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  1. My first thought when I saw the article the other day was “Who?” Followed quickly by “who the fuck cares?” and “why do they have to make a production out of it?” But I am sure that he sells a lot of albums or downloads as a result…you just know tranny-nation will buy it even if they too had never heard of him.

  2. Here’s what the person who posted the video on youtube says the gross lyrics are:
    ‎Your tells are so obvious.
    Shoulders too broad for a girl
    Keeps you reminded
    Helps you remember where you come from
    You want them to notice
    The ragged ends of your summer dress
    You want them to see you like they see every other girl.
    They just see a faggot. They hold their breath not to catch the sick
    Washed up on the coast, I wish we could’ve spent the whole day alone
    With you
    You’ve got no cunt in your strut
    You’ve got no hips to shake
    You know it’s obvious, but we can’t choose how we’re made

    1. You have to love how he decided it was okay for him to use the word cunt–I mean, it’s only a word that men have been using to describe and insult women for DECADES, if not longer. But I guess now that he’s said he’s transgender, it’s totally fine.
      (p.s. I just started following your blog–it’s fantastic! keep up the great work.)

      1. Well, I guess it should come as NO surprise that women are strutting “cunts” to him, eh? Like 99% of the late-transitioning F2T dudes, he’s probably riding a big old wave of autogynephilia right about now, getting himself off on strutting around in his girl-panties and what-not.
        “You want them to see you like they see every other girl.”
        How’s that for reinforcing sexism and misogyny? His total analysis of what it means to be a female is to sexually arouse himself by fantasizing about attracting what he imagines to be sexually exciting male gazes, and he is frustrated and angry when his fantasy goes unfulfilled.
        He of course has ZERO comprehension of how most women do NOT want to be seen that way — that FAR TOO MANY men “see every other girl” as their prey and WE HATE IT.

      2. True that Gallus & Rose.
        ‘“You want them to see you like they see every other girl.”
        How’s that for reinforcing sexism and misogyny? His total analysis of what it means to be a female is to sexually arouse himself by fantasizing about attracting what he imagines to be sexually exciting male gazes, and he is frustrated and angry when his fantasy goes unfulfilled.
        He of course has ZERO comprehension of how most women do NOT want to be seen that way — that FAR TOO MANY men “see every other girl” as their prey and WE HATE IT.’
        THIS. And all we want is to be fucking seen as HUMAN. These guys just do not get it, do they?

    2. Wow I have heaps of cunt in my strut.
      “Strut (verb): Walk with a stiff, erect, and apparently arrogant or conceited gait.”
      Which is kind of bullshit, because that’s how most men actually walk.

      1. As a socially liberal woman- fuck yeah Laura Jane Grace!!! Do the goddamn thing! If her wife and daughter can be supportive of her through these (undoubtedly) tough times then who the fuck are you to say whats right and whats wrong?
        If you paid attention to anything or weren’t blinded by hatred, you would see that it isn’t the attention of “men” that she’s after, its the acceptance that transgender individuals so badly lust for from SOCIETY.
        Take off your blinders and look around, everyone is different, everyone wants to be accepted for what or who they are and its people like you who keep them down. The only real reason that any of you have anything negative to say is because Laura is relatively famous, it just bothers you for some dumb reason that she came out, it really gets you doesn’t it?? Do you feel the same way when you see a drag queen?? I 6’5 MAN dressed as a woman, wearing 5-inch heels, looking more beautiful than most women you see everyday, walking gracefully and speaking eloquently?? Those “women” know more about the grace and femininity of being a woman than I do, and I fucking love being a woman. I love my CUNT and I love my STRUT. So get real or get lost low-lifers.

      2. carmenthewulf:
        You wrote while in the course of resurrecting a thread quet for more than five months: “The only real reason that any of you have anything negative to say is because Laura is relatively famous, it just bothers you for some dumb reason that she came out, it really gets you doesn’t it?? Do you feel the same way when you see a drag queen?? I 6’5 MAN dressed as a woman, wearing 5-inch heels, looking more beautiful than most women you see everyday, walking gracefully and speaking eloquently?? Those “women” know more about the grace and femininity of being a woman than I do, and I fucking love being a woman.”
        Considering that most of us here had no clue who he was, being *cough* famous certainly has nothing to do with comments here. If you had spent ANY measure of time reading the various entries, you would have noted that most who post here in the space so graciously afforded us by GM generally have the same opinion of anyone doing woman-face…males are not women and never will be.
        Further, you talk about drag queens and others “looking more beautiful” or “walking gracefully” and knowing “more about the grace and femininity…” because, gee, I guess one has to do that in order to be female…NOT! BEING female is about far more than walking gracefully or subscribing to any of the other bullshit expectations that society tries to place upon us from a young age, and that is something the males in woman-face will never grasp (just look at the video that GM posted yesterday of the male-to-trans who is just amazed at finding out what we have known for the majority of our lives). All that their imitations of women do is reinforce the very stereotypical mannerisms that the patriarchy has demanded (or tried to demand) of us for generations. The realities of life have far more to do with things that don’t involve ‘looking beautiful’ or ‘walking with grace and femininity.’

