More Cotton Ceiling Lesbian-Bashing from the Trans Community

Another long-ass homophobic screed from blogger Natalie Reed, ‘splaining to the ladies how lesbians are transphobic for eschewing the peen. Some excerpts:
“The refusal of lesbians to consider us viable sexual partners, or their seeing intimacy with us as somehow a threat to their lesbian identification (I had a #FunWithSearchTerms the other day asking “what do you call a lesbian who’s attracted to both women and trans women?”) is to ultimately, when it comes to staking your own identification upon how you conceive of our gender, to walk your talk, assert that beneath whatever lip-service you’ve paid to the legitimacy of our identity you simply don’t really regard us as women. At least not fully so.”
“And to be honest, saying as a blanket statement that you have no interest in sleeping with any [male bodied] trans women ever IS a transphobic statement. As I’ve talked about before, there really isn’t any universal or consistent outward trait common to all trans women [except for being male-sexed]. Logically, one can’t possibly experience a basic [Lesbian] sexual attraction to cis women but not trans women, at least not while claiming that supposed lack of attraction has anything to do with trans women and trans bodies. It’s about how you perceive trans women. What you’re “not attracted to” is women you KNOW are [male-bodied] trans, the IDEA of trans women, the CONCEPT. Which is inherently tied into cultural perceptions. You’d have the same reaction to a cis woman claiming to be trans as you would to an actual trans woman. It’s about your perceptions, not our [male] bodies.”
“ [Lesbian] sexuality does not occur in a vacuum.”
“Discussing the ways that [Lesbian] sexual orientation can often be fixed and immutable, that you can’t, for instance, “cure” someone of being gay or lesbian, has been an extremely important step in working towards acceptance of sexual variance. But that does not and should not mean that [Lesbian] sexuality is suddenly sacrosanct and off-limits for discussion. That does not mean everything about an individual’s [Lesbian] sexuality is suddenly unassailable, off-limits for discussion, “just the way it is”, not to be questioned or critiqued or thought about.”
“Some aspects of [Lesbian] sexuality probably are innate, “Born This Way”. But a whole lot more of it is socio-culturally mediated. How cultural attitudes play out in [Lesbian] sexuality is not something that needs to be protected from discussion, and given the fact that this often has real, actual consequences (such as perpetuating the oppression, alienation and dehumanization of trans women), it is something that needs to discussed.”
“The fact that simply trying to broach the subject of the cotton ceiling is something met with such a considerable degree of hostility and opposition is itself pretty strong proof that the cotton ceiling is in fact a real phenomenon that is actually limiting how trans women are conceived and talked about in the queer community.”

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  1. More TL; DR pomo jizz that only demonstrates their inability to take NO for an answer.
    “As I’ve talked about before, there really isn’t any universal or consistent outward trait common to all trans women.”
    Except for the fact that they either have cocks or the butchered remains of male genitals that do not in any way resemble female genitalia. Lesbians find butterflied and tacked back penises icky because they are icky.
    “Logically, one can’t possibly experience a basic sexual attraction to cis women but not trans women, at least not while claiming that supposed lack of attraction has anything to do with trans women and trans bodies.”
    Logically, a bowl of soup has more common sense than any transbian I’ve ever seen.
    They’ll never quit, because they are not on speaking terms with reality in the first place. Like I said on the other thread, I don’t think the majority of het women are going to be as nice as the funfems as transbians ramp up their assault on science and reality. Good luck, dudes. You’re going to need it.

  2. The best part is where Natalie says she is attracted to guys, but wouldn’t date a trans man, but that is different some how.
    And when a f2t tries to call her out on it, she accuses the f2t of trying to make this discussion “all about the guys”. Oh the irony.

    1. Wow, I didn’t get that far the first time I saw this crap.
      “A trans man’s penis doesn’t necessarily look and function the way cis men’s penises do, and would still be a bit of a work around, sexually speaking.”
      Malignant narcissism. My preferences are sacred, yours are not.
      Another commenter:
      “The problem is not merely “I don’t want to fuck person X”, it’s extrapolating it to “Therefore NO-ONE should be attracted to person X and mocked if they do.””
      This is clearly straw man bullshit. I haven’t seen a single lesbian say no one should be attracted to transwomen.

      1. Personally, I wish SOMEONE would become VERY mutually attractive to my own, personal “trans woman” stalker-dude aka The Pretendbian.
        I’d love it if he’d get hooked up and stop stalking me.
        I pray for it.

    2. Dear God, she’s such a self-righteous hypocrite, I almost can’t believe it… How did more people not call her out on it? It’s so blatant, ugh.

  3. “But that does not and should not mean that [Lesbian] sexuality is suddenly sacrosanct and off-limits for discussion.”
    Ugh, the madness of all this.. gah
    The nature of lesbian sexuality IS sacrosanct. Someone tell these creeps to respect it.

  4. These folks are so homophobic it is OUTRAGEOUS.
    Another one:
    “I’m going to start with the lesbian radfem argument i’ve heard countless times: that some people “just like pussy” and “don’t like dick”, and that encouraging the equal treatment of trans people, in all matters, including sexual ones, is somehow “forcing people to sleep with people they aren’t attracted to.”
    I’m just going to go ahead and say it: the claim that one “just isn’t attracted” to a certain type of genitalia is an ignorant excuse, and a mask on the face of pure hatefulness and transphobia.
    It is a fact that gender and genitalia are not linked. The gender someone is assigned at birth is linked to their genitalia, but that gender assignment might not actually be correct. I will say it again: gender and genitalia are not linked.
    If you find yourself saying that you are only attracted to one type of genitalia, I think it is important to do some serious thought as to why that is.
    Being a lesbian means being attracted to women. Would your attraction or fondness for someone really disappear or decrease if their genitalia looked different than you thought it was going to? Where do the specifications stop? Are only certain types of labia acceptable to you? What about colors? Will you only date someone who has a vulva that is purple instead of pink? How are these things at all relevant in your attraction to a person?
    Rejecting a trans woman because of the way her genitalia appears is erasive and marginalizing. The attractiveness or lack thereof, of human beings, is about a lot more than genital appearance. If it were simply about the way genitals look, wouldn’t we be seeing a lot more genitalia in advertising? Wouldn’t more fashion show the genitals? These ideas seem totally ridiculous, right? Genitalia is a vehicle for several different functions. It is not, in itself, a defining characteristic of a human being.
    Claiming that you are not attracted to someone simply because you don’t like a certain type of genitalia comes from a place of gender essentialism. Saying that you aren’t attracted to a certain type of genitalia is the most dismissive and cissexist thing you could possibly do, because when presented with a nude trans woman, by rejecting her based purely on the appearance of her genitalia, you are completely ignoring the fact that genitalia and gender are not linked. You’re still seeing her as a man when that is not what she is. ”

    1. This post was written by a “body & sex positive baltimore queer femme” handmaiden, not by a transwoman. She appears to be another hipster bisexual telling lesbians how to be lesbians.
      In the comments:
      “See, this is how you do good allyship. They want our attention, trans women’s attention. Good allyship is making sure their bullshit will be fought without us having to fight it.”
      That’s a good girl, you get a cookie and a pat on the head for that one.
      They won’t settle for anything but complete submission from women. This woman is a chump.

    2. Oh. My. Gosh.
      We’re not allowed to have sexual attractions now? We can only have “gender” attractions?
      Goddess wept.

      1. It’s not just sex and gender now, it’s sex, gender, and MORE gender, because they have to account that real true men (regardless of sex) can be feminine or masculine and real true women (regardless of sex) can be feminine or masculine.
        Because they have to have the butch/femme thing, too, *especially* if they’re hetero. And especially if they’re the type of people to self-describe as “cis.”
        Either way, manness and womanness have to be real inherent traits while everything else is whatever you want to imagine.
        As a white person, I can’t claim to understand the racial dynamics of the use of the term same gender loving (SGL)
        I’m still not exactly sure, after reading numerous articles, why the swtich from sex to gender in the title. It appears as if someone thought
        1. “feminist” was referring to femaleness
        2. womanism happened
        3. a companion movement for womanism would thus have to include a gender term instead of sex to express it’s difference from white movements
        4. SGL?
        That’s the best I can make out.
        Also, as a white person, I remain skeptical of all the white people who want to adopt the term for themselves to make a pro-trans political point.

  5. “It’s about your perceptions, not our [male] bodies.”
    Oh, Natalie. No, no, no, no, no.
    This is, in fact, about your bodies. We have no *desire* for bodies, like yours, that are male. It is irrelevant to us whether you consider yourself a woman or a man. Now that is a huge difference between us: our choices for sexual partners are not based merely on whether someone *considers* themselves to be a woman or a man.
    YOUR perceptions on why we don’t want to consider transwomen as viable sexual partners are YOURS and YOURS alone. Why your sense of worth is dependent on other people allowing you to have sex with them is beyond me. And I know it’s probably escaped your notice, but there are far more important things to be so overwhelmingly concerned about in the world right now than whether some “cis” woman is going to let you get some tonight…unless you’re the misogynistic sociopath that I suspect you are.

