GLAAD Fails Own Mission: Hosts Sexist Violent Homophobe

One of the last people one would expect the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation to celebrate on their site is notoriously sexist and homophobic blogger Monica Roberts.

Monica on left

Roberts, a male to female transgender has been widely criticized by lesbians and feminists for referring to females and lesbians as “Fish” on the Transgriot blog. Not only does Roberts refer to lesbians as “fish”, but in the previous months Roberts published and participated in violent gruesome death threats against a lesbian activist- threats so severe that the Maryland legislature saw fit to create a new law updating their internet criminal statute as a result.
Roberts frequently threatens to “pimp slap” women, and GLAAD is aware of this ongoing violent sexism.
Robert’s homophobic threats include the following exchange posted on the Transgriot Facebook page for the purpose of terrorizing lesbian feminist Cathy Brennan:
Casebeer: “Pimp slap is not enough here: a nice home run swing to the head with a 38-oz Louisville Slugger is more in order. There’s no brains in her head to destroy to start with. It’s personal, and if I ever saw her in my windshield, I’ll be wiping blood off my white Buick. But I won’t be using the brakes.”
 Roberts: “and add a silver stake through the heart for good measure?”
 Casebeer: “Now that you mention it, I have a nice sharp double-bitted axe in the tool shed….”
 Roberts: “where’s Garth and the Capital One Vikings when you need them?”

GLAAD is aware of Robert’s violent language against females and lesbians. They are aware because lesbians and feminists have been writing them asking for assistance and censure against Robert’s horrifically offensive sexism and threats of violence against women.
Not only has GLAAD ignored lesbian complaints, they have actually lauded the person who perpetrates such egregious, violent rhetoric against lesbians and women by promoting and celebrating said perpetrator on their own site (where Roberts is referred to as a “passionate advocate”) with today’s post where they proudly announce that “GLAAD worked closely with both Monica Roberts and to place this article”. And then GLAAD thanks Roberts for his great work and commends Ebony for publishing it.
What does it say about GLAAD that individuals who refer to women as “fish” and who perpetrate harassment and threats so vile that the legislature needs to intervene , are celebrated, and lauded on their OWN WEBSITE after ignoring a years worth of complaints from women and lesbians?

One of Monica Robert's many "pimp-slapping" posts

GLAAD uses donor funds to take out full-page newspaper ads complaining about lame sitcoms that involve males. They are quick to decry the slightest faux paux involving defamation against MALES. But when it comes to females, not only do they ignore, but they CELEBRATE people that openly, proudly call females “fish”, who take stock in trade “pimp slapping” females, and who perpetrate scandalous harassment –even terrorism- against lesbian feminists.
As per the GLAAD mission statement:
For over 25 years, GLAAD has worked with news, entertainment and social media to bring culture-changing stories of LGBT people into millions of homes and workplaces every day. 
Why? Because words and images matter.
What people see in the media has a huge impact and GLAAD ensures images of LGBT people and allies grow acceptance, understanding and build support for equality.
GLAAD as a Storyteller
GLAAD moves people. By combining our expertise and resources, GLAAD amplifies the voice of our community to keep equality at the forefront of America’s cultural conversation. Our impact on newspapers, magazines, blogs, radio, television, movies and more transforms attitudes to bring about real change.
GLAAD as a Watchdog
GLAAD creates change. We hold the media accountable for the words and images they produce. When media is used as a platform to defame and stereotype LGBT people, GLAAD takes action. We leverage 25 years of media relationships and countless hours of media advocacy to send important messages against homophobia and discrimination.
GLAAD as an Advocate
GLAAD unites the movement. We strengthen grassroots organizations so they can leverage media, engage local communities, and advance social change. Right now, GLAAD is working with local organizations in more than 30 states to build support for equality. This collaboration with LGBT leaders and advocacy groups is key to increasing the visibility of our community, changing hearts and minds, and securing full and lasting equality.”
One thing is certain today, March 2, 2012. GLAAD does NOT advocate for females, and they DO NOT advocate for lesbians. When someone says they’re going to “pimp-slap” lesbians, GLAAD says “Okay!”. When someone threatens to bash in a lesbian’s head with a baseball bat and then run over her with their Buick, and “Add a stake in the heart for good measure”, GLAAD says “Great!”. When women are referred to as “fish” GLAAD says “That’s Okay! We celebrate your misogyny. We’re not only going to ignore it, we’re going to CELEBRATE it”.
How bizarre that there is no place to report media defamation against women and lesbians when the supposed Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation is the organization perpetrating it.
I encourage everyone with media contacts to report this story. I encourage anyone who supports GLAAD to reconsider that support. If any mainstream press needs further documentation drop me a comment and your inquiry will be handled promptly. GLAAD supports people that call women “fish” and who “pimp slap” women, and who promote death threats against lesbians and feminists.
more Monica Robert's pimp slapping

0 thoughts on “GLAAD Fails Own Mission: Hosts Sexist Violent Homophobe

    1. Well interested parties could email GLAAD and express displeasure. If GLAAD even gives a shit, which obviously they don’t.
      More pro-active parties might want to pick up the phone to their local news affiliate- perhaps a Fox affiliate- and tip them on the fact that GLAAD is featuring a known bigot- a homophobic female hating bigot. Feel free to direct them to this post- I will set them up with a media spokesperson on request.

      1. HI the site, I just reported GLAAD to itself under the take action section. May I forward the link to this post to my local “L”GBT organization?

  1. I think people should start posting comments on the page. I just did.
    They are the ones that actually featured Roberts and I’m sure they have NO idea about the threats and “fish” comments.

  2. That’s why I don’t donate any money that treats people as crap and GLAAD would be on my list of places I never donate money to.

  3. Thank you so much for this info, Gallus. It looks like all the GBTQetc. groups just hate Lesbians. But GLAAD is vulnerable to having trouble made about this and for the word to be spread.

  4. I’m sorry this is happening. What a betrayal from an org that is supposed to be advocating for the rights of lesbians! Protecting the safety of women and refusing to condone violence is basic feminism 101. This is an epic fail on their part.

  5. Thank you, Mag!
    It’s FANTASTIC you and others here are calling out this so-called gay and lesbian “Alliance” for what it really is: yet another pseudo-coalition focused from the outset on GAY’S politics and rights, not lesbians’.
    Thank to you and all who are taking steps here, on the GLAAD website, and elsewhere, to let the world know that GLAAD actually ENDORSES and HONORS misogyny and lesbophobia.
    I will go to the GLAAD web site and post/send my comments. I will also send this to local lesbian/gay groups and liberal electeds who think GLAAD must be a good organization.
    As the RadFem Hub’s Occupy Wall Street brochures so beautifully and succinctly point out, any TRUE alliance between women’s and men’s interests (and of course, gays’ and lesbians’) must CENTRALIZE the concerns of women.
    Otherwise, as Robin Morgan put it, in her 1980 book “Going Too Far,” the alliance just plucks at some foliage of oppression, but leaves the root intact.
    The root is the original source of oppression, which, as Morgan writes, is the blueprint for all other oppressions: the oppression of women, within the family, within the (hetero)sexual unit of reproduction. Morgan defines radical feminism as the view that the root of all oppression is women’s oppression.
    Any alliance between women and men must be an organization started by women/lesbians, focused on women’s issues, with men/gays asking how they can help out with the women’s/lesbian’s political agenda and projects.
    I’m active in my local NOW chapter b/c I cannot stand to work in “lesbiangay” or “lesbiangaybitrans” groups, because they ALWAYS centralize the concerns and politics of men. Even if they are run entirely by women. If they are formed for the purpose of women’s AND men’s rights, the women leaders know they are only spokespeople for men, they know how men define the issues and goals, and they fall over backward to be non-threatening and “fair” to men by adopting the men’s(!) politics. Even if there are no men IN the organization at all!
    Often it’s because women who join co-ed groups do so because they feel sorry for and are preoccupied with worry about being “fair” to men (or they believe those groups will have women’s concerns equally on a mutually defined agenda, and don’t even realize the agenda has been long-defined around the interests of men.) (Otherwise, they would have the insight and guts to join FEMINIST organizations.) They are concerned about fairness to men to the point of being unfair to themselves and other women.
    They haven’t figured out that this expectation, to worry about being fair to men, is put upon women as a trap to ensure that men will ALWAYS come first. Preoccupation with fairness to men maintains the status quo.
    We know we are CHALLENGING that status quo when what we are doing feels UNCOMFORTABLE! Unfamiliar. New. Dangerous. Unfair. Mean. Because our notions of “fairness” are founded on an uneven playing field that’s actually mean to women: to ourselves. Life being unfair to women is the norm, the familiar, the comfortable.
    As one friend has put it, “I’ll be worried about being fair to men when the whole damn world is fair to women.”

    1. From activist groups since the 60s, we’ve heard that “men made policy, women made coffee.”
      In NOW, given that the organization allows men into it (mistake #1) and apparently allows men equal opportunity at roles within it (mistake #2, given that its purpose is to work for WOMEN’S rights, which requires that WOMEN lead it), I have to accept that men are allowed.
      When I first re-started with a local NOW chapter 5 years ago, there were no men active in it. Since then, some men have appeared, mostly husbands (two or three), but also one single man who remains virtually silent. (Upon first re-joining the chapter last year, after many years away, he asked us to endorse him for a post in NATIONAL NOW! How male is that? To my disgust, everyone but me endorsed him, knowing nothing about him, and his platform having nothing to do with women; just pushing his own pet issue. Fortunately, National NOW had already found another candidate.)
      I have decided that the appropriate role for men in our chapter, (and in my opinion, in the national organization), is FOR MEN TO MAKE THE COFFEE. ONLY.
      Men can play the roles that women have always performed for co-ed organizations.
      It would be good for them.
      They could learn how to be supporters, helpful, cheerleaders. Coffee makers.
      They can do the thankless, endlessly consuming jobs women always pick up. All the non-policy jobs, so that women can focus on developing the ideas and policies.
      They can call everyone, arrange for and set up the room, bring the snacks and cups, do the dishes and clean-up, do the photocopying. They shouldn’t take minutes or write/edit for the newsletter or web site, because that influences ideas and policy.
      However, I’ve decided the ideal thankless task for men is to do the door-to-door fundraising for rape, abortion rights, and voluntary vasectomy.
      That, to me, is a sign of a man making a modest, reasonable commitment to women and women’s issues.
      Let men figure out how to explain at the door how men must stop raping and their need to fund greater legal protections and services for rape survivors and to talk about women’s rights to their “brothers”; about abortion rights; and the importance of voluntary vasectomy (at age 18 or as soon after as a man is able to make that commitment) out of respect for women and the earth.
      Let men explain at the door and hand out literature, to whoever answers, that women and girls have the right to not be with a man if he doesn’t respect her enough to have a vasectomy.