      3. Thank you Michelle. I published Carmen’s comment because it was so misguided and tropetastic it made me lol. I meant to respond to it but I never got back to it. x

  3. The one thing I’m glad of is that they neuter themselves voluntarily–
    Still amazing though that they see themselves as suddenly imbued with all sorts of insight and knowledge–Snort–

    1. Yes, there is that, but FAR too many of the late-transitioning F2T dudes are opting to keep all their original packaging. Basically they’re just ‘out’ and socially demanding autogynephillic cross-dressers, really.
      A bunch of them have been celebrating that the new Brazilian law allows any male to “declare” himself female without having to go through any kind of independent medical or psychological review — any transitioning procedures at all — and POOF the government will let them change all their identifying documents. Brazil is cross-dresser heaven now.

    1. If you would watch an actual interview with them you’d hear tom say THEY AREN’T PUNK -_- he said people can call them what they want either way it’s fine. So keep your asinine uniformed comments to yourself.

      1. Where do I get such an asses uniform? Like a pantomime horse, just smaller………………..
        Which brings me to pantomime dames, now I wonder WHY that image popped into my head?
        No need to be just plain rude BTW. And what someone thinks of themselves AS isn’t necessarily what they ARE (now why does that sound familiar?).

      2. Oh thank you wise and intelligent anonymous internet stranger, I’m so glad that I have been enlightened from my ignorance by your powerful knowledge, how could I have gone the rest of my life without knowing this? Thank you! Oh Thank you!
        { / sarcasm }

  4. Oh I should add that this dick thinks that because he played with barbies and liked madonna as a kid that makes him trans.
    ” “However fierce our band was in the past, imagine me, six-foot-two, in heels, f—ing screaming into someone’s face.””
    i don’t think this guy realises how fucked heels are, especially for playing ANY music.
    oh god this is just such fucking buuuuuulllshit.

    1. Ugh that quote. It’s so obvious that for Gabel (and so many other M2Ts) being a woman is a twisted fantasy that has nothing to do with actual female reality. Yes, being a woman, unlike being a man, means that you get to be sexy and fierce-looking in your six-foot-two heels! Wow, Tom, you so obviously get it. After reading this quote, it’s just so undeniable you really are a woman inside.

  5. I’d never heard of this guy.
    “You want them to see you like they see every other girl.”
    That makes one of us. And we’re supposed to defer to the wisdom of these guys, because we have privilege over them!
    I can hardly wait until he experiences “transmisogyny” and because he’s a 3rd tier rock star, we never hear the end of it.
    ps. I am the poster formerly known as jen. I broke down and got a WordPress account. I’m also magicpoppy on Tumblr, for those of you who are on there.

  6. Some time ago on tumblr, someone actually posted a little note saying that she knew women who had been raped by him but were too afraid to come forward. She deleted her original post so I do not feel comfortable linking. (One person actually tried to google “Tom Gable rapist” and came up with nothing – might have something to do with the fact that hardly anybody wants to risk putting something like this on the internet, buddy.)

    1. Why does that not surprise me? It was like that post on Tiger Beatdown AAAGES ago about that douchehound from Modest Mouse being accused of rape as well.
      Well, I for one, believe the women.

  7. This was really weird news for me to hear yesterday. I used to listen to Against Me! back in high school. So wonderful that the world’s getting another “trans lesbian”, who’ll probably try crashing Michfest and whine with the others at Camp Trans. Also, like so many of them, he’s an agressive jerk, who likes slamming people’s heads into counters. Oh joy.
    Tom Gabel of Against Me! arrested: http://www.punknews.org/article/25078

  8. Ah yes, so “gender dysphoric” that he recently got heterosexually married and fathered a child. I would have thought if you were genuinely a woman and extremely uncomfortable with your male self then fathering a child would be quite traumatic, or something you would prefer to avoid. Hmm.