  6. This is so typically male that it’s not funny. I can’t recall ever hearing a lesbian talk this way about other women. And I have yet to meet a male to trans who comes even close to the dynamic powerful delightful aspects of lesbians I’ve known worldwide. They’re just men, they want to sexually invade lesbian spaces, it’s just another porn scene to them.
    And I don’t know what’s wrong with male to trans dating each other? Do they have problems with each other?” True crime story— West Hollywood (the gay city) several years ago— a male to trans killed another male to trans– the argument was over which of them was the most beautiful — in the feminine patriarchally controlled universe. I kid you not.
    I think they need to work on dating each other, and learning to love each other. Two bio men can then “transition” into imitation women, and then they can be fake lesbians together.
    This type of argument in person would be so offensive to me, that I would get the hell away from any trans person who dared to bring it up with me. My body is off limits to you female impersonators, and if you keep pushing it, I’d say it’s your hidden male privilege or rape agenda talking here. On a milder note, it’s a total sexual turn off!!!

  7. P.S. I’ve had creepo men sometimes come on to me at gay or lesbian bars. So I would suggest that any lesbian who is approached by these female imposters call the management immediately and have them thrown out.
    I knew men were dumb, I knew they were preditors of women, but this just does it for me. It’s the last straw of male horror writ large. And these damnable funfems that are het women encouraging men to be preditors in the lesbian community is shocking beyond belief. Back in the day, LESBIANS were founding rape and domestic violence shelters to give het women a place to turn to, now het women are sicking the creepos on us! Well probably a new generation of brain dead het funfems anyway.
    But let them sink themselves with their own words as male sexual preditors. They’ll just reveal the whole perv agenda for all to see, like they are doing now.

  8. I agree completely, Sheila, and with the rest of you here. It is so bizarre, the crap the trans cult keeps coming up with to torment real women and Lesbians. None of it makes any sense. It’s all narcissist fantasy. And yes, they mostly cannot bear each other. This would be funny because of how ridiculous it is if it wasn’t that the trans cult are hurting girls and women.
    It’s like they keep insisting that frogs are birds, except that frogs are lovely creatures. Women who say no to men, and especially Lesbians, are the biggest threat to patriarchy. Men are obsessed with us, which is reflected in their pathetic porn. They just do not get it. It’s way beyond the surgeries and hormones, posturing and dresses. It’s about hearts, minds and souls. We can recognize men we’ve never seen as being men and not women from their writing alone, which reveals their minds.
    If a lover had a trauma that resulted in her vulva being completely altered from the usual female vulva and I was in love with her, it would not matter to me at all in terms of us being lovers. Of course. It’s the heart, soul, mind connection. It’s the way a Lesbian’s eyes meet yours and your hearts race, and your love melts into desire. It’s female. It’s deeply Lesbian. And no male ever even comes close to that connection and experience.

    1. Thank you Bev! You’ve summed it up so well again.
      “It’s all narcissist fantasy.”
      We could write a zine/book/blog/whatever about the male-to-pseudofemale tranny craze and you could just repeat that phrase over, and over, and over.

    2. Beautifully stated, Bev Jo. I agree with you.
      This person’s post is such a bizarre and pathetic manipulation to guilt-trip and bully lesbians into sex with men, that frankly, if any “lesbians” are so dumb as to fall for this garbage, I am tempted to think, “let them go.”
      Anyone, especially a lesbian, who can’t see through these whining and begging attempts at manipulation perhaps is just not worth our even trying to hang on to.
      Never thought I’d come to such a conclusion, but seriously, maybe that is what we should actually do: let them go be heterosexual, polysexual, or whatever queerdom they’re into, and leave lesbianism to lesbians: to those of us who get it.

  9. “That does not mean everything about an individual’s [Lesbian] sexuality is suddenly unassailable, off-limits for discussion, “just the way it is”, not to be questioned or critiqued or thought about.”
    Ick!! Actually, yes women’s sexuality is completely off limits. It is not yours to be critiqued or questioned or judged. You don’t own it, you don’t have the right to control it, and you aren’t qualified to judge it.
    This comment just really summed up male dominance and their history of believing women’s sexuality belongs to them. This is simply sexist male behavior from men acting like men.

  10. UGGGHHHH!!!
    “Here’s the thing. Honestly, as a trans woman who identifies as a lesbian with some bisexual tendencies… I don’t want to penetrate you with the equipment I possess. I do not want to engage in sex the way a straight male would interact with a woman. You want to know why? Because I’m not a man. I LOTHE penetration. It’s probably my least favorite thing about sex. I’d rather strap on a dildo, and go to town that way. I’d rather go down on you for hours. I’d rather finger you until the cows come home. I’d rather do anything else sexually with you than put my falice inside you, and especially with your consent. In fact, at the next available opportunity I’d like a surgeon to remove it and set me up with what I know I’m supposed to have.
    The response by the radfem community has reduced trans women to their body parts. You are doing exactly what straight men are doing. You are reducing an entire group into a body part. You are also reducing an entire complex community into pre-/non- operative trans women. What about post operative trans women who now have a female body? And how do you treat trans men. You support them and supposedly view them as men, but do not have the same respect for trans women. That is some internalized misogyny right there.
    Here’s the thing. I don’t want to rape you. I don’t want to rape anybody. I don’t want to do anything without your consent.
    Here is what I want: I want you to want to be with trans women. And you know what that requires: Viewing me as women. Viewing me as female. I want to treated as equal in an intimate relationship. I don’t want you to view me as a man. I just want you to respect us, our identities, regardless of the bodies and or identities we ourselves were coerced into at birth. Much the same way that you were born into a world full of patriarchy, I was born into a world in which I was assigned male, even though in reality I am NOTHING like a male. I’m doing the best with my circumstances here. Just like you are.
    I’d also like to know what you do with interest people? What about people who have a penis, but are XXY? What about people who are androgen insensitive? What about all of that? You cannot seriously define them as men? as male? can you?
    Radfems, you’ve made me feel like shit this week. Complete and utter shit. You know who does that? People who are unaware of their own privilege. This just makes me sick. I’m going to go curl up in a ball in the shower and cry myself to sleep. “

    1. “People who are unaware of their own privilege.”
      You’re unaware of your own male entitlement, like a PUA who is bitter that women above his pay grade aren’t interested in him. Sex with your ideal or with anyone is not a right. Deal.
      Like Sheila said: why don’t they just date each other?
      What’s with all the self-portraits?
      The contrast between Kristina and the porny, waify girls pictured is interesting. People are pornsick.
      Hopefully this cotton ceiling debacle will wake up some het women to what lesbians have been dealing with for decades. It’s certainly opened my eyes.

      1. “People are pornsick.” Exactly!!!
        These dudes seem to think that who lesbians desire is no more serious, no more hard-wired, no more real than who a porn star will “do” in a particular scene, for a particular fee. That lesbians should just be able to (cheerfully, without complaint) move from “doing” a woman to “doing” them with no revulsion or even distaste. That if lesbians can’t or won’t “do” them, then lesbians MUST be hateful bigots.
        They HATE the fact that lesbian love is authentic and that it categorically excludes themselves.
        On a deep, spiritual level what they really want is an authentic, loving connection — something they’re too pornsick and screwed up to create in their own shallow, fucked-up lives.
        Get thee to a therapist, pretendbians, and don’t stop until you can accept that you will never, ever be a lesbian. Go find your bliss somewhere else. Bye.

      2. “These dudes seem to think that who lesbians desire is no more serious, no more hard-wired, no more real than who a porn star will “do” in a particular scene, for a particular fee. ”
        Great point. They’re really detached from reality. I’ve seen several of the Tumblr transbians refer to spending a lot of time gaming. A 24-7 connection to porn, gaming and exhibitionism via social media is very dangerous for isolated people with a weak sense of self. Fetishists easily find online “communities” that only reinforce their delusions and make them think they’re oppressed, rather than mentally ill.
        Before the internet, a lot of these guys would live out their fetishes in their basements. Thanks to the web, they’ve connected with each other and conned a lot of well-meaning liberals into believing that they are an oppressed group. Oppressed by cruel lesbians who want nothing to do with them!
        What’s beyond me is how the funfems don’t conclude that the transwomen are seriously ill. How many meltdowns and threats by transwomen will it take? It must be that the heart of funfeminism is denial of how male-identified they are, and the deeply ingrained tendency women have to take care of everyone that demands something from them.
        “On a deep, spiritual level what they really want is an authentic, loving connection — something they’re too pornsick and screwed up to create in their own shallow, fucked-up lives.”
        This is true, and libfems coddling their “neuroatypicality” (considering them mentally ill is hate speech doncha know) are NOT helping them find peace. It’s like giving heroin to a junkie. It’s making us all sicker by forcing us to deny their illness.

