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  1. EW, I nearly puked my lunch after seeing something like that. It looks like a Man pretending to be a woman trying to compete in a woman’s only sports

    1. Yes, in one of the videos about Mr. Chris, it’s explained that he is ‘anatomically male.’ 6’1″, 190 lbs, penis, testicles, and–oh, wait. *Long hair.* And perhaps a padded bra? Why of COURSE this is a woman! Why NOT compete against females? Because dat’s his *identity.* Even the Olympic Committee requires a two-year waiting period after surgical transition. Not that surgery takes away musculature, or chromosomes, but never mind.
      So, can I compete in the Special Olympics, and win myself a medal or two?

  2. I’ve seen him before. He didn’t have what it takes to compete with the bog boys in men’s bodybuilding, so he switched to women’s bodybuilding, thinking he’d have an advantage. Nope, guess not… the judges aren’t fooled that easily. I’m surprised he managed to get second place!

  3. Creepy— did you see the look of distaste on the other contestant’s face? This is what appropriation of women’s sports looks like.

      1. They’ve simply caved in to pressure from Trans groups. If they didn’t, then they’ll would be labeled with the pejorative, Transphobe. I think we’re going to see this happening more and more in the future with lots of other groups/agencies/governments. Men are women too, didn’t you know?

  4. Well, when you’re a millionaire you can just buy blue ribbons.
    I’m guessing s/he has higher testosterone levels than Santos (a mixed martial arts competitor) though:
    The funny thing is that while crash weightloss involving dehydration and the abuse of steroids can cause hypogonadism in males (not shrinking bits, necessarily, just hormone levels) allowing them to get dr. approved, completely sanctioned steroids, no such exception is made for women. Except for women with balls, evidently.

    1. There is NO COMPARISON between Cyborg and this male idiot. Cristiane made a mistake and tested for traces. Big diff between a female athlete making a mistake and a dickhead male who lacked the discipline to compete with other males and is smearing his stanky-ass male musculature and privilege all over women’s sports.

    1. I thought about this issue a bit over the weekend with Rousey vs. Tate: somehow, a sex-offender with white supremacist tattoos made it onto the Strikeforce card. One needn’t be a progressive to be pissed off about that and I believe most viewers were: how could an entire team of people screw up like that?
      Lost in the shuffle, however, is the fact that the biggest shows in the biggest of sports, the ones that people actually care about (no one gives a shit about a mtf being the top women’s mountain biker, etc., except — quite naturally — mountain bikers), are private corporations, practical monopolies, who can hire whoever the hell they want as their employees. Which their athletes are. They can say, “hey, we don’t want you.” Just like Hooters or anyone else who can prove a need to discriminate is legally allowed to do. Baseball desegregation didn’t come around or get done away with because of an official rule on the books anywhere: hiring practices were capitalist choices, whether they were irrational or rational.
      Being that anti-trans policies at these moneyed institutions can’t ever be fought — nor would they be in practice for the most part, given genetics, statistics, reality, etc. — the whole issue has to be seen as jerks taking shit from the people who have the least, and that especially means females, in sports where there’s little enough to go around as it is. Did the Civil Rights Movement decide to make sure butterfly collecting clubs were integrated and then stop and go home? Well, that’s precisely what the trans movement is trying to do here. No amount of bullying smaller sports into accepting their view of reality will ever have any effect on the pillars of sporting (and, afaik, 50% of the population is still prevented from golfing at Augusta so even moving public perception from trans to 100% woman-full-stop won’t help). So what’s the point?
      And I do think smaller sports (viewed as inherently less masculine because of that) are aware of their own smallness to the point where they are not only sympathetic to trans, perhaps overly so, but the fact remains that they have little enough to go around as it is: For example, even at Division 1 schools where the football programs are money pits of despair, losing tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars each year (although the players will never accept this fact even when presented with red ink on page), athletes from other sports have to work the concession stands at football games in order to raise money for their own teams and justify their sports’ very existence by scrubbing dried cheese out of pots.
      This often means that 18 year-old women working such events have to accept sexual harassment from high school boys attending the game as a way to fantasize about someday playing at a big show of their own and the masculine rewards they might reap from it. But they don’t even have to succeed as they’re enjoying patriarchy right then and there. This remains true even if they later transition.
      Shades of Wimbledon: Rousey was headlining and got paid $32K for being the best in the world. Meanwhile, men on the same card made that much without an Olympic pedigree or even a shot of ever making it to the big show, the UFC, which still doesn’t even include women. And at least that’s actual money. Never mind whatever plastic trophies are given out at the above bodybuilding video that women now have to share with males.

