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I’m starting this post in response to fmnst’s excellent suggestion, which was:

fmnst Says:

February 10, 2012 at 10:33 am e
I would like to request some help from everyone – for all of us.
I’m re-submitting my request to GallusMag to create a post (today!) of things that trans have complained are “transphobic!” Even if it is just to ask *us* to list such things, in the comments below, so that it isn’t a big project for GM. (Please stop holding out on me, babe.) Let me know if there is any way I can help.
Then, via our submissions in the comments, we can all begin building what will become the basis for a draft of things labeled “transphobic!” Purpose: to create an email/handout for activists, electeds, policy makers, guilt-tripped liberals, and anyone else to see how anything and everything has apparently been the recipient of that epithet, to the point of it really being meaningless and not to be intimidated by.
I (we) need a pamphlet! Since I started reading this blog a few months ago, the info that GM has so kindly and brilliantly assembled for us, and all of the insights from GM and rest of you here in comments, have really gotten me alarmed about transpolitics on the move, everywhere, with political inroads, coalitions built, and precedents being set that can eventually cause SERIOUS, MAJOR erosion of women’s rights.
Tonight I attended a meeting of a local public women’s commission, and in idle conversation with a commissioner afterward, inarticulately warned that women really need to watch out about trans politics, they could really erode women’s rights. She asked for an example (in 2 seconds or less, as is the case with most activists/appointees/electeds) which I could’t provide that quickly. Opportunity lost.
I told her the name of this blog, but I’m sure she doesn’t have time to read it, she’s so busy in her volunteer position dealing with dozens of issues, and running her business.
If we want to influence activists and policy makers, we need to have a concise, well written pamphlet with our position, the basic issues laid out about the problems and threats of TG politics, with examples of alarming laws and precedents being set.
Is there any article (or blog post) that would fill the bill? Or can we have a second blog post from you, GM, in which, in our comments, we can to list/outline the issues to include in our own pamphlet, and examples we can use? We could basically draft the pamphlet in the comments section, then send it around.
Would you please create a blog post to allow us to do this, too, GM?
What do you all think?
Thank you.
Please leave your suggestions/entries in comments.
Spinsterella has already started the list:

“transphobic” :
– lesbians who don’t want to fuck transwomen who still have cocks
– female-only space (Michfest, Rape Relief in Vancouver, women’s public restrooms, women’s sports)
– talking about abortion as a women’s issue
– saying that women don’t have penises
– talking about femininity as a tool of the patriarchy
– anything that criticizes gender identity or trans politics in any way
– anything that points out the obvious differences between FAB women and M2Ts (like menstruation, fear of pregnancy)
– tampon commercials
– drag queens
– mentioning male privilege in reference to M2Ts
I’m sure I can think of a lot more, but that’s what I came up with so far off the top of my head.
Let’s see what we can all come up with!

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  1. * Pointing out that sex matters
    * Opposition to laws that protect “gender expression” over sex-based protections
    * Stating that Lesbians are Female

    1. They will have to pry the word “Lesbian” from my cold, dead hands. They’ve already taken “woman”, they will NEVER have Lesbian. Not from my mouth.

      1. LOL — Yeah, you know you’re really, really “transphobic” when you think that XY chromosomes and The Penis have NO place in LESBIAN relationships.
        (Note: The Penis is capitalized to denote it’s oh-so-mighty importance in patriarchal cultures, not its actual importance to Lesbians. Ahem.)

  2. “Stating that Lesbians are Female”. THAT is too precious…I guess every bio MAN is just a ‘Lesbian trapped in a man’s body”, and YES I’ve literally heard that from bio men(and I’m NOT talking about just MTF’S!).

  3. I’m not going to pander to them by using “trans” anything except for clarity when discussing the “trans” topic in particular. Women are biological females (not male, not intersex.) Men are biological males (not females, not intersex.) Intersex are intersex. Everything else is just performance art/theater/sexism made manifest through clothing, dangerous artificial hormones, fads in surgery, whatever. It doesn’t change DNA and if the DNA is male, I use men/male. If the DNA is female, I use women/female. This adherence to biological reality is supposedly “transphobic”. Tough.
    Other things that are supposedly “transphobic”:
    — Women not wanting to share a women’s shower with men;
    — Women wanting to change in a women’s locker toom with men;
    — Women not wanting to talk a male rape crisis counselor after having been raped by one or more men;
    — Women not wanting to share a battered women’s shelter with men;
    — Women in a rape/sexual assault group advertised and promoting and being for women not wanting to hug, touch or be chummy with obviously male-bodied persons who have invaded/infiltrated the group in their stupid drag;
    — Heterosexual women not wanting to re-identify as “lesbians” in order to be sexually available to heterosexual men parading as “trans lesbians”;
    — Heterosexual women not wanting to be sexually involved with “trans men”;
    — Lesbian women not wanting to be sexually involved with so-called “trans lesbians”;
    — etc. on the sexual variables (the plethora and insanity of which make my head hurt…) Let’s just say that ANYONE claiming “transphobia” when they can’t get laid is full of crap — not everyone is required to be sexually available to you, whomever you are;
    — Not wanting male “trans” whacktivists to invade, destroy and otherwise crap on every, single women-only, lesbian-only, or girl-only space, place, organization, club, party, gathering, etc.
    — Disagreeing with a “trans” person on any subject at any time.

