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I would like to stop characterizing these young lesbians as powerless victims, or people who “need help”. (Not that anyone here is saying that exactly.) We have a crisis here among young lesbians of incredible proportions, and it isn’t due to their stupidity, or mental illness, or herring-like trend behavior. (Ok perhaps a bit of the latter.)
As I see it these young women are following a narrative – the only narrative- that allows them to escape (somewhat) the lot of being female in a female hating world. That isn’t stupid, it’s smart.  It’s no different than all the females through out history who have male impersonated to escape the shackles placed upon females.
It’s the same + easily accessible medical technology = an explosion of females seeking escape from the female lot.
And what sensible female wouldn’t want to escape the shit-smear of female existence by taking a few shots? Seriously. Let’s get real here. These girls are smart, not dumb. There is A SOLUTION and they are taking it.
Yes, it would be nice if they were conscious of the hideous misogyny they have internalized, but hey, they’re swimming in it, and they don’t want to drown.
Sure, some FTMs transition for male privilege, like this female commenter who schools us on “fake FTMs” and wants women who “emasculate” to be “kicked in the cunt” :
Submitted on 2012/02/26 at 11:43 pm
I’m FTM and was too naturally butch in the beginning and pissed everyone off, males felt threatened and women would get butthurt over simple jokes. I didn’t have any friends and actually tried to curb my natural high-testosterone behavior to seem “nicer”.
Believe me when I tell you these so-called “ftm” guides are useless to me because I always KNEW (not “felt”) who I was inside. I worked in construction and worked in many male-dominated fields and even once lived in a house with all guys (and believe me, I wasn’t the “woman” of the house.. I fixed everything in there and was the only one used tools).
Most of these FTMs are frauds, simply confused girls who are having an emotional reaction to misogyny. Some of us are the real deal and have a masculine-structured brain and I am just as confused by these flaky fake FTMs as I am by women in general”
[Came back 10 hours later to add!]
“Submitted on 2012/02/27 at 9:38 am
Another comment:
You can emasculate the FAKE FTMs all you want (since they don’t have any masculine energy to castrate). But if you tried that around a REAL transman like myself, I would kick you in the c**t and tell you to back off. And you would.
Also, before I transitioned I didn’t see any so-called “butch” woman I read as being masculine. They were all fat, boring, folk-music listening, poetry-reading unattractive dykes with a chip on their shoulder.”
Obviously this woman has a need to abuse. But I seriously doubt that our friend “Carter” featured in this video is transitioning for this reason. She’s doing it because it’s trendy, gets her attention, makes her special, and most importantly: Provides a framework, a narrative, a cultural meme, that allows her to stop being “treated as female”. And who the fuck wouldn’t want to stop being treated as female? I mean, for reals. It’s like a magic pill where all her formerly negative characteristics (like femininity noncompliance and raging homosexuality) are read as positives. As researcher Dr. Kenneth Zucker stated last week in an article on transgender children :
‘Suppose you saw a black kid who came into your clinic and wanted to be white. Wouldn’t you try to understand what is happening in the child’s life that is making him feel like that? You certainly wouldn’t recommend skin-bleaching.’
I would like to see a discussion in the lesbian and feminist community about concrete steps we can take to push back against the magic pill, the “quick fix” that many many of our young sisters are being pressured to take. And make no mistake, there is enormous pressure both subculturally and in the medical “gender provider” community.
This from a thread on Pressure to Take Testosterone on a trans forum:
“I was very pressured to go on T. My first lgbt therapist was supposedly amazing, but my experience with her was awful.
To begin with, I wasn’t ready to go on T. I was androgynous and fine with that, but every single appointment she would ask me, “I can’t remember if we got you started, are you on T yet? No? You really need to get on T, now.”
I gave in and made an appointment at the Whitman-Walker clinic. Go through everything, and finally the doctor was just like, “Are you honestly wanting this right now?” I caved and said that no, I wasn’t ready, but my therapist wouldn’t stop hassling me about how I just had to get on hormones.
The doctor was not happy, and my therapist got a call about it. She apologized at the next visit, but I had a lot of other problems with her service as well. So I stopped seeing her completely.”
“Ok, so there’s this well-known doctor in Portland who sees a lot of trans people. Let’s call her… “Bara Secker”. So, a certain individual (let’s call him Y) went to Dr. Secker and basically said “I don’t know if I want to go on testosterone or not, I’m still thinking about it.” Secker asks everyone what they do for a living, so it turned out Y works in a biology lab. When she heard this, she immediately got into a tizzy about “well, working in a lab like that you’ll have access to things like chicken testosterone and you might get tempted to self-med”. So she wrote him out a T prescription on the spot, even though he didn’t want it yet.”
I could pull a million more examples (and I will if anyone accuses me of cherry-picking).
There is enormous pressure on lesbians or androgynous females to transgenderize. Both socially and from the “LGBT Friendly” therapy community. And from the medical community. A non-feminine lesbian can’t go to a gay bar without being called “he” and asked when she is starting T. The dyke-hatred is so profound. Yes, even with maybeline spokesperson Ellen on the scene.
And I’m asking what we are going to do about it.
A huge part of the problem as I see it is that lesbians have been driven back underground by heterosexual male harassment, often of the transgender variety= straight males who now “identify as” lesbian who have driven true lesbian culture underground.
Honestly, when I was “Carter’s” age, I felt completely alienated from what I saw as “the lesbian community” which I did not relate to AT ALL. Lame boring folk music and ugly haircuts (sorry). Fucking humus. Luckily I found the awesome lesbo alterna-culture which saved my life. Which is all driven underground now due to hetero males, mainly the trans variety. How will they ever find us now, real lesbians in all our diversity??

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  1. Thank you for this, Gallus. Another victim of the trans cult. This is such a feminine girl. Why is identifying as female to disgusting to her except for internalized misogyny? Instead of being encouraged to be proud of herself as a woman and Lesbian, she is being encouraged to identify as the group who are the originators of female-hatred. I know we’ve said it all before, but what a tragedy for it to continue.
    Sometimes I think that the only thing that could really make a difference would be for someone with an enormous amount of money to bombard the media about how of course young Lesbians will have trouble identifying with this culture’s idea of womanhood, with the media full of plastic-surgered women with artificial grotesque-looking breasts that everyone calls “beautiful.” But why want to be men? I guess because they are allowed so much more dignity and freedom in how they look and live. But still, why not want to be another species?
    Yet there are more varieties of female shown in the media than when I was a kid. Even just having out, proud, and beloved Dykey-looking Ellen is amazing. Maybe it does come back to peer pressure and wanting that male privilege.

    1. “Sometimes I think that the only thing that could really make a difference would be for someone with an enormous amount of money to bombard the media about how of course young Lesbians will have trouble identifying with this culture’s idea of womanhood, with the media full of plastic-surgered women with artificial grotesque-looking breasts that everyone calls “beautiful.” ”
      A mass media campaign directed specifically at this issue. Interesting. I’d be interested in any further thoughts or ideas anyone has about this.

    2. GM and Bev Jo,
      My thoughts on an (expensive) mass media campaign directed at young lesbians re: transgender:
      I agree we must urgently reach young lesbians, straight and bi women, and the general pubic about the woman-hating/threatening beliefs that comprise transgender.
      I’ve been thinking about how to do this since finding this brilliant blog and RadFem Hub, and the brilliant womyn commenting here, including BevJo.
      Almost everytime I come here, I copy & paste GM’s posts plus the comments into emails to send to my NOW chapter and local Women’s Political Caucus, which works to get women elected to public office. Many liberal electeds are in it, who must contend with LGBT constituents and their pro-trans demands.
      However, copying and pasting into email and only sending to my small circle isn’t easy or effective enough for many readers here to replicate across the country or planet. It isn’t easy or sufficient to get the word out widely.
      Regarding mass-scale media campaigns, and costly big projects:
      I agree we must broadcast widely. However, from social/environmental activism on many different subjects, I’ve learned big expensive projects are top-down and usually the least effective, and that bottom-up, grassroots, low-cost approaches can do a better job inexpensively. So I look for such opportunities, and they can be found 🙂
      Here are two for this “Debunking (or Deconstructing) Transgender” campaign:
      1.) FB forwarding.
      If possible, GM, is there a WordPress Facebook forwarding feature, for readers to forward your posts to our FB pages? (When I comment on some newspaper web sites, it posts to my FB.)
      a. All of us could then forward every post here we like to FB, to circulate widely.
      b. For little or no effort and cost, just by slightly ramping up the technology you’re already using (if available on WordPress.)
      When I clicked the FB icon when commenting here, it logged me into WPress via my FB, but didn’t post your blog to my FB page.
      2.) Brochure. We need a bi-fold standard size, portable brochure called “Questioning Transgender,” “Debunking Transgender,” or “A Feminist Response to Transgender,” etc. Both electronically forwardable, and printable, to pass out at meetings or leave in offices, markets, cafes, etc.
      a. To quickly, succinctly, clearly and effectively communicate our disagreements with trans beliefs to people we know or are politically active with.
      b. To announce organized disagreement and concern re: trans beliefs. That it isn’t just one isolated (“transphobic!”) feminist criticizing transgender.