    1. They used to claim that, but now they’ve redefined dysphoria, so that now you can suffer from it and still have sex using the sex organs you were born with, go through pregnancy, give birth, etc. And you can also be trans without being dysphoric, be trans without always having felt that way, be a transguy while still identifying as a lesbian, etc etc. Basically, there are no rules anymore! (They’re postmodernists, after all.) We just have to take them, with all their illogical mess, at their word.

  9. Ohh, shaking my head–I can hardly wait for one of them to show up in an ER trying to birth a pillow and crying about the unfairness of being an infertile female–Then suing the hospital for not entertaining that fantasy–

  10. There were allegations going around on tumblr that he had been accused of rape by several women in the early 2000s, but that his victims had retreated after getting bullied by his supporters. I can’t find the link now, it looks like the woman who posted it got harassed into shutting up too. 🙁

      1. I wonder who “Kyle” is, he’s there right away to attempt to discredit the woman who was brave enough to speak out. I read the blog in question, I saw no retraction, she just deleted the post. I assumed it was because she was getting harassed relentlessly behind the scenes–that seems to be the way people are treated if they speak out against a violent M to T on tumblr.

      2. Yeah, they used the google defense,. *rolls eyes* As I said, people usually do not put up rape accusations on the internet until they are damn sure that it’s justified. I have never seen a woman who was with a musician make rape allegations willy-nilly, just doesn’t happen.

  11. What a typical arrogant noisy talentless prick. I couldn’t understand a word he was bellowing. (What’s with the female impersonators and their narcissistic belief that they have musical talent and their bellowing?)
    So he’s a rapist too? No surprise. I keep saying that these are the most male of men, so obviously something much more is going on than hormones. Yes, Aileen, just more trannie fucking bullshit.
    For these men who’ve grown bored with their decades of massive het male privilege, I think they realize they will get a level of attention when they pretend to be artists that they never would get as typical aging men. It’s like the pathetic male body builders who have a chance of competing only against women. It’s also like the trannie M2T wankers who took up rare Butch space at the Butch Voices Conference.
    I agree, Gallus Mag, about Gene Simmons, and no, “you cannot make this shit up!”

  12. I know the TG “community” can. not. STAND… when anyone points out male sexual predators and violence towards girls and women and YET… here is another one that was reported on in my area…
    Teens claim attack by crossdressers
    Updated: Friday, 11 May 2012, 10:46 PM EDT
    Published : Friday, 11 May 2012, 10:46 PM EDT
    Jason Marks
    NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) – Two 16-year-old girls say they were attacked in Ocean View by men dressed in women’s clothing as they walked home from a friend’s house Thursday afternoon.
    Abby Armstrong and Georgie Jacobs told WAVY.com they were leaving a friend’s house Thursday afternoon on Ocean View Avenue near 11th View. Georgie was on a cell phone and Abby was next to her laughing when what looked like two women started yelling at them.
    “They were like ‘oh you’re talking to me’ and I was like ‘I wasn’t even talking to you,'” Jacobs said.
    They say the women started throwing blows and firing off kicks.
    “I thought I was dead,” said Jacobs. “I thought I was going to die. I was about to get into the car and I turned around and she’s like at my face,” Jacobs added. “She punched me and I fell and I blacked out. It was like a movie, it felt like I was in a movie.”
    Jacobs says she was taking the brunt of the punches while Abby jumped in to try to help.
    “I ripped the one girl’s wig off and pushed her out of the way,” Armstrong said. “She just started running away. She was gone like the wind.”
    That’s when she realized the women were really men dressed in women’s clothing. Other people then stopped the attack.
    “If our friends weren’t there we probably would have been left there,” Jacobs said. “No one would have said anything.”
    Both girls ended up swollen, cut and bruised. Georgie went to the hospital with a concussion. They just want to know what they did to provoke the men in the first place.
    “I’ve never fought a man in my life before, but I have now,” Armstrong said. “They’re strong. Men are very strong.”
    So far police have not yet made any arrests, but investigators say they know who they are looking for at this time.
    Anyone with information should contact the Norfolk Police Department.

    I hope the News Video is available soon, so that you can see the bruises, cuts and FEAR of these two young teenage girls.