  4. Hi, I don’t think I’ve posted before but I’m a long time reader and wanted to contribute.
    *That born women have legitimate reasons to fear a male bodied person in their spaces (changing rooms, bathrooms etc) and that MTF’s aren’t exempt from this
    * Showing said fear and discomfort when a MTF enters a woman’s only place
    *Pointing out that surgically constructed “vaginas” and “penises” are not the same as real functioning ones
    *Not immediately reading the mind of a transperson to correctly address them
    *That lesbians are attracted to physical sex not gender inside a person’s head
    *That it may be traumatic for a rape victim to receive counselling from someone who owns a penis
    *That permanently altering the bodies of children with surgery and hormones for not conforming to socially constructed gender roles is unethical

  5. Eeeek…make that:
    – Women **NOT** wanting to change in a women’s locker toom with men;
    – Women in a rape/sexual assault group **advertised and promoted as** being for women not wanting to hug, touch or be chummy with obviously male-bodied persons who have invaded/infiltrated the group in their stupid drag;

  6. I think the irony of the accusation of “transphobia” to me, is that many of the people who’ve been labeled that way, are Lesbians or women who have been very loving, understanding & welcoming to transgender people, in the face of the masses of the public who were and still are actually transphobic (ignorant & fearful) towards them. These are women who have been around transgender people for years, have dated transgender people, have loved and been friends with transgender people. But have become trans-critical, not because they fear trans people or hate them, but because they have experienced first hand, the consistent, woman-hating (misogyny) in the movement, through individuals in our communities and now, in the masses of transactivists online who have infiltrated every mainstream feminist blog, it has grown to a fever pitch. This is NOT anything CLOSE to REAL transphobia (ignorance & fear). We are educated about these issues (not academically, but through real-life experience), we are FAR from ignorant. WE know what woman hating is all about when we see it. Who is listening to US?!!! Why do OUR words mean less than theirs? Where are the feminists backing us up?!!!

    1. Indeed. There’s a resistance to the very idea of having language that would put the metaphorical asterisk on the trans experience so that it can be talked about as an actual thing that DOES make trans women different from born women.
      I’m not sure how I feel about the whole thing, to be honest – I think “live and let live,” but on the other hand, I can’t understand the idea that there’s supposedly a way to “be a woman on the inside.” As a non-gender-conforming (but straight and married!) woman, I just don’t know what to make of “but I felt like a woman on the inside” and so, I find myself at blogs like this one – while certainly sympathizing with the idea of being non-gender conforming. I’m not gender-conforming, yet… I’m not trans. I’ve often thought life would be easier in a lot of ways if I’d been born a boy (and I’ve been known to play one online!), but… I’m not trans.
      But back to the asterisk. In surfing around the topic, I thought I had the official language figured out – M2F person would say their sex is male, but gender is female.
      However, I’ve been snarked for saying that, by people who are insisting now that actually their SEX is female too, their genes or whatever physical bits are female too, because they “ARE” female (inside) and so by definition anything that belongs to them is also female.
      …which I think is just plain damn confusing even for people who want to be 100% sympathetic to the whole thing. I mean, what on earth is “trans” if not the fundamental fact of those two things (both binary, by the usual definitions used over there) not matching? Bringing that up, I was told, well, that “gender vs. sex” is “101,” but this space is “beyond 101.” And yeah, I’m a n00b.
      So my contribution to the list: “Pointing out that trans women have (had?) male physical sex characteristics they were born with.”
      Ah heck, while in here might as well add another: “Pointing out that because they were socialized as boys rather than girls, they were influenced differently from women who were born girls” (and that this might matter).
      The usual response is “but I WAS a girl, INSIDE, and so I internalized all the negative messages aimed at girls as being aimed at me.” Which, IMHO, is not REMOTELY the same thing.

      1. Of course it wasn’t the same. These dudes are masters of the mind-fark. They will do their utmost to twist reality into a pretzel because their narcissism drives them to demand instant agreement and accommodation from everyone else, while holding themselves exempt from logic, reason, biological acumen, comprehension of the scientific method (i.e. unfounded theories do not equal settled science!), intellectual consistency or good old common sense.
        Of course having an imaginary “gender spot” in their brain does not make them “real women” who experienced what we experienced growing up and coming of age in a patriarchal world. Of course they are actually, in reality, male. There’s not enough mascara, stockings, Betty Crocker aprons or chunky heels on earth to change their DNA, their sex, or the reality that they ARE male.
        All the pearl clutching and hankie waving in the world won’t make them female. Their self-serving, sexist, anti-women magical thinking will NEVER make them female. Of course they hate to have that pointed out to them. It harshes their autogynephilic buzz.

  7. Not only “transphobic” but also “bigoted“, “supremacist“, “vile“, “venomous“, “Evil” and worthy of any and all violence we have coming to us by simply saying “I am female.”
    As if we have NO RIGHT to our freeeeeking biology, let alone anything else.

