Reinforce the Cotton Ceiling

Reinforce the Cotton Ceiling:
“Apparently, there are some “trans women” who feel that they are entitled to sex with natural-born women. It make them very angry, frustrated and…well…angry that lesbians don’t want to have sex with them. This is all rooted in their firmly-held belief that — despite their male bodies, male DNA, male genitalia, etc. — they are REAL women and REAL lesbians. Ergo, any natural-born female who is a lesbian OUGHT to want to have sex with them.
These “trans women” look in their mirror and say, “I’m pretty, I’m a woman, I’m a lesbian, I want to have sex with THEM, why oh why won’t they have sex with me?”
If they bother to ask the question out loud (or on-line) to a natural-born female lesbian, she will say (of course) in so many words: “I’m a lesbian. I don’t have sex with men.”
This (of course) holds a HUGE mirror up in the faces of “trans women”. Simply by saying, “I’m a lesbian. I don’t have sex with men.” lesbians are also saying:
1) I don’t buy in to the myth that you are a REAL woman;
2) I don’t buy in to the myth that you are a REAL lesbian;
3) I don’t find your MALE body sexually attractive — at all — because I’m not sexually attracted to men; and
4) My sexual attraction to women is unassailable. There is nothing you can say, nothing you can do, no amount of surgery, make-up, elocution lessons, hormones, shoes, clothes, electrolysis, whatever that will change you into a person I would consider having sex with because…I’m a lesbian and you’re a man.
Men don’t like unassailable women. Unassailable women piss them off.
So. If you Google “the cotton ceiling” you’ll discover that some “trans women” ignited a storm of criticism directed at the Toronto branch of Planned Parenthood by organizing a workshop designed to teach other “trans women” how to “overcome the cotton ceiling” — with “the cotton ceiling” being lesbian panties (how rape-y is that?) — and the workshop (exclusively for males who identify as “trans women” who want to have sex with real women)  took place anyway, despite quite a bit of feminist objection and the VERY dim view that psychologically healthy women take of Planned Parenthood enabling workshops to teach men strategies for “overcoming” the sexual preference of lesbians.
The usual level of discourse one expects from “trans women” followed (lying about what really happened, death threats, violent hate-speech against feminists, histrionics about being The Most Oppressed Women On Earth, yada-yada) and here we are.
I recommend that every natural-born woman carefully examine the record of this entire debacle. I think any intelligent reader of the public (on-line) record will be left with little doubt that “trans women” as a group have never been and will never be allies, supporters or appropriate bed-partners for women. Whatever in the heck is wrong with these people (!) they are rendered incapable of seeing the truth:

However much they obsess about women, they will never, ever understand women and they will never, ever BE women.”

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  1. Reblogged this on Living Kallmann’s Syndrome and commented:
    This is so true and this is why Intersex people need to stand up and support women’s right to her anatomy and tell Trans people to get the hell out of women’s space. Intersex people need to stand up and support women’s right to her anatomy. They got my support and backing.

  2. More reasons to reinforce the cotton ceiling, from the Tumblr trans army, surely the most insufferable bunch of drama queens ever:

    “Dear Cis Rad-fems,
    Every one lost is your responsibility.
    Every life we lose due to racism and cissexism will sit in your heart like a stone.
    Every light that goes out will leave a hole in your spirit.
    Every drop of blood will be on your hands.
    Every lost year, every wasted potential, every single one hangs above your head like a perpetual storm cloud.
    Until the day you stop advocating that trans* people disappear, and start seeing them as human beings deserving of compassion and basic fucking humanity, until the day you start acknowledging how your precious advances were created through abusing the bodies of women of color, cis and trans*
    The spirits of the dead, abused and dying will haunt you, your movement and your legacy.
    We will etch their names into your monuments, and their faces onto your words. Its the least they deserve, with those monuments and words being built on their bones. We will not bear the burden of their memories alone, because the responsibility for their absence is yours.
    [Inserted is a list of people they consider trans, including Larry King (!) and Brandon Teena, all of whom were probably murdered by men.]
    Know that there are thousands more, enough names to obscure every word that you ever generate about who is or is not a woman and what choices they should make. This list is not exhaustive, and does not even begin to compile the deaths by suicide, medical negligence, medical experimentation and extreme poverty for which you and your heroes are directly responsible.
    You get to say “I didn’t know” once. This is your chance. You have been informed.
    Beat us down all you wish. Lie about us if it makes you happy. We exist, and your actions will be seen.”
    Why do they have such a hard-on to exonerate male violence and blame it on females? I wondered if it’s because they hate women for being born in the bodies they wish they had, but then 80% of them are defiantly packing dick. It must just be the existence of unassailable women, as RoseVerbena writes above.
    It must make white MTFs extra hard to claim the suffering of women of color as their own. I think the blogger is a POC, but many of the rebloggers are the usual white suspects.
    It’s amazing. We don’t want penised persons in our restrooms and other female spaces, so we’re responsible for every murdered trans person?

    1. Rephrase:
      Dear Radfems
      Every time a MAN kills someone, we’re going to blame you WOMEN.
      The End.
      Oh Forgodsake, women have been the scapegoats for men’s crimes for thousands of years. Battered women are blamed for making their husband hit/kill them, raped women are blamed for…well, men raping them, and now we have feminists being blamed for MEN killing OTHER MEN.
      Why do M2Ts think we’re going to bat an eyelid at the fact that they (men) are— YET AGAIN— doing what they’ve done since time immemorial?
      I DARE M2Ts to surprise me. So far it’s a poor show all round.

