ha!” here!)
    Their arrogance is staggering. So is their capacity for evil and misogyny. Once again: the more they pull this kind of abusive shit, the more it’s going to come back and bite them in the ass. Patience, sisters.

    1. It’s because that phrase reminds them that they can’t change the past – they can’t be born and raised as girls (unless with the slight of hand saying “my brain was female from birth so I too was born a ‘girl’ and my penis is owned by me so it was ‘female genitalia’ so I too was born a ‘girl'” and they know no one is thinking that when they say “woman born woman”).
      If it’s just about transgressing “gender” boundaries, no one really minds all that much (well, excluding homophobes and certain odious “traditionalists”). Plenty of people are fine with “third-gender” and whatever else too. Because people who are openly transgressing or claiming “third-gender” and whatever aren’t trying to say that they were born and raised as “girls” and have been oppressed on that basis.
      That’s the thing with so much of the new “identity politics” – they go on and on about how it’s all about their own personal “identity” and whatever they claim, but it really isn’t, because they always require OTHER people to validate that identity. The treatment we get in society is always based on external judgements, and oppression happens on that basis. NOT on any “internal identity.” If you have to explain at length how you fit into some certain group or no one would ever know, you’re not being oppressed on the basis of being a member of that group.
      But if you’re trying to claim an oppressed identity, be it “woman,” racial minorities, disabled, whatever it is, that rankles.

  7. Wohooo! You are so great!! God I love how you resist all the trans and queer insanity!! Even when haters try to oppress you- you don’t give up! To bad I don’t live in the US. It really baffles me that the trans don’t even grand you the basics of human rights and bash you like a paranoid mob. Yes they are paranoid and totally deluded. More power to you!

  8. I have to say that I’m very happy about this conference, but I am nauseated at the backlash. I can’t say I’m surprised, just…horrified.
    People are so porn-sick and empty-headed these days, even young women who call themselves “feminist”.
    It’s so appalling that supposedly progressive, “feminist” women will fawn over some 6′ “trans woman” dude in a bikini joining a beauty pageant as “progress” and then viciously protest the “oppressiveness” of real women getting together in a conference room to discuss the critically important issues impacting us without males present. How dare we? How dare we NOT?!?
    How brainwashed they are. How shallow their analysis. How disappointed I am in them. It’s like finding out your own child has been stealing or bullying.
    It makes me ill — so much so that I have to take long breaks where I just don’t think about it or I swear my heart would just…shatter into a million pieces.

  9. I notice proud conference opponent, trans activist Joelle Ruby Ryan, saying this: ‘Name an issue that cis women face, and you can be certain that trans women also face it, except that often sexist oppression is compounded exponentially when you add trans-misogyny into the mix.’
    Going by the commonly-used meaning of ‘trans women’, I wouldn’t expect any of them to have been born assuming they had functioning female repro parts, and fearing pregnancy and a possible near-lifetime of childcare (and grandchild-care) as a result. And with rape holding specific relevant fears because of this. And/or needing to access inaffordable and possibly illegal and dangerous abortion. And finding contraception expensive, unreliable and unhealthy.
    Sure sounds like anti-female one-upmanship: “we have all the oppression you have, plus moar”!

    1. EXACTLY.
      And this dovetails so well with the modern “sex-positive” feminism, because trans women, being raised as boys and without that fear of pregnancy and the CONSTANT propaganda about how if you’re raped you’re worthless and it will be all over for you, are often able to be far more “sex positive” and “pro-porn” and whatever else and so in some ways (on those “sex-positive” axis) are “doing it better” than actual women born women.
      They’re more assertive, no hangups, got a better education, all of it, because they were raised AS BOYS.

