Queer trans women don’t want to force lesbian women to like them, but rather analyze why they don’t and see if trannies can become more attractive in their eyes.Trannies have the right to discuss how to positively change themselves and how others perceive them.Just as women have the right to “say no”, trannies have the right make themselves less unattractive to improve their sex and love lives. Trannies have the right to try.Furthermore, “Overcoming the cotton ceiling” is in the spirit of other workshops in the event such as”Pick [Me] Ups for Hungry Virginz: How to Initiate Luv Connections (Or At Least Not Die While Trying)”which helps overcome “barriers and road blocks in your quest to connect with others-– whether that’s for one-night stands or lifelong partnerships or fuck buddies.”As a dating coach helping heterosexual males, I can say that many possible factors must be analyzed. For example, if I were applying heterosexual criteria, I could say that apart from physical dislike, trannies’ high incidences of depression, anxiety as well as the the low social value & stability attributed to them do not make them attractive to women, who in men would find such qualities very “beta” or unappealing.Furthermore, if trannies have any male genes, they should know that new research shows that the mere idea of an encounter with a woman can impair men’s cognitive performance, and thus the female does not get a true picture of the male.Whatever it is, trannies have the right to discuss how to overcome their predicament.”—————————-The above Homophobe and Rape Apologist is responding to this:

Support Women’s Sexual Autonomy — No Means No!


Planned Parenthood Toronto is helping to sponsor a March 31 conference in Toronto that includes a workshop inviting participants to discuss and strategize ways they might be able to “overcome” women’s objections to these participants’ sexual advances.  We believe that no means no, that a woman’s right to say “no” to sex at any time is sacrosanct and that no explanations should ever be requested because none is ever necessary.   The name of the workshop proposed is “Overcoming the Cotton Ceiling:  Breaking Down Sexual Barriers for Queer Trans Women.”  The workshop facilitator has defined the “Cotton Ceiling” as follows:

The cotton ceiling is a theory proposed … to explain the experiences queer trans women have with simultaneous social inclusion and sexual exclusion within the broader queer women’s communities. Basically, it means that cis queer women will be friends with us and talk day and night about trans rights and ending transmisogyny, but will still not consider us viable sexual partners.
The term cotton ceiling is a reference to the “glass ceiling” that second wave feminist identified in the workforce, wherein women could only advance so high in the workforce but could not break through into positions of power and authority. The cotton represents underwear, signifying sex.

Please sign this petition and ask Planned Parenthood to withdraw their support from this workshop and to continue their legacy of support for women’s sexual autonomy.
Information about the conference can be found here.”
And this video:

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  1. I like the second video a lot better than the first! 😉 BTW, the link to the “freedom” petition doesn’t work. As if there can be “freedom” in an unequal society! Freedom for whom, one might ask?
    And thanks for including my blog in the links!

    1. Absolutely typical male response:
      “…and get us laid.”
      Not to help us understand women better, or to gain a greater understanding of love, compassion, intimacy, trust or anything like that but just about getting one’s rocks off, which is of course, all about having power over women.

    1. OK, this one made me want to vomit.
      Coercing, manipulating and shaming lesbians into fucking MEN is the “last frontier of social justice”.
      Holy crap. How do you spell insane again? Oh, yeah:

  2. I feel physically ill reading these tweets. I know other women have said they feel this way as well. I’m not sure if it was Drew who said this, but there’s one M2T who said the lesbians that don’t wish to date M2T have never talked with one for more than 90 seconds. This is not true of myself, nor of the many, many lesbians I know who would not date an M2T. Just had to get that out there.
    Also, this little gem from the “sexual freedom” petition:
    “As a psychiatrist I work a lot with transgender people and I know they would agree with what I’m writing right now [that this person is for the right of MAAB to sit by themselves and discuss ways to break through women’s underwear].”

    1. I’m feeling physically ill too, but maybe that’s just the 106ºF weather here. No wait. It’s definitely them tweets.
      Same shit, new disguise: Males convinced a woman CAN’T DENY the penis, convinced every woman really LOVES THE PENIS, and they’ll hi-five each other when they “conquer” the only type of women that dislike the penis and are vocal about it: Lesbians.
      Of course little to no Lesbian would date a M2T. Seriously, how could they let go of a beautiful, powerful, amazing, natural 100% woman to be with a man-made-pseudo-woman prick? He must have an amazing personality, which I doubt any of those M2Ts have.