      1. “Every time a MAN kills someone, we’re going to blame you WOMEN.”
        I guess that makes perfect sense inside the twisting, turning mind-maze that is “trans”.

    2. Every one lost is your responsibility.
      They will never blame men. They are too conformist to do that. Their goal is to fit in and become extinguished as an individual, instead morphing into a role and being dissolved by it, seeing as being themselves would be too agonizing. Because they are a role and nothing else we radical feminists threaten their existence by wanting sex roles to be abolished. At the same time, they all must be extremely privileged to completely gloss over who the real threat is: men. It’s thinkable that their ideology and mental illness are so overwhelming that they are unable to actually see beyond them.
      I have no idea, trans. If you destroy us what will happen? Nothing, nothing at all. Men will still kill and rape you. Keep on living the dream of a perfect world without radical feminism where you will probably have to work very hard to find the next scapegoat.

      1. hahahaha! Yes, M2Ts are apparently so thick that they don’T realiset hat if/when they do manage to achieve their dream of “breaking”/”extinguishing”/eliminating/killing? every single radfem in existence, men would STILL carry on killing other men, including them.

    3. OH JESUS MARY AND JOSEPH AND ALL THE SAINTS this melodrama is killllllllling meeee OMGOMGOMG!!! See this is PROOF they are TRYING TO KILL US OFF ONE BY ONE LOOK LOOK LOOK!!
      Radical feminists simply do not have the political power to enforce the kinds of things they’re talking about (which aren’t even a part of our agenda in the first place). WE aren’t the ones who want to kill anybody. MEN, however, DO. Particularly religious conservative men. Where’s the harsh words for them? Hmm? Just more convenient to shit all over us for the time being? Not a great strategy at all if they *really* want to effect change, as WE ARE NOT the cause of their problems.
      Their primary concern really does seem to be controlling women, not improving the quality of transpeople’s lives. Which happens to mean they have a lot in common with…religious conservative men! Funny, that…

    4. Lol, tumblr trans people have thrown melodramatic statements like these at every woman who won’t agree with everything they say. Yes, not indulging the delusion that females rejecting males sexually is “oppressive” is definitely the same as saying you should be killed. Yet all the violent threats are coming from those on the trans end. The hysterics are unbelievable.
      Also, the cottonceiling is back! Well, I assume it’s the same person anyway. She’s a radfem of color so it’s great having her around. Mindless white trans defenders love pretending that everyone who doesn’t agree with the patriarchal pomo bull is white, so they can discredit them entirely by saying they’re racist, when in fact several of us in this small group are minorities. So fucking racist, using us since they don’t have a real argument. Yet they think they’re progressive.
      And blaming women is cowardice. They know women at most will hurt their precious feelings while men will actually kill them, so they attack females. It’s disgusting but they silence everything with “transphobia.”

      1. “She’s a radfem of color so it’s great having her around. Mindless white trans defenders love pretending that everyone who doesn’t agree with the patriarchal pomo bull is white, so they can discredit them entirely by saying they’re racist, ”
        I don’t get the racist part at all.
        Like being a racist would make your argument *on some totally different issue* invalid.
        Newsflash: it does not.
        Racists can have perfectly valid opinions on race-unrelated issues.
        I don’t care if people call me racist in some totally unrelated discussion (like, a discussion about transsexuals). It simply has nothing to do with it, and only shows their idiocy and lack of arguments. I do not have to prove I’m not racist. By doing so, you are giving in to their methods of derailing the original discussion.

  3. Yes, the irony is that radical feminists who do not support the trans cult are still the women who are on the front lines of fighting the male power structure which ultimately would protect these men who appropriate our identity. But they don’t care. It’s all about bullying and trying to force us against our will. Yes, blaming us for male crimes. (And how many of these trannies once beat or even killed trannies when they were posturing as regular het men, because we know some did do that? How many raped girls and women? How many still do?)
    None of it matters. The truth doesn’t matter. We should just betray ourselves and other women and Lesbians, which is after all what women are supposed to do in patriarchy. We should just obey the men once again, making them far more important than our own lives, the lives of the women and Lesbians we love, the communities we have created and fought for. No, let’s just obey and put men first like most women do. How dare we not?
    But they don’t explain really why we should…. why we should betray the truth, our own hearts and bodies and each other on their behalf — on the behalf of men who call us “fish” and belittle our intricate vulvas as just fuck-hole vaginas — the men who threaten to cut off our clitorises and rape us and then kill us. Why are we expected to owe our obvious misogynist enemy? Why?
    I have never said yes to them, and I never will. Come to rape and kill me and those I love and see what happens….

    1. There is a good possibility they are getting public funding for “TWATFest for Men”. This is Canada. It would probably be municipal funding, but may be provincial, and may be taking place in some site that receives public funding.

  4. ‘ for bullying and manipulating lesbians into having sex with male-bodied trans women’
    How does that even work? When clubbing you can avoid an obvious transwoman. I can imagine going home with one anyway because you’ve had a few to many and couldn’t tell the difference in the dark club but once you find out about the dick (which on me would have the effect of a bucket of icecold water) you can always leave. Just because they’re trans doesn’t mean they’re violent people. Hurting someone’s feelings is never pleasant though and I would feel bad about that afterwards but pity isn’t exactly an afrodisiac. By the way, I have no problem treating M2T’s as ordinary women in every day life. I just don’t perceive them as female on a personal level. Don’t perceive them as male either. More like a merge of two genders and that’s just not my cup of tea as relationship material.

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