Sicko Comment of the Week Award : “Olivia”

It takes a lot to be the sicko comment of the week. You know we’ve had some doosies. But this week’s prize winner is rapetastic sicko lesbian-hater “Olivia” who took the time to share his sympathies with famed stalker of lesbians Xander Sarkisova:
Olivia commented on What’s up with Toronto Sherbourne Health Center threatening Lesbians?
Submitted on 2012/03/16 at 11:51 pm
I know I’m late on this thread, but I felt I had to say something. One poster had said that men aren’t capable of love which for the most part is true. I have never and will never try to change someone’s sexuality, I fully understand why lesbians wouldn’t want to be with someone like me, but I still want to be loved with the depth that a woman can love with, because in case any of you forgot, committed relationships are about love not sex.
[You understand why lesbians don’t want males like yourself but you still want them to, and you equate homosexuality with love and affection, not sexuality.]

I can’t stand bisexuals because they always settle down with with men, I don’t associate with 99% of transsexuals because they’re desperate, needy, insecure, pushy, and excessively feminine as a cover-up (plus being seen with obvious transwomen is a surefire way to get read, and I’m anything but obvious),
[you are more genuine than other male transgenders who don’t “pass” as female as well as you]
but as previously stated, men don’t love, especially not trannies. We’re fetishes. No one loves us, ever, it’s not an exaggeration (well maybe a little bit). It gets agonizing after awhile.
[Again with the men. And the men not loving you, and how agonizing that is. On a lesbian feminist blog you’ve come to express your despair that men don’t love you and that you see relationships with females- no, Lesbians, since you eschew bisexual women and hetero women are out of the question- you see relationships with Lesbians, who you “understand” don’t want you as a male bodied person- as an affectational sexless alternative to the agonizing lack of male love that you are experiencing.]
One thing that upsets me deeply, is people’s obsession with me getting bottom surgery in order to “qualify” as a woman, it costs about $20,000.
[It upsets you deeply that women are female, and that a man (an adult male with a male reproductive biology) is not female. And it haunts you that some jurisdictions WILL “qualify” you as female if you get maiming cosmetic genital surgery which costs about the same as the price of a decent used car.
It is certainly understandable that you find disturbing the idea that legal government entities will classify you, a male, as “female” after undergoing needless disfiguring and disabling genital surgery. This is a deeply disturbing idea. However if you are implying that the general public at large will ALSO classify you, a male, as “female” after undergoing such a mutilation is, I’m sure you are aware, a total fantasy/fiction. No one will ever classify you as “female” regardless of what medical or surgical procedures you undergo. Ever. There was a time when people believed in “sex changes” but that time is long past. From now on, and forevermore, the general public sees males who claim transsexuality as MALES who WISH they were women. Never as actually female. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. There’s nothing wrong with a man who wishes he was female! ]
I’m never gonna have that kind of money. This stuff costs a fortune, I do what I can afford and I try to be happy with what I have. I don’t think a woman should be defined by her genitalia.
[Women AREN’T “defined by their genitalia”. Only men like yourself frame females that way. Females are defined by their genetic sex, and women are adult females. Adult HUMAN females. No human is defined by their genitalia, because they are human beings. A male such as yourself is by definition NOT female, because of your Y chromosome, your sperm producing testes and your male biology. Males are NEVER female. That doesn’t mean your male genitalia defines you. It is simply a fact of your biological reality. Truly, when males who wish they were female invoke the trope of “females being defined by their genitalia” they are trying to colonize and reverse feminist messages against sex-based stereotypes and sex-roles by inferring that actual biological sex reality doesn’t exist. And that’s just silly. Because humans are a sexually dimorphic species, and all your willing that to go away because for whatever reason you wish you were female, is just silly. You take a feminist meme of “women are more than just our reproductive systems, we are full human beings” and you attempt to upend it into “there is no such thing as a female”. Well hon, no one is buying that except you. Sowwy. Females actually DO exist! WITH our genitals! Or even with them (god forbid) missing for some reason. We are still female, and we are still fully HUMAN, ergo, MORE than just our reproductive capacity. It’s actually an expression of male aggression and sexism to imply that IF our female sexed reality EXISTS than we are LESS than human. See how that works? Probably not, because I don’t think you give a FLYING FUCK about anything but your own entitlement to females, and anything you think females can do for you.]