    1. “I hope the News Video is available soon, so that you can see the bruises, cuts and FEAR of these two young teenage girls.”
      The video of the girls – cuts bruises and all- is at the link you posted. They say the men thought the children were laughing at them because the girls were laughing on the cellphone. The newscaster also says that police “KNOW who they are looking for”. So apparently these adult male violent assaultive transgenders are well known to local law enforcement. I hope they rot in jail for a long long time.
      Many male transgenders despise females, especially young girls. It’s almost a trans trope, with many male transgenders writing on the subject and many threads in transgender forums discussing how to deal with rage towards actual females and girls by male transgenders who resent the imposition of actual female reality on their delusional gender fantasies. (http://www.bilerico.com/2011/02/give_me_back_my_girlhood.php) And god forbid they think a female is laughing at them.
      ““Why are you afraid of women?” I asked a group of men
      “We’re afraid they’ll laugh at us,” replied the men.
      “Why are you afraid of men?” I asked a group of women
      “We’re afraid they’ll kill us,” replied the woman.
      -Margaret Atwood “

      1. The Margaret Atwood quote is very much the REALITY and examples or *proof* are all over in the news, blogs and comments.
        As many times as I have witnessed the TG “community” attempt to SILENCE lesbians over the pass decade… in any/all critical thinking regarding their sacred golden gender cow… it is ALWAYS w/death threats, violence, rape and w/the sing-song excuse “We have been FORCED to react this way”.
        Anyone else recognize this very familiar EXCUSE::
        Males who rape women… “She was looking for it”
        Males who violently beat women… “She made me do it”
        Males who harrass/stalk women… “She just can’t take a joke”
        So I give the story a **tick tock** of 12hrs to reach the larger Tmblr TG blogs/comments and I will bet you a chicken filet, there will be comments filled with TG apologist speak, inciting MORE violence towards teen girls and have it all wrapped up in a glittery, pink Prom dress that somehow teen girls have denied them as MALE to trans.
        Again… sounds very familiar to me.
        Males have been denied… the reaction is VIOLENCE.

    2. GallusMag, we need a blog to document all the Trans Violence on women as a way of pointing out the fallacy of Trans. That way people can see Trans for who they are and show them the Truth about them and their agenda.

  13. RoseVerbena..
    Think before you type.
    I belive it’s a little more realistic to believe by “You want them to see you like they see every other girl.” He means due to the fact he looks like a boy yet feels he identifies as a female and therefore wishes for others to see him as a normal girl makes more sense.
    Ever since Against Me! Getting called a sell out band became the norm I have never changed my judgement on them. I always said as long as he believes in the songs he writes and plays them beautifully I will always be a fan. Listening to The Ocean made me wonder, especially putting that together with watching him in interviews. Tom is a softer being, thoughtful and sensitive. It makes a great deal of sense to me that he sees himself as a woman, and I will show nothing but support for him like I did in the past and WILL continue to do in the future. If you dislike his choices or his music, there are plenty of other things to concern yourself with. Live and let live, Tom deserves to make his life what he wants it to be.

    1. You’ve come to a feminist blog to educate the ladies that humans born reproductively female are “softer beings[s], thoughtful and sensitive”. This is a sexist and offensive statement.
      Attributing unrelated characteristics to females based on reproductive sex is offensive.
      Males cannot become female.
      Exhibiting sexist stereotyped behavior does not change one’s reproductive function.
      The entire belief system expressed in your comment by you is rooted in sexism and female-hatred.
      Why don’t you support females and women’s liberation?
      It’s interesting folks, because commenters like this one: that is to say unreflective yet opinionated ones, are the ones we really have a hard time reaching with feminism. How do we dumb things down enough for people like this commenter? Or is that even possible.

  14. Gallus, I’m sure there is no way to dumb things down far enough for some trans and allies. THEY DON’T WANT TO UNDERSTAND. It will mean that everything they are, everything they stand for and believe in about themselves (or their trans friends) is a lie; a lie, and a con.
    This comment proves that gender worship–anti-feminism–is what most men believe in.
    They use the language of feminism, and our principles, turn it all around, stand it on its head, and use it to justify their own madness.
    We will never convince some people. Those we need to educate are those who are as yet unsure of what this is about. People who have already made up their minds are beyond us. If they were about to listen to reason, it would have happened the first time they saw a man in heels and a wig, telling them how wonderful it is to be a “real woman.”
    The rational response to which is, “What? No, you’re not!”
    What makes me sad is that women calling themselves “feminist” are among the crowd of the totally deluded.
    Keep up your excellent work, my friend. Thank you.

