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      1. I find it interesting that Roz and others never seem to give a shit about, oh, yanno, the RL violent threats perpetrated by some trans activists. I have recently concluded that certain trans activists think they are invisible.

      2. I have never ever seen a feminist threaten a trans person with violence. But I have seen a shit-ton of continual horrific violent threats made by trans folks against every single feminist that discusses gender. Every. Single. One.

      3. Man, I had a look at that page and they actually say that Adrienne Rich helped to write the “Transsexual Empire”. *rofl* Of course, Janice cannot be blamed for the inconvenient truth that so many trans have nothing that could be called an independent personality outside of their own transsexuality.
        Btw, being compared to an insect or other potentially lethal vermin (spiders, ticks etc.) is a really common strategy to dehumanize political enemies to make attacks on them easier.

      4. Right? Feminists are either “exterminators” or we are “vermin”. Either “irrelevant” or “with blood on our hands”.

    1. Feel free to use it!!
      These “tWANKerbells” actually LIVE in Landloopia and DEMAND female lesbians to **clap**clap**clap** our hands and BELIEVE…
      “Do you believe? … If you believe clap your hands; don’t let Twank die!”
      I don’t know a god damn single female lesbian who wants ANYONE to die!! It’s ridiculous. Lesbians are not causing violence against this group, we just won’t **clap** our hands!
      Every time a lesbian says, ‘I don’t believe’ there isn’t a Twank somewhere that falls down dead.

  1. LOL Now Roz is crying on twitter that he’s going to sue Cathy Brennan because GenderTrender capped his tweets. Wha???
    Dude I am NOT Cathy Brennan.
    AND you broadcast those messages to the PUBLIC. That means the public gets to discuss them! And even post a picture to show others what you are BROADCASTING. It’s called “fair use”.

    1. What sort of BULLY publicly broadcasts ACCUSATIONS of MURDER and then takes umbrage when women TAKE NOTE of those accusations?

      1. But… but… GALLUS… you all look the SAME!!!
        Typical in my experience.
        Mexican immigrants allll look the same to white men… I wouldn’t consider this any different regarding females who won’t jump in the back of their truck of “cheap labor”.

  2. A funny contradiction (one among many in trans ‘theory’): I was censored on this F-word piece here, for saying that being born female mattered; one of the pro-trans commenters said that nobody knows what sex you are, it’s all about ‘gender expression’:
    “The reason I talk about gender is because there’s nothing inherent about having one letter rather than another stamped on your birth certificate that affects your chances of being raped, or whether someone wants to employ you, or whether you get catcalled on the street, or anything else – the potential rapist or employer has no way to know what was written on the person’s birth certificate at birth. It’s all social, all based on indirect clues, all about gender.”
    So, then, how does the above fit in with the ‘Rad!Fem!Scorpion’ blogger claiming that trans women are oppressed when it comes to employment? If ‘people’ are discriminated against purely because of their ‘gender’, then trans women would be treated exactly the same as FAAB women, wouldn’t they? There wouldn’t be that extra-special-important ‘transmisogyny’ that only trans women get, because nobody would be able to spot the difference between a FAAB woman and a biological male ‘performing femininity’!
    (The F-Word comment is bullshit anyway, your parents/carers know which sex you are from birth, and, unless you’re very lucky, dress you in pink or blue accordingly – it’s more complicated than that for intersex people I know, but most of us are put in a pink or blue box from birth)

    1. Yeah, it’s bullshit. Biology does not exist, except when “gender” suergery comes back to them in discrimination, then, suddenly, biology DOES exist, they have some biology-disadvantage, and a special word is needed to discern them from FAABs. Eh, okay?
      Now, something related (to this insanity) that also always stuns me.
      They say, gender is binary. Like, gender is in {0,1}.
      But at the same time, they enthousiastially proclaim, biology is NOT binary AT ALL!!!!1 NO! They constantly SCREAM about how intersex people exist.
      Okay, so, we understand intersex exist, so, yes, biology is not binary. Like, biology is in {0,1,2,3, … n}.
      Now, ASSUME, you would be totally naive and follow their line of reasoning – and proclaim, that gender follows/equals biology. Like, they always say, “it’s a mismatch in (my) biology”.
      So, then, why gender is BINARY? Biology was non-binary, we just saw that. So if gender follows biology… gender is non-binary.
      Like, gender is in {0,1,2,3, … n}. NOT only in {0,1}.
      Therefore their trans disorder is kind of.. fucking pointless? Just say you’re the third or fourth or n-th gender? Duh!
      Yeah I know “gender” is a non-existant concept anyway. But, this just shows that even if you’d assume it was, they still FAIL.