I’ve only met one lesbian ever who was completely on board with dating a transwoman. I’m convinced there has to be a few more, and maybe one of them is a single vegan anarchist with great hips.
[Lesbians are by definition females sexually oriented to other females. As in homosexual. But you’re still CONVINCED there’s one “with great hips” (is that like a horse with great teeth?) out there FOR you.]
As for the invasion of female space, I don’t care. No, I’m not a “born woman”. No, I haven’t been subject to the societal control that many girls go through growing up (I do now as an adult however). I am a woman, I always have been. I don’t care what you say. Rules are meant to be broken. If I’m denied what I feel I deserve, I’ll find a way to take it, or get my head kicked in trying.
[You DON’T CARE what women want or need. You don’t care what women say. You see females as “meant to be broken”. You won’t be denied by females and will fight to the death if need be to ignore our needs and realities and boundaries because you “deserve it”.]
Long story short, transpeople are sick and tired of being denied access to everywhere [women] , of being invalidated and forced to spend a fortune to qualify as who they already are, of having to lie about our pasts to avoid discrimination, of being rejected [sexually by lesbians/women] by anyone they try to be more than just friends with, Some us have entitlement issues, and they tend to be the most vocal thusly giving us all a bad image. Men just want to f**k us and hide us like a dirty tissue, so a lot of us who may or may not be lesbians turn to women out need for love, or they date other tgirls.
[Your failure to get the male partners you desire results in your aggressive entitlement that females should- must- service your needs]
We just want to be treated like the women we are, and, whether you admit it or not, you disagree. So we get angry, furious, and we have every reason to. We criticize your values, your beliefs, your desires. Some of this is wrong and excessive but the collective anger of dealing with nearly universal oppression can be difficult to control. I don’t agree with a word this Xander guy says, but I can understand where he’s coming from. We wish someone would look past our flesh for a moment.
[You can “understand” where trans are coming from stalking and harassing lesbians because you feel that women are required to be available to you sexually and emotionally, even (or especially) lesbian women because you are “justifiably” furious that the males you desire have rejected you and you demand that gay women/lesbians/ any women service your needs or pay the price of your rage and fury. Your fury that gay people are actually gay and aren’t interested in the opposite sex no matter how modified or “identified” or “passing” or surgically altered.
YOU SIR are a PREDATOR. YOU ARE THE ENEMY OF ALL WOMEN. YOU ARE A FUCKING SICKO. And the fact that you would come here and spew your RAPETASTIC female-hatred is NOTABLE.
“We wish someone would look past our flesh for a moment.”
WHO GIVES A SHIT WHAT YOU WANT. There are plenty of people dying horribly of various diseases who wish biological reality wasn’t real. You don’t see them BLAMING WOMEN do you???
There’s seriously NOTHING females can do to salve your wounds. You are the ENEMY of females, and you will be recognized as such, on some level, no matter what drugs you take or what surgeries you get, how well you “pass” or how much you shake your fist and rage, for the rest of your natural born life. Even if we TRIED we couldn’t fix you.
 My god these guys are sick. To anyone who believes American male trans/genderists have any difference whatsoever between the guys that throw acid in women’s faces that don’t service them, between males that force girls into marriage/enslaved labor/breeding just read this scary fuckers words for yourselves.
I will say that I know several male transgenders who would never, ever co-sign this sick fucks’ rapetastic platform, so thank god there are exceptions. But they are too few and far between and seldom speak out against their brothers.

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  1. I think more than their trans status, they’ll never be a true lesbian because they seem to think that being lesbian is something to do when the menz just won’t love you and you have nowhere else to turn. What the fuck is this mess and how can someone like this ever hope to be with a lesbian woman when they have no understanding of why that woman is lesbian in the first place? *facedesk*

    1. Here, Cynthia…
      (…puts soft pillow under Cynthia’s face…)
      There’s no reason to let them give both of us a headache.

  2. “If I’m denied what I feel I deserve, I’ll find a way to take it, or get my head kicked in trying.”
    That about says it all, doesn’t it? Yep.
    There’s that rapist mentality again, that “I’ll take whatever I want” attitude directed at lesbians who DO NOT WANT his screwed up, male-bodied self in their beds or their vaginas.
    People wonder why feminists think these dudes are dangerous and shouldn’t be allowed to invade women’s safe and private spaces?

