Child Sex Predator Paul Ray Witherspoon, ticketed for using female restroom uses “Gender Identity” defense

From NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth: “A transgender woman who was ticketed for using the women’s restroom at a Dallas hospital says her status as a convicted sex offender should not play a role in the citation.”
Last Wednesday, 56 year old Paul Ray Witherspoon frightened a female hospital patient while using the women and girl’s restroom at Dallas Parkland Hospital while wearing a bulky ankle tracking device used for high risk parolees. The woman notified the police, who arrived at the scene and questioned the parolee, who offered that he is a serial child sexual predator now on monitored GPS tracking for his parole.
More from NBC 5:  “Witherspoon said on Wednesday that her criminal past is no secret.
“It happened over 22 years ago, and I’m human,” she said. “I made a mistake.”
According to the Texas Public Sex Offender Registry, Witherspoon was convicted in 1990 for sexual assault of a child and indecency with a child involving sexual contact. Both victims were teenage girls.
“It’s a tragic mistake, I admit, but I’m getting therapy for it and trying to go on with my life,” Witherspoon said.
“I have to register as a sex offender the rest of my life, and I have to live with that,” she said.
But according to the Texas Attorney General website, Witherspoon was arrested again in 2011 for for a parole violation for sending nude pictures of himself through the Internet.

Witherspoon’s 2011 Arrest

Last Wednesday, when the officer asked Witherspoon, whose driver’s license records him as male, why he was using the female restroom Witherspoon informed the officer that he had recently become transgendered, and was therefore permitted to access private women and girls facilities due to his internal feeling of “gender identity”. The officer cited him for disorderly conduct, a class C misdemeanor. The woman who reported him to police has not yet released more information about the incident, citing the fact that she is “afraid“.
Paul Ray Witherspoon, calling himself “Paula”, claimed he was at the hospital accompanying his “husband” Billy Lorentz to an appointment. However since Texas resident Witherspoon is legally male as is his partner, and Texas does not recognize same-sex marriage that claim is called into question. Lorentz is listed as Witherspoon’s employer on his TX sex offender record.
The DallasVoice reports that Witherspoon said he offered to show the investigating officer a “carry letter” from his psychiatrist stating that he is transgender, and that the officer declined. A photo of the letter is reprinted here.  But as you can see, the letter was written two days AFTER Witherspoon was cited.
TX sex offender registry

Lambda Legal representative Ken Upton claims that pedophilic male serial sex offenders should be allowed to access private women and girls facilties regardless of legal gender status as long as the men are “using the bathroom in a way that is consistent with the gender that they live in day in and day out”. Upton did not qualify what objective measure would record the internal feelings or behaviors of convicted predators or what would indicate that predators “live in a gender” day in and day out.
Lambda Legal’s Upton went on to suggest that males who groom or wear clothing in ways that may be seen as nontraditionally masculine may actually be considered “disruptive” or even qualify as “disorderly conduct” for using male facilities designed for their actual sex :
“If you want to talk about disorderly conduct, you have to wonder which would cause more of a disruption — her going into the women’s restroom and using it with other women or going into the men’s restroom dressed the way she was, whether that would have been any better,” he said.”
As a butch lesbian, I find it shocking and inappropriate that an LGBT advocacy group like Lambda Legal suggests that legally male serially convicted child sexual predators should be given free reign to enter private, protected spaces for women and girls on the basis of those male’s subjective claims of feeling an internal “gender identity”. Further, the assertion by Lambda Legal that males who do not adhere to cultural standards of masculinity would be considered “disruptive” in ANY male setting whatsoever is a claim that every gay and lesbian person should find deeply offensive.
Reporter Janet St James at Channel 4 KMOV St. Louis  spoke to the female complaintant who called the cops on Witherspoon (she  has thus far declined to issue a public statement) and states the woman is ‘still very upset about it”.

138 thoughts on “Child Sex Predator Paul Ray Witherspoon, ticketed for using female restroom uses “Gender Identity” defense

  1. So Lambda thinks guys like this are worth defending, and butch lesbians who often get grief going into women’s rooms are somehow different.
    Let the men deal with difference in the men’s rooms, let them change the way men relate to other men in dresses, let men be subject to all the risks these guys pose.
    Hey I’ve dealt with “difference” in women’s rooms since forever. As a butch dyke I’m definitely gender non-conforming, and het women just deal with it. It’s less of a big deal than when I was a teenager. The older I get, the more people just seem to know I am a woman and leave it at that.
    I can’t believe Lambda thinks it’s ok for male sex offenders of girls access to women’s rooms, and wearing probation locks on their ankles to boot!
    How much evidense do we need? And why are these preditors given such special treatment, oh yeah, I forgot ALL MEN get whatever they want because they are men, including access to girls and women for purposes of molestation. Silly me.
    And who would believe he hasn’t molested other girls since that time, only he hasn’t been caught yet. This is the newest con job to prey on more girls, and good for that brave woman turning HIM in!!!

  2. So he’d be “disruptive” in any male facility? But he’s not disruptive in the women’s room? Riiiight – just ask the poor woman he scared so badly in the bathroom or the little girls he molested.

  3. Stories like this one make me want to SMASH apart the lying alphabet soup of LGBTXYZWTF. I just want to find a great big hammer and smash the “we’re all in this together” lie — into powder.
    Gay men are throwing lesbians — all biological women, really — under the “trans” bus without a backward glance. They’re bending over backwards so hard in support of cross-dressing perverts who claim “trans” that there is little doubt left about how misogynistic most of them really are.
    There is no lesbian-gay-bi alliance anymore. It’s been perfectly clear for quite some time that the vast majority of gay men would just tut-tut and change the channel if “trans women” started actually setting women on fire instead of just wishing it and threatening it. Why? Because: male. Their first allegiance is towards XY men whether they’re in jeans and a tee-shirt or in full RuPaul drag or sexually assaulting 14-year-old girls. Men come first.
    Women? We’re an afterthought at best. We get raped? One of us gets raped every minute of every day somewhere in America? Oh, well. We have to deal with sexual predators everywhere we go — the grocery store parking lot, the locker-room at our gym, the parking garage at work, the bus, the bathroom at the mall, the jogging trail at every park in our city — literally EVERYWHERE WE GO? Oh, yawn, not their problem.
    But all a man — even a twice-convicted sexual predator who targets underaged girls — has to do to win their undying support is PUT ON A FUCKING DRESS, HEELS AND MAKEUP? Really? REALLY?
    I swear I feel like I’m going to vomit. The misogyny behind Lambda taking up this freak’s cause is so palpable that it makes me physically ill. Women need to wake the fuck up. Now. Just wake up and start making it perfectly clear that we’re not going to put up with this crap anymore.

