75 thoughts on “Camp Trans Organizer Gemma Seymour's Michfest "Walking Stick"

  1. O_O What the fuck?? Did something happened because of that weapon? Why would he carry this anyway? Does he fear the violent Radfems will treat him like “transbians” want to treat lesbians?

    1. What do you expect from a man who says, “…My cunt may be only in my head for the time being, but at least I don’t use it like a dick….”
      He’s obviously a nasty piece of work who amuses himself by trying to dominate and frighten biological females. I’ve dealt with his kind of filth my entire life.

  2. Thank you so much, Gallus Mag. After seeing a rare opportunity Thursday night for Lesbians to have a chance to talk about our community (or lack of) turn into “But what about the ‘transwomen’ feeling excluded by us?” and when I said how we have nothing left, I was once again told it was “just one” M2T who’s been a problem for me. How many is it and what will it take for “feminists” to stop supporting men over women? When one of these fuckers kills a Lesbian? Probably not even then….

  3. Oh hell, these guys attack women all the time.

    Crossdressing Suspect Arrested For Raping Woman

    http://thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2009/4/18/nation/3720248&sec=nation Saturday April 18, 2009
    Police looking for transvestite who attacks women at random

      1. Please do, GM. I will be forever grateful for your efforts on our behalf.
        Two years after I told him that I was NOT interested in dating him, my “trans woman” stalker was outside my home with a camera. Two years. They are relentless buzzards. Utterly relentless.

      2. Please do a post just of that list, so that it is prominent, so we can post it to FB. Thanks, and amazing work as always, GM!

        1. Very depressed tonight. Had to fight again for the space, and my workshop that I teach, now that they FINALLY came out of the woodwork and mentioned to all of us that trans have been coming to our festival in NorCal all along, secretly, but since that was happening, NOW it’s ‘official policy’ they are allowed. And a rather wimpy statement where it says something like ‘workshop leaders can make requirements for any workshop, and if you feel you fit the criteria you can take of the workshop’, something like that.But as we know, the trans mtfs’ will go WHEREVER we don’t want them, cuz they feel ENTITLED. And how the term Womon born Womon is offensive to them….like I give a fucking hoot, but it’s the term we’ve used FOR YEARS, and how another mentioned about the term ‘Cis’ and I said, to MANY of us Radical Dykes and Radical womyn, Cis is an incredibly offensive term, and something THEY choose to call us, instead of something WE CALL OURSELVES, so they wanna spend a year figuring out what terms bio female born female women should call ourselves, beyond WBW, that the trans will find acceptable. As we know, they won’t find ANYTHING we come up with acceptable cuz hey, it don’t included’em. And I said, why not ‘Bio-Female’. I LIKE ‘Bio-Female’, it’s direct to the point, totally accurate, but they all want their smokescreens, and we get the short end of the stick.
          Cuz I can just see one trans feeling they ‘fit the criteria’ of my workshop even if I clearly stated up and down, side to side, it is for wbw only. Or maybe I should say: “bio female” to be TOTALLY CLEAR. I have another more spiritual term that’s a bit wordy, too, but works in women’s spirituality circles in particular…..
          -In DykeAmazon Sisterhood,

      1. Still catching up on some stuff over here…
        @Lilly -I know of at least four that are currently in the Texas prison system, three of whom were born male, two of whom still had their junk at the time of the offense. One was post-operative when they decided to fire weapons at the police. The other in the group of four was FAB and arguably had some really shitty defense counsel when they were advised to take a plea that gained them nothing over taking the case to trial (there was a potentially valid self-defense claim that could have been raised based upon the facts of the case).
        The other quick argument that OUGHT to shut them up is to ask why it should be presumed that a trans-whatever is incapable of committing that type of offense when they have clearly shown themselves capable of being pedophiles.