      1. (cont.)
        The brochure could be modeled after the RadFem Occupy hand outs, http://radicalhub.com/occupy-wall-street-radfem-handouts/.
        Maybe the graphic artist who did those could take your/our content and use their technological and graphic talents to post this brochure to the RadFem Hub site.
        The brochure should include:
        1. Explanation of how accusations of “transphobia!” are being used to censor any and all thoughtful questioning by the public, scholars, researchers, medical and psychological service providers, the media, and activists. Examples w/full citations of how the “transphobic!” accusation has stretched that term to meaninglessness.
        2. That though trans appears *outwardly similar* to pro-feminist challenging of sex roles, trans believe the opposite: that if a person doesn’t fit the patriarchal sex roles, something must be wrong with her or his body, not with the roles. And that they must therefore somehow be “born into the wrong body,” and must live or try to make the body look like that of the other sex.
        2. The problems with this thinking, for the individual, including that living as, trying to pass as, or getting surgery to pass as the other sex leaves the underlying psychological condition of dysphoria untreated. Medical “sex reassignment treatments,” and other people “playing along with” the dysphoria only exacerbates it and encourages the person to develop additional dangerous and manipulative dysphorias. (Examples w/full citations.)
        3. The problems with trans beliefs for the rights of others, including kids, and examples of the extent of changes to laws in various locations. (Examples w/full citations.) i.e. the disappearing of born women, linguistically, can lead to the disappearing of us, politically and physically. (The Census, accurate counts of % of women in various professions and Congress, women’s healthcare funding, etc.)
        4. Stated goals of various trans people, and where trans beliefs could take us (replacing equal protections based on “sex” with the word “gender” and the problems that could cause for women’s rights; inquisitions, female infanticide, etc.)
        5. How trans have become so politically successful.
        6. The problem of semi-liberal doctors, therapists, teachers, clergy, politicians, and therapists influencing legislation and individual decisions.
        7. The gay male, pro-trans, anti-feminist post-modern take-over/co-optation of Women’s Studies; what young college women are/aren’t learning; the rampant “trans” conversions of young college women.
        8. Resources list: books, web sites, groups. Also, LGBT and other pro-trans groups to beware of.
        9. Suggestions for resisting trans political and legal efforts, and take-overs of women’s organizations, such as the importance of respecting the rights of those organizing and participating in women-only gatherings.

      2. Ideas floating around in my head and other places include this one: Since it seems that the F2T’s medium of choice seems to be YouTube videos, and because they are cheap and easy to make, perhaps we could start some sort of a project of our own with these. However, rather than take the path that seems to be so popular, that is, videos done in a vacuum, in isolation, we might be better off if we worked together, had someone with experience in this sort of directing things, etc.
        (As an aside, I think the YouTube approach is telling of how little a mass movement this tranz thing really is, how self-centered and ‘individualistic’ it is. Compared to the experiences I had as a young dyke coming out, surrounded by others, feeling the power and strength in our numbers, this must be quite lonely.)
        Anyway, I have never made a YouTube video, but from the examples I’ve seen, well, how hard can it be, right? What do others think of this?

      3. GM,
        May I have your reply, please, re: whether it’s possible in WordPress to put a button on your blog that we can use to send your posts to FB?
        And to my other suggestion, of making a concise electronic, printable brochure about trans?

      4. fmnst I haven’t had much opportunity to comment online lately but I’ve been giving everyone’s ideas a great deal of thought.
        As for the facebook, anyone can comment using their facebook log in by clicking on te facebook symbol at the base of the comment box. Whether that registers on your facebook page or not is – I believe- dependent on your facebook account options settings. Of course, simply entering a URL on your facebook will post a link and thumbnail to a particular post so your friends can see it (and thank you to everyone who has been doing that).
        As to the brochures/handouts/fact sheets, it’s a very good idea. I’m still thinking about it. It might be a good idea to have a few different ones each directed to lobbying for a specific concrete goal. For example establishing legal sex as distinct from legal “gender”. This would be used for political lobbying. A more general one that outlines how “gender” is bad for females. This would be used more generally. Etc.
        Still thinking about all the ideas raised in this thread!

  2. I couldn’t finish watching. It made me want to cry. I’m so sick of people messing with the heads of these kids instead of helping them just love and accept who they ARE. This child needs help, not “trans” whacktivist brainwashing.

    1. Rose if you have any specific ideas or thoughts about what form that “help” should/could take I would be interested in hearing them. Or from anyone, not to single you out Rose!

      1. Well, I think a year or two of working with a female, feminist, cognitive-behavioral therapist would be an excellent start. I learned a lot about accepting myself as a female human being living in a misogynist world from older women mentors, from women’s studies classes, from feminist literature and (after a terrifying assault) from a few years of studying martial arts from a lesbian-feminist black-belt at a women’s martial arts school.
        The idea that one can “check out” of the oppressive sexism of our patriarchal culture by “changing sides” and becoming a pseudo-male is appalling and needs to be challenged at its root. The only way to survive intact (literally and figuratively) in a patriarchy is for women to stand together and present a unified front against the sexism.
        We need to stand and fight, not retreat into an isolated and isolating, self-destructive fantasy world. Where will the next generation be if half the young dykes start buying in to the idea that “becoming male” is the NEW way to avoid sexism and heterosexism?!?
        By becoming educated, becoming radicalized, understanding and taking their place in history, these young lesbians can stop romanticizing their desire to hide from sexism and see it for what it is: a capitulation, an abandonment of themselves and of their sisters.

  3. That was heartbreaking! I just want to wrap that kid up and try to convince her that she’s perfect just the way she is. Gender is not something you have to perform, it’s not something that defines you, it’s just a physical characteristic like having freckles. It sounds trite to say that because of course in our society gender carries so much extra baggage, but it’s really just a thing and so much more meaningless than they want you to believe.
    I was talking to a 95 yr old woman the other day and asked her what changes she had seen in her lifetime that she thought had been the most profound. I was thinking cars,TV, computers. She surprised me because she said the biggest changes had come from the way rigid gender roles where no longer enforced. Back in her day men couldn’t cook or clean and women couldn’t do anything else. She felt like men being able to have a softer side and actually get close to their children and women being allowed to be strong and have careers had been the most positive changes in the last century. She said the whole structure of our society had gotten healthier because of it.

  4. Thank you for comments. I did a post update because it was easier for me to format than a long comment. Sorry if that is awkward. I’ll post the rest of my comments properly- as comments!

  5. The author of the Salon trans trending youtube post totally missed the boat in terms of the impact of social media on subcultural trends – fucking lame.

  6. I’m not sure about a true lesbian community going underground. I think a lot of this depends on where you live. But I do agree that somehow we need more positive role models out there for youth, and I try to be this myself with youth I encounter here and there.
    It’s interesting to read this, because growing up, there was a very rigid gender system, and girls were excluded from classes, excluded from sports programs. If you were really different you really had to be an individual and go on a search for self, and focus on social change.
    It’s hard to figure out what effect peer pressure is having on youth, because you had to be immune to it in my day. Clearly we could encourage youth to buck peer pressure, to encourage young women to stick to their studies, to reach out, and to support youth/elder collegial programs. We had a program of elder/youth photography projects that was very successful.
    This is such a challenge, and the pressure on so many to take pills to solve problems is huge. Even one of my best friends is getting plastic surgery, and that news freaked me out.

  7. Incidently, the “lame” folk music you have contempt for Gallus, paved the way for lesbians getting mainstream record contracts, it was the development of a lesbian culture. Alex Dobkin was a pioneering radical lesbian feminist folk singer– you should read her autobiography.
    We had a women’s community orchestra in San Francisco conducted by a pioneering lesbian musicologist, Nan Washburn— go look her up. Not lame folk music by any means, we played pieces by Fannie Mendelsohn, Clara Schuman, Amy Beach, and supported our big sister orchestra The San Francisco Women’s Philharmonic. That’s what lesbian culture can do!
    I’d be ill at ease with blasting punk and tattoos. I was very very counterculture… rejecting drugs completely, playing 18th and 19th century music in the 1970s. There should be room for all of us in lesbian culture, and ways to bring us together, and if we really wanted this we could do it.
    Hey, in my book, coming as far as I’ve come, women can do anything! We have new challenges now. This blog will help sound the alarm, but if we don’t honor our foresisters like Dobkin, Adam, Meg and Chris… well patriarchy wins. Building a culture isn’t done overnight. It takes generations. I wonder if lesbian nation will really survive assimilation, and the trans trending. We’ll see.