  3. Reblogged this on Living Kallmann’s Syndrome and commented:
    I am speechless at the level of stupidity that trans would try and pull on Women and Lesbian. This goes to show how low Trans will go in trying to get access to women and lesbian. I think it shows how low and below the belt trans can be and even shows how Trans will use every trick including trying to pull the intersex card on people. I think it clearly shows that trans cult is very dangerous to biological women, lesbians and intersex people as well.

  4. So this guy in the first video is a Mystery wannabe who is coaching trannies in PUA techniques? Wow, they’re REALLY behind the curve. The PUA stuff is already a joke among het women and most can see it coming a mile away. It only works on broken young hetero girls with daddy issues, and it’s pretty ineffective even then. I’d pay good money to see how lesbians respond to “negging” and all the other dumb things PUAs do.
    Let me guess, does he live in a van down by the river? He sure looks like it.

    1. Oh my goddess, I actually laughed genuinely for the first time this week (I’ve just come back from the funeral for my last grandparent 🙁 ) with the “…van down by the river?” remark.
      Thank you Jen very much for that.

      1. Oh, Aileen, I am so very sorry for your loss, too. I am sending you a great big (((hug))) through the ether.
        Take care!

  5. They can “demand” all they want. Doesn’t mean it’s gonna happen. I have to say, I am loving this. True colors, and all that.
    Their idea of “sexual equality” = coercing, shaming, and guilt-tripping lesbians into sleeping with them. No, no, nothing slimy about that, no sir!

  6. “Furthermore, if trannies have any male genes, they should know that new research shows that the mere idea of an encounter with a woman can impair mens cognitive performance, and thus the female does not get a true picture of the male.”
    This person trying to defend it then manages to be transphobic as well (O dear, the cardinal sin!), by pointing out that their defective MALE biology and MALE cognitive performance goes wibble when they think about sex with a lady. Plus what about the line, IF trannies have any male genes? I thought we were talking about (at least) transwomen who identified as lesbians, not female transmen (i.e. NO male genes), who then identify as lesbian and male at the same time? Except by incuding only MAAB, the meeting itself excludes the latter.
    In short, we ‘re ALLOWED to discuss their biology as male when that might explain their predicament, but you’re not allowed to MENTION it to explain your rejection of their ladylike advances (no thanks, you’re male, AND you’ve still got a dick).
    Even their supporters are getting dissed for being transphobic, but seems it was more the use of the word trannies, rather than any analysis of what was actually being said (cos we all know if you try to analyse trans-speak, the blatant contradictions soon pop out).

  7. Isn’t it interesting how little value people place on lesbian sexuality or desires? I’ve never come across lesbian friendly workshops within Planned Parenthood, so this latest doesn’t surprise me.
    How many lesbians out there can report sexual harassment by male to trans? I bet there are a lot of us. There are even lesbian bars I won’t go to anymore because of preditory trans invading them.
    I know of one or two women who are in relationships with trans– both are bisexual. One woman had her ribs broken while she and her male to trans partner were making love. The male to trans was so large, and was not careful, thus the broken ribs. She didn’t want to go near a sex act with the MtoTrans after that. So there are definitely safety issues for bi women. We’ve known this was coming for decades, and hetero women’s organizations are going to let these creeps in, because they don’t have to deal with it. Sometimes I think hetero women actually resent lesbian only space, because we don’t tolerate males, can have a great time, and not have preditory males going after us. Het women have this happen to them all the time.
    So Planned Parenthood is clueless, but that isn’t a big surprise to me.

  8. P.S. Love the Patty Hearst poster. I used to have it up on my wall when I was a teenager! The “report” by the male in the vid was sickening in the extreme.
    This is scary scary stuff women!!!!!

    1. “This ain’t about “shaming cis women into sex” this is about you shaming us OUT of it.”
      That must be why the point of the conference, as shown on the poster, was facilitating the “cumming together” of MTFs and inconveniently disinterested lesbians. Clearly no one is shaming you from having sex with each other, so one must conclude that you are talking a bunch of shit.
      “But here is a secret, those of you who are disgusted by trans women? We never wanted to have sexytimes with you in the first place.”
      It must be a secret to you too, because you hired a cheesy PUA motivational speaker to help you gain “access” to what lies above that cotton ceiling, and be less “beta” to lesbians.
      Looks like it isn’t working.

    2. And that tumblr post:
      “Cis people, and cis women specifically, please stop making the cotton ceiling about YOU.”
      Of course, because what’s behind that “cotton ceiling” you want to break through isn’t a real PERSON, after all, it’s just a fuckhole for you to do with as you please.
      I liked your answer, Cathy:
      Seriously, they’re so outclassed by the laser-sharp analysis and wit of the radfem commenters that I believe truth will out eventually. I haven’t seen any of them do anything but shoot themselves in the foot.