  4. I agree with that RoseVerbena. I have my share of martial arts weapons, and how would my lifesize Labrys go over at Michfest? I even have a crossstrap to wear it. It would be great to organize all the DykeAmazons at Michfest to do their two worktrades, and keep all the born males out(and those who are wannabe males), the Camp Trans Michfest gate crashers, and those sneaking in without armbands….
    DykeAmazons arise before it’s too late! Keep Michfest safe!
    The idea of this idiot carrying a weapon with that big of a blade on a staff sounds extremely scary. Does that mean each Michfest woman should carry a Glock to keep herself safe too? Sounds too much like the inner city environment I already live in. The WHOLE POINT of women’s land is to ‘get away from it all’ and feel safe amongst our own where we can LAY OUR WEAPONS DOWN, both physically and metaphorically, and I’ve ALWAYS felt safe and attracted to going to women’s land every year because of that.
    But, even my own festival is going to start allowing MtF’s…and so there’s NOWHERE I can go to feel entirely safe to get away from the born male and their oppressive, coopting, machoing, silencing of Dykes especially and women as a whole way of being!

    1. I’m beginning to think that for at least a large percentage of “trans women”, the draw for them is the CONSTANT and OBSESSIVE invasion of women-only space, whether it’s the coffee klatch or the locker room, the ladies loo or Michfest, the local rape crisis center or the dressing room at Macy’s, they GET OFF on invading our previously women-only spaces and places. I mean get off as in derive sexual pleasure from frightening, discomforting and disturbing women and girls.
      They become addicted to the brain chemicals that are released when they socially trespass against us. They know they’re not wanted in our women-only spaces. They know that we find them disgusting and disturbing. They know that they freak women out, freak girls out, when we turn in the shower and find one of them watching us furtively from the benches. They know it and they GET OFF on it. They protest about being made to feel unwelcome, being excluded, but that’s really why they do it — they get off on upsetting us, on being rejected by us. It’s a masochistic kind of sexual perversion, an irresistible desire to be shocking and offensive to females.
      These dudes are little different (no different?) than the guys who get off on flashing women on the bus, or on having sex in a public park where they’re bound to be seen by shocked and offended passing strangers, including grannies and kids.
      How many women are idiotically playing right into their hands by (as I did) feeling sorry for them (“Oh, the poor, oppressed trans”) and enabling them, when what they really want is to shock, disgust and offend women and they will KEEP PUSHING relentlessly to get their fix however they can, up to and including bragging on-line about carrying monster weapons into peaceful gatherings on women-only land, sneaking into workshops on women’s sexuality to talk about their cock rings, trying to legally force their way into the girls locker room at the YMCA where the mothers and little girls are dressing for swimming lessons, etc.
      They’re relentless and they will continue to be relentless until women wake up and start pushing back, HARD. They don’t belong at Michfest or in my local Y’s dressing room. They belong in prison next to the relentless flashers and the relentless gropers and the relentless child abusers.

      1. I think it’s very much a conquest thing too – they’ve been raised to think that they should have access to every available space, and surely it rankles them that THIS place, regardless of how unique or small, is simply not letting them in. Someone dares to say “no.” And goodness, it’s a bunch of low-status women! How can that be???
        The fact that they would assume that they should be (or more relevantly, will be) permitted to enter all spaces because “that’s fair” or whatever says it all right up front. People raised as girls and women don’t think that way.
        Again and again we hear stories of people who transition or go to “third gender” space and DO have places where they are accepted, honestly out as themselves. All it takes is being honest about history and current status. “I’m transgressing gender boundaries” – fine. But there are always some whose main thrust (as it were) is about proving to the world that they can’t be denied entry into any “exclusive club” as they see it, they can’t ever be told “no, you don’t belong.” Even if in the long run they don’t really care what’s behind the velvet ropes. Getting others to admit their “truth” is dominance.

      2. Rose, you are right. They LOVE it, they love to scare us, to upset us,–to cause any kind of reaction they can. I think the more violent our response, the more they would get off on it.
        What to do?

      3. This is *exactly* what is going on, Rose. These are deeply predatory men who know exactly how to manipulate women, especially women who are sensitized to any accusation of selfishness by a man. Any woman who has only a rudimentary understanding of the concept of “oppression” and is still dependent on male approval is especially vulnerable to falling into this trap, and these men know it.

  5. Reblogged this on Living Kallmann’s Syndrome and commented:
    Is this the kind of trans, intersex people want to associate with. The ones that are violent and extremist who like to threaten biological women with threats of violence with weapons. As an Intersex/DSD person, I sure would not want to be near those kinds of people and people like GallusMag and Gendertrender do show it every day. At how violent, extremist and threatening transgender are to biological women and lesbian. It serves as a warning to any Intersex/DSD person who thinks they want to associate with trans. They should see how violent and extremist trans are and what lengths trans will go to co-opt and colonize. It clearly shows, that Trans people will use Violence against Bio born women, Lesbian and intersex people. Intersex people really, really need to wake up and smell the coffee to see what Trans is really all about and see them for who they are.