  10. Ahhh, this blog is a balm to me. It really is. Once again, thank you Gallus.
    I just don’t get what they’re so afraid of, having women born women meeting together. They have their own support groups, and so do a gazillion other kinds of groups. But they see fit to deny us our own. That alone makes them highly suspect. I’m also always amused to see their armchair lawyers come out, proclaiming with such certainty that this event is ILLEGAL!!11! Because it DISCRIMINATES!!! Against THEM!! (This is said with the kind of certainty that men use without even thinking, even when they have absolutely NO idea what the fuck they’re talking about.) Except, no. Not illegal in any way, shape, or form. Ha ha!
    Rose, I too often have to step away from it. I get so angry, you wouldn’t believe the thoughts I have, the insults I want to hurl. But I’m always assuaged by knowing that most lesbians and straight women I know do NOT consider transwomen the exact same as women born women. Neither does the vast majority of the population, I’d wager. Plus, my lesbian friends and I have get togethers all the time, sans the trannies. It’s a free country, and we can associate with whomever we wish. It’s the sweetest revenge. Ha ha!

    1. A HATE CRIME???!! Are you fucking kidding me?! Gee, and we wonder why straight people don’t take those seriously. A hate crime. For fuck’s sake. What a bunch of spoiled, twisted, psychotic, self-infatuated drama kings.

  11. Oh my fucking GOD. If they hate us this much, why do they even want to be around us in the first place? Isn’t the sensible thing to do, when there’s someone you don’t like, to avoid contact with them? We really must be seen as completely non-sovereign entities to them…they really want us to think that we aren’t allowed to do sweet fuck all without their permission. It’s all about control and hurting us as much as they can get away with.
    My comments seem to get stuck in moderation a lot….?
    [I approve comments as frequently as I possibly can. Sorry for any inconvenience. -GM]

      1. It’s your spelling.
        Haha. No, no hon. Just kidding. Of course not. Everyone is subjected to the same shitty moderation. Unfortunately the blog is modded. Because = reasons. *sigh

    1. yes, that is it. Women are *derivatives* of men. It is impossible, that we could ever be allowed to plan an event without deferring to them first. They are completely fucking mentally ill.

  12. I live in the UK and I am going to attend this London conference in July. I sincerely hope the male-to-trans harassers will stay the fuck away from us…

  13. I’ve just had this tweeted into my timeline:
    There are other tweets which talk about targeting this conference angrily/aggressively. I don’t like the level of aggression and abuse relating to this issue which always surfaces online. I like the prospect of it being potentially played out in real life even less.
    As a radical feminist who is completely isolated from other radical feminists this conference is/was my lifeline.
    Instead, I am faced with a vision of angry/perhaps violent (I don’t wish to be “glitter bombed” thanks very much, I am a survivor of violence of varying kinds) people (and that men will be at the forefront of any potential confrontations we can guarantee) greeting me if I arrive.
    I am sure the irony of threatening to behave aggressively/threateningly or violently towards women, most of whom are likely to be survivors, because they seek to discuss sensitive, difficult issues in a women-only space cannot be lost.
    What is frustrating is that the radical feminist position is simply not understood. And you can see that in the tweet responses “I don’t understand why…” Exactly. You don’t understand why. And, yet, you’d happily participate, or support the participation of, harmful/frightening behaviour? How about going out and being active against patriarchy instead? Or is that too far off your agenda and you’d rather target women who need safe spaces?

    1. Can you legally purchase pepper spray in that jurisdiction? Maybe having some clipped to your belt will make you feel a wee bit more safe? I am also the survivor of multiple sexual and physical assaults over the years. I hate the very idea of meeting up with one of these violent, crazy types when trying to meet with other women.
      Of course, these types thrive on frightening women and distressing women because they hate us and are eaten up inside with jealousy because we have what they desperately want but can never, ever have — the object of their lifelong obsession — natural womanhood.
      This is of course fundamental to their utter inability to show compassion and empathy to real women — they think being a woman is some kind of treat, whereas we understand through a lifetime of oppression that it’s not all pink cupcakes, fairy dust and soaking up sexual admiration from our ardent fans.

  14. And you can bet that we’ll hear nothing but crickets about the threats of violence from the major “feminist” and funfem blogs, up to and including I Blame the Patriarchy.