      1. (cont.)
        Women are constantly saying, “He’s such a nice guy!” of virtually any man: even one they’ve just met.
        Nothing is required of a man to receive the “nice guy” label. If he smiles, or opens a door, he’s great!
        Women are carefully trained to have such low standards for men.
        I don’t actually think there is any such thing as a nice guy.
        Scratch a man, and underneath it, you will find misogyny.
        Sure, he may seem great, til you ask him to read a feminist book. Or to go door to door fundraising for rape prevention. Or to call out other men on sexism.
        However, there are men who are affable, and men who to some degree care about women’s rights and ending patriarchy (to some extent).
        So my definition of a man who *is trying* is that he meets all of the following criteria:
        1. He’s gotten a vasectomy. EARLY IN LIFE. Not after stressing out his female partners with fear of pregnancy for years. Like, in his early 20s, max.
        2. He reads feminist books, in their entirety. Rigorous, non-apologetic feminist books. This is such a minimum standard, yet so rare, it seems earth-shattering to encounter, let alone to state to a man. Geez, the resistance, whining, and refusals it yields.
        3. He goes door-to-door fundraising for and educating on rape prevention.
        4. He does a big chunk of the heavy lifting for feminists by calling out other men on sexism.
        5. He ASKS what he can do that would be helpful to women’s causes.
        These are the men who are WORKING to be allies, and therefore, to build alliances with women.
        They don’t have to be asked to do so.
        They seek out opportunities to do the work of being an ally, “alliance” or no “alliance.”
        Not by asking us to help THEM with THEIR projects, or welcoming/allowing us to work on projects that might seem mutually beneficial to women also, but who are INITIATING helping women work on OUR feminist projects, and are respectful enough to ask if what they are doing will be helpful and ok with us.

    2. Very well put. “LGBT” organizations have always prioritized men’s issues. That “political correctness” nonsense that they follow is based exclusively on men’s way of thinking (if what men do can even be called thinking). Of course, the “LGBT” media won’t call them on it; from reading rags like The Washington Blade, you’d think there were no lesbians.

      1. Thank you, Laura P.!
        Yes, the gay rags I’ve seen in the Bay Area that are ostensibly about lesbians and gays are just a male perspective, mostly just about men, men, men, and only include stories about lesbians (if ever) who are in lockstep with gay-boy politics.
        That is why I am a feminist, first, and lesbian second. My priority–my allegiance–is with women.
        As a woman, I have much more in common with any straight woman on earth than any gay man.

  6. I just reported GLAAD to itself, too. The sexism and anti-lesbian attitudes being promoted by GLAAD are so offensive that I won’t be a supporter ever again unless I see a swift and public about-face.

  7. Pls. alert liberals that GLAAD is knowingly lauding on their web site someone who spews violently lesbophobic and misogynist rhetoric.

  8. Laura P. “if you can call it thinking at all…”LOL
    G l b t — the capital letters speaks the real agenda.
    Lesbians are always battling for crumbs it seems.
    Why oh why do we continue to support organizations with males in them. Lesbians really really need to get it together and focus on lesbian concerns.
    GLAAD — well I’ve written a letter to them, and they should be ashamed of themselves.

  9. Fmnst says:
    “As a woman, I have much more in common with any straight woman on earth than any gay man.”
    If only all women could really get this.

  10. Since I don’t know what’s going on over there in the US I would like to know if GLAAD reacted in some way? How many people reacted to the failure of this organisation? What was their reaction? Were you able to reach others in the first place?

    1. That is a DAMN good question. Out of the many women who have written to GLAAD I haven’t heard a single one that has been responded to. Anyone have anything different to report?

      1. For me their non-reaction says more than a thousand words. It’s the final proof that they don’t care about females. They honor bullies and homophobe misogynists. They are nothing but hypocrites. At least we can warn as many people as possible.

  11. Dear GallusMag, don’t equate your and your kind’s hateful vomit with “women”, “lesbians” or even “feminists”. You do not stand for us, and we do not stand for you.
    You do not know what oppression means. I hope you and your supporters die in a fire, for being the vile, hateful, obnoxious people you are.

    1. I am not sure what you are angry about, but everything you are saying proves why it is important to call out those who say such awful, violent things in the name of “tolerance.” Please get some therapy, and perhaps re-read this entire post & comments, your comment, then look up “irony” in the dictionary.

    1. oh my god…you scooped me! I was going to post this, and bemoan the fact that it was shared by one of my facebook “friends” who is very politically active and worried about the war on women. sigh….

  12. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised at Gloria Allred declaring on CNN that this “trans woman” dude is a woman.
    Women can be sooooo easily hoodwinked into doing the opposite of our own best interests. No thank you, Patriarchy Brainwashing Machine.

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