  6. Men. You can always count on them to bring the violence. Symbol of the goddess, my ass. That spear is for intimidation purposes, nothing less.

  7. I agree completely, Rose, about how very male these men appropriating our identity are.
    THANK YOU, Purple and Gallus for all the links. Very useful when I keep being told, “I’m so sorry you had a bad experience with a ‘transwoman.’ They all aren’t like that.” Just what they say to any woman who has a “bad experience” with a man. I keep saying, “Show me one who is NOT agressively female-hating and Lesbian-hating.” Then they don’t answer.
    You’re right, Nicky. Even more reason for them to also not appropriate Intersex identity.
    Yes, do make a special post about this. More to link to from other groups.

    1. I’m sure they aren’t all like that. I’m also quite sure the ones who aren’t like that are the same ones I will never hear from or read blogposts from. They aren’t fashioning weapons in their basements to go camp outside womyn’s space or telling anyone to die in a fire. Whenever I’m told ” they aren’t all like that,” I always think “it only takes one” and why should womyn have to take the risk or wait until the aftermath to realize a mistake? Of all the above links, I’m sure right up until they were arrested some funfem 3rd waver would have defended them as women and their “right” to enter womyn’s sex-segregated spaces, but after they’ve harmed a real womon, a sister of mine, I’m not supposed to judge all of them based on the actions of one bad apple. What a joke… and what a crime. A crime of negligence I’m not willing to commit against my sisters.

  8. I think the police ought to be able to arrest lurkers carrying weapons, and lesbian security can do much more to eject trans caught sneaking into Michigan. And all this violence and the threats, it’s just so male. I’m hoping that this year there is a very strong Michigan commitment to born women, and that the women rise to the occasion there.

    1. Here in Australia at least, you can’t get away with carrying a weapon around for any purpose at all, surely there would be something like this Stateside as well?

      1. Knives over a certain length are illegal when carried into certain areas in some states, and there might be some distinction as to whether the knife is concealed or carried openly. There really is a huge variation between individual US states as to how things like this are regulated (unfortunate, I know).
        I do have a hunch though that he was in violation of *something* by carrying his phallic equivalent of a security blanket. Stupid silly little boy…

    1. LOL!!! Maybe his lady-stick isn’t worshipped the way he hoped it would be? Or maybe he’s suffering from a debilitating case of womb envy?

      1. Perhaps a little bit of column A, perhaps a little bit of column B. Perhaps a little bit of both.
        One thing I’ve noticed about people who collect knives & catalogue them for other’s eyes is that they tend to be a bit attention seeking. As in, “look at me, I’m dangerous, I have knives and know how to defend myself and shit” – it just strikes me as kind of immature as well.
        Hm, attention-seeking and immature, that doesn’t sound like mtcf’s at all does it?

  9. [de-railing slightly]
    FiestyAmazon, you asked “I have my share of martial arts weapons, and how would my lifesize Labrys go over at Michfest?”
    I’ll tell you how I would feel.
    I would be completely freaked out. I would be too frightened to even tell you how frightening I found your weapons and would instead, fearfully go out of my way to avoid you.
    Please do not delude yourself into thinking you would in some way be protecting womyn. This would be traumatizing me and many many other womyn! Seeing weapons on the land would cause me tremendous stress and significantly impact my fest experience.
    You go on to say “The WHOLE POINT of women’s land is to ‘get away from it all’ and feel safe amongst our own where we can LAY OUR WEAPONS DOWN, both physically and metaphorically”
    Exactly! We do not need armed guards and even the mention of them is un-nerving.
    Gemma is loony tunes for a bunch of things including this vicious weapon we see pictured above. ANYone caring such weapons at or around fest obviously has a few screws loose.