    2. “I’d rather strap on a dildo, and go to town that way. I’d rather go down on you for hours. I’d rather finger you until the cows come home.”
      Aw how cute, he actually thinks that real lesbian love-making follows the same bullshit formula as heterosexual fucking, digital penetration + oral + phallic penetration = sex.
      “Here’s the thing. I don’t want to rape you. I don’t want to rape anybody. I don’t want to do anything without your consent.”
      Wow golly gee. One of my rapists said the exact same thing!
      “What about people who have a penis, but are XXY? What about people who are androgen insensitive?”
      It’s been a while since I picked my human biology and anatomy textbooks, so I could be legit mistaken, but I’m pretty sure that the Y chromosome is actually the male one. So, XXY, they’re male. But I also don’t carry around my chromosome checking kit so it’s a bit hard. Also, you know, the whole being a crazy bitch hermit because of rape thing.
      “Radfems, you’ve made me feel like shit this week.”
      No fucktard, you’ve made yourself feel sick. Because you are sick and delusional and need some genuine love, care and help. But guess what, not from women and definitely not from us dykes!

    3. “Here’s the thing. I don’t want to rape you. I don’t want to rape anybody. I don’t want to do anything without your consent.
      “Here is what I want: I want you to want to be with trans women.”
      Um, that’s rape.
      “And you know what that requires: Viewing me as women. Viewing me as female.
      Yup, rape. You don’t get to require anything of women sexually. Requiring = rape.
      “…I was born into a world in which I was assigned male, even though in reality I am NOTHING like a male.”
      By who, the great Assigner in the Sky?
      You weren’t “assigned” male, you were male at conception. It’s nature, not an “assignment.” That just another typical male, typical trans distancing/detachment from nature that allows you to think that. You need to bring your two selves together: your biological self and your intellectual self. This is making it clear this is a form of schizophrenia.
      “I’m doing the best with my circumstances here. Just like you are.” No, you’re not. I am connected with reality, you are not only detached from reality, you are choosing to pursue and reinforce that detachment.

  11. “I’d also like to know what you do with interest people? What about people who have a penis, but are XXY?”
    What?? What the hell? Someone needs to be educated about homoSEXuality…and biology.
    Only trans allies manage to write long texts full of homophobic nonsense and pretend that others are the ones who are hateful and uneducated.

  12. The hits keep right on coming:

    “Our goal is to have our worth respected and validated by people with power over us”
    Where is Walter Reuther when you need him, to fight the oppressive gatekeepers of pussy access? Seriously, the power to not let you fuck them on demand is oppression?
    I think this is the same Voz who said on Feministe that all women should be raped so they would know what transwomen go through:!/metalmujer
    She’s a nut, and replies to a woman looking for a “trans-inclusive” term for the war on women:
    “..which erases the fact that it is still a cislady centric fight, and that both sides collude in harming trans women.”
    So 51% of the population are HURTING YOU by fighting direct threats to their autonomy?
    “For cis women to have any credibility as bodily autonomy advocates, they need to stop denying it to trans women. #waronwomen my fat ass…”
    There’s no point in trying to accommodate them. They see women focusing on fighting for their own reproductive rights and sexual autonomy as harming transwomen.
    “In a world that enforces the idea that cis bodies matter more than trans bodies, insisting that trans women defer to cis causes is criminal.”
    Then now that you’ve made it clear that our battles mean nothing to you, go fight your own battles, and leave feminists and lesbians alone. Thanks for finally admitting that our interests are not your interests, and go fuck yourself.
    Voz discusses the “cotton ceiling” term:
    “Will the fuckery of the term they coined make their orignal discussion re: cis/trans parity harder? Yes. Impossible? Unlikely.”
    Parity? For pussy access? Maybe they should petition the EEOC.
    Voz: “The cotton ceiling discussion needs to happen, but is seriously compromised from jump by their problematic framing and terminology.”
    Monica Maldonado ‏ @TransActivisty:
    “Don’t worry, a re-framing is on it’s way, in a several part series in fact.”
    “and yes, that includes a dropping of the term.”
    They don’t intend to give this up. Any bets on the next super trans-lingo debacle?
    ps. When was the alphabet soup revised to LGBTQH?

    1. I just gotta add these old Tweets from Voz:
      “There are women who earn their womanhood and there are female identified cissies. RT to cosign.”
      That’s mighty MRA of you.
      Is “female identified” what they call women?
      So they think biological women don’t earn their womanhood, even though they are hated and abused just for being women? Voz’s lack of empathy approaches psychosis.
      “A “lesbian” who only has sex with cis women is not who she imagines herself to be.”
      “Most “homophobia” is transphobia, and most transphobia is transmisogyny. Erasing these facts is an act of transmisogynistic hate violence.”
      Voz cannot feel that transphobia is a serious problem without erasing homophobia. Zero sum.
      Transmisogyny is just the word that transwomen use to describe being treated like women. Being entitled males, they think they’re entitled to being treated better than women are and blame women for it when they’re not, even though it is men who mistreat them.
      I know there’s no reasoning with crazy people, but I think it’s important to have a record of what transactivists really believe.
      I am beyond done with these people.

      1. Voz is a demented, bitter, crazy-ass asshole who can’t see one inch beyond his own needs and desires. He likes to post things that show how very macho! and tough he is, like using a woodchipper or some such shit. BFD. The only, ONLY thing he cares about is presenting as the most oppressed man in the world. As you said, he’s damn near psychotic. Maybe not even damn near – I think he’s arrived at the station.

      2. Thanks for posting these quotes, GM, Jen, Rose, and all.
        These are very important to show (in the context of critical discussion of trans), because these examples of TRUE transmisogyny (trans hatred of women) get circulated amongst themselves, and then if anyone challenges these increasingly dangerous ideas, s/he is labeled “transphobic!” and the whole GBT movement jumps in with the same attacks. Virtually any insane things trans utter, especially online, for all to see, becomes, in the presence of “transphobic!” accusations and censorship, the next big political/ideological push from trans activists. In other words, because of “transphobic!” censorship, anything labeled as such is virtually guaranteed to be the next trans trend and loss of rights for women.
        What any crazy trannie thinks does not get vetted by academics and researchers, it becomes public opinion and law, because of the censorship due to the “transphobic!” label.

      3. More for the psycho Voz files:
        “Rape is a product of power and not cissexist fantasies of gender. Act like you know.”
        Gotta love how he throws “fantasies” in there. Perhaps we really want it?
        “lol @ #waronwomen. Dumb cissexist cunts. #foh”
        Of course it’s not sexist to call a woman a cunt if you’re a special trans snowflake, eh, Voz?
        “assimilationist privileged trans women…I see you.”
        I guess this means transsexuals or any MTF who shows less bulge than Robert Plant? Or looks less like a rancid queen than Voz?
        “If you use the word “transmisandry” I will treat you just like the MRA you are.”
        I googled this as I’ve never seen this term before.
        “…in the spirit of Tobi Hill-Meyer’s What Transmisogyny Looks Like, here are the specs:
        Trans women going into trans-male-safe spaces and making comments like “I just can’t understand why you would want to give up the body parts that I want so badly.”
        Trans women going into trans-male-safe spaces specifically to look for potential sex/relationship partners, assuming that we are (1) straight, (2) available, (3) potentially interested in starting a relationship with someone we know next to nothing about (out of trans solidarity, or what? I don’t get this one) and (4) welcoming of this kind of intrusion, notwithstanding our other preferences.”
        No one is safe from the almighty ladystick!
        There’s a really funny novel in all this stuff.
        They can’t even stand each other. Lulz.

  13. “…you simply don’t really regard us as women…”
    No. I don’t. This is news to you…how? The vast majority of human beings (90% to 95%) don’t really regard you as “women”. We see you for what you are: men who are performing “woman” and yet who will never, ever actually be women because…wait for it…you’re biological males, not biological females.
    How could you not know this? We’ve been pretty clear about it. Clothes, hair, make-up, heels, being “pretty” in the mirror, whispery voices, etc. do not make a male a female. Neither do hormones, surgical mutilation or waxing. Male is male. Female is female. You can play-act “gender” all you like, but you can’t ‘cross over’ from XY to XX. It’s impossible.
    How much more clear do we have to be?