        It’s just laughable how they believe that taking hormones makes the whole body magically female and lesbians have to desire them.

  9. “As a dating coach helping heterosexual males, I can say that many possible factors must be analyzed.”
    I read this and I knew what was coming. *puke*
    I can only agree with woaj in regards to Drew’s tweets. His possessive and self-aggrandizing behaviour towards his date is repulsive and sexist. Macho bullshit to show off what a stud he is by having a “ciswoman” under his control.

    1. STRAPLESS? HOLY HELL. I’m not sure I can even come to this blog anymore; my brain was just broken. My heart as well.

  10. You wimmins are cracking me up! LOL
    Dudes: The cotton ceiling is CLOSED (to you.) Go find another hobby. While I’m at it: UNFUCK your strapless. (Yes, dudes, you have been cursed.)

  11. I’ve talked to some of these so-called “lesbian” trannies and found it interesting that while they bemoan their lack of access to women, they have little or no interest in sexual relationships with other trannies, especially other pre-ops. Why? Because they aren’t interested in dick!
    The hypocrisy, it burns!

    1. Just what I was thinking. But it’s okay for them to not want each other, it’s just not okay for horrible “cissy” lesbians to not want them. -_-

  12. “You just haven’t met the right man (or M2T) yet.” Sound familiar?
    Can these men be more male? Obviously not. Men have been stalking Lesbians for forever, but previously, most Lesbians have been aware of it and have shared support, as a community and as individuals. So now why do Lesbians support these disgusting men who will not take “no” for an answer???
    I have seen so many of these men and they are SO unfemale and SO repulsive. Isn’t it revealing that they rarely are with each other?
    Well, they can rape and murder us (as they keep threatening), but they will NEVER get what they want — not one of them will — because if a rare Lesbian decided to let one of these men fuck her, she is, by definition, no longer a Lesbian. No matter how many games they play or lies they tell, SCAM (Surgically and Chemically Altered Males) will never know what it is like to be with a Lesbian. Ever.

  13. Mr1001Nights is a Pick Up Artist who after several attempts to “neg” me has made it his personal mission to respond to nearly every video I make and push his male rapist entitlement agenda thinly disgusied as plain ol anarcho-syndicalism. He actually told me to meet up with him if I were ever in San Francisco for hot chocolate with winks and shit years ago. HE MAD.
    Its so funny that he keeps calling them “trannies” as well. The dude is a total joke.

  14. “…I think she got it all wrong.”
    Well that’s really the crux of the issue isn’t it? Men just believe that everything about women is wrong, and the more that we reject them, the more that they believe we’re wrong. Wrong morally, wrong logically and even wrong physically.
    The whole die while trying thing annoys the fucking shit out of me as well (hah, wondering how long it was gonna take myself to bust out a swear :P) because as I’ve said many times arguing with men, women, porn supporters, tranny supporters et al is that you can not, and you WILL NOT die from not having sex. I mean sure, you may feel frustrated, isolated or even depressed when you’re not sexually active (as when you’re not sexually active, everyone around you seems to be,) but you are not going to die from not getting a root. End of.
    Thirdly, women impairing men’s cognitive function? Really? I mean, seriously, are people, wait, I mean men, so fucked in the head that they really believe this clear bullshit? Guess what, men are fucking dumb as dog shit anyway. True facts!
    It’s not a predicament, it’s a bunch of selfish, whining, obnoxious self-indulgent, delusional and unstable MEN chucking a sookie-la-la because they can not and will not get their way.

  15. How do you make a man by turns whiney, wildly irrational and mean as a junkyard rat? Have a woman tell him “no” and mean it.
    Only about 3 in 100 can handle it with maturity and grace.
    What’s up with that?

  16. Apparently, now the latest tactic is to claim that the “cotton ceiling” refers to the trans people’s panties, not those of non-trans women. Because they know that that sounds a lot less, you know, rapey. Nice try. But just another PhD in bullshit (piled higher and deeper.)

    1. Yeah, I call total B.S. on that back-pedal.
      They meant busting their way into OUR panties and anyone with half a brain knows it.
      It’s amazingly clear that these “trans women” dudes really believe that they can just make up whatever crap and then demand that everyone else adopt their delusions and it will work.
      They’re so shocked (insert pearl clutching here) when other people don’t buy in.