  5. I wasn’t comparing them: only saying it’s a rip that she gets busted for something that lots of males get away with full approval while at the same time this dude is getting away with while competing against females. I totally agree with you. Big fan of hers! Was just pointing out the hypocrisy of no one in sports noticing this. It’s a lose/lose for female biology given the way the rules are implemented and that’s of course by design.

      1. Can’t blame you! How could you expect a stranger to be sticking up for her these days given the hate she faces. You’re just playing the odds.

    1. I’ve never even heard of her, Gallus. How sad is that? It’s a shame that women athletes don’t get more recognition and publicity. Introducing us to some of these women might be a fun blog post sometime.
      We recently watched a movie made in Thailand (like six times LOL) just because there were these women kick boxers that were so amazing. It was for entertainment so there were lots of acrobatics and choreography, but you could tell these women were the real deal.

  6. Gallus, do you recognize the music in that Bruce video? It’s the theme from SuperMAN. (The first movie, starring Chris Topher Reeve.)

  7. This man’s self-entitled attitude really shows in the comments.
    -“I was surprised also…I really could not believe the judges could place me second. Politics.”
    Ah yes, ‘politics’, the incomprehensible belief that men aren’t women and have an unfair advantage if competing in women only sports.
    What a complete farce.

    1. That is very typical of Trans, they show their narcissism and their self-entitled attitude. You can see it from a mile away with that. It’s even glaring when they post it online.

  8. I’ve seen this clown before. He’s revolting. As Andrea already mentioned, that is definitely the theme from Superman – because this asshole considers himself “an agent of change”, I can’t even imagine what he was trying to say with that choice of music. It’s not as if he was competing in a men’s division, and wanted to show that men could wear makeup and still be men, etc. No, it’s as if he wanted to barge into the women’s division, and not only be automatically accorded the win (the self-entitlement BlueLotus mentioned), but to rub it in women’s faces with “SuperMAN” music.
    What. A. Prick.
    He was also a bodybuilder before “transitioning” (LOL). Don’t tell me that all the muscles he cultivated back then magically disappeared once he started taking hormones. That’s obvious bullshit. One nice thing about watching this video is you know that
    he had to have had his dick n’ balls tucked n’ taped so tightly into his crotch that it MUST’VE been pretty uncomfortable. Maybe
    even painful. Good.

  9. This is just abhorrent and cringe inducing. Notice his ”I’m a Laydee” facial expressions as he flexes his muscles and the affected way he walks of the stage afterwards!

  10. Yes, Cristiane Cyborg is amazing, and that man is beyond disgusting. Thank you, Gallus Mag, for posting both.
    Seeing that grotesque man posing makes it so clear how bizarre the entire trans thing is, yet almost everyone acts like it reasonable, fine, real. It reminds me when the media treats “Creationism” as a real thing or when they talk about the Mormon practice of baptizing dead non-Mormons (including Jewish people who died in the Holocaust) as if it’s a bit controversial, but not really bad.
    Those are not just ridiculous fantasies, but evil, harmful, and dangerous delusions that result in real damage to people.. When the media or anyone acts like there is some validity to any of these clearly untrue things, they are supporting it and feeding it. What we need is for everyone to object and say how very wrong they all are.