    1. Sargasso Sea: Of course we have no right to our own biology. Subtly or overtly, our male-centered cultures teach us that we were created to serve biological males and to have every good thing appropriated from us by biological males at their whim. Oh, they’ll whinge on about “cissexism” and other blatherations, but the fact of the matter is that, in a patriarchal world, males COUNT and females do not. Whatever they want, they think they deserve to take. How many times have I, as a female musician, watched the males compete for “turns” playing solos or leads and completely ignoring, erasing, not hearing, not respecting SUPERIOR female musicians? They play louder and louder, faster and harder, completely drowning out more-competent, more-restrained, more nuanced female musicians. Pretty soon we just…leave the room. That’s what “trans women” expect us to do: yield, yield, endlessly, eternally yield up to and including our very right to the name “woman”, our very sex. They would appropriate our ability to bear our babies if they could. Yield, yield, yield. That’s what they assume we will do because we have done it billions of times before. If we don’t? The rage…

      1. My new word of the day: “Blatherations” YESSSSSS!!!! Thank you, RoseVerbena!
        If you want to hear someone shout “Transphobic!”
        Mention the name “Janice Raymonds”
        Mention the name “Mary Daly”
        Utter the words “Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival”

  8. “Mention the name “Mary Daly””
    Yes, it is apparently now transphobic to celebrate great feminist leaders and writers. If you appreciate Mary Daly’s work, you must be a hater.

  9. I don’t pander to trans people or to their warped delusional lifestyle. It’s like Women are women and Men are Men and Intersex people are Intersex people. Men are XY and Women are XX. DNA dose not change and your stuck with the DNA your born with from birth. That’s why to trans, they think biology is transphobic.
    It’s also transphobic when you tell them the Biological truth and their biology is meaningless.
    Telling trans, that they are not intersex and are not like any intersex person.
    Telling them that their so called “Intersex Brain” theory is pure crap and not proven medical science.
    Denying their existence and their rights
    Also denying their DNA.
    Denying their right to claim anything including intersex people
    Also dismissing their so called transgender umbrella as crap.
    Intersex people have the right to be fearful and suspicious of any trans who invades, co-opts and infiltrates intersex only spaces
    Pointing out the fact that Trans can’t be both and trying to explain the cold hard biological medical truth to them.
    Intersex people not wanting trans in their space because of all the abuse Intersex people have suffered

  10. Yes, Kitty, and add GenderTrender to the list! They just lose it.
    This is all so excellent. You all are brillian! Hard to know what to add, or when to stop. So much of it comes down to just saying “no.” Saying “no” is “transphobic! Saying “no” to men is forbidden. So many times in patriarchy, that would mean being beaten, tortured, killed. Now they just give us rape, mutilation, and death threats. I’m guessing some have done more than just threaten though.
    I linked and posted Gallus’ previous brilliant post and my fb page, expecting harassment from my community. So far, great responses, but the best was last night when a Lesbian musician (I’d gone to hear her band play) I don’t know well rushed up excitedly to say she loved it and agreed completely. I’m thinking there are more I don’t know about. So I tell them to come here and read all through the archives.
    Also, Lesbian Connection just printed my letter in support of keeping Michigan female-only and trans-free. So it does help to keep trying. The more of us who write in places, the more they will print some of us.
    But, Gallus, you have made all females across the earth a precious resource with this archived information here. Any confusion or doubt, just read here. I do not know of any other source like this. Yes, those of us who have written against the theft of our culture and space and identity — but for those alone, isolated, besieged, confused because of no support, this blog is here, now, and a way to get friends and allies. I believe Gallus Mag is saving women’s lives. And so are you all who write in with your brilliant politics and ideas. I’m firm in my beliefs, but the constant harassment from women who support men appropriating our identity, or who want us to be more “compassionate” to them rather than to other women wears us down. This is soul/heart saving.

    1. I haven’t really told my story yet, but then I found GM’s wonderful blog and I feel heard and understood without having to endanger myself by drawing HIS attention to me. Whew.
      Words cannot adequately express my gratitude, GallusMag!
      Nevertheless: THANK YOU!

      1. I agree, Bev Jo & RoseVerbena – Gallus’s blog is so valuable, for all the reasons you pointed out.
        It was a big part of how I came to realize that my experiences hadn’t made me “transphobic” at all… it made me into a radical feminist who now sees the patriarchal reversals, names the agents, and most importantly : puts women/females first.
        Thank You GallusMag!!

  11. The mention of Mary Daly is a sure fire way to be called transphobic, and even so-called lesbian leaders are now dissing her in their service to the trans cult. That’s right, they are sticking up for men, and dissing a radical lesbian pioneer. Never thought I’d see the day!

  12. Yuck, I forgot the horrible one. It’s allegedly transphobic if you believe the medical establishment should not harm healthy children in a quest for gender conformity.

    1. I’m just waiting for a separated or divorced couple to sue this up to the Supreme Court. There is NO WAY that a fair airing of the “early intervention” (aka medical abuse of children) issue would pass muster in a court of law if one of the parents had the courage and the means to really fight it. I’m not an attorney, but SOMEONE should be intervening to protect these kids from the “trans” mob.