  17. Thank you all for attending our “Breaking Through the Cotton Ceiling” workshop today. If you’ll look at the dry erase board behind me, you’ll see I’ve outlined our agenda for today, so let’s just jump right in there ladies, and get down to business.
    1. Drug identification and procurement: “ruffies” or GHB, what’s your preference?
    2. “The Art of Palming” an introduction to safely and securely hiding your date rape drug of choice right in the palm of your perfectly shaved and manicured hands AND the follow up- IT’S ALL ABOUT TIMING!
    3.If she won’t stop watching her drink/her friends are watching; “THE ART OF DISTRACTION 101”
    4. Once the deed is done. Once the drug is in her drink, you MUST get her to move toward the door
    –sub-discussion on carrying or dragging a limp body…………
    This “workshop” is nothing new, but Planned Parenthood doesn’t need to support it, most of the frat houses in the country already have a polished presentation to give on the subject. Granted, the conference room for this workshop won’t smell like stale beer farts, vomit and dirty gym socks, maybe, but still…

  18. How are they going to enforce the MAAB-only rule, again? Are they going to do DNA testing at the door? What if women pretend it’s an Apple store on the eve of the new iThing, camp out around the block, then storm in and take all the seats?
    Oh dear, I suppose that was mean, wasn’t it? To Apple, that is.

    1. Personally, I’d rather suck on maggots than hang out with the people running this workshop.
      Crazy dudes in dresses and mascara are one thing, but rape-y crazy dudes in dresses and mascara? Oh, no. No.

      1. I don’t want to hang out with them either, no way. I’m just wondering how they are going to keep women out. They’ll find a way, just curious as to their plan.

  19. Now it’s conspiracy theory time:
    “Your staunch refusal to accept that the social conditions around sexuality can be constructed to oppress minorities seen as “unattractive” in toto is one of my major issues with your argument. You argue that sexuality is 100% individual when in fact it is VERY much socially constructed and subject to social pressures. In the lesbian community there’s a great deal of pressure being exerted through a small number of sources to ensure that trans women are seen as undesirable potential partners, and that social pressure has not been acknowledged by you at any point.”
    A small number of sources? Is there a Lesbian Central Committee somewhere that decides what the official line is? This is just the typical male BS that women can’t know what they want, and just mindlessly follow the herd, i.e. the stuff you see on MRA and PUA blogs. Surely lesbians’ lack of attraction to MTFs cannot be rooted in organic phenomena like scent, taste, touch, and hearing. It’s all socially constructed. Reciting the “I am a woman” shahadah should be enough to get you past that cotton ceiling.
    Some more bloo-blooing:
    “If we can’t have at least a basic agreement that the way trans women’s bodies are socially constructed is damaging and creates unique negative pressures on us, we can’t have a conversation because you won’t even be able to accept that a problem exists.”
    The only problem I see is that some people aren’t getting what they want, and as an officially fun-fem sanctioned victim group, that means that a grave injustice is being done to them. Surely being the chicest demographic on Feministe means their every wish should be granted.
    I love people who think rephrasing age-old male come-ons and guilt tripping in academese transforms them into brave cries of truth and social justice.
    Men really think that any old bullshit that comes out of their mouths has some air of rationality and authority, and transitioning to MTF doesn’t appear to change that.
    If I ever had the impulse to go along with the “some women have penises” line, out of naivete or guilt, this whole episode killed it.

    1. Insane.
      Trans are actually claiming that homosexuality is inherently “transphobic” and in need of reparative treatment so that gay men will embrace the vag and lesbians the peen:
      “I’m not a trans woman (gay trans man here), but the fundamental problem with that entire OP is how it defines ‘lesbian’ as ‘cis lesbian’, and considers it unreasonable to expect them to be attracted to trans women. As well as assuming that all trans women have “peen”. As well as assuming that lesbians are genitally-obsessed people who are attracted to vaginas rather than to women, which I’d think is offensive not just to trans women but to many lesbians, cis and trans. As well as the constant wielding of cis privilege, placing cis lesbians’ health, comfort and happiness over that of trans womens’, which isn’t even considered in the least and practically treated as a joke.
      also, given how that commentated-screencap was already pretty triggery for me – unleashing all my insecurities about how no self-respecting gay man would ever be truly attracted to me because I’m trans – I’d imagine it might be worse for someone who is actually a trans lesbian and reading that comment manifesto about how they’re not real lesbians and should gtfo the lesbian community because they make the *real lesbians* uncomfortable.”