  10. Rose Verbena, I so agree with you. Once the owner allowed full transition MTF’s into the women’s bathhouse in SF, there were times I had to endure their energy in the communal hottub. It was as you say it was….once their mouths open, that scratchy voice, that oneupmanship, and that sexual invasion with the eyes. I don’t care that the body appeared somewhat female(never the right curves though, and always a scar by the belly where the surgery was done). It was the ENERGY. It’s the ENERGY at a women only ritual which is changed by the presence of even one, at a women’s event, on women’s/lesbian land, ect. ect. Just one is enough to taint EVERYTHING, cuz inevitably, eventuallly, the attention will turn to them, and to the ‘getting off’ on everyone else’s female energy(doesn’t matter if you’re butch, femme or inbetween or neither, just born female), it’s a form of born male psychic vampirism……

  11. God, now this dick with his 47 made-up names is calling us “crybabies” because we don’t like his spear. Yeah, Aileen, I think you got it exactly right.

  12. The Athena shit don’t fly with me either, I mean, go pick up a copy of Gyn/Ecology and read about Athena, handmaiden of Zeus, handmaiden of patriarchy.
    A smarter, cooler and infinitely more bad-arse and gynocentric weapon would be a bow, like Artemis.
    But Artemis is probably too transphobic for them. Cos you know, she’s all about natal women.
    “Just one is enough to taint EVERYTHING, cuz inevitably, eventuallly, the attention will turn to them, and to the ‘getting off’ on everyone else’s female energy(doesn’t matter if you’re butch, femme or inbetween or neither, just born female), it’s a form of born male psychic vampirism……”
    Yep that’s it Feisty Amazon, these men are just physic vampires. Draining our time, energy and with so many, draining their love for their sisters and daughters.

  13. “it’s a form of born male psychic vampirism……”
    Big yes to that as well!

  14. Yttik, that is awesome. Love it.
    With regard to men in womens’ bathrooms, this is what I posted at the Ms. site a couple of weeks ago in response to a MtT shrieking the old line about how there’s no record of MtT molesting women in womens’ restrooms, so they should be allowed wherever they want:
    Here’s the thing, Ami: it’s not transwomen we’re worried about. Rather, it’s plain old men (male-born, male-identified). To whit: over the years I have read many – MAAAANY – stories about 1) cameras surreptitiously placed in womens’ bathrooms and locker rooms, in order for men to spy on women during what should be times of privacy; 2) small holes made in the dividers between stalls, for the same purpose; 3) small, regular mirrors used, for the same purpose; 4) two-way mirrors used, for the same purpose; and of course 5) women being molested and raped in bathrooms. It never ends, really.
    How do transwomen factor into that? The sad fact is, many transwomen do not pass as female. Many do, but many don’t. We’re not supposed to talk about this, or acknowledge this, but it’s THERE. It’s an issue. But when an obviously male person walks into a women’s restroom or locker room, WBW are expected to just disregard our learned safety precautions and our intuition and suck it up. Tell me, how exactly are we to tell the difference between a transwoman just there to pee, and a dressed-up male there for more nefarious purposes? A male who is taking advantage of rules allowing transwomen to use women’s rest/locker rooms in order to get easier access to women’s private moments – and privates, I should add? If you think that won’t happen, then you haven’t been paying attention. I WISH this was just paranoia on my part. But men with weird fetishes (peeing stuff, peeping toms, etc.) will do bizarre-o things that you or I would never even think of.
    Men are often dangerous. Transwomen admit this, by not wishing to use a male restroom when male-bodied, for fear of being beaten up. However, they don’t see fit to extend any (ANY) understanding to WBW on this front. They don’t see fit to try and expand men’s thinking along these lines instead. Instead, WBW’s concerns are merely dismissed as “hate speech,” which shouldn’t surprise me. It’s always easier to just attack and blame the women.

    1. bravo, Ashland Avenue! You’ve said it more clearly and succinctly than I’ve ever seen it written.
      Thank you!

      1. Sadly enough, sixteen years is a rather high sentence for molestation (by that I mean they usually get sentenced to less, which they shouldn’t) – he must’ve done something pretty severe to that child to warrant that. That guy has Issues, including being just a plain old pervert, but we’re supposed to ignore that so we don’t hurt his feelings. We’re also supposed to ignore the fact that he’s obviously male. Fuck that.