  13. GM, have you seen this? (I hope this isn’t too off-topic.) A school district in Virginia has decided that the way to prevent anti-gay bullying (and the possible suicides resulting from it, which would make the schools look bad), is to forbid students from wearing clothing “not appropriate to their gender.”
    And of course, the guy from Equality Virginia, the GBLT group opposing the ban on so-called “cross dressing,” uses the genderist argument.
    From the article:
    ‘James Parrish, executive director of Equality Virginia, suggested that district administrators needed education on issues related to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender students.
    “If a girl comes to school wearing jeans and a flannel shirt, is that considered cross-gender dressing?” he told Reuters, adding that a misunderstanding of the issues could actually make the students more susceptible to bullying.
    “They’re calling it cross-dressing, but if that individual was wearing clothes that reflect their gender identity, that’s not cross-dressing, that’s appropriate gender dressing,” he said.’
    (End of quote from article. If my HTML-fu were better, I’d italicize it or something.)
    For eff’s sake. He was sort of on the right track with the girls in jeans remark, but then he goes right over the gender identity cliff. If the ban were to go through, some girl who’s not girly enough would be sent home until she changes into a dress, or at least something pastel-colored and frilly, and the best that clown would have to offer her is a defense based on “gender identity.” Apparently it’s either too seventies, or just too unthinkable, to declare that “girl” and “lumberjack” are not mutually exclusive categories. (And that boys who like pink chiffon are still boys, and are not less boyish than other boys.)
    What the school is proposing is plain old sex discrimination. It has nothing to do with “gender identity.” But I suppose it would be transphobic to point that out.

    1. Ugh. Here’s another one:
      “Tam Baillie said “genders specific uniforms can cause serious distress” to children who feel they were born in the wrong body.
      The Young peoples’ commissioner believes that forcing children to stick to strict uniform policies could contravene the UN convention on the Rights of the Child and the Equality Act 2010.
      The latter law places a duty on public bodies to prevent discrimination on the grounds of gender-reassignment or sexual orientation.
      Mr Ballie said: “I would agree that gender specific uniforms or dress codes can cause serious distress in gender-variant pupils.
      “School uniforms and dress codes should not be discriminate, directly or indirectly against any of these protected groups.
      “Schools should be reviewing their uniform code policies to ensure they do not have the effect of unlawfully discriminating against pupils with a protected characteristic.”
      We really need to put this whole sexist concept of “gender” to bed once and for all. The sooner the better.

      1. This is exactly the sort of place where I get confused.
        As a woman (born a girl) I wore school uniforms with a skirt. Happily for me it was a LONG pleated skirt (mid-calf length, so easy enough to move around in, provided we wore shorts underneath), no need to “sit ladylike” or anything, and not really femmy. Yet, plenty of times I would have preferred to wear the boy’s uniform of pants. This was of course strictly forbidden.
        So I can be 100% behind the idea that kids should be able to choose pants or a skirt for their uniform. I’d happily wear the pants. As an adult I only ever wear pants.
        And yet, I’m not trans. I’m just a woman who prefers men’s clothes.
        Why not pass laws like this one and just say “people (people!!) don’t need to wear gender-bounded clothing” and leave it at that? You put it perfectly, “We need to put this whole sexist concept of “gender” to bed once and for all.” Amen to that.
        As a child I had people attempt to make me wear more “femmy” clothing outside of school, and hell yes it distressed me. I resisted. Got hate for it. But… I’m not trans. I just want to be a woman who wears men’s clothes. That’s it.
        Is this law, as written in the article you link, going to require that any girl who wants to wear pants claim to have GID before being allowed to wear them? Because that’s nuts.
        Even if not, it’s disturbing that they will base this freedom (to choose a pants uniform or skirts uniform regardless of genitalia) on the existence of trans rights possibly being harmed. Ordinary people should get to choose just because, well, PEOPLE should get to choose!

      2. @Adrian –Your experiences sound similar to mine. The schools I attended didn’t have uniforms, but the expectations for boys and girls were quite rigid, and I got a lot of grief for rejecting standard feminine attire. However, I wasn’t a femininity-refusenik because I thought I was a “boy inside,” I just found the whole business really unappealing. (Also, I look terrible in pastels).
        I think the “gender variant” notion appeals to people who are decent enough believe that gender non-compliant kids should not be taunted or beaten up, but who feel quite defensive when someone points out that a lot of current expectations for girls, in particular, are oppressively sexist. (“How dare you criticize my choices by implication! I’m a strong, independent woman, and I like to wear heels!”) They’d rather see everything as part of a fabulous, diverse, vibrant spectrum of personal choices and identities.

  14. *Thinking that transwomen are men.
    I can remember this point being made way back when the whole trans debate started. Bizarre.

  15. Requesting a woman for medical care (or therapy, or whatever).
    Suggesting that getting hacked up by a plastic surgeon doesn’t turn you into a different sex. Suggesting that a hole between your legs isn’t actually what having female sex organs is all about.

    1. Feeling like you were raped if you requested a female technician for a transvaginal ultrasound, and instead got a MtT tech.
      Going on to state that you feel like you were raped.
      Yes, I should have walked out. Ever walked anywhere in one of those getups?