  15. This is what trans has always been about. All their politics, all their organising, centres around preventing women from experiencing real women-only spaces, and women-only politics. Ten years ago trans politics barely existed, but since then they have managed to create for themselves a whole new brand of oppression, found themselves armies of supporters, who think they are being cool and tolerant by supporting men in dresses, and have created an oppressor – women who speak the truth and say that men can’t become women.
    They have managed to create a situation where women who want to be amongst our own, and maintain boundaries which keep men out are called bigots and oppressors, and our own spaces, virtual or real, are under attack.
    Trans is about stopping women from organising any politics that might directly challenge or threaten to destroy the patriarchy. They’re not going to stop, but what they don’t realise is neither will we.

    1. Fighting talk, delphyne, and I agree. Prancing about in their flowery dresses and their lipstick, tranz have *no* *idea* what they’re dealing with. They have no idea that for the majority of radfems have reached a point where they’ve got *nothing* *left* *to* *lose*, because the patriarchy has taken it all from them already.
      They don’t realise that the existence of radical feminism has saved the lives of many women with its sane and reassuring validation of their world.
      These men haven’t got a clue what women are about. If knowledge is power, these men don’t stand a chance.

  16. I’m a Women’s Studies graduate, lesbian and fierce feminist. When hearing the term, “radfem”, I would initially think this would describe me. But seeing the vitriolic posts here in response to criticism of RadFem’s women-born-women policy? I am horrified.
    Reading comments that the trans communities “created” their oppression? Not using the correct pronouns? I am so shocked at the blatant disrespect and lack of compassion and awareness. What year is it!? You’d think -as women – we would all intimately know a variety of oppressions regarding our sex, gender, race, sexual orientation, etc. But to direct the same kind of hate at others?
    I happily place myself in solidarity with the trans community – and am sorely disappointed that a feminist gathering revels in its choice to segregate in a manner that makes me feel like we’re back in the 1970s, being referred to as the “Lavender Menace” for wanting lesbians to be a full and equal part of feminist organizing.

    1. When hearing the TERM radfem you would INITIALLY think this would describe you. But a blog post on the internet has disabused you of that notion. And you are a Women’s Studies graduate.
      If you are a women’s studies graduate why don’t you know what radical feminism is? Why do you reduce radical feminism to a “term you heard”. Don’t you think you have an ethical, intellectual responsibility to know the meaning of “terms” that you think you might like to adopt to describe yourself? Doesn’t a Women’s Studies graduate require AT MINIMUM a basic understanding of the history of the Women’s Liberation Movement and the various approaches to female liberatory theory and practice? How do you define “fierce feminist” if that “term” means knowing NOTHING about various strains of pro-female activism that your sisters are engaged in at this very moment in time, and for generation upon generation of feminist lives that have led to this very moment in time?
      This blog is written for a general audience of readers who are interested in gender trends. My readers are radical feminists, genderists, gender agnostics, and a diverse audience of readers who share an interest in gender and gender trends for various reasons. In order to discuss gender (a constellation of social traditions based on clusters of stereotypes, customs, and social roles assigned to humans based on their reproductive sex with the function of promoting male dominance and female subordination) accurately on this blog we use pronouns according to SEX, not gender. This lends our discussions accuracy when discussing the male-supremacist tradition of reproductive sex stereotyping called gender.
      Quite a few Radical Feminists, outside of GenderTrender’s specific blog policy, use opposite sex pronouns for individuals who are devoted to portraying themselves as the opposite reproductive sex. Out of politeness to genderist beliefs, or to avoid upsetting people who become very upset when their cross-sex persona is not validated or “played along” with. Or because they think reproductive sex specific designations like “he” “she” “man” “woman” are in themselves sex-stereotyping descriptors of gender and not sex.
      You would know this about Radical Feminists if your information gathering (and education) consisted of more than a single blog post on a single blog on the internet.
      There isn’t a radical feminist on the planet that gives a SHIT what genderists do beyond the ways gender politics negatively impact the lives of females.
      The larger point of your comment beyond your utter disregard for understanding the very ideas of the sisters you take time out of your busy evening to broad-handedly sanction, shun, and silence, is your proposal that under no circumstance is it appropriate for reproductively female humans to meet or congregate based on that shared human experience.
      Do you support the right of females who have personally birthed children to meet together on the basis of that shared experience? Or is that hateful to males and non-childbearing females? Do you support the right of females who have menstruated to have closed discussions based on that experience? Do you support the right of males who have been sexually abused as boys by clergy to meet together and discuss that experience? Do you support the rights of homosexuals (individuals that are sexually and romantically oriented to those of the same reproductive sex) to gather meet and organize?
      Do you support the rights of lesbians and gays who have been pressured to “transition” due to gender-nonconformity to meet and organize around those experiences? Do you support the rights of lesbians (reproductively female persons oriented sexually and romantically to partners of the same reproductive sex) to hold meetings and conferences? Or are lesbians “hateful” against males or heterosexuals for doing so?
      Do you support the rights of women in heterosexual relationships to meet and discuss issues specific to female experiences in cross-sex pairings? Do you support the rights of women who were raised and groomed as girls in a specific way to meet and organize around the way those experiences affected them? Oh wait, no, you are against THAT. You make an exception for THAT. You might want to look inside and ask yourself why.
      Or don’t. I don’t really give a shit because you have already proven to me that you prioritize the concerns of others against a particular group: FEMALES! to meet, congregate, discuss and organize around our experiences.
      Radical Feminism: Females organized for FEMALE concerns.