  14. He doth protest too much about not wanting to rape us without our consent. (What Lesbian talks about “fingering” another? Disgusting prick.) HE is without our consent. His demanding we accept him as a woman is without our consent. WE DO NOT CONSENT. “I am NOTHING like a male.” THEY ARE EVERYTHING LIKE MALES, and they hammer at us, proving over and over how very male they are.
    We refuse to believe their lying trans cult lines. Those of us who have always refused males and have been through horrendous oppression for being Lesbians since childhood, treated as “other,” as freaks, as “not real women,” growing up where no one in our family, schools, culture, etc. was like us, are now expected to suddenly believe we have power over these pricks and will finally succumb to consenting to their wanting to assault us. Over my dead body.
    So when will we hear about them actually attacking and raping Lesbians who say no to them? We know it’s going to happen….

    1. “He doth protest too much about not wanting to rape us without our consent. (What Lesbian talks about “fingering” another? Disgusting prick.”
      Haha Bev, I so read this comment after I wrote mine and said the exact same thing. Great minds think alike 😉

    2. Thank-you so much for saying that! I am a celibate straight woman and I hate hate hate hate hate the term “fingering”.
      I don’t know about rape, but the threats are very worrisome to me.

  15. “These dudes seem to think that who lesbians desire is no more serious, no more hard-wired, no more real than who a porn star will “do” in a particular scene, for a particular fee. ”
    I think this could be a huge part of the trans “confusion” and why m2T don’t understand what is so bad about EXPECTING and CAJOLLING women to sleep with them.
    It never ceases to amaze me how many men can’t tell the difference between authentic female sexuality and ACTING.
    I suppose it all begins with the wives over the millenia who have had to fake orgasms with their husbands. HUsbands, apparently, never noticed that their wives were bored shitless and thought they were studs in the bedroom. It’s all the same to them.
    Take prostitution. A large number of men think that prostitution and porn is a part of women’s sexuality, as in, they believe that a prostituted woman is a particular kind of woman, who just likes lots of sex with random men and for some strange reason will do certain sex acts that your average woman won’t. The root of it is the idea that women are simply receptacles for men, are submissive, and have no authenticity, no drives of their own, no preferences. Women exist FOR men.
    THe existence of lesbians puts a bit of a dint in this worldview (that women are *for* men), and yes, they find it difficult to accept the concept that sex between women has nothing to do with the male fantasies seen on porn. It’s all the same to them.
    M2Ts are utterly utterly clueless about women. They are pornsick.

    1. Yes, Cherryblossomlife! Males are so egocentric and lacking in compassion that they cannot distinguish between coerced sexuality and hyper or demeaning sexuality with genuine feeling and genuine sexual desire on the part of women.

  16. “I figured out how to help radfems become real empathetic human beings.
    You have to call them out on their shit.
    You need at least 15 people constantly doing this for a week.
    You MUST break their spirit.
    You need them to expose their personal blog. Radscum often think they can spout bigoted hateful speech and never gain any repercussions. You need to strike them where it hurts. Threaten to oust them. When their feelings are hurt, then they’ll find that they have to take responsibility for condoning their hateful words.”
    from http://**
    (take out asterix – i don’t want those shits knowing i’ve linked them)
    this dick is actually encouraging the exposure (and thus, increasing the chance for non-digital violence,) of radical feminists real names and our identities .

    1. Yeah, Aileen, don’t you have to love how there’s absolutely nothing hateful about their words? (eye roll)
      They just can’t stand it when women say no, can they? Which means I have to keep doing it. With pleasure.

  17. There is a whole lot of serious mental illness going on here, clearly. These men (yes, men) are hardly ‘cured’ through their ‘transition,’ no matter what the medical professionals say. They don’t seem to be any happier or healthier, they just seem to be more hateful.
    Well, not to worry, sisters. I think we are approaching ‘peak trans’ times, and as they expose themselves for the nutjobs they really are, here on the web, for all to see, the truth will win. They hate women. All of us.
    And I am changing my name to Cathy Brennan. I think we all might as well, since the transpeople believe we are all Cathy Brennan anyway.

    1. But I am soooooo much prettier than Cathy Brennan! She should name herself after me!
      My silicone is bouncier, my faux lashes are spikier, my wig is silkier and more Farah-golden-blonde. My investments in surgery, accessories and shoes make me a BETTER WOMAN than Cathy Brennan!
      Fakery is the essence of womanhood, isn’t it? That’s what I learned from years of observing women — in beauty pageants, strip clubs and porn. Those obedient and submissive gestures, those plastic smiles that never quite animate the eyes, those girly, high-pitched, breathy voices — all of it so lovely, so enchanting, so willing, so…real. It’s real, right?
      And now I am a real girl, too! Cathy Brennan, eat your heart out, you’ll never be as good at being a woman as ME, me, glorious me.
      (Ugh, even pretending to be one of these M2M doofuses for three minutes is exhausting.)

      1. But I’m all woman with my six inch strapless clit so clearly I’m more woman than you and Cathy B and every other cisfuck on the planet.
        Maybe these guys should give what they’re smoking to someone who can handle it – like me.

    2. “I think we are approaching ‘peak trans’ times, and as they expose themselves for the nutjobs they really are, here on the web, for all to see, the truth will win.”
      I totally agree, and since they’ve made it clear they intend to double down on the crazeeeeee, if that’s even possible, it should get really interesting.
      I am Cathy Brennan! Long live the cotton ceiling! Viva Radscum!

  18. Hey there, I probably know you from Tumblr. Yeah, the transjacktivists attacked a radfem’s tumblr (I don’t even know if she identifies as a radfem, the thing she mainly did was protecting Lesbian sexuality against teh female dick). I was sleeping and I couldn’t see what happened, but, fuck, this was orchestrated and they organized themselves to shame and send death threats to her.
    This is the face of the trans* community, people. This one. The one that sends death threats, calls a vagina a “cisfuck”, the one that organizes themselves to attack a single radfem and says it isn’t because she’s a woman, while ignoring the real threat, male heterosexual. They always go for the women.
    I’m sad. Truly sad. All she did was say penis = male organ so people with penis = male and not female, so Lesbians don’t want them because they like females and not males. Is a Lesbian sexuality so threatening to them? Let’s threaten them even more, then; let’s resist. And not with death threats and ad hominens.
    I hate yoooooooooooou, transjacktivistssssssssssss

    1. I kind of laughed and vomited at the same time when you said “penis=male”…oh really now? did you not get informed that *penis* can be easily removed and all of it organs? Your just weak-minded and so simple to think genitilia defines a person gender. oh im sorry, did I also forget to mention theres a difference between gender and sex as well? I bet you never knew that either. Since you hateful and disgusting bigots always keep your nose up a vag. Thank god for no periods…lmao. Its also sexiest towards men…* even tough we arnt men*… to think that anyone born with a penis is an instant rapist. Get educated.

  19. Lily, I’d like to go in and post some support, but the formatting of that whole thing is so fucking jacked, and I don’t have time to sort it out. The thing is, let the trans post their shit like this. The more they do, the more their true colors/twisted ideology are revealed to real women, lesbian and straight. This will be a good thing.

    1. Im glad I was born atransexual…I can simply pay for a vag without havng those disgusting side effects…genetic vag is dirty and gets gets periods all the time…ew…

  20. I think the trans are just revealing who they really are. If this isn’t clear warning, I don’t know what is.

  21. It’s a good thing that you got those quotes, Lily, because the woman deleted all her posts and is groveling pathetically before the MTFs. I doubt it will do her any good, but perhaps it will help her to wake her up.

    1. I’m starting to think her account was hacked. It isn’t possible – She was so adamant about it, she was so defensive about lesbian sexuality, now she’s saying things like she was a bigot and transphobic and was “ignorantly” saying women can’t have penises. She’s contradicting herself all the way when she had such great arguments that proved these wrong. And she still didn’t delete her Tumblr – If you don’t think the cotton ceiling is rapey, why do you keep a tumblr about it, if five minutes ago you were adamantly against it?
      She was against the cotton ceiling theory and had pages and pages of radical feminist theory and Lesbian theory on her page. One day, transjacktivists organize and mob on her, threatening her with death and rape. She suddenly deletes ALL her previous posts and is now inducing in self-hating and calling people who she helped fight against “ignorant”.
      Two options: She was hacked or she’s doing it to get attention off her because the pressure is enormous. But as she deleted all her previous posts, she was probably hacked.

      1. Comments were deleted from this thread by request of the poster, who is currently the recipient of horrendous stalking and death threats from transgender folks for expressing her peaceful thoughts about the sexist nature of “gender”…

          “Your kind is the cause of more of my kind’s death and violent suffering than I can count with every fucking thing y’all say and do. So I really hope I don’t die from the fucking irony poisoning of the words that just passed out of your shit lined, cisfuck radscum’s hatehole.