    1. Your point about assimilation really struck home with me. I’m wondering how much the trans trending of young lesbians has to do with assimilation and the decline in specifically lesbian spaces in general, which assimilation has brought about.
      Obviously lesbian and women’s spaces have been under assault by gender terrorists for decades now, which has been massively destructive and driven many lesbian social networks back underground.
      But assimilation itself has surely also been a factor in the weakening of lesbian community and lesbian voices.

  8. So much to respond to here. I try to counter this by trying to talk as much as possible about the topic of the trans cult without losing most friends and being banned from events. And I write.
    But you solved part of the problem, Gallus, by describing this as a “smart choice,” in that it brings increased privilege. And that is where those of us who fight the trans cult get into another kind of trouble. It’s one thing to talk about how heartbreaking this is, which it is — but it is completely unacceptable to get angry at these women, many of who despise us. We have to support each other to do both. My first article about F2Ts, from 1997, was called, “Better to Be Anything than a Lesbian.” So, let’s do support each other to be both sad for these women and angry at them. And they are not all young. There is a whole group who do not want to be “old women,” and who have abandoned the Lesbian community who welcomed them and helped them survive — that is, until they demand to be allowed back to our events and comfort.
    About the music — there are some cultural differences going on! I remember my Lesbian community from 1970, with extremely radical and diverse styles of music that were NOT folk. I loved Alix Dobkin’s lyrics, but not music, though I will always appreciate her. But what happened to the more powerful of our music: Linda Shear, Be Be K’roche, the Berkeley Women’s Music Collective, the Flying Lesbians (from Germany, with powerful lyrics I’ve never heard anything like in the US), Kathy Fire, — there was so much. And then very political singer/songwriters who completely blanded out for a record contract, like S’irani Avedis.
    I partly still believe that there was a deliberate attempt to turn the passionate wave of Lesbian Feminist music into something very boring and more closet, with Margie Adam, Chris Williamson, Meg Christian, Holly Near, etc. Something definitely happened so that now they are almost all that is remembered of “women’s music.” Yes, let’s not forget them, but do learn about the others. It was the Lesbian music I love, including the wild bands who were never recorded. And there is still some magnificent Lesbian music, like some I know locally, including Sistas in the Pit.
    I just have to put a comment in here for someone I only just heard, who I think is absolutely one of our best Lesbian singer/songwriters ever — our own Kitty Barber!!!

    1. “It’s one thing to talk about how heartbreaking this is, which it is — but it is completely unacceptable to get angry at these women, many of who despise us. We have to support each other to do both.”
      Yes. The comment included in my post update above from the female who wrote me to explain that “women who emasculate” should be “kicked in the cunt” is pretty disgusting. An unbelievably foul statement from a female so invested in hatred of females and hatred of herself. I do feel angry at these women who hate themselves and us so much.

  9. Where do these girls get the money for T and transitioning? I have no insurance and can’t even afford regular checkups.
    I wonder if all this stuff is covered under President Obama’s health care package. If the economy doesn’t get better for several years, or gets even worse, how sustainable is all this transitioning?

    1. It does seem insane that a medical industry of “voluntary cosmetic disability” has built up around the trans-genderist philosophy. How sustainable? It’s a lifetime disabling process. It’s not yet been studied long term. Widespread anecdotal reports of things like deteriorating eyesight in females injecting testosterone are not even cited anywhere.
      Also, FDA crackdowns on contaminants in injectibles have caused widespread testosterone shortages in some places:

      1. Do you know more about deteriorating eyesight in females who injecting testosterone? I’ve never heard about this. Is it common? It sounds alarming. I mean younger and younger girls are using T and there are no studies? It sounds like a really cruel joke.

      2. As regards eyesight and hormones, papers seem to have studied corneal changes during the normal menstrual cycle:
        ^ Leach NE, Wallis NE et al (May 1971). “Corneal hydration changes during the normal menstrual cycle–a preliminary study”. Journal of Reproductive Medicine 6 (5): 201–204. PMID 5094729.
        ^ Kiely PM, Carney LG, Smith G. (October 1983). “Menstrual cycle variations of corneal topography and thickness”. American Journal of Optometry and Physiological Optics 60 (10): 822–829. PMID 6650653.
        This comes under M2F from wikipedia, and the lens of the eye supposedly changing curvature once they start on hormones. So i wouldn’t be totally surprised if you’d get some effects with females once you bugger up their ovaries and start injecting the T.
        Seem to be many reports of women on HRT having eye problems — dry eye as WELL AS actual vision changes (i.e need a totally different prescription).
        With young women, whether this means that they’ll transition to speccy, bald, chubby versions of their Uncle Elmer at 25, I dunno, but I bet it probably ain’t good……………………….

      3. By women on HRT I meant of course actual women taking HRT after menopause/hysterectomy etc, and seeing vision changes as well as dry eye from hormone variations.

    2. Also, as to insurance coverage – many clinics and providers simply lie to insurers, claiming a false medical problem such as “endocrine disorder” to get coverage, as seen in this article:
      “While most insurance companies won’t cover transgender medicine, some transgender patients report that informed consent clinics are willing to work around these limitations. The Howard Brown clinic, for instance, provides a diagnosis of “Endocrine Disorder” on patients’ medical charts, which de-pathologizes trans identity and skirts insurers’ refusal to cover transition-related expenses.”

  10. Yeah, not fitting in with other girls, big deal. Not fitting in with other lesbians — come across the whole FTM ideology and this option, and finally somewhere where you think you FIT. Hence you TRY to fit, and transition then you’ll finally be happy…………….
    If you can’t be happy NOW, you never will be.
    I agree with GM about transition being seen as the best option, given how hard it is to be seen as female and how hard to be seen as lesbian — the chance of passing as a guy, rather than fighting for womens rights and lesbian rights whilst knowing that all you’ll ever see during your lifetime is some changes. Why not skip all that and head straight for where you know the grass is greener — getting taken for a bloke. Makes perfect sense in a very sad way.
    Cos I know that if I hadn’t come across feminism and some really amazing lesbians when I was younger, I might have gone for such an option as well if I’d been presented with it.

    1. “I agree with GM about transition being seen as the best option, given how hard it is to be seen as female and how hard to be seen as lesbian — the chance of passing as a guy, rather than fighting for womens rights and lesbian rights whilst knowing that all you’ll ever see during your lifetime is some changes. ”
      This is huge. The fact that these women see little hope -and presumably little allies- in making change.

  11. I think these young women DO need help. They need help to develop critical thinking skills, to have self-esteem and self-acceptance, and to not follow the crowd.
    Some of them ARE mentally ill, and judging by their YouTube videos, some of them aren’t the sharpest knives in the drawer.
    While I don’t think they are powerless, I have to say I think they are victims of our sick, anti-female, sexist society, as all of us are to one extent or another.
    As the dyke parent of a teenager who was caught up in this trend for a while (and has now moved on to other things), I have been observing the trans trend first-hand for several years. I think you are absolutely correct about these young women seeing “transition” as an improvement over being female in this society. That’s a big part of it. Sex roles have remained rigid and polarized over the last few decades- if anything, it’s gotten worse than it was when some of us were growing up in the 60’s & 70’s.
    There are other factors driving this trend, too. Not all the young women getting caught up in this are lesbian- some are straight or bisexual. Some of these young women idealize gay male relationships like those featured in Japanese anime and manga called Yaoi, which has been hugely popular with teens in the past several years. These themes are also common in certain fan-fiction and in cos-play fantasy circles. Also, there is a certain cachet about Queerness in certain teen subcultures (check out Tumblr, there’s a ton of it there). There’s not much left that can shock parents, teachers or other adults who grew up in the Woodstock or Punk eras, so some of the kids have found that ID’ing as Queer or Trans still has some shock value.
    I think there is a strong fad element to what these kids are doing, and now that the fad has spread to every backwater in the US and not just the West & East coasts, and now that dorks like Chaz Bono are representing the fad, maybe it has already peaked. We can hope so, anyway.
    Unfortunately, some of these fad-following “Trans” kids will be left with mutilated bodies and the lifelong effects of artificial hormones which weren’t intended for their bodies. I suspect we will be hearing many stories of trans regret in the coming years.

    1. LOL Chaz Bono. Yeah, maybe it has peaked. Now that the trenders/youtubers are staring to see the effects of injecting T over 6,7,8 years seems to be having an effect too. Now that they KNOW they will end up moon-faced, bald and “throatbearded” with a brillo pad growing in their ass crack and the distinctive FTM “little people” voice, looking like some dowdy uncle WHILE STILL IN THEIR TWENTIES. The recent “trans enough” meme (which says you can still be transtrendy without actually transitioning) seems to have grown out of that.