    1. Rose, you just perfectly nailed everything I’m thinking and feeling. I want to puke on Paul Upton’s fucking head, or at least his favorite shoes, which would probably upset him more. As a lesbian, I have NO, repeat NO, part of the whole stupid LGBTLSD alphabet soup, as they clearly don’t have my back. This is un-fucking-believable. Let’s now sit back and watch the larger liberal and feminist blogs either defend this perv, or not address it at all, ’cause it would be just too complex for them to handle. Heaven forfend some of their regular readers might start to see the light.

  4. So am I understanding right: Lambda defends this dude’s right to use the ladies’ restroom, but not mine? Because my short hair and flannel shirt overrule my vagina and ovaries, and his silly earrings and therapist’s note overrule the fact that he’s a predatory, violent rapist of girls?
    That flushing sound you just heard was Lambda’s credibility circling the drain.

  5. I wonder how much of the original sentence Paul served. 16 years would release him in 2006 when he claims to have started some sort of changes.

    1. Well, while we’re on the disgusting subject, do y’all know who else went through some kind of “gender” transformation (using smuggled female hormones to grow boobs, wearing contraband women’s lingerie, etc.) in prison?
      Richard Speck: “In May 1996, Chicago television news anchor Bill Kurtis received video tapes made at Stateville Prison in 1988 from an anonymous attorney. Showing them publicly for the first time before a shocked and deeply angry Illinois state legislature, Kurtis pointed out the explicit scenes of sex, drug use, and money being passed around by prisoners, who seemingly had no fear of being caught; in the center of it all was Speck, performing oral sex on another inmate, sharing a huge pile of cocaine with an inmate, parading in silk panties, sporting female-like breasts (allegedly grown using smuggled hormone treatments), and boasting, ‘If they only knew how much fun I was having, they’d turn me loose.’ The Illinois legislature packed the auditorium to view the two-hour video, but stopped the screening when the film showed Speck performing oral sex on another man.”
      One theory was that he adopted a “trans” appearance and performed sexually for other inmates to save his own life (making himself “valuable” to a protector or protectors as a faux “woman”.)
      Maybe that’s where this “Paula” character got the idea: in prison. Nonetheless, the very idea that society should enable his perversions by assisting him with a “gender identity” change is, in a word: INSANE.
      He is not now and NEVER WILL BE a woman. It’s so insulting, so offensive to women in general and sexual assault victims in particular to enable him to free access to women’s facilities — the very idea makes me want to scream.

      1. Frank Spisak was a transgender who attempted to rape a woman in a restroom and shoot a bullet in her back when she escaped btw. He missed. She fought him off and lived. And he went to the death chamber crying discrimination.

      2. RICHARD SPECK!! I’ve used him as an example of this whole trans bullshit – when those tapes became public, the shit really hit the fan, and rightfully so. He was a vicious, sadistic murderer of women, but now I can just see Lambda coming to his defense. Lambda has lost any and all credibility with me. Any organization that defends child rapists has zero part in my life.

      3. I don’t recommend watching the Speck videos either. I saw a fairly tame three-minute segment (not the explicit part) and it gave me nightmares for a month. I still get nauseated when I think about it. I was ten when he did his most heinous crimes and it permanently damaged part of my psyche. I was old enough to (mostly) understand what was being said in the news but too young and sensitive to withstand the psychic damage it inflicted.

    2. @deena17
      Let’s see, six years, no hormones or name change, I mean look at the 2010 photo from the sex pred reg. There were some fancy earrings in the 2006 photo. Maybe that was the “change”? Maybe ear piercing is a form of sexual reassignment surgery? Could be clip-ons tho. Maybe clipping on some earrings is the standard needed for Lambda Legal to rubber stamp baby-rapers lurking around the female restroom. In a HOSPITAL. Where there are a MILLION single stall restrooms available. Smells to high heaven.

    3. to follow on deena17’s question, as near as I can tell from the procedural history in Williamson County, there was the original sentence with a stacked probation on the end of the sentence. The first sentence was discharged in its entirety and then the pervert violated the terms of the probation, at which time the sentence was revoked to 6 years TDCJ. Perv-boy then served roughly from 2007 through 2010 before being released to mandatory supervision, followed just a few months later by the revocation hearing associated with the incident described by the OAG press release in 2011. The Board of Pardons and Paroles appears to have addressed that with a short-term placement in an Intermediate Sanction Facility.
      I also find it interesting that the pedophile does not list the alias on his sex offender registration renewal that was done as recently as two months ago. They have a quarterly renewal requirement and it is SUPPOSED to list all aliases that the person might be known by. The story crumbles at every turn.
      Maybe the City of Dallas will get him off the street and execute the outstanding failure to appear warrant from a 2007 assault charge that shows to still be pending…
      The fact that he did the entire 16 on the first sentence tells me that the Board recognized him as a high-risk to re-offend.

      1. GM…not sure I can come up with much more than showed up on the City of Dallas online case history. I don’t have any good contacts in the City Attorney’s office there and I don’t know that I can realistically justify digging deep enough into the favor bank for my Dallas County DA contacts to pull the file- they have their own little turf wars up there and I try to save the favor bank for client-related issues.
        BUT…the warrant issued for Assault-Contact under #C16-100187-13 and was for an incident in July 2007 (likely what resulted in the revocation of the Williamson County probation since that revocation decision came shortly afterwards). Current status of the case is WARRANT.
        And even if it was just a pushing match, my guess is that freak show got called out for his conduct in some manner. No matter the circumstance, the case illustrates that he refuses to abide by the rules of a civilized society which also require one to comply with the directions of a court- something clearly not done here or the case would never have gone to warrant. Had it been DPD and not the hospital district police that ran the name, Paul probably would have gotten to go back to jail that day. City warrants are not always published outside of the city computers because of the various extradition issues. Unfortunately, because it happened prior to the May 24, 2010 release from prison, it cannot be used as the basis to revoke the parole (see ex parte Snow).
        Freak show is currently supervised through Dallas Parole Office #5 and concerns could certainly be voiced to the supervising parole officer at 214-330-0800. I do have the name of the PO. The TDCJ number is/was 1476954 and he is on supervision until November 26, 2013 However, if he is revoked, he goes back to prison without credit for the period of time between May 24, 2010 and the date the warrant is executed. Oh yeah…that is all public record, so no State secrets are being divulged with this post.
        I am left wondering how this story was left to die on the vine of the mainstream media. A convicted pedophile ON ACTIVE PAROLE SUPERVISION being allowed to enter protected space with no measurable consequence having followed and the media wants to let the story die? I am, quite frankly, amazed that entering the hospital without having a personal emergency did not form some manner of violation of a Child Safety Zone which I am reasonably certain has been imposed as a condition of supervision. I can almost guarantee that Paul is on Condition X since almost every convicted sex offender in Texas has that Special Condition as a component of their parole supervision.