          Anyways, get drowned, cis scum.

          The world of the radscum where their misogyny against other women, cis and trans, is not as hurtful as the supposed misogyny they get. Hint to radscum: Trans people want you dead not because you’re women but because you’re hateful bigots who want trans people eliminated. Your womanhood doesn’t even enter into it.
          brb i’m gonna go poop in thecottonceiling’s bed
          let’s all join together and poop, in solidarity, in thecottonceiling’s bed.
          hold hands and shit on her pillow.”

          1. “This tumblr is NSFW as it is fueled on lust and rage”
            Because for men the two are inseparable.
            On another note, TheCottonCeiling deleted their tumblr.

          2. Actually I think TheCottonCeiling was deleted by tumblr officials or whatever. Which is unfortunate since I was going to follow her.
            I actually got into an argument with some mindless trans defender on tumblr a couple hours ago. I was extremely polite too, and using “transwomen” and “cis” and everything, but after the first response he told me I could “choke on my hateful rhetoric” or some bullshit. The misogyny is unbelievable. What the fuck is going with the world when I had to defend the fact that most us lesbians don’t like the dick and nothing is wrong with that. This douche actually tried to say IT IS “CISSEXIST” TO ASSOCIATE MEN/PENETRATION WITH PENIS. Yes, women being triggered by the primary rape tool of patriarchy is “transphobic.”
            Also, I’m sure anyone who sees this will be like, “who the hell is this person?” Rarely comment, but I used to lurk on all these blogs and I’m just getting back into it. Nice to see a lot of you again.

            LOL — I think they prefer “lady stick”. Oy.
            “Yes, women being triggered by the primary rape tool of patriarchy is ‘transphobic.'”
            Yeah, they keep trying to tell me that I’m “transphobic” for not wanting to share the women’s showers at my pool with male bodies.
            I say, “What? Do you think I was born last week? I’ve seen what they do to women with those things.”
            Silly gits. They think they can wave their lady wand and thousands of years of patriarchal oppression with just magically vanish into thin air.

          4. bahahaha…you’re pathetic…you weak ass lesbian. Get educated and stop disgracingl the rest of the *good* lesbians out there. People like you make me sick and are the most hypocritical foulest beings out there. I guess you havnt been informed that there are other terms different then *transexual*. I bet the “men” that you think “rape” you’re kind are just cross dressers and dont actually have the birth condition like real transwomen do. You also ARE transphobic, so stop denying it and accept you’re an ignorant swine of humanity. I only sympathize for you people. You would know better what it feels like not being able to be who you are. You’re major hypocrites. Its no wonder why many transexuals have stopped hanging around the gays…and I also love gay people too, but not the disgustingly ignorant and retarded ones like you. you’re also very sexist towards men thinking just because some of them have dicks their instant rapist. You’re idiotic and have the I.q level of a horsefly. You want us to treat you with respect..then respect us first you dumb tuna whore. Thats how it is! you either get educated or you leave us the fuck alone or will happily curbstomp you’re torn-up mammoth crotch in. Too bad you bleed every month…we dont…haha…and I’ve heard plenty of cis-women say that periods suck. So good look with the unclean venus flytrap you have ho. I also dont hate cis-women, I only hate the educated, disgusting, retarded ones like yourself.

          5. lmaooo… its *mame*..get it right or shut your carpet munching mouth you sad whore.

          6. You draw a “special” breed of fan, GM.
            He positively drips “normal” and “healthy”. LOL

          7. Yeah give your whole community a bad name. Well done idiot. As if this would make the T community look like educated people with good mannerisms instead of a bunch of hatemongers and bigots who lost their grip on reality…

    2. I was up all night and saw what unfolded — I started to wonder if it was real or some kind of bad joke…? Or some kind of political theater to illustrate what will happen to us if we speak out?
      Whatever it was, I don’t feel the least bit intimidated by these bullies. Quite the contrary.

  22. Wise words from Polly (from miss Andrea’s Transgender non-logic #4739 thread):
    That is because they are making the elementary mistake of believing that if everyone else in the world doesn’t share their concept of reality, their concept of reality is invalid.
    This is a characteristic they share with religious fundamentalists. It is not enough for the religious fundamentalist to merely believe in God/Allah/Zoroaster/Buddha/Jahweh, everybody else has to believe in it as well.
    Whereas I am an atheist and do not say religious fundamentalists are denying my existence. I do however think they are wrong.
    The reason for this insistence of the trans fundamentalists that everyone else share in the delusion, is that it is a delusion. A delusion that they not only ARE, but ALWAYS HAVE BEEN the desired sex/gender/delete as applicable.
    Now trying to believe something that is palpably false about yourself is bound to be a strain. So you insist that everyone else must believe it too, or you might be forced to admit it isn’t true.
    Hence they do see any questioning as ‘denying their existence’ because to them their ‘existence’ is something that they know is untrue.
    They often say ‘how would you feel if a born again Christian told you you are deluded to think you are a lesbian’? And the answer is: I’d tell the born again Christian to fuck off, because I know I’m a lesbian. What I would not do however, is accuse them of questioning my existence, (unless I was being purposefully awkward somewhere in blogland) because hey, I KNOW I exist. If however I doubted my lesbianism myself, I’d probably react differently.
    But if you know you were in fact born male and are studiously trying to ignore that fact, it’s going to get to you. Just as trying to pretend you are straight when you’re really not, will get to you.
    Trans folks who do not have this delusion (ie the ones with a grip on reality) have no similar problems, but they’re sadly not often found on the internetz, because the emperor’s new clothes faction have driven them off.
    And it is in that Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale that we find the answer. Because the minute the little boy shouted the Emperor was naked, the Emperor realised what a fool he’d been.
    It’s spelt D-E-N-I-A-L folks.

    1. Polly is GOD and I first discovered Radical Feminism from a comment Polly left on some mainstream site. I was like HOLY SHIT! Who IS that person! And where can I subscribe to their newsletter!

    And that is how *I* choosey-choose-choose to personally identify my unique identity as a woman! DON’T YOU DARE DISAGREE WITH ME; MY FEELINGS ARE MORE IMPORTANT THAN YOURS.
    I will call you a vile anti-DNA bigot if you do.

  24. As a lesbian, I don’t invade fundamentalist christian spaces and demand to take over their churches. Trans can simply say, they wish to change “roles” in society. They can’t claim to be women, and can’t accept that they aren’t women. Only if you are in denial, pretending to be straight is a good example, or denying that you’re even going in for plastic surgery is problematic.
    Lesbians are just not going to tolerate the whole penis people wanting to have sex with us, but deluded funfems are ok with trans and defend them, because their community is not threatened by them.
    Maybe if trans demanded to have sex with straight women, we’d see some serious outrage here.

    1. Or better yet, with straight men. I’d love to see them start an aggressive on-line and twittervers campaign to FORCE het men to pretend that the “trans woman” penis is really a “lady stick” and gang up on het men — calling them hideous, horrible names — complete with death threats — for daring to prefer real women’s bodies.
      Of course, I don’t really want them to abuse het men or women, I just wish that they’d pick on someone else besides radical feminists and lesbians in order to broaden the public awareness that most of these dudes are bat-shit-crazy bullies and NOT the innocent, weak, frail little victims they pretend to be on Ellen and HuffPo and GLAAD events.

  25. Comments were deleted from this thread by request of the poster, who is currently the recipient of horrendous stalking and death threats from transgender folks for expressing her peaceful thoughts about the sexist nature of “gender”.

  26. God this is crazy. I’m sending my support to you all. I can only hope that the uncritically pro-trans feminists wake up and see what it is happening.

  27. Natalie Reed to Cathy Brennan on Twitter:
    “The fact is that we’re winning. More and more scientific evidence is coming in. More rights are being won. We’re advancing.”
    “ALL the science is on our side. All u have is vague unsupportable “common sense” & FAITH in traditional understanding of gender”
    All the science? What science is on their side? Also, Reed is mistaken about just who has the “faith in traditional understanding of gender.”
    I swear, they’re just throwing shit at the wall.

    1. For a while I faithfully followed all links given by “trans women” to supposedly supportive scientific research. What I discovered by reading each link was that:
      1) The study in question in NO way supported the “trans woman’s” point of view;
      2) Usually the study had nothing to do with whatever was being discussed; and that
      3) The “trans woman” in question apparently had neither the education nor the logic/intelligence/reasoning-power to understand how the study they linked me to had nothing to say in support of the “trans woman’s” position.
      This was very educational for me and I hope other scientists will start speaking out on this issue. Seriously, a study about genetic variations in the abdominal muscles of drosophila melanogaster somehow “proves” that “gender” is real? Yikes.

