Transgender Couple face Subpoena by Feds in U of Pitt Bomb Threat case

I must admit that when I heard about the ongoing rash of death threats issued against the University of Pittsburgh in the last three months the FIRST thing that went through my mind was “the trans”.
For those not in the know, Pitt has been subjected to over ninety death threats in the last three months. The threats have been issued via email by proxy to news agencies through overseas servers, and in written threats on both men’s and women’s bathroom walls at the university. The university has suffered repeated lockdowns and evacuations as a result. Classes have been disrupted repeatedly. The Feds have gotten involved.
“The investigation now involves the Department of Justice, FBI and Joint Terrorism Task Force.
New security measures went into effect this week banning backpacks, book bags and packages from buildings. In addition, non-Pitt residents are not allowed in residence halls.”
Concurrently, Pitt has been challenged by genderist activists over the rights of those who believe in “gender” to use cross-sex facilities based on their genderist beliefs. The couple at the center of this controversy faces subpoena by federal grand jury tomorrow as persons of interest in the bomb threat investigation.

McCloskey/Ross and Johnston face Federal Grand Jury subpoena Tuesday

The issues at Pitt began with a female student now known as Seamus Johnston aka Jamie Johnston. She was charged with indecent exposure and expelled from Pitt a few weeks before the death threats began.
Johnston, 22

Johnston, a female bodied pre-op transgender was expelled for allegedly repeatedly entering the communal male shower area at the university and disrobing, and inserting her female body into the male shower area. The male students complained about being forced to shower with a female person. It made the male students uncomfortable to disrobe and shower next to a naked woman.  From what I can find in news reports, Johnston is a former Computer Science major, is receiving total SSI disability on the basis of “Gender Identity Disorder” related dysfunction, and was enrolled in only one class at Pitt at the time of her expulsion: “Men’s Weight Lifting”. One could speculate that this student is targeting Pitt for genderist activism based on the fact that their single college schedule is a single weight training class, the goals of which one imagines could be met more economically and effectively at one of the many fitness centers in the nearby region. University officials arranged months ago for the staff/trainer shower to be made available to Johnston but she refused to use it and continued to disrobe and shower in the area set aside for male-bodied persons-  in apparent protest of the males complaints.
“Johnston said his intent is to fight for the right to shower in other men’s presence.”
Gabe/Katherine Ross/McCloskey 2010

Ross/McCloskey 2012

Johnston’s spouse, Katherine Anne McCloskey aka Red Katie Anne, aka Caitlin Aine, aka Caitie Anne, aka Katie Anne,aka Gabriel Ross, aka Gabriel Kierran McCloskey- Ross, aka Rua Cáitlin Áine, aka Gabe Ross, aka Dr Katherine Anne McCloskey, 56was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct in a November 2011 incident apparently involving his female partner trying to force her way into the male showers.

 These pictures show Ross/McCloskey encountering police chief  Grady in the November incident- stills from a YouTube video shot and posted by Johnston and since removed. [UPDATE: Copies of the videos have been located and posted in the comments section below.]

McCloskey, (who describes himself thusly :

“Interests: My faith (I Am a Eastern Rite Roman Catholic) My wife and family are most important things to me in this life. I was born in the working class and with all workers of the world I cast my lot. My country is very important to me and I have held elective office twice. I teach Kyusho Kempo- Aki-Jujitsu and I hold 7th dan ranking after 40 years of practice. I also hold rank in Judo, Akido. several styles of Karate and I have boxed, kick boxed, and I have competed in MMA( geezers division) and submission wrestling. I hold two masters’ degrees, one in Labor Relations and one in Economics. I captained both my college soccer and rugby teams. I studied for priesthood and hold a graduate minor in divinities. I play the guitar.banjo, cittern, penny whistle, harmonica, and bodhran and I am mad for Celtic music. I am employed as the executive director of Social Democrats,USA–Socialist Party, USA; League for Industrial Democracy”) later accused chief Grady as being “the cop who punched me in the back of the head” and said he was “beaten up earlier today by campus police and township police” over the incident:

Ross, a member of both “The Art of Manliness: Reviving the Lost Art of Manliness” and “Lesbian Chat” currently cites his employment as “Acting General Secretary of the Social Democrats, USA”. He refused to hand over his computer to investigators on the grounds that private political activist materials and member lists may be exposed . But on Saturday the Social Democrats USA issued the following statement:
Gabe Ross (aka Katherine Anne McCloskey)
Statement from the Chairs:
Recent bomb threats at the University of Pittsburgh have led authorities to question Seamus Johnston and Katherine Anne McCloskey. Katherine, who is in reality Gabe Ross, told authorities he would not turn over his computer because he is executive director of Social Democrats USA and his computer contains organization files.
Gabe was SDUSA executive director from 2007 to 2009. During the time that Gabe was director, Jaime (aka Seamus) Johnston was youth chair. They were living together as partners. Following Gabe’s dismissal, he refused to hand over SD files on membership and accounts. This led us to a lengthy and expensive reorganization. Needless to say, Gabe and Jaime are no longer members of Social Democrats USA and are not connected to our organization in any way. Any files that they have are not related to the current SDUSA or it’s members.”
As of two days ago Ross/McCloskey claims that his genderist wife Johnston has recently been charged with multiple counts: “ The summary charges against Seamus were withdrawn and he now faces misdmeanor charges for Incident Exposure, Disorderly Conduct, and defiant trespass..” [sic]
Johnston and McCloskey will be subpoenaed in federal court on Tuesday and say they will file a grievance for discrimination against Pitt on the same day. *UPDATE- Johnston filed her compliant against Pitt today, on the eve of the bomb threat subpoena.
Predictably, trans activists protest the federal investigation of the transgender couple as inherently discriminatory due to the fact that the expelled and dual- criminally charged couple are of the genderist faith. Are they guilty? Who knows. “Targeted” for investigation? Hardly. The first thought that came into my head when I heard about the death threats was this couple. Trans people really, really like to issue death threats on people who don’t share their gender beliefs. And although according to at least one study trans have a 2/3 rate of criminality and incarceration – a far higher percentage than any other demographic in society, everyone should be considered innocent until proven guilty. Should be an interesting case. Will be updated here.
An unofficial twitter has been set up to track incoming threats and developments in the case:!/PittBombThreats
also a website set up by Andrew Fournaridis, 26, a marketing analyst in Pittsburgh, called Stop The Pitt Bomb Threats.