      1. “trenders/youtubers are staring to see the effects of injecting T over 6,7,8 years seems to be having an effect too. ”
        Are the effects really that worse? Wow imagine you are in you twenties and look 20 or more years older…I wonder how they will look when they are in their 30s or 40s and how their health will be affected by then.

      1. Just looked at that ftmtf.tumblr.com- the amount of self-absorbed hipster navel-gazing was mind-boggling. Makes me wonder how far that kind of thinking can go before it more or less implodes on itself. Perhaps eventually even the hipster-genderqueers will get tired of all the foolishness and turn to something else, hopefully feminism.

      2. If I didn’t know better, I’d think that FtMtF webpage was a clever skit by a feminist……….
        I agree though — rather than DITCH the whole philosophy, just add another twist, because once you accept that way of thinking, just adding another iteration makes as much sense as the first one.
        So, I predict that out there somewhere we could find someone who:
        Female at birth, lesbian for a bit. Then ‘transitioned’ to heterosexual man. Got bored with that, then transitioned again, seemingly to female but actually identifies with transwomen — well, who else are you going to discuss your electrolysis problems with! Plus need to take female hormones cos whipping out yer ovaries is non-reversible! AND you can sympathise with other transwomen about your inability to menstruate, and how much you’d like a womb transplant…………….Because after all, by the trans logic, you can’t claim to be somehow a more authentic woman just because you were born female………
        Okay, now my head hurts. Once you let ‘identify as’ mean whatever the fuck you want, then anything becomes possible — female to male to tree to stick-insect to amorphous gelatinous blob………………………………………

    2. I’d like to add yaoi is pretty fucking dangerous for womyn in general. It started as a way for japanese womyn to express themselves and their sexuality, but soon it spiraled into fucked-up narratives of misogyny and heteronormativeness. And girls really like yaoi because of the internalized misogyny and the misognyst response of those mangas. A girl believes womyn sucks, she believes “she’s not like those other girls, she’s one of the guys, she dislikes makeup so obviously she’s not the normal girls which are bitches, whores and skanks”. And then she sees some random manga in which there’s a heteronormative relationship between pretty men (Take a look at the definitions of “seme” and “uke”), in which womyn just exist to try to take them apart or to give up their relationship with one of those men to let them “be happy” with one another. Or sometimes the woman is really a transvestite, like Okane ga Nai, but now this type of “woman” is cool and awesome because he’s not a woman but looks like one, he’s a man so he’s excused from “acting like a woman”. There’s this trope of rape=love – Yes, the big, bad, masculine seme rapes the poor, weak, feminine uke, but it’s because he loves him so much and “can’t contain himself”.
      Now you take the obsessive fandom it has, girls believing yaoi is benign to gay men (Because fetishizing gay men is totally benign, right), girls making groups to discuss how yaoi is awesome and how straight relationships or lesbian relationships are icky because they contain womyn (They think like that). They start seeing gay men everywhere, in every show, and hating every female character because she’s a bitch and she’s there to make them break up, and can’t understand why a man would choose a woman instead of a man, because women are so bitchy, worthless, boring.
      So they start cosplaying and bringing this fetish to real life. A lot of other girls cosplay, too, and so they pair up in “lesbian” (can I call this lesbian? I think not) relationships because of the character they cosplay or roleplay. But it’s not a womyn-loving relationship, it’s mainly a “let’s pretend we’re men, so our relationship is pure”.
      And then they become either “girlfags” or F2Ts. Girlfags is those girls who fetishize gay men in real life and wish they could be a gay man, but won’t transition and maybe they don’t even “identify” as men. And those yaoi-influenced F2Ts are those girls you see – Feminine, not looking like a man ever, but they can look like a “twink” or an “uke” (Weak, small, cute, but a man).
      It’s really fucked-up. Some don’t get to the stage of being F2M, mostly stop at the womyn-hating phase of glorified gay relationships. But some go on and all comes down. Most of these girls can be found in Tumblr.

      1. Commenting to emphasize how much I agree with your comment. I was always a passive consumer so I wasn’t involved in any obsessiveness but I can remember having a heated discussion (for all the wrong reasons) with an MtT forum member who clearly took part in much of the role-play fetishization normal for the subculture.

      2. Witch, great description of some of the youth culture trends contributing to the trans fad.
        I think that many parents and other adults- even therapists and psychologists- are completely blindsided when a teen girl starts to assert that she is a boy, because the parents and adults are unaware of the youth culture influences. These parents are going to immediately go to the “old” trans narrative: the idea of a person being trapped in the wrong body, and then they might recall instances where ilttle Katie didn’t want to wear a dress, or wanted to play with toy trucks, etc. Then, since the current politically correct thinking (at least among liberal circles) is that transgenderism is something innate and that it should be accepted, some of these parents are going to come to the conclusion that they should accept their child being their true self. They might even get a psychologist to co-sign this idea, since the psychologist isn’t savvy about youth culture, either. What adults would be aware that the “In” thing to be (in some youth subcultures) is transgender? I wouldn’t have been aware of it myself if I hadn’t bothered to investigate it.

      3. @Witch
        Your comment was truly eye opening to me and makes very depressing and destressing reading. I must say I find yaoi to be truly disturbing, what do you think to be the politics behind it?
        How can dominant and submissive inter-male relationships be in any way an expression of female ”sexuality” – the japanese women I have known would not have thought so?
        Do you know how this came about? I do know of the culture of ”yaro” (adult male = penetrator) and ”wakashu” (youth = penetratee) relationships of 17th century Japan which were an expression of the form male supremacy took back then in the japanese part of patriarchy – could yaoi have originated or been drawn from this period? (I hope you don’t mind my questions?)
        Can I just add that as a lesbian I’ve been only too aware that gay males often voice an intense hatred of females and our genitalia, as well as also engaging in intense fetishism themselves, Black gay men are often depicted as brutish and as rapists who are ”well endowed” preying on weaker white gay men and are always depicted as having an ”animalistic sexuality”. The sexualized racism is appalling and rehashed over and over again up to the present day.
        I know of Black gay men who separated from white gay males and white gay male subculture for these reasons to have relationships exclusively with other Black gay males instead.
        I could go on about the extent of gay male fetishism (which, of course, is male supremacist and patriarchal to the core), but what I wanted to ask you was if these girls really could be said to actually ”fetishize” gay males or if instead it’s because gay/queer politics as well as the patriarchal culture at large are so male-centred and negating of lesbians and females in general, what with ”new” reactionary, consumerist trends/fads, combined with Postmodernist BS and the many other factors which contribute to what’s happening to young women now across the board, that tragically they’re merely reflecting what they’ve internalized, growing up within the last two decades?
        None of this existed when I was in my teens, I studied japanese at the age of eighteen onwards (my japanese tutor left Japan to get away from the particular forms misogyny took back then in the eighties) there was no yaoi rage, and I have to say things have become far more female-hating/lesbian-hating in particular areas, having taken new forms I never would have believed possible and circulating all around the globe due to the internet in a way not possible in the past. Young lesbians were still very lesbian-centred at that time and didn’t emulate gay men, trans subculture and their fanatical belief in ”gender identity” didn’t exist then in the highly politicized form it does now and it certainly wasn’t given a place within gay or lesbian circles.
        Whoops, I’m rambling on. And yes, you’re right it’s really fucked-up as well as profoundly disturbing. There is so little that is female-loving left of what was laid down both by lesbian political activists and radical feminists of the 70’s, we’re impoverished as females culturally, linguistically and on so many other levels far too numerous to mention.
        And this recent trend amongst young women (het/lesbian/bi) that you commented about is just deeply, deeply depressing and so profound an internalization of male supremacist sexuality in yet another deadly form…where will it all end?