      1. ““The fact is that we’re winning. More and more scientific evidence is coming in.”
        They are losing. There simply is no scientific evidence. There aren’t even studies about the longterm consequences of hormone treatment. Nothing supports them. Their ideology is a house of cards. And that house is shaking.

  28. In which women are compared to rapacious politicians, simply for having been born female:
    “cissexual woman: “I don’t have privilege, I was just born this way.”
    You know, men say that too.
    So do white people. I’ve done that from time to time, and I’ve for the most part trained myself to understand that it’s wrong, and that I need to recognize that yes, whiteness is an actual huge fucking privilege.
    So do abled people, and I was given a crash course in this during the nine months or so that I was sick/recovering.
    So does Mitt Romney – you know, the rich kid who was born into obscene wealth and sees that as normal.
    Privilege is something you were “just born with.” Sorry, saying “I was just born this way” is a poor excuse.”
    So being born into the sexual class of females is an unearned privilege, something that must be atoned for. Got it.
    Also, this person has made at least 24 posts on Tumblr in the past 24 hours. It must be nice to have that kind of time to post your insane ravings.

  29. Maybe I should start my own blog. I hope you don’t mind my posting this:
    “Excuse me if none of us forgive you when your reason for saying horrific triggering oppressive crap…
    …is that your vile cissexist ass is “triggered” by the existence of a woman with a penis. Cuz right there, that viewpoint, that attitude, that perceived threat when YOU’RE the fucking real threat to us? That’s exactly why we suffer so much at cisfucks’ hands.
    The person actually said triggered?
    Triggered by the fact that some women have penis doesn’t make sense. Someone can get triggered by a penis, a sexual abuse survivor for example, but not in a women with a penis, that’s not triggered that’s just someone being bigoted. Why are people worried about other people’s genitals anyway?
    Last time I saw this was on a lesbian group, I think people forget there is an important difference between a lesbian and a woman that is attracted by people that have a vagina and that was also born having one.”
    You are not permitted to be triggered by my penis, because it’s a female penis, simply because I said so. My penis has magical female qualities by way of being attached to someone who identifies as female.

    1. Also, here’s what lucypaw said about this:

      “I really hate the way that radscums and other vile transphobes and transmisogynists insist on appropriating the all too real triggering that happens for people who have been sexually assaulted and raped. Because, you know what? Trans people get sexually assaulted and raped at higher rates than radscum.”
      Psychotic solipsism here. If my group is raped at higher rates, then any triggering you experience after being raped is not real, and is only an appropriation.

    2. re. *genderbitch* and *goldenliliesqueen*:
      Yep, teh crazee is strong in dose uns.
      (Also, have you noticed that the really grotesque ones almost never just call themselves MaryLou or Madge or Ruth? It’s always queenofthepoon or deathstargenderfucker or something else grandiose and/or vaguely violent? What’s up with that?)

  30. Thank YOU, Aileen. Yes, our great minds are alike! And yes, Sheila, the response would be very different if the trannies went after het women.
    I know. We keep saying it over and over. I’m in a fairly to extremely liberal/reactionary fb feminist group with a few wonderful radical exceptions, and several women keep going on about how oppressed the trannies are, praising them as “gender outlaws.” Of course we know they are just obeying one or the other patriarchal dictates of how people are supposed to be, but I realized that there have been several films and tv shows with very positive portrayals of trannies, both real and fictional, but not one Butch ever shown that I can think of except for Teena Brandon, who of course is horribly raped and murdered. Even on the “Dancing with the Stars” show, Chaz Bono is allowed to look dignified, whereas Martina looks like a drag queen reject. The media really does reveal a lot about cultural attitudes.
    About the trannie mindset — I think that unless males really fight their natural biological impulses (and some have confirmed this to me), their inclination or normal expression of sexuality is rape-oriented. (As Michael Moore said on tv, “We just want to fuck anything in front of us.) They especially are drawn to women who refuse to be fucked, so that makes Lesbians a prime target, proving how very male M2Ts are.
    I agree about the narcissism, but I also think that narcissism, tantruming, threatening, mirror-gazing are again basic male qualities, and so, rather than considering them mentally ill, I consider them just variations on typical males. When serial rapists and killers have been psychologically profiled, they show up as the “most normal” men in prison.
    But yes, all the women who are supporting them are feeding their sense of superiority and sense of entitlement, increasing the level of how dangerous they are.
    How many of these trannies would literally rape us if they were able to get away with it? What do you all think, percentage-wise?

    1. “How many of these trannies would literally rape us if they were able to get away with it? What do you all think, percentage-wise?”
      Considering how many of them brag about pissing next to women, it doesn’t take a huge leap of imagination to assume that they would rape by deception if they could. Thankfully a lot of us are smarter than it. That said, if men can’t get what they want through manipulation and extortion, their next logical step is violence.

  31. Wow, one post I made last night critiquing some tranny has really raised a shitstorm. It’s amazing, these tranny posts always raise more of a shitstorm than if I critique pornography – at the end of the day, people don’t give a shit about women. Unless they have penises and then they’re magically special women who are immune to all critique.
    “Hey, so I found a thread started by someone whose username is “kill your enemies”. Yes, they mean it literally. They want to kill trans women.”
    All this information is gained without ever bothering to ask me what the significance of the expression “Kill Your Enemies” is. Apparently, that just makes me a wannabe murderer.
    “You can deny your cis privilege and try to invalidate trans women’s identities all you want, but that doesn’t change the fact that YOUR DISGUSTING INTERPRETATION OF FEMINISM HAS KILLED AND IS GOING TO CONTINUE TO KILL WOMEN. You pieces of shit are dehumanizing women. You are oppressing women. You are denying the autonomy of women. You are comparing women to animals. You are ridiculing the struggles of women who you have privilege over. You all have blood on your hands.”
    We are comparing women to animals? We’re killing women? Where the fuck do these fools get this shit from? As I said up thread, whatever it is they’re smoking should be confiscated and given to moi.

      1. I’ve gone kind of comment crazy this morning but I swear these people are about two reblogs away from sending me death, rape and stalkerish threats.
        Just to make it clear, what they are doing, I think qualifies as cyberstalking:
        ‘Cyberstalkers do not wish to just torment someone for an adolescent power rush… stalkers want to force the target into some kind of submission, and are willing to involve other targets to achieve that disturbed result.’
        So in case there’s any tumblr lurkers or other women affected by the cyberstalking of these bullies here’s some advice:
        1. Send them one clear messaging asking them to stop contacting you
        2. Block them
        3. Any contact or communication – document it, don’t alter it or anything.
        4. Report that shit (even if cops are useless assholes,)

  32. Simultaneously with their pitiful understanding of socialization they show a comparably pitiful understanding of social mechanisms, namely:
    When you want to convince other people to follow certain opinions or exhibit certain forms of behaviour what promises to be more beneficial to you? Negative sanctioning (threats, punishment etc.) or positive sanctioning, i.e. rewarding conformism while ignoring the ones who do not comply? Bingo, the latter!
    Why is that? Because when you use threats or punitive forms of behaviour many will comply, however, many will be motivated to fight back so that you will be forced to increase your negative sanctions thereby expanding energy. Seeing as you have only a limited amount of energy while there is a potentially unending supply of people willing to fight back you will lose. This can happen sooner or later but you will, especially when being in the absolute minority position. It’s a negative feedback loop.
    So good luck, fuckers! We will drain you dry. And if we don’t succeed the rest of society will.

  33. I just found out that someone from an fb feminist group copied comments some of us made in our posts against trannies and our info and words are now at the men’s blog site. Typical, I guess. Not sure if I should post that here or not.

    1. I saw it mentioned on a certain MRA site whose motto is “fuck their shit up.” Gotta love how the those coolly rational males always sound like they’re itching to go rapin’ and pillagin.’ I’m sure that’s just a coincidence.