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  1. Apologies if the text jumps around a bit. I was leisurely compiling this story and intended to post it tomorrow but this afternoon Queerty ran a story titled :’Transgender Couple Stands Accused Of Making Multiple Bomb Threats Against U Of Pitt” .
    Which is not true. No accusations have been made. They are being subpoenaed under oath as part of an investigation. That is all.
    The Queerty piece continues:
    “Federal agents have accused a transgender woman and her transitioning transgender male partner of being connected to 5 bomb threats made over the weekend against the University of Pittsburgh.”
    So I decided to bump up my post before lying liars spread their lies.
    Full innacurate lying here:

    1. Yes, exactly, Kitty. And of course, she is being influenced by his extreme beliefs. When I checked out his page on the link GM posted (highlighted blue) of “Dr. Katherine Anne McCloskey” under the photo she posted of him, “Ross/McCloskey 2012,” I got a sense of how he might have influenced her over time.
      Very sad.
      As we know, women are so often profoundly harmed by the men they get involved with. This 22 year old woman is under the influence of a man 34 years older, who no doubt is encouraging her to “transition” out of her perfect female body, and to put herself on the line for his gendered activism.
      It sounds as if she enrolled in the U. of Pittsburg not for the weight lifting class per se, but for the purpose of genderist activism, and I suspect he put her up to it, as he has probably been into this long before they met.
      Plus it just doesn’t sound like the sort of thing a woman would normally do, does it, violating men’s space and undressing in the shower in the presence of men in order to assert her right to be considered a man?
      I’m making myself laugh just thinking about the odds of it.
      As GM and Rose Verbena say, you just can’t make this stuff up.
      I wonder if it turns out he put her up to making the threats, so she that she would, yet again, take the fall for his wishes.
      Kind of like Manson and his recruits.
      This possibility of McCloskey practicing not just influence, but downright thought control (though I don’t have any evidence of it yet) comes to mind partly because of another issue I’ve been following.
      It’s of a cult leader of the “Living Love Fellowship” in Oregon who, several years ago, lured an 18 year old South African young woman away from her parents (on her 18th birthday) to come to the U.S. and marry him. He had been talking to her online since she was 15.
      This is a scary set of videos from that cult I just found a few days ago (scary because she and the other one seem like brainwashed zombies). I believe the young South African woman is the one called “Mana Amadon” here:
      So I’m curious if McCloskey has any background in mind control groups or relationships, and what will come out about Jamie Johnston, her relationship with McCloskey, and what her parents think about all of this.

      1. At least two out of Jaime’s three parents (mother and stepdad) are mortified and worried sick. They did not want Jaime to leave home in 2007 at age 18 as she did, and indeed, the gullible girl met up with a bizarre predator nearly three times her age. It has only gotten worse since then.
        Jaime is not a true transgender. As a child she liked “girl stuff” more than “boy stuff” overall. The first hint of it came after the 2008 suicide of her only full brother; her father’s namesake and favorite. It progressed through “multiple personality disorder” in which Jaime acted out numerous roles, some of them male.
        We’re not sure where Gabe Ross got his transgenderism. Certainly no outward signs of it when we met him in person, and even as late as 2011. Maybe he is worried about losing his meal ticket; what will become of his “marriage” when his wife is a man?
        I commend the very good reporting done in this blog. The bloggers found some facts we did not know, and was very accurate on the ones we do know.
        Gabe Ross is a predator, and yes, this is a mind control situation. But those of us who care about Jaime are quite helpless to do anything; so far it seems that anything we do plays into Gabe’s hands.
        We’re still hoping. Please don’t hate her. Thanks again to the blogger as well as the many decent and insightful commenters. I have not yet read the whole thing (I will!) so I might have further remarks to add later.

      2. @Mortified- Thank you for your comment. How tragic about the brother’s suicide. What incredible stress this family must be under. My heart goes out to them and to Jaime too.

      3. @Mortified, if you are part of or close to the family, have you/they reached out for professional help, including from a licensed professional who provides exit counseling both for the family and the person under the influence of a person practicing mind control? If you are part of/close to the family, such a professional can help prevent serious missteps and crucial lost opportunities at the earliest possible stage. It is very important to get qualified professional help before it goes any further and she is lost forever to him, incarcerated, or her body harmed. One possible source for referrals is an organization called “AFF,” which works to help families via academic research on mind control, and developing academic programs to ensure the most qualified and careful prevention and intervention. (Exit counseling, as it is called today, is a respectful, educational, non-coercive approach to helping people under the influence of a mind control figure understand and be able to talk about their situation.)
        And yes, GM does a terrific job here.
        Thank you for sharing information. I really am concerned for Jaime.

  2. LOL this is great: My reporting is “spot on, more accurate than anyone else, with more background”, but I don’t use fake female pronouns for the Gabe Ross! Awwwwww! lol
    Gender Trender Analysis of Recent Events Concerning Transgender Couple (self.Pitt)
    submitted 1 hour ago by daffydilly
    I think she is spot on and describes events (with background info) better than anyone else has to date.
    Edit: An actual live link this time…
    4 commentsshare
    all 4 comments
    sorted by: best
    [–]daffydilly[S] 2 points 41 minutes ago*
    Transphobic…hmm. Well, she is a proud lesbian and I think this should hammer the point home to those who are unaware that Lesbians, Gays, Bi-Sexuals, and Transgender people are not all in agreement and blindly taking every word this couple says as gospel.
    [–]firewontquell 1 point 18 minutes ago
    As a proud lesbian, I know a lot of transphobic lesbians 😛 Why wouldn’t she just use the right pronouns??

    Gender Trender Analysis of Recent Events Concerning Transgender Couple from Pitt

    To my confused new readers: This blog deals with trends in “gender”. In order to accurately discuss those trends we use pronouns according to SEX here, not gender. So for example when we refer to Ross/McCloskey as “he” and “him”, we are referring to his sex, not his gender.

  3. Goddess wept. You couldn’t possibly make this stuff up, could you? I mean, what would be the point? No one would believe you. Only in real-life “trans” land would this much crazy be packed into one story. These are the folks who have the Washington State Human Rights Commission wrapped around their pinkies, up to and including offering brain-washing services to anyone who isn’t on-board with 21st century “trans” dogma, e.g.:
    “Many co-workers may have never met a transgender person. They may have misconceptions about the need to transition or appropriate behavior towards transgender co-workers. As is the case with sexual harassment, employers are responsible for non-discrimination, maintaining a non-hostile work environment, establishing clear policies on gender identity and expression, and educating all employees as to the policies.
    Co-workers may need guidance on appropriate use of names and pronouns; restroom use policy; discretion as to an employee’s transgender status; and, of course, the unacceptability of harassment and discrimination against their transgender co-workers. Bringing in a consultant to provide training on gender identity sensitivity and awareness has been helpful to many companies, and the WSHRC is compiling a list of such resources for employers.”
    GallusMag’s simple act of calling the crazy dude in this story “he” would legally be considered “harassment and discrimination” by Washington law and if you refused to comply you could be fired “for cause” and be ineligible for Unemployment Insurance. Of course someone is going to need to create a test case to get the law struck down, but I could see it going to all the way to the Supreme Court with the full weight of the State of Washington against you, and who would help you? ACLU? I’m pretty sure they’ve been infiltrated/brainwashed, too.
    THIS is the kind of case that needs to be widely publicized to help people with a feeble analysis of the issues start grasping why true feminists are WAY ahead of the curve on a progressive (not a neoconservative) understanding of the inherent dangers of pandering to the “trans” cult. We’re the ones getting death threats from these loonies every day of the week for daring to question their irrational, misogynist beliefs.