  11. Good morning and thank you for helping me Cultivating Change. Every time discussion can take place we are inching closer and closer to equality.
    A transgender person is not a clone of another transgender person. He or she is different and unique, just as is every other person. The more exposure real-life transgender people experience, the less inequality and discrimination society will subject us to out of fear.
    Regardless for your personal preference on a activity as long as the activity is morally, ethically and a positive action change is taking place.
    Again I do appreciate the discussion, I only wish a longer term perspective was taken on my actions and not a shot term selfish view.
    Be Bold, Be Proud, Be Yourself.
    Chris Tina Bruce

    1. A guy like you who interferes with and undermines the equal rights of females to compete against each other in sporting events is making change alright.
      The BAD kind. Bad for women.
      Stop taking a dump all over women’s sports. Dick.

    2. > Again I do appreciate the discussion, I only wish a longer term perspective was taken on my actions and not a shot term selfish view.
      Are you familiar with the concept of Psychological Projection?
      You are the one asking females to compete in a rigged system, placing what you want first, and the consequences upon those you compete with. This is, by definition, selfish.
      They are the ones concerned with the cost your actions have on others. As they likely would never end up competing against yourself, they are concerned with the others. This is, again by definition, unselfish.
      The “long term” perspective on the actions you, and those like you, are taking is that it ultimately end up destroying the concept of women’s sports. There is a reason that men and women typically compete separately in sports where strength provides a significant advantage. Your musculature is not consistent with what females would have naturally, nor even be permitted to alter themselves to be.
      If you want to try to make a case for the benefit of co-ed sports, do so, but the way to do that is to show people the benefits of a different approach, not forcing it upon the participants whether they like it or not.

    3. Chris, look at yourself in that video. Pay close attention to the physical differences between yourself and the women who also appear in that video. Those differences are due to the fact that you have a male body, and one that has obviously benefited from testosterone.
      Frankly, you look like an idiot posing on that stage. You look like you should be competing with the men, and rightly you should. You may be a woman in your head, but your body is MALE.
      After watching the video a couple more times, I now know why you were awarded second place. It’s because the woman who got first place was the only competitor besides you. In other words, you placed LAST.

      1. “Those differences are due to the fact that you have a male body, and one that has obviously benefited from testosterone.”
        Well…generally I don’t think of testosterone as a “benefit” but…I guess in body-building, it certainly gives an UNFAIR ADVANTAGE if the goal is to look like you have monstrous hunks of beef glued all over under your skin.
        Sudder…yeah, it’s not my thing.

    4. Chris, do you think you are helping women born transsexual or hurting us? I think you are severely hurting us. Stop with your ego crap. You were not born a woman and should not be competing as a woman in this kind of sport. It is bullshit.
      Women born transsexual are different than women born with female bodies. Muscle development is different.
      When I see you, I puke in my mouth a little because you are such a bad thing for us. RETIRE ALREADY!

    5. Please tell me how having a male-bodied or obviously male person in drag in a womens’ locker room, restroom, shelter, changing room, support group, or SPORT is a positive change. Maybe for delusional jackasses such as yourself, ’cause it helps you feel all girly! and part of the sisterhood! but certainly not for the born women in those places. I’m going to go ahead and be presumptuous enough to say that many, if not most, born women would feel VIOLATED – but like so many MtF trans, only YOUR personal boundaries seem to matter. After all, it’s all about YOU, baby, it’s all about you! Violating womens’ psychological and physical boundaries is not at ALL moral or ethical, you egomaniacal shithead. Particularly in this extremely patriarchal world, where women are victimized in these ways every minute of every hour of every day. Particularly in this world where many of the women in the places mentioned above have already been victimized, seeing your ugly-ass penis in a space that is supposed to be women only (such as locker room) and where they may be undressed and vulnerable, is victimizing them all over again.
      I also gotta love the accusation of “selfishness” you tossed out. No, there’s nothing at ALL selfish about you competing in a women’s division in body building, with your overly testosterone-enhanced body! (And then whining when the judges see right through your farce and deny you that which you feel is your right.) No, there’s nothing at ALL selfish about male-bodied or male-in-drag men just haaaaaaaving to use the
      ladies room or locker room or changing room, and to hell with the born women in those places, because your narcissism neeeeeeeeds it!
      I figured you would come barging in here. I figured your hatred of women would show itself. Whether you realize it or not (and
      it seems you most definitely don’t), your self-absorbed crusade of “change” will mostly attack those who are already the most dispossessed in this society. But I know you don’t care. Your vaingloriousness blinds you to all but your own desires.
      I consider men like you to be molesters of women, even rapists. My allegiance has always been, and will forever be, to born women.

