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  1. This trend from Rebecca Walker doesn’t surprise me. I saw her give what was billed as a guest lecture many years ago and was less than impressed. I was in college and only recently out. A group of friends and I went to a college conference for LGBT students and she got top billing as the speaker for the event. It turned out she was trying to sell a book. She was the editor of the book and had written the introduction. There she was exploiting her mothers name and her bisexuality to a group of gay college kids to sell a book she took very little part in creating. She gave her speech and upon reading the first pages of the book I realized her speech was a verbatim reading of her introduction, nothing more to add, none of the actual authors of the collected essays present to speak, followed by a book signing, again, just R. Walker, no one else. A total waste of time and money to hear her give a dry reading of her own dry writing, editing as Rebecca WALKER as a stepping stone to get into the publishing biz. I suppose she has to bash her Mother, she has no talent or accomplishments of her own to build her career on. After that conference back in the mid-90s, I made it a point never to waste another dime or another minute on Rebecca Walker, so whatever her latest insult to her mother, I’ll just take your word for it.

  2. I take it back, if I recall correctly, she shared billing with Larry Kramer. I don’t know if that was meant to lend to her credibility, or if it was intended to make her appear even more lackluster. She achieved the latter.

    1. LOL — Oh, good. I was really struggling to get the connection to “Steven the Lesbian”!!!
      Too funny.

      1. yeah, a friend of mine watched the Steven video thru and then clicked on one of the videos that came up in the queue about Rebecca Walker. I thought that was the thread. Of course I had to be the first to comment just to add to the confusion.

  3. This over-the-top video shows a basic fear, or the belief by some, in what trans-persons entering lesbian spaces are attempting to do. It more than implies, but states that the only real purpose to enter such spaces is for having male-like sex. It’s an over-simplification, and a twisting of their reality.
    I suggest to feel more secure in one’s self, and not to worry so much about a very few trans woman coming in as long as they act similar to other lesbian woman. And if they have vaginas then I don’t see a problem with their inclusion.

  4. I wasn’t sure what to think of this at first! I still don’t. It looks a bit like what I’m seeing at Lesbian events though. Yes, Gallus Mag, you ARE the best!
    So Christina lectures us to not worry about the destruction of the last female only space, as long as the “‘trans women’ act similar to other lesbian woman?” Well, they never do because they are not. Not even close. Since Christina hasn’t noticed how extremely different from Lesbians these men are, what has been missed? — the arrogance, the groping, the unwanted sado-masochistic sexual comments, the stalking, and just plain prickiness? Would a literal rape be noticed? A friend wondered if that would finally get trans supporters to realize that the men who they insist are women ARE men, but I think that if a trannie raped a girl or woman at Michigan, he would have a lot of defenders blaming the girl or woman. I wonder if they would care if it was a very young girl? From what I’ve seen online today, most of their supporters would just keep calling us “transphobic” and “hateful” for protesting such a rape. How dare any woman say no to men?
    And as for ” if they have vaginas then I don’t see a problem with their inclusion,” well, they don’t. A surgically constructed fuck hole that has to be kept open with an object is NOTHING like a vagina. But even more telling, vaginas are the female body part that men are the most interested in, while ignoring the parts women are the most interested in. I guess Christina thinks that women are only vaginas, but no female impersonator has a real clitoris or real vulva — or a real female mind, heart, and soul. Maybe if they did, they wouldn’t be so obviously male.
    Continuing to insult us and obviously not reading the information here is not going to reach us — it’s not about us having “a basic fear” of these men or us needing “to feel more secure” in ourselves. It’s the fearful, insecure women who buy the trans cult con. It’s the courageous women who are completely grounded who have the strength to say no.

    1. “I wasn’t sure what to think of this at first! I still don’t.”
      lol the cartoon depicts Stephen’s Manbian fantasy. No wonder everyone hates it! hahahahaha

    2. “It’s the fearful, insecure women who buy the trans cult con. It’s the courageous women who are completely grounded who have the strength to say no.”
      EXACTLY, Bev Jo!
      Yours is a brilliant post written by a courageous woman who is completely grounded and has the strength to say no!