      1. Gah! The NCLR! One of my friends (lesbian) once said I should donate to them. I said, “Uh, have you gone to their website and viewed their docket?!” They’re more concerned about backing male freaks like this than actually, you know, helping born lesbians. They will NEVER see a dime of my money. That organization is a pathetic joke.

      2. LOL, totally agreed, Kitty and Ashland.
        Who do actual LESBIANS have to turn to for our rights now, including to protect ourselves from the trannies at the Lesbian Rights Project stomping all over women’s and lesbians’ rights?

  4. Queerty is censoring comments on this story. I left a perfectly polite comment, to the effect that the young men in the shower shouldn’t have been forced to shower with a woman, any more than I would want to shower with the creepy old guy. There was another comment above mine that was similar. Both were gone within minutes! I can’t understand why so many mainstream gay activists think ordinary people’s desire for privacy, which includes sex-segregated restrooms and changing rooms, is so wrong. And the fact that they delete common sense comments like mine means, either they know I’m right, or they’re almost as crazy as this couple.

      1. “Forced Feminization”? WTW?!? Do I even want to Google that and find out what it means? Probably not. It sounds like something a creepy old dude would enjoy. (Shudder.)

      2. Don’t fear the Google! Knowledge is power puke inducing.
        I’m all for people getting their freak on however they want. But DON’T TRY TO FORCE ME TO BE AN UNWILLING PARTICIPANT IN YOUR KINK.
        No I WON’T be showering next to creepy old dude and he is NOT my sister just because he gets off thinking he is. Sorry Bro. You can’t DEMAND my participation in your porn fantasies.

  5. Gallus said: “I’m all for people getting their freak on however they want. But DON’T TRY TO FORCE ME TO BE AN UNWILLING PARTICIPANT IN YOUR KINK.
    No I WON’T be showering next to creepy old dude and he is NOT my sister just because he gets off thinking he is. Sorry Bro. You can’t DEMAND my participation in your porn fantasies.”

  6. Hi Gallus Mag,
    Really enjoy your blog which I find very important for my sanity lately.
    Did you see this on Feministe:
    Transgender activists are campaigning for the release of a 23 year old M to T who has charged with stabbing to death an unarmed man who, according to reports, was trying to stop the 23-year-old from attacking his female friend.
    It’s a morally murky scenario as the victim and his friend were supposedly verbally harrassing the 23-year-old and this may have also included racial abuse. The woman supposedly attacked the 23-year-old in the face with a broken glass. But the man who ended up being stabbed to death never physically attacked the accused.
    The 23-year-old is charged with second degree murder and the TG activists think that this person should be released without charges as this was self-defense in a hate crime. (The accused waited six months after incarceration and confession before claiming self defense as a motive.)
    The slain man and his woman friend were not saints and they may have even been guilty of hate speech. There’s NO excuse for racism or hate speech. But I don’t know that this makes stabbing someone to death acceptable and blameless, as the post on Feministe seems to be indicating, actually invoking Florida’s “stand your ground” law in the comments section and saying “What if this were a cis [sic] woman?”
    I doubt that many WBW would cross the street to physically confront a group of verbally abusive drunks outside a bar at midnight in a rough neighborhood . . .

    1. I should post on it.
      Allegedly Chrishaun “CeCe” McDonald runs up to a man and stabs him to death with a pair of scissors because McDonald did not like some of the things the man’s friends were saying outside a bar. Allegedly Chrishaun and his friends flee the scene, leaving the man to bleed to death in the street. He allegedly hides the weapon, and when arrested denies all knowledge of the murder, then blames one of his friends, then claims that trans people have the right to murder people who say things they don’t like. McDonald’s defense? “It was evil what they called us.” Trans activists call for the release of McDonald on the grounds that transgenders are deeply disturbed with hair-trigger tempers and should not be expected to refrain from murdering people who upset them. Trans activists flooded the murderer’s arraignment, and in front of the victim’s family repeatedly shouted out “We love you Ce Ce!”
      According to witnesses:
      The victim “You stabbed me?”
      Ce Ce “Yeah, I did.”

      1. “…claims that trans people have the right to murder people who say things they don’t like….”
        That about sums up their entire take on personal responsibility, doesn’t it?
        “We shouldn’t be held accountable for any vile thing we say or do because we are The Most Oppressed People On Earth ™ and everyone who doesn’t like us is really trying to kill us.”

    2. Most of the article is the sort of “who-whom” stuff that made me stop reading liberal sites like Feministe. I wish they’d spare us the novelization and stop treating us like we’re stupid. Don’t tell us what we’re supposed to feel before you even tell us what happened. This gives the left a bad name.
      “Trans activists call for the release of McDonald on the grounds that transgenders are deeply disturbed with hair-trigger tempers and should not be expected to refrain from murdering people who upset them.”
      Exactly. They keep demonstrating that engaging with them on any level is a risk that simply isn’t worth taking, and we’re supposed to welcome them into spaces where it’s just us and our children?

    3. Why is there no link to an outside news article about this incident in the blog post? Funny how the only accounts linked or given are from a CeCe support site.
      Also find it fascinating that everyone thinks the guy deserved to be killed when even the (incredibly biased) account in the post says that a woman stuck CeCe first, then apparently stuff happened (How am I supposed to get any real information or form an opinion from this when it’s so vague on what happened?), and then Dean was dead. Other than Dean and the others shouting, which is never fun to have to deal with but doesn’t really deserve the death penalty, Dean did not seem to instigate the actual physical violence. Is there just a lack of reading comprehension, or do we just blindly side with any trans who gets in any physical altercation now, even when it involved murder? It’s a bit frightening to see in such high amounts in the comments on that post…

      1. And after “her” murder conviction, this “woman” will be placed in a women’s prison? How many more crimes to follow, committed against imprisoned women trapped in a prison with this homicidal man?

      1. Thank you, Ash! I went back to look at the comments, and tried to “thumbs up” yours, but guessie what?
        My Reddit account has been jammed and I can’t use it to make any comments on that article. I can’t even create another account to make a comment or thumbs up/down there.
        Methinks Gabe and Jamie would be too busy filing lawsuits and legal motions, let alone any illegal activities they might be up to, to be messing with my Reddit account. They are probably well connected with plenty of trannie-men who are good hackers.