  3. “There are plenty of people dying horribly of various diseases who wish biological reality wasn’t real. You don’t see them BLAMING WOMEN do you?”
    Exactly, GallusMag.
    They’re blaming women for their inability to accept their own biological sex, which is, in a word, insane.
    They’re a lot like the men who say, “I love you so much that if I can’t have you, then no one else will.” Is that love? I think…NOT.
    The “trans” version is, “If I can’t BE you, then I will HAVE you, and if I can’t HAVE you with your consent, then I will TAKE you.”
    It’s disgusting that they’ve made in-roads into social acceptance as far as they have (pandering) but still they complain that everyone rejects them? News flash, dudes: human beings who have mental illnesses should seek appropriate mental healthcare, not try to FORCE their delusions on innocent strangers.

  4. Another great analysis!
    You can’t force anyone to see you a certain way, but if you have enough political power you can force them to pretend. It’s still a lie.
    “We criticize your values, your beliefs, your desires.”
    My desires? Since when are my desires anyone’s business but my own? We clearly don’t get a say in your desires, so why would you get a say in ours? There is no constitutional right to not have your feelings hurt or to avoid rejection. RoseVerbena is right. His post is pretty damned rapey.
    I could see MTFs being considered as sort of their own group, like the Kathoey in Thailand. They could live out their fantasy, and the rest of us wouldn’t be forced to play the Emperor’s New Clothes. However, that’s not good enough for them. They want the right to invade and dominate women’s spaces and their very bodies at will and be loved for it.
    I am disgusted by the way funfems and others on the left dismiss the rights of lesbians. MTFs, having been awarded the higher spot on the oppression totem pole, are assumed to be the morally superior party, and must be catered to unceasingly by “cis-privileged” lesbians. The LGBT orgs and the left in general have given no thought whatsoever to the balance of rights between the two groups. It’s zero sum all the way.
    They unwittingly acknowledge that MTFs are not real women, because they make the sexist assumption that it is the job of a biological woman to nurture and accommodate any biological male who wants something from her.
    In their dismissal of lesbian concerns and their unexamined elevation of transwomen over real women, funfems are simply indulging in lefty status jockeying, which is the main occupation of most of them anyway.

  5. Gender stereotypes are toxic and further the belief that a biological men can become and women and vice versa. Not only that but privileged male individuals believe they can invade lesbian spaces and even become pseudo-lesbians in which they demean women who are not attracted to their penis or sexually constructed vagina.
    I do believe this stems to narcissism and autogynephilia. Also a will to be able to access all women, those who have no desire for the male sex. Every minority (yes even ‘trans’) are entitled to their own spaces which should be respected as common decency.
    “but as previously stated, men don’t love, especially not trannies. We’re fetishes. No one loves us, ever, it’s not an exaggeration (well maybe a little bit). It gets agonizing after awhile.”
    “Men just want to f**k us and hide us like a dirty tissue, so a lot of us who may or may not be lesbians turn to women out need for love, or they date other tgirls.”
    So males see ‘tgirls’ as a fetish; males presenting themselves in a stereotypically female manner. Unfortunately a lot of lesbians are more open to their deceivement, seeing pity on M2T and believing they are women, they openly admit an easier target.
    Freedom of sexual orientation is ultimately allowing lesbians to love other women and men to love other men, privileged straight individuals now believe that they can replace these relationships through cosmetic surgery and delusions but will never destroy what it means to be a true lesbian.

  6. “We’re fetishes.”
    Isn’t it ironic that males who have an obsessive fetish for performing “woman” then turn around and complain when other males develop an obsessive fetish for their “trans woman” selves?
    Dude! None of it is love. It’s all narcissistic self-gratification.
    Love is when a granite-strong, honey-sweet lesbian couple of 30 years duration laughs together, dances together and takes care of one another “through sickness and in health” despite the societal shit-storm blown at them by everyone from the so-called religious right to people just like YOU and your “trans woman” buddies.

  7. Thank you so much, Gallus, for your post and brilliant comments and analysis. You’ve made a perfect example for those women who are still putting first the men appropriating our identity — how could they read this and still insist that we accept and accomodate these disgusting men? This should get through to anyone with half a brain.