      2. Very very interesting Michelle, thanks.
        “I am left wondering how this story was left to die on the vine of the mainstream media. A convicted pedophile ON ACTIVE PAROLE SUPERVISION being allowed to enter protected space with no measurable consequence having followed and the media wants to let the story die?”
        And Lambda Legal supported him!!!
        Would everyone reading this please do me a favor and forward this information to any media contacts you may have, re-blog this information, post comments to mainstream news sites about this case, post this information on facebook and elsewhere (perhaps on Lambda Legal’s FB wall as well: ), or do anything else you can to get this story out into the mainstream press? It really does help. I appreciate it.

      3. Also, please bookmark this incident and use it to spur discussion of the issues raised by “Gender Identity” laws when you see such legislation being discussed or proposed.
        Thank You!

      4. There has, to my knowledge, always been a strain of gay male thought that has lauded pedophilia (they, like straight men, sometimes insist it is ‘ephebophilia’ rather than pedophilia. I am sure that all the raped eleven year olds out there are so glad they were raped by ephebophiles rather than pedophiles. Eye roll).
        Anyway, think Allen Ginsburg with NAMBLA, Oscar Wilde with his whole “Greek love” bit.
        So, it would not surprise me that Lamda is jumping on board with this.

      5. I would also like to stress that I am *not* saying that gay men are all pedophiles.

      6. This Billy Dean Birdsong character is living at the same address. I thought convicted felons weren’t supposed to hang out together?
        Birdsong’s conviction was for transgressing against a 12-year-old girl, specifically “aggravated sexual assault of a child”. Why are the parole officers letting these two sexual abusers of minors live together?

      7. That Birdsong character in the link Rose offers sure looks a lot like the claimed husband (Lorentz?), albeit minus the facial hair. And it is one hell of a coincidence that they share the same birthdate. And they also share the same middle name.
        Maybe Dallas County will let them share a cell when they get popped for the violations of Chapter 62 of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure.
        As a side tidbit, Lorentz/Birdsong previously went down for murder before being convicted of kiddie diddling…they did about half of the 20 year sentence before being released under the laws then in effect and had been out in the community for less than two years before the pedophilic conduct. They were released on the most recent charge after apparently doing it day-for-day. They probably MET in prison.
        Before this is said and done, we might be able to get TWO sex offenders off of the streets and back into prison…

      8. I forgot to add the other interesting tidbit- Lorentz/Birdsong is listed as unemployed. How the fuck does an unemployed person (Lorentz) hire/employ another person (freak show) as a “mechanic asst” at a different address down the street?
        NONE of this is passing the smell test. Clearly both of them are taking steps to make stuff up as they go along, which is common amongst the life-long perverts. Paul simply latched on to the trans-blah-blah-blah stuff as a means to more easily find his victims and I cannot help but to believe that latching onto another sex offender with alleged medical problems ALSO took place in furtherance of finding additional girls to victimize.
        I can only hope that the DPD quickly steps up to do what it appears the Parole Division has not done, namely arrest the pedophile so that we don’t have to worry about him in our space.

      9. Billy Birdsong Left, “Billy Lorentz” Right

        Billy Dean Birdsong listed at same address as Paul Ray Witherspoon and “Billy Lorentz”
        (from the texas sex offender registry)

      10. thank you for posting the screenshot GM. And it illustrates perfectly why the name change stuff on those pervs is so fucking scary to boot. Somehow Birdsong has gotten a driver’s license in the Lorentz name and the criminal history does not link back until he gets arrested under the new name and someone runs the fingerprints to get the hit. It would be the same precise thing with Paul. Let’s face it, but for Rose’s fine detective work, I had never even though to cross-reference names, and the same thing would hold true with freak show if he got his way with a name change.
        And, quite frankly, it pisses me off that they can so easily hide from their past with the stroke of a judge’s pen…and again begs the question of WHERE is ANY of the media in following up on this stuff. I have had several attempts to comment on the Dallas Voice articles that never made it past the censors, presumably because I am not pro-pedophile and not in favor of allowing men into my private and protected space. The Houston Chronicle article sort of withered on the vine. NONE of the mainstream media seems to want to follow up on this. I can only HOPE that the DPD SOAP unit will follow-up. I would ask my best contact with the Parole Division to look up the case, but it isn’t in their office and they are being micro-managed right now, so getting them to look it up places their job at risk…and I cannot ask them to do that even in the interests of public safety.

  6. Women and girls who understand this issue should carry stun guns and use them in this type of situation. It will be a long time before “feminists” and liberals care about women’s safety, so now we know what we have to do.

    1. Well ya can’t stun gun baby raping parolees for freaking you out and such. The woman did the right thing and called the cops. There’s a whole lot about this story we haven’t heard. The cop obviously spoke to both the woman and the perp. The lying serial predator claims he heard a woman being upset with him but he “just ignored” her. So where did the cop find him if he went about on his merry way? Did the cop do a floor to floor search? How was the cop able to locate both the woman and the pedo if the pedo just kept walking on? Or did the creep make some big ugly freak-show scene after doing god knows what in the restroom? We’ve only heard his side, and his side just doesn’t make sense. Doesn’t stop his trans brothers (and Lambda) from jumping to conclusions and jumping to his baby-raping aid and disregarding whatever concerns the women (and the cop) had about his behavior. So funny, so TYPICAL that the female who reported him is completely dismissed by male trans and Lambda Legal before she has even made a public statement. How must that feel for the woman to read that shit in the paper before your complaint has even been processed?
      Hey lady, whoever you are: I’m a lesbian, a biggo bull-dyke as a matter of fact, and Lambda Legal does NOT represent ME.
      Lambda Legal claims that females like me that use the ladies room are “disruptive” and perhaps even classified as “disorderly conduct” because I don’t perform a feminine “gender” and use the facility designated for my SEX. They claim that a man in a dress is “disruptive” if he uses the mens room. That does NOT represent me or ANY of the gays and lesbians that I know. Disregarding female safety concerns does NOT represent me either, especially when those concerns are obviously well-founded.
      Trust your guts ladies! Don’t stun ‘em, but keep that stun gun handy!

