Queer trans women don’t want to force lesbian women to like them, but rather analyze why they don’t and see if trannies can become more attractive in their eyes.Trannies have the right to discuss how to positively change themselves and how others perceive them.Just as women have the right to “say no”, trannies have the right make themselves less unattractive to improve their sex and love lives. Trannies have the right to try.Furthermore, “Overcoming the cotton ceiling” is in the spirit of other workshops in the event such as”Pick [Me] Ups for Hungry Virginz: How to Initiate Luv Connections (Or At Least Not Die While Trying)”which helps overcome “barriers and road blocks in your quest to connect with others-– whether that’s for one-night stands or lifelong partnerships or fuck buddies.”As a dating coach helping heterosexual males, I can say that many possible factors must be analyzed. For example, if I were applying heterosexual criteria, I could say that apart from physical dislike, trannies’ high incidences of depression, anxiety as well as the the low social value & stability attributed to them do not make them attractive to women, who in men would find such qualities very “beta” or unappealing.Furthermore, if trannies have any male genes, they should know that new research shows that the mere idea of an encounter with a woman can impair men’s cognitive performance, and thus the female does not get a true picture of the male.Whatever it is, trannies have the right to discuss how to overcome their predicament.”—————————-The above Homophobe and Rape Apologist is responding to this:

Support Women’s Sexual Autonomy — No Means No!


Planned Parenthood Toronto is helping to sponsor a March 31 conference in Toronto that includes a workshop inviting participants to discuss and strategize ways they might be able to “overcome” women’s objections to these participants’ sexual advances.  We believe that no means no, that a woman’s right to say “no” to sex at any time is sacrosanct and that no explanations should ever be requested because none is ever necessary.   The name of the workshop proposed is “Overcoming the Cotton Ceiling:  Breaking Down Sexual Barriers for Queer Trans Women.”  The workshop facilitator has defined the “Cotton Ceiling” as follows:

The cotton ceiling is a theory proposed … to explain the experiences queer trans women have with simultaneous social inclusion and sexual exclusion within the broader queer women’s communities. Basically, it means that cis queer women will be friends with us and talk day and night about trans rights and ending transmisogyny, but will still not consider us viable sexual partners.
The term cotton ceiling is a reference to the “glass ceiling” that second wave feminist identified in the workforce, wherein women could only advance so high in the workforce but could not break through into positions of power and authority. The cotton represents underwear, signifying sex.

Please sign this petition and ask Planned Parenthood to withdraw their support from this workshop and to continue their legacy of support for women’s sexual autonomy.
Information about the conference can be found here.”
And this video: