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  1. Could they have made this any simpler for me? Christ.
    Here goes:
    Chromosomal configuration: as the presence or absence of the Y chromosome is what dictates the presence or absence of male characteristics, I’d say it has, oh, just a little bit of “meaningfulness in everyday life”, wouldn’t you? Maybe you skipped over that paragraph in Wikipedia, so I’ll let this one slide. Let’s move on to the rest!
    Genital configuration: “for intercourse, potentially high”. Potentially? Having a uterus during intercourse (read: PIV for 99% of females) “potentially” has some meaningfulness in everyday life? And that this potential meaningfulness has no bearing on any other area of a female’s life? Mmm…sure you want to keep this in here? But do go on…
    Gametes: Again, “Depends: for reproduction, potentially high; otherwise, zero”. I see what you did here! How astute of you, to make sure that your phrasing follows a pattern that minimizes all the pesky little facts that don’t fit so well into your Grand Scheme of the Universe! The things people could learn from you…
    Secondary sex characteristics: Oh, you seem to really like these! You know where they come from, right? (Hint: it’s listed above! Good thing you’re so thorough!) Now, you also might want to mention why these things have so much “meaningfulness” in everyday life, especially since you described intercourse and reproduction as being relatively “meaningless” above. It just makes it look like all you care about are appearances at the expense of critical analysis if you don’t. (Psst: some people will think that makes you a petty, vain person and will question the credibility of anything you write about this subject! And that’s a big no-no for a big boy like you!)
    Finally, one small but important piece of advice!
    Find “cis”.
    Replace with “actual”.
    Oh, you’re quite welcome.

    1. For “cis” I will accept:
      – actual
      – real
      – natural-born
      Or just a nice chunk of nothing, because after all, the word “woman” already has a meaning in the English language and needs no trans-fuckery: female human being.
      Ditto man=male.

  2. OK, I gotta hand it to ’em, someone has taken a lot of time to prove they know how to use their MS Office Suite programs. They haven’t proven anything else, but they got them some computer skills down. Still, no fancy bar graph, throw in a pie chart, maybe a little color text for emphasis. Them thar pie charts is what proves it’s real scientificky. I once seem me one of them pie charts that PROVES that the dinosaurs was on the Earth same time as the T-rexxy dinosaur, so’s I knows its true. Halleleiua

  3. For those of you who don’t recall the tale of T-rexxy, it’s the story of the first tranz dinosaur. He painted his lips and his nails with the blood of his last meal, told everyone to address him henceforth as “Rexxy” had DIE CIS DINOSCUM tattooed on his ass and insisted he be allowed to live with a herd of herbivores, and they lived happily ever after. It’s in the Bible, DUHhhh. I’m thinking of illustrating a childrens book. It will be in the children’s section of the library next to my other titles, [Tobi the Queer Pterodactyl] and my first publication, [BDSM for Toddlers: Kitty Gets Tied Up].
    Look for it on shelves in mid-July.
    (See, I can make shit up too)

  4. It occurs to me that the “Meaningfulness in everyday life” column is generally true, for MALES. Because not only is their biology the default (therefore not really “meaningful” since it’s accepted as normal/typical human rather than specifically male) but that PREGNANCY is probably the most MEANINGFUL sexed experience a human (of either sex or intersex) can have. But that’s an experience that only FEMALES have. So therefore it doesn’t matter. According to this chart. Ooops, transfolks, your MALE privilege is showing again.

    1. Yeah, he really tips his hand when he rates the “meaningfulness in everyday life” of “vulva, vagina, clitoris, uterus” as being only meaningful “for intercourse, potentially high”.
      My uterus was pretty damn meaningful to me when I was pregnant. My uterus, vagina and vulva have been important to me at each period — thirteen a year for four decades or so. My vulva is meaningful to me when I lie at rest, cupping it with my hand, feeling the soft warmth of it as I fall asleep. My vagina is pretty darn meaningful to me when I or someone I love and trust is stimulating my “g” spot sans “intercourse”. My clitoris is pretty darn meaningful to me when I’m riding a horse or just leaning against the dryer waiting for the cycle to end! LOL
      I guess if you’re a dude, you can’t possibly understand what it feels like to have active, juicy, thriving, throbbing, bleeding, contracting, LIVING female reproductive organs every minute of every day for your entire life.
      Our organs only exist for them during “intercourse”.

  5. “It occurs to me that the “Meaningfulness in everyday life” column is generally true, for MALES.”
    Yes, and it is particularly striking that the things they do consider meaningful are actually a range of characteristics where there is actually a lot of overlap – body hair etc, as opposed to actual possesion of an actual uterus at birth that results in actual physical consequences.
    Their concept of meaningful is only how much those things impose on their fantasies.

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