  16. It’s transphobic for anyone to ever mention or acknowlege a trans person’s life, including their public professional life, in the years before they adopted their fake cross-sex persona. Also applies to journalists and news reports.
    It’s transphobic to speculate on whether it should be the responsibility of government to protect the life history of a citizen who is NOT a member of the witness protection program.
    It’s transphobic to suggest that Title 9 funding should apply to those of the female sex.
    It’s transphobic to require trans people to provide accurate legal identification when undergoing routine security screenings (such as at the airport).
    It’s transphobic for butch dykes to assert that they are not transgender.
    It’s transphobic to discuss the medical ethics of radical cosmetic surgical procedures and electively-disabling, irreversible cosmetic medical regimes.
    It’s transphobic to discuss non-invasive treatment options for body dysphoria.
    It’s transphobic to suggest that female prisoners should not be housed with male rapists and murderers.
    It’s transphobic for lesbians and gays to desire same sex partners.
    It’s transphobic to suggest that females experience a unique cluster of oppression based on physical sex.
    It’s transphobic to address female-specific health issues.
    It’s transphobic to collect sex-based statistical data.
    It’s transphobic to support scholarships, internships, affirmative action and equality in employment (hiring and promotion) for females.
    It’s transphobic for muslim women to desire privacy from males in the social sphere.
    It’s transphobic for her children to call a butch female parent “Mom”. (that one courtesy of Jack Halberstam)
    It’s transphobic to call someone by their legal name.
    It’s transphobic to abide by the conventions of English grammar.
    It’s transphobic to express disbelief in the concept of “brain sex”.
    It’s transphobic to posit that “gender” is a culturally created form of social control designed to facilitate the oppression of female humans.
    It’s transphobic to decline to participate in another person’s private interior life.

    1. Great list!
      Did you read “Female Masculinity”? I didn’t realize Halberstam had said that, but I haven’t read anything current of hers. There was some genderqueerifying going on in that book, but it seemed like there were also parts that criticized the F2T trend that she probably got shit for at the time. How could a self-identified female butch claim transphobia? That doesn’t make sense to me.

  17. It’s transphobic to tell them that they are not intersex
    It’s transphobic to deny their intersex claims
    It’s transphobic to be born intersex in their presence

  18. GallusMag, thank you so much! I love the title (lol “reference guide”) and the graphic. And wow, all the great responses! Thank you all – keep ’em coming – and please help me compile them into a nice tidy list/pamphlet/email.
    “That’s Transphobic!”:
    – not using the “proper,” trans-dicktated pronouns
    – not agreeing that trans are their desired sex or gender
    – telling a transgender person they are their biological sex
    – telling a trans that one’s socialization *from birth* (or as soon as one’s sex has been identified in the womb), onward, is what makes a person female
    – asking a trans how de Beauvoir said a woman becomes a woman
    – asking him if he has ever read anything de Beauvoir has written
    – asking him which book of hers that quote comes from
    – being a lesbian feminist musician who has performed at Michigan Womyn’s Music Fest, who is trying to earn her living performing at other lesbian or feminist events
    – organizing a woman-only, or lesbian-only event that doesn’t allow trans
    – telling any trans they just don’t understand what it is like to be a woman, nor that they ever will; or that their behavior is classic male (sexist) behavior
    – not agreeing that male-to-trans are oppressed by women (especially those who don’t cater to trans)
    – pointing out that psychologists say that 95% of the personality is formed by age 5, so if anyone was raised male from age 0 – 5, his male socialization was 95% completed
    – stating that gender is socially constructed *from birth, onward*
    – stating that trans doesn’t dismantle sex role beliefs, it is based on true belief in them
    – forwarding copies of this blog

  19. More “That’s Transphobic!”:
    – pointing out that “being born into the opposite sex’s body” is not based on science: it’s just science fiction. (From renting “Return of the Body Snatchers” too many times.)
    – pointing out that it is humanly impossible to know what it feels like to be *anyone* other than oneself, let alone the opposite sex
    – pointing out that it is impossible to know what it feels like to be female and socialized by female oppression for someone socialized into male privilege from birth
    – pointing out that claiming to be MTT is stereotyping, and donning the chains of women’s oppression
    – pointing out that, according to filmmaker Marlon Riggs, the people who went to blackface shows weren’t white proud racists: they were white liberals who thought it was progressive for whites to “explore” and “try on” what it was “like” to be black
    – to state that transsexualism should remain classified as a psychological disorder
    – to state that medical ethicists should prohibit surgical and hormonal transsexual “treatments”; that these are catering to and facilitating body dysphoria, rather than providing treatment for it
    – stating that FTTs are unquestioningly accepting and copying the patriarchal beliefs and practices of MTTs

  20. The shared experience we have of growing up as girls. And shared girlhood is not only transphobic, it’s a myth doncha know. A transphobic myth. Parse that as you will.

  21. – Asking how they feel like the “other ”””gender””'” if they don’t have such experience to tell how is it to be female
    Seriously, I asked this before and they told me about two responses:
    – IF YOU WOKE UP MAKE NEXT MORNING HOW WOULD YOU FEEL??? THIS IS HOW I FEEL (ignoring years and years of socialization and having a female body, of course)

    1. LOL! Those responses sound like something the vile Woody Allen of ”trans” would say in one of his indulgent ”angst ridden” white heteromale-centric prick flicks!!

  22. ” *** It’s transphobic to decline to participate in another person’s private interior life. *** ”
    That’s it in purified, crystalline form!!!
    No wonder they see you as dangerous, GallusMag. You have boiled it down to its essence.

  23. Hey, I’m loving this thread. 🙂
    It’s transphobic to say that men cannot become women, or vice versa.
    It’s transphobic to point out that it was the patriarchal medical establishment that invented transsexualism / transgenderism to begin with
    It’s transphobic to tell the truth about the biological sex as a scientific fact.
    It’s transphobic to disagree with Judith Butler.
    It’s transphobic to point out that the men who awfully exploit women in reproductive technologies know very well that there are essentially two types of sex chromosomes (XX / XY) as a general biological rule. Those researchers know this well when they use sex-selection methods in their ‘work’.
    It’s transphobic to say that M2Ts are not intersex people.
    It’s transphobic to say that M2Ts should not try to claim an identity which is not theirs to begin with (be it the identity of women, lesbians or the intersex).
    It’s transphobic to read that marvellous Squirrel’s ‘twanzphobic’ blog. 😛
    It’s transphobic to want to only date FAAB women if you’re a lesbian. (FAAB: Female-Assigned At Birth)
    It’s transphobic to wish there were new FAAB women-only spaces being reclaimed.
    It’s transphobic to point out that all the women-only consciousness-raising groups/spaces of the 1970’s Women’s Liberation’s Movement were completely obliterated because of the twanz agenda & invasion.
    It’s transphobic to say the word ‘twanz’ (but they have all the right in the world to name you ‘cis’ even if you don’t want to be called that way).
    It’s transphobic to say that the whole ‘cis’ is BS (which it is).
    It’s transphobic to say that the whole “Oh, my gawd, cis-privileged women oppress the trans!” agenda is just another form of misogyny and patriarchal reversal (just like some man saying “women oppress men”).
    It’s transphobic to point out that the M2Ts want and love to infiltrate any serious kind of female-only spaces, especially feminist and/or lesbian ones.
    It’s transphobic to oppose BDSM (because trans say so).
    It’s transphobic to eat bluberries (just a joke, on that one 😉 ).
    It’s transphobic to say that some females (esp. butch lesbians ‘transitioning’) are being harmed and mutilated by transsexual surgery and/or hormones.
    It’s transphobic to want a female-only space that would be FAAB-only.
    It’s transphobic to refuse to refer to an individual SCAM / SHAM (Surgically and/or Chemically Altered Male / Surgically and/or Hormonally Altered Male) with a ‘she’ pronoun.
    It’s transphobic to say ‘he’ because He just says it is, and He has the power of naming what is & what is not, in society.
    Great blog you have here, GM. 🙂

  24. “It’s transphobic to disagree with Judith Butler.”
    Assumes that you can bloody work out what she is saying in the first place……………………
    So, perhaps mopre correctly, it’s transphobic to disagree with what the trans lobby thinks Judith Butler meant………………
    Or transphobic to agree with Judith Butler when the trans lobby think she is being transphobic…………
    I give up trying to understand WHAT Judith Butler says, I’m just a simple scientist and haven’t got a fucking clue what she is saying.

    1. BadDyke we need someone like you to do a definitive takedown of the lame “brain sex” science that trans are using to justify drugging and sterilizing sex-role noncompliant children. All the BST shit, the cadaver studies, and all the rest. The last good takedown I’ve seen have been the Anne Lawrence one and the Sugar and Slugs one, and neither of them have been updated, and they did not explain the science half as clearly as I have observed you doing.
      If you would ever consider doing such a post I would be DELIGHTED to host it as a guest post, or link to it, if you prefer.
      If you could just go down the list of “studies” that the trans cut and paste everywhere (many of which have nothing to do with transgender people or biological sex whatsoever) and just summarize the study with a brief scientific critique.
      Then we can use your post to cut and paste responses back to the idiots that spam every mainstream article thread on trans issues. Please consider doing this. Thanks.

      1. Sorry for the derail everyone. BadDyke feel free to drop me an email addy in a comment (will not be published) if you would like to discuss it further. Thanks!

      2. Gallus,
        As an Intersex person, I nominate BadDyke to work on that to bring down every trans person and every Zoe Brain out their who likes to Cut and paste meaningless facts and old facts to try and prove their existence. It would be a good way to fight back against all the trans who like to claim everything including intersex with pseudoscience and theory’s the believe is fact when in reality is nothing more than science fiction.

      3. Actually, I said it’s transphobic to disagree with Judith Butler, not because of what she said on ‘gender performativity’, but because of what she said when she denied that there are essentially two biological sexes as a general rule. Butler does not believe there are essentially 2 sexes, which is why I disagree with her. So it’s transphobic to disagree with Butler here.

      4. Damn — wrote a long reply then lost it!
        Yeah, I would like to do this, just a bit busy at the moment. Also I think I need to read-up more on brain plasticity and brain development…………
        Sugar and Slugs does a great job on the stats, particularly the effect of population size and the fact that the differences aren’t diagnostic, even for men and women, let alone trans.
        I do actually work/research/teach in the area of medical image analysis, so this is right up my street from the stats and methods point of view, although I know very little biology (trained as a physicist). Usual thing – someone does a brain scan study just out of general interest, just looking around, with very small samples — and before you know it, it gets reported as significant brain difference detected between A and B. The author isn’t usually going to object too much, because publish or perish, and all universities like research publicity.
        What would help though, when I get time for this, is a LIST of the commonly-cited papers that the trans crowd use (O dear, does that mean I have to plod ALL THE WAY through yet another cut and paste attack from Zoe Brain…………..).