    1. It was extremely annoying to hear Harris-Perry cheerfully announce that she’s “cis” and allow her guests to rhapsodize on life as a many-gendered thing, with no mention at all of sex. I’ll be damned if I ever describe myself as “female-presenting.”
      She also discussed Chrishaun “CeCe” McDonald, and made it sound like McDonald killed the man in self-defense, when it appears he didn’t attack her physically. It was very sloppy reporting.

  7. Hi GM, I’m posting comments, but they aren’t appearing as usual with the note “Comment awaiting approval.” Am I still able to post here, please?
    [For some reason you were going into my spam- I just found them! -GM]

  8. That Gabe Ross is just precious, isn’t he? I gotta love how he goes on and on about his physical prowess, but the pictures show he has a gut the size of Pittsburgh. And then the fact that he has a site dedicated to the lost “art” of “manliness” is frosting on the cake. What a delusional fucking loser.

  9. Reblogged this on Living Kallmann’s Syndrome and commented:
    If this is so true that GallusMag is reporting here. Then it is the clearest case of why Trans are the most violent, extremist group of people on this planet. It clearly shows how violent Trans can be when they don’t get their way such as barging into Women’s only spaces or not being able to force people to enable their mental illness.

  10. EVERY other news source is covering this story as though the school is terrible and transphobic, and as though these individuals are angelic. And I’ve seen no coverage at all with any backstory.

  11. Updates:
    “Johnston walked out of the grand jury room on the seventh floor of the courthouse around 10:20 a.m. after a break in testimony.
    “We could be here until the courthouse closes,” he said.
    McCloskey left the courtroom about 11 a.m. and said neither she nor Johnston has testified yet. She said the government has asked the two for handwriting samples and fingerprints, but they’ve refused to give them.
    She said it appears authorities are waiting for a judge to issue a warrant of probable cause that would lay out the government’s case for any possible charges and legally compel the couple to cooperate.
    The couple previously said investigators wanted to examine two computers they own. They brought the machines to the courthouse, but McCloskey said authorities “suddenly don’t seem to have any interest in the computers.”
    [bolding by me- GM]
    Read more: Cambria couple appear for grand jury investigating Pitt bomb threats – Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

  12. Update:
    Couple threatened with contempt in Pitt bomb threats
    “Called before a federal grand jury in relation to the string of bomb threats at Pitt, Seamus Johnston and Katherine Anne McCloskey were threatened with contempt after they tusseled with authorities over whether they would provide handwriting samples, fingerprints and other material sought by prosecutors and FBI agents.”

      1. You’d have to be psychotic to want to be partners with that creature. I keep wondering what 22-year-old (female) Johnston’s family would feel after being introduced to 56-year-old (male) “Kathy Ann”? And now all this stuff in the news about crashing men’s showers and possibly dozens of bomb threats? They must be mortified and worried sick.

    1. What in the….? is even HAPPENING in the first part of this video? The older guy is trying to arrest the security officers? Why? There’s gotta be some joke I’m not getting. I’m cringing just watching this.
      How is this even remotely helping their cause?

    1. It should be obvious to anyone watching these that what they’re after is a pot of gold at the end of a lawsuit rainbow. They’re trying to goad the campus security into touching them or harming them in some way so they can sue and get rich.
      You’ve gotta love the whole fake “oh, I’ve been injured” act in the first video. What a pair of creeps.

    2. So, everything was recorded…except the point where he was supposedly struck by the officers? Well, well. If you can fake being a woman, you can sure as hell fake a fall…
      And so much for being mister judo master extraordinaire! Sheesh.

      1. That’s Ms Judo Master extraordinaire to you and me. Heh.
        More like Mr I Swallowed An Exercise Ball and I Still Don’t Bounce.

        1. LOL!
          And yes, how silly me! Of course we can’t do anything so vile as to refer to him as a man! How mean would that be? All the credibility we had? Poof! Gone!

    1. Oh, my gosh. I about split a gusset when he started referring to the campus police as “accused felon”.
      LOL What a creepy, rude and yes, psychotic, creature — just exactly the kind of dude that women will NOT want to encounter in a women’s room!!!

  13. The comments McCloskey/Ross posted on the video are chilling. He says he was within his legal rights to KILL the officers for “treason” for resisting his “citizens arrest”:
    ” Here’s how I see it. I was the victim of a crime, i.e., Official Oppression, a class three felony. I executed a citizen’s arrest as the PA Supreme Court says it is to be done: See Commonwealth v. Corley, 316 Pa. Super. 327, 462 A.2d 1374, 1379 (Pa. Super. 1993) (“we hold that a citizen’s arrest can be made for a breach of the peace that is personally observed by the arrestor.”), As crime victims, go I was very polite.”
    “In PA, one can only use deadly force against a fleeing felon. As these cops were guilty of common law treason had they fled lethal force would have been legal. See : In Commonwealth v. Chermansky, 430 Pa. 170, 242 A.2d 237, 239 (Pa. 1968). “the use of deadly force by a private person in order to prevent the escape of one who has committed a felony or has joined or assisted in the commission of a felony is justified only if the felony committed is treason,….”
    “I own multiple firearms and I have a sword that is nearly nine feet long and many smaller blades. I also have black belts in Judo, Jujitsu, Aikido, and Kajukenbo.”
    [bolding by me-GM]
    Total fucking nutters. Pretty scary rhetoric.
    I don’t like authority figures, but I do think Chief Grady should be nominated for “Most Patient Cop of the Year”. lol

    1. “I have a sword that is nearly nine feet long”
      Is it really now, Mr. McKloskey? Gosh, that’s so BIG!
      Gallus, YOU should win an award for not going nuts from all the research you do on this stuff! Holy shit, I’d lose my mind…

    2. “Common law treason?” WTF?
      It’s good the cops don’t harm them, it would only be counterproductive. Just put on the poker face, do the “yes, yes, whatever,” call the ride to the station, put them in it.
      If this does end up in court, the statements should be… interesting.

    3. What’s so absurd here is that not only does he not look remotely female, he doesn’t act remotely female. His obsession with knowing the law about when it’s ok to use lethal force, and going on about his array of weapons and martial arts backgrounds is just not the sort of thing you find women doing, but it’s totally common to hear trannies talking that way. He completely dropped his effeminate voice and act, also.
      These guys are just phonies, through and through. Isn’t it interesting, too, that the “man” of the two is standing behind her camera, while the “woman” is the one getting into a confrontational pissing match with the cops, over the supposed “man’s” right to use the men’s shower.
      I think they have shown clearly who is the doooood here.