  5. They are fucking nuts. But that male privilege and sense of entitlement sure carries them through. No shame, no hesitation — just incredible arrogance. Their bodies are so different, but the minds….. I do feel closer kinship with females of other species than these kinds of men.
    The only mystery is how/why any women support them.

    1. One of my favorite tongue-in-cheek bumper sticker and tee-shirt slogans (as a woman born in South Louisiana) reads:
      “It’s not the heat, it’s the stupidity.”
      I think a similarly clever slogan needs to be created to call out those special-snow-flake straight dudes who want to identify as “lesbians” (and the idiotic women who enable them), something along the lines of:
      “It’s not just your dick, it’s your insufferable entitlement.”

  6. Ha! Those videos are pretty funny.
    One thing I’ve concluded, if you have to explain to somebody why their presence is unwelcome, they probably aren’t a woman. Seriously, anybody who claims “they have vaginas,” as if that defines what being a woman is all about, just doesn’t get it.

  7. Heh heh. Avory Faucette announced a live #transchat on Twitter, then skipped out on moderating it. The event was quickly derailed by white transwomen barging in and making it all about them.
    Pan’s Grrl: “I don’t really see race at all. I just see the human race.”
    As you can imagine, this comment went over like a fart in church. Unsurprisingly, Pan’s Grrl identifies as libertarian.
    BeckyJuro was upset that the transchat was aimed at POC:
    “Consider this: If there were whites-only trans event, ppl would b angry, rightly so. Yet this is ok?”
    This luise_g person sounds trollish, but is quite real:
    “maybe i’m naive but to have a distinction such as persons of colour in 2012, seems strange looking into #transchat from the uk”
    Some trans of color says:
    “You’re not naive. You’re a privileged white person. You wouldn’t see the need for a distinction.”
    luise_g says:
    “privileged… sorry don’t agree, i find that an aggressive comment and groundless, we should not distinguish”
    Bwahahahahaha! Those libfems assured me I am the most oppressed of them all. How can a transwoman have any privilege? #sadface

  8. Oh please, the MALE Lesbian.l.one thing it’s an oppressive cartoon, another thing that a REAL bio male says he’s a Lesbian….with his obvious facial hair and mustache, just to ‘be one of the girls’ “access to those roles”, no it’s access to our Sacred Yonis and bodies, as well as our Lesbian Minds and Spirits….what’s wrong with being an androgynous, effeminate male..no, he’s not gay, he’s a “Lesbian trapped in a man’s body”, yep men have jokingly told me that..but this guy? He thinks he’s for real? How deluded…..cuz he likes ‘feminine roles”? PULEASE…INSANITY.
    Sorry this shit just pisses me off….’Cotton Ceiling’ b.s. and all!

  9. oh, fer cryin’ out loud. This skinny, Frank Zappa look-alike, who doesn’t “feel the need to do electrolysis to remove all his body hair” just to prove that he’s a “real woman”? As if lack of body hair is what makes a female. That’s the common thread, ya know. This singular and monomaniacal focus of these dudes on “external appearance” and superficialities (wearing a skirt, for instance). Plus the adoption of (for us obvious) stereotyped behaviour: feminine = languid voice. feminine = dainty hand gestures. feminine = self-deprecating laugh. Puh-leeze!

  10. This obsession with physical appearance is the stock and trade of the hetero male, or gay males too.
    Men just are obsessed with physical appearance in general…. and of course they created femininity in the first place, so it stands to reason that they would fettishize it more as trans.
    Lesbian feminists, and radfems in general simply are not interested in this as a definition for women.
    So of course the weirdness of it all is that MtoTrans get into lesbian events, but they’re wearing dresses, and eye-liner. Back in the 80s, they’d show up a dyke events all dressed up…. and it seemed bizaar to us at the time.
    As if the female body was still the object of desire to colonize and imitate, and since these people are men, they have no other way to see women. Even drag queens have this clueless attitude in “female impersonation,” because they are impersonating a patriarchal construct.
    What’s even more amazing, that of all groups on the planet, radical lesbians reject all of this, and that’s the group they attack the most or want to invade the most. They really should stick with attacking the Miss America contest, or fashion week in Italy… because their ugly selves would just be the laughing stock of Italian fashion industry gay guys.
    There is the hatred of the free amazons, the women who want nothing to do with the fake feminine, the butch dykes they always seek to erase.

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