      5. Bad Dyke I would have preferred to do this via email to avoid further derailing this thread. But this is fine too if you prefer it.
        I’m not looking for a sugar and slugs type statistical analysis.
        I’m looking for a sentence or two outline what a study purports to conclude (or what the trans claim it does), followed by a sentence/paragraph or two explaining why the desired conclusion is not substantiated by the data and/or the research model. I’m looking for something a casual bystander can read without a scientific background, and without an exceptional time investment. I can provide the writing/framing bracketing the science but I would like you to use your science skills to do a cursory takedown of each purported “brain sex” study.
        Here is a starter list, there may be a few others that need to be added. Some of these will be very very easy for you to evaulate and debunk:
        A sex difference in the human brain and its relation to transsexuality http://www.nature.com/nature/j
        A sex difference in thehypothalamic uncinate nucl… [Brain. 2008] – PubMed result http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pu
        a.e.brain Brain GenderIdentity – a presentation by Dr Sidney Ecker, MD FACS http://aebrain.blogspot.com/20
        Changing your sex changesyour brain influences of testosterone and estrogen on adult human brainstructurehttp://www.eje-o…
        Could homosexual genes benaturally selected Psychology Today http://www.psychologytoday.com
        Discordant SexualIdentity in Some Genetic Males with Cloacal Exstrophy Assigned to Female Sex atBirthhttp://www.ncbi.nlm.nih…
        Hopkins Research ShowsNature, Not Nurture, Determines Gender http://www.hopkinsmedicine.org
        Gender Variance in theUK: Prevalence, Growth and Geographic Distribution (June 2009) http://www.gires.org.uk/assets
        Male-to-FemaleTranssexuals Have Female Neuron Numbers in a Limbic Nucleus http://jcem.endojournals.org/c
        Neuroimaging differencesin spatial cognition betw… [J Sex Med. 2010] – PubMed result http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pu
        Pacific Center for Sexand Society – Atypical Gender Development a review http://www.hawaii.edu/PCSS/bib
        Pacific Center for Sexand Society – Dichotic Listening, Handedness, Brain Organization andTranssexualityhttp://www.ha…
        Psychology of GenderIdentity Disorderhttp://www.genderpsych…
        Regional cerebral bloodflow changes in female to … [Psychiatry Clin Neurosci. 2010] – PubMed result http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pu
        Regional gray mattervariation in male-to-female t… [Neuroimage. 2009] – PubMed result http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pu
        Sexual Differentiation ofthe Bed Nucleus of the Stria Terminalis in Humans May Extend into Adulthood http://www.jneurosci.org/conte
        Sexual differentiation ofthe human brain relevan… [Gynecol Endocrinol. 2004] – PubMed result http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pu
        Sexual hormones and thebrain an essential allian… [Endocr Dev. 2010] – PubMed result http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pu
        Transsexual differencescaught on brain scan – life – 26 January 2011 – New Scientist http://www.newscientist.com/ar
        White mattermicrostructure in female to male tran… [J Psychiatr Res. 2011] – PubMedhttp://www.ncbi.nlm.nih….
        Again, BadDyke I would like to do this by email. I have your email- I’m just seeking your permission to contact you via that or another preferred address where we can discuss this as needed privately. We can work on this together- I’m not expecting you to do all the work.

      6. I might be able to help out too. I know quite a few scientists who are doing neurological research. Perhaps they have even already read some of these papers, and they might also be informed about any of the latest research on the subject. I will ask.

    2. BD… as a frequent reader of your comments and as GM has already pointed out how important this type of REAL information would be to the lesbian feminist population… I would like to tell you that we need your valuable input please.

      1. That info would be very important to Intersex people as well. It would surly help Intersex people like myself counter the trans who like to invade intersex spaces and claim to be one of us. It’s so common that trans use fake made up science to claim everything including their so called “Intersex Brain” or claiming to be a form of intersex. I know tons of Intersex people get duped and conned into believing the trans crap and having info like that would help a long way in countering the trans invasion.

  25. as to Butler… I’d say it’s transphobic to quote her insight that gender is about performativity (Butler word)… and trans is all about femininity performance. Therefore, Butler is transphobic…
    eeek… maybe Butler can do us a favor and compare performativity of MtoT to black face….

    1. According to a queer theory expert I studied with, Butler’s term “performative” does *not* actually mean “performed” in the way most people assume. It means something more like, “ingrained by behavioral repetition.”

    1. Ashland, you can derail anything you want. Hahaha.
      That is a funny link. He makes you use female pronouns when he is enacting and mimicking a sex-stereotype of “female”, then he wants the male pronouns when he is being his normal self. How demanding. But I guess (re-railing the thread 😉 ) it would be TRANSPHOBIC for bystanders not to change their language at his behest depending on whether or not he is wearing lippy a particular day. Oh my!