    2. I’m a Women’s Studies graduate, lesbian and fierce feminist. When hearing the term, “radfem”, I would initially think this would describe me. But seeing the vitriolic posts here in response to criticism of RadFem’s women-born-women policy? I am horrified.
      I have to echo what GallusMag said about the Women’s Studies graduate thing – where the hell did you obtain this qualification – off the back of a cornflake packet? Or did they just teach you rubbish like ‘sexism hurts menz toooo’?
      The technique that Sarah F is using is one that is becoming more common as an attack on radical feminism, it is a passive aggressive threat – “I largely agree with RF but if you don’t conform to what I want, I withdraw MY support of RF”.
      We don’t negotiate with terrorists, gender terrorists or even passive-aggressive libfems. We will not be bullied into watering down RF to make it more palatable to you or anyone else. If you don’t like the radfem analysis on all things, then you are not a radical feminist – simple. Stop this bullshit of trying to redefine radical feminism to suit your inexperienced viewpoint, you are in my eyes, just a kid. Sure, you may have hit 20-something, but your limited worldview and life experience makes you an adult-in-training, not an adult who has been an adult for decades. The libfem calls for the ‘radfem dinosaurs to die out’ is also offensive and ageist. Having said that, we do have radfems that span from 20s-70s, which is more than the predominently 20-something libfems can claim.

      1. But RadFem “sounds kooool” = “I wannnt”. lol.
        Oh well, some people aren’t driven to contemplate or critically evaluate the “core beliefs” they claim to espouse. Like christians who have never read the bible (most of them).
        The reason so many young women are becoming radical feminists is because radfem is female liberationist without the lies. without equivocation. without bullshit.