    1. Thanks Bev! Every time you comment on my blog it makes me smile because I have such mad love and respect for you. I think of you as family. Your happiness and well-being is very important to me and I would –and will- do anything for you. You are a treasure, and I love you. xox

  8. Did you all see this over at femonade? Doods are having a workshop at a Planned Parenthood conference, on how they have a right to sexually access women, especially lesbians. Write a letter to Planned Parenthood and tell them no means no and anything else is RAPE.
    The Cotton Ceiling? Really?
    The “Overcoming the Cotton Ceiling” workshop is for a conference held by Planned Parenthood of Toronto.
    Kate Klein is in charge of workshops. Her email is,
    Planned Parenthood Toronto can be reached here:
    Phone: (416) 961-0113
    Fax: (416) 961-2512
    The national and international offices are listed as:
    Planned Parenthood Federation of America
    434 West 33rd Street
    New York, NY 10001
    FAX 212-245-1845
    Planned Parenthood Federation of America
    1110 Vermont Ave. NW
    Suite 300
    Washington, DC 20005
    FAX: 202-296-3242

  9. Oh Gallus!!! You’ve made my day. I love you too and would do anything for you also! You are so courageous and strong, wise and clear. Good politics and such a good writer. You are our champion!!! I’m at an uncharacteristic loss for words!

    1. I was nodding along until I hit this:
      “Her fellow feminist veteran, Camille Paglia”
      LOL, glad I wasn’t drinking anything!

    2. From the link:
      “Ironically, Germaine Greer predicted that this would happen from the start. The greatest victory of the transexual, she once said provocatively, is to ‘gag all those who would call his bluff’. Sadly, that victory is now all but complete.”
      – Eilis O’Hanlon
      I’m not going to be gagged without a fight! I know a lot of other folks who feel the same way. Enough.

      1. I think trannies will spark a backlash that will affect LGBs. Lesbians have been dealing with them for quite a while, but middle American straights don’t have much experience with them. Until right around the NY gay marriage law, they really weren’t in the MSM much.
        They seem to have taken the recent advances of the gay movement as a cue that it’s time for their closeup. Unfortunately for all of us, trannies have no self-control and no sense of needing to appeal to straights with likeable representatives like Ellen etc. All they know is “I want what I think I deserve and I want it now.”

  10. So better for us to make it clear we have nothing to do with the trans cult — they do not represent us, they are not our people, community, etc. In a new feminist fb group recently a het feminist assumed we Lesbians were connected with the “LGBTQetc.crap.” No. Many of us never have been, and we sure aren’t connect to the “T.” Since most women will agree with us, we just have to keep saying it. Even some gay and het men agree too, like in another group I’m in where they see how we are oppressed by men claiming our identity.
    The fact that it is all a ridiculous con and not remotely real should get through to a lot of people because it’s so true and so obvious — like the scene from “Little Britain” that Gallus posted a while ago, where the trannie wants access to the women’s restroom and the bored man at the desk keeps telling him it’s for women only, over and over, ignoring his claim to be a woman, until the trannie gives up.

    1. Exactly, Bev Jo.
      I have NEVER been OK with the alphabet soup nonsense.
      When did I get to vote on being lumped together with the T’s and all that entails? Never. I’ve been sporadically complaining about it for a while (e.g. writing letters to any radio stations whose announcers refer to LGBTXYZ in their narratives.)

      1. They say it is about safety, but I swear for them it is just a power trip over the woman/fetish indulgence to be able to make a woman search them.

    1. Yeah, if my boss orders me to refer to a “trans woman” as she instead of what HE is, they can fire my ass because I do NOT pander to crazy. It’s against my most deeply held beliefs as a scientist and a feminist. I’ll sue them to the Supreme Court and see what THOSE guys in dresses have to say about it.
      Thought police? American “cultural revolution” lite? Not on my watch!

      1. I’m sure ‘female to males’ also demand to be searched by women. Isn’t it nice that we’re considered so ‘safe?’

  11. Dear GallusMag, don’t equate your and your kind’s hateful vomit with “women”, “lesbians” or even “feminists”. You do not stand for us, and we do not stand for you.
    You do not know what oppression means. I hope you and your supporters die in a fire, for being the vile, hateful, obnoxious people you are.

    1. Yeah, perish forbid that any woman should be less than welcoming to creepy, perverted men who endanger girls and women with their sick, sexist obsessions.

  12. Unfortunately for “Olivia,” men and what they do/don’t do are irrelevant to an actual lesbian’s sexuality. They refuse to accept this, of course, which is why the trannies are always coming up with new and exciting ways to legitimize their rape mentalities.

  13. A little basic logic fail there, and then the wish of death… another male, another fail.
    The T-shirt response was great. Yeah I know, hard to believe that lesbians are women.

  14. Hey, I thought I was special in getting that same message from “Sivu,” but I appreciate sharing your company. The idiot man sent me three.
    Meanwhile, on yet another “feminist” fb thread, someone is telling us that we should look up in a dictionary how Lesbians are really “gay” and “homosexual.” Why are all these idiots telling us what to do?
    Yes, burn us like witches. Can’t kill us all though…

  15. “Freedom of sexual orientation is ultimately allowing lesbians to love other women and men to love other men, privileged straight individuals now believe that they can replace these relationships through cosmetic surgery and delusions but will never destroy what it means to be a true lesbian.”-BlueLotus
    Thank you BlueLotus for that, and for Gallus Mag for your presence. I just put that petition on my page on Facebook, and a straight woman from my women’s spirituality community called me a ‘hater and bigot’ and compared me to “homosexuals getting the DSM off their backs around the status of Lesbians and gays as mentally insane” and now doing the same to trans…ect. ec.t and how ‘bigoted’ I was because I don’t consider trans ‘women’, women….I told her ‘you hain’t a clue, being YOU ARE NOT LESBIAN and haven’t had your community under attack from the trans community which is anti Lesbian, anti woman and anti feminist with some of the craziest ideas. As well as Michfest under attack all these years for defending wbw space’. She went on again about what a bigot I was….and I told her you don’t know about Lesbian culture, and that we are ORGANIZING, and if we don’t CONSENT to sex with born male, and she doesn’t ‘get’ how nonconsensual that Planned Parent conference is cotton panties or no, in pressuring bio female Lesbians and Queer women to date MTF’s, that basically this is a Lesbian issue she HAS NO CLUE ABOUT……I stand by my comments, which for you who have access to my Facebook account can see my commments thereon.
    So…I was forced to delete her as a friend, because I simply won’t have her commentary on my list…..period…calling me a ‘bigot’ because I don’t consider MTF’s as ‘women’, and that I feel quite strongly about them pressuring Lesbians/Queer women to have sex with them, as HIGHLY nonconsensual, and typical of their male programming, and that IT SHOWS JUST HOW MALE THEY ARE DESPITE THEIR FEMINIZED BOUGHT AND PAID FOR APPEARANCES…..
    Michfest women ‘get it’, but unfortunately she is in a power position in my women’s spirituality community, which is why I am attending Michfest this year, and doing my last stance and working on my last event on April 8th for this community, since now they opened it up to trans ‘women’…….
    It saddens me that she wouldn’t even CONSIDER my point of view, whether she agrees with me or not, and that NO STRAIGHT WOMAN HAS BUSINESS TELLING LESBIANS HOW WE SHOULD HAVE/SHARE OUR SEXUALITY, OR WITH WHOM, OR WHAT OUR EXPERIENCES ARE IN OUR OWN COMMUNITY…cuz she feels sorry for the (ex) menz!
    -FeistyAmazon…Labryis Swingin’

    1. “WHAT ABOUT THE MENZZZZ????” haha. Good riddance to your lesbian-hating “friend”. Who needs her?
      Women are done with being told we have no civil rights to gather on the basis of our shared experience of being born female in a female-hating culture. Every female on the planet shares that experience and it’s something no male can ever relate to, no matter what kooky ideas or feelings he has about females rattling around in his brain.
      Who cares about the fucking menz, even the ones that think they’re “laydees”. Not I.
      And that includes females that “identify as” males.

  16. In the past, I always thought it seemed unlikely that men would give a damn about lesbians… we’re a small small group, and the huge huge majority of women have sex with men. So no big deal. But this trans stuff is really really weird. Now you’ve got guys setting up conference workshops on how to pressure lesbians into having sex with Male to Trans.
    It means that if we don’t maintain the lesbian only spaces effectively, these guys are just going to be pains. And no a male to trans is NOT a lesbian. Where do they come up with these delusions?
    So there must be something very powerful in lesbian worlds, in showing spaces where men are not allowed, where women can express themselves fully without having to ever have sex with the enemy. That is so powerful, that more of these guys are invading, more are barging into lesbian feminist spaces even on the internet.
    I hear public affirmation of the alphabet soup, but privately lots of lesbians say they are sickened by trans coming into lesbian spaces, trans going to rape crisis centers, trans lecturing women at WOMEN’S conferences. So we need to guard our power and our soverignty. Male to trans are men, they bring male sexuality into the world, and there is no way in hell that they should call themselves lesbians.

    1. I think it’s forcing their way past female boundaries that gives them their thrills. They don’t support the places where they are wanted. They’re only interested in going where they’re NOT wanted. Like Cynthia Nixon trying to destroy a rape crisis center which chose not to use his volunteer services: there were other rape crisis centers in the vicinity which would have loved to have him volunteer. He chose instead to destroy the one center which declined his volunteer services. And did he ever go on to volunteer at any women’s service? Of course not. They only go where they’re not wanted.
      Why go to any of the other women’s music festivals around the country when you can harass females, slash tires, and spam the place with pictures of your dick down at Michfest? That’s what it’s all about. That’s the thrill. Do Gemma Seymour and Toni Hill Meyer and all the rest support the women’s festival circuit every summer, supporting women’s music at all the festivals that welcome them? Of course the fuck not. They don’t give a shit about anything but the male thrill of invasion and inflicting themselves on females non-consentually. So why go where they are welcomed? There’s no thrill in that for them.
      So no wonder they want to inflict themselves on same-sex-loving females. It’s the most rapetastic thing they can do: target women who are lesbian.

  17. ” They only go where they’re not wanted.”
    Exactly. It’s the exact same brain-switch that gets flipped in the brains of every other kind of perverted, abusive man. They get off on distressing women. They feed on it.

  18. Gallus, Rose, hell to the yeah! It’s abuse, and it gets their dicks hard. That seminar at PP is just classic – first because of the “the cotton represents underwear, signifying sex.”
    To WHOM, exactly?! I’ve yet to come across any born woman with a panty fetish. That’s uniquely a male thing. Frankly, I find it hilarious how they “out” themselves, over and over, with this kind of shit. I laugh my ass off over it. It’s like they just can’t help themselves, the poor pathetic schmucks. Their fetishes, their rape fantasies, their male privilege just. keep. showing. themselves.
    The other way that seminar is classic trans is the overt rape vocabulary involved. Again, I say let ’em hoist themselves by their own petards. The more they pull this kind of crap, the further they’ll find themselves from those who were once allies. This misogyny WILL bite them in the ass.
    On a related note, I have a strong feeling, Gallus, that there are a lot of born women who read this blog “guiltily” – meaning that they’re over at Feministe parroting the party line…except on trans issues. Then they’re strangely silent. Because they’ve read of things like this disgusting PP seminar, and they’ve seen how ANY criticism of trans is shouted down (mainly by trans stomping their feet), and they realize they sure as hell are NOT comfortable with a male-bodied person in the women’s locker room at their gym, and if they’re lesbian they know they don’t WANT to have sex with someone with a dick and deeply resent that they’re being called a bigot because of it (especially by straight women, for fuck’s sake), et cetera et cetera. So these women are clicking over here to see if, in the grand tradition of the internet, they’re not the only ones.
    MtT may be being currently coddled by the funfem blogs, but that ain’t real life. They will NOT be able to throw their tantrums with straight, centrist America and get their way. Anyway, it seems in real life that many lesbians do want to steer clear of them, for so many very good reasons – otherwise, there would be no need for the seminar. *sad trombone* So yeah. I think it’ll be okay.

    1. @ Ashland Avenue: “So these women are clicking over here to see if, in the grand tradition of the internet, they’re not the only ones.”
      That is EXACTLY how I found this blog. I thought, “Has the entire world gone insane and forgotten everything we ever knew about abusive men, about feminist analysis of misogyny and feminist responses to abusive men?”
      WHEW. I was mightily relieved when I found this blog! Little bitty tears of joy in the corners of my eyes as I read the first post I encountered, (the one about “trans women” DUDES invading MichFest.)
      I asked myself, “Why are you so happy?” Answer: because GallusMag and the other women posting to this site KICK ASS and I was sooooooo glad to find them.