      1. Ahem! It is bi-genderphobic to call “it” by the wrong pronouns, because “it” identifies as bi-gender.
        I will now go thwap my head…
        *** thwap! ***

      2. As an interesting side note: the Hungarian language does not have gendered pronouns. One gathers the sex of the person being referenced through other cues, such as their name or relationships (e.g. mother, father, etc.) Hungarian (along with Basque and Finnish) is also one of the modern European languages that does not share the same Indo-European roots as all the other languages. That is, rather than having migrated west during the Bronze Age (?), Hungarian, Basque and Finnish are thought to have evolved in situ during the Neolithic period. I find it fascinating that they don’t have sexed pronouns, when other languages give gender to everything from chairs to buckets to mountains.

      3. Oh, so I forgot to conclude: As Hungarian does not allow people to pick (and change at will) the gender of their personal pronouns, obviously (!) the Hungarian language is transphobic!

      4. @Rose Verbena. Turkish has no gender-specific pronouns, either. (At one point, Turkish was believed to belong to the same language family as Finnish and Hungarian; I think that view has been challenged or at least modified recently. Either way, it must be damned inconvenient for some people…)

  26. Hi everyone,
    Sorry, I’ve had difficulty posting here for 2 days, so I apologize for this belated request.
    Can those of you who have posted “transphobic!” examples please provide a concise description, reference, evidence and/or link, as a sort of citation, for as many of your examples as possible? I put that in my original request for this thread, but forgot to mention it again in my more recent request.
    It will help the credibility of the flier that will be generated from your examples, and increase it’s effectiveness, persuasiveness and ability to convince people of all the things that trans are accusing of being transphobic, so they can see how meaningless that accusation is.
    Thank you, and again, my thanks to GallusMag and my apologies to all for this belated request! I will repost my “transphobic!” examples with descriptions or “citations” I can provide.
    Hopefully the product of all of this will be a concise document we can all distribute that will help embolden well intentioned activists, medical professionals, and electeds to question and not be politically coerced or manipulated by absurd trans claims.

  27. Hope you don’t mind my re-posting a previous comment of yours a year ago, GM, for its relevence here:
    “GallusMag Says:
    March 23, 2011 at 7:25 am
    So true. Someone was pointing out a site to me that purposed to “call out” so-called transphobic sites, but when I looked, it was all female and feminist sites that questioned the politics of “male and female brains in the wrong body”. None of them were sites from males or religious people, or those who actually have any power to oppress males who want to play female.”

  28. Here are two that I see allllll the time::
    That the oppression and history of POC is NOT the same as a TG experience to be appropriated whenever the IRONIC “black face minstrel” rhetoric is CONSISTENTLY used.
    That females who are active duty, reserve, vet and retired armed services who have VOLUNTEERED to serve in this country and the LESBIANS who were targeted, investigated, Court Marshaled and Discharged at a HIGHER PERCENTAGE under DADT is NOT a TG experience to be AGAIN appropriated as an example of “success” now that lesbian females can serve openly.

    1. I want to also make clear that ALL female lesbian/hetero/bi active duty service members, who’s struggle for DECADES upon DECADES…. that made a very short list, to NON-AVAILABLE rates, promotions, military academy commissions and commands CHANGE, wasn’t because they wanted a “girl uniform”.
      Females did this proving allllll the TG rhetoric of “woman”…. WRONG!

    1. Thanks BadDyke. And thanks everyone for your feedback support and comments. We are taking this convo private. The results will be forthcoming.
      Thanks everyone, and sorry for the derail.

  29. I’d also like to say, it’s transphobic when you point out their inborn birth privilege and try to explain to them.

  30. Saying that no amount of surgery or hormones can change DNA-encoded sex? That’s transphobic too.

  31. *The orientation, bisexual (its even under ‘Transphobia’ in wikipedia.
    * pointing out the difference between biological sex and the social construction of gender
    *pointing out that sex is born, not assigned
    *differentiating sex discrimination to gender discrimination.
    *using old terminology post-op and pre-op
    *male urinals
    *pointing out that ‘cis’ pretends privelege is had by those who are typically marginalised and discriminated against such as gay men, lesbian women, bisexuals, those born female.
    *the correct anatomical names for womens reproductive and sex organs and functions; labia minora, labia majora, vaginal canal, vagus nerve, cervix, cliroris, back end of cliroris or g-spot, uterus or womb, fallopian tubes, ovaries or female gonads, menstruation, pregnancy, lactation, giving birth, menopause, natural estrogen, abortion services, womens health clinics, episiotomy. ..
    *recognizing the differences between male and female genitals
    *having the gaul to answers a childs question, ‘Where do babies come from? ‘
    *recognizing the actual definition of male and female
    *opposing the co-opting of intersex struggles
    *opposong brain essentialism
    *any scientist or scientific study that opposes brain essentialism amd/or proves brain plasticity
    *recognising male privelege in upbringing and throughout pre-transition
    *pointing out that female to male trans people are still subject to sex discrimination especially medical misogyny and abortion services
    *not launching oneself onto one’s back legs spread because a transwoman wants sex
    *constructing and deconstructing gender in discourse, no matter how carefully and sensitively

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