      1. I went back and looked, and Jezebel and some other feminist/left sites covered this case and didn’t even mention that the guy is a convicted sex offender and rapist of girls. Didn’t even allude to it. The article and all the comments on Jezebel are all about how silly women are to freak out over nice transwomen because there’s never been a single case of one acting inappropriately in women’s bathrooms. Riiiiight.
        There’s lazy journalism (which Jezebel, et al, are frequently guilty of perpetrating) and then there’s outright lying by omission. This is the latter and I am appalled.

      2. So where did the cop find him if he went about on his merry way?
        Absolutely excellent point.
        Yes, we have to ask just WHY the ‘TG Community’ are happy to defend such sexual predators as if they are ‘poor innocent twanzwomen just doing their day-to-day business’?
        These sexual predators have found a neat way to get closer to their victims – the transjacktivists, the alphabet, the medical profession, and often the cops, all protect them and allow them to enter female spaces in drag. Collusion for the rape culture, and females are the prey.
        As for the libfem sites totally omitting the sexual offender past – well, it is obvious which side they are on, and it isn’t females.

      3. Sorry you’re being marginalized by the people who hide behind the smoke and magical unicorn mirrors of “gender”.
        “Don’t stun em but keep that stun gun handy!”
        What’s the point in having something one never intends to use? There isn’t one.
        No. I think I’ll just stun the SHIT out of whoever so much as looks at me with a gleam in his eye.

    2. I wish there was a form of protection. I’m in my twenties and disabled ( I suffered a stroke when I was 18 due to my family doctor’s misdiagnosis.) I can walk but I’m partially paralyzed on my left side. I live in Canada, so I’m not allowed to carry around stun guns or pepper spray. A whle back, there was this really drunk guy getting angry at me for no reason while I was waiting for the bus. He pushed me and I fell and I started to yell, so he walked away. I kept yelling and nobody came, and this was in downtown in a city ( not going to say the name, obviously) and there wasnt traffic or people, but eventually I got up and was crying that no one could hear me, and I kept thinking, what if that guy started choking me? No one would hear me. To this day I still don’t know what to do so I carry pepper spray all the time.

  7. Many many male transgenders are kind folk who would never hurt anyone! I don’t usually have to point that out but this story is so ugly I feel I need to.
    By the same token, it is unfortunate that so few Trans activists acknowledge legitimate female concerns. Quite the contrary. It’s incredibly distressing how many trans folks have rallied around this baby-raper. And telling.

    1. Exactly. I think it would be a kindness if someone in the Portland area put out a map of “safe” bathrooms (single-room like they have in most coffee shops) for “trans women” to use as there are now TWO crazies working the female restrooms and pools/showers in the area and the news is (rightly) inflaming people on the subject. People are getting VERY upset about it and this could fall very hard on someone who is not a baby-raper.
      For me, this whole thing is shining a bright light on how enabling delusional “trans women” who simply can NOT pass to force themselves into shared female spaces (open-plan showers, open-plan locker rooms, multi-stall women’s restrooms, etc.) is not good for natural-born females or for “trans women”.
      Someone is going to get hurt and it likely will not be one of the overt, previously convicted perverts, it will be some other “trans woman” who looks like Charles Bronson in a dress and he’s going to get pounded by some dad of a nine-year-old girl who comes running out to tell her dad that there’s “a man” in the ladies — because she is not going to be stifled by the politically correct nonsense — she’s going to see very clearly that “he’s a man” — and her dad is going to be up in arms about the previously convicted “trans” perverts in the news.
      Then when “Charles Bronson” get’s his face bashed in, everyone will scream “transphobia” without giving any analysis as to how “Charles Bronson” ended up in a restroom alone with a terrified nine-year-old girl in the first place.

      1. The passing thing is largely delusional, particularly for ‘late transitioners’ (ie they all look like Charles Bronson in a dress). And it is the late transitioners that are most likely to be het predators.

    2. GM, I could never consider someone aping stereotypes of females as kind. Have you gone soft in the head, dear? What they are doing is inherently waaaay beyond unkind, it is misogynist.
      And we must bear in mind….
      1. Silence is complicity.
      2. As Susan Brownmiller put it in “Men, Women and Rape,” rapists are the “shock troops” of society. They terrify *all* women into not taking up our fair share of space, positions, standing up for ourselves, going out and walking on the beach or in a forest at night, or broad daylight, camping alone, or even feeling safe in a parking garage, elevator, or unoccupied library floor in broad daylight.
      Which leads back to “silence is complicity.”
      Even the mildest mannered man in drag is on a continuum of misogyny through stereotypes, fetishizing, and claiming our experience as women.
      Why did you feel the need to defend any trans here? You’re making me nervous.

      1. I think it’s possible to simultaneously HATE what the whole “trans-o-sphere” is up to collectively and politically, and at the same time acknowledge that some percentage of them are severely mentally ill and/or very, very, VERY ignorant, rendering them (perhaps temporarily) incapable of thinking through the political ramifications of what they’re doing and how it has a super-negative effect on ALL born females.
        I am struck by how ignorant many of them sound (not just uneducated in things like biology and physiology but truly lacking in any fundamental training in using their common sense), how YOUNG many of them are (late teens to early twenties, which from my vantage point in my mid-fifties renders them almost child-like), and how they are being swept along by a kind of cult-think that is (almost) impervious to rational challenge.
        I mean, what sane, well-educated, common-sense person could possibly believe that a penis is a female organ, or that biology simply doesn’t matter — that despite your XY chromosomes and full-on male body, just thinking you’re female means you ARE genetically female or that cutting off your breasts and taking testosterone will magically turn a 5’1″, delicate-boned, 105-lb., 25-year-old female into a “real” man? It’s pathetic. It’s literally pitiable.
        I can HATE what they’re doing and pity them at the same time. It’s called compassion, not complicity.

  8. ““It’s a tragic mistake, I admit, but I’m getting therapy for it and trying to go on with my life,” Witherspoon said.”
    Say that to the young women whose lives you have damaged forever. Go fuck yourself, tranny rapist creep.
    ““I have to register as a sex offender the rest of my life, and I have to live with that,” she said.“”
    Boo hoo, you can hear me playing my little violin for you. Those young women have to live with what you’ve done to them for the rest of their lives too.
    Does this fuckstick actually know how fucking difficult is to carry on a semi-normal life knowing that your predator is out there, laughing, living and being content and you have to fucking struggle to deal with people, can’t handle crowds, will probably never trust anyone fully again and severely impede on your ability to form healthy relationships with other human beings? Or the way it will make you question your own sanity? Again, go fuck yourself, tranny rapist creep.
    Go cry me a fucking river, tranny rapist creep.