  14. I wish someone would isolate the part where McCloskey/Ross rolls around on the floor and make a GIF out of it! Because THAT IS THE FUNNIEST GODDAMN THING I’VE SEEN IN A LONG TIME

    1. He states on the video “Here I get through going “Tranny” bashing by the chief of University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown Security. Since several people asked, I did not deliberately run my head into the door. ” [sic]

    2. Yep, it’s almost worth learning how to make an animated gif JUST for that one section of the tape. LMAO!!!

  15. Here is Jaime/Seamus’s blog:
    Still looking it over but so far it appears that Johnston was a strict Catholic and active anti-abortion activist as recently as Jan 2011.
    Near as I can figure, the different “tags” on posts: Seamus, Sally, Melissa, etc. are the names of Johnston’s “alters” or Multiple Personalities, as she believes herself to have MPD. Example tagged “Sally”:
    “As a system with both natural multiplicity and trauma-splits, I find the word “host” extremely offensive. After clothing, grooming, feeding, and caring for this body for sixteen+ years; after building social relationships with others, imposing moral standards on the system, holding gainful employment. . . having, in short, a life, I am more than a little incensed that someone might refer to me as an alter. I am most certainly not! Jaime may have created me, but she is not me, nor am I some parasite hanging around to keep her from “growing up”.”
    Well one thing’s for sure. If they do turn out to be guilty, Johnston has her whole defense already lined up. Her whole blog is about her multiple personalities ( she even has a twitter feed for the multiple personalities:!/houseofalabama ) and how crazy and abusive Ross/McCloskey is.
    Should be an interesting case indeed if it turns out they are guilty.

    1. It’s sounding more and more likely to me that they both belong in one of the mental health facilities that our government won’t fund because we’re too busy giving tax breaks to the rich.
      I feel sorry for the police in my town; I see them having to provide mental health services on the streets as it were, with no training or appropriate social support. Of course some percentage of police are young men over-loaded on their own testosterone and male-priviledge; they don’t do very well with the task of playing doctor/nurse/orderly to mentally ill folks.
      Even a first-year nursing student knows that getting into macho power struggle with someone who is seriously mentally ill is just…stupid. Redirecting them and distracting them like toddlers is a much better approach, not challenging them to a proverbial arm-wrestling match or taking the bait when they challenge you.
      I think the security guards in this video for the most part handled themselves fairly well but that one male security guard really let crazy-pants “Kathy Ann” get under his skin — which of course was the goal of the entire operation: goad the uni staff into doing something reactionary on-camera and then cash in later.

      1. No problem, GM. You’re probably right. Between grief and sleep deprivation, my judgment is clouded. I was trying to fill in parts of the story for the blog. This is the first time I have been in a situation like this. Thanks.

  16. This is incredible, Gallus!!! You are brilliant!
    I wish I could get all the “feminists” who support the trans cult to watch the videos and see this repulsive fucker in action. His body language is completely male and meant to intimidate and bully. Not a molecule of femaleness to him. How can anyone accept him as female? And aren’t they all like this? All the ones I’ve seen are.
    These bizarre het relationships are so creepy. A few years ago there was a documentary called “Southern Comfort” about a dying (ovarian cancer) F2T who was with an M2T, but this is much much more disturbing because it does look like the woman was influenced by the man. Trans cult indeed. I agree — I cannot imagine a woman on her own wanting to expose her naked body to men in a men’s restroom otherwise. Yes, like Man-son.
    And the behavior info: Why not make up one for how to politely address Extra-Terrestrials, which would make as much sense? Or for mythical fairytale creatures? These men and few self-hating women get SO much support compared to those they oppress (us).
    Kitty — hah! You are so funny. Yes, NCLR would protect us. But men first…. And yes, “If ANYONE else I can think of had behaved that way to any cop–they’d be lucky to be alive right now.”
    Gallus, you’re a scream! That is not his photo on fb! The arrogance of these men! I agree — Lucky too — this is all about them trying to force us against our will to participate in their female-hating porn fantasies. AGAINST OUR WILL. We know what that is called.
    By the way, in a “feminist” fb group I was reprimanded by a moderator for using profanity when I referred to transcult “mindfuck.”
    About M2Ts being verbally harassed — is it anywhere near the harassment that girls, women, and Lesbians get throughout our lives? And isn’t really what enrages the men who harass them that they are presenting themselves as fetishized/caricaturized/minstrelized versions of how women are supposed to look in patriarchy? Some of them are coming on to the other men (and they should know how dangerous that is), but they are also calling into ridicule the role women are supposed to play — they aren’t challenging patriarchy, but they might inadvertently get women to reconsider wanting to play that male-identified role. And so other men want to put a stop to that.
    Oh Rose…”Threatened with contempt? Well, they seem pretty darn contemptible to me.” Love it!!!
    Since we are included (against our will again) in the “LGBTQuerty” crap, these dangerous trans cultists will be making Lesbians get bad treatment. We will be associated with them by most hets.
    You could not make this shit up….

  17. Wait a minute. Johnston is only 16? If that’s the case, she’s not a woman yet. She’s still a minor. Which means McCloskey also needs to be charged with statutory rape.
    So what’s a 16 year old doing at a university in a men’s shower? At 16, one is still in high school, Which means she’s not even a student at the uni.
    As for the “cops,” I don’t think they’re cops. They’re probably just campus security guards. They don’t have the authority that cops do. Which is why McCloskey got so cocky with them. If you’ll notice, when the real cop walked in (the dude in blue), McCloskey wasn’t so cocky. He knew better than to get up in the cop’s face and get cocky.
    With any luck, McCloskey will wind up in prison. And I doubt PA is going to send him to a woman’s prison. That cocky attitude of his isn’t going to fly in a male prison. That boy’s in for a real attitude adjustment.

    1. No, Johnston’s just had the “alter” “Sally” for 16 years, but she’s 22…
      On a side note I ABSOLUTELY CANNOT STAND people who fake mental illnesses, and DID is one of the most popular to fake… I hope she gets out of this relationship which can’t possibly be healthy and gets the help she needs, but I will eat my hair if she’s actually dissociative.
      And looking at his FB page, what sort of creep advertises their kinks under their interests? Ugh, creeping creeper creep.

  18. I really really hope this story gets more traction and that these individuals get some public exposure and analysis; what a great way to intruduce Transism to the people, with the nuttiest of the nutty (though Chaz Bono seemed to be pretty accepted even with her obvious mental problems).