  12. Here’s another one: an overweight, out of shape, over thirty dude who has decided to embark on a late-in-life boxing career since he started taking lady pills a couple months ago and now feels legally entitled to live out his dream of beating up females.
    He got his legal sex marker changed on the basis of popping some lady pills for a few months. Quote: “It’s official. I’m a fish.”
    Erika Jamie Spangler, self-described “ex-republican now transgender”: “I bench press 240lbs, and have hands that are 5inches across at the knuckle. I have always been big and strong.” “If you want to know my nickname just ask the source…. “Brutal”……I earned that title playing nosetackle in football by breaking a Right guard’s tiba on a sweep play to the left. I remember the play like it happend yesterday. I have not put much into what my female nickname would be, but ‘Miss Brutal’ has a certian ring to it…” [sic]

    1. I think this takes the cake.
      But I think I can take it a step further.
      I’m going to get a grizzly bear. Then I’m going to convince everyone that the grizzly bear has species identity issues. That is to say that the grizzly feels that he has always felt as if he is a human trapped inside of a bear’s body – it’s so not fair, :(.
      Anyhow, this person, who just happens to have been tragically been born in a grizzly bear’s body will be entered into MMA fighting events by me. I’ll be his agent.
      Me and my bear – ‘scuse me, I mean MAN, will win every worthwhile MMA title out there. VICTORY!
      I’m sure there’s going to be haters, though, mostly trans-species-phobic cis-species people who are ignorant and stuff.
      My grizzy-man and I will cultivate change together for all of those who find themselves trapped in the body of the wrong species.

      1. What if the trans human bear also turns out to be trans furry, and wants to go to one of those conventions? You might end up cultivating change in some pretty weird places.

      2. I think that would only fly in Japan. Bear would have to cut weight to get a fight in most American organizations.
        The Japanese are clearly less transphobic.

    2. Here’s another one: an overweight, out of shape, over thirty dude who has decided to embark on a late-in-life boxing career since he started taking lady pills a couple months ago and now feels legally entitled to live out his dream of beating up females.


  13. Oh Gallus, how do you find these? The boxer is even more disgusting. I’m thinking all of this clear female-hatred is going to get more and more people fed up with being called “transphobic” and then more will refuse to obey the trans cult rules.

    1. That is repulsive. 1) I can’t be-LIEVE he was allowed to be a Girl Scout leader! How the fuck was THAT allowed?! 2) As a parent, there’s absolutely no way I’d allow my daughter to be part of a troop led by a male. 3) Why the hell was he given a choice as to whether or not to undergo treatment while in jail? It should have been REQUIRED. 4) Having said that, I don’t think there’s any treatment that will fix him. He should be locked up forever. He is extremely dangerous and evil. Hopefully the other inmates would take care of him. 5) I hate his face. 6) It’s not just womens’ restrooms the trans want to infiltrate – it’s all “public accomodations,” which include locker rooms. The gym I go to has a lot of family activities, which means there are often little girls showering & changing in the locker rooms with their mothers. I can easily see a pervert like this taking full advantage of that. But hell, we’re only women, and God forbid anyone hurts a trans person’s feelings! All that matters is THEM, right?