      And of course these are heterosexual people claiming this shit (heterosexual: people attracted to those of the opposite reproductive sex). Like the “gay male” heterosexual female that authored the above screed against female homosexuality.
      It’s the new anti-gay movement, and it’s coming from heterosexuals who have attached themselves to the very gay and lesbian groups that they claim need to be “cured” of their homosexuality.

      1. Homosexuality is based on SEX, not “gender”. It doesn’t matter what you have done to your penis or whether you have silicone testicals inserted into your labia. It doesn’t matter what you inject or wear or how you act or how you feel. Homosexuality EXISTS. And it is disgusting that trans people – backed by Planned Parenthood and the Sherbourne Health Centre no less! – claim that homosexuals should be coerced or “fixed” into partaking in opposite sexed relations.

    2. “Nobody is declaring *identity* transphobic. At all. Nobody is saying you can’t identify as a lesbian because lesbianism is transphobic. What is being said here is that there is a strong pattern of transphobia among the lesbian community, specifically as relates to who cis lesbians deem acceptable sexual partners, which has far too often involved a wholesale dismissal of trans women from that category despite defining lesbianism as “women who love women”, which is inherently third-gendering of trans women, and THAT, goddamnit, is what is fucking oppressive here. Not the identity. The pattern of behavior. The, as widdershinsgirl has pointed out to you several times over, social construction of “appropriate” partners within an identity to deliberately exclude people who, by all reasonable definitions, should be included.”

      1. “third-gendering of trans women”
        The problem is everyone knows they’re not women, even the Nice Concerned Ladies at Feministe.
        Granting them third gender status is being generous. The only other option is considering them men with mental illness.
        Anything else is just enforced pretending.

  20. “As well as assuming that lesbians are genitally-obsessed people who are attracted to vaginas” kind of says where that mind is. It’s men who are focused on vaginas. Vaginas are only one part of the complex spectacularity of vulvas. They have no clue, not only about our minds and spirits, but bodies as well.

    1. Yes, thank you for pointing out the obvious Bev, well, I mean, it’s obvious to us, the people who partake in this dialogue are actually attracted to women, as in, the entity, the human. Whereas men in their half-formed understanding of inter-human (let alone cross-sex,) relationships think that it’s all about body parts and the attraction to a fetishised representation of it.

  21. “And of course these are heterosexual people claiming this shit (heterosexual: people attracted to those of the opposite reproductive sex).”
    Ironic, innit?
    This is why I categorically refuse to include T in GLB. “Trans” is not a sexual orientation — it’s a mental illness.
    (…OK, let the usual and customary death threats begin…)

    1. The funfems are oblivious to the fact that they have appointed a tiny group of heterosexual males vanguard status over lesbians.
      MTFs have revealed themselves as literally the heterosexual dictatorship in drag.

      1. “MTFs have revealed themselves as literally the heterosexual dictatorship in drag”
        You nailed it! There is also plenty of fascism ’cause if u disagree u are a transphobic hater! ‘Cause u know fantasy has to be worshipped. Especially women have to do this.

    1. I dunno, it can’t hold a candle to this:
      “Sorry being a giant fucking hateful bigot turns me off, and frankly I’m way too fucking hot for you.
      I’m not a lesbo-phobe, I AM A FUCKING DYKE! Whether you like it or not.
      I do more in a fucking week for the rights and safety of queer women then you do in a year. You give dyke a bad name.
      You don’t know me, my experience or how much fucking sexier I am then any of you.
      But, I know you, you’re a sad pathetic cis scum bigot who will never have a name for yourself or be remembered. Fuck off and crawl back to the gutter you came out of scum.
      [In response to being trolled by transmisogynistic cis scum lesbians for the organizing of No More Apologies Ottawa/ Pas Plus d’Excuses Ottawa. Also thank you to all the allies, in particular queer cis women who have stood up to support against these attacks.]”
      U mad, MTF? Is that gutter a WBW-only space?

      1. Here’s a video by the author of the above-quoted screed about the No More Apologies she attended:
        Around the 8 minute mark she says MTFs and biological women split into discussion groups, and to her dismay, when the women asked questions about the non-ops’ genitalia, they described the external sexual organs as penises. Wrong! “A lot of trans women aren’t comfortable with you saying that….” Apparently “strapless” or “clit” is preferred.
        She talks about transmisogyny in a video on her YouTube channel, but I find the way she rambles and ends every sentence with a vocal upturn so irritating I shut it off after a minute.
        It looks like she’s putting together another conference in April.