  19. Updates:
    “A Cambria County couple who say they want to testify before a federal grand jury investigating a rash of bomb threats at the University of Pittsburgh are under a judge’s order to appear today and provide fingerprints and handwriting samples, which they refused to give on Tuesday.”
    Read more: Cambria couple appear for grand jury investigating Pitt bomb threats – Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
    “PITTSBURGH — The normally secretive grand jury process became a daylong parade Tuesday as the Cambria County transgendered couple, subpoenaed in regard to the University of Pittsburgh bomb threats, gave the system a jarring dose of openness.
    Seamus Johnston and Katherine Anne McCloskey, made brief, and separate, appearances before a federal grand jury, demanded to see warrants, were threatened with contempt charges and took the unusual step of demanding to speak at length to the 16- to 23-person panel empowered to indict.
    Seven hours after they arrived at the U.S. Courthouse, they said they reached an agreement that includes a hearing April 27 before U.S. District Judge Nora Barry Fischer.
    Where most people slink in and out of a date with the grand jury, the two instead chose to send a message.
    “When my friends are exonerated from being persons of interest, it will show transgender folks everywhere that they do not necessarily have to fear bias in the justice system,” said Roy Johnston, who is Seamus’ father.”
    “Ms. McCloskey’s session before the grand jury was around 15 minutes long. “I kept talking over the prosecutor and pointing at the various members of the grand jury and saying, ‘Look, she wants to hear what I have to say,’ ” she said. “Why do you subpoena somebody if you don’t want them to say anything? Especially if they want to say something?”
    “Why did they defy all conventional wisdom and turn the clandestine grand jury process inside out? “It was Katie Anne’s strategy,” Mr. Johnston said, “and it was to let the press see us as innocent, as we are, before the prosecution gets a chance to paint us as guilty.”

  20. I wonder if the growth of diagnosed trans disorders might be best compared with the spate of multiple personality disorder (which by now is generally debunked) diagnoses back in the 70s

    1. I think the whole thing is a psychological/medical fad, no better than the historic fads of “bleeding” people or of diagnosing uncooperative, unhappy women with “hysteria”. The science sucks, there’s no way that a human being can be born “in the wrong body”, and any feminist will tell you that “gender” is a myth promulgated to perpetuate the patriarchy.
      It wouldn’t be any more bogus than if people were going to Native American tribes, claiming to have “racial dysphoria” that makes them “really Cherokee” or “really Ojibwa”, and demanding to be added to the tribal membership rolls. (I know, I know: don’t give them any ideas!)
      Of course, now that it’s becoming possible for crazy people to congregate on the Internet and cross-pollinate the crazy, people with all kinds of sexual fetishes/issues are going to become steeped in the “trans” ethos and pile on, “Oh, yeah, I’m that, too.” Just like the deadly “pro-ana” groups, the “pro-trans” groups are drawing in the weak-minded, lonely for attention, and sexually disturbed. You just don’t get that many death threats and violent fantasies from psychologically healthy people.

      1. Heh. I’ve been waiting for someone to make the race analogy, because on most of the sites where people go on and on about “social justice” and are very upset about your “transphobic” tumblr in particular (which I will say here I’ve quite appreciated, by the way), if anyone dared to start talking about “well, I was born white, but I’m really black inside, and therefore I don’t actually have white privilege, and you should let me into your POC spaces and let me talk with authority about what it’s like to be a POC, because I really AM a POC, inside, you know, because I would hear discriminatory messages aimed at POC when I was a kid and IDENTIFY with those, you see, so I WAS harmed, really I was…” they’d would run the person out of the room (and rightly so).
        They recognize that saying “race is a social construct” doesn’t contradict the fact that racial categorization (as it pertains to prejudice and privilege and all that) is something assigned to you by OTHER PEOPLE based on PHYSICAL PROPERTIES. Not your “identity.”
        But somehow “woman or man” gets a pass. Somehow being a woman or man is all about your “identity” and to say otherwise is some terrible “biological essentialism” which supposedly feeds into the right wing.
        Personally I don’t see it as biological essentialism precisely, anyway – it’s about which sex (physical category) some OTHER PEOPLE assign you to, based on your physical characteristics, and the way you then are raised… by OTHER PEOPLE. No one is testing anyone’s brain at birth – and they aren’t really testing chromosomes either, unless for some reason the genitalia aren’t obvious. (Obviously your chromosomes are what makes the genitalia, generally, but all the “b..b..but what about XXY???” stuff just doesn’t apply – if they have wangs, at birth, they’re raised as boys. Period. Unless something is odd either at birth or later at puberty no normal people ever bother to check! I’ve never seen mine – but I’ve got fully functioning obvious female parts, so was a girl from day one, and that’s what mattered – I was raised a girl. Didn’t pick it.)
        Probably the argument that drives me the most nuts right now are the people who aren’t satisfied to harp on gender and insist that’s what matters, but are trying to take over the meaning of the word “sex” too. It goes like this: “I was born with a penis, but I identify as a woman, so I am a woman, I was born a woman, and because I own my penis, my penis is mine, so my penis belongs to a woman, so… my penis is female! Which means you can’t keep me out of your group by saying it’s for people born with female genitalia!!!!!” *eyeroll*

  21. Let’s all see if Feministe posts this video and tries to convince us that he’s a woman and we should stand behind him. They won’t, of course, because it would reveal just how obnoxious the trans cult is. That guy is revolting – physically and mentally. This is just un-fucking-believable.

  22. “I wonder if the growth of diagnosed trans disorders might be best compared with the spate of multiple personality disorder (which by now is generally debunked) diagnoses back in the 70s.”
    I agree, m.
    My concern is convincing other women, Lesbians, and feminists to be as clear as we are that no men can be women and that it is a travesty and insulting and oppressive for them to claim our identity. (I’m also concerned about women claiming male identity, but they are still women and I don’t see them doing the same damage that these men, who seem the most male and female-hating of all men, are doing.)
    So Gallus’ posting about the “trans-paraplegic” M2T was so important to show the extremes these men will go to for attention. Yet, when the discussion comes up about the trans cult in various “feminist” fb groups, their supporters/defenders ignore the outrageousness of what these men do, and just say they are sorry I’ve know a bad one or a “handful” of bad ones. I ask them to refer me to one who isn’t and they don’t respond. But their main other excuse for the worst oppressiveness of these men, like the one fetishizing disability, is to say, “Oh that one is clearly mentally ill.” So it’s become a way for many women to excuse them. Here, we recognize the extent of their narcissism, but it gets to where we could say they ALL are mentally ill. Yes, and perhaps the vast majority of males who rape and otherwise sexually assault girls and women are too, but what does that really mean when we’re talking about the majority, or all of the population? “Mentally ill” for many men is just normal male.
    My concern is that how dangerous men who appropriate our identity never be forgotten or dismissed based on “mental illness.” I certainly have seen the fads also.