        I think that is true. They NEED to believe that women are somehow fundamentally ‘different’, because otherwise they’d have to face up to the real social differences and ask how did they get there, and WHO benefitted.
        Like the lazy man’s refusal to help with the housework — women are ‘somehow’ better at repetitive, mundane tasks, whereas men are ‘somehow’ better at mechanical, problem solving stuff like fixing the lawn-mower. The fact that the mundane tasks have to be done every day, whilst his nice problem-solving tasks only have to be done occasionally isn’t the ISSUE, he’s done his bit and ‘helped’ with his fair share of the housework.
        From that, to men running the country (and everything else) cos they’re ‘better’ at it isn’t that big a jump.
        “Tom deserves to make his life what he wants it to be…” The menz come first yet again, and never mind the women. Just when you think we’ve been TOO simplistic, along comes someone and gets ALL the stock responses in one post, and thinks that makes them a nice considerate person (although the trans cult would still jump up and down for not using the ‘right’ pronouns………).

  15. I googled this video and had the misfortune of stumbling across this blog. I doubt the comments represent the thoughts of the blogger, as they posted this video, however, the overall feeling is extremely negative. You come across as a bunch of douche bags with your hateful comments. This is supposed to be a feminist blog correct? It’s pretty fucked up then that a majority of the posters feel it’s ok to shit all over Tom because he doesn’t meet their requirements of what a woman is. It’s odd when a group championing equality then attacks another group or individual for meeting their expectations. Way to rep the feminist movement dummos!

    1. I, too was absolutely dumbfounded to learn that these commenters are all readers of a feminist blog. This is the face of feminism today? Repulsive.

  16. Equality? I don’t champion equality. I want FREEDOM FROM GENDER ROLES, and settling for equality with guys like you is not my idea of freedom–thanks for exposing yourself as a creep with the “douche bag” comment. And you don’t know much about this blogger, do you? Or anything else?

    1. You’re dumb. Unfortunately my comment may not be approved by moderator. Prove your point. Back it up. Why is this transgender woman not TRULY a woman. If you have no point, you are a waste of space.

    2. While I’m at it. I feel you are all hateful people and should be ashamed. Stop championing femininity if you can not accept transgender people. You make me feel ashamed to be a human being. And moderator? You need to accept different points of view on your blog

      1. I feel you are a man who hates women. You should be ashamed. No one here champions femininity. Quite the contrary. That is the point. The point you are missing. Gender is sexism. We do not “accept” sexism. Do not tell females what we “must” accept, and do not tell females how we “need” to moderate our blogs.

  17. Your problem is that you disrespect the individual liberties. Former Tom Gabel now identifies as Laura Jane Grace, a trans feminine person or trans woman and it’s an abuse that others do not respect this. We should be allowed to express ourselves as we are, as we know we are and be respected for this. A blog created exclusively to keep on attacking trans feminine persons and their individual liberties and thus thinking you are empowering women is at least totally senseless. There’s no no gender label mimicked by trans women. Each person is unique and a trans person differs a lot from another trans person the same way women also differ a lot one from another. We’re not seeking any gender steriotyped label to follow, we just want to be ourselves and don’t be disrespected for this.

    1. Get a grip–abuse is real, like a black eye or some broken ribs–see words have real meaning. Playing in pretend land for too long you may have forgotten that fact. Like the word women has meaning and it does not mean what a man wants. It means another human being that is XX and does not and never did have a penis that gets hard in a dress. Lacking respect is not abuse. People earn respect they don’t demand it. And men in costume sure as hell don’t demand it from women. In America most personal liberty is bought. You’re white and spent your life as male–well that’s a whole lot more than most other people. Express yourself, just do not ever expect anyone to bend to your will,ever. Because people and women have their own free will and just the same rights as you sir. And again, cure cancer and I will respect you, or make great art, devote you life to starving children in the sub Sahara. But don’t winge and moan some horse shit about your erotic fantasies being worthy of women’s respect. You are not the father of my children, or my brother or my own father and I owe you nothing. It is offensive.
      Be yourself to yourself but to me your male 100% forever and always and you can’t do a damn thing to change my mind. Call me names, threaten, cry boo woo that causes us to murdered or threaten suicide–really we know all the lies. The blog is not an attack. It is a catalogue and critical discussion on the ways in which “Trans” in others words men are destroying women. And it is M2T men attacking women. This is documented six ways to Sunday. A bunch of threatening bullying men trying to get into our safe spaces, or gatherings, sending threats of violence and rape against women and children. In fact murdering and raping women and children. Only men respect jack booted thugs.