  34. Here is a sympathetic post from a longtime post-op transsexual woman:
    “The claim is that a female bodied woman may have a penis so they are redefining what the female sex characteristics are and have taken that step I knew they were headed for. They want to redefine female so men can fit in when they want to. How convenient for the men.
    The argument is that the transwoman gets to define whether she is female bodied and it is her decision and it is both transphobic and trans-misogynistic to claim they are not women.
    This is the most patently absurd thing I have ever read in my life. The dear man gets it any way he wants. It is his choice while the poor little woman must accept it. Kind of reminds me of how they think concerning women’s spaces.”
    She is attracted to men, not women. She takes the “SRS and hormones correct a birth defect” line, but at least she recognizes others’ autonomy and opposes what she calls the “Transgender Borg.”
    “The real war on women is not from the Conservatives that are against abortion because they will never win that fight. The real war against women is from the men controlling the Transgender Borg. They want to take away the basic human rights we women have from the simple right to have our own bathrooms and women’s spaces to the more fundamental issue of attempting to redefine what female means so transvestites and cross-dressers can claim femaleness in their spare time and keep their maleness for work. The irony of this is these idiots all identify as liberals because they assume quite correctly that in order to get votes the democrats will support anything as long as they can hide its true meaning and as a lifelong democrat I find it reprehensible.
    If they get their way we women will be number three on the human species pecking order. It will be men, she-men, and then women because why would you want to actually be a woman when you can play girl and go back to being a man for the important things like work and sex.”
    She notes that transactivists want to get rid of the word transsexual altogether and have it considered a hate term.
    Amazing how the funfems can’t understand as clearly as she does that this is just another way for men to have their cake and eat it too.
    I agree with the commenter in the first piece who says the trans people jeopardize LGB credibility, especially as they ratchet up the “my reality trumps your science” craziness.

  35. From The Widdershins Girl post:
    “I have had the experience of having another woman flirting hot and heavy with me, and then when she found out (through me dodging a “crotch grab sex check,” which is fucking well sexual assault, by the way) that I was trans, shutting down cold. By her words and actions she clearly found me an intensely sexually desirable woman – until the very moment she discovered that I was trans. That’s not an issue of desire, that’s an issue of prejudice, and that needs to be called out, confronted and dismantled.”
    I actually laughed when I read first read that, imagining a woman “crotch-grabbing” (which, eww, is indeed awful), feeling a penis, and thinking “Oh dear, this woman I want to hook up with is a trans woman, therefore I will not let myself be attracted to her anymore.” Ha! Yeah, not likely. More like “Penis. Man. No.” I mean if they’re gonna talk about “the moment” they might as well be honest about what’s actually happening in that moment. She didn’t discover that you were trans, she discovered that you were a man.
    My minor epiphany after reading it was that these people truly think they’re discriminated against by lesbians because they’re merely a “different” kind of woman and lesbians just need to open their minds to this other kind of woman. When, in fact, they’re being rejected by lesbians because they’re men. It’s so simple, but they’re just not getting it. No amount of guilt and coercion is going to change that reality.

    1. Ewwww. You gotta give a shout-out to this line: “…me dodging a ‘crotch grab sex check,’ which is fucking well sexual assault, by the way…”
      I mean, honestly? You’re mutually “hot and heavy” with some woman and she puts her hand on you and discovers you penis and this is “sexual assault”? Really?
      Perhaps I’m missing exactly where they were in the progression of their “hot and heavy” — but sexual touching is usually part of the whole “hot and heavy” package at some point, eventually. It’s not like she just walked up to a stranger and grabbed his crotch, is it?
      If you as an intact male expect to fool lesbians by engaging in “hot and heavy” with them, whose fault is it if the natural course of events she discovers your penis?
      If you expect women to never touch (and thereby identify) your penis, then you shouldn’t be “hot and heavy” with them, should you? What you’re trying to do is pull a fast one by controlling what she touches, when in the normal progress of sexual behavior, mutual “hot and heavy” usually progresses to crotch-touching — at least it does at my house. Of course, pulling back and saying “no” is always an option, at any point, but if you’re only doing that in service of perpetuating a lie, then I think the sexual misbehavior shoe is on the other foot.
      Hmmmm…I think he doth protest what he should have expected: being outed by his outie during heavy petting.

  36. Rose Verbena’s comment about the male pretending to be female sexual situation I think is germaine here.
    Do not pretend to be something you are not. If you have a penis, you are not a lesbian, and if you pretend to be lesbian and are found out, that will end it. Now if you pulled this b.s. on a het man, he’d might kill you or beat you. But if you do this to lesbians, we’re just going to walk. There are a lot of bars I don’t go to any more because I don’t want to deal with non-lesbians pretending to be lesbians… straight women, bi women and trans fall into this category.
    I can pretend to be a doctor too, but if I operate on someone, it’s a crime.
    Lesbians have complained more and more to me about the trans invasion of lesbian spaces, thus making them unsafe for lesbians. It’s a huge issue for us. Before, we had the occasional weirdness of het women coming onto us, and then fronting for boyfriends who wanted a three-some. This actually happened to me a couple of times, and I called over the management immediately to deal with them.
    Now there are the male to trans preditors. They are reversing the reversals… when you lie to get something, it’s called fraud. If you are a fraud, expect lesbians to walk away. Go date other trans.

    1. You raise some interesting points. There is a legal term “rape by deception” that could apply in some extreme cases:
      A “trans women” who thinks it would be clever to manipulate a lesbian (or a het man) into sex without disclosure could find himself brought up on charges in some jurisdictions — or sued in civil court for damages.

    2. theres also lesbian predators too you stfu you transphobic pile of shit. try reading the real facts you ignorant bitch. People like us educate primitive barbarians like you show the wrong you do.

  37. Have you seen Genderbitch’s ridiculous “Accountability List” post?
    There are only two being denounced right now, including the notorious trans-suckup Melissa McEwan of Shakesville. She is pronounced guilty of cissexism, cis centering, apologism, and derailing and her blog marked as unsalvageable. This is hilarious, considering Melissa won’t even refer to a 12 year old in need of Plan B without referring to her as “zie.” (Slightly related: I saw the following on another trans blog: “Preferred pronouns are ‘they, them, their.'”)
    Past offenders include the equally obsequious like Pam’s House Blend and Renee of Womanist Musings. There’s no pleasing some people.
    On Avory Faucette’s Twitter:
    Faucette: “I find it odd that some radfems actually claim their arg. is abt gender variance, like having M & F stable is needed for it.”
    Cisnormativity: “They are strict constructionists. They also lack a command on what “sex” means. That’s the key Achilles heel of their thesis.”
    I guess Cisnormativity would agree with Queen Emily on Questioning Transphobia, that “sex” means whatever a trans says it means:
    “What I’m getting at is, it’s not a question of biology (what concrete phenomena exist), it’s a question of what that phenomena *means*. And meaning is *always* debateable.”
    “Well, I stand by my comment, though perhaps as a literary theorist I’m more comfortable with the apparent paradox. The language of “male” and “female” is not neutral and descriptive, it is also prescriptive and begins right from the start with cissexist assumptions.
    What I mean is:
    I am a woman, therefore *every* part of me is female. My penis doesn’t get exempted from that.
    Otherwise you begin with a process of splitting the body into “male” and “female” parts that negates trans identifications. Because any remainder in a cissexist world posits us as liars.”
    Thanks, Queen Emily, for your acknowledgment that you have to abolish the biological categories of male and female in order NOT to be considered liars. Good luck with that. Biology is indeed cissexist, and ain’t that too damn bad.
    I think you’d need a search team to pull this guy out of his own bumhole. The nerve to claim that biological phenomena has some “meaning” that can be debated, and that a background in pomo BS is sufficient to interpret scientific data.

    1. Yeah, I’ve started posting pictures of the reproductive innards or human beings on my blog (really cool microphotography) just to kick this nonsense to the curb. Try explaining why a “woman” has a penis but not any fallopian tubes. New tee-shirt: My biology trumps your fetish.

  38. All the deluded tumblr liberals will see this and call you an evil “cis” bigot and the disgusting like for daring to say most lesbians aren’t sexually interested in male bodies no matter what and then a moment later be frothing at the mouth about some other misogyny and homophobia they see. Ugh.
    Also, I’ve made it on one of their hateful little lists:
    Lol, it’s amazing how even my much-more-than-the-topic-deserved patience in my posts (and there have only been a few) was too much for them to handle. Some prick actually went into one of my posts calling out white liberals feminists for erasing women of color radical feminists in their attempt to undermine radical feminism, and derailed it to be about trans bullshit. And then in a hilarious moment of irony called ME a “special snowflake” because I said I’m in fact a minority female who believes in many radfem principles. You couldn’t make this shit up.