    2. “This misogyny WILL bite them in the ass.”
      To force people to be sexual available is sick and unethical.
      The whole trans thing turned into an incredible terrifying and inhumane ideology were biological sex, sexual autonomy (especially women’s sexual autonomy), free speech and so on are an alien concept. And still THEY will call you bigoted and transphobe without even realizing their own blatant homophobia, misogyny, fascism, hypocrisy…(I can go further).
      It’s just ridiculous.

      1. Yep. I’ve been experimenting by commenting on “trans” issues on YouTube. The go-to reactions appear to be (in no particular order):
        1) Telling me to “shut up”;
        2) Calling me a “hater” and a “transphobe”;
        3) Accusing me of being “violent”; and
        4) Lecturing me about “diversity” and “acceptance”.
        Oh, the histrionics!
        Yeah, not gonna shut up. Don’t care if they call me a hater or a transphobe. Calmly telling the unvarnished truth about the “trans” meme is anything but violent. I have zero interest in “accepting” the whole “trans” mythology or including sexist, abusive males into my definition of diversity.
        Oddly enough, my interpretation of an appropriately diverse society doesn’t include misogynistic men preying on lesbians, invading women’s showers and men in dresses in their fifties demanding to be allowed to bunk in women’s college dorms with the eighteen-year-olds. I’m just weird like that.

  19. “Yep. I’ve been experimenting by commenting on “trans” issues on YouTube.”
    You get my ‘brave experimenter of the week award’ for that, I don’t think I could stand it for even one post, however ‘detached’ and calm I tried to be…………………

    1. It’s been very interesting. Most of them are bringing a pea shooter to a knife fight. They keep telling me that I’m bigoted, antiquated and not a real feminist because I’m not willing to lie down like a welcome mat and let these “trans” dudes walk all over me and mine.
      Their posts (not surprisingly) lack intellectual depth. They have no analysis. It’s like trying to argue about pornography with frat boys: they “like” it — in fact, they have “no problem” with it — and therefore I must be “stupid” and “old” and “anti-sex” not to mention “ugly” and “jealous”.
      Yeah, great grasp of logic and reasoning there, guys.

  20. My fuck these trannies are just plain, well, ignorant and blind to what is right in front of them. I was over-whelmed with this shit like this and it put me off blogging for a long, long time.
    What a sick and misogynistic freak. Yeah, I’ve said it.
    Thank you for a fantastic come-back and for being so vocal Gallus + all the other commenters 🙂

  21. Only the trans identity is fully dependent on how others react to them. MTFs are aware at every moment that they are not truly female; therefore they insist not only on tolerance, but on constant affirmation and reassurance that we really believe they’re women, we really do! There has to be some connection between autogynephilia and narcissism. People who don’t deal with them on a regular basis has no idea how draining their presence can be.
    From a social libertarian perspective, their “need” to be perceived as female is an unjust imposition on the rest of us. I don’t understand why it is so difficult for the funfems to understand this. I assume it’s simply because, like most liberals, funfems only care about being seen to take the moral high ground in every situation, even though unlike lesbians, they aren’t forced to deal with MTFs on a daily basis.
    What can you say to a biological male whose identity is wrapped up in gaining sexual access to people who find the male-bodied completely unattractive? It must be utter hell to spend one’s life trapped in this solipsistic self-torture, but I’ve got enough problems of my own. Get a shrink.

    1. Exactly. The “trans” dude who was (briefly) stalking me got very mad when he asked me if I thought he looked like a woman and I honestly said, “No, not really.” He sort of huffed and said (with a venomous tone): “Gee, thanks a lot.”
      What was I supposed to do? Lie to feed his narcissism? Yes, that is exactly what he expected me to do.
      I should have said the unvarnished truth, “Actually, you look like George C. Scott in a blonde pony-tail.”