      4. @Purplerage
        If I’m not mistaken, it was a way to work sexuality and romance in an equal level. I bet Cherryblossomlife can elaborate more, but from what I know, womyn in Japan had (or still have) a low place in society as opposed to womyn. What brings girls to this trend is mainly that – A chance to see an equal relationship (Between two men, with “equal” social power, as opposed to a woman and a man, the woman being the submissive one in society) but mixing that with internalized misogyny (I never get this word right… Sorry, English isn’t my first language) and/or heterossexuality (Men = Awesome, Womyn = Not so, so two men in a loving, equal relationship = That’s amazing) means yaoi, or Boy’s Love. I guess the “softcore” version, involving romance only, came first, and then the hardcore, sex version came after.
        It’s basically a strange logic at that. They want an equal relationship, but most of them are hetero and they, with their internalized misogyny and lesbophobia, think girls are nasty, so they automatically flee from the “yuri” genre (Which isn’t perfect because of all the cliches and wrappings of what a Lesbian relationship is). In yaoi they have two parties with equal sexual power in society, but one is always submissive and “inferior” as to being poorer, weaker, younger, and that’s the character most girls identify with. It’s a heterosexual relationship masquerading as a gay one, basically. I bet those girls mostly wouldn’t like geicomi (Gay comics, from gay men to gay men).
        I don’t know exactly the history of yaoi… Even if I research it mostly shows yaoi originated mostly in the 70’s, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a refletion of the 17th century relationships. And yes, they’re probably just reflecting what they were shown from patriarchy, but the lenghts they go to say how awesome this genre is, how it helps gay men, how it helps fight homophobia, how they wished to be a gay man to have gay sex with gay pureness and gay romance without those nasty, icky womyn… I dunno if “fetishizing” is a good term, but those girls are almost obsessed with it.
        Thanks for the questions and sorry for not being able to answer them accordingly.
        I found this online. This translates well into what I’m talking about.
        girlfags (dot) livejournal (dot) com/100767.html
        A feminine woman, or a woman who likes feminine beauty (As seen from the avatar) saying “Sometimes I even hate girls for being feminime”. A woman who doesn’t act like “how a girl should act”, instead of starting to liberate herself, says she’s a boy and she loves gay men. She “knew she was a girlfag from since she saw yaoi/BL”. (Why is it “I knew it when I saw it” instead of “I grew up liking it because of exposure and socialization”?)
        This one is more of trans-inclined:
        girlfags (dot) livejournal (dot) com/96420.html
        She was mistaken as a lesbian so she started to dress as feminine as possible because being mistaken as a lesbian is worse than being mistaken as a man.
        And this is the most I-dentity one I found:
        girlfags (dot) livejournal (dot) com/88664.html
        So… Yeah, I can see it’s a bit dangerous here. That makes me really, really sad, I wish those womyn could see their bodies are amazing and they ARE NOT gay men and they don’t feel like gay men, that gay men aren’t an equality heaven in earth and that being lesbian is awesome.

      5. I just think Women have a choice to have a lesbian relationship if she does not want the men that she sees, Women will not get equality from Gays because Gays don’t like Pussy and will never want to sex with a Woman period!

      6. I think an important reason for Yaoi popularity is, that when women envision themselves as being either man (whether uke or seme), they feel FREE to lust.
        In real life, girls are not allowed to lust in a healthy way, at all. They are constantly slut-shamed about it.
        Imagine, what would happen, if you were a woman, and drew a comic about a woman, lusting after a man.
        Whether in the role of “uke” or “seme” – it will give you a bad reputation any way. (Albeit in a slightly different manner: uke: you want to be raped; seme: makes you a pervert, and therefore, you need/want to be raped. Oh wait it’s the same consequence, as always).
        Therefore, the authors just make a male of themselves.
        So, probably the main cause of the origination of the genre was, I think, not to be slut-shamed.
        For the readers, the same thing hold – males and also the male-identified women will treat you as shit, if you say, “hey I liked that comic where some guy did *this-and-that* to that woman” (or vice versa). But with yaoi, they can be open about it.
        I draw comics myself (as a hobby), and I have thought about this “gay”-option for erotica too. But it is so lame. But, well, drawing heterosex is basically illegal for a woman. So now I simply do not draw erotic stuff.
        The original female Yaoi authors were probably very much aware of why they were drawing what they were drawing. But the readers from nowadays, clearly are not, or do not want to know.

      7. I’d like to add, with regards to the possible origianation of the Yaoi genre, that drawing (genuine) lesbian erotica is not really an option either. That is, of course, because when men see two women doing erotic stuff, they automatically think they are invited to the “party” (i.e., you, the author, must be bi, and mainly draw to get them off, because you want to lure them – plus you are exxxtra slutty for being bi).
        But when you draw homosexual erotica, it disgusts most heterosexual men, or, at least, they pretend it disgusts them.They do not bother you at all; you get a “free pass”. It is such a convenient option.

      8. I remember that the popular female mangaka like Arina Tanemura, Naoko Takeuchi and CLAMP don’t have problems drawing Lesbian relationships even if their works are geared for younger teens…
        As I remember Naoko Takeuchi reacted when the Starlights(One of the Starlights is obviously a lesbian) are made male in their civilian form in the Anime, she said that only Women can be Sailor Scouts.
        I remember many or most of the Heterosexual Romantic Stories with erotic content aka Smut marketed to women and written by women(including in manga) where women lust over men(Which includes Twilight) has sexist plots and rape fantasies, I think Women should stop writing stories that has sexist plots wherein they glorify sexism.

      9. The problem is that some women like writing stories that are sexist against women themselves like writing stuff that degrade women, stories that promote negative stereotypes on women and rape fantasies in short they are the source of their own miseries, women should empower themselves more and be a positive influence in order for things to get better instead of being the source of their own miseries.

      10. @ first Ashura
        I am not that into manga, mainly alternative Western comics.
        But, I wonder if the lesbians mangas you mention feature “real” lesbian stuff instead of male-pleasing superficial stuff, a male-approved version of lesbianism.
        You say they are aimed at “young teens”. You did not say, “young girls”. So you probably mean boys? From the images I’ve googled, I would say so.
        @second and first Ashura (two different people or two different avatars?)
        The problem is NOT that “some women like writing stories that are sexist against women themselves” and that therefore, “they are the source of their own miseries”. That is a very gross thing, to blame the women. It is a side-effect a women feeling the need to adhere to the ever apparent aggressive male belief system, when writing stories. All the males write stories in which women are objectified, and they started with it, so blame them plz.
        The fact that (relatively young) women draw stories in which women are the object (not the subject) is in certain cultures (like the Japanese) *nowadays* probably quite accepted, and lauded. At least they are submissive, hmm? AND available for sex. And their stories are like the men’s stories!
        So the women go with that flow, but it is still very confined. And compliant to the sexual narrative of nowadays, where women are applauded for wanting to be sexual with men, but *only* when servicing.
        Still, it is *something*… in Western society, you would get lots of sex-related comments from men (colleagues) for such works. In Asia they are somewhat more… formal. So perhaps its safer for these Asian women, or it *appears* to be.
        Anyway. I still maintain my view that Yaoi (originated in the 70s!) quite likely originates from a desire from women to express their sexuality an a vicarious way, without getting all the crap from men.
        I seriously can not imagine that, in that age, it was accepted for women write fiction in which it is all too clear that as WOMEN they’d openly like sex – on their terms! in their way! – and objectify males. Id est, being a “consumer” of the “object” man.
        It is still not accepted irl nowadays btw, in the West and East alike, without repercussions.

  12. Oh, and on the subject of Dyke Music, does anyone remember the Chicago & New Haven Women’s Liberation Rock Bands? They were actually pretty damn good!

    What was the first female rock band signed to a major label?
    Fanny! haha You might need to smoke a big doobie for this one:

  14. Gallus, I really believe the greatest threat is assimilation… an even graver threat than trans trenders. With all this movement energy put on two issues–military and marriage, this just about buys into institutions that would have been unthinkable 30 years ago. The imitation of het norms is everywhere, and I do agree that lesbian only space has gone more underground. I know groups I hang out with do this–they just got sick of genderqueer, and needed valuable lesbian time in lesbian spaces.
    If we can’t even keep lesbian spaces lesbian, then we’ll lose a lot of women who buy into the wedding mania, the dangly earrings, the S & M world…het imitating… It is assimilation we should worry about most I think.

    1. Sheila, I think that ‘transitioning’ is the most radical form of assimilation. It makes lesbians and gay men simply vanish. If the genderists have their way, it can be accomplished even on young children who display any kind of non-conformity; instead of allowing them to grow into whatever sort of adults they might become, hormones and surgery will make them “not-gay” or “not-lesbian.”
      That is why this frightens me so.

  15. “It is assimilation we should worry about most I think.”
    As someone who has bought into the wedding thing — okay, even the excuse that there are legal and tax advantages doesn’t remove the fact that in some sense I DO enjoy the little bit of het privilege that I kind of get from being able to say I’m married.
    But wife&wife ISN’T quite the same as the man&wife that people like Chaz Bono went for, which was direct erasure rather than assimilation.
    I think the inability to NAME ourselves (plus absorbing lesbianiam back into the heteronorm by transition) is a real problem. IF the rest of society is really willing to accept that you can ‘make’ someone a man by surgery, then we can no longer name the sex class women as such. If society comes to accept the trans ‘identify as’ as meaningful, then naming goes out the window, because we need to name ourselves AND we need to name who is NOT us. Short cuts the need to assimilate, if you don’t even exist any longer as a nameable group because anyone can join if they ‘identify’.
    But damn it all to heck — I just have to say (been out of the loop for a while), I just LOVE coming back to this sort of feminist space, and I LOVE what I always used to love, the willingness to QUESTION anything.