      2. “I’m way too fucking hot for you.” Reeeeallly?! Coulda fooled me. You don’t do a thing for me, mister, nor any of the lesbian friends I showed your picture to. Thanks for the laugh, though.

      3. Ugh it does kind of bug me when trannies pull out this survivor bullshit. Most men would not know what having to actually survive rape and sexual abuse is actually like at all.
        “You don’t know me, my experience or how much fucking sexier I am then any of you.”
        This really says it all doesn’t it? It’s not actually about bonding, intimacy, love, hope, healing, understanding, it’s about being a preposterous and insulting caricature of femaleness.

  22. Great slogan! It just is outrageous that het men with a fetish for male-invented caricaturing of women is being supported by real women and Lesbians to have access to all of us. It’s been clear what this is about for decades. No Lesbians seem at all interested in being with these revolting ultra-males, and the men themselves can’t bear each other. So what will the next ploy be since this kind of cohersion won’t work?

  23. @ jen: “Granting them third gender status is being generous. The only other option is considering them men with mental illness.
    Anything else is just enforced pretending.”
    This is EXACTLY what it is: “enforced pretending”.
    What is this? 1968 in Beijing? Are the vanguards of the fricking “Trans” Cultural Revolution going to lock natural-born women in closets under the stairs and deprive us of air and light until we submit to pretending that we believe the INSANITY that a male-bodied, XY human being — after fifty years of living as a male in every way possible including years of men’s sports and men’s fraternities, fathering children, marriage to a woman, serving in the military, etc. — can suddenly and at will morph into not only a woman but a lesbian?
    Are we going to be put on bread and water and be beaten until we pretend to believe that a man’s penis and testicles are “really a woman’s” penis and testicles just because he say’s so?!?
    They’ll have to get out the rubber hoses then, because I am NOT going to pretend to be insane just to placate and pander to these crazy dudes. I don’t care who else they and their co-cult enablers have brainwashed. I am not now and never will brainwashed by them.
    Not. Gonna. Happen.

  24. I agree. But how do we get their multitudes of “feminist” and Lesbian supporters to get out of the cult and wake up from their hallucinations? They know on some deep level that these are men, but they make them FAR more important than any other women or Lesbians. They repeat their usual cult lines of calling anyone “transphobic” who refuses to obey the cult. I don’t expect more from the men, but their women supporters are SO arrogant. Any ideas? I just keep linking to here and to my articles, but the hostility is unrelenting.
    Why do we get it and they don’t? On one fb “feminist” site, even one of the men got it and supported us.

    1. Maybe we need to be just as shrill, strident and difficult as they have become? Perhaps we need to shock people out of being nicey-nicey about this issue by wearing tee-shirts, displaying bumper stickers, carrying signs, tweeting, YouTubing, Facebooking and blogging to get out the message:
      “Transphobic and Proud – Ask Me Why” or
      “Keep Your ‘Cis’ Lingo Off My Body”
      “Trans: Stop Lying. You are NOT Intersex.”
      “Why Should My Premiums Pay for Your Sex Change?!?”
      “Lesbians Love REAL Women. Get Over It.”
      “Get Your Penis Out of My Women’s Dressing Room”
      I think we need a world-wide movement by natural-born women and OUR allies — as well as TRUE intersex folks and their allies — folks who are not trans-cult members or their lazy-minded enablers. We need to stand up and speak out.
      We need to be as relentless for the truth and for reality as they are for their fairy stories.
      They can call me “cis-whatever” or “transphobic” until they shrivel into little olive pits of spluttering, dried-up rage. I simply don’t care any more. I’m done keeping silent about this. I was so busy trying to be polite and not hurt anyone’s feelings that I was completely blind-sided by how bad it has become.
      We should pick appropriately public targets and get busy. I’d love to see a campaign of sending educational materials, news articles, essays, letters, etc. to someone high-profile like Ellen DeGeneres or Arianna Huffington and AOL to get them to wake up to who and what they are enabling — and how they are hurting women, feminists and particularly lesbian feminists — with their media power. I mean, can you believe that that toad, Sean Tisdall gets a blog on HuffPo and feminists who disagree with him get moderated and banned? They’re great at getting us blocked and banned. It’s time to fight back.
      You’d think that the glitter bombing of Dan Savage and of Germaine Greer would be enough to wake up a few folks?
      I’d like to see us target the “trans” enabling laws that hurt women on a state-by-state basis as well as at the national and international levels.
      Unfortunately, they seem to have endless time to chip away at our rights. That means we can’t just sit back and pretend that this nightmare is going to end without our doing anything to fight back.