    1. “Does this fuckstick actually know how fucking difficult is to carry on a semi-normal life knowing that your predator is out there, laughing, living and being content and you have to fucking struggle to deal with people, can’t handle crowds, will probably never trust anyone fully again and severely impede on your ability to form healthy relationships with other human beings? Or the way it will make you question your own sanity?”
      THIS. THIS is how I feel, every day of my life. Demons chase me, whether I’m awake or asleep. They are real.

  9. they shouldn’t be in public restrooms for EITHER gender that alone should be a violation of their parole, convicted sex offenders should not be accessing any public place where people are vunerable or exposed. Gender does nothing to justify that.and the fact they attempted again in 2011 makes me seriously. doubt their legitimacy. But using it to justify blind discrimination againsty all trans people is just damn prejudice. Wish they’d take that fucker and lock them away or suggest complete chemical castration to them as they are clearly not trans but using the hormones in an attempt to do something they cannot do, stop this person being a monster.

  10. Reblogged this on Living Kallmann’s Syndrome and commented:
    Another reason why Intersex people should stay far, far away from transgender people. If this doesn’t give intersex people the reason to stay far away from Transgender people, then I don’t know what will. It clearly shows, that this trans pervert is using the so called “gender Identity” defense. Who knows what other types of defense the Tranny sexual predator will use, could be trying to claim intersex defense. One thing for sure is that Gallusmag clearly is showing how dangerous transgender people and how organizations like Lambda are throwing Bio women, lesbian and girls under the bus. As an Intersex person, this to me is enough reasons why Intersex people should stay far, far away from transgender people.

  11. “It was a mistake” – no, shitstain, it was completely deliberate. Learn the difference. Exhibit A of how rapists and molesters don’t ever change, and don’t ever get it.

    1. Yes. A “mistake” is when you add five and seven and get eleven. A “mistake” is when you forget to set a timer and burn dinner. A “mistake” is when you transpose two numbers and misdial the phone.
      Sexually assaulting TWO LITTLE GIRLS aged five and nine, in two separate incidents, is deliberate, grotesque and unforgivable.
      How any “trans” enabler can just pretend like what he has done to little girls in the past isn’t important when considering his current “right” to enter women’s bathrooms is…well, it’s mind-boggling.

  12. I want to know what this woman has to say about the situation. I have had to deal with m2ts in the women’s restroom before, although the last time I was somewhat uncomfortable because when I came in he was just standing around and went into a stall when I came in (what the fuck?). It generally hasn’t meant I end up having to call the cops. She’s afraid to come forward and speak about what happened. That tells me this guy pulled some creepy shit with her. She also may be afraid of the misogynist trans community wanting to burn her at the stake for using the cops to protect her from one of their child raping own. Whatever the case, some of these dudes are not in the bathroom to piss.

    1. I had that experience at a feminist conference I went to in London. A man with a somewhat feminine coat and long-ish hair was reading the fucking newspaper in the bathroom as the women came in and out. I was shocked into silence and unnerved, but now I really wish I’d said something.

      1. I pity the next perv I encounter anywhere near women-only space. I’m going to take a picture with my phone, instantly e-mail it to my sisters, then turn on the video, then dial 911 to report him, and then announce to any women nearby what he’s up to in the loudest possible terms.
        I’m fired up and ready to go!

      2. Mary Daly refers to it as “spooking”, the way that facing a man pretending to be a woman can completely unnerve women. It is intended to spook us, because at the end of the day it’s just so damned creepy and weird. BUt yes, I won’t be “spooked” the next time it happens, I’ll also be ready. I’ll freak out in proper hysterical female fashion and thoroughly embarrass him.

    2. Never call the cops. They only make things worse. The average citizen is far more capable. When one is finished repeating “someone’s gotta stop him…but not me”, then she can do the right thing and take matters into her own hands.
      If one ever makes a move:::make him wish he hadn’t. It’s the only way.

  13. “If you want to talk about disorderly conduct, you have to wonder which would cause more of a disruption — her going into the women’s restroom and using it with other women or going into the men’s restroom dressed the way she was, whether that would have been any better,” he said ”
    Upton is clearly only interested in what causes a disruption for Witherspoon. We really need to ask what Lamda is doing taking on cases of sexual predators. Would they defend any other sexual predator? What are they’re limits? I mean, they really ought to think about that.

  14. Here, Shit-For-Brains Paul Upton, I’ll TELL you what to do in a case like this.
    You say, on behalf of Lambda, “We do not come to the defense of convicted LGBT sexual predators, only and unless we are involved in helping to overturn said conviction because we feel it was unjust in some way related to their sexual orientation. We feel sexual predators of any sort, including LGBT ones, do not warrant our automatic support. To offer that support would be a slap in the face the women and men in our organization who have been sexual assault victims, and even those who have not.”
    Easy-peasy! See how English works? That way you won’t find yourself with your head up your ass when it comes to sexual assault victims and women – who of course make up the bulk of sexual assault victims.
    Yet another spoiled white male asshole with blinders on. He probably doesn’t have the smallest clue how offensive he is on so many different levels.

  15. And remember, not only does Witherspoon look like an obvious male, but he was wearing an ankle monitor in the women’s restroom. Yeah, I just can’t see why that woman would have been, you know, unnerved in any way. Let’s do like they did at Jezebel and tear her apart for being transphobic! That’ll teach that uppity woman not to follow her lifelong-learned street smarts about men!