  16. Let’s not lose hope though — because at the end of the day, the patriarchy has been around a lot longer than this current transtrend (which is actually just a fairly predictable twist and squirm from the patriarchy). Okay, some lesbians and feminists from the current generation may be lost, but isn’t it just the same ole two steps forward, one step back, a familiar pattern from herstory?
    Or is it just that things were ALWAYS under attack anyway, just that as we get older, we always look back to what was happening when we were younger (you know, after the traumas of young adulthood, the first time we began to feel secure and happy and understand a bit more about who we were and what we wanted and what was going on!), and see then as some sort of lost golden age?

  17. The Daily Mail is a nasty right-wing rag – they lump the gender neutral parenting into the same category as the genderists; they are very much for rigid gender roles.
    It’s just a shame its this paper writing about this, as any left-leaning person will automatically dismiss it. All the left-wing papers seem to follow the genderist line.

  18. That is horrific about damaged eyesight from testosterone. Isn’t this all a patriarch’s dream come true? Get those women to waste money and destroy their health in their female-hatred and self-hatred at the same time.
    But you are so right, Gallus — most of the trans incentive for women is to be trendy and the center of attention (the F2Ts I’ve seen perform/read/sing here are SO self-obsessed) — so as more quicklybecome grotesque versions of old bald men with the repulsive hair and weird warbly voices, it just isn’t appealing. Their skin thickens too. And then cancer has to be coming also. You don’t play around with hormones unless you want to greatly increase cancer risk.
    When I remember that many of these women are really just wanting to be with gay men and so are stranger-than-usual het women, I feel less upset about them than I do about Lesbians going het or feminists going more right wing and not learning from the past. The important thing is that many of us continue and more are joining us all the time, hungry for the radical female-loving politics.
    But because the trans cult is directly damaging us as a community, it’s absolutely essential to keep fighting it — and to use that energy in the struggle rather than becoming too upset, sad, or depressed. Just finding so many of us who agree about all this is a wonderful antidote.

  19. About the music — thank you, Gallus! How did you find the old Women’s Liberation bands? I only heard the Chicago band once at the LA Lesbian Feminist Conference in 1973 when they supported my Gutter Dyke Collective in trying to protest Elliott having been invited to play his dreadful “Lesbian” music. The concert they did there was incredible. Linda Shear, from the band, later did a Separatist album, “A Lesbian Portrait,” which is so powerful. Lots of Butches then were creating such radical feminist music.
    It’s great to see Sistas in the Pit! Kofy Brown is SO nice. And so is Ieela Grant (on drums.) She is SUCH a handsome Butch! (She even came to my birthday party and brought me roses.)
    Part of what is different with most Lesbian performers/singer/songwriter/musicians who I know now is that they are so friendly and warm (as opposed to some of the stars of the past who were more aloof and snobbish.) I wish you all could meet/see/hear Sistas in the Pit in person. We could dance and party together!

  20. This girl is obviously not transgender, she’s just another cute tomboy like many of the others on youtube. One of the problems here is that these girls’ shrinks have been brainwashed that they have to accept and support whatever anyone says. Maybe one way to combat this is with outreach to therapists who work with these kids. Also, make some youtube videos to offer these girls an alternative.
    I was reading some ftm websites earlier today, and I read one FAQ that states gender dysphoria is chronic, i.e. it has to be “treated” or it will never get better. This is an outright lie. As a lifelong tomboy, I can testify that it took me quite a while to grow into my identity as a woman. So I had gender issues at her age, but I don’t now, or not as much. Chronic? I don’t think so. These kids just need time to grow up, and a better reality check than they’re getting from politically correct shrinks who have been getting their talking points from aggressive trans activists.

    1. Yes, feral, shrinks who have been *silenced* by fear of accusations of “transphobia!” from those aggressive trans activists in the community.
      That is why we need supportive literature explaining the *thought-stopping* effect that this accusation is having on an entire society (along with aggressive tactics to otherwise silence critics of trans, such as attacking peoples’ livelihoods if they question or speak out.)
      Thought-stopping techniques have been used by cults and other brain-washing programs to bring people into lock-step and gradually transform their behaviors. I wish I’d thought of this term sooner to apply to what the “transphobia!” accusation is doing, so thank you for talking about how even the shrinks are being brainwashed.
      So the “transphobic!” accusation is not just censoring dialogue, it is getting people to censor their own thoughts about trans. It makes people afraid to even question *to themselves* what transactivists are saying.
      That’s how dangerous it is.
      Thanks, feral, for helping move my thinking forward on this.
      We really do need concise literature to get out the message to the community effectively.
      As wonderful as this blog is, only a tiny percent of people will end up reading it.
      And as BevJo has so wisely pointed out, the issues raised here need to be broadcast to the larger society.

  21. “and I read one FAQ that states gender dysphoria is chronic, i.e. it has to be “treated” or it will never get better.”
    There are also no proofs that it will get better with drugs and disabling surgery. I recently learned that T can (or will?) damage your eyesight. Someone has to help these kids.

    1. It gets better with feminism. Real, radical feminism spreading like wildfire in a society and women kicking ass.

      1. Yes! It gets better with feminism!
        “But because the trans cult is directly damaging us as a community, it’s absolutely essential to keep fighting it — and to use that energy in the struggle rather than becoming too upset, sad, or depressed. Just finding so many of us who agree about all this is a wonderful antidote.”
        And yes, yes, YES again BevJo!
        I didn’t realise until recently how mad the whole trans thing had got, and most upsetting how many supposedly feminist websites were coming out with the whole transphobic line. But as BevJo says, finding some presence online that dared to disagree, even finding that Julie Bindel on the guardian wasn’t afraid to keep saying it, despite all the ‘transphobic’ nonsense she was getting.
        I suppose we can’t be too surprised with the nonsense coming from the medical and psychology community, because even those who don’t agree with the whole transition thing as a panacea. they are still having to work within society as it is, and what is ‘best’ for their patients within the current clinical paradigm, rather than saying that what we need is a political solution. But even in academia, there are some voices pointing out the whole problem with genderism.

      2. @BadDyke,
        Just saw your mention of therapists. A new friend who was a therapist just told me a colleague of hers in San Diego was murdered by a trannie who she wouldn’t sign off to have transitioning medical treatments. She didn’t think he was ready yet, wanted him to have another year or so of therapy, and he shot her. Yiiiikes.
        As my friend said, the narcissism and sense of entitlement are a massive problem with transpeople.
        She also said therapists are all over the map on this, as we’ve seen mentioned on this blog. She also said it’s the first time the medical community has taken over on a psychological issue and said, “We’ll handle it. We can resolve this issue medically.” She agreed, medical “treatments” leave the underlying dysphoria unaddressed, and exacerbate it by giving it credibility with medical capitulation to the dysphoria.
        On another note, I’m pleased to see you write there are some academics questioning genderism. Can you elaborate, please?

    1. Oh, and for all of you who love “WoMENs” music…herre is the lovely Elana Rose, who shows us all what a REAL woMAN can look like. (Either hold your breath, or skip this)
      Elena Rose-2Hearts.MOV – YouTube

  22. Kitty Barber–yes, transitioning is the very worst aspect of assimilation. The most reactionary movement I’ve seen grow in years! Yes, agreed.
    Weddings and lesbian wedding planning companies come a close second…yikes.

    1. THANK YOU, SheilaG., for speaking out about lesbian assimilation into the woman-hating, woman-enslaving, life-hating patriarchal institutions of marriage and the military.
      These are one step forward, a million steps back!
      Lez/gay marriage laws hurt all lesbians seeking equal rights, including those of us who are single or who would never consider marrying our partners, b/c these laws will make it that much harder for the non-married to increase legal rights via civil unions if the marriage option is available.
      This is what involvement in gay (meaning male) organizations gets us: brainwashing into their pro-patriarchal agendas, and denial of any feminist dialogue or agendas.
      If gay boys want to be our allies, let them come to *our* feminist groups and offer to make the coffee, not policy.
      Women’s concerns must be centralized for their to be any basis for genuine alliance. (I posted more about this on the GLAAD thread.)

  23. I think those are great ideas, Kitty and fmnst.
    It would be interesting to have a YouTube video of a group of Lesbians who are Butch and look dykey, saying how we reject looking/acting like how patriarchy insists women look, but that does not mean we want to then be male. We are female and proud of it!

  24. Great idea BevJo— a bunch of YouTubes from proud butch dykes of all ages. We need to get out the word that butch is great, we don’t conform to femininity dictates (read that house slaves vs. fieldhands), and there is nothing male about us.
    We are women who never ever, from childhood conformed to the code of keep women and girls silly looking, feminine and role playing.
    I think there are many really cool butches out there—I saw a couple of good YouTubes of young butches who were articulate, clear thinking and really great.
    We can counter the transtrending by explaining that butch doesn’t mean transition time, it means being a woman who does not conform to male defined notions of who women are or how we should be. We also don’t conform to het women’s standards of “beauty” –ugh.. there is nothing beautiful about token tortureres and HOPS sleeping with the enemy.
    These films are so tragic because there is a huge and great butch tradition within lesbian herstory, and these stories need to be put out there!