      2. I also notice that the fucker is wearing rainbow earrings. Gosh, I sure am glad to have him on our team. *gag*

      3. You have to wonder how many in the Trans community are registered sex offenders and are convicted felons with crimes against women and children

    2. Exactly. Thank you for articulating it so beautifully. I’m all for changing the building codes so that eventually, in the fullness of time, more places have “uni” bathrooms or “uni” locker rooms/showers where a single person or a (for example) mother and child could go in, lock the door and do their business. However, as long as so many places have open-plan showers, open-plan locker rooms, flimsy half-walled bathroom stalls, dressing rooms with just curtains, etc. then I am 100% opposed to males entering these spaces with women no matter how much they want to be “a real girl”. They’re not, and as such they are terrifying to females and any laws that enable them also endanger natural-born females by making it easier for cross-dressing rapists to waltz right in unquestioned.
      It’s pretty obvious that by scoffing at our danger, they are tacitly admitting that they have NO idea of what it actually means to be a woman raised in a patriarchal, rape-enabling culture.

    3. @Ashland Avenue – The issue of “passing” is absolutely the giant elephant in the middle of the room that NO ONE ever seems to want to acknowledge and talk about, including on trans sites.
      Fact is, trans women who do actually pass don’t get a second look because no one can tell they’re trans when they walk into the stall, and once they’re in the stall, well… it’s a stall. For all the heated arguments over going “stealth” or not, people don’t like to be reminded that for some people it’s just not gonna happen, and they can’t force people to not recognize their difference (though I 100% agree that difference should not be cause for them to be harassed or beaten up). Let’s get to a world where we can all dress how we want, use what mannerisms we want.
      I have to admit that as a born woman (with functioning female bits) I’ve been questioned going into the women’s bathroom, and I am very much not trans. I just have very short hair and wear clothes from the men’s side of the store, so in the winter particularly (when we’re all wearing layers) I’m sometimes thought to be male. All I had to say was “Yes, I’m a woman” and that was it, but of course I do have a female voice.
      On the other hand, the bathrooms (single holer bathrooms, even!) at the coffeehouse I go to were found to have a hidden camera a few years back, leading to arrests. Quite unconcerting.
      I still do like the individual bathrooms, personally. One toilet, room to change clothes if you need, room to take your luggage in with you, if you need… I’ve read stories where trans people (either direction) who are worried about passing are afraid that if they are seen entering those bathrooms or “unisex” marked single bathrooms that everyone will assume they are trans, but I’ll say as a woman born a woman, I use those bathrooms all the time, if I know it’s a single-toilet room I’ll even use the “male” one if the “female” one is occupied (as do plenty of people) because… why bother marking it, at that point? I don’t think anything in particular about people entering those bathrooms, if they’re not passing, it’s not about the bathroom they’re entering.

      1. Wow, thanks, Aileen! And thanks to others for their kind words – much appreciated.

  15. OT: Yay, GM! Thanks for giving me permission to view your now private blog. It’s the finest trans critical blog I have seen and I enjoy it very much. I feel very supported in my feminism and it’s good to know I am not alone! 🙂

  16. The the safety ..and well being of wbw means nothing to them. What they could do is use men’s room and really educate men so that this education would make them safe. Now that would be a true “gender” radical thing to do. Learn to make the born men accomodate to the trans, and throw a fit everytime born men attack female i.d.ing people— which is half the population under attack by MALE rapists, MALE killers, MALE partners…

  17. So if you don’t think the trans barging into women’s private spaces isn’t going to open the door to ANY male pretending to be a female who is not trans, got another thing coming. When was the last time you heard in the news that born women snuck into the men’s room to place hidden video cameras to spy on males in THEIR bathrooms?
    So it is a male born problem, a non-trans male problem, and you either honor born women’s suspicions of all men
    where they don’t belong. So no, trans aggressive males have no business anywhere near private women’s spaces EVER. And they know it. So go to the born men’s room, educate them, and put your faith in the reasonableness of born men not to kill, rape or attack you, because that’s what you expect born women to do with male to trans now. You take the risks trans.

    1. OMG… he says his fantasy is to have sex with a woman while she’s convinced that he’s a woman. He sounds so much like that “cotton ceiling” crowd!
      I sure hope that the police find a reason to lock him back up before he gets the chance to perv out again. Predators just don’t stop being predators, and especially him… in that jail interview he seemed proud of his perversion.

    2. I love how as women (especially moms) it’s our job to “watch out” for these guys, but if we catch them and call them out, we’re vilified for “discriminating” against the poor little weirdos.

  18. Just YESTERDAY, at the college where I work, a man with a camera was spotted in one of the women’s restrooms. The woman who saw him was able to provide a description to campus police, but he has not been apprehended.

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