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Young Teezy commented on More Cotton Ceiling Lesbian-Bashing from the Trans Community
I’d say Gullus Mag does have a “special kind of fan”, I’m surprisingly happy to be one of them. I love your call-sign by the way. It’s very appropriate.
I’ve prepared a speech, might as well leave it here.
Nobody asked for it, and I know my opinion is worth a satchel full of wooden nickels, but I’m giving it anyway. Male entitlement I guess haHA!!
I’m pre-everything M2T. In trying to educate myself on this vomit inducing spectacle we’re all ironically calling the “gender debate” I trudged through all the familiar trans blogs. I was brought here over some mass produced outrage over the great MICH fest debacle. This is my first experience with radical feminism.
At first GM, I thought you were throwing around a bunch of low blows….until I started reading your comments section. This is a nasty piece of work. I do understand where you are coming from though.
We had a TG truck driver in my neck of the prairie rampage all over the woman’s rest room with all the grace and suitably of a rogue elephant. She (giving her the pronoun) terrified a bunch of older women and received a free ass chewing for it by the truck stop’s restaurant manager. I thought the manager was awesome, and had great respect for her; however, hearing the firsthand account my first reaction was “oh, that’s a shame”. NOPE! Lesson learned.
This one time in middle school I threw a girl into a locker. I can’t even remember what it was about. All I recall is I reached deep, found something ugly inside me and rolled with the impulse. Even though we became friends years later, it’s haunted me ever since. That, and a few instances of coercive tactics before I realized that if I’m not attracted to woman anyway, I should “come out” and leave them alone.
I’m stained, and I try so hard to be decent, peace loving person. Based on my experiences I think it’s a crying shame the RadFem position isn’t getting the respect and air-time it so truly deserves. Not like I believe you or anyone else has “a complete grasp of the UNIVERSAL TRUTH”, I don’t think anyone does. However, much of what you say resonates with me.
Is my team seriously blaming you all for anti-trans violence? Like the dudes I work with are reading Transsexual Empire to form their “educated opinions”. That’s funny as hell. Histrionics, melodrama , and threats/actions of violence is no way to respond to an intellectual debate. As far as I’m concerned if someone has a cache of bright and shiny reasons why the Trans community needs to take a long hard look at itself, you don’t get the RIGHT to brush it aside as simple transphobia. Here I expected civility and common decency; maybe you are right …I AM the delusional one. Something reeks on this blog, the stench isn’t coming from the articles you post.
Who decided we should be feminizing/masculinizing the little children? I wish I wasn’t doing this at 32, but give them TIME to decide for themselves. WTF!
Shouldn’t we be fighting for our own stuff, not resources that are going to woman’s needs? Does showing up at the party late in life really entitle me to “go over to your house, track mud all over your carpet, and pass out on your couch”? Can someone PLEASE explain this whole cotton-ceiling thing in a way that doesn’t make my future community (giving them the benefit of the doubt that their intentions might be as pure as the driven snow) not sound utterly incompetent AT BEST? Do folks really believe we’re “more persecuted” than WBW just because there is less of us? That’s funny stuff considering I have to read about a mother’s death every time I open my web-browser.
Do we really need to be in EVERY WBW competition? Is THAT what’s going to make people take us seriously? Who thought this cis-gender crap was a good idea? It makes everyone else sound like villains from Star Wars. If you’re not Jedi M2F/F2M, your Sith Lord gender.
My life-long best friend transitioned last year, she tows the party line like it was some kind of mental to-do list. Frankly, her calling herself a “radical feminist” makes my eye balls itch.
It really frosts my ass when trans people show up here and rant. Honestly, leave GM alone. The sign on the front door told you this wasn’t going to be a happy place for you. You’re not going to change any hearts or minds here so stay off the grass. It seems to me like this discussion FOR a group of people/ ABOUT the life experiences of a group of people is happening in a trench, it is a crying shame.
I’d say it’s a tragedy, A TRAGEDY, that I’ve trundled my happy carcass all over this three ring circus and the two bloggers I come out of it with mad respect for are GM and Cathy B. I’ve missed two therapy sessions, not because I’ve come to see my intentions in wanting to transition is” morally bankrupt” or whatever, but because this stupid us versus them war is giving me an ulcer. LITERALLY! Not to mention I think we’re picking a fight with the wrong people. “Just kill yourself” is a standard internet rebuttal, and I know we’re all supposed to act like jerks over the internet, but I really don’t think we want our dirty laundry aired publicly on this matter. GM probably has a novel worth of shitty behavior, I have a real fear it could come back to haunt us. Not everybody has to like you, get over it, buy a puppy. I’ve found thousands of sites that cater to our community, stay there.
Like I said before, I know expecting my opinion to carry weight with a radical lesbian feminist is an exercise in hilarity. But I think you have a damn nice blog here GM. It’s given me a lot to think about, and I dare say I’ve been challenged, and have grown as a person because of it. I think the work you do here is necessary, and I hate the fact you’ve taken unnecessary heat for it. Who knows, me wishing you a long and happy life might be an exciting change of pace. Have a great day!

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  1. Reblogged this on Living Kallmann’s Syndrome and commented:
    Now if their were more Trans people like Young Teezy who can stand up and tell Transgender people to back off and stay the hell out of Women, lesbian and intersex community. I am more happy for it. It’s why we need more people like Young Teezy to tell off the militant, extremist trans to back off and stay on their side of the fence.

  2. I’m happy to see that even some trans people disagree with the treatment of females and lesbians. I missed this during the whole cotton ceiling nightmare. It’s so sad the hatemongers in the trans community give them a bad name.

  3. Thank you for your consideration GM.
    Back when I was still angry over this blog I went looking for a second opinion.
    My ex girlfriend was Wiccan, and although I don’t practice it, I’m a big fan of the tenet “as you harm no one, do as you will.” Come to find out an incident occurred where an elder was performing a ritual celebrating the female reproductive cycle. The transgender pagans where throwing a hissy fit because they weren’t invited for….oh you know…all the obvious reasons. I’m like people, you know I love you, COME ON!
    I can look out my window and see the last place a gay man was bare fistedly pummeled off the mortal coil. My therapist knocked me ass over tea kettle when he told me we actually has a Ts person living here. The only butch lesbian I knew, we talked about Final Fantasy and Japanese animation while we were putting away Christmas lights in the seasonal department.
    If we scream trans phobia every time our feelings get hurt it’s going to be like the boy who cried wolf. Even the people who support us are going to be deafened by the sound. It’s sure not going to do any favors for someone like me in Rural American Hell that stands a very real chance of ending up dead in field somewhere.

  4. Now trans are writing whining attacking articles on the legacy of Adrienne Rich. Why are non-lesbians invited to lesbian blogs to write articles about ground breaking radical lesbian feminist genius like Rich? All their work gets thrown under the bus, and they are attacked as “transphobic” when the body of their work was about the liberation of women? When famous lesbians die, then the trans lobby goes after them, bans their work from “gender studies” classes, and the erasure tactics of patriarchy go up a notch. This is what trans is doing, this is why they are not allies of lesbians and women. It is the male mind destroying us from within, and it has got to stop.

  5. We need to revisit the fable of the wolves in sheep’s clothing… the ultimate gaslighting of born women everywhere.

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