  3. I hope it is ok to share this BBC news article here, as there is (understandably) no more direct way of making contact.
    “The Afghan girls who live as boys”
    This isn’t the same as the Sworn Virgins of Albania, as the girls are only temporarily disguised as boys, and they do not take on a full ‘male identity’. But I think it is a very interesting piece, as it shows up how much ‘gender’ is a social construct – unsurprisingly, many of the girls find it very hard to lose their disguise, and to go back to being identifiable as second class citizens

    Elaha lives in Mazar-e Sharif in northern Afghanistan. She lived as a boy for 20 years because her family didn’t have a son and reverted only two years ago when she had to go to university.
    However, she does not feel fully female [sic]: she says her habits are not girlish and she does not want to get married.
    “When I was a kid my parents disguised me as a boy because I didn’t have a brother. Until very recently, as a boy, I would go out, play with other boys and have more freedom.”
    She has returned reluctantly to her gender and says she has done it only because of the social traditions.
    “If my parents force me to get married, I will compensate for the sorrows of Afghan women and beat my husband so badly that he will take me to court every day.”

    What I find funny is the response from the Balkh Human Rights Commission:

    The tradition has existed in Afghanistan for centuries. According to Daud Rawish, a sociologist in Kabul, it may have started when Afghans had to fight their invaders and for this women needed to be disguised as men.
    But Qazi Sayed Mohammad Sami, head of the Balkh Human Rights Commission, calls it a breach of human rights.
    “We cannot change someone’s gender for a while. You cannot change a girl to a boy for a short period of time. It’s against humanity,” he says.
    The tradition has had a damaging effect on some girls who feel they have missed out on essential childhood memories as well as losing their identity.
    For others it has been good experiencing freedoms they would never have had if they had lived as girls.
    But for many the key question is: will there be a day when Afghan girls get as much freedom and respect as boys?

    The author of the article gets it right though, the real human rights violation is treating female children ‘like girls’.

    1. “…the real human rights violation is treating female children ‘like girls’…”
      More true words were ne’re spoken.

  4. You are so right, Gallus: “I have never ever seen a feminist threaten a trans person with violence. But I have seen a shit-ton of continual horrific violent threats made by trans folks against every single feminist that discusses gender. Every. Single. One.”
    I think they want to believe that most of us are the same person because they use so many aliases to boost what looks like their support, but we know that most trannies can’t stand each other.
    Yes, I’m sure you look far better, Gallus.

  5. Ha ha ha! How dare you make my public Tweets public!
    “Repurposing photos without permission is piracy. You know this, everyone knows this.”
    It is to laugh.
    I find it amusing that Roz chose the Tower of Babel for her background. How apropos for the jabbering transjacktivists.
    No one would have to go to an obscure radfem blog to find transactivists, as most of them live on the internet. And as Cathy said, the constant threats and aggression from transactivists (Camp Trans 2010 for starters) go unmentioned. They just don’t want to be criticized at all.
    I’m sure there are some sane transwomen out there, but the transbian transactivists are all barking mad. They not only fetishize women, especially lesbians, they fetishize victimhood and the idea of themselves as the most victimized group of all. Check out the latest transchat on Twitter for yet another example of white transwomen’s indifference to issues that do not directly affect them. They demand that feminists accommodate them and fight their battles, but as we saw with their indifference to the Blunt amendment fight, they are TERRIBLE allies to us.
    Every time the trans question comes up on a liberal blog, some scold in the comments says “You need to educate yourself and read Julia Serano.” I see no evidence that any libfems have ever questioned Serano’s premise that gender is innate and biological sex merely a construct, nor what dire consequences that view has for all women. It’s astonishing to me that they don’t seem to care that the Serano followers seek to erase women as a sexual class. Neither do they question Serano’s homophobic slurs against lesbians and downright fundie promotion of “femininity.” The libfems just welcomed the transwomen uncritically, and said nothing as transwomen claimed final say over the discourse and placed themselves above criticism. The libfems need to confront both their own homophobia and their unconscious deference to the almighty ladystick.
    As far as I can tell, this tiny radfem corner of the left blogosphere is the only place where the critical analysis of transwomen and their demands is EVEN ALLOWED. Everywhere else, questioning anything a transwoman says will be shouted down with cries of “Transphobia!” Transwomen have regular meltdowns on funfem blogs where they threaten violence and even rape against their enemies (e.g. Voz on Feministe), and the funfems do no more than quibble about trigger warnings.
    Despite the small number of radfem blogs, it’s clear that the existence of any women ANYWHERE who dare to question transwomen’s theories and actions drives them absolutely mad with rage. The transwomen have no power themselves but for some reason have some backing from TPTB, at least for now. Radfems have no power and no support outside themselves but manage to rile them despite our numbers being small. My money is on radfems = powerful because we have the truth on our side.