  16. May I also mention that I do NOT want to share a bathroom with biological males because they stink. I mean, really, what is that chemical in their pee that makes my nose howl in complaint? Yikes.
    I worked for a time in an engineering firm where there were 95 or so males and two (eventually, three) females. We women banded together and got a dead-lock placed on our bathroom door and issued ourselves carefully guarded keys (I wore mine on a lanyard under my blouse) to keep them from sneaking into our bathroom and stinking up the place.
    It was heaven to be able to go in there and know that no male could get in to grope one of us, bug the place with a hidden camera, or peak under the stall with a mirror. We loved it that no man was spraying the sides of the toilet or the floor around it with his territorial “marking pen”, no man was wanking off in there during his lunch break, no one was getting his jollies by listening to us pee, etc.
    We kept it sparkling, spotless clean, wiped any water spray off the counters between uses, had a nice little stash of emergency supplies and cleaning supplies on a shelf. It was the best work-place bathroom experience I’ve ever had in my decades-long career in primarily male workplaces.
    People call me nuts for saying that I can smell the stink of men when they’ve been using “my” bathroom, but I don’t care. I can smell snow when it’s coming out of the North Cascades or a rain-storm blowing in across the plains when I’m at my grandmother’s old place, too. If I can smell icy wet granite vs. warm wet dust, roses vs. honeysuckle, asparagus vs. celery, why not male pee?
    Just keep those dudes out of my bathroom, please, please, please. I can’t stand having my nose befouled with their stink.

    1. “People call me nuts for saying that I can smell the stink of men when they’ve been using “my” bathroom, but I don’t care.”
      You’re not mad! Seems that one of the chemicals involved is androstenone, a derivative of testosterone, but there is some genetic variation as to who can smell it. So, to some of us it smells foul, to others, they can’t smell it at all.
      I can, and agree with you as regards being able to smell when a man has used ‘my’ bathroom.

  17. Does anybody go into a public bathroom with the idea in the back of your mind to not frighten anybody? LOL, it sounds kind of silly, but this is what a lot of women born women do, even if we aren’t aware of it. There could be a child in there, a woman changing a baby, maybe an older woman who knows she is vulnerable. I know I’m not the only one who has startled a woman alone in the restroom and caught that look of fear in her eyes. It’s simple really, if you don’t understand that look and empathize, you just aren’t a woman.
    It’s absolutely ridiculous for a sex offender with an ankle bracelet to demand that complete strangers show no fear.

  18. Dear Commenters: appears to be experiencing a slight bug caused by recent upgrades which has resulted in some temporary idiosyncrasies in email notification. Namely, you may be getting email comment updates that you did not select. This is a global system problem unrelated to GenderTrender. Hopefully it will be resolved soon. If you receive comment update emails please disregard them Sorry for any temporary inconvenience.

    1. I approve ONE fucking comment from you yesterday and you see fit to spam my blog with ten fucking comments about:
      1.) Not all males are bad guys, and women should stop discussing a global femocidal violence against females because that discussion makes some guys (the “good” ones!) uncomfortable. So shut up you women! Because “good guys” want to silence female discussion of female safety from male violence. That’s how “good” we are!
      2.) What’s important here is how MEN are negatively affected by women’s REACTIONS to male violence (sexualized and otherwise) AGAINST WOMEN.
      3.) Males aren’t comfortable in male spaces and that is the fault of FEMALES.
      4.) Shut up about predatory males using “gender identity” to prey on females because I’m going to KILL MAHSELF because of mah JENDAH!
      GO AHEAD. FUCKING KILL YOURSELF FOR ALL I CARE you self centered HATEFUL male supremacist FUCK.

      1. “Good guys” don’t threaten murder. They threaten to “Kill Mahself” IF BITCHES DON’T DO WHAT AH WANT.
        That’s how you know they are the good ones.

      2. Ewww. We need to burn some sage to rid the room of his stench.
        (*Hands GM some rolled sage and a box of matches.*)

  19. Thank you so much, Gallus Mag, for posting this. Again, it’s not just a few men appropriating our identity who are such obvious rapists and abusers of females — it seems to be out of proportion to their numbers. Let’s not let those who accuse us of “transphobia” forget this fucker and Speck and Spisak.
    Lambda Legal supports this rapist? That is why I have never been a part of the “LGBTQIWTF.” I’m a Lesbian. Everyone else, with some rare exceptions, treats Lesbians like dirt. My people are Lesbians and a few supportive other women.
    Lambda Legal should really be put on the spot.
    And thank you for telling us that you are a “biggo bull-dyke,” Gallus! xoxoxo! It’s the Bull-dykes like you who keep us going as a community and individually, even while so many others sell us out to rapists posing as women.
    Aileen, I just love how you express yourself! “Go fuck yourself, tranny rapist creep.”
    I REALLY agree, Rose! We referred to a study in our book about how men mark territory. Bad enough they piss on everything — polluting water, air, and the earth, cutting down forests, and “erecting” more ugly buildings is also part of their territory-marking. But the worst in their nuclear marking, that lasts for millions of years. (As an observer of one of the first nuclear weapons said, “A male human being loves to see an explosion.”)
    And thank you, Gallus, for dealing with that insulting, arrogant prick who insulted us and tried to defile this precious space, which is one of the only places where we don’t get bullied for saying the truth about the trans cult and that female-hatred and Lesbian-hatred.

  20. And I hate that fucking trannis symbol they use. It’s disgusting to see a female symbol linked with a male and then combined. It’s as repulsive as they smell.

  21. Damn! You women are kick butt Amazons! Yeah, Gallus kick that jack-ass right off. So great to see such lesbian power in the last several posts.
    What a breath of fresh air, and Lambda is going to get a letter of outrage from me soon!!!

  22. always so very lol watching different strains of the leftist disease attack each other.

  23. I am forwarding some of this stuff to various Dallas-area media outlets and other news outlets. I can’t believe how BAD reporting has become — that this guy could skate by as a poor, picked-on trans woman when he and his “husband” are both convicted child rapists.

  24. If we weren’t living under patriarchy, this story would be unbelievable.
    If Witherspoon had really taken an inventory of his actions, he would understand why women don’t want him in space where we are partially undressed!!! He wouldn’t act like the woman was being unreasonable to be unafraid of him.

  25. Another so-called “LGBT” publication/organization glossing over the fact that these men are CHILD RAPISTS and touting Witherspoon’s “right” to enter women’s (formerly) safe and private spaces:
    I e-mailed the author and gave him several links (e.g. to the Texas Sex Offender Registry) — he can’t pretend in future that he doesn’t know about the history of both of these men (Witherspoon and Birdsong/Lorentz.)
    I am SO ANGRY that so-called LGBT organizations are taking up these rapists’ “cause” and completely ignoring the competing right of women and girls to be able to undress in a locker room, take a shower or freaking PEE without having to pull our pants down with a CONVICTED RAPIST in the room.
    Has the entire world gone insane?!?

  26. Well, the reporter who wrote the piece and an editor at The Dallas Voice were total jerks to me via e-mail and on the phone. Apparently women and girls have NO right to safety. We must ALWAYS yield when we’re considering the rights of “trans women” to waltz into any women-only space on earth, even if they’re twice-convicted sexual assailants of young girls.
    These emotionally and intellectually stunted males seemed to think that it’s somehow “right wing” or “conservative” for women to be concerned about our safety around rapists.
    Goddess wept.