      1. “Perhaps we need to shock people out of being nicey-nicey about this issue by wearing tee-shirts, displaying bumper stickers, carrying signs, tweeting, YouTubing, Facebooking and blogging to get out the message:”
        -We not bow down to the the heterosexual dictatorship in drag. Or something like that.
        Transphobic and proud isn’t that good in my opinion because even if “transphobia” is used to silence people its also reffering to people who really hate trans people and want to harm them. I don’t think you want that on your shirt, button etc. We should point out why the term transphobia has gotten so laughable and absurd.

      2. @RoseVerbana
        “I’m done keeping silent about this. I was so busy trying to be polite and not hurt anyone’s feelings that I was completely blind-sided by how bad it has become.”
        I could have written that exactly. Thanks for the call-to-action–that’s refreshing.

    2. @Bev Jo, I am already making it known to the Intersex community about the dangers of associating with the trans cult. I’ve been making it known to intersex people and intersex groups why Intersex groups should dump the trans cult, but some have been duped into following it and calling any intersex person who is against the trans cult “transphobic” for refusing to obey the cult. This is why I have been telling Intersex people to see blogs like this to see what Trans people have done to women and lesbians.
      For me, I’m not going to stand by and watch my intersex community get co-opted and attacked by the trans cult. I’m going to make it so hard for the trans cult, they they are going to have to pry it from my cold hard hands.

    3. “Why do we get it and they don’t? On one fb “feminist” site, even one of the men got it and supported us.”
      That’s actually a scary notion that a man could grasp something that these failed men can not. =\

  25. “A lot of trans women aren’t comfortable with you saying that….” Apparently “strapless” or “clit” is preferred.”
    Who cares! That doesn’t change the fact that a penis is a male sexual organ. You can’t change biology and reality by using other names. It’s just ridiculous but in transland nothing is to absurd.
    And what about the lesbians who are not comfortable with [insert favorite name for male genitals]? Ah yeah…they are transphobic bigots. *facepalm*
    I wonder if gay man have to expect the same silly actions from “gay” ftms sooner or later.

    1. I’m pretty damn offended (nauseated, disgusted) but some dude demanding that women refer to his penis as a “clit”.
      Where do these guys get off thinking that they can DICTATE how other adult human beings use our own mother-tongue and demand that — rather than using our collective language correctly — we all adopt their bass-ackwards “trans speak”?
      What is the point in even trying to have a reasonable, sensible conversation with someone who is that fricking insane?

    2. I’ve known about ‘gay’ ftm’s encouraging real men to f. them for years! It’s easier to convince a gay man to enjoy ‘holes’ though.

  26. A man with a penis is a man with a penis. Start there. All the women I know who have had relationships with male to trans are bisexual. I think this is largely what’s going on. Bi-women have never really gotten lesbian life, and they fall into male identification traps as well.

    1. +1 Sheila,
      I’ve noticed that the bisexuals who involve themselves in relationships with trannies are so-called “pansexuals” as well. Honestly that term makes me laugh as much as the term transgender does.

    1. From your link:
      “Society gives these little messages that we all internalize without realizing. Such as penis = male and vagina = female which is not true at all and one of the biggest problems with the lesbian and the commentator.”
      Yeah, it’s not HUMAN BIOLOGY and a zillion years of EVOLUTION that dictate that penis = male and vagina = female.
      Goodness, no. Biological sex is merely a “little message” from society that we silly wimmin have “internalized”. Thank GOD we have someone to “transplain” it to us.

    2. “The trans woman makes her points clear, but the lesbian can’t wrap her head around things that society has told her otherwise.”
      Congratulations, you are that rarest of all beings, a man who is a misogynist. Where would we be without you to mansplain everything to us?
      “Society gives these little messages that we all internalize without realizing. Such as penis = male and vagina = female which is not true at all and one of the biggest problems with the lesbian and the commentator.”
      Oh, my side.
      Misogyny and appropriation are the very nature of trans “womanhood”. The end.

      1. “Congratulations, you are that rarest of all beings, a man who is a misogynist.”
        LOL – yeppers. They’re as rare as dust mites, but not nearly as useful.

  27. I really liked all the comments from the women on the “Not Taking No For An Answer” Facebook page:
    “You could have said “the cotton ceiling metaphor disrespects females by viewing their lack of desire to engage with you sexually as a barrier to be broken.””
    I guess you all were speaking too much truth for them to handle. What a load of pretentious jizz in their defensive statements, especially from that Dillon character. Doncha know that your clear, honest statement that lesbian bodies are not community spaces is equivalent to racism and systemic violence against the disabled. We are not impressed by your casuistry, Dillon.
    I regret referring to Jade as “she” previously. These guys are bros through and through.
    p.s. LOL forever at “I do know of lesbians who claim they ‘hate penis.’ And this is a problem.” You can’t make it up.

