For Females, Transgender Equals Being Recognized As The People We Are On The Inside

For females, being transgender means:

I am no longer treated with disrespect.
My opinions are not discounted.
I am listened to when I speak.
I do not have to behave deferentially. To anyone. Ever.
I don’t have to smile. And my not smiling does not indicate unhappiness or unfriendliness or disagreement.
I can make declarative statements without being regarded as an uppity bitch.
When I tell you what is wrong with your car and how to fix it you will believe me.
My competence to lift, transport, move, manipulate, repair is never questioned.
I am never told I am moving too quickly or being too efficient.
Women I date insist on cleaning my house, doing my laundry, cooking me food if they observe that I am incompetent at these tasks.(Being a slob, who can’t cook and turns all the whites gray in the laundry simply means that I need a woman’s touch, not that I am a bum or lack in self care.)
I am expected- and encouraged- to be strong and competent and praised for it.
I can express anger- even inappropriately- and it won’t be taken personally but simply be regarded as having a bad day. (Poor guy!)
It’s considered natural that I have no interest in children or babies or your favorite fucking tv show.
I can simply nod, once, by way of answering a question or to express understanding. And I am not considered curt for doing so.
I can do a chin nod to other guys.
I can be quiet and reflective during social interactions without that meaning that something is “wrong”.
I will be promoted over other females for doing less work.
I can make all the mistakes I want and no one questions my competency.
I can walk down the street at night and not worry about being raped.
I do not fear the man walking behind me, unless he wants to take my wallet.
Shopkeepers and retail clerks are quick to help me, and never question if I’m sure about what I want to buy.
My auto mechanic doesn’t rip me off. Contractors don’t rip me off.
I’m assumed to be competent at technical tasks.
My boss assumes I want a raise.
When I show someone how to do something better they appreciate my thoughtfulness and kind advice.
Other guys always give me their tips and the benefit of their experience.
When I’m stupid I’m affectionately considered a jar-headed lunk instead of an idiot or a fool.
Guys never stare at me, follow me with their eyes, or turn their head to watch me go by. They don’t surveil me.
No one cares what I wear. Nothing is ever horribly inappropriate. If I showed up at a funeral in a Hawaiian shirt it is assumed that due to circumstances I did not have time to change.
My haircut is no real reflection on my personality.
My assertiveness is not seen as aggression.
I can be sexually aggressive.
I can be sexually receptive without being submissive.
I can be submissive without being weak.
If I perform femininity it expresses edginess and security in my masculine power.
No matter how nelly I act other guys are never entirely secure that I won’t take their eye out if they step to me.
If I don’t want to “talk about my feelings” no one thinks I am withholding.
Men I don’t know don’t touch me.
Males never think they are being kind by speaking in a condescending tone to me or as if I am a fragile retarded child.
I’m considered a stud, not a whore.
After that first date with a woman I’m expected to make the first call. I can call if I want, or not. If I call the next evening I’m attentive. If I call three weeks later I’m a mysterious wild-card and put on the booty-call list.
If I get hot I can take off my shirt. I can feel the sun on my back without wearing a sling to cover my dirty pillows.
No one cares that I don’t shave any part of my body.
No one is even thinking about my body.
Strangers don’t feel free to offer comment on my appearance.
I pay ten bucks for a haircut with a two dollar tip.
If I stink it means I am a hard worker.
If I stand up for a woman, or women’s rights it’s because I’m a great guy, not a harping nagging feminazi manhating bitch.
When I fart and belch it’s endearing.
I can leave my drink on the bar when I go to pee, because no one is going to drug and rape me.
When my car breaks down far from home in the middle of the night my only worry is being robbed.
If I get arrested I will not be placed in general population.
I do not have to register for the draft.
I was a lesbian but now I am seen as a normal heterosexual.
Liberal straight people who know of my past embrace me as a symbol of their respect for diversity.
I have been hired for jobs by employers who want to display their LGBT cred.
I have an international network of activists and legal teams at my disposal at all times to ensure I am not treated as a female, nor as a regular guy.
Lesbians give me special accommodation for my need to distance myself from them.
Feminists critiquing genderism give me a soft touch because they understand why I would make the decision to escape the lot of females.
Everyone: males, females, gay, straight, liberal, conservative, can understand why I would rather not be treated as female.