More Cotton Ceiling Lesbian-Bashing from the Trans Community

Another long-ass homophobic screed from blogger Natalie Reed, ‘splaining to the ladies how lesbians are transphobic for eschewing the peen. Some excerpts:
“The refusal of lesbians to consider us viable sexual partners, or their seeing intimacy with us as somehow a threat to their lesbian identification (I had a #FunWithSearchTerms the other day asking “what do you call a lesbian who’s attracted to both women and trans women?”) is to ultimately, when it comes to staking your own identification upon how you conceive of our gender, to walk your talk, assert that beneath whatever lip-service you’ve paid to the legitimacy of our identity you simply don’t really regard us as women. At least not fully so.”
“And to be honest, saying as a blanket statement that you have no interest in sleeping with any [male bodied] trans women ever IS a transphobic statement. As I’ve talked about before, there really isn’t any universal or consistent outward trait common to all trans women [except for being male-sexed]. Logically, one can’t possibly experience a basic [Lesbian] sexual attraction to cis women but not trans women, at least not while claiming that supposed lack of attraction has anything to do with trans women and trans bodies. It’s about how you perceive trans women. What you’re “not attracted to” is women you KNOW are [male-bodied] trans, the IDEA of trans women, the CONCEPT. Which is inherently tied into cultural perceptions. You’d have the same reaction to a cis woman claiming to be trans as you would to an actual trans woman. It’s about your perceptions, not our [male] bodies.”
“ [Lesbian] sexuality does not occur in a vacuum.”
“Discussing the ways that [Lesbian] sexual orientation can often be fixed and immutable, that you can’t, for instance, “cure” someone of being gay or lesbian, has been an extremely important step in working towards acceptance of sexual variance. But that does not and should not mean that [Lesbian] sexuality is suddenly sacrosanct and off-limits for discussion. That does not mean everything about an individual’s [Lesbian] sexuality is suddenly unassailable, off-limits for discussion, “just the way it is”, not to be questioned or critiqued or thought about.”
“Some aspects of [Lesbian] sexuality probably are innate, “Born This Way”. But a whole lot more of it is socio-culturally mediated. How cultural attitudes play out in [Lesbian] sexuality is not something that needs to be protected from discussion, and given the fact that this often has real, actual consequences (such as perpetuating the oppression, alienation and dehumanization of trans women), it is something that needs to discussed.”
“The fact that simply trying to broach the subject of the cotton ceiling is something met with such a considerable degree of hostility and opposition is itself pretty strong proof that the cotton ceiling is in fact a real phenomenon that is actually limiting how trans women are conceived and talked about in the queer community.”