    3. She’s horrified! HORRIFIED, I tell you! *puke*
      Exactly how the fuck old are you, Sarah? Go live a little, and THEN get back to me. Sound condescending? Too goddamn bad. I’ve run out of patience with your self-righteousness.
      I can tell by your snide 1970s comment that you’ve bought hook, line, and sinker into the ignorant funfem belief that the feminists of the ’60s and ’70s were BAD!! BAD feminists!! because they didn’t welcome lesbians (at first) and transwomen. (Let me point out that I wasn’t born until the late ’60s, and so was a child through the ’70s. I’m also a lesbian.) However, I know that the work the women of that era did has made both my and your lives so much easier. The common courtesies and respect that you obviously take for granted from male co-workers, doctors, police, etc.? Every. fucking. bit. was fought for by these women and those who came before them, both in the courts and in everyday personal and business situations. You think it’s bad now? Fuck, you should’ve seen it then. But instead of appreciating and understanding the time that those women were in (and came from), you choose instead to shit all over them because they were understandably wary of possible wolves in sheeps’ clothing, e.g., transwomen. For a Womens’ Studies graduate, you sure need some educatin’. Who was your professor, “Joelle Ruby Ryan”?!
      To be clear: I believe in respecting transwomen as fellow human travellers in this life. I do not wish to see them harmed. The transwomen we discuss on this site, however, hold no such obligations toward women born women. (They’ve even attempted to turn that into a negative phrase.) This is why we speak with anger. If they don’t get exactly everything they want, WHEN they want it, hissy fits are thrown, as are wishes for the death and mutilation of the women born women who dared say no. Where’s your horror at that, Sarah?
      I feel there is a place for transwomen in feminism. I think they should be allowed to meet to discuss their unique difficulties. I don’t think every feminist event should exclude transwomen. I also think that as a woman born woman, raised female, and living female, I should be allowed to meet with others of my experience to discuss our shared baggage and difficulties without it being labeled a “hate crime.” But not according to so many transwomen! They attempt to obliterate women born women’s shared experiences by proclaiming that no such shared experiences even exist. Think I’m exaggerating? Then again: get yourself educated with what’s really going on.
      Your points may have had merit with me if every feminist event excluded transwomen who wanted to participate, but that is hardly the case. So have at it, Sarah. Go enjoy your shower at the gym with a stranger with a dick next to you. Because that’s one thing that many transwomen think is something worth fighting for. Gee, hope you haven’t ever been the victim of any sexual abuse or assault! ‘Cause that could be, y’know, upsetting! Or even upsetting without those experiences, just based on what you know about perverts and womens’ restrooms! But just be ready for the “blatant disrespect and lack of compassion and awareness” you’ll get from the transwomen if you dare complain. They may even accuse you of a hate crime. Enjoy!

    4. Why is “not using the correct pronouns” such an issue? If I don’t consider someone a woman, I don’t refer to that person as she or her. Why do trans and trans supporters think they have the right to berate me and other women for not accepting their beliefs on this?
      It’s akin to expecting atheist students to pray in a publicly funded school. We are not followers of the transgender religion and we do not wish to have our words and actions dictated by its leaders.

  17. Thanks Gallus for your May 19 long post, and your excellent asking of questions: al the groups having a right to meet and discuss the topic or life that unites them and defines experiences. Mothers wanting to meet with mothers, women who had abortions wanting to meet and organize.
    And you are very clear in defining radical feminism, and the threats against this. Women’s Studies…. a women’s studies grad who does not know how to think clearly and critically.
    So why do born women not have the right to meet privately outside the confines of male worlds? What is so threatening about women saying NO to men, to trans? Why is every group on earth allowed to organize around that group’s oppression except radfems?
    Why is it so hard to believe that within feminist discourse, there are different schools, different ideas of how women can become free? Men have all kinds of dogmas and theories that they can freely organize around. No one yells at Marxist men for wanting to meet to organize against capitalism? No one would dare argue that black people might want a movement where whites aren’t supposed to be there.
    No one objects to this. So what is it about radical feminism that so causes every group to think it can dicate its terms to us? Read and think women’s studies grad, really really think. Radical feminism doesn’t negotiate its core principles, and it will be tough, because it wants women to be free.
    We have had enough of the vapid idea that just because women do something it is feminist. No, radical feminism is about freeing the world from male domination, it is about freeing the planet from the sex class that is destroying it. And no, we aren’t liberals.

  18. Sarah F, why don’t born women have the right to organize? Why would born women not want to free ourselves from oppression, and also to be together to really raise consciousness? Why is it wrong for women to argue for their own personal safety? Why would you say trans should be “welcome” everywhere? And how do you know the rapist isn’t coming into the shower room?
    Why do you know so little about the philosophy of radical feminism? What have you read in that branch of feminism? How is our battle for freedom dated? Do you think all women are free yet? Do you think that liberal fun fem attitudes are going to end rape, stop men beating wives, take care of poor women? Do you actually believe biological men who go through surgery are women? That you would believe them over actual born women?
    What is so threatening about lesbians meeting on our own? Why does a lesbian group have to be forced to have a trans with a penis in its group? What about the needs of lesbians just coming out?
    What about them? They don’t count right? The man in the dress with the penis is allowed into lesbian drop in groups, they now lead lesbian drop in groups, so what about the lesbians? Don’t you think young lesbians just coming out might want to discuss THEIR lives without males present to police and undermine the discussion? Just how are male to trans at all like lesbians? And given that men rape and sexually objectify women, wouldn’t you want women to create spaces free of that?
    Why are you so ignorant of radical feminism?