  28. I’m so sorry, Aileen, about your grandparent. It’s so good to see you hear again.
    I agree, Nicky. I’m so glad we can refer to your writing when the women supporting trannies on fb start in with their “intersex” con/lies.
    There are several give-aways when the men are posing as women. They mention being women more than any real woman does (like the comedy skit Gallus posted from Little Britain where the tranny goes on about his “ladies’ clothes,” his “ladies’ umbrella, etc., they brag about how “hot and sexy” they are and how much women love to have sex with them (they also have trouble with honesty and looking in the mirror), and then they move quickly into threats. One posted on a Lesbian dating site and said how he was a “sexy all woman” repeatedly, which real women never do, and then he referred to his “six inch clit.”
    There is nothing female about these men — no amount of surgery, hormones, etc. can change their minds and souls. Just under the surface (or right in the open usually) is their incredible hatred of women and especially Lesbians. They grew up feeling so privileged and entitled that they just can’t believe all women won’t obey and worship them. Their rape mentality is glaring.
    I know we keep saying all this, but it’s good for us to respond and share support.

    1. “six inch clit.”
      This sounds like they want to say that theirs is bigger than that of women – just as they compare penis sizes among themselves. Also the fact that they have mesured it shows that they are men and nothing else.
      If transwomen did not coopt femaleness and women only spaces etc., I would actually call them “she” and “her” (in order to be nice) but under these circumstances it would equal capitulation. It would be selfdefeating. So i don’t and won’t do it.

      1. This.
        Also, the last I checked, my clit didn’t have semen (or anything else) coming out of it, being the only human anatomy pleasure-producing organ in existence. Of course, things are “evolving” at such a rapid clip, that could’ve changed. Maybe I’ll have to start calling it a “Lady Penis.”
        Remember when the goalposts just moved? Now they’re doing acrobatics.

    2. Thank you for your condolences Bev.
      ‘One posted on a Lesbian dating site and said how he was a “sexy all woman” repeatedly, which real women never do, and then he referred to his “six inch clit.”’

  29. These guys are out of their minds. Lesbians are apparently committing a “hate crime” by being homosexual:
    “Terms cis people need to stop using to describe trans women:
    Biologically male
    Male at birth
    Any transmisogynistic slur
    XY-chromosomed or anything referring to chromosomes
    Terms you should use:
    Coercively Assigned Male At Birth (CAMAB)”

    1. I’m sorry? What is this XY, male-bodied, biological male’s problem with being called MtF?
      Isn’t that what he is?
      (Yeah. I’m an ant-pile kicker.)

    2. It’s a hate crime to refer to biological reality (except of course when hosting a male-only seminar on how to “break through the underwear ceiling” of lesbian females not wanting to have sex with males).

    3. “anything referring to chromosomes”
      Of course it’s just ginchy for him to use “Die Cis Scum” as his header. No double standard there.
      “These guys are out of their minds.”
      It’s right there on the tin:
      “I have Borderline Personality Disorder”
      (No insult intended to those who struggle with mental illness.)

    1. That’s a good one.
      I think ya should make a T-shirt with that.
      How about “Nature is Transphobic”
      It’s fairly obvious that for trans, they do like to deny their biological and natural reality.

    2. Now Miss Universe Canada is transphobic.
      Didn’t think I’d be on the side of a beauty pageant owned by Donald Trump. Really though, trans women want to compete in some disgusting pageant, they can have it

  30. That whole “coercively assigned…” thing is pathetic. It’s like they think that when they were born, their parents, the doctors/midwife/nurses, hospital, etc. all GOT TOGETHER in a BIG CONSPIRACY to deny them their “true gender.” To MAKE THEM MISERABLE.
    In reality, what happened was that they looked at the baby, saw a penis, and (providing there were no other signs to cause them to suspect intersexuality), said, “Oh, we’ve got a boy.” There was no “coercion” involved. There were simply people employing common sense and sound medical facts.
    Coercion – hey trans, the word apparently does not mean what you think it means!
    Aileen, it’s good to hear from you again. My condolences on your loss. Hope you’re doing O.K.

  31. On a lighter note, here’s another Little Britain sketch featuring “rubbish transvestite” Emily/Eddie Howard at the swimming pool:

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