    2. Thanks so much for telling Gallus what her problem is. I’m sure that she is totally grateful to you for this! Now she can get on with her life, and just knock off this writing nonsense–who knew? Respecting the individual liberties! Golly, that’s all there is to it? Dang!

  18. I’m all for respecting individual liberties.
    My problem is that some trans are requiring that I respect “extra” individual liberties over those of born women.
    No penis in my private women’s space, why isn’t that clear? You have the right to dress your penis up however you want, but please, don’t require me to call you a woman. You are XY packing XY equipment.
    And, many transgender males do make hetero-normative gender assumptions about what women look, dress and act like and as cross dressers have always had fun caricaturing women just like black face actors got the boot, people with penises should not be the expert on women. Nor, on “brain sex”. Whatever that is.
    Now our city’s gay pride parade got splattered with trannies in sparkle paints and high heels. To the patriarchy it looks like, “goodie, womenz are finally dressing in a subordinate role”. It definitely looks like M2T act in sterotype female gender role, and in fact, play up to the worst of the patriarchal role we tried to shed.
    One transgender “female” in our town has now served legal threats to the board of a well loved women’s nonprofit for dis-inviting him to a campout for women only. What nerve. He was flashing his dong in front of pre schoolers and to such an extent many blindsided female attendees thought he was actually a exhibitionist trending towards pedophile for wanting to interact with young girl children and let his dong fall out. If it acts like a man…and there are many more exampes of M2T acting like first class male jerks, dominator jerks.
    Transgenders are “ready for the spotlight” says our local newspaper. Look, transgenders historically have very little to do with women’s or gay rights. They are a minority of a minority, yes, but they are riding on the coat wings of a lot of SERIOUS civil rights work and they threaten to dilute gains for lesbians and women.
    Expand gender roles YES. Create more narrow hetero-normative gender roles that define women by born males NO. Compassion for all sexes and orientations YES.
    There’s a lot of trans BS, and as they are “ready for the spotlight” I think it’d be wise to stop threatening women for questioning if XY with penis is really a “woman”….before the entire community hears about this discrepancy and “The Emperor Has No Clothes” arguments fall flat.
    And, I hope to heaven they stop trying to push medication for our children and teens. Big Pharma Big Profit and Big Lifelong Drug Side Effects, what a sham.
    Within 5 years of T, big proud lovely dykes have gained weight, are balding and have acne. Former out and proud dykes become shadows of their former queen selves, why do that?
    Why not just be queer and happy? Stop threatening people like at the Deep Green Resistance females attacked in Vancouver BC last week, with male dominator tactics. For those of you who didn’t hear about it, read Lierre Keith and Derrick Jensens description of the attack on the DGR web..it probably deserves its own post as well.

  19. From a recent interview:
    I wanted to ask you, as a performer, about femininity. There’s a lot of stuff on the record about a frustrated desire to be seen as feminine – “You want them to see you like they see every other girl/ they just see a faggot” from the title track, or “never quite the woman that she wanted to be”, from ‘Paralytic States’. I wanted to ask, what’s femininity for you? Because I think that’s a tough question for anyone.
    LJG: Right. This is an interesting concept, especially for me, coming from the punk scene. The politics that attracted me to the punk scene was the idea of smashing gender roles. And in transitioning, I definitely didn’t want to go from box A to box B. I was never gonna come out looking like Betty Boop. I think what’s important for people to recognise is that there’s a whole wide world of gender variance out there.
    One of the misconceptions that people often get wrong is the idea that they’ll say “after your transition”, when I’m very much in transition. And I don’t have it figured out, I don’t necessarily know who the person that I am is going to be. I’m just starting on that path to discovering femininity and breaking out of male socialisation, in a lot of ways.

    It’s a typically boring interview that tells us nothing about how exactly trans women are women, but it’s interesting to see the admission of male socialization. Grace, though friends with people like January Hunt, seems to have missed the memo on MTF girlhood.
    ps. The first song lyric quoted is grating homophobia: “I’m not a faggot, damn you! I’m a woman!” And Grace’s notorious line about not having “c**t in his strut” is the same thing. Why can they get away with these faux-edgy “ironic” slurs when liberals like Stephen Colbert cannot? I know the answer of course. It’s okay if you’re MTF.

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