    1. ” The libfems need to confront both their own homophobia and their unconscious deference to the almighty ladystick.”
      LOL — Thirty years ago, who among the feminist sisterhood imagined that so many women would be allowing womankind to be jacked around by the ladystick today?

  6. Roz’ Twitter:
    “I wonder whether a complaint to the Maryland Bar Association would be appropriate.”
    I weep for Britain, because it’s virtually illegal to offend anyone there now.

      1. I’ll pray for a really juicy complaint against you, sugar-pie. ;0)
        Remember: the goddess provides!!!

  7. I’m personally making a complaint against Disney.
    WHY are stepmoms the villians?
    WHY are females ALWAYS victims?
    WHY is the bio- mom always dead?

  8. Once again the oppressors whine because the victims aren’t buying their shitty ideology. How evil of you radfems! Questioning da mens identity! Too bad reality is on our side dudes.

  9. @ dyksfunctional – “Every time a lesbian says, ‘I don’t believe’ there isn’t a Twank somewhere that falls down dead.”
    Exactly. It’s all just part and parcel with their mental disorder:
    — their histrionic personalities,
    — their narcissistic obsession with mirrors, posturing and posing,
    — their intellectual laziness, and
    — their ignorance (willful ignorance?) of logic, reason and science.
    Most of the “trans” strike me as having (at best) a 7th-grade education.
    Most act like they’re stuck forever in Thirteen-Year-Old Land where anyone who disagrees with you — anyone who won’t instantly fall all over themselves validating your fantasy world — is literally “trying to destroy” your life.

    1. “– their narcissistic obsession with mirrors, posturing and posing,”
      What is IT w/the youtube videos???? Seriously? They are always soooo lissspy. Does IDg as “trans” make them all Spanish??? John Hopkins needs to get on that research.

  10. “Roz Kaveney ‏ @RozKaveney
    If anyone feels like reading the comments on the We Hate Roz Kaveney post on GenderTrender to let me know if there is anything actionable…”
    Hahaha! The “we hate Roz” post. You mean the one where your tweets were simply posted without commentary to alert women to your specious murder allegations against us?
    We should sue you for making false inflammatory charges.

  11. “Roz Kaveney ‏ @RozKaveney Reply Retweet Favorite · Open
    I know of no case where an actual radical feminist has been harmed physically by a trans person.”
    Well try this video where trans are THROWING SHIT AT JULIE BINDEL’S HEAD:

  12. JFC. Enough with this “VILE” crap, trans. Just get on with it already and call us EVIL!
    See that? Surely it didn’t escape your notice that those words are anagrams! Not that most of you are likely to know what an anagram is, but that’s neither here nor there right now…
    I just really want to know when you’re going to start calling us the radfem versions of Lord Voldemort.

  13. Oooooohhhhhhhhhh… silly us.
    “Blood on your hands” = “I feel insulted”
    “Roz Kaveney ‏ @RozKaveney Reply Retweet Favorite · Open
    @bugbrennan @marilyn_pierce Telling trans people that they are mad, not real and so on, may not be threats, but they are gross insults.”