  25. Oh, and butches love other butches! Just to set the record lesbian 🙂 We are not attracted to het acting and appearing lesbians… a can of worms for another day…

    1. I love other butches too! But I’ve never been attracted to one.
      Well, maybe this one really faggy one…hmm
      Thank god lesbian femmes aren’t het acting and appearing.
      Nothing against our wonderful het sisters.
      Come to think of it, I think it’s wrong to assume that het women look or act a particular way. Very wrong. So many het women have come here and said how they were pressured to transition because they were not feminine. Or because they wanted to be feminine without it marking them as submissive.

  26. Thank you, BadDyke!
    Oh fmnst, that is terrible but not surprising about the therapist murdered. Many of us who have gotten death threats from the trannies never got them in decades of political disagreements with women.
    Absolutely yes: “the narcissism and sense of entitlement are a massive problem with transpeople.” In other words, they act like the men that they are, only worse!
    Oh I would love to do a video with you, Sheila, and with Kitty Barber and Gallus and so many here… Hell, I just want to party with you all! Party with the Butches, but all the rest of you too!
    Oh, one of the really savvy and kind women in some of the feminist fb groups told us she just left men for good and that we’d helped her. She has been such wonderful support, and wants to be with women again. She’s a treasure.
    I’m definitely seeing less support for the trans cult in those groups. A friend called today about supporting Z Budapest in her battle to keep her rituals for females-only — no trannies. It’s activated more women to support Z, one of the last to keep fighting for women only — yet she basically originated the Lesbian Dianic Witch movement over 40 years ago. That’s a group I don’t really know, but they are as clear as those here.

  27. Would a self-identified butch lesbian on here please explain to me what is meant by that?

  28. BevJo, I’m so glad to hear you are encountering less support for trannies in groups.
    I spoke out today at a Women’s Herstory event at the JC in my area, with about 100 (mostly young) students in the room, required to attend for the Psych or Criminal Justice or Sociology classes. There was an excellent speaker with a PowerPoint about the conditions for women in California prisons. She had been a long-time prisoner and finished her education in prison.
    I said, “I’ve been reading on a brilliant blog called ‘GenderTrender’ that men who think they are women (politically correct audience gasped and groaned a little there) have been politically effective at gaining more rights in some cases than women (a little more groaning) and now these men’s rights to safety are being prioritized over women’s by putting the men in women’s prisons for the men’s safety, at the expense of the women’s right to safety. (opposite response: “omg” “wow” “that’s not right”)
    The speaker said, “Boy, do I have a story to tell about that one!” She want on to say that one trans she met in prison was really sweet and nice, but the other was blatantly just a predator and she was glad he was out of her life. So she said it’s not a “black and white” issue. The friend with me said afterward that it was effective that she really had a story to tell about this, and blasted the man who was a predator.
    I think most of the young people in the room really got it that this was a problem.
    It felt good to get in at least *something* about the problems with the trans movement, to hopefully plant a questioning seed in the minds of those young people who are only hearing “PC” messages.
    Before reading this blog, I would not have had the guts to speak out that way publicly about trans, but I’m doing it more so now, with more people.
    Thanks to GM and all of you!

      1. Thank you, Rose, I appreciate it!
        GM and all of you deserve all the credit, for the new information, perspectives, and support all of you provide. As strongly as I have felt about this issue for years, there is no way I could have spoken out that way 6 months ago on it, prior to having started reading this blog and everyone’s comments. Knowledge + sisterhood are definitely *power.*
        And I do definitely need a pamphlet or I will be getting myself into hot water;) This information is emboldening me, but I really need to be able to communicate it clearly, succinctly, and well, rationally, as it is easy to be upset by all of this and not be able to articulate it as well in the moment.
        I recently made re-formatted some information on a health issue into a pamphlet: an extremely controversial issue, and since being able to hand that out, have been able to communicte *much* more effectively and calmly, and it immediately generates better understanding and support for the issue. Just being able to have those brochures to carry around with me, and key points on business cards as well, has made all the difference.
        Thank you again, so much, Rose, and all of you.
        Hugs 🙂

  29. “I’m definitely seeing less support for the trans cult in those groups. A friend called today about supporting Z Budapest in her battle to keep her rituals for females-only — no trannies. ”
    The HATE coming from the trans side (whilst simultaneously accusing the other side of ‘hate speech’ for saying anything at all), really gets to me.
    These are women too and you MUST accept them — well I don’t, plain and simple. I don’t ACCEPT their definition of what being a woman means, and if I accepted their definition of woman, then I can no longer talk about what unites me and other actual women (because O dear all the transwomen will get all UPSET cos I’ve reminded them, for example, that they don’t have a womb, can’t have kids, don’t need tampons). We’ve seen this all before, take away our right to name ourselves, take away our right to talk about ourselves.
    Same with butch — seeing butch as would-be male takes away our right to name ourselves as butch, and takes away what I’m saying as a butch — that I reject your femininity and reject your constraints on what a female is supposed to be and look and act like. Nope, let’s not have any of that, and just label you would-be men……………

  30. Z Budapest, goddess bless her heart! She was just wonderful, and I attended a few of her rituals in the Bay Area. her message of liberation for lesbians is incredible, and I hope lesbians defend her space, and the right of women to have sacred women only space and worship. Now we’re getting into freedom of religion. Maybe the trans cult can go after the catholic bishops for not letting THEM be priests. Hey, why don’t they go after male dominated groups, and leave women alone!

    1. SheilaG,
      I so agree trannies and LGBT groups should go after men’s groups for a change. Where are the trannies picketing and protesting F2Fs not being able to get into gays’ events, bath houses, and accommodations?
      How come the LGBT organizations aren’t calling for buy-cotts of those?
      Are trannies outside Bohemian Grove, a northern California men-only camp for some of the most powerful men in the world (former Presidents, CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, military brass, etc.)where they frolic together each summer?
      Not that I’ve ever heard about.

      1. fmnst, actually, from what I have read the power elite at Bohemian Grove have a special misogynistic cross-dressing “ritual” performance they do. So maybe that’s why they don’t get the Michigan treatment? 😉

    2. “Hey, why don’t they go after male dominated groups, and leave women alone!” Yep, I agree that they won’t because they’d get their arses kicked!
      Whereas dear ole women are supposed to be the peacemakers, the warm and nurturing ones, the ones who keep everyone (i.e., men) happy, who help rein in and control male impulses etc etc.
      Hence these men fully expect that women will either welcome them as women with open arms (because we’re so NICE and POLITE and don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, that’s our JOB), because that’s the sexist crap they believe about women, OR their male-socialised sense of entitlement wins over all, and they should have whatever they want, even if it means riding roughshod over the wishes of women.
      Because they want to remake not just themselves into a male image of what a woman is, but they want to remake US as well according to the same image (hence the trans claims I come across many times that transwomen are BETTER (or hotter) women than actual women………).

  31. They don’t go after Bohemian grove Fmnst because men will fight back. So the reason Male to trans go after Michigan and other women’s only spaces, is because well they’re men, and they can bully their way in, or so they think. If they did this to some men’s encampments, the men will do what they always do… grab their guns and shoot down the trans invaders. Since women usually don’t have guns at places like Michigan or a Z Budapest ritual, and they can con and bully even young lesbians into letting the rapists in the gate… well women have never been very good at policing our spaces for our own cause.
    Male to trans fear men, they think they can walk all over women and take over our groups. But I think the tide may be turning with this blog, and the info getting out there. Education is always better than guns and so is the truth, once women learn it!.

    1. I totally agree with your whole post, SheilaG!
      “well women have never been very good at policing our spaces for our own cause. Male to trans fear men, they think they can walk all over women and take over our groups. But I think the tide may be turning with this blog, and the info getting out there. Education is always better than guns and so is the truth, once women learn it!.”
      So true.
      I am having a field day posting GM’s blog posts to my FB pages…the truth is getting out some more 🙂
      Thank you, SheilaG!

  32. Oh fmnst, that is so good you got support here and spoke out like that. I think that’s what needs to happen to counter the lies and propaganda — real stories about how trannies are actually harming women and girls.
    I really like how you described Butch, BadDyke!
    Yes, Sheila, why don’t those men go after the catholic church! As if they would. And all the other male-only institutions like you said, fmnst. It’s clear that they are just predators on women. And they do love to have us fight each other over them.
    fmnst, we spent 55 pages in our book describing what it meant to be Butch. It’s now at my blog, and I’m just finishing a 22 year later update. — http://bevjoradicallesbian.wordpress.com/
    You’re posting Gallus on fb? Why don’t you contact me there and we could share more info?