  19. Sarah F, what do you think about trans death threats against women expressing radical feminism online? What do you think about trans who carry long spears around the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival? What do you think about child rapists being allowed in women’s rooms?
    What do you think about men who threaten women with death? Are you aware that almost all radical feminist get death threats from trans and born men?
    Don’t women come first? Do oppressed people have a right to organize around their oppression? Do you believe that women have a commonality, and that this counts above all?
    Why is it bigotry to ban rapists and child molesters from women’s spaces?
    Do you know anything at all about this?
    Why are you so out of it? Radical feminism is tough, we all have to step up and learn. It is about our collective desire to break free of patriarchal indoctrination… both them men out in the world, and our slave-selves that have that oppressor voice within us. Just like internalized homophobia which destroys our youth, women, the group attacked worldwide needs more space, more time for sisters to be together. Men will always do dumb things, they have the money and the power to invade all groups really. Men hate the word NO. A man wearing a dress has a right to go anywhere right?
    Well no. All groups have exclusionary policies, some necessary some discriminatory. Not one radfem here argues that trans should not have job protections or housing protections. However, they do not have the right to threaten born women, or to demand they be allowed onto our private land. They have no right to move into your house and occupy it.
    Women own so little land to begin with, and what little we have, they want!!

  20. Yeah, it is odd that the lesbians who fought for rights in the 70s get attacked all the time. If seems impossible for the fun fems and women’s studies grads to every imagine what the feminist movement of that time actually accomplished. Women like me fought for the right to not have to wear dresses in junior high and high school, we fought for the right of all girls to take shop classes in high school when they were all male classes before we raised a fuss.
    Let’s see, we created rape crisis centers in places where they never existed before, we created the whole radical lesbian feminist movement from the ground, we fought to even get the women’s studies departments set up in the first place.
    We created Michigan Womyns’s Music Festival, little things like that. Alix Dobkin pioneered in women’s music, as did Margie Adam, paving the way for Melissa, among others.
    Everything we know about the rights lesbians enjoy today was because of Bev Jo’s generation and my generation. And yet, you’d rather allow trans to invade our conferences that are so pathetically few and far between, or you’ll side with the men who attack this website and make death threats against women. You think that that is not worth talking about, and yet you know nothing at all.
    I find this odd in a women’s studies graduate; you should have flunked out of school, because the ignorance of what women accomplished in the last 40 years is shameful at best and horrifying a-herstorical at worst. I guess the next generation of lesbians can’t imagine what their lives would have been like back then, and I’m not sure you would have even been able to cut it as an activist had you been born in 1948 or 1933. Nope, you would have married a man, or you might have been killed, you would have stayed a closeted cowardly person, but hey, you’ll defend the trans right to enter a women’s shower, or hang out in a locker room, even though the trans has a penis, and has a police record of raping girls. You’d rather allow that wouldn’t you!

  21. Someone managed to get my Twitter account suspended. I wrote to the mods asking them why. We’ll see if the trans borg are successful in silencing another feminist woman on-line. I guess freedom of speech today is only for people who scream: “DIE CIS SCUM – DIE IN A FIRE” at women, eh?
    This world has become so porn-sick and repulsive to me. I have so little hope anymore. How did we get here? Where a twice-convicted rapist of young girls has a “right” to enter the women’s room — defended by gay groups and “feminists” — but I don’t have a right to speak out for actual women’s rights? Where a man in drag is applauded as “progressive” and women fighting rape are “oppressive”?
    Oh well, the backlash against women has been ever thus — or worse. At least no one has me tied to a bier like our sisters during the burning times, or locked in prison as during the early suffrage movement. I just hoped that this generation would be a little bit more savvy, a little more wise. Brainwashed on porn, tee-vee and brain-pablum, most of them.
    Their analysis is about 1/16th of an inch deep.