  22. That’s exactly how I found this blog too, Rose! This blog has saved my sanity. Thanks for all your work, Gallus. Truly.
    I don’t usually read Feministe any more, but every so often I’ll check the self-promotion links on Sundays to see if there’s anything interesting. I saw that Smash had posted a link about the Planned Parenthood seminar. I was amazed – how was THAT allowed?! It’s criticism of trans actions! Heaven forfend! Well, right on schedule, Smash was attacked. I wish I could post in her defense, but I was banned from there a long time ago – which I regard as a badge of honor. Hang in there, Smash! You done
    MtT Donna is having a hissy fit over there, and now this dipfuckingshit LotusBen is joining in. ‘Cause he knows moar ’bout how it is to be a lesbian, and feminism, than any of us born women! Little hipster fuckwit spent the week at SXSW, so he’s soooooo sophisticated and will tell us how life REALLY is! He’ll mansplain to his heart’s content because he’s allowed to over there. He’s actually going on about how “No pressure should be placed on anyone as an individual one way or another in that department. But this doesn’t mean that many of people’s sexual preferences aren’t based off of oppressive, inaccurate beliefs. And these oppressive, inaccurate beliefs need to be challenged on the mass level.”
    I’M A LESBIAN, YOU FUCKING SHIT-FOR-BRAINS. I’M NOT ATTRACTED TO DICKS. THIS DOES NOT MAKE ME A BIGOT, IT MAKES ME A LESBIAN. So NO, I will NOT date someone with a penis. And NO, I will NOT date someone who has been raised and regarded male their whole life, even if they have a vagina now. I am far more attracted to those humans who have had the experience of being raised and regarded female, who have female bodies. There is simply much more emotional connection there for me. And guess what? I AM ALLOWED THESE PREFERENCES. God, if I could puke through the internet, my first choice would be onto Feministe.

  23. One other thing – when I tell my straight friends about this whole situation with born women and MtT, they can’t believe it. And these are people who are really damn liberal, and have much sympathy for trans people. When I describe how lesbians who don’t want to date or sleep with MtT are labeled as bigots, to a one they say, “But…you’re a lesbian.”
    “So that means you’re not attracted to penises. Or men in general.”
    “But if these trans people still have male bodies…why should you be expected to be attracted to that? That’s crazy!”
    They even understand why so many lesbians don’t want to sleep with post-op trans folks. It’s not just the female body, it’s the female gestalt. It’s what turns my crank. And like every other human on this planet, I should be allowed that, sans condemnation, bullying, or COERCION.
    P.S. – Rose, I love your writing. I wanted to say I’m sorry about the attacks you suffered that you brought up in a previous thread. I know I’m late with this, but real life obligations were keeping me from much posting.

  24. I have to say that in my experience of lesbian spaces, I knew many years ago one so-called lesbian who dated transwomen who claimed to be lesbians. But then this woman was into S&M as well, and had been straight in a previous life, so I think she just had issues, and the idea of men who had had their bits chopped off must have been something she got off on.
    But the rest of us? Weren’t interested that way, were polite, no one gave it much more thought. Except when one of them wanted to move into our women-only house, and the straight women nominated me to tell him that we couldn’t relate to him as a woman, so please go away……………..
    But the same ole trans tropes have been around a long time — we got the I’m really intersex thing, claims about being XXY or some other stuff, until finally we found out he was just a pre-op M2T. And same ole shit — M2T gets to come in, whilst my friend who was just a butch dyke with a rather flat chest got thumped cos some drunk dykes thought she was a straight man.
    It was a bit later before we started to see lesbians deciding they were really trans

  25. Jen, that is awesome. I really enjoy your perspectives and writing! Lilly, yeah. Just ewwwww – definitely NOT my thang. And apparently not that of many other lesbians out there, either.
    Here’s the thing – I know that there are probably people, female and male, who have not found me attractive. For whatever reason, you know? Maybe it’s my hair color. Maybe I’m too femme, or not femme enough. Maybe I’m too loud, or too quiet at parties. Maybe my life experience is so far removed from theirs that they know there’s not enough there for a real connection. Whatever. They are allowed this. I do not view them as bad people simply because they reject me as a possible lover. Who cares?! My ego can take that. Jen, as you said, I too do not envy the trans the situation they’re in, but it’s not my duty to make my body available to them simply to soothe their egos. Nobody should have that obligation, ever.

  26. Ah, Ashland Ave, do you really live on Ashland Ave? Well if we’re in the same town/state, then you’re not far away and we could meet for coffee! Would be nice to meet someone from this blog! Course would love to meet the gallant Gallus Mag herself, but I doubt she is in my town or state; a one woman DykeAmazon revolutionary that all the female centered bio Female Dykes quote or are up in arms about! You have woken so many up, whether they agree or not, or even partly agree with you!

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