  14. All those sites Roz mentions are just mirrors of trans own behavior and they hate, absolutely hate, what they see in that mirror. They can plainly see in that reflection, as anyone can, how vain, narcissistic, delusional, histrionic, pathetic, and utterly unconvincing they are. Rather than accepting that truth, they lash out at the mirror-holders, the messengers who only deliver the truth they can’t bear to see, let alone accept. Continuing to loudly deny it won’t make it untrue, but it will cause them to miss out on what other people are seeing and realizing about them. Stay delusional, Roz and friends, while we talk to the sane grown-ups.
    (Oh, and Roz honey, if you and your mates don’t want to be insulted, stop being gross.)

  15. Reblogged this on Living Kallmann’s Syndrome and commented:
    This is very typical of Trans, trying to guilt trip women and Lesbians. It’s the same sort of Crap they like to pull on to Intersex people as well. I see, this is another attempt by the crazy, lunatic and extremist transgender trying to erase, co-opt and threaten the lives of women, lesbian and intersex people. GallusMag and many other Radfems have shown how dangerous Transgender can be when they don’t get their way. It clearly shows how dangerous Transgender are when they threaten or bully the lives of biological women, Lesbian women and Intersex people.

    1. They’re a bit like rattlesnakes in that you don’t want to stand too close to them as they tend to be easily irritated and ready to strike out for no good reason. Maybe it’s all those weird hormones they take? Too much dye and make-up seeping into their brains and messing about with their “lady spot”? Lack of oxygen from the girdles and whatnot? Itchy and irritable from the full-body waxing? Rage because no matter what they do, they’ll most of them go through life looking like Woody Allen (or Charles Barkley, or Sylvester Stallone) in a bad wig and dress?

  16. THe idea that sex runs along a continuum has to be one of the more ridiculous ideas to come out of trans academentia.
    Even *if* you tried to argue that sex was not binary (because of the existence of the intersex condition) it still doesn’t mean that one particular individual can jump from one box into another. You’re born in either box M, or box F, or you’re intersex.
    I’ll say it again: the existence of the intersex condition does not mean you *personally* can jump from *your* M box into our F box.

  17. http://blackenedbutterfly.tumblr.com/post/20465313608/thecottonceiling-im-not-talking-about-gender
    ^ they want us eliminated. not just our movement, US. and they’re still calling us racist.
    blackenedbutterfly: “Radical feminism must be done away with (as well as most radical feminists, because white radfems are almost all racist shitfaces. When your movement is made primarily up of white supremacists, you might want to consider moving somewhere else.”
    And now they’re calling us “trans-exterminationists”. WTF. http://widdershinsgirl.tumblr.com/post/20465690926/vizzz-firstwavefeminist-protecting-lesbians
    widdershinsgirl: “I guarantee you, there is literally no way a trans-exterminationist can see ANYTHING a trans woman writes and NOT deliberately and maliciously misinterpret it.”
    Right, we’re just misinterpreting the threats against us.
    And the amount of people who have swallowed the pomo nonsense that a penis can be female break my heart (and brain)
    sonneillonv: I think what the OP is trying to say here is that she identifies lesbians as people with vaginas who are only attracted to vaginas, rather than as women who are only attracted to women.I think this argument would break down REALLY fast in the presence of a trans* man, and be proven for the disingenuous bullshit it is.” http://sonneillonv.tumblr.com/post/20466396064/widdershinsgirl-blackenedbutterfly
    So basically, in funfemland, Lesbian is fully crushed, co-opted, kicked under the bus and gone. And if you defend lesbianism’s meaning – female homosexuality – you’re the worst bigot who ever lived. And a racist too. And the oft-repeated shitbag or shitface.
    My head hurts.

    1. Is the recent success of gay marriage in NY the reason the transbians are getting so strident and suddenly seem to be everywhere? It’s like they saw that poll where the majority of Catholics now accept same sex marriage and thought “It’s our turn now.”
      The idea that M and F mean nothing and that this guy:
      is a LAY-DEEEEE is a much bigger pill to swallow for Joe and Jane Six Pack than same sex attraction. I don’t think Joe and Jane are going to be as nice as the status-jockeying SWPL funfems when the transbians demand submission from them too.
      “So basically, in funfemland, Lesbian is fully crushed, co-opted, kicked under the bus and gone.”
      It’s really shameful, because lesbians have done so and do much of the heavy lifting for feminism, and the transbians do nothing but TAKE TAKE TAKE. And have meltdowns where they say we should all be raped.

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