  23. This is from “Seamus'” LiveJournal that Gallus linked to above:
    “I am twenty years old, come from a fairly dysfunctional family, and am now reasonably happily hitched to an absolutely wonderful man (of whom my family resolutely disapproves of, to my exasperation and woe!).” – that’s from the profile section. But then later, this is posted:
    “The constant fighting wears on my nerves. I am not sure what to do about the situation that I find myself in: namely, that my current partner is abusive and childish. I do not wish to resort to such futile methods myself, nor do I want to feel the constant strain of being under his thumb, scared stiff of his temper. I must, at all times and places, counteract his bad influence with positive and loving self-talk. His opinion of me, no matter how much I may strive for his positive affections, must not dictate how I see myself.”
    “He seems instead to care mostly about conversing with his friends online–even though they are not true friends, would not help him in an hour of need, and seek only a brief fellow conversant in their shared interest….The manner in which he screamed at me, like a man truly out of control of his temper, was frightening. I do not deserve to be screamed at. It frightened me….He deliberately causes other people pain. I will not be party to it! I will not be quiet and hold my head down. I will tell anyone, everyone who will listen, ‘This is not a man, this is an abuser.’ Men, real men, do not scream and rant like little children.
    I will be a man. It does not matter whether the same is true of him.”
    Okay. This whole situation is all KINDS of fucked up. But please, trans people, go ahead and defend this dirty old pervert brainwashing an obviously mentally ill young woman into being his tool – like you’re doing at HuffPo. Because you’re so bound and determined to defend ANY and ALL wackos who use the descriptor “trans,” that you can’t even be bothered to find out exactly who it is you’re defending. There’s intellectual laziness, and then there’s aiding and abetting an abuser.
    But we all know we’ll hear nothing but crickets from the usual trans posters.
    Thanks, Gallus, for bringing this whole clusterfuck to light.

  24. UPDATES:
    “JOHNSTOWN, Pa. — Federal agents raided the house of the Cambria County couple in the middle of the Pitt bomb threat investigation Wednesday night.
    Seamus Johnston and Katherine McCloskey said authorities stormed into their home near Johnstown, gave them a copy of a search warrant and took a variety of items.
    Johnston and McCloskey said the agents confiscated a laptop, a desk top computer, some CDs, a router and cable modem.
    The transgendered couple claims they are being targeted because of an ongoing dispute with University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown.
    “There’s no evidence or any association with any of those bomb threats because I had nothing to do with them,” Johnston said.
    “Every dime they spend chasing us is a dime they’re not spending finding the person who really did it,” McCloskey said.
    The U.S. attorney’s office has not commented on the raid.
    Johnston and McCloskey have not been formally charged with any crime but are scheduled to appear at a hearing before a federal judge next week.”
    News Video at the above link.

    1. “Every dime they spend chasing us is a dime they’re not spending finding the person who really did it”
      Except looks to me as if they’re doing what any reasonable investigation WOULD do — looking at anyone who has some sort of dispute with the university, and checking their computers, whether that be sacked employees, or expelled former students.
      So, if they didn’t do anything, they won’t find anything on their ‘puters.
      They’re not being ‘targetted cos they’re trans’, which is what I think they’re desperately trying to imply, cos any publicity they can drum up is good publicity…………….

      Did anyone else see that shitstorm of a home but me in that video????
      It was like a “after” shot of a HOARDERS episode! I mean… they got rid of the dead skeletan cat, but it still reeks of cat piss!!
      And why don’t they have tables and chairs???
      And where is the FUCKING 9ft. sword????

      1. Yeah, it’s all pretty darn strange. I feel really bad for the young woman’s parents. This must be very stressful for them.

  25. Sorry, probably stating the totally obvious there, maybe I’ve got TOO used to sites where even obvious things (like females unique biology and penises NOT being female organs) have to be spelt out again and again and again, until you think that your brain is coming out your ears, and nothing is ever going to make sense ever again, so you might as well just give yourself to the trans-borg and be assimilated……………………..

    1. Isn’t it a sad state of affairs when we have to apologize for our sanity, and the dominoes are falling all around us? Assimilated is a perfect word for it. (Just close your eyes, relax, you’ll feel much better….)
      Still, I think of having to explain “ladystick” to my NRA-lovin’ brother, imagine the wth look on his face, and know I’ll be in agreement with him, which just makes me more confused.

  26. SSI for gender identity disorder? You gotta be kidding me. It’s no wonder this country is in the shape it’s in.

  27. Jim, I was thinking the exact same thing. How the hell was THAT allowed?! We really need to revamp what people are allowed to claim as disability.

    1. Maybe I should claim “born female in a sexist patriarchy” as a “disabling condition” and get SSI payments, too? Goddess knows it’s been a hard, hard slog trying to support myself through multiple sexual harassment situations, sex-discrimination in compensation, male co-workers refusing to just “talk shop” with me and share information with me the way they do with their male buddies, being over-looked for promotions because I’m missing that all-important “scientist appendage” that male scientists have between their legs, etc. I want back-pay from SSI too, to make up for getting a fraction of the normal male wage for 80% of my career — until I learned the power of lying to get fair compensation. (Hint: They have no legal right to ask you what you made at your last job. Find out what the prevailing male wage is for your position and USE THAT to leverage yourself into parity compensation.)

  28. Jim and Ashland, I was thinking that as well. However, from the further information about this person, it’s clear she is mentally unstable beyond issues with gender. So, maybe that wasn’t the actual reason for her being on SSI.
    Also, I am quite sure we have readers who use various fragmented mental states as a coping strategy. I have no idea if the female in this article actually uses DID to cope, but we should know that there are women who report that they do.
    That said, coping mechanisms vary depending on what is acceptable in a specific time and place. Right now, trans genderism is a very popular way for some females to express their own misogyny and/or anger at being born female. This wasn’t the case just 20 or 30 years ago. I’m sure another coping mechanism will be popular in another 20 or 30 years. Unless we address the root causes of hatred of one’s sex, females will continue to find ways to take it out on themselves.

  29. UPDATE:
    A second warrant and second search of the McCloskey/Ross and Johnston home was carried out by the FBI on Friday 4/20/2012
    “A Cambria County couple intertwined in the University of Pittsburgh bomb threat investigation said FBI agents and police officers with a search warrant seized items from their home for a second time this week, taking handwritten notes, educational records, drafts of a lawsuit and a cell phone on Friday.”
    Sunday 4/22:
    “A group calling itself the “Threateners” says that it has stopped its bomb threats against the University of Pittsburgh because university officials have met its only demand, which was to withdraw the university’s offer of a $50,000 reward for information about the bomb threats.
    The group made its statement in an open letter to the Pitt Chancellor Mark Nordenberg that was emailed late Saturday to the opinion page of the Pitt News. Pitt officials could not be reached for comment on the group’s announcement.
    In its letter to the Pitt News, the group said its campaign involved only emails throughout a three-week period, beginning around March 30. The group said it was not responsible for any of the handwritten bomb threats that appeared in bathrooms.”

