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  1. Dear old Allen Brain. How we miss him on the Michigan Festival BB, where he used to take up so much space the servers often crashed…still it isn’t hard to find “Bee-Sting” Brain, he is all over the place–luckily for me, he lives Down Under, and won’t be crashing any real-life womens space anytime soon.

    1. I remember him on the menstruation thread on the Michfest boards claiming that he menstruated once by pissing blood thru his peen when he had a kidney infection. LOLOL. Too bad they deleted all the discussion forums before I could screen cap it.

    2. Unfortunately us women Down Under still have to deal with him! And I thought it was Chloe Prince who was the original “a magic bee sting spontaneously made me a woman”. In any case you up there in the Northern Hemisphere have to deal with that one, lol.

  2. I suspect he lives off of disability. He is on the computer 24/7. He does not look polished enough to have a trust. He is sucking up the taxpayers money because he is too lazy to work and cannot focus on anything but his own sexual fetish. The wife should have left years ago. The kids will need years and years of therapy.

    1. Also claiming to be a rocket scientist and claiming to work on his so called Ph.D. Which I suspect he’s spends more time online spreading his fake intersex claim and fake magical condition than working on his so called Ph.D

      1. But it’s a PhD on the magic of bee stings!
        It’s a thing. Look it up.
        Well ok, everything on magical bee stings has actually been authored by Beesting Brain, but still…

    2. I suspect he’s using the disability money to pay for his SRS care and even his Hormones. Maybe the Taxpayers in Australia can yank his funding

  3. ““Now I’m a Homophobe. I’m against Homosexuality.
    I think it should be discouraged – though not eradicated. Some, maybe most, have no choice, it’s the way they are, the way their Brain is wired up. If they’re Gay by choice, well, it’s their life, not mine. To Eradicate Homosexuality would be to engage in Genocide – a bit like curing a freckle on the cheek (which some find attractive, others not) by decapitation. But…. discouraging Homosexuality is decidedly Not a Problem. Society does discourage Homosexuality, in a thousand and more ways.”
    -Zoe Brain

    1. Umm, wasn’t he still shacking up with wifey?
      And if we are to believe, that a bee sting brought out his innate womanyness, then gawd-dawm, that would be a lesbian* relationship!
      *yeah ok, pretendbian at best.

    2. He claims he is attracted to other males since transifying. Him and his wife are just married roommates now.

      Wow he is all over the place, then.

  4. ““Recognition of a Gay Civil Union would meet the vast bulk of my objections, which are based for the most part on the misery caused by the numerous legal and practical problems facing Gay couples. Insurance, property rights, inheritance, that sort of thing. A de-facto Marriage in everything but name. Such a situation I could live with. It should be enough. And yet…
    I feel like I have two people standing before me, asking for judgement. On one hand is someone whose Ideology (though not Religious affiliation) is close to mine, pleading that their Sacred Vows of Marriage not be devalued and debased. On the other, I have someone very different from myself who asks the simple question why he shouldn’t be allowed to take the same sort of vows with his life partner, a guy he’s deeply in love with (the sound you hear is my skin crawling).” – Zoe Brain

  5. I am probably late to the party with this one but I just had major “closet gay” alarm bells going off for him. Other than that, he’s just deranged. And I bet he votes right-wing.

  6. “I could have posted an unflattering one, but I am nice.” Love you, Gallus. I needed a laugh!
    Could someone please get through to the Lesbian Feminists who defend this horrible arrogant man and to ask them stop apologizing to him when a Lesbian answers his taunts and baiting?
    We need solidarity when it comes to men appropriating our identity, but even more so when they are so oppressive to Lesbians and all women.

    1. The picture looks quite a bit like Austin Powers, if you ask me! The smile and the eyes are just like him. Just look at the Austin Powers picture on TV Tropes…

  7. Okay, this article led me to google “bee sting intersex brain” and there went the entire afternoon. There is not enough popcorn in the world.
    I’ve read comments and postings from “Zoe Brain” before, as they’re all over many of the trans* sites, continually pushing the whole “girl brain vs. boy brain” idea (citing some studies that have been snarked on upenn’s linguistics boards, among other places). Mention trans, and eventually Zoe Brain will show up with the girl brain boy brain thing.
    However, I’d not realized Zoe Brain had fathered a child. That’s interesting news indeed. I realize Brain claims to be intersex based on just having a brain difference, but it reminds me that there’s been some other people claiming intersex and saying they just “fixed things” in the female direction when choosing a presentation finally (notably Jennings-White, the wheelchair user featured on National Geographic Taboo). Jennings-White also has a biological son, which I’d not really given much thought to, but I have to say, if you can father a child it would seem to me that you’re quite a bit on the male end of intersex, to say the least. You need fully functional reproductive bits to do it, after all! So that just has me idly wondering if deformed (by standard measurements) or “undifferentiated looking” genitalia, but with fully functional gonads (testes producing sperm, ovaries producing sperm) is counted as intersex – most of the more “usual” intersex people I’ve read about ended up dealing with infertility or weird puberty because stuff wasn’t all working right.
    Plus these days it’s not so hard to do a genetic test, and there are plenty of pages out there on intersex sites saying that most intersex people, if it’s not clear what’s going on from the usual “wang or no wang?” birth exam, get a test (maybe) and internal examination (what organs are inside?), are raised as one sex, and mostly just live with it, they’re not constantly “gender confused” or anything like that. If anything those sites lately seem to be taking pains to point out that trans is not intersex – which is probably a commentary on just how much appropriation is going on lately. Places going so far as to say basically “look, if you’re an adult, no one suspected anything physically odd about you as a kid, and you had normal puberty? You’re not intersex.”