    1. I would be okay with it, but only if they told those dangerous bull dike women (or women that dress as men) not to come in the mens room under any condition. They might harm or rape a geek or nerd type of male….we need to protect our men from those dangerous predators. The world is changing, and as women try to become more and more like men ….men will need extra security to protect themselves from women

  27. Rosa, what did they say to you? What was their excuse for totally leaving out the part of Witherspoon being a sexual predator?

    1. It was the usual “trans rights” bullshit. You know the drill: “But everyone has to pee somewhere.” and “Saying that it’s not safe to have transwomen in the ladies is a right-wing myth.” and “But if she goes in the men’s room some man might hurt her.”
      100% solicitous concern for the serial sexual abuser of minor girls, 0% solicitous concern for his multiple victims or other women who have been similarly abused.
      I tried to get the reporter to even CONSIDER that their might be competing concerns that are valid:
      a) The concerns of “trans women”, and
      b) The concerns of natural-born women.
      But nope, ONLY the concerns of “trans women” are valid or deserving of analysis to these brain-washed, uncritical, anti-feminist alphabet-soup idiots.
      None of them ever stops to think, “Well, is male cross-dressing a RIGHT that outweighs the rights of all females, including rape survivors? Is it compassionate, progressive, pro-lesbian, pro-bi-female, etc. for a purportedly LGBT group to advocate ***forcing*** an unwelcome convicted rapist into our private, women-only spaces JUST because he decided that he wants to call himself “trans” and parade around town in drag? Really?”
      They don’t give a flying frig about women, and none of them were too shy about letting me know it, each in their own, snarky way. I might just as well have been a “church lady” calling them up to tell them they were going to Hell for being gay or something. They have ZERO comprehension and ZERO analysis of how more and more progressive feminists and lesbians are reacting to the abuses and excesses of the “trans” cultists.

      1. Thank you for trying Rose. It’s becoming apparent that women are going to need to organize politically around this issue in order to address these situations en masse, instead of individually.

  28. may have gotten the attention of a reporter I was talking to earlier today when I mentioned this one as a side-note to our discussion. He recalled the situation in Dallas. He has some other stories on the front-burner though so it may be a few weeks…
    Extremely disappointed I have not heard back from the DPD SOAP though…would seem that lying on sex offender registrations would be something they would have acted upon more rapidly.

    1. Thanks for trying! I also contacted Parkland Hospital to express my concern that they NOT allow this convicted felon to invade the women’s rooms and to question their board member’s uncritical, anti-female stance on this issue, but I haven’t heard back from them yet, either.

    1. GM- entirely up to you.
      [It is certainly NOT up to me whether you wish to divulge your personal and professional information on this blog. Just making sure you know that’s what your comment does. Your decision entirely. 🙂 -GM]

  29. To the GM.
    Are you so intimidated by my comments that you won’t approve them? Or is it you come up with a proper rebuttal in defense of your position.

  30. To the GM.
    Are you so intimidated by my comments that you won’t approve them? Or is it that you can’t come up with a proper rebuttal in defense of your position.

    1. Your long-ass repetitive comments have not been approved because although they are very very long they consist of nothing more than the same old “self-sell” ( cult-speak trans tropes that have been addressed AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN by myself and my ever so patient commenters. One of my blogging goals is not to bore the shit out of my audience which has heard your IDENTICAL man’splaining transspeak so many times before. It may be an exciting new world for you who is embarking on your exciting (to you) new journey of obsession and objectifying females as you justify increasingly indulging your transvestic male gaze but to the rest of us INCLUDING my trans readers your comments represent nothing novel, new, interesting or worth reading. All of your tropes are addressed here:
      and here:
      There. Now ALL your tropes have been rebutted AND you got a nice little bit of attention, which is what you were really seeking anyway. Good day to you sir.
      P.S. Males like yourself are not and will never be lesbians. All of your homophobia will not make gays go away. You are a heterosexual male. You do NOT have the right to inflict your sick porn fantasies on the lesbian community and any further attempts to do so will be dealt with harshly.

  31. [These guys can never take no for an answer. They can never take an ANSWER for an answer. Marie you are now banned. Your inability to take no for an answer is as boring and predictable as everything else about you. -GM]

    1. [Annnnndddddd this is “Marie Norris” using another account to inflict himself on a lesbian who has set a boundary with him. Yawwwwn. You guys are all alike. -GM]

  32. Thank you, Gallus, for banning the female-hating male. I wish all who are taken in by the con would learn from you. What a relief that would be!
    I just read that Old Lesbians Organizing for Change has decided to allow in men posing as Lesbians, in spite of protests by actual old Lesbians.

    1. Well, that’s damn disappointing. I don’t understand this need some women have to accommodate the “trans woman” cult. Sigh. Well, I guess I do — that socialization to care-take everyone else runs deep, eh?

  33. Has anyone gotten a response from Lambda Legal about this? They never acknowledged my email.

  34. Goddess this is so disgusting. Those pictures of those men really, really scared me. I wouldn’t want to see ANY of them in a women’s restroom, feminine clothes or not, and especially with the sexual predator histories they have, and I know martial arts and a big bad bulldyke myself! This is one reason I do feel so strongly women and girls should know some martial arts/self-defense. But especially the bathrooms, we go to FEEL SAFE, and often it’s a place predators hang out. I’ve been warned about park bathrooms especially, so I often go only with another, or in a very public area. And more than likely NONE of these types have even had the penis removed! I doubt these ex cons have, even so they’re still capable of violence against females, let ’em take the chances with their male brethren and recondition THEM.
    Of course Lamda probably defends gay men and their ‘tea room trade’ that is, closety gay men that mostly or only have sex with gay men in public restrooms, that get caught, and help ’em get off. This is even worse than the situation of the 56 year old out of the military considering himself ‘trans’ and living in a women’s dormitory with 18 year olds! NONE of these late transitioners even come close to ‘passing’ and it’s almost no different than going to gay/lesbian events when all the drag queens FELT they had a RIGHT to be in the women’s restrooms amongst us Dykes and women! Not even supposedly ‘trans’ just drag queens, 6 foot tall bigger and taller than most women.
    We have a RIGHT to our safety, and we have a RIGHT to defend OURSELVES. Well Lambda will NEVER get another contribution from me, EVER. Same way I feel about keeping rape and battered women’s shelters BY AND FOR bio females ONLY. if they need their needs met, then start some for trans individuals, from all that nonprofit money these days being pumped into the trans community.
    And bring your pepper spray, self defense skills, stun guns with you, but most of all, LOOK OUT FOR EACH OTHER, and support all Dykes in keeping our territories safe for all bio female women. Don’t be a male or trans apologist, especially when it will compromise vulnerable girls and women. And if PISSER wants access, let ’em go to a single person use bathroom.