  30. My next comment is directed at the article itself, not a reply to any other comments.

    McCloskey, (who describes himself thusly :
    “Interests: My faith …

    And thereupon Gabe goes on to expound on all his accomplishments: degrees, experiences, et c.
    Most of you reading this surely have already picked up on the fact that it’s all bogus. Nonetheless here are some things to point out for those who (bless your kind hearts and open minds) have not yet dismissed Gabe as wacky.
    He doesn’t name any of the universities (but in one of the recent news stories it was said he is a UPJ alumnus.) He does not list his “elected offices”. None of those claims can be verified, and given the public nature of some of them, they should be verifiable.
    He has thrown in his lot with the workers of the world, except for one part of it: the part where actual *work* is done. As far as we know he has never held a real job. Frankly, we do not believe he is capable of it.
    We suspect that he receives some kind of disability stipend or a pension from a previous wife, who, he said, was a teacher who died as a result of a head injury she received from a student.
    A Susan P. Ross, 1948-2006, of Cambria County, PA, is found in public Social Security Death Index records. That, and that she may have been in socialist activities, is all we can say for sure. Anything else in the blog post about her is suspect.
    Note that this time, Gabe was younger than his bride. Not an absurd age gap like with Jaime, but it might have been significant, depending how young he was when they were married.
    TBH there were numerous warning signs that caused us great worry about Jaime’s physical safety with the red giant. Perhaps Susan’s head injury came about in a domestic dispute, and Gabe made up a story? We have seen, above, that Gabe has a gift for writing fiction. And in Jaime’s blog, Gabe’s temper (which we have seen firsthand) is described.
    No — not an accusation. We were not there; all we know is what we were told and what we can Google. But parents do worry about “adult” children, especially in cases like this. Wouldn’t you?
    Another significant point in Jaime’s blog post is that she feels trapped with Gabe until she can graduate. Getting her expelled from the university worked well to suit his interests. We don’t know why she feels so trapped, but as long as Gabe has her convinced of that, she is.

    1. I hope this young woman can break free and recover. I fear that the whole “trans” fad/cult has ensnared quite a few young folks with serious mental health issues. They need society’s help and support to heal, not to be enabled in their delusions. It’s very worrying.

  31. @Rose, thanks for your comments.
    A student group at the University of Pittsburgh has filed a complaint over the school’s treatment of transgender students.
    The Rainbow Alliance filed the complaint on Wednesday with the city’s Commission on Human Relations.
    The group represents gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people at the school.
    It said the Pitt policy requiring transgender students to use bathrooms, locker rooms and other facilities that match the sex listed on their birth certificate is “extremely regressive” and unsafe, putting such students at increased risk of violence and harassment.
    … ”
    [Italics added]
    Uh, right. Which lesbians would want to share a shower with Gabe? How about a show of hands, ladies? Hmmm? None? Perhaps this “group” needs to talk to its constituency a bit more.
    What sort of “violence and harassment” would come of sex-segregated bathroom facilities?
    It’s all insane! Do they think before writing this stuff?

    1. You’re right, Mort. Lesbians in the group don’t count. Why bother asking lesbians about showering with Gabe? LOL. (Great point.)
      That’s because we all (should) know by now that LGBTQ groups aren’t for lesbians, they are for all the males in them (bio-males.)

  32. Hi gang. Sorry to keep commenting on this old story, but there is new information out there.
    First, I noticed that a blog Gabe made has misspelled “apartheid”: — the misspelling is in the URL/hostname, not in the “content” of the abandoned site.
    So for grins, I looked at (with “apartheid” spelled correctly in the hostname.) Lo and behold, Gabe has another, uh, follower. (Follower in that s/he seems to be faithfully following the story, that is.)
    That led to another blog which is pure insanity: … yikes. I will tell you this, ladies and gentlemen and semi/pretend-ladies and gentlemen also: I sure as heck would not want Aunt Katie as my lawyer!
    The worst page was apparently removed before I saw it, and is reposted at . Wow. What jumped out at me was point 2:
    “2) I believe the defendant in the matter at bar incapable of effectively defending himself in court nor of giving effective aid to counsel. …”
    Sounds to me like a case of mind control (continually tell her she is incapable until she believes it) and jealousy about her getting all the attention. But this is interesting in that Gabe went on record to say it! (I presume that if he did file this motion in her criminal case, it can be verified.)
    Poor Jaime “Seamus” Johnston is going to jail for sure, both for contempt in the Federal grand jury case (hearing will be on May 22 if any of you Burghers want to see a circus), and in the UPJ criminal charges. That one is going to trial on May 31, perhaps unless she’s already in jail for Federal contempt.
    Look for this in the Pgh and Johnstown local news sources on those dates.

    1. Here is a quote from the UPJ Gender Apartheid link:::
      23) Finally and most importantly I do aver that I assisted Seamus Johnston before during and after his alleged Defiant Trespass. I should then be named an accessory and stand in the dock with my spouse and comrade Seamus Johnston. I belief Seamus is the Rosa Parks of the Transgender movement .
      Complete INSANITY!
      The FBI is reading this… I know they are laughing HYSTERICALLY.

  33. After numerous delays, the trial is scheduled for June 6. Jaime a/k/a “Seamus” is trying to raise money for defense / offense (a lawsuit) and fines:
    Note: this is for the Cambria County charges for indecent exposure. None were ever filed in regard to the bomb threats. There were charges of contempt of grand jury, but that was a different matter. I don’t know how that came out, nor if it is settled, for that matter. I assume it is, because she does not mention it in her video on the above page.

    1. The “Rosa Parks of the TG movement” copped a plea:
      From the newspaper article:
      “My attorney persuaded me that I was not likely to find a sensitive jury for this issue,” Johnston said outside the courtroom following his plea and immediate sentencing.
      I am taking that as a good sign. Maybe deep down she knows she was in the wrong. People like Susan B. Anthony, Martin Luther King, Jr., Emma Goldman, and Nelson Mandela who were arrested and convicted while fighting for equal rights did NOT cop a plea. She talks the talk about following their noble examples, but she does not walk the walk.
      Jail’s no fun, and making headlines in jail is little consolation when you’re put in solitary and can’t read/watch the news. Whatever the jail would do would be a problem for them. No way they could put a petite F2T in a cell with possibly violent males, and she would also be a problem in a cell with women.
      I bet that’s why the prosecution was willing to make a nice plea deal. Nice for Jaime because she’s not going to be registered as a sex offender for the rest of her life, at least not this time. The $150 cost was far less than a criminal defense.

      1. I suspect the local pitt “trans community” knows more than us (or the Feds) about wtf was going on there- and ran like hell against involvement in her case.

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