    1. If someone can reproduce, they are not intersex, by definition.
      But it is such a wide-ranging set of conditions I may be wrong – I’m thinking of the story that may have been posted on a previous thread, about a family in Gaza where several members had ‘male pseudohermaphrodism’ – with some conditions, reproduction may be possible after ‘corrective’ surgery? So, then, if you’ve never had any kind of surgery, but can still reproduce, you’re not intersex.

  8. lol you all are CRACKING ME UP
    To be perfectly accurate, Brain didn’t claim the bee-sting sex change exactly, (that was Chloe Prince http://gendertrender.wordpress.com/2011/06/07/do-bee-stings-cause-sex-changes/) . Rather, Brain claimed a spontaneous forced femininity caused by a pseudoscientific special snowflake miracle, all medical records of which have been lost (as they so often are in cases of falsehood). There’s a shit-ton of these guys – late transitioning married fathers who want to stay with their wives- who go on ‘mones surreptitiously and make up some crazy-ass tall tale to bullshit the wife. Everything from bee stings to fake intersex (Brain) to spontaneous transformation, alien abduction, hahaha.
    Sadly, even in his miracle speshulness, Brain’s tale is a well-worn autogynephillic fantasy and trope.

      1. “Dawn” — LMAO. Why do so many of their chosen names sound like strippers, pulp romance novel characters or both? For every “Margaret” or “Hillary” there are 50 that are “Dawn” or “Candy” or “Cherry” or “April May June”. It’s either the lazy name-changers (Peter becomes Petra, Paul becomes Paula, etc.) or it’s the stripper/romance novel name. Gah.

    1. I DO think calling all these bullshit stories “bee sting sex changes” is an excellent idea btw. Just needed to indulge my OCD on the matter for any readers that might be new to Mr. Zoe Brain.

    1. Damn my gif didn’t work, but it wasn meant to be one of Paris Hilton saying “Talk to you never!” Zoe Brain is a dickhead.
      “Okay, this article led me to google “bee sting intersex brain” and there went the entire afternoon. There is not enough popcorn in the world.”
      Haha you made me google it. Goodbye grades, goodbye career, I am going to spend the rest of my days laughing at this.

  9. LOL! Alan doesn’t live in Maryland, and I am pretty sure has never been here. What a fool.
    Chrissy, otoh, has real problems and I feel bad for her.

  10. Oh, the hot mess that is the clearly delusional Alan Brain. Eww, that face. He is a dead ringer for Austin Powers, and that’s not good.
    He was actually the first clue to me that funfem sites like Feministe were off their rockers, as they took his bullshit seriously. He’s a con artist, nothing more; a con artist with severe issues around his sexuality. He’s stroking his dick or whatever the hell poor mangled genitals he has now as he reads these painfully naive (well, not naive anymore – it’s crossed over into sheer stupidity) funfems taking him at his word. His word – like that has any value now, if it ever did. He’s not a rocket scientist. He’s not a woman. He’s not intersex. He’s just a plain old liar, and a fetishistic one to boot. I have to say, it is nice to see that others are finally catching on – I plan on bookmarking that page to refer to any time I see Alan show his fugly mug in any comments section spewing his usual shite.

  11. And that “Dawn” guy?! I was reading his blog, and it had all the usual “tells” of the fetishists: the obsession with his looks, the gigantic pictures of himself all dolled up, oh-so-casually mentioning how he can pass as female without even trying (*cough*, not quite, buddy), mentions of how born women think he’s so pretty, etc. It’s just sad. And then that story of his childhood! HA! I thought it was just some stroke material he’d written for them to enjoy, but then he tries to pass it off as truth. It’s cringe-worthy, and just pathetic.

    1. >Mine was at age 13, but stopped soon thereafter. The atrophied female tissue was removed without my knowledge at age 20. Back then, they didn’t inform the patient for fear of “psychological trauma”.
      He’s not the only case. CAH – Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia – the old name when we didn’t know the cause was “Adrenogenital Syndrome” – is rare, but more common than most realise.

      1. I….no.
        No, I DON’T want to know what happened to make him think he was having a period. I DON’T want to know what was going on. (Although I’m sure he’d love to go into graphic detail.)

        1. Someone indicated that he may have had a kidney infection and pissed blood.
          When he went full batshit, it is theorised that he internalised that as his “period”.
          Alan “Zoe” Brain is full of shit.
          He’s taken over 5 years to finish a CS PhD?
          And he claims he’s a rocket scientist…
          Rocket scientist in the A.C.T?
          I know some of the associate professors involved in CS and engineering at the ANU (my twin brother = ++ super awesome former PhD student).
          Furthermore, a cursory search through the ANU database (via sibling) doesn’t come up with anything published by Alan “Zoe” Brain for aerospace engineering.
          There’s also nothing published for that name under any of the CS advisors. (PhD candidates papers show up under their advisors when you access through the ANU portal)

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