  39. This is another PATHETIC excuse from another transphobic cis-lesbian. Transexuals are by far the strongest most educated and insightful indiviuals that ever walked this earth

  40. Look, O’Brien from 1984 has stopped by to educate us, to admonish us to get educated. Is that hos101 a reference to Room 101? Yes, you horrible radfems, we should just accept that we are horrible swine. You will betray Julia, Winston, or the tranz will take you to Room 101 and release the rats. You will be educated Wynston, you will be educated.
    (but we’re the hypocrites)
    P.S. we won’t betray Julia, and we know better than to fear the rats

  41. This guy is so revealing. He hates women, and finds real vaginas, and sex involving real vaginas, disgusting (a vagina is: “tuna”, a “torn-up mammoth crotch”, an “unclean venus flytrap”, “carpet”). He hates women and vaginas so much he wants to stomp on them.
    He says “I can simply pay for a vag without havng (sic) those disgusting side effects…genetic vag is dirty and gets gets (sic) periods all the time…ew…” showing complete ignorance of female anatomy; vaginas don’t have periods, menstrual blood comes from the shed lining of the uterus, and they happen once a month, hardly “all the time”, and vaginas aren’t dirty either, they are self lubricating and self cleaning.
    His fake vagina (he believes) will be clean and hygienic, even if it’s made from a section of colon. It’s hardly a ‘simple’ procedure either – it’s major surgery, plus a lifetime of follow-up care.
    How he can claim to be a ‘real woman’ when he obviously has such hatred, fear and loathing of women and female bodies is beyond me. He wants to turn himself into a Real Doll, which may be completely feminine, but won’t have anything to do with being female (here’s a clue for you buddy, we know sex and gender aren’t the same thing too, that’s why we’re not convinced by your claims to be a ‘real’ woman).
    (Here’s a second clue for you: accusations of ‘ignorance’ and ‘low IQ’ sound far more convincing when delivered without a huge number of spelling and grammar errors.)

  42. Why on earth would that troll (get_educated) want to become a women when he so obviously hates us on such deep visceral level? Do they even realize how they give themselves away?
    They obviously don’t want to become women. No one wants to be something they despise. They obviously want to mock women and reinforce stereotypes of women. And they want not just infiltrate our spaces, but infiltrate the very definition and category of woman. What better way to destroy what you hate? Make it meaningless, something you can’t even talk about.
    If we lose the meaning of woman, we lose the ability to talk about the things that make us vulnerable. Things like pregnancy, smaller size and lower upper body strength. Trans activists are already showing us that they don’t want us to talk about those things. We’re seeing the endgame of the trans agenda before our eyes.

  43. An interesting trans-critical guy with a blog called “Gay Not Queer” tussled with the Tumblr trans army. Genderbitch/Kinsey Hope alleged that lesbians commonly rape trans women and that it was well known in the trans community.

    “I got into it over the night with Kinsey Hope/Genderbitch (, who claimed that lesbians frequently rape trans women. I sent her a PM asking her for more info concerning lesbian rape of trans women, and she goes totally apeshit. She refuses. She accuses me of denying her and other trans women’s experiences of sexual violence, appalled that I would even ask for documentation of her lesbian-rape-of-trans claims. She angrily, psychotically wishes all sorts of malice on me and accuses me of everything under the Sun. Finally, after running me around for awhile she provides some sort of explanation for the lack of data (plus cursing) – 1st image. Then goes after me for asking for news reports rather than first hand reports, more accusations and cursing – 2nd image. She finally tracks some data down on lesbian-on-lesbian violence…which doesn’t even mention trans women (plus cursing, accusations, wishing death on me) – image 3. Finally she finds the elusive lesbian-rapes-trans article (image 4), which is actually supposedly a rape by a straight women, but doesn’t post it due to it being disturbing! She then takes a dig at me concerning my experiences with sexual violence (image 5), and leaves in a huff (image 6). Charming.”
    He says to them later:
    “Thanks for edumacating me in nothing. I got it, you don’t have examples of cis lesbians raping trans women…pretty simple, not very hard to say. Oh, and LMAO at the cotton ceiling shoutout. Good luck panty-busting lesbians you woman-hating perverts. Too bad for you pervy wankers that lesbians are onto your games.”

    1. This guy is great:

      “Apparently, confusion is a common reaction from trans women and their supporters when they encounter my blogging. OMGWTF, this guy exists? What is the meaning of this? They are baffled when a gay male is trans-critical. Because they haven’t been paying any attention to us. They’ve been too busy obsessing over and demonizing any woman/lesbian/radical feminist who dares to call them on their bullshit. Ignores gay males, too busy oppressing females! They know all about female objections to trans-speak, given that they almost exclusively target females with this kind of shit. They don’t target gay males in the same way, they don’t seem interested, and they probably feel that it will be less successful. They view females as easy prey. These trans women are loaded with male privilege, relish in it, and dish it out to other males. I’ve benefitted from the trans confusion over my views, they don’t really know how to respond – and quibble over shit like whether I’m a she-gay or not (Image 2). Part of the confusion is their frustration that because I’m male they can’t call me a radscum cis woman, because I’m male they can’t target me with abuse for being female. I’m not as fun and easily-identifiable a target as females. Fancy that, males enjoying their male privilege and handing it out to other males (me in this case). I am male. You are male. All males have male privilege. We have male privilege. Get the fuck over that.”
      He really gets it.
      “I’m not as fun and easily-identifiable a target as females.”
      Good for him!

  44. These tranny men can’t get it right — if we’re Lesbians, we’re not “whores,” are we? I think his limited male brain just can’t come up with appropriate insults. They want to be women, and yet, the women-hating vomit spews out of them, with the usual threats of rape or abuse. And so focused on our vulvas. (He doesn’t seem to know the word for that. We’re just “vaginas.”)
    “Torn-up mammoth crotch” he threatens to “curbstomp?” Why would a vulva look torn up to this man unless he had raped and torn up some woman’s vulva? Seriously. Vulvas are exquisitely beautiful. From the rape, mutilation, and death threats I have been wondering how many of these “trans women” men have already raped and tortured and killed girls and women. The threats come so easily to them.
    “Unclean” and “dirty”??? It’s men who transmit most of the STDs, including those that kill women. I do hear how badly men smell, compared to women. And there is that underlay of fear that misogynist men have also.
    Compared to other trannies, though, he does sound like most of the rest. Ranting desperately in hopes of disguising his stupidity, and so much projection, like about “sad,” Ppathetic,” “dirty,” disgusting,” “unclean,” and especially, “hypocritical.” I don’t usually care if someone can’t spell or write a sensible sentence, but when he calls us “uneducated….”
    So what is it about being a woman he wants to appropriate/steal when he hates women with such a deep revulsion? It makes no sense except that the trans cult really is about female-hatred.
    I’m guessing his obsession with us is really about how no one — male or female wants to go anywhere near his artificial, grotesque “vagina”/fuck hole or the rest of his repulsive self. Women are known for not caring about appearance in loving someone, but there is nothing here even to like. What does he have to offer, but hatred and lies?
    Meanwhile, this pathetic hate-filled, man will never have the beauty and delicious, lucious-scented petals and nectar of a real woman’s complex and exquisite vulva.

  45. Thank you, Gallus, for the link to Curbstomp. So his threat is a lot more vicious that it first appears and is a popular way for nazis to torture victims.

  46. I don’t feel it’s correct for a trans lesbian to demand that cis gender lesbians find them attractive. I think it’s up to the lesbian as to whether or not she finds trans lesbians attractive, and that trans lesbians shouldn’t take it personal if a cis gender woman doesn’t find them desirable. Nobody has a right to dictate who or what you find sexually attractive. However, it is prejudice for you to look down upon us M2F transsexual women, and try to socially exclude us trans women from the rest of club. We are a type of woman. You don’t have to like the fact that us trans women are indeed women, just respect it. BTW, I’m not a trans lebsian. I’m bi sexual/hetero romantic and ultimately love men.

    1. You do not have to like the fact that there are female homosexuals, just respect it.
      Supporting female and/or lesbian spaces and centralizing our lives and concerns is not “prejudice” against males, including transgender ones.

  47. I’ve seen some pretty good quotes from Natalie Reed, but this isn’t one of them. I’m a trans lesbian, and even I think that you’re attracted to what you’re attracted to. You don’t owe anybody an explanation, and you are never obligated to have sex with anybody. If any woman, whether lesbian, straight, tans or cis, tells me that they don’t want to sleep with me, that is the end of the discussion, I’ll go find somebody else who actually *wants* to sleep with me; not because they’re egalitarian or politically correct, but because they find me attractive.

      1. I hope you will really THINK about why your behavior outrages so many real lesbians, and eventually come to realize how deeply, deeply offensive it is for any heterosexual male to call himself a “trans lesbian” in the first place.
        Hint: The fact that you have gender issues doesn’t magically turn you into a lesbian or make you a person that lesbians want hitting on them.
        If I as a (biologically female) bisexual woman can figure out when lesbians don’t want me around or hitting on them, then you as a heterosexual male with gender issues ought to be able to grasp the reality of your situation, too!
        Despite living as a very confused young “lesbian” for half a decade, I eventually figured out that lesbians don’t have the feelings for men that I have, and I stopped identifying as one. You should stop identifying as one, too.
        I don’t know what you are, exactly, but I do know this: you’re not a lesbian. Only biological females who are sexually/emotionally attracted to other biological females can be lesbians.

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