  14. No woman in Olympic sports will be able to compete with MTF’s who still have male musculature, plus the weight and height of men. As far as Chris Cyborg, is she all female or also an MTF? I LOVE watching women kick ass in martial arts or boxing…especially those with true real talent..and especially those who are Butch(like Gina Boom Boom, and that other out Lesbian couple I saw a movie on with Frameline). It was the last Frameline movie I’ve seen, because it was LESBIAN and empowering!
    -Lifelong martial artist,

  15. Watching Chris Cyborg pummel her opponets inside a cage at a mixed martial arts fight probably is the most repulsive display of aggression I’ve ever witnessed. Mixed martial arts is a cross between human cock fighting and a bloody, knock down, drag out bar room brawl. Heck, if you want to see some real blood, some real action, perhaps Michael Vick still has some fighting dogs around his property that could be thrown inside a cage. This is most disturbing to me. I suppose Chris Cyborg is genetic female. Perhaps she is a woman, but she is now a chemically enhanced female that enjoys nearly murdering other women. In order to make her a better fighter in a barbaric “sport”, she takes testosterone to increase her muscle mass so she can savagely beat other women. To me, she seems like a barbaric monster. Some men actually enjoy seeing women beating the crap out of each other. Watching women pummel each other is actaull erotic to them. I suppose some men view this as “women’s liberation”, or some other bull crap, nonsense masking as a real, visceral hatred of women.
    If she wants to continue taking hormones to increase her muscle mass, then she should never be allowed to compete with women. If she loves fighting inside a cage like one of Michael Vick’s dogs, or like some kind of modern day, she-devil gladiator, then I say put her in the cage with a man. I know this might sound cruel, but she definitely appears to thrive on the violence. I cringe when I see women get brutally beaten up by any testosterone enraged human, whether male or a chemically enhanced female like Cyborg.
    In my opinion, MMA or “cage fighters” have always been a little demented, twisted, and depraved. I don’t believe it’s a sport. I wouldn’t go to one of these events if someone paid me a million dollars. Before I moved down to Davis, a young man who was heavily into mixed martial arts went bat crap crazy one night and mutilated and murdered someone. This was in a small town in Northern California. It was most bazzar, grizzly, and violent. After he tortured the man, he litterally ripped out his heart. The defense said it was psychedelic mushroom tea. So, if you are ever in the northwoods, be sure not to drink any psychedelic mushroom tea. Or, find a good hiding place for the bodies. I’ve never heard of mushroom tea making someone want to rip out another person’s heart while they are still alive, but perhaps the tea works differently for cage fighters. By the way, Wyatt, the ex-cage fighter killed his friend and old training partner.
    I’m sorry that the following paragraph is so graphic..
    [Extensive, gruesome descriptions of torture-murders (apparently the violence of the above simply wasn’t enough for our commenter) removed. –GM]

    1. A discussion of whether “combat” sports: football, boxing, fencing, martial arts, etc. are inherently patriarchal and rooted in violent domination and submission would have been appropriate for this blog. A discussion of, or imagining of sport that centers non-patriarchal feminist values would have been appropriate. A discussion of the intersection of sport and performance-enhancing and/or body mod technology pushed by the male medical establishment and the effects that has on the lives of females would have been fine.
      Calling for female athletes who participate in martial arts to be torture-killed gruesomely by men is NOT appropriate for this blog. Repeatedly calling female athletes “She-Devils” and “Pitbulls” (or any other form of demon or canine) is offensive.
      Your bloodthirsty, vivid, extended descriptions of the male violence you wish to see happen against female martial arts competitors is deeply disturbing. The fact that you do not perceive any irony in calling for the violent torture-killing of females whose participation in sport you deem too aggressive … is deeply disturbing.
      You claim to be female, and if so, you are now one of the handful of females banned from this blog. Bully for you.
      SO FUCKING DEPRESSING. And also, just, yuk.

    1. Not only is it sexism, It’s smacks of Male privilege right in the face. Also, did you notice how he’s claiming to be Intersex as well and claiming to have an intersex condition. It sure smacks that in the face of Real Intersex people.

  16. What an interesting topic. I’m a big supporter of trans people and believe they deserve equal rights in their expressed gender. Nevertheless, spending years developing your body as a male then using it to compete against genetic females is the worst form of cheating. Its like Steve Majors (remember the 6 million dollar man?) deciding to compete in the Olympics. If she really sees herself as a woman then she should have more respect for women and women’s athletics than this. If he doesn’t really see himself as a woman then he’s just a damn cheater. Why would the governing body of this event allow it? There is an easy answer. This freak show will bring in more spectators, more attention and more money.

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