  35. Interesting that both of them updated their status with the Dallas Police Department last week and yet NEITHER of them updated names. Lorentz, err Birdsong still claims to be unemployed which would make it pretty difficult for him to employ the other one (who according to the registry is STILL only known as PAUL).
    Date of the updates was 6/21.

  36. Well I’m a MTF Trans Female. For one I’ll tell you first of all I fucking hate being trans. Some days I just want to die rather than live this life. And I’m pretty, I fit in society as much as any other woman. Now onto this fuck head; anyone get copy and paste what someone else said to a Theropist and easily obtain a document that says “Diagnosed Transgender” all to easily. So don’t go blaming the entire Trans community on this fake Trans dude. Blame the shit head Theropist who handed off this letter.

    1. Well, here is a difficult and inconvenient truth that you need to hear:
      You enable him with your behavior every day.
      You should de-transition, live openly as a male who experiences dysphoric feelings about the gender roles our society imposes on the sexes (that is, OWN your feelings and be critical of our sexist society) and stop appropriating “woman” or perpetrating the lie that you are any kind of “woman” at all. You’re not. At best, you’re a male with Gender Identity Disorder. That’s it.
      Every male “trans” person out there masquerading as a “woman” is perpetuating the degradation and abuse of females in our patriarchal society. The myth of an innate, inborn “gender identity” separate from biological sex underpins the misogynist abuse of women — and make no mistake: misogyny KILLS women.
      You have no more right to call yourself a “woman” than the sick, abusive ass-hat in this story. Stop it.

      1. “You should de-transition, live openly as a male who experiences dysphoric feelings about the gender roles our society imposes on the sexes (that is, OWN your feelings and be critical of our sexist society) and stop appropriating “woman” or perpetrating the lie that you are any kind of “woman” at all.”
        Amen to that Rose, that’s exactly one of the main reasons why i detransitioned

    2. oh! if you’re ‘pretty’ then you’re definitely a woman since that’s what women are supposed to be! seriously it’s the whole premise of transsexualism that hurts, this creep and other featured creeps are the extreme examples of the mindset pushed very far, internalized very deeply

  37. He has now relocated to Florida…mapping on his new address puts him literally within about two blocks of an elementary school. Just a matter of time before he re-offends and harms yet another child…
    At least Florida isn’t claiming he is a she in their records…somewhat interesting also that they don’t show his ‘alias’- they ONLY show the primary name.

      1. why yes, yes he is…
        I picked up on it because the Texas registry had been updated to show an out-of-state relocation. SO registries are, to the chagrin of pedophiles like him, public information.

      2. Doesn’t Florida have strict guidelines about sex offenders living near schools?

  38. I am a transwomen, I believe we all have an inherent right to be safe. If your a convicted sex offender , you should not have the right to be in any public bathroom where you have access to children. I am understanding and lucky I pass but I will always wait to use the bathroom until there are no children and if possible women in the bathroom as much as I can. There has to be a balance we can reach that works for everyone. If I use the shower at the gym I always change in a private dressing room and never just hang out. I have a life and I am entitled to live that life also. Please do not assume every trans person you meet is a freak. We are not all like that. I work for the Federal Government and have also been a Police Officer, Fire Fighter and spent 13 yrs in the Navy with an Honerable Discharge.,

    1. I’m sure you’re a most upstanding gentleman. What we’re doing here is discussing social issues. Not personalized Katelin Nadine O’conner issues.
      “There has to be a balance we can reach that works for everyone.”
      And what do you suggest?

      1. I have a thought on this. Up until recently, the occasional “trans woman” using a women’s bathroom was not a giant issue (except for actual predators). The problem now is that the trans lobby is behind the massive legislative and executive branch push to let any and everyone who “identifies” (even if they “identify” for only the next 10 minutes) as a woman or girl into bathrooms, locker rooms, women’s shelters–you name it. Places where women and little girls are undressed and feel vulnerable. Not only that: these new laws and ordinances (like the one that just passed in NYC) forbid ANYONE from questioning the person who “identifies” as a woman. Any man can go into any formerly women’s space and declare they are female, and NO ONE gets to raise any questions. And if any woman or girl is uncomfortable about this–that woman or girl has to find somewhere else to go. This activist legislating is what has raised the ire of many feminists and women (and their supporters). Instead of leaving well enough alone (so that mind-your-own-business “trans women” could quietly use the facilities), the activists have turned this into an in-your-face war and essentially invited pedophiles, criminals, and any man who feels like it to invade spaces where women and girls USED to feel relatively safe.

    2. You’re a man. You don’t pass. Get the fuck out of women’s bathrooms, creepo.

    3. No, you’re not all freaks, you just all advocate for freaks’ rights. Here’s an example of you telling us women not to judge you instead of telling LAMBDA not to prioritize the “rights” of rapists over the rights of girls and women.
      I used to try to be understanding of MTFs, but now I’m certain of at least one thing — you are all complicit in my rights being stripped away.

  39. by way of quick update…he seems to have abandoned Florida and returned to Texas. The updated Texas registration has him in Young County.
    Criminal history on the owner of the residence at 211 Madison in Newcastle, Texas shows that Dennis Wayne Johnson was convicted of Injury to a Child Causing Bodily Injury. Not clear from the criminal history if there were claims of sexual impropriety or if Johnson was just a piece of shit that beats kids instead of raping them. If there WAS a sexual component, Dennis Wayne Johnson avoided registration by the conviction not having been for a sex offense.
    Billy Birdsong aka Billy Dean Lorentz appears to have come back to Texas at about the same time as Paul Witherspoon (who STILL does not list Paula as one of his AKA’s for the registration). Although his Texas registry shows him in Rockport, the Florida Sex Offender Registry placed HIS last known address in Newcastle (same small town as Witherspoon).
    What is even more scary is that Witherspoon apparently conned Florida officials into going along with the legal fiction of him being female.

  40. His name now is jeri kekahuna and he live in weaverly garden stark st PORTLAND OREGON and he is still active mr sick paul he is a sick pervert and he should never live outside prison

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