Transgender Couple face Subpoena by Feds in U of Pitt Bomb Threat case

I must admit that when I heard about the ongoing rash of death threats issued against the University of Pittsburgh in the last three months the FIRST thing that went through my mind was “the trans”.
For those not in the know, Pitt has been subjected to over ninety death threats in the last three months. The threats have been issued via email by proxy to news agencies through overseas servers, and in written threats on both men’s and women’s bathroom walls at the university. The university has suffered repeated lockdowns and evacuations as a result. Classes have been disrupted repeatedly. The Feds have gotten involved.
“The investigation now involves the Department of Justice, FBI and Joint Terrorism Task Force.
New security measures went into effect this week banning backpacks, book bags and packages from buildings. In addition, non-Pitt residents are not allowed in residence halls.”
Concurrently, Pitt has been challenged by genderist activists over the rights of those who believe in “gender” to use cross-sex facilities based on their genderist beliefs. The couple at the center of this controversy faces subpoena by federal grand jury tomorrow as persons of interest in the bomb threat investigation.

McCloskey/Ross and Johnston face Federal Grand Jury subpoena Tuesday

The issues at Pitt began with a female student now known as Seamus Johnston aka Jamie Johnston. She was charged with indecent exposure and expelled from Pitt a few weeks before the death threats began.
Johnston, 22

Johnston, a female bodied pre-op transgender was expelled for allegedly repeatedly entering the communal male shower area at the university and disrobing, and inserting her female body into the male shower area. The male students complained about being forced to shower with a female person. It made the male students uncomfortable to disrobe and shower next to a naked woman.  From what I can find in news reports, Johnston is a former Computer Science major, is receiving total SSI disability on the basis of “Gender Identity Disorder” related dysfunction, and was enrolled in only one class at Pitt at the time of her expulsion: “Men’s Weight Lifting”. One could speculate that this student is targeting Pitt for genderist activism based on the fact that their single college schedule is a single weight training class, the goals of which one imagines could be met more economically and effectively at one of the many fitness centers in the nearby region. University officials arranged months ago for the staff/trainer shower to be made available to Johnston but she refused to use it and continued to disrobe and shower in the area set aside for male-bodied persons-  in apparent protest of the males complaints.
“Johnston said his intent is to fight for the right to shower in other men’s presence.”
Gabe/Katherine Ross/McCloskey 2010

Ross/McCloskey 2012

Johnston’s spouse, Katherine Anne McCloskey aka Red Katie Anne, aka Caitlin Aine, aka Caitie Anne, aka Katie Anne,aka Gabriel Ross, aka Gabriel Kierran McCloskey- Ross, aka Rua Cáitlin Áine, aka Gabe Ross, aka Dr Katherine Anne McCloskey, 56was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct in a November 2011 incident apparently involving his female partner trying to force her way into the male showers.

 These pictures show Ross/McCloskey encountering police chief  Grady in the November incident- stills from a YouTube video shot and posted by Johnston and since removed. [UPDATE: Copies of the videos have been located and posted in the comments section below.]

McCloskey, (who describes himself thusly :

“Interests: My faith (I Am a Eastern Rite Roman Catholic) My wife and family are most important things to me in this life. I was born in the working class and with all workers of the world I cast my lot. My country is very important to me and I have held elective office twice. I teach Kyusho Kempo- Aki-Jujitsu and I hold 7th dan ranking after 40 years of practice. I also hold rank in Judo, Akido. several styles of Karate and I have boxed, kick boxed, and I have competed in MMA( geezers division) and submission wrestling. I hold two masters’ degrees, one in Labor Relations and one in Economics. I captained both my college soccer and rugby teams. I studied for priesthood and hold a graduate minor in divinities. I play the guitar.banjo, cittern, penny whistle, harmonica, and bodhran and I am mad for Celtic music. I am employed as the executive director of Social Democrats,USA–Socialist Party, USA; League for Industrial Democracy”) later accused chief Grady as being “the cop who punched me in the back of the head” and said he was “beaten up earlier today by campus police and township police” over the incident:

Ross, a member of both “The Art of Manliness: Reviving the Lost Art of Manliness” and “Lesbian Chat” currently cites his employment as “Acting General Secretary of the Social Democrats, USA”. He refused to hand over his computer to investigators on the grounds that private political activist materials and member lists may be exposed . But on Saturday the Social Democrats USA issued the following statement:
Gabe Ross (aka Katherine Anne McCloskey)
Statement from the Chairs:
Recent bomb threats at the University of Pittsburgh have led authorities to question Seamus Johnston and Katherine Anne McCloskey. Katherine, who is in reality Gabe Ross, told authorities he would not turn over his computer because he is executive director of Social Democrats USA and his computer contains organization files.
Gabe was SDUSA executive director from 2007 to 2009. During the time that Gabe was director, Jaime (aka Seamus) Johnston was youth chair. They were living together as partners. Following Gabe’s dismissal, he refused to hand over SD files on membership and accounts. This led us to a lengthy and expensive reorganization. Needless to say, Gabe and Jaime are no longer members of Social Democrats USA and are not connected to our organization in any way. Any files that they have are not related to the current SDUSA or it’s members.”
As of two days ago Ross/McCloskey claims that his genderist wife Johnston has recently been charged with multiple counts: “ The summary charges against Seamus were withdrawn and he now faces misdmeanor charges for Incident Exposure, Disorderly Conduct, and defiant trespass..” [sic]
Johnston and McCloskey will be subpoenaed in federal court on Tuesday and say they will file a grievance for discrimination against Pitt on the same day. *UPDATE- Johnston filed her compliant against Pitt today, on the eve of the bomb threat subpoena.
Predictably, trans activists protest the federal investigation of the transgender couple as inherently discriminatory due to the fact that the expelled and dual- criminally charged couple are of the genderist faith. Are they guilty? Who knows. “Targeted” for investigation? Hardly. The first thought that came into my head when I heard about the death threats was this couple. Trans people really, really like to issue death threats on people who don’t share their gender beliefs. And although according to at least one study trans have a 2/3 rate of criminality and incarceration – a far higher percentage than any other demographic in society, everyone should be considered innocent until proven guilty. Should be an interesting case. Will be updated here.
An unofficial twitter has been set up to track incoming threats and developments in the case:!/PittBombThreats
also a website set up by Andrew Fournaridis, 26, a marketing analyst in Pittsburgh, called Stop The Pitt Bomb Threats.