  33. “On another note, I’m pleased to see you write there are some academics questioning genderism. Can you elaborate, please?”
    Well, in terms of the extreme line that the trans ideology comes out with, few academics support that that I could find.
    On many blogs, you find ‘innate gender’ discussed as if the question had been answered — boy brains different from girl brains from time zero, and debate is then whether or not trans folk ‘really’ have the wrong sex brain, or just think they do.
    Except go look for the sociologists, and you’ll find they happily discuss a mixture of social and innate factors.
    A book I came across recently (but haven’t read yet) is:
    How Small Differences Grow into Troublesome Gaps and What We Can Do About It
    Brain plasticity, and the fact that society takes whatever small biological differences there may be, and creates the great gulf between genders that society seems to like.
    Refreshing change from the ‘girls can’t do maths’ and ‘boys like rough and tumble’ that you get from the gender camp.

    1. This has been one of my biggest gripes about the whole “trans” thingy since forever. Most of the “trans women” that I meet are like really poor actors playing Blanche Dubois meets Grace Kelly — all the pearl clutching, whispery voices, faux Chanel suits, up-dos and ankle bracelets make me want to clamber up on the nearest table and start bellowing Sojourner Truth at them:
      “That man over there says that women need to be helped into carriages, and lifted over ditches, and to have the best place everywhere. Nobody ever helps me into carriages, or over mud-puddles, or gives me any best place! And ain’t I a woman? Look at me! Look at my arm! I have ploughed and planted, and gathered into barns, and no man could head me! And ain’t I a woman? I could work as much and eat as much as a man – when I could get it – and bear the lash as well! And ain’t I a woman? I have borne thirteen children, and seen most all sold off to slavery, and when I cried out with my mother’s grief, none but Jesus heard me! And ain’t I a woman?”
      I myself, a natural-born woman, have worked on a fishing boat on the Bering sea, operated a jack-hammer, participated in software seminars where I was the only women software engineer in a room of 100 men, been physically assaulted while defending a gay man from gay bashers and then took up martial arts to make sure that next time, I’ll be ready. I’m also a great cook, love the color pink and know how to crochet, embroider and make funny animals out of fruit. I’m not the least bit butch — no one would ever mistake my body or face for anything but female — but I am also not a caricature of femininity.
      Women are neither limited nor defined by the stereotypes heaped upon us. This idea that gender is destiny and that a man can have a “female” brain-widget that drives him to fetishize mascara and brassieres makes me want to howl: “HOW DARE YOU perform ‘woman’ as a weak, vapid, cosseted, over-decorated concubine obsessed with make-up and heels? HOW DARE YOU?”

      1. RoseVerbena, I totally agree: how dare they, with their insulting stereotypes of women. You have had an amazing life which I enjoyed reading a little about here, and between that, and re-reading Sojourner Truth’s quote, you made me feel very proud to be female. Thank you for your post.

  34. ““HOW DARE YOU perform ‘woman’ as a weak, vapid, cosseted, over-decorated concubine obsessed with make-up and heels? HOW DARE YOU?””
    Yeah, it’s such a kick in the gut when you first come across that. A woman trying to perform male doesn’t have the shock value.
    They think that’s what women SHOULD BE or ARE, and if us women won’t do it properly, they’ll do it themselves…………Hey look, we’re BETTER and HOTTER women than you!
    So, we’re not just invading your women-only or lesbian-only spaces, we’re taking the piss out of you as well as we do it.
    Male entitlement or what………

    1. I actually got into it once recently on a chat with a “trans woman” enabler on exactly this point. She (purportedly she, who knows, really?) claimed to specialize in helping “trans women” make a successful cosmetic transition (gag me, please) and frothed on and on about how beautiful, elegant, feminine and HOT her protégés were after she got done with them.
      Between eye rolls I assured her that I would be able to spot them as males in female drag from fifty yards away, dressed, or a hundred yards away undressed, which caused her to both go apoplectic and accuse me of being MUCH LESS HOT than her “trans woman” protégés — please note that I am using the male form of protégé, not protégée. I’m tricky like that.
      These cretins just don’t get it. You can’t change a male pelvis into a female pelvis. You can’t change male hands into female hands. You can’t change male shoulders into female shoulders. You can’t change male jaw-lines into female jaw-lines. Or brow lines. Or feet. Or parts, for goodness sakes. A scarred up f-hole is NOT and will never be a natural, juicy, female vulva plus clit plus vagina plus cervix plus uterus plus ovaries. A make-up free, clean, completely naked woman will ALWAYS be hotter to anyone sexually attracted to women than any “trans woman”.
      They hate us for it, but that’s their therapy to seek.

      1. I think all men believe women SHOULD behave like trans women.
        And trans women are men, of course.
        I do find it interesting how many “straight” guys seem to find a fully made-up M2T hotter than a real woman. Trans women go on about this a lot. It’s possible that the number of men who are actually attracted to the opposite sex is much smaller than we think. Perhaps they just use women for baby-making, I dunno.
        “Het” guys talk about how ugly women are all the time, don’t they, and about how only women who fit into a very narrow depiction of beauty (i.e hyper-feminine) pass the grade. So it seems that a lot of men who are supposed to be attracted to the women, and define themselves as such, get more turned on my a man in make-up and a scarred up f-hole than they do by an actual woman. It makes me wonder how many men out there are closet homosexuals?
        Given the choice between a perfectly made-up bloke with a man’s hips, man’s hands, man’s aura, clutching his pearls, and a clean, make-up free woman with pubic hair, no make-up, child-bearing hips, ploughing the rice fields…. I’m not certain that most “het” men would choose the latter!!!
        Perhaps it means that men have distorted their image of women so much over millenia of patriarchy that they literally have no idea what a woman is any more.

  35. I was hoping this “trend” had peaked by now – that the people who started on T years ago and realized their mistakes too late might be growing in numbers and letting other kids out there know that it’s a dangerous choice to make for the wrong reasons.
    Hell, I hang out at a butch-femme on-line community and a transman just came out a few weeks ago saying she made a mistake and is working her way back to being the woman she was born to be.
    It’s all just so sad – to think of the young lesbians being pressured into transitioning because they are too masculine or even androgynous. I want to be more visible for them so they can see that you can be masculine AND a woman and love yourself and your body all the same.

    1. “I was hoping this “trend” had peaked by now”
      In my opinion it will still take some time before the peak. There isn’t even that much support for regretters so it’s hard for them to go back. The trans train knows only one way. There are also no studies or recourses where someone can get information about the long term health effects. At least I’ve never found it (has anyone of you more information?). So perhaps many women and girls just don’t know what these drugs do to their body in the long term (?) For example I’ve never found information about deteriorating eyesight in females who inject testosterone (I’m still shocked about this…). It has never been studied it’s just anecdotal.

      1. I hadn’t heard this either, about eyesight. But among my tiny sample of the three de-transitioned ftms I know best, all three took T for a short period (6 months-2 years) in the late 90s/early 2000s, and now all have RSI/carpal tunnel/arthritis type ailments. There’s zero data to determine whether there’s any causality there, and nobody is doing any studies, but I wish they would.

  36. I just wanted to say I am so, so glad I found your blog and the radfem community online in general. I need to be really anonymous for this but I at one point identified as FTM and started to “transition.” Thank heavens only a few months into that I had regrets and turned back, stopped the hormones before it was too late. I am a mother now and much more aware of the wide range of “how you can be” and be a woman. It has been 7 years almost to the day, now, since I turned back. I have moved on with life, am a mother, have found some happiness. But I am still haunted by what I can only refer to as The Big Mistake–the months when I was taking hormones and trying to “pass”–and find that none of my friends want to hear about it, sadly especially my lesbian friends who don’t want to touch this with a ten foot pole for the most part. I feel like it’s this dark secret I carry around all the time. I want to warn other young women and just talk to someone who understands what the pressure is like, how hard it is to resist for women in my generation. I am just so thankful that you have the courage to write here. Please email me through the email I used to sign in, if you can, I would really like to talk about this with someone who “gets it.”

  37. This is another thankyou from an ex trans-identified female. A couple of years ago I started having major doubts about it all. Finding this blog and others consolidated those doubts and helped me get out.
    It occurs to me now how irresponsible those trans activists were. When I first got into the community as a teenager, I was open about the fact I’d had psychotic episodes and the activists made out that it was normal, and what happens to real trans when they can’t transition. It wasn’t till I left that they said “she was never trans she was just a schizo.”

  38. Thank you for telling us. I do understand some parts of it in that what is presented to us all as being a “woman” in this female-hating patriarchy makes many of us say “no” to it and we’re left being harassed for not obeying feminisation — too often by other females. Our bodies are so hated and objectified by men and some women so that it makes sense to want out. I found feminism early though and most males were so hateful that there is no way I wanted to join them. But I do know enough women who wished they could morph into other animals forms. Anyway, welcome home!

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