  22. Thank you so much for this post, Gallus Mag. Every post you do is so important for all females.
    After all these years, who would even think that this conference would be threatened except by the most right wing female-hating male supremacists? I guess that reveals exactly who the trans cult is. And it’s important for all women, and especially the trans cult supporters, to see this and not be fooled into believing that men who appropriate women’s and Lesbians’ identity are more oppressed than women or Lesbians, and are in fact female-hating male supremacists.
    Sarah is not a “fierce feminist” or even liberal feminist. Understanding female oppression is basic feminism. Supporting men against women is anti-feminist.
    Feminists wanting and needing to meet separately from our oppressors is basic to survival, individually and as a movement. Men who appropriate our identity also use our politics against us, which is exactly what Sarah is doing. It is outrageous and deceitful to refer to the ways that Lesbian-hating het women tried to libel Lesbians (as the “Lavendar Menace”) to keep us out of the Women’s Liberation movement and compare that to any of us wanting to meet without men. That is a mind-fuck. An accurate comparison would be with what happened after the het women made it clear they did not want their movement sullied by Lesbians. Lesbian Feminists then formed a much stronger Radical Lesbian Feminist movement. Another accurate comparison would be with how we were fighting 40 years ago to have a female-only community way from men, away from oppression and harassment, and we had to deal with exactly what we are dealing with now: Men claiming to be women, stalking us into women-only space.
    Men have the power. This is patriarchy and almost all girls and women are still being sexually assaulted as well as being killed, deprived of equal rights, etc. Why is it called “hate” for women to want to meet away from our oppressors? If Sarah truly is a Lesbian, she should read the archives here, including the most grotesque and offensive men claiming Lesbian identity. Sarah, do you feel as strongly that the able-bodied man pretending to be a paraplegic be allowed into disabled Lesbian spaces? Why are you so female-hating and Lesbian-hating to not treasure Lesbians and women enough to notice how very different we are from these male imposters? Why do you want to so hurt all females by supporting these men?
    It’s all so basic and simple. I know a man who loves the local Lesbian and women’s music and would love to go to our almost-women’s music festival, but which is open to the public. He says he feels he should not go, in spite of the policy, because it just isn’t right to intrude. He’s a het, working class, Mexican-descent man who is fifty. He gets it. I know a het Ethiopian immigrant man who also does not want to intrude into women’s spaces, even when they are public events. I don’t even know many men or have discussions about the women’s community with men, so this is interesting. There is almost nothing left here that’s women only, yet these men are still trying to be respectful. So what is the trans cult and their supporters’ excuse? I believe they get it too and know exactly what they are doing with their lies, cons, threats, and attempts to destroy the tiny remnants of female-only space that are left. It is so clear. Women must stop supporting them.

  23. If I knew you were coming, I’d have baked a cake! What if I did, and decorated it with the words “Die Trans Scum” on it, and put a photo of it out here for everyone to see? What would the response be? Or a photo of a can of poison, intended to wipe out those pesky trans people? What do you suppose the response to that might be?
    Indeed, what are these guys so afraid of? They have given radical feminists the magical ability to wipe them out of existance, to kill them all, and they respond to everything we say and do as if it’s about THEM. As if our main purpose in life and politics is all about THEM. And as if our goal is to wipe them out of existance. All this simply because we refuse to agree with their every word, refuse to play along with the fantasy that they are women.
    Show me ONE death threat against a trans by a radical feminist; show me ONE TIME when a radical feminist has advocated violence against the trans phenomenon. I can’t find it.
    And yet, having a conference without them is a “hate crime.” Good goddess, what do they call an actual attack?
    This “women’s studies” graduate seems to have missed a few classes, eh? Where did she go to school? Bob Jones U.?
    Thanks, Gallus, for your brilliant response. May I copy it and use it here and there?
    Gotta run–I’m silk screening some T-shirts that say “Proud Cis Scum” on them.

  24. Yes Bev, so wise. And we need to ask the basic question, why would women support trans over born women? Why would any woman want to put her sisters at risk by allowing these men into our movement? Why are radical feminists of the past attacked for founding the movement that young women today benefit from?
    Why? It is fashionable? Is it peer pressure to conform to the laundry list of left causes? Do fun fems and fierce feminists really know what the trans cult has been doing for the past ten years to any lesbian groups that want their own space?
    Do fierce feminists even know what lesbian only space actually FEELS like, how it creates an incredible loving bond between women, how the energy of this beautiful space captivates and inspires lesbians who experience this?
    Imagine a huge place where lesbians gather to dance, to celebrate, to listen to music, to feel an incredible liberating freedom? Freedom maybe for the first time from the oppressive objectifying stares of men, free of people who don’t passionately, spiritually, intellectually and sexually love womem?
    When a small world of born women gather to love one another, this event or situation creates great love, it creates an inner life for lesbians who are so dissed by the world. I encourage every lesbian to experience this, to FEEL it, to know what the difference is.
    If you are lesbian would you feel fully yourself if you had to have sex with men? The world wants to force all women to be sexually colonized by men, by trans, and the taboo against women touching women that Mary Daly wrote is just that. Touching in an emotional sense, in true sisterhood, and this woman bonding that is lesbian only space is so powerful that men will go to any lengths to destroy it.
    So why would a woman who calls herself a lesbian want to inflict this on other women? Why are trans so special? Why is their incredible violence online against born women feminists not being noted?
    I think it is just the leftist fad of the moment, or it’s being “edgy” or “cool” — it’s fashionable for women to hate their own feminist foresisters, to hate the radical feminists of another era…. woman hating is always rewarded in patriarchy, whether it’s done by men or lesbians.
    The love and safety of women should be of primary concern to all feminists. Lesbian sacred space needs to be experienced to be believed—its psychic and spiritual energy is beyond belief. I feel for the young lesbians of today who have yet to experience this on a massive level.

  25. When het women talked about the lavender menace, lesbians just started organizing outside NOW and other feminist organizations. We created a power base outside a het woman’s system. I never wanted to be in groups where I was not wanted. And I also respect het women for wanting their own events— I don’t want to hear about childbirth, husbands or het women’s issues a lot of the time.
    The trans invasion is aggression, raw aggression that is male that attacks all born women for wanting autonomous spaces, which is the most basic principle of organizing the world has ever known.
    You need to find YOUR communities’ voice, and trans do not represent me, or my voice, and I don’t really want to listen to them dominating spaces where I want to hear lesbian feminist words NOT their words and attacks. Every time I’ve seen a trans within a lesbian panel discussion context, they ALWAYS attack revered radfems, ALWAYS. I challenge them very aggressively, and some actually get my rage at their male presumption. “That’s exactly what men do, so that makes you a man!” When challenged in public with cameras rolling, I go on record that lesbian feminism is NOT trans, it is about born women. Radical feminism is about the liberation of all women from male dominance, including men who cut up their bodies and take up precious women’s space.
    Stand firm in this radfem conference, and all will be revealed. Women like Sarah F should pay careful attention to how the trans attack this conference, and what hateful things they say about us. They have plenty of spaces that they’ve colonized, but we are now on high alert. Many younger women who have no idea of the danger these men pose to our movement might actually wake up and get out of their male supporting daze.

  26. Gallus Mag, look at what one of the pro-transgenderism people sent me as I was discussing in a Facebook thread:

    View post on imgur.com

    I am still (with other rad fems) arguing against them (with other rad fems) in this thread, by the way:

    RadFem 2012 – Sat 14 and Sun 15 July. London's first radical feminist conference in 25 years! Registration now open: http://www.radfem2012.com/Join us and re-radicalise the movement!

    Posted by London Feminist Network on Tuesday, May 15, 2012

    It’s a war zone in there…

    1. Just to let you know, GM. Those guys really have shown up even more misogyny and bullying today in the FB thread I’d given you the link to here, in case you wanna go check it out.

    1. Gotta love it. As someone said, you couldn’t afford to buy the publicity. Oh I do hope they come out in full fuck-me regalia. Prettier than